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Click Evangelist Crusader Teams to unify our entire world. is #1 Constitutional Laws.


Contact Keith Duncan today to interview him and fly him to YOUR greatest places of needs. Even Corporate and Military Jets must be utilized to protect Keith's growing Evangelist Crusader technology teams to ensure these criminals do not DESTROY what Keith and his forefounders have gifted all humanity. 

    These are all the base reasons why Keith (and many others) were kidnapped and criminally held as Political prisoners of Cybercrime warfare, and denied each and every one of his-your rights to recover his-your own assets.

  EVERYONE must order the USA government to investigate and convict each person involved, and find out why Keith was asked to go to Langley Airforce Base by Retired Congressman Buddy Darden on Sept 25, 2011.

and WHY ROSE extorted so many USA Gov and corporate leaders to DESTROY keiths New World Society architected plans on his computers, file cabinets, and all the emails he has sent-gifted to all his partners and TOP GOV officials this entire time.

  All these crimes are easily answered and convicted ONLY by all the criminals own evidence and signed confessions found on multiple websites.  This is why EVOTE.ONE drives LL CRIMINALS, terrorists, politicians, liar lawyers straight into HELL-JAIl and even death Row by majority voting of who is justified to pass judgment on others. 


The end result is that GOD does indeed LOVE YOU.  I have never claimed to be GOD, Jesus Christ, or anyone other than myself. With beyond impecciable credidentials and a life time of serving others at all levels of children, youth, adults, edlerly, disadvantaged, and even non-political world service, it has always been clear WHO I AM.   Ask and I will tell all.

This area reserved for works in progress. just like you.


Contact Duncan to teach our entire world how to actually Love and Care for each other using any and all of the only world changing solutions cross referenced under GOD's domain of  

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