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ENDORSEMENTS of Guilty Criminals.

Buddy Darden +1(404)527-4130

US Representative RETIRED Atlanta GA. now at McKenna, Long and Aldridge. He was Cobb County GA DA and clearly knows terrorist DAs Patrick Head and Berry Vic Reynolds.

  Buddy personally sent Keith to Langley Airforce Base on Sept 25, 2011 that resulted in kidnapping orders signed Sept 26, 2011 by ROSE and subsequent delay until Oct 3, 2011 for actual 3rd kidnapping to occur. Took 848 days of HELL as all evidence has always pointed at ROSE.  When contacted, Buddy Darden claimed NO MEMORY. He was Cobb County DA before HEAD and Berry Reynolds who all are criminals based on Marietta P.D. 1.11.2506 larceny and subsequent paper chase conspiracies, destruction of court documents, and threats to my life per VIC's recorded personal threats in April 2014 to Keith.

Robert Dee Rose

Cybercriminal Terorrist behind Attempted Murder of Keith

  Living in Atlanta GA area, ROSE is guilty of treason, espionage, murder, and massive # of Felony and capital crimes tied to Cybercrime through his, Caribbean Supply Services Inc (Fort Walton Florida near Elgin AFB), and Ocean Place Condos, Paradise Island Bahamas, along with Dixie Rose Charter Fishing yacht crime center along with his other worldwide tellicomm centers where he internet steals all data along with Cyclone Alexander Covey (Atlanta GA lawyer) responsible for death threats from his Sugarloaf Plantation Duluth GA telecomm crime centers.


Rose personally owes Keith over $250,000 USD from Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 summary judgment from Oct 2010 as Pierce the Corp veil was denied when ROSE extorted Judge McClelland and Keiths own long list of lawyers.  IRS owes Keith $8 Million USD for IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, case 658 they assigned to

Lt Jaime Gianfala.

Cherokee County GA criminal conspirator with ROSE.

   Everyone contact him based on his email THREATS to me from summer of 2011 and two days ago. Oct 25, 2015 that I posted on top of

Jimmy Deal -lawyer Criminal LIAR

Lawyer.  Norcross GA  along with Ross Grisham Canton GA

 Call Jimmy at 770-263-7200 for his direct ties to terrorist Robeert Dee Rose and his active libel and slander to prevent my release for 848 days of HELL-JAIL. Jimmy owes me over $100,000 in the legal funds I paid him to command USA government recover my original $109,800  USD defraud by terrorist ROSE>

Deputy  Attorney General Sally Yates.

Her group are also conspirators in the original massive threats and resulting continous coverup and even destruction of their own public and secret documentation. By Websters dictionary, they can even be called Terrorists for 4:11cr112 was criminally granted and maintained for 848 days based on cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 that proves it was a kidnapping series the entire time. Ask ATF William Banks to return my demo gun as I contacted him and everyone else this entire time since Oct 3, 2011.


Contact SALLY and ask why she has not gone to AG Loretta Lynch in Washington D.C.  I have been fully prepared to testify before the world as the #1 Plantiff Class Action suit Miscarriage of InJustice Duncan vs Terrorists.

Judge Thurman T. Jackson -Norfolk VA.
So many other high powered USA gov officials all detailed on bottom SolutionURL.

Guilty of massive Willful Obstruction of Justice, denial of all Keith's rights, and attempted murder for 2 years based on cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 used to create criminal terorrist threat of court order 4:11cr112 for Thurman had all these documents showing ROSE as a terrorist the entire time along with AUSAG Dee Sterling, PUblic PUKE defenders Phoenix Harris, and the entire office of Norfolk VA clerks and defenders who protected ROSE and Ms. Bashama this entire time.  Clearly they were paid off systematically.

Bill Gates Foundation.

Melinda French-Gates.

 Oct 27, 2015 Facebook connection initiated from Melinda Gates to Keith Duncan. Immediate reply was sent back asking for their help to notify the USA government, Press, public, and of course ALL CHURCHES.  This appears to be the NEXT miracle that has been created from these public broadcasts over GOD's domain dominion of the internet since direct contacts with all other authorities around our world have failed to result in any results or even call-backs. Are YOU the NEXT person to Act with Authority for the benefit of others? That is truly the only requirement to ensure your own survival.

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