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Our Partnership Firm

Everyone who joins World Trading Partner Enterprises INC. because a owner of all the world-wide products and services Keith Duncan has deposited under full legal and financial protection of the USA and all other governments who protect Keith's life. 75,000 shares are available for qualified investors.

   This is a patentable business process that ensures all stockholders and employees contribute their best efforts and therefore self-regulate and control their own profits and earnings.  Currently almost all publically traded companies are run by Corporate Executives and management along with Board of Directors who conduct criminal enterprises protected by higly paid LIAR-Lawyer firms like Morris Manning and Moore of Atlanta GA where John Yates has the full layout of ProfitShareHolders and ordered Keith banned from City Club of Buckhead in Atlanta Georgia because I had directly contacted him and Sonny Morris asking for their IP and legal help in fall of 2009, spring of 2012(during the #1 kidnap stage) and subsequently have been broadcasting to over 100 law firms like Deming Parker Moore of Norcross GA and King and Spaulding of Atlanta and Washington D.C.



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