top of page 22-1-3042-62 filed May 3, 2022 class Action Miscarriage of Justice lawsuit against +120 named civil criminal defendants includes all our insurance companies, IRSWBFeb2009, Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 22, 2010, Marietta GA PD 1-11-2506 Robbery reports, and all other +150 irrevocable court documents already turned over to all existing DOD, DOJ, PRESS, and PUBLIC destinations.  This remains the most powerful +$500 MILLION USD public scandal Press Conference generating civil criminal proceedings in all of USA World history for the destruction of EVOTE.ONE and all other perfected unification methods procreated by Keith brent Duncan IID FOIA.ONE 1-19580815-1.  Do ANY OF YOU DESERVE to DIE for working for/with GOD your entire lives?

  Keith brent Duncan has ONLY survived this long by showcasing The TRUTH and ONLY YOUR TRUTH of who causes all mass poverty and wars. Our perfected solutions totally replace reverse all aspects of OUR economy includes unifying all religious groups (churches) as outreach cooperative collective outreach ministries like our who also have internal issues unable to see reality of WHY GOD procreated each of you as showcased top in Yellow.
  EVERYONE hereby legally financially commanded to PROTECT KEITH BRENT DUNCANs life by contacting top existing DOD DOD officials and top Corporate Executives who actually enforce our existing USA constitutional LAWS.  We have already placed legally bonded bounties on the heads of each violator offender and have spent 15 man years recovering ALL their evidence while resurrecting GODs as crime free utopia led by once everyone finally understands and holds fully accountable any mortal who causes all wars, poverty, genocide, and homelessness that went extreme 6,000 years ago Egypt MLM false GOD deities who brainwashed propaganda of JUST TRUST THEM.
  WE required always FEDERAL PROTECTION and CORPORATE PROTECTION NOW for all reasons common sene stated here and replicated on our WHOIS-list.pdf downloadable above.

  EVERYONE BUY Crowd Fund our original ONLY small business literacy program $10 here: Centered at

  We have ALWAYS required Press Conferences and open source full disclosure of any person who commits crimes against WE THE PEOPLE.  WE are ONLY group of very wealthy billionaires who have been rentlessly persecuted, murdered, forced into captivity (illegal detainment) on false charges so our world saving solutions are destroyed and converted to next MILITARY war use by warlords like PUT-IN, CCP, Fatso NKorea Kim Jung-un, and many of you.

  The PRIME answer has always been PRESS CONFERENCES, an HONEST JUDGE / DA sign the required Grand Jury Indictments, the arrest seizure warrants, and full scale public exposure of WHO robbed Keith +YOU by false witness by named criminals below, and total violation of KEITH + Your constitutional Rights and statutory laws to demand recovery of Keiths $40 Billion USD patents, copyrights, and lifetime intellectual property always gifted to UNIFY 8 billion WE GODs people as ONLY positive net worth, ONLY Middle Class, no crime society of Keiths perfected utopia of

  Yet no honest person has been found post Jan 15, 2008 when Robert DEE ROSE went criminal insane incompetent refusing to honor his very own signed 3 promissory note Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 Granted Oct 22, 2010, then IRSWBFeb2009,657 $8 Million USD payout, then theft of ALL keiths $2.5 million USD business and personal possessions of $100K cash paid townhouse, $250K 401K, $250K Bank accounts, $500K business/personal lifetime assets, all based on legally binding contracts due March 2008 from ROBERT DEE ROSE ( + 22 shell RICO INC). 
  Our 4 legally binding Insurance claims of $3.2 Million USD also denied once Cobb County + Gwinnett Police DA Judges refuse to accept turnover of EVERYTHING showing WHO are the worst criminal terrorists in USA history.

  All subsequent crimes against Keith brent Duncan were to murder Keith and his family + Lawyers and anyone who saw ROSE is a lifetime cyber crime international terrorist along with his wife Amy W Rose. Robert even faked his death Sept 9, 2022 in Canton GA. Worst crimes against humanity occur caused by YOUR apathy and ignorance of WHO causes all wars and mass poverty worldwide past 6,000 years using con-artist MLM Ponzi pyramid schemes of JUST TRUST THEM.
  WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect KEITHs life now and actually command existing top leaders SIT DOWN WITH KEITH and YOU for face to face video recorded host mediated TURNOVER of everything to destroy all Anti-Christs forever.

As of 2023April20, not a single person has upheld enforced any existing Constitutional or Statutory laws. Reality showed Intl Terrorist Robert Dee ROSE conspired with each person listed on May 3, 2022 22-1-3042-68 22 page Master Class Action Miscarriage of Justice Lawsuit ever filed against +120 named civil and criminal defendants based on Marietta PD 11-1-2506 Feb 4, 2011 we filed after being brutally robbed by Ms Bashama of $40,000 USD that resulted in false claim Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 illegally granted Feb 23, 2011 and cancelled dismissed July 15, 2011 by Berry Victor Reynolds, Cobb County DA Patrick Head. Subsequent severe crimes by ROSE and Duncan Clan were Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683 Aug 23, 2011 criminally granted and never violated Aug 30, 2011 or Nov 14, 2010 (twenty-Ten) Video never submitted into court evidence Aug 23, subsequently criminally used on unsigned undated arrest warrant Sept 26, 2011 same video of that was $500 USD BOND for 2 line linked IN invite we never sent.
  We were criminal illegally detained 848 days until Jan 28, 2014 dismissal as all documents were forged and even altered destroyed in vain attempts to coverup all subsequent criminal conspiracies of THEM.

Kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 for 6 times over 900 days, Keith Duncan was ordered murdered by ROSE and all persons conspiracy concerned linked by their very own recorded timelined evidence below.
  Despite direct visit contacts to tens of thousands of WE THE PEOPLE, no one has the confidence or IQ to actually SEE REALITY of how cyber terrorrists already run OUR WORLD at all levels. SO WE DID. Published all the HOW-TOs forever.
  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contract video debrief us NOW?  And Protect Keith Duncans LIFE while our existing taxpayer paid officials actually DO THEIR JOBS !! is the true reality of HOW named criminals murder, pillage, plunder, rob and DENY WE THE PEOPLE of our basic Constitutional Rights of NOW NEW WORLD world 100% perfected crime free of all politics and ALL underground criminal enterprise cabal connections to our DOSJ.ORG use of GODs with focus on + 22-1-3042-68 valued excess $500 Million USD and Press Conferences to shock discover all the perfected GODs engineered solutions to truly ratify unify WE GODS people once and forever.

  The most prolific anti all crime patents, copyrights, published gifted solutions already gifted to each of YOU, my most beloved +8 billion GODs People were all perfected year 1976 updated for 46 years with focus on WHY ROBERT DEE ROSE ordered we be murdered to prevent HIS death row instant convictions since NOT a SINGLE person has been sent to HELL JAIL to investigate report, solve, prevent, and reverse ALL criminal actions worldwide. SO KEITH DID.

  March 7, 2023 Final perfected summary. Based only on YOUR reality, I was illegally detained (kidnapped) and most brutally tortured 6 times for 900 days based on 4 TPOs by Sherry Duncan, Ms. Bashama/Wendell Carraway, intl Terrorists Robert Dee ROSE and Douglas Vernon Duncan. 1st TPO May 2009 never signed by any judge. 2nd criminally signed Feb 9, 2011 I was served Feb 22, 2011 to appear Feb 23, 2011 Marietta PD Report 1.11.2506 I filed Feb 4, 2011 robbery of my businesses and homes of $40,000 USD. 3rd was ROSE TPO 11.1.7683 I was served Aug 21, 2011 based on legal demands ROSE pay YOU back Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 due march 2008 value exceeds $1.2 million USD Atty Jimmy Deal 770-263-7200 and OUR 4th TPO was Feb 12, 2012 by intl Terrorist Brother Douglas Vernon Duncan valid for only 7 days Wake County Raleigh NC.

  Since we had already debriefed related POLICE, Judges, Lawyers, DAs, then IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals so many times BEFORE ROSE had us kidnapped, THEY MUST be directly held accountable for REFUSING to offer Keith Dunan Federal Protection this entire time, now record breaking Nobel Peace Prize time of +14 very long years of pure hell.

  Once we were most viciously brutally kidnapped orders of ONLY ROSE on Sept 26, 2011 9 am, and arrested when we were 'OFF THE GRID' Oct 3, 2011 the rest of DUNCAN Clan and +130 others proceeded to steal YOUR assets in Norcross GA and Marietta GA by criminals Sherry Duncan, sons Matthew and Kyle, then forged POA by murdered Brian Walker from Jan 2012 until we were accidently dismiss released Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 conspiracies to murder thousands on Jan 28, 2014 that was also SEALED by Federal Judge Raymond A Jackson of Norfolk VA Lucifer Worshiping elite groups. Each named DOJ and all others VIOLATED GODs Laws + Constitutional laws as they each got paid by YOU the most besieged impoverished taxpayer citizens who refuse to hold ANYONE accountable for Piracy and murder.

   Each person shown here and below violated all Constitutional laws and most of our existing Federal and State Statutory laws by false witness testimony that WE (you included) were Criminally Insane Incompetent at time of NON-VIOLATION and I (WE) must be murdered by any wans and means since WE already had turned them over to SAME all levels of Law Enforcement known to man.

  Includes our $3.2 million USD insurance claims, the original IRS WBFeb2009, 658 $8 million USD reward and always the REQUIRED PRESS CONFERENCES and PeaceMaking Town Hall Forums of

  Includes a SINGLE JUDGE (and you) signing the required Grand Jury Indictments, TPOs, and filing issuing the requried arrest search seizure Warrants of 22-1-3042-68 also perfected as GODs perfected methods of WE GODS people hold ANYONE fully accountable for violating GOD and YOUR civil rights of

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to actually CONTACT Keith Brent Duncan and actually PROVIDE US formal safe haven protection while the greatest round-up of all criminals, terrorists, and unsavable addicts now finally OCCURS by YOUR efforts.

  We have Left behind to forever SHOW I was always VICTIM of ORGANIZED criminals Robert DEE ROSE, Ms Bashama, ALL of Duncan CLAIM and then 80% or existing WE PAID officers of OUR courts who all DENY I ever existing and constantly DISMISS all formally required court ordered motions including MOST POWERFUL of all time Writ of Mandamas and ORDERS to SIGN required grand jury subpenoas and search and seizure arrest warrants includes required BOND BOUNTIES on heads of accused criminals Keith Duncan. NOW I drive BACK to Forsyth COUNTY to attend democratic PARTY some kind of LOCAL ACTION groups of GODs I personally procreated year 1976Aug15. All part of GODs no more crime society of perfected when WE THE PEOPLE use EVOTE.ONE to decide NEXT best project through FOIA.ONE, then we pick the best highly paid in oncle CASH project manager consultant FROM our best honest enforced ethics mega scientist engineers.

     We now command demand MASS PROTEST RALLIES against each named person below includes most recent Cobb County Judge Julie Adams Jacobs who denied ALL our rights to face each person in COURT using NO MORE 5TH amendment or ANY ancient precedent laws never passed by WE THE PEOPLE our lawmakers.

   Updated 2023Feb28 by ONLY PERSON SENT BY GOD to UNIFY 8 billion WE GODS PEOPLE use of EVOTE.ONE and all other simple complete perfected replacement systems we procreated coincidentally interlinked back 1976Aug15 at NCSU Raleigh NC showcased at + proof of our original $40 BILLION USD earned fortune.   was always the most powerful reality of WHO are the worst criminals, terrorists, cyber scammer crooks tied to super Terrorist Enemy of OUR state Robert DEE Rose, and Intl Terrorist brother Douglas Vernon Duncan. The value of this May 3, 2022 22-1-3042-68 exceeds conservative $500 Million USD based only on Real and Punitive Damages of what was destroyed by Duncan Clan, murdered Brian Walker and each person who was legally turned over based on all the time lined certified irrefutable documents we already turned over to each of OUR law enforcement and officials started back Jan 15, 2008 when 3 promissory Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 28, 2010 Notes of Keiths $109,800 were due on legally binding signature of Robert Dee ROSE that started the most Profitable Press Conferences in USA world history. Even the 08SC-1345 signed by Judge McClelland is valued over $1.2 Million USD including State National Press Conferences to showcase WHO are the worst Atlanta GA and USA based terrorist criminals now exposed by ACTIONS of EACH of you using EVOTE.ONE to rid our world of all Lucifers, criminals, and terrorists forever. This perfected deployment of and single International Constitution to replace all man-made laws forever.

   ANYONE can contact debrief KEITH and his mega billionaire associates anytime. ANY Law firm, ANY FBI AG and yes ANY JUDGE can speak with us directly and be PAID from the proceeds of this lawsuit legally authorized by existing Constitution and Statutory Laws. Please COUNT the number of crimes by each of these violators and see the true NEGATIVE drain of over $25 trillion usd per year based on GOD and Keith.

   CEO sent by GOD by Keith brent duncan. valued exceeds $40 BILLION USD by everyone staging Mass PeaceMaking Protests to redress grievances against ANY of our 8 Billion GODs people. Updated for final time to reverse current on 2023Jan31 as we have already perfected each and every GODs technology methods to unify ratify reform everyone as ONLY PeaceKeepers forever. all evidence showcased above puts KEITH on National NEWs NOW based on everyone actually DEBRIEFING all others on all WE have personally gifted mankind to UNIFY everyone.

  Anyone who are truly TRUTH SEEKER TELLERS will be rewarded mega MILLIONS of USD for simply calling us directly to truly understand the clarity simplicity of all Keith Duncan has personally gifted 8 billion GODs children as ONLY Peace Makers by WE THE PEOPLE destroying all violators of GOD + your basic civil liberty rights to be free will Sovereign socialized citizens who share all of GODs resources by taking care of each other while demand commanding any violator be fast path brought to open public Justice. These interlinked cascading systems are GOD engineered to destroy all Lucifer Worshipping criminals and terrorists at the TOP of OUR world government and corporate leadership commander in CHEEK positions by total restructure of all chains of command authority inverted diagrammed as inverted Christmas Tree with YOU as the southern star. The branches expanding above are the proxy system of our vote decision making assigned representatives. The top PROBLEM ROOT is now openly exposed at the top as the ROOT solution.

  Updated 2023Jan31. by GOD sent Keith Brent Duncan still in Atlanta GA + Asheville NC as worlds last true Trillionaire of GODs intellectual property known as UCC common goods.

  Each person who violated Keith Duncans rights destroyed GODs components with no exception. Keith had personally procreate published worlds last total economic, spiritual, infrastructure, family, community, business, and natural resource SHARING system perfected back years 2005 to Oct 3, 2011 when ONE super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE succeeded in ordering we be arrested on NO evidence so named any criminal including all of Duncan Clan could steal destroy everything GOD sent us to re-deliver.

  Each person self indicted themselves into PRISON and Death ROW by orders of EXISTING ANY JUDGE and public held televised grand jury indictment and ordered signed subpoenas to read their own signed court document evidence that took +12 years to recover and time line itemize as seen below and above.


This ONE court 22-1-3042-68 May 3, 2022 filed #1 PUBLIC SCANDAL HOT certified document will cause mass protest peace rallies WORLDWIDE so YOU MY PEOPLE will hold anyone accountable for violating GOD and OUR RIGHTs to be free will sovereign citizens forever by decentralization of ALL our wealth and authority back to each of US use of we procreated personally year 1976

  Final Solution requires KEITH and YOU be on National News Media PRESS CONFERENCES now same as summer of 2010 when ROBERT DEE ROSE was most active ordering we be murdered in Norcross GA.

#1 top legal issue worldwide is Criminals bribe extort payoff threaten OUR lawyers and THEIR victims to deny any Constitutional and Statutory laws be enforced by WILL of WE THE PEOPLE use of EVOTE.ONE. Each law firm we hire demands to be paid up front while stating NO guarantee ANY result or refund. This is why Keith + GODs system totally replaces ALL violators at any level once and forever includes ressurrected by commanding all LLP (limited liability Partnerships), 5th amendment, and sealed court documents be made illegal.  WE THE PEOPLE are always empowered to hold anyone accountable for stealing OUR assets, causing us real and punitive damages shown by ONLY their certified court submitted documents now protected 100% by Keiths unhackable year 1976 and original

   Below convicts +120 named Civil Criminal Defendants for multi level true conspiracies to MURDER KEITH, his family, his lawyers, and anyone holding ROBERT DEE ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Sherry DUNCAN, Douglas DUNCAN, all others 100% instant Convicting Evidence starting back Oct 6, 2007 when super Cyber Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE contacted Keith Duncan and attempted to blackmail us to be #1 top cyber attacking black hat terrorists.

  2023Jan05. Reality of our mass broadcasts of TRUE WHO are the top criminals always showed we have paid out over $150,000 USD to 12 lawyers, then contacted well over 175 named law firms to simply FILE the required legal claims using existing DUE PROCESS OF LAW to demand recovery of ALL our stolen assets since was impossible to violate Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 dismissed July 15, 2011 the top of the criminal paper chase wheel of conspiracies of the 22-1-3042-68 PDF file seen HERE and below.

  Even today we hired 3 new law firms to MEET us IN PERSON. all refused claiming THEY do not specilizae in taking down anyone who might be wealthy and threaten THEIR lives. SO WE, Keith Duncan new world legal teams of have commanded all lawyers sell off their LLP stock and focus on destruction of STOCK OPTIONS of all our Corporate ELITE worldwide.

Atty Stacey Evens 750 Piedmont Rd, Atl 30308, 470-225-6779 for all to CALL TO DEMAND ACTION NOW !

  Anyone in GODs World can direct contact Keith Duncan and ASK us how to fast path solve ANY issue.

We also just hired contacted:

  2023Jan01 - Our anti all crime groups have already re-delivered ALL civil criminal evidence back to POLICE, IRSWBFeb2009,658, FBI, AG, Gov Brian Kemp, even PRESS past 14 years. EVERYONE MUST protect our lives NOW and directly contact visit TOP DOJ, PRESS, and Corporate Executives NOW to command the required grand jury indictments and search/seizure/arrest warrants signed against EACH person showcased at 22-1-3046-68 filed universally May 3, 2022 of Writ of Mandamus Federal Torts Claim showcased below of 100% legalized Immediate arrests then occur by YOUR direct actions and you are ach paid the legal bounties on each persons head shown below ! Few if any have a CLUE who was Keith.

  WE HAVE ALWAYS OFFERED to personally meet with ANY JUDGE, ANY PRESS, literally ANYONE includes GOV BRIAN KEMP to resolve ANY civil criminal investigation. YET always DENIED our constitutional RIGHTS to enforce any and all CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS. WE MUST all command existing TOP Georgia and USA GOV LEADERs actually MEET US IN PERSON NOW NOW NOW.

  We, peer member owners have already perfected all simple total replacement methods to fast path put ANYONE in jail, prison, and mental jail hospitals after THEY violate our rights including viscous aggravated assault, felony murder, robbery, even cyber crime THEFT of collective $40 TRILLION USD per year by criminals starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE of this legal

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact us DIRECTLY 770-377-2106 as we have NO other GOD focused method solutions to perfect and RE PUBLISH to 8 billion WE THE PEOPLE who were always 'The Government'.

  Each of you always have a moral responsibility to hold any criminal fully accountable.

  Dec 21, 2022. Today we got our very own package of HOW to destroy all criminals and terrorists BACK from the Clerks Office Supreme Court of Georgia dated Dec 19, 2022. The gatekeepers NEVER showed anything to OUR Supreme Court Justices or PRESS or you, same insane incompetent no actions past 14 years. Claimed we had no appeal pending and all documents returned UNFILED. MOST deadly serious crimes have been occurring past 75 years and NOT a SINGLE person has ever represented YOUR best civil rights interests with rare exceptions of only the Criminal Ruling ELITE use of OUR corporate Lawyers like Sally Q Yates and we have tendered offers to BUY OUT and eliminated use of all L.L.P and 5th amendment.

   We clearly refused to commit ANY civil or criminal illegal act our entire lives since WE were SENT BY GOD to teach each of YOU how to UNIFY yourselves now 8 billion GODS people strong to destroy any person organization who violates GODs laws and any of existing USA and International Peace Keeping Constitution LAWS.  PROTECT US NOW (today) and command our very own NEW WORLD crime fighting units of only NATIONAL GUARD and enforced integrity officers of OUR courts actually DO WHAT WE PAY THEM TO DO.  Eliminate any and all offenders NOW.  Updated 2022Dec13 with Robert Dee ROSE fake death certificate we recovered just today.

  The value we have legally claimed exceeds $500 million USD real and punitive damages since ONLY Keith has recovered each and every one of the +200 court certified documents yet has NEVER had ANY legal representation to command we be PUT on any national NEWS media Press Conference Q&A open forum.

Best key live eyewitness is YOU and 'atom' Tom Haag in lost wages Las Vegas at +1 725-248-1260. was always the most powerful public scandal civil criminal +$500 Million USD valued real and punitive damage restitution 'payBack' investigation, arrests, search and seizure of named +120 USA citizens who all violated existing USA constitutional and Statutory laws shown below.


  On Dec 9, 2022 we all see ROBERT DEE ROSE listed as DEAD, MURDERED, or faked DEATH Sept 9, 2022  based on as ZERO details are shown. Now most obvious conclusion is YOU and FBI AG our seize ALL his international assets and turn over everything to as payback restitution WHILE Press Conferences full scale exposures and Congressional Investigations work backwards through the chain of evidence seen below to ARREST and SEIZE each person who knew Keiths life was in extreme peril and force each person to testify on Open Circuit TV broadcast live so each of YOU can decide the fate of each person using GODs simple fast path conviction and sentencing systems. Use your best description WORDS and mass protest rallies NOW to expose all other Criinals and terrorists world wide using KEITHS published total world replacement economic legal financial systems that includes holding anyone accountable for violating existing USA Constitutional laws and GODS original 11 commandments includes LOVE ALL OTHERS and go forth make disciples of all other mortals right now !


  Absolutely each and every vice, sin, and crime is totally preventable and reversable by YOUR actions using GODs original generator and 3 military Judges of by engaging all world military forces as ONLY national guard and civil criminal investigators when local police refuse to comply.


  Since Keith brent Duncan is first to all world markets with all GODs technology inventions and methods, now YOU can take over and advance our human race as GOD asks Keith to RETURN to Utopia heaven past 19 years starting back on the basketball court Cherokee County HELL JAIL Georgia back in Dec 15, 2011 as we were forced inot Solitary confinement 10 days by orders of Kyle, Matthew, Sherry Duncan and terrorist Robert Dee ROSE inlcudes sealed all records that always proof total coverup conspiracies to murder MORE key live eyewitnesses.

  On Nov 8, 2022 we fully covered the Georgia Elections Return Party for Gov Kemp and AG Chris Carr at Battery Truist Park as detailed on the following ### World Press Re-Release from Pro creator Human rights founder Keith Brent Duncan. We even gave direct request to AG Chris Carr family and supporter members at 9:30 pm in Ballroom.  NO ONE has ever debriefed us on ANYTHING so we have already unified all 8 Billion mortals forever using EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE equality of GODs complete perfected decentralization of all OUR assets and chain of command authority back to each on of YOU, always known as WE and US.  We are clearly valued over $40 BILLION USD in intellectual property benefits to each of you as most integrity GOD focused humanitarians of all time. Everyone CONTACT us NOW ! is also GODs original solution to prevent Criminal Ruling Elite from controlling ALL our information and internet free will exchange of GODs wisdom and knowledge once and forever.

### World Press Re-Release Broadcast to everyone. (c)(tm)(r) Patents gifted to all.

Keith Brent Duncan IID FOIA.ONE 1-19580815-1 (integrity +100%) author of even

2022Dec08 is use of GODs FOIA.ONE is the only pathway of true righteousness and social justice for all +8 billion left behind mortals. best motivational broadcast in Gods world history thanksgiving cold Turkey day 2022Nov24 at now as all broadcasters are only free will public broadcasting reporters of Gods truth and reality. Includes immediate deployment of and to fast path use to reverse ALL criminal spider networks concentric focused on current WW3-5.

Positive forward deliverables by anyone?  So far nothing but ...  use your own most correct word analysis. Most people say nothing.  Most people including YOU use Devils Advocate Worshipping of false idols. Matthew 23.


  I asked my dog what is 2 minus 2.  He answered correctly when he said NOTHING...  His name was golden retriever Sam Odd how my dog was smarter and more unconditional loving than most mortals...

  Please immediately call USA top author broadcaster keith duncan 770-377-2106 on mass publicity of worlds last complete total perfected economic replacement free will society of always driven by we Gods people use of heritage legacy and 125 other perfected all digital engineer gifted systems at whois125.pdf top left below of and focusing everyone on peacemaking simple systems demonstrated and keyword BuiltByKeith

Denial of all civil rights by the criminal ruling elite past 75 years has resulted in mad man made laws and impoverishment slave trading even war genocide caused by Wall Street and stock market option day trading BROKERS.  Monopoly dynasties control everyone and all trade exchanges started 5550 MLM ponzi years ago.

All free will authors can now own and run as only public broadcasting systems free of all ad revenue generators of original

Who do you know to contact debrief us today. $40 billion NGO overseer enterprises now regulate over all governments and all corporate executives using original freedom of press, freedom of speech, and freedom to redress any grievance petition against any individual.

Suing any government entity is always a lost war cause.  Keith duncan.

### CLICK here for original HOME page puts +120 named criminals and terrorists in PRISON and DEATH ROW NOW by YOUR direct action right now !

    All the quoted scripture and common sense publications are indeed USELESS unless applied at universal level by everyone. is GODs method of decentralizating ALL wealth and command authority back to each of YOU. CALL us direct +1 770-377-2106 and GO DIRECTLY in person to best top Corporate Executive leaders AND top best National news Media PRESS broadcasters today.. equalizes our New World + New Life of World Trading Partner Enterprises Overseeres INC. This is a direct broadcast to USA Military, all Governments, Leaders, Press, Churches, and Public to  TAKE ACTION  today to command all leadership authorities protect Keith's life, assets, and gifts to literally unify all mortals once and forever demostrate modeled for everyone at original

   This entire sequence of horrific crimes against humanity has been procreated perfected recorded to complete GODs and YOUR deployment of includes share of 8 Billion WHOis WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO GPS tracked trades anything with anyone else. NO Secrets = GODs utopia.

   Driven forever by Gods FOIA.ONE = crime free societies. CLICK here for original HOME page puts +120 named criminals and terrorists in PRISON and DEATH ROW NOW by YOUR direct action right now !

   Driven forever by Gods FOIA.ONE = crime free societies.


 Oct 3, 2022 Contact +1 770-528-3048 command her and everyone else TURNOVER Robert Dee ROSE to top FBI AG PRESS Governments and Corporate Executive leaders NOW !

  This one website full scale legalized common sense peace making offensive assault of all Criminal evidence is broadcast freely to all mortals as the most horrific paper chase public scandal in USA world history for the damages caused to YOUR new world crime free society GODs  As of Oct 1, 2022 not a single person has confessed their crimes against most humble cofounder of no more violators of OUR rights to be free will sovereign citizens traveling freely on freeBUS.US now powered by ONLY fossil free GODs technology to advance our very own human race as PEACEMAKERS using monthly and on demand Town Hall FORUMS host mediated by each of you our most   prestigious problem solvers who have joined and to actually share everything of GODs resources back to greatest places of your mortal needs.

   Driven forever by Gods FOIA.ONE

 Oct 3, 2022 Contact +1 770-528-3048 command her and everyone else TURNOVER Robert Dee ROSE to top FBI AG PRESS Governments and Corporate Executive leaders NOW !

  Same sane as required by GOD and each of you summer of 2011 when ROSE was most actively stealing Billions of USD out of OUR banks, stock market databases, and actively destroying OUR USA Government databases.

 Once anyone sees ANTICHRISTS, each of you WILL RISE UP and protect Keiths life while liberating yourselves from the cyber terrorists who were always the 'CRIMINAL RULING ELITE' first families of deception evil creeps of Devils Mass destruction Serpent Vipers of Matthew Chapter 23 versus Roman 12.

  Best GODs solution was always to directly deliver all BEST problem solving solutions TO the top world GIVINGPLEDGE.SPACE mega billionaires since THEY only exist because of WE GODS PEOPLEs work efforts + taxes.   WHO DO YOU KNOW to actually CONTACT VIDEO US directly using original methods now patent gifted as and of

Most indicting CRIMINAL video of all time is original Nov 14,2010 of ROSE endangering his very own two CHILDREN 2 blocks FROM his $2.5 million Crime Estate built with KEITHS original Forsyth COUNTY Judgment 08SC-1345 issued Oct 29, 2010 BY Jimmy DEAL and JUDGE McClelland after 264 days of NEVER EVER getting a single DOLLAR of our entire estate mega billion assets back BECAUSE most people refuse to enforce ANY LAWS these final days of World War FIVE. WHO DO YOU EACH KNOW TO PROTECT OUR LIVES RIGHT NOW and PUT US ALL ON NATIONAL NEWS PRESS CONFERENCES to expose ALL criminals and TERRORISTs who ALL roam freely cause by LUCIFER Mass POVERTY wars and Mass apathy IGNORANCE of WHO is destroying GODs people starting 5550 year ago Egyptian lunatic insane asylum KING of ALL KINGS. 770-377-2106.  Call Trillionaire Keith Brent Duncan +1 770 377 2106  Now located in Asheville NC as world famous multinational MegaBillionaire enterprises of direct funding 200 to 300 new EDUCATION and Technology Foundations staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods of is GODs most humble servant Keith Brent Duncan (Atlanta GA USA) to all living +7.95 Billion Mortals. Each of you are brain-washed to believe all the lies of who controls all aspects of your reality, souls, and assets. Now we most peacefully REVOLT hosting Peace community conclave Problem Solving forums using GODs + GODs EVOTE.ONE system total replaces all known voting and decision making systems by each of you personally holding everyone accountable for fearlessly protecting the rights, lives, and assets of each other before thinking of self benefit interests. town hall forums is the only GODs method to decide everything.
   Destruction of ALL NWO criminals, terrorists, Cyber Black Hat criminals like ROSE was always the use of Keith + GODs -> FOIA.ONE at all levels to teach all of you to be only PeaceMakers.
keith brent duncan was always worlds last mega true reality Trillionaire ProCreator of GODs world once + forever.
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