top of page is the perfected simple system of GOD and Keith (john 10:30) to unify 8 billion WE GODS CHILDREN once and forever use of ancient tribal system FOIA.ONE equality based

   As of 2023 July 18 not a single person has actually represented MY RIGHTs to recover over $40 BILLION USD in Patents and copyrights physically and most brutally stolen by Duncan Clan and murdered Brian walker after being kidnapped 6 times for 900 days intl super cyber Criminal Robert DEE Rose and +130 other who violated that was the Old and New Testament commandments.

  2023 Nov 18. Still stranded and severely persecuted in Asheville NC and Atlanta GA as absolutely NO ONE has a single method to REVERSE all Lucifer Worshiping warlords criminals once and forever. EXCEPT GOD and Duncan who everyone dismisses by claiming OH TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. or  THEY would NEVER ALLOW THEIR AUTHORITY to be REPLACED, REMOVED, destroyed by YOUR direct actions of EVOTE.ONE

  My health is rapidly failing as I now make final last broadcast trip to GA coast, then back to Charlotte NC, Asheville NC, with every ways and means to go BACK to Washington D.C. by July 24-27 2023 on SAME focus I was sent by GOD my DOB 1-19580815-1 FOIA.ONE my very own procreated alpha IID.  

   WHO DO YOU KNOW to offer Keith protection since USA GOV is about to be replaced along with all other governments AND all corporate Executives who REFUSE to represent the will of WE GODS people universally.  


Below you will find that offered $1 MILLION USD to first 50 churches that host mediate town hall forums as the ultimate outreach lay ministry programs to send Mission teams to 3rd and 4th world nations so becomes OUR mutual assured No crime UTOPIA of and   Includes $40 Million USD gift to Sr. Pastor Bill Britts and as I joined PRUMC Aug 2022 and was civilly accosted May 7, 2023 after a single person COMPLAINED, said "we do NOT KNOW WHO was GOD sent KEITH."  Must have been Gary Schneeberg of my Blazers SS class at 770-597-4130 an extreme hypocrit of Matthew Chapter 23 similar to most ten thousands of persons I have directly ministered past 64 years.

  April 23, 2023. Since GOD clearly sent keith brent duncan to be severely persecuted, almost murdered, and forsaken by everyone to date (reference, no one else has ever emerged as our true SPIRITUAL LEADER group except KEITH BRENT DUNCAN of, procreator of GODs new crime free UTOPIA

  The contents of this world re-broadcast clearly have been perfected use of by YOUR direct actions to ensure all communities are totally decentralized as only HOMESTEADING of we recored even today at Stone Mountain  GA as #1195 BuiltByKeith GODs playlist for all remaining mortals. is also CLICK here for original HOME page puts +120 named criminals and terrorists in PRISON and DEATH ROW NOW by YOUR direct action right now based ONLY on the crimes against our humanity conducted by Robert Dee ROSE at perfected full exposure ! Jan 1 , 2023.   We have most humble been formally requesting sit down video debriefings with everyone to most kindly dignified turn over $1 million USD each to any of 50 churches, non-profits, outreach ministries past 12 years. No takers since most people we interview are so self centered claiming they already are fulfilling of master educating teaching WE THE PEOPLE how to deal with any issue at nano to GODs eye view level.  Our current focus is going BACK on National NEWS broadcast press conferences to answer ANY question and show the perfected solution method to reverse the current pandemic of Devils Advocate when most people think/say, OH TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, must be a scam or MLM Ponzi scheme to take away OUR assets and work efforts like most others do by BUY NOW, Pay later.


  Currently we are established full service lay Gods Prime Technology evangelist ministers at 3380 Peachtree Rd, Buckhead, Atlanta GA udner great leadership of Bill Britt, Josh Miles, Darren Hensley, Choir Master Scott Atchinson, Jose Miles, Julie Wright, and Elizabeth Bryd.  We are most active choir member and Blazer SS class elder. 404.240.8241.  We have been constantly asking to meet everyone on GODs earth, no exception.

   100% related as Keith and you are ALL victims of organized criminals of Robert Dee ROSE and each person who ever violated GODs commandments of and existing Constitutional and Statutory Laws.

  Since GOD sent us, apparently all alone AND forsaken persecuted past Jan 15, 2008, #1 most impossible is actually finding other # anyone who actually cares, loves, protects, and deals with any other. Lucifer Devils Advocate is the worst pandemic in all history once most of you brainwashed to just 'SHUT UP', mind your own business, and be 100% compliant complacent meek and mild to the order commandments of the Criminal Ruling elite at both Government and Corporate levels. Our current legal system is full of only those who SELF SERVE themselves including 99% of all lawyers, judges, police, DAs, FBI, AG, literally everyone claims NO INTEREST, NO JURISDICTION, NO CARE about anyone but themselves.  Includes huge % of our very own religious zealot pastors and religious leaders since so FEW actually talk directly with MY=OUR father GOD in first person. John 10:30 is Romans chapter 12.

Current Judicial Financial Trade Economic systems are full of con artist scammers criminals terrorists, human sex trafficking, and all other VIOLATORS known as CORRUPT.

  PRIME Overview of ALL unbiased world affairs truly indicates World War 3-5 is about to destroy GODs earth.  Most are talking about 'doom and gloom' of martial law, nuclear war fallout, terrorist attacks against OUR Power Plants, infrastructure of Energy, Water, Food, transportation, Air, aviation, banking, stock markets, and general OUR Commerce system of free will open market barter exchange trade.

  Everything we have personally author broadcast, copyrighted, patented, and published re creates GODs utopia of Heaven as original procreated here on Mother Earth.  No exceptions have been NOT handled directly personally by #1 problem solving group of always led and master educated by our very own worlds most educated mega Billionaires and Mega Millionaires of

  WHO DO YOU KNOW right now to contact Keith and his growing peer teams TODAY to showcase all aspects of of fast path unification of all 8 BILLION GODS people at one time deployement of the +120 solutions we vision sage pro created back on Aug 15, 1976 on our arrival at NCSU raleigh NC campus anyone can see, believe and act with fearless authority at original and all other open public free will broadcasts at youtube.COM/uniocracy/playlist and 'BuiltByKeith #nnnn' where nnnn starts with #1087 of

   Only system to re-education our mass common people starts with once everyone procreates their own vision stabilizing platforms original 2009 patented

  EVERYONE must learn to surround themselves with best top problem solving Elders and actually PAY themselves first as ONLY small business owners who control OUR assets at ONLY local associated Credit Union banks worldwide.

  This is that eliminates all persons who cause all mass poverty and wars past 6000 years.

  Most mortals totally POLARIZED as literal liberals versus conservatives who all verbal FIGHT, blame, wound each other claiming only THEIR theology and belief religious (SPIRITUAL) systems will result in only THEM returning to my fathers HEAVEN upon their impending deaths.  Odd how few actually see REALITY of the LUCIFER demonic mortals who already claim full authority command control over OUR and GODs assets and rights to be free will sovereign liberated citizens.

  Everyone now SELF LIBERATED using original GODs generator total world replacement peace making systems we learned from CEOSPACE.NET and procreated from our most extremely prolific world changing scientist inventor research frontline gifting of ALL our patents and published works know branded as theLastTestament forever. Includes most recent methods of being small business owners who always take ALL first profits using GODs modeled perfected

  This one website full scale legalized common sense peace making offensive assault of all Criminal evidence is broadcast freely to all mortals as the most horrific paper chase public scandal in USA world history for the damages caused to YOUR new world crime free society GODs  

   As of Oct 1, 2022 not a single person has confessed their crimes against most humble cofounder of no more violators of OUR rights to be free will sovereign citizens traveling freely on freeBUS.US now powered by ONLY fossil free GODs technology to advance our very own human race as PEACEMAKERS using monthly and on demand Town Hall FORUMS host mediated by each of you our most   prestigious problem solvers who have joined and to actually share everything of GODs resources back to greatest places of your mortal needs. 

   Driven forever by Gods FOIA.ONE

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