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CreatorKeith at Vatican Rome, Italy.   Keith at Emmaus-Nickopolis on April 5-6 on HIS return Walk to Emmaus.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for all of Mankind


Exactly WHO is Keith Duncan

​Living full time in SouthEast Asia until FIRST honest person in USA escorts Keith bsck, I am truly the  Man of GOD who has been vindictively persecuted for now +8 years by ONE cybercrime Terrorists seen on  As a Prime Consultant designing mega-million dollar computer systems since 1981 (N.C.S.U Raleigh NC), Keith has used biblical principals and scriptures, common sense, and the use of technology to bring 'The Last Testament' and the Plan of Salvation to all of mankind. This is,  SolutionManfesto,com *Nobel Peace Prize Candidate", SolutionSafeWater, and a host of heavenly inspired and ordained scripture based teachings to literally



​This has always been the PRIME biblical and scriptural question of all time. Do you personally represent the best interests of your family, community, and local government. If everyone holds themselves accountable and holds everyone else accountable for actions and behaviors, then no corruption or crimes are allowed to be committed and go unpunished. This is the original design of GOD's creation called mankind. Ask Keith Duncan  ( + ) to explain the simple facts of our world.


Exactly WHO is Robert Dee Rose.

​Rose is one of the worse cybercriminal terrorists in Atlanta, USA, even World History when the economic, financial, legal, cultural, and spiritual damage is seen by the abysmal one-way transfer of all wealth to the criminal Ruling Elite shown on graphic form and economic terms on The details and evidence are the LIBRARY of ACTS of Wisdom deposited for the world to see, understand, and use at and

The USA Military , Interpol, Churches, and PUBLIC will FIND the ANTICHRIST, ROSE, and other unrepentant criminals using as these Acts of Wisdom are translated into all languages as fast as possible. For all citizens benefit when governments are managed BY the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE. These are MY Collective People who I represent as the #1 Sovereign Ambassador and Emissary of all time.


Exactly WHO is GOD and does HE LOVE YOU and walk among you?
This is a very simple question for mankind to answer. Simply LOOK at the world around you and ask WHO created this and WHO created myself?  Clearly, our one MUTUAL CREATOR who lives among my collective people. Anyone can ask Keith any question and hear the TRUTH of GOD Almighty regardless of their spiritual denomination or belief systems. This all about GOD's time and LOVE for HIS creations.
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