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MANHuntALL is the worlds First and Last most famous common sense solution known as a true method of citizen arrest of ANY person for ANY crime committed.  USA Gov owes Keith Press Conferences, over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages, and meetings with TRUMP, DOD, DOJ, since I alone have been sent by GOD and few others to unify mankind is 100% Direct eDemocracy overthrow of all crime networks once and forever. use of is how to ratify with being Keiths final ACTION>

  The USA GOV has always been commanded from summer of 2010 to contact Keith Duncan, provide armed protection, and take down all criminal networks using keith's simple Open Public exposure of all crime evidence. ROSE is clearly being protected by named and ?? USA GOV officials he has threatened and extorted since 1995. Rose is a serial Murderer guilty of Treason, Espionage, Sabotage, and infiltrating OUR Government and Mega Corporate Databases. Clearly he is a mega billionaire by now and prevents all investigations by anyone by threatening to kill anyone who shows him HIS 25 year old crime sprees.

  ROSE escaped to after he testified he was a serial murderer and cyber crime terrorist when questioned by his very own lawyer and Keith Aug 23, 2011 Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683.99 that clearly puts ROSE and +85 others on Death Row for espionage treason against MY USA government.  Again, on Sept 22, 2011 I called Cobb County Judge Robert Flourney +1 678--581-15400 to warn him to GO TO FBI since HE personally promised in front of GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds on Sept 19, 2011  to arrest Ms. Bashama then and contact FBI AG about everything. Same as we have commanded demanded right now.  Clearly FBI AG have been infiltrated back in 2000 year era by ROSE and other terrorists and have NO capacity to protect ANY victim of organized Crime this entire time. NAME the organization or group who PROTECTS victims and I will send them $100 Million USD bounty on ROSEs dead or live head seen below. Same for any of you taking ACTION on all evidence.

   Use of unhackable Video and certified Documents are easy to show OPEN PUBLIC Magistrate on Live Streaming channel that We=Keith are the last world leaders of #1 Scientist/Engineer/Evangelists/Keynote Crusader / anti all Crime prime all expertise technologist creator experts gifted by GOD to teach humanity how to enter the Last Testament 4th dimension. Only by ACTION of YOU will the true criminals be brought to justice with our replacement systems. Most actionable force is WE keiths People use and to prevent ALL wars and to return trillions of real $$ back to all impoverished people.



   I clearly requested Political Asylum protection to testify against ROSE Sept 25, 2011 forward. We have enforced all Constitutional Laws including the Patriot Act this entire time to FIND all criminals at one time. Trump must personally dispatch Military to come find us NOW, not tomorrow.

     Robert Dee Rose is being protected by ?? inside Police, IRS, FBI, AG, Military my agencies and most actively is murdering all the key eyewitnesses tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Murder for Hire massive true conspiracies designed to overthrow MY USA GOV and mega Corporations I have claimed as leading this entire time. Reality is death of humanity is caused by apathy and greed of those brainwashed to think only a Savior, Guardian Angel, GOD, Christ, or prophet can save you from your very own predatory greed.

   Clearly I was sent by GOD 1-19580815-1 to mediate World Presidents and all Mega Corporation executives at one time using the system I was commanded to deliver 44 years ago NCSU, Raleigh NC. Chuck Link II.

We have actively recruited all 7.8 billion of my people to USE our systems of unification to prevent all crime networks from expanding viral genocide that has occurred since the dawn of man Egyptian times.

     Even Criminals will hunt ROSE and other criminals to get $100 Million USD bounty on his head and others who violate OUR laws.   Robert Dee Rose will suffer the most horrific Death for causing well over $20 Trillion USD damages by direct order of OUR military and Supreme Court. This bypasses  his conAbility to claim "I signed nothing. I know nothing. leave me alone, or his crime network will murder you all." READ and YouTube his crimes against Humanity referenced by Saint Keith Duncan below. We have formed and led UNIocracy by Mass Publicity so everyone protects Keiths life and health. All our Intellectual Property + assets are being used to Criminally attack MY World from summer of 2008 forward to TODAY Jan 2, 2021.

Robert Dee ROSE has a record $100 Million USD bounty on his Dead or Alive head. Who will collect by calling USGOV and commanding TRUMP, DOJ, DOD, do what I=WE have always paid them to do: The original Serve and Protect eliminates all LUCIFER criminals and terrorists using keith's simple published ordained systems. is 100% about worst CRIMES against Humanity led by hidden Cyber terrorists using con-artist scams to STEAL our GOD loaned assets. Dispatch Military to come escort keith. ROSE almost killed me so many times I lost COUNT. Key criminal is Alexander Cyclone Covey in Atlanta (old ROLLINS farm Duluth Country Club) and now GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds Atlanta.
  Open your eyes, and Hear the Reality Truth of WHY GOD sent Keith + few other prophets to save humanity. Then take ACTION by call contact visiting ALL top world leaders and PRESS to command WE the PEOPLE debrief teach them.
Aug 8, 2020. The crimes against humanity started by ROSE in 1995 involve massive extortion of Police and USA Gov officials in Forsyth County, then Gwinnett, Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth Atlanta in that exact order. over 125 persons go to prison and many Death Row for aiding and abetting Robert Dee Rose who is a serial murderer 100% guilty of Treason, Espionage, Sedition, Espionage, Sabotage by his criminal network infiltrated most USA GOV databases and top Mega Corporation Databases using and cabal linked persons of GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds, Alexander Cyclone Covey, and over 15 named County and Federal Judges linked to hundreds of others who violate basic Constitutional laws and statues. All of them are ciminally insane and incompetent to sign certified court documents and falsely believe they are protected by any Government immunity laws. Certainly they will now murder each other...
  Their refusals to testify against each other and go DIRECTLY to FBI AG officials to report crimes is indications of their 100% guilt.
  CALL Marietta Police Dept +1 (770)794-5300 Speak with current Police Chief + new District Attorney Joyette Holmes at +1 (770) 528-3080. Inform them and Press + world that Keith returns on emergency basis to testify with World Leaders by Sept 25, 2020. Now our entire world achieves Total World Equality peace using the methods sent BY GOD + Keith on top
  The crime documents were always Marietta PD 1.11.2506.99, Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 11.1.7683.99 criminally granted and forged by 10 named persons including Berry Vic Reynolds, DA Patrick Head, Grady Moore, CID Henson, Officers Wishon, Benito. The judges involved are Watson, Flourney, and murdered Judge Fabier in Sept 2011 per the sources + informants reporting to SaintKeith.
  I just called Cobb County DA. Voicerecorded the 100th turnover and left voicemail for very young Atty Christine, probably 32 Yold.

July 23, 2020. Reality is I was always  a mega millionaire BACK in 2011/ A mega Mega Millionaire in reality. WORTH so MUCH I often SCREAM OUT.   WHO IN HELL is left who will take the REQUIRED TURNOVER> expires sometime this fall 2020. Surely it will fall into the Black HOLE of infamy inequity since NO honest person can actually FOCUS on anything of true merit of MY PEOPLE.  Seems people object to single words so bad they are indeed zoombie clones marching to their very own end death = end times. CERTAINLY 7.8 bILLION PEOPLE benefit when almost all criminals worldwide are brought to JUSTICE by OUR crusaders.  YES indeed, WE are RECRUITING all Military and POLICE and OFFICERS of all courts and lawyers this entire time.  FOR THEY all benefit also by removing all the criminal scoundrels who take bribes and embezzle money and assets Seems few understand the power of GODs word and COMMANDs to always be HONEST and of our walk on earth.  So true it defies anyone to CHALLENGE our conceived mission.  ALL these cyber criminals roam freely since literally NO ONE has any method to PUT THEM 6 feet under.   I have no need to convince or convict anyone. Criminals and terrorists do this by their very own evidence. Voiding the 5th Amendment of DO NOT HAVE TO TESTIFY AGAINST ONESELF is hereby legally rescinded forever by Keith Brent Duncan.


    YES, GOD *my father in heaven' has stated plainly to me,  WHY WOULD HE INTERVENE one next last time, HE SENT ME and he SENT YOU, my people to solve any and all of YOUR own problems. MY PROBLEM since Jan 15, 2008 has been to find a person who actually DOES AS I HAVE PAID them to DO  FILE the damn papers and get mass publicity to DAMN these criminals to determinant end state  of tortured hell.  Most prisoners I have meet are actually quite nice. Caught in the TRAPS of vice, sin, and crime. most are guilty of something. But to live in HELL jail for years and decades never solves the root problem of predatory greed.   Nothing left for me to do here but CONTINUE being #1 forefounder father of UNIocracy.  MY health does indeed fail.  No insurance of anything as everything DESTROYED by the LUCIFER society of named persons who surely by now have been identified and told ."YOUR DAYS are NUMBERED by your very own evidence.. "  I cut and paste this also. Same as most of my own ordained and divined webcasts to MY WORLD. .

Most Critical Webcast to YOU our 7.8 billion people. We are the rare master scientists who also work full time on behalf of our FatherGOD and all humanity. We have gifted everything back to you to BUILD our new world free of violators = crime networks at all levels. This has never been completed throughout mankinds history because the root of all issues is predatory greed. HELP US HELP YOU with mass publicizing including BOOKING us to talk with your groups and World Presidents and Corporate Executives as the PRIME Mediators sent by GOD.

July 17, 2020.  9 years ago we pledge promised to gift all of our $500 Million to over $1 Billion USD direct to build infrastructure here in Asia.Few has called us to ask how this can quickly be completed since most think falsely only ACTS of CONGRESS or GOD can ever ever change course of our history.

  The super criminal ROSE has never been called or commanded to turn his Crime Network over to MY Special Forces = USA GOV seen on now as the FIRST resort by WE the PEOPLE evote FOIA = my Last debrief Sept 25, 2011.

July 17, 2020. i shall return to heaven soon. Spit up a little blood yesterday. Do not know if it is the broken JAW from being assaulted Oct 15, 2018 when FBI criminal Atlanta CID? AGENT LYNN and ?? ROSE forced me to be drugged 5.5 weeks again after she confessed on VOICE recordings ROSE was under investigation and I had been kidnapped that entire period.....  No insurance, no cash INCOME, nothing has ever been DONE on my benefit behalf including MILITARY or YOU my people escorting me back to TESTIFY as required by ALL laws.   NO REPLY.  O ANYTHING but EXCUSES for WHY I still alive...  My heart also failing. Must be GODs Holy Spirit about to leave my body.

I had planned to go back to Manila near USA Embassy Sat July 18 8 am Roxas blvd. ANYONE can contact myself or ANYONE else my entire life to find out WHO I always was. NO one monitors or spys on anyone, except criminals, crooks, terrorists, and those who violate GODs Command of BE HONEST.  #1 requirement is to 'ACT with Fearless authority to Protect the Rights of all others before thinking of self-entitlement benefits..."

###  Even Atty Roman Mosqueda at (213) 252-9281 can receive $100 Million USD bounty on ROSE and +$125 Million USD legal fees. same as anyone else who simple does the most obvious solution of all:  CALL Duncan.

   CLEARLY UNIocracy replaces all known forms of Governments and mega Corporations worldwide. This is the prime requirement to eliminate all who violate our laws at any level. No longer can any person hide behind a corporate entity paper chase conspiracy by hiding the most critical evidence of our general Ledger books, our legally binding business contracts, and named politicians who only represent their campaign contributors and protect those who blackmail and threaten their families and long term careers as hidden Lucifer agents. No more appointed officials or promoted Executives. We all use to decide everything by will of majority of WE the People of UNIocracy. If the majority make a bad decision, they personally suffer the consequences. If a great decision using 5Steps, everyone is required to benefit in increased intrinsic persistent value. Our entire system is self correcting based on common sense logic authored by Keith Brent Duncan 1-19580815-1 (+100%)

  July 15, 2020 -Exactly 9 years from when criminally granted Cobb County GA USA TPO 1.1.1171 was dismissed and everyone refused to arrest and seize this same new world system from hands of ROSE, no one has represented 1st of any of my=our rights.

....   ### end of copy paste from top  makes common sense to DO anything RIGHT the first time, then show others how to do the same...

  Because of Sally Q Yates one signature on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112, your entire world has been destroyed already.
ROSE robbed and cyber attacked my homes to destroy HIS evidence of massive cybercrime terror attacks against MY Gov and mega millionaire Corporations. Rose actively prevents ANY investigations and seizures of MY $500 Million USD assets comprised of 7,000 named Corporate executives, contact info and 35 years of ANTI-ALL Crime technology I have gifted to humanity to PREVENT almost all crime. Clearly only ONE person is required to file 1,000's of civil and criminal felony charges against over 125 named persons including Sally Q Yates, Berry Vic Reynolds, each JUDGE, Official of each court who false testified anything since ROSE paid them each off with bribes and threats. All to MURDER me each time I contacted USA GOV at police, IRS, FBI, USMarshals, AG, Military, CONGRESS, and Presidents BEFORE Sept 26, 2011.
USA GOV owes over $500 Million USD in real and punitive damages that is a partial whistleblower award of the 1% of all crime assets seized with our (tm)(c)(r)Patent systems of SolutionJudge SolutionManifesto.
  As of July 12, 2020 not a SINGLE person has called keith to testify at any level. The reasons of this most horrific blinded greed is detailed for past 15 years and was also the target of ROSE to prevent all manhunts that are now in progress.
Therefore we have formed and lead a NEW world SYSTEM of UNIocracy and are actively recruiting all Officials of court, all law enforcement, all mega Corporate Executives, ALL MegaMillionaires to use our Angel Guardian services to overthrow all crime networks as required by all existing Constitutional laws and legally enforced statues.  It has never made common sense WHY millions of true criminals roam freely because they threaten to depopulate My Fathers World.
  OF COURSE USA GOV + TRUMP himself owes keith a Debt of Gratitude and personal GUARDED escort back to my USA to the SCENES of so so many crimes to TESTIFY this entire time and Payment of well over $500 Million USD for the crimes committed against myself to DESTROY this SAME system of UNIFICATION.  After requesting help from everyone I meet for SAME ordained Purpose, CERTAINLY the only 'Miracle required' is for a SINGLE criminal investigator, JUDGE, Special Prosecutor to ACCEPT all evidence and FILE all the required OLD court documents so we can ALL then start using the NEW WORLD SYSTEM of UNIocracy that eliminates ALL VIOLATORS at one time. Updated June 14, 2020 as I struggle every single day since Oct 3, 2011 to Contact TOP USA GOV and Corporate Officials to emergency fly me back home to testify in front of world on exactly WHO are the worst criminals and how to use OUR databases to find them all.
     #1 most dangerous real LUCIFER FRAUDstar in world history is ANTICHRIST ROSE and all others violating MY GOD's original COMMANDment of DO NOT STEAL. If you want to understand exactly why GOD sent Keith, read below. This eliminates the Fraudster LUCIFER Monsters forever. Includes Sally Q Yates, Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey and now GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds who shall be put on PUBLIC SCANDAL Congressional Investigations and Military Tribunal based solely on THEIR evidence and signatures on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 related evidence. Other PDF here are related.
Video on right above, Sally Q Yates testifies she is a Criminal. Not one time does she say WE PROTECT any victim of any crime, we are ONLY PROSECUTORS and PERSECUTORS intent on putting ANY accused person in THEIR prisons.
These are the Filthy Rich Illuminati Criminal ruling Elite that are now REPLACED using Keith's sovereign methods.
BBK20180924-DOJSallyYates-Terrorist-Robe is the NEW Total Tort Reform that eliminates any violator in 3-10 day speedy trial convictions, all televised over OUR video streaming Webcasts so OUR WE the PEOPLE decide the fate of these stupid idiot terrorists who are mostly appointed by other incompetent idiots to run OUR nations worldwide. Contact TRUMP, FBI, AG today! Ask our top Conscience leaders to CALL and escort keith as I head south of Manila near Greensboro on same missions of total world mercy and grace that GOD sent me to deliver.
  Keiths new name as recorded in this world history book series is now HONEST KEITH that truly mirrors that A+ Honest ABE Lincoln was recognized as a key fore founder who always told ONLY the TRUTH. WHO else can claim the same?
June 12, 2020. I hereby enforce All Constitutional Laws and GODs COMMANDments for everyone to CALL FBI AG Press, literally everyone you know as 1.2 degrees of separation now becomes 1 to 1 with our FatherGod + keith Johne 10:30.  If a single person had upheld existing laws, I would have been free same day. Call my cell # so I can explain.
TODAY!!  Ask everyone you know to order the IMMEDIATE Citizens Arrest of Sally Q Yates, Berry Vic Reynolds (GBI Director) and Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey for 9 years of criminal Conspire of Murder For Hire (against keith Duncan and many others). Each of them are 100% guilty of Aiding and Abetting Enemy of State Robert Dee Rose by false testament I alone have recorded as voice, email, videos, webcasts, original Certified Court Documents that all show massive infiltration into OUR GOV and Corporate Databases. These are all Military Tribunal Charges of Treason, Espionage, Murder of Heads of State along with USAGOV Judges and key eyewitnesses.
    These are named persons below who are criminally insane and incompetent to be left alive. Death ROW is their fate at the VOICE of WE the PEOPLE as I did deliver worlds last anti-All Crime system to world including USA Military Sept 25, 2011 11:11pm in anticipate I would indeed be illegally arrested over and over since NO ONE really cares WHO I AM, except YOU my Most beloved People.
  Take a few Conscience Lawyers, Police, even local Military from Dobbins AirForce base down to King and Spauling Law Offices, even call her ahead of time as a GROUP always makes an impact for JUSTICE.  Email, PUT her in Handcuffs and march her by citizens arrest down to FBI Director Wray offices or ANY Courtroom. THEN Trump, or UPS executive Mike Briggs (Cumming GA USA), or Local USA Ambassador Sung Kim in Manila at +(632)301-2000 will jump for true JOY, that our entire world can now achieve total world global equality social peace.
   I remain impoverished and persecuted by the group below since NO ONE even READS court documents or watches the webcasts of CONscience scientists. SO many object to everything they can not see the absolute TRUTH that GOD sent a few of us(might be only myself) to be the worlds last most humble mediator Leaders who actively protect the rights of all others, with no concern for our personal safety.  I stated above the ONLY requirements I need for the rest of my life Sept 26, 2011 was my health and safety.  Now my health is so bad, I may die of heart attack, getting hit on my Suzuki Black motorcycle.  I head south again today.
   If YOU my people want to decide your own fate, NEVER RIOT or LOOT, just be 100% Honest and protect each other.
MANHUNTALL is the most common sense method to Seize all criminals regardless of Wealth or arrogant Dominance. IF anyone can find fault with MY GOD (movie) directed focused ministries, PLEASE STAND UP and tell the world WHERE have I ever error or violated ANY law at all. NEVER have, never free Will. CyberSpace crime is #1 crime against humanity. We see it in our emails, our mailbox, our TV, our promises of WE are here to HELP you scams. Clearly I have testified and stated I was sent by GOD himself to free our PEOPLE from oppression of FRAUD. 
     This is MY GOD's original SINGLE commandment DO NOT STEAL that is universally Correct and Legal. the END.
Please read no further since only honest persons care about all others and have the following clues of WHO is Keith. Call us HONEST KEITH at to acheive total world global social equality PEACE. Family reunions is what OUR GOD requires to work out our issues at all OUR commUNITY levels once and forever MANHUNTALL is the most common sense method to Seize all criminals regardless of Wealth or arrogant Dominance. IF anyone can find fault with MY GOD (movie) directed focused ministries, PLEASE STAND UP and tell the world WHERE I am so someone can book me to testify to everyone all at one time. It is always this simple.

My career was always working directly for GOD. We personally created the backbone infrastructure of Worlds Internet at all levels with focus on storage, search and retrieve information everything as an All digital Electric(on) Paperless, crime free society. Sad reality is our very own DOJ and world cannot even CALL KEITH and retrieve me back to USA to testify because most have LUCIFER Agenda of  Blinded GREEDY greed and self serving purposes of self-genocide. ONE super criminal ROSE first wanted me dead Jan 2008 the result is WHO controls earth has been LUCIFER. GOD clearly sent a few of us (maybe just myself) to be the Master Mediator of all ti2me to FREE your souls from the worst crime of all = GREED.

Ultimate Meantime ONLY way to SAVE yourselves is to Contact everyone and dispatch SolutionMilitary to escort me to talk with YOU my world.

  June 10, 2020  I, Keith Duncan, do hereby testify to YOU my most beloved people,  that I have been victimized by initially four criminally insane incompetent criminals who have PAID off key USA GOV law enforcement and Officials of OUR courts to murder me based on 100% everything shows they each violated basic legally binding contracts, then literally defrauded me and robbed my homes of eventually ALL my life time assets while false testifying I was a closet pervert, sex/drug addict, child kidnapper/molester, criminally insane incompetent, and anything they could libel/slander say to everyone to have me Murdered by Forced Drugging BY malpractice sub-contractor Doctors under direct orders of Robert dee ROSE that violated ALL of my civil Constitutional Rights to put them ALL in prison, and at least 20 on Death ROW for infiltrating OUR USA government and corporate databases.

    The key ENEMY of the STATE Terrorist was always ROSE who is man hunted by all my 7.8 billion people. I remain criminally stranded in Manila Philippines since YOU my PEOPLE are mostly brainwashed by cult Zealots who say, OH just let Keith die alone since HIS system is the ONLY way to liberate and FREE all people from the most criminally complex system run by LUCIFERIANS who profit by killing our mutual Prophets sent by GOD and supported only by YOU our people.  WHY does everyone we contact last 15 years BREAK their promises, never show up on time for any required meetings, and most often claim they are TOO BUSY, TOO POOR, too Sick of being victimized by their own apathy, greed, and self-entitlement focus??  WOW OMG, this is the most TRUE statement about their Human Condition that most have no CLUE who is Keith Brent Duncan, less clue about WHO is our REAL GOD, and are destined to be destroyed by a few named Bankers, Corporate Executives, Military Generals, CCP, criminally insane Politicians, since no one really cares about Keith or WHY GOD sent him alone to save all of humanity.  I shall indeed RETURN to Heaven soon, OR a SINGLE person can call me anytime, since I have have always been the #1 most human humble scientist engineer mediator of HOW to ACHIEVE total World Global Peace.  I am ALL for everyone until the end of all time that apparently is occurring one last time by ONE very stupid Simple Cold FLU mutated Virus. Call us, Escort us today !!

   ### End of June 10, 2020 last update.  REQUESTING Military or Corporate Jet Escort since WAY back on exactly Sept 25, 2011.  kbd

   All world criminals and terrorists are OUTRAGED they can be man hunted down by simple Citizens arrest once THEIR evidence is clearly shown to PUBLIC, Police, Military, DOJ so all Criminals are ordered to SURRENDER today or face the open public forum live streamed TV recorded COURT of Keiths PEOPLE to prevent the SEDITION overthrow of the life we all used to know and ENJOY. Few have CONscience OR photographic/Video memory I finally recognized of WHO is WHO, Who owns/controls What, Who travel/trades What with GPS WHO/WHEN/WHAT and WHY.
   ROSE 100% always guilty of Treason, Espionage, Conspiracy to Murder for hire, obstruction of justice, bribing Court officials, wire internet tapping all his own clients=victims focus on Mike Briggs Cumming GA, Adam Weart. Sally Q Yates also victim an conspirator for criminally signing Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 as NO ONE ever asked keith = 100% victim of ROSE, Sherry Duncan clan, Ms. Bashama, Murdered Brian Walker, or any of keiths 8 lawyers Jimmy Deal focus, why ROSE, Sherry, Ms Bashama first defrauded most humble honest saintKeith, then robbed his homes, filed TPOs to prevent any investigations 2/3 TPOs 11.1.1171.99 11.1.7683.99 Feb 22, Aug 22 were not only criminally issued, but were DISMISSED by Berry Vic Reynolds July 15, 2011 who puts +125 persons on death row and PRISON for same felony capital crimes as ROSE. It was never OUR violations, always THEIRs and 100% responsibility of MY=OUR USA Presidents and Law enforcement to protect OUR LIVEs since we are indeed the only ones conceived by GOD himself to create Total World Peace accord universal standard of is the FIRST step. Now USA embassy will DISPATCH Military escort and Corporate/Military Jet to find keith and personally escort him under protective guard of Ambassador Sung Kim to testify to entire world HOW to mediate all world equality peace. if we die in route or MIA or criminally detained again, CONTACT EVERYONE to command MY IP be used for same result.

  Above videos prove in 2011 Keith Duncan was a Billionaire in Intellectual Property. That was target of ROSE + others all along.

I, keith brent duncan, under spiritual legal orders of GOD do hereby swear out arrest warrants on each person linked to ROSE by their very own testimony, court certified emails, false testimony, massive obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting terrorists inside and outside MY US GOV law enforcement judicial agencies as we are the rare independent criminal investigator Scientists who openly show all violators at one time to prevent additional crimes of instability of OUR Government by actively and openly testifying all evidence.

 We are the ONLY ones who are PAYING USA and all other government officials to protect the rights of all Free will sovereign Citizens.

We hereby legally and morally order all citizens to CITIZENS arrest these named persons, video record them, ask any question of local residents and business partners, clients, and personally escort them to nearest police Judge magistrate today. We are INDEED the most powerful anti-all crime crusader scientists in world history because we DID pioneer base infrastructure being actively used on all eDevices worldwide and already have gifted to humanity how to PREVENT almost all crime from genocide our WORLD that is occurring post WW2 Paris Peace Accord. Futhermore, ALL violators of any laws are hereby ordered by ALL world Presidents and DOJ to turn themselves in to prevent further blood shed of violence that is occurring world wide right now.

  ANY CITIZEN has all rights to face any accuser in ANY court of law to immediately resolve ANY accusation with existing laws.

We also provide simple methods to eliminate any wealthy elite from literally buying any politician and preventing all political biased illegal appointments for any nation under GODs RULE of SolutionManifesto. We also peacefully eliminate Banks and all Stock Markets.

    The last world cast are the PDF files above upload broadcast today CKS20200529-316amManila GodStamped universal new method.

NOW we the people own, control, manage all OUR infrastructures and become ONE world HOME of the BRAVEST, LAND of the FREE WILL citizens of Keiths authored legally binding UNIocracy new world society system that standardizes everything.

   Above is the ONLY system world will now use cross referenced BY GOD's messenger Keith at world changing

Update May 27, 2020. I, 'keith brent duncan 1-19580815-1 +100%)', do hereby testify to world that terrorist Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1-19710401-1 negative 100% Integrity) will suffer the worst death our eVOTE UNIocracy People decide once a single Official of any court of law authority or other CRIMINAL decides to take ROSEs fate into their hands. Keith is NEVER a VIOLATOR of any law or Constitutional Law or human rights. Amy Rose(dob 1-1969mmdd-1 negative 99%) and +125 others tied to him will suffer the same horrific open public forum execution fate broadcast by any eDevice live streamed to world based only on their evidence of murder, treason, espionage, and longest list of capital felony crimes. Over $50 Trillion USD of wealth have been transferred from world bank accounts, stock markets, and assets from Jan 15, 2008 to present day because NO HONEST PERSON has ever asked keith or others "WHAT ARE ROSE's CRIMES and WHO holds WHAT Evidence WHEN, WHERE and WHY." This is always simple.   

  Therefore Keith is the most valuable commodity in GODs and your eyes for his completed authorship, delivery, and broadcasts of HOW to unify earthlings using the phrase "Can you prove you are honest, what is your International IID number and your integrity rating?"  +7.8 Billion my people are now enrolled systematically into FOIA.ONE that was gifted by our redeemer keith brent Duncan who conceived all electronic electric paperless crime free society August 15, 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC. Anyone can enroll anyone else.

   This achieves total world global peace and social equality once and forever regardless of keiths future condition or life.  Anyone who refused to uphold Keiths Manifesto at Covenant system will suffer the exact same fate.  Majority will of WE the PEOPLE has always over-ruled any existing law as the #1 precedence ruling is always Majority rules. The most profitable solutions mandated by Keith are located at SaintKeith with a deadly deadline of June 1, 2020 then Oct 3, 2020 when these sites will be destroyed forever. + Others of are alive only because of Keiths extreme self-survival methods anyone in world can re-use.

LandMark Class Action Suit Miscarriage of Justice. 

  keith 1-19580815-1 (+100% integrity) of FOIA.ONE IID,  is the lead plaintiff with over 500 victims of ROSE based on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Murder for Hire conspiracies all based on certified FOIA open court public freedom of Information Act documentation.

   Only Keith has enforced all laws, the Patriot Act and R.I.C.O. Act since key USA Gov officials refuse.

  Value of over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages.

keith brent duncan Versus Cyber Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE.

  The most powerful profitable public Scandal Solution is for any of these people to go on International live TV and confess their Crimes against Humanity as I can host remotely or in person in front of Supreme Court and Congressional Military Tribunal.  Anyone can call these confirmed terrorists and ask them 'Why did you order Keith's Assassination?"  How much money did you make following ROSE, Yates, Reynolds, Covey's conspiracy orders.

Click: The highest Prison rate versus lowest USA crime rate is BECAUSE 95% of all deadly WMD crimes are CyberCrime since 1980 era when INTERNET crimes became the secret most deadly weapon of all time. Keith personally prevented ALL ID Theft Cyber Crimes with starting 1976 NCSU. YOUR mega Trillions of USD/other are criminally drained OUT of your accounts by these LUCIFER agents. These were the GOD divined solutions Stolen by ROSE and other most powerful USA GOV agents in Oct 2009 when I divorced my Criminally Insane Incompetent Wife Sherry Mingle Duncan who was the first person to force me into HELL Mental Hospital by false claiming I was a Drug Addict, criminally insane = incompetent, sex addict, robber, kidnapping, and did not even know my name. Same sequence happened Feb 22 2011, Aug 22 2011, then Sept 26-Oct 3 2011, then Dec 13 2011, Feb 22 2011, last on Oct 5 2011 Atlanta FBI CID LYNN. All evidence was FOIA sealed, destroyed, and forged. Read on and TAKE ACTION. COMMAND Seizures now.

Cyber Crime Attacks against your true Savior of Justice using just 3 WORDS of criminal Heresay to coverup their own crimes against humanity.

  Since the only issue has always been over return of Keith's fortune and his HOSTING all World President peace conference now set for June 1, 2020, only about 1,000 persons in USA and few in China, Russia, Philippines know the TRUE story reality of why I and a few others are the hidden billionaires Guardian Angels conceived 1-19580815-1 and sent By GOD Higher Power to show the human race how to PREVENT almost all crimes with use of our (c)(tm) Patent solutions that was the true target of ROSE and others who have been using our anti crime technology and methods to destroy humanity with WMD - Cyber crime attacks. We are mortal and are often murdered because we teach Global World Peace.

  Use and BuiltBykeith.Com/ClearHouse as the answer methodology to restore ALL assets back to 7.77 billion our people. We ask to be escort flown to Interpol, then DOD, NSA, CIA first. Then we ALL host required Press Conference SUMMIT with our top Presidents and Corporate executives to prevent all cyber crime, remove all CORRUPT individuals and then explore CreatorKeith.SPACE.

KTrader.Space, TurnOffLights.Space using ProfitShareHolders.SPACE that returns full control to all share holders and benefits all humanity.  FLY us to your greatest places of needs using original = soon BidOnKeith.SPACE.

  The ONLY restriction we have is the unknown BLACKLIST order in ?? secret Database of FBI, AG, HLS probably on infamous N.C.I.S.

that states KEITH can never be allowed to testify to anyone including TRUMP, Congress, DOD, PRESS, humanity.  Truly criminally insane, and all solved then prevented by and other World Global Peace Solutions

Legally Authorized BOUNTY Rewards as soon as each crime was committed, as we have indeed raised the levels as required to get the attention of Law Enforcement and Public at all levels.


LAST UPDATE: Jan 2, 2021   FOCUS DOD, DOJ + world here.

 Was ROSE behind 2011-09-11 Twin Towers attack?  Sources claim yes/Maybe. He was operating Terrorist group in Atlanta at that time and reported to USAGOV, Interpol, Press as soon as any crime was committed including massive money laundering 2003 forward.

1. $100 Million USD. Robert Dee Rose DOB 1971-April 01 (integrity -99%) IID 1-19710401-1. His wife Amy has $10 Million USD bounty. His other crime team $10,000 USD each too numerous to keep relist rebroadcasting...   Other CRIMINALS, Military, DOJ, DOD, even churches can easily FIND HIM this entire time, citizens arrest him and escort him or anyone else to the local Judge using SolutionJudge. This updated and sent to SALLY Q YATES Nov 7, 2019 just like keith has done for 11.11 years now, turning over all crime evidence and data TO Police, PRESS, LAWYERS IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, Military, Congress, Presidents in that EXACT required Order. Who will claim the $125 Million USD (25%) of the over $500 Million USD damages for filing a few legal papers?  Anyone can do this according to ROSE who said to me 'Anyone can sue anyone' back in Jan 2008 that was also a threat to destroy HIS evidence. Amy Rose made the same threat to Sherry Mingle Duncan Dec 22, 2007.

2. $1,000,000 USD on Cobb County GA DA berry vic reynolds now GBI Director under GOV Kemp who was our $6,000 USD lawyer per 4 times forged Marietta PD. 11.1.2506.99, VIC (very SIC according to Keith and GOD) had TPO dismissed July 15, 2011 and threatened my life April 2014 in front of 6 eyewitness sheriffs. I voice recorded his threats to murder me. He also remains free since ROSE has already extorted other top officials all the way top of office of Atl DOJ AG Sally Q Yates. Clearly Berry Reynolds is part of #1 top Legal Conspiracy Cyber Crime Terrorist ring run by ROSE and Atlanta Terrorist Attorney Alexander Cyclone Covey. WhoIs registered Aug 28, 2011 is proof again that ROSE was ordering Keith's murder by forcing him into jail on his HERESAY. The arrest warrant was NEVER signed or dated but was issued Sept 26, 2011 9 am once ROSE saw keith was turning over everything to USA Military as #1 consultant advisor of all time.

  The two false charges were :Count 1 for SAME VIDEO never shown or admitted into evidence Aug 22, 2011 Cobb County. Felony Count 2 was a single email never sent from from alleged account Keith to ROSE inviting him to join Keith's professional anti-crime council.

  Keith was almost murdered any of those +900 days by anyone since no one has ever offered to protect his life from 19580815 to today.


Jan 28, 2020 . We RAISE the BOUNTY on Yates to $2 Million USD for anyone to turn her in to FBI, AG, Military, Press, Interpol.  She refuses to call me or call anyone that is 100% evidence her one signature puts her in prison, maybe a life sentence for conspiracy to murder. As she WAS the DOJ AG and the ONE Atlanta GA State AG I went to personally see Sept 13, 2011 after ROSE claimed I violated the criminally granted 11.1.1171 Aug 31. Rose waited until Sept 26 2011 exactly at 9am when Cherokee County CID terrorist Matthew Pettepher made sure I was not arrested in Atlanta where I had huge resources to free me the same day. I was forced into Solitary confinement Oct 3, 2011 for 25 days of starting HELL so I could not appear Oct 23 2011 Fulton County court with FBI AG agents and Federal Judge to put ROSE away for life = death Row. Same applies today 12 long years of pure hell and Constitutional Violations for my crusaders to file all required legal charges...

3. $2,000,000 USD = $2 Million USD for Fired DOJ AG sally q Yates who was the one AG in Atlanta who I visited Sept 2011 requesting protection and entry into Federal Witness Protection Program. She (or someone??) signed Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Dec 13, 2011 on ZERO evidence any violation occurred anyone can see Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 was dismissed July 15, 2011. This indicts others at same time of massive coverup conspiracies on their links to ROSE and other criminals and terrorists. Per two emails just sent to her and OTHER top witnesses, WHY has no one debriefed us on everything to date?  As of Oct 21 2019: Sally Q Yates. call her at 404-572-2723, 202-626-2937 (Washington D.C.) Partner Special Matters and Government Investigations.

    SHE (or anyone) must contact TRUMP DOJ DOD Military immediately regarding Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Murder for Hire = Class Action Lawsuit massive Landmark Miscarriage of Justice. Even she can fill out SF-95 Tort Claim or equal request for Restitution and identify all these people on just this page. Who will dispatch the required FBI DOJ DOD NSA CIA agents to call us back, since NO ONE has ever done any required followup for now 11.11 years. SHE CAN PERSONALLY PAY for our plane ticket back to USA to TESTIFY and personally escort us to Washington with King & Spaulding Lawyers representing CreatorKeith.SPACE.


4. $40,000 USD. Ms Bashama born April 3, 1961. see below. $5,000 wendell carraway her criminal partner. She stole over $40,000 USD on Feb 1-3, 2011 by U-Haul truck. She blackmailed Officer Wishon at Marietta Police Dept Feb 8, 2011 10am as I photographed her conspiracies. In court Feb 22, 2011 Judge ? commanded I shut up when I asked him to arrest Ms. Bashama. Spent overnight in Hell Jail then authored world famous the next morning to show how Whistleblowers are denied all their rights to testify and cruely treated by judges who obviously violate laws of fair hearings when evidence is accepted by both plaintiffs and defendants.  NO Police OFFICER showed up in court, another violation of my rights to face so many accusers, we did indeed loose count. We do have most of their names and exact time/dates of their violations and remain unable to find ANYONE in USA GOV who actually upholds existing laws.  Updated Nov 2, 2019. Prophet keith duncan.

5. $50,000 USD. douglas vernon Duncan, Cary NC. USA DOB Jan 17, 1954. Guilty of filing false TPO Feb 2012 while defrauding keith of Duncan Tree Farm LLP over $110,000 USd. We have three emails from Doug from 2016 promising to KILLus(keith) by sending his gun club buddies to find us where-ever I live. His email clearly says 'YOU are a PUSSY' and 'ONE SHOT, ONE KILL" This is both terrorist threat and mail fraud as not a single person including Wake County NC sherrifs department has called us back and issued TPO and arrest warrant against Doug. His original criminally issued FALSE TPO was used by Atlanta Judge to justify forcing keith into 2 years of medical examinations and forced drug medicatioin based on NO EVIDENCE. That alone is a huge medical malpractice suit shown on that was at our We have never been allowed for any reason to TESTIFY against so many criminal accusers who all benefited by defrauding us.  WHY? so many validated reasons we often go despondent, even today Nov 2, 2019 since we work for GOD fulltime.

5b. $5,000 Paige Lee Duncan Collins. Bar Harbor Maine. Sister who falsely testified I was a drug addict summer 2008 that forced me into Mental hospital for 7 days when they forced drugged me to force me to be competent since my ex-wife had stolen $1.2 Million USD of MY ASSETS. My own criminal brother also part of conspiracies to prevent their own subpoenas that send them to jail (x 3 times for the days I was illegally held).

6. $150,000 USD sherry mingle duncan Norcross GA USA DOB Nov 4, 1958. For filing false TPO spring 2009, then massive bank fraud Chase bank, Bellsouth Retirement account, and testifying against keith to steal my Norcross and Marietta GA home cash, bank accounts, and possessions from Oct 3, 2011 to present. Over $800,000 USD cash and assets taken by Murdered Brian Walker + my own Duncan clan Sherry, Matthew, and Kyle duncan. My own lawyers KNEW these irrefutable facts and evidence this entire time from spring 2008 to present and refuse to GO to FBI AG PRESS or Public. They have all been legally warned to surrender all evidence and confess or serve PRISON time while we the USA GOV seize all their assets to pay back any victims, 1% to Trust NGO fund, rest to build infrastructure owned BY our people=you

7.  $150,000 USD Each matthew vernon duncan + kyle smith duncan (sons) guilty of stealing my assets Oct 3, 2011 to March 2014 and testifying I was a drug addict, did not know my own name, and by refusing to hire me a lawyer with my own cash in their hands OR go to FBI AG PRESS immediately. Sad is Matthew is USA Marine 12 years in Japan and faces Military Tribunal court martial for massive crimes against military. both sons actively testify to prevent themselves, Sherry Duncan, and others from facing Prison and confiscation of all their assets I have legally claimed as owned by this entire time...

8. $200,000 USD lawyer ross grisham, Canton GA for conspiracy theft $27,500 USD Nov 2007 and refusals to contact FBI AG PRESS with all evidence. GA state BAR already debriefed. Grisham, Canton GA, office (678)-880-9360 was called thru his paralegal and ordered to surrender.

He was ordered to exonerate the ONE forced misdemeanor charge issued after violation of 90 day speedy trial law. Return my $27,000 USD lawyer fee (implicates BC Chopper) as both of them REFUSED to contact FBI-AG or Military or PRESS as I ordered them to do back in Nov 2011.

9. $100,000 USD lawyer Jimmy deal. Norcross GA (770)263-7200 Guilty of refusals to go FBI AG to turn over 3 banker boxes of CD-ROMS + court docs. So many crimes as he faces Prison for massive obstruction of justice and violations of so many laws.

10. $200,000 USD Judge Jackson of Norfolk VA for massive obstruction of Justice and Fraud against USA, He also had the dismissed Cobb County TPO 11..11.1171.99 entire time and refused to call FBI AG or my own pre-paid lawyers. He told me to SHUT THE HELL UP, that I could never speak, could NEVER present submit any evidence, and the only reason I was in court was to decide HOW to force mediate me into a vegetable. He was also PAID off by ROSE as all court proceedings are open Public records. Judge SEALED everything violating FOIA laws.

11. $150,000 USD AUSAG dee sterling who committed so many felony crimes for above reasons and refused to dismiss case and set me free for any legal reasons shown. For even she held the most incriminating famous evidence the ONE Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 Cancelled 7-15-2011 since we are the ONLY person who sent JUDGE and her the N.C.I.S. printout from the Military showing all 4 false charges were dismissed.  Another criminal for world to see and no one does any obvious legal action of filing ANY court required document to protect keiths' life and seize his assets. The cost of 900 days in Hell Jail were paid for with taxpayer funds. The public will RIOT when they finally see the results.

12. $100,000 USD phoenix harris ayotte, Norfolk VA (703)684-7908. Guilty of conspiracy to kidnap and murder for hire as she was paid off also by ROSE to destroy all evidence. She prevented any and all evidence from being submitted to JUDGE FBI AG Military. She claimed 'OH we are not at the stage when you can go to trial. I said "I was kidnapped", you know this, you violate laws, tell Judge to LET ME GO now. Same as I stated every single time I was in court. I was told to SHUT UP that I had NO Constitutional Rights'.  Phoenix was even criminally incompetent to post on her firms website that I was criminally insane and found to be incompetent by HER, yes HERE as we have that letter to show DOJ AG this entire time.  SO so many crimes that are always most PROFITABLE to OUR Crusaders in Real and Punitive Damages.  Yet NO ONE returns our calls and does ANY required criminal investigations this entire time... Nov 2, 2019 as we are still barely alive in Manila conducting street ministries and contacting top world leaders and everyone in between almost every day.

13. $10,000 USD Each USA Marshal and Tom Shell for conspiracy to obstruct justice and other filed felony criminal charges. Tom per Oct 1, 2011 phone call.

14. $5,000 USD for each Police Officer Cobb County, Gwinnett, Cherokee, Forsyth, Fulton who refused to contact Judges, FBI AG entire time. We have most of the over 5 Police Dept reports we filed that were closed immediately and most of the emails when the Police officers told us to STOP contacting them. They claimed NOT enough evidence to continue. That alone is another violation of OUR rights to use their Protective investigative services as we went to their District Attorneys also commanding that investigations and protection be provided immediately.

15. $1,000,000 USD alexander cyclone covey. Cyber crime terrorist owner with ROSE of He is the one criminals who subpoena us for Oct 25 2011 RICO trial against ROSE and gave the infamous video to ROSE that was never submitted in court Aug 22, 2011. That one video from Nov 14, 2010 (2010) shows ROSE endangering his own children as I told them to GO HOME. His terrorist companies infiltrate court rooms and extreme intellectual property by offering all digital transcription and evidence storage claiming they have no access to the evidence. This is most profitable cyber crime terrorist attacks in world history based on simple common sense we have shown world entire time.

16. $100,000 USD Dr Jill Volin (psychotic Psychiatrist contractor from U.N.C Chapel Hill Associate Professor. Guilty of Massive Medical Malpractice and attempted murder by forced drug injections. Each other Doctor had the same access and was legally warned.

17. $50,000 USD Matt Pettpher. CID Police Cherokee County. He signed the arrest warrant Sept 26, 2011 9am claiming I sent LINKED IN Email to ROSE and Felony charge of sending ROSE 1 video that was NEVER admitted into evidence to CREATE the TPO 11.1.7683.99 Aug 22, 2011. I emailed him Aug 2011 that FBI was coming to investigate HIM and arrest him for his crimes protecting ROSE at my extreme expense and ultimate peril. That one document used to ORDER kidnapping #3 as ROSE never signed anything or showed ANY evidence I was stalking him since ROSE had been Stalking me and robbing my homes this entire time for HIS most extensive crime evidence already turned over to everyone.  Indicts others in Cherokee County including each of 3 Judges and each Prosecutor and DA who were criminally conspiring with ROSE.

Indicts each Cobb County Marietta GA Police Officers, JC Bain, JD Wishon, CID Benito + more (see the original Police Dept reports and FOIA court documents for complete list of ALL who violated laws.

18. $5,000 Dr Barbe Serle. Took my $5,000 USD in cash and refused to return it Nov 2014 right before my one way travel to China, JerUSAlem, ROME, Hong Kong, Philippines.  I supported her faithfully for 5 months summer 2014.

19. Everyone PAY $100,000 to Tom Haag +1(702)349-9337  Las Vegas Nevada USA for $425 USD I sent him to GO TO FBI AG PRESS and to complete CEOSPACE.NET He too has disappeared again last 9 years for lack of any confidence realted to GORDY Oct 25, 2011. Claims my-his group has massive evidence showing ROSE is super criminal. He is one of the few who has 100% confirmed ROSE is behind these most horrific crimes against humanity + coverups. Tom testified ROSE bought a personal Submarine and hosts Sex swapping orgies so easy for him to VIDEO record and blackmail more victims. Says ROSE is in Virgin Islands, has private airport near OneOceanBahamas and is using Horse Racing and casinos to money laundry his 'BITCOINS' off shore SHELF SHELL cyber criminal enterprises. he started year 1995.

20. $10,000 USD each. DOJ Judge Douglas Miller Norfolk VA, DOJ Federal Judge ? in Atlanta GA Feb 2012, ALL DOJ officials seen on PDF file FOIA file indicting each for WHY they refused to release me INTO Military Protection and Federal Witness Projection Program while world ManHunted ROBERT DEE ROSE.

21. $5,000 USD. Everyone tied to Lawyer Alexander Cyclone Covey CEO of cyber crime terrorist group, Partner of ROSE. guilty of mass conspiracies by illegally sending ONE video to ROSE I legally recorded Nov 2010 showing ROSE endangering his own 2 children. THAT one video used by ROSE was NEVER submitted into evidence and was used by ROSE to get criminally granted TPO 11.1.8376.99 historical fateful day Aug 22, 2011, THEN used to claim violation. SEE VIDEO:

22. $10,000 USD for each Gwinnett County Police and District Attorneys including John "Trapp' McDowell who threatened us along with the other CID police when we visited them multiple times to report my homes had been robbed by ROSE, Duncan Clan, murdered Brian Walker(Dec 7, 2013), Ms. Bashama, and other criminals. Same is true of Marietta Police, Cherokee County Police. Each document implicates crimes starting with massive Obstruction of Justice and fraud of the USA Government.

23 +120 ALL OTHERS tied to ROSE by their very own signed confessions = Court Docs we (and many others recovered) and turned OVER to all law enforcement, PRESS, PUBLIC, and hundreds of law firms. All deny any authority, any jurisdiction, or ability to respond to the WORST CYBER CRIME TERRORIST attacks in world history we solved and prevented PRIOR to Sept 25, 2011 safe haven debrief of USA Military. FOLLOW the URL perfected trails of their crime history as USA GOV owes me over $500 Million USD, Press Conferences with World Leaders.


This has always been the most massive criminal conspiracy and coverups that IS most profitable growing PayBack for

LandMark Class Action Suit Miscarriage of Justice.  Evidence has always shown that simple cybercrime methods are stealing BILLIONS of real $$ from our citizens every month. Appears now EVEN Trillions when any Market research mastermind looks at the rise and fall of stock markets since everyone knows the fixed 250 Trillion USD of world assets is being traded 30Billion Import/Export per year. This is a crime industry as our very own man made laws are the Taxes, restrictions, tarriffs, Customs duties, graft kick backs, secret conterfeit shipments, and other clear to see transfer of TRILLIONS of real  $$$ to the Criminal Ruling Elite. FINALLY after 40 years of the most extensive R&D research by the most masterminds genius of our world, we have legal constitution methods ratified to transfer all crime wealth BACK to our 7.7Billion forsaken people.

Simply ask any of our thousands of networked experts to HELP you claim these rewards through

May 17, 2020 Continuous Fail Safe KEEP ALIVE webcast is HERE:

     Exercising our basic Constitutional RIGHTS and laws of Free Speech, here is the most common sense logic of all time. There does exist a class of real people like Cambodia PotPol and Hitler/Stalin/Lenin/Mao types who love to murder millions of our people and relish the open sex orgies, the secret Society Ceremonies, and the most brutal torture of children, women and anyone who objects to their sociopath psycho path mindset. These are the ROBERT DEE ROSEs and Lucifers who murder anyone with glee and pay off OUR key government officials, corporate executives, and other hardened criminals to commit more crimes against humanity.

    This is Reality. Our system uses Military Special Forces to literally kill these murdering offenders if anytime they refuse to surrender and confess by testifying WHO are their long list of victims and WHO are part of their criminal murderous network. For they ONLY care about money, dominance and total control over everyone.  I, Keith Duncan, do hereby testify to the world that the peace keepers who claim 'OH just Sing Come By Lordee, = CUM BY LORD" will save any ones soul by the Grace of Jesus Christ most holy power" are living in Fantasy land and literally covering up their own murderous mindset and crimes against humanity.

   For Those on your own true spiritual journey, YOUR FIRST ACTION must be resolve ALL CONFLICTS with your past and current victims.  If you DO NOT ADDRESS your own sins, you will NEVER EVER understand that GOD lives among us.


   I am the ONLY PERSON in known world so far, who has done ALL the required Research and Development on everything and already deployed and answer solutions to humanity my enire life and then BEEN victimized continuously to the extreme becasue NO HONEST PERSON CAN BE FOUND who actuall upholds existing laws...  Even my own people forsake our ministries almsot every day.

    Anyone aiding and Abetting a criminal at any level is guilty of the same offenses. Participating in a murder for hire conspiracy easily puts these same apathetically stupid people on Death Row and/or Prison for refusing to testify against these most dangerous criminals who freely roam our world.  Debating for years over New Laws, Sanctions, and we HOPE these people will come to justice on their own free will is also the most insane fantasy.  I personally NEVER had any issue with anyone unitl ROSE. ROSE has gone to all extremes to have me murdered many many times, and no one cares at all about WHO and WHY GOD sent me personally to complete the original purpose for our creation: 

    TO enforce integrity ethics and put to death anyone who violates our Human Rights is the most obvious clear cut common sense logical answer.  I am beyond OUTRAGED that over 125 named persons have NEVER been contacted and brought to JUSTICE by TRUMP, DOD, DOJ, literally NOT even a SINGLE lawyer, Prosecutor, or Judge.

We retain all our Constitutional rights to continue posting bounty rewards on anyones head to motivate them to surrender evidence, to call proper authorities, and to even call us directly this entire Time. we hide NOTHING, and expect Humanity to do the same. 0 secrets means preventing almost all crimes at point of conception (think pregnancy) or business transactions at POS moment of confirmed identification and automatic Back ground check to confirm one has specific integrity rating. We always had IID 1-19580815-1 = 101% since we are most humble and refuse to take advantage of anyone since that is never our original conceived human nature to achieve one degree of separation.  We request any in world contact us directly, book us with bidOnkeith so we can go as a team to the greatest places of needs at Corp or Gov expense for the true reason we are here. We teach how to enforce integrity and maintain world peace with and other ordained methods.

Destruction and forgery of Police and DOJ Reports is a cybercrime as THAT is always the most profitable crime enterprise of all time. Now we have FOIA.ONE that exposes EVERYTHING in worlds last Open Public Source database.


BRIEF Debrief of Keith's #1 Top original Expertise published in world systems starting 1976 forward. Clearly sent by GOD as #1 anti crime technologist 'White Hat savior' of all time. We remain in search for all TOP technologist engineers Professors to be our new world leaders by replacing ANYONE who violates existing laws using standard universal stabilizer EVOTE SolutionJudge and SolutionMilitary along with to eliminate ALL anti christ terrorists who battle against Integrity focused our people led by (most humble walking saint key=keith)

UPDATED Historical Feb 1, 2020.  On Feb 1, 2011 (9 years ago), Ms Bashama (and ROSE) robbed my home of over $40,000 USD including the most valuable commodity in world history = Intellectual Property of HOW to UNIFY mankind of broadcast SolutionGovernment SolutionRedDot, Solution LawEnforcement, and of course 100% Direct Democracy of UNIocracy.ORG

Since Jan 2008, anyone can claim the bounty rewards on ROSE's head. (dead or alive does not really matter to Military Special Forces we have indeed requested to escort us to FIND this one super terrorist. After ten thousands of direct requests to TOP USA and few other officials to respond, only a few have asked HOW can we HELP OURSELVES to the rewards and biggest bounty of all time, TRILLIONS of real $$$ Crime assets transferred back to their victims, 1% to CreatorKeith.SPACE, then balance to build roads, schools, hospitals, water, energy, marketplaces, community church/education/worship centers shared COMMUNALLY by all of GODs + Keiths people.


    Call outs on my side are failing.  Beyond Odd..  call backs to me from last 11 years have been so so rare.  Target of Rose was always who I was calling and who I was directly contacting and visiting. He was gps tracking my car.  Not sure what method since I did not search for the device sept 25, 2011,  should of had military sweep my car, certainly local cia Nsa has capacity to detect cloned routers and gps trackers.  Scariest moment was when I pulled battery out of my brand new Verizon hotspot router I bought on my way OUT of atlanta with a new Verizon cell phone (my 4th cell i carried). Ga retired congressman buddy Darden (former Cobb county DA tied to berry Vic Reynolds) sent me a formal letter saying I must go debrief langley Air Force intellectigence group as. My life was in danger from ROSE.  I rebooted my MacBook, logged back into my hotspot named followKeith, entered same WiFi password, had full internet connection speed DESPITE FACT WIFI battery was still detached.  I then debriefed Military Guards + OSI Christopher Weber for 5 hours as they were all fascinated and invited me to come back on base 8 am Sept 26, 2011, right when ROSE ordered my kidnapping #2-3.

     Easy to buy a automatic cloning router.  It sniffs presence of WiFi names, records any password, and then shadow logs in.  Then the clone router monitors ALL IP traffic, including emails,  passwords, literally and communication protocol.  When in college, my first #1 top world expertise was amateur radio, packet data, and designing communication prootcols between mainframes, midrange, micro computer programmable logic controllers.  I worked as top #1 consultant at cox communications fall of 2007 as security analyst with PacketCable association.  This top consortium shares bandwidth under contracts across the worlds fiber optic network to increase throughput of ALL INTERNET traffic by routing IP traffic. 

    Anyone who hack taps bugs into THAT one network has direct access to ANY data between Military, banks, stock markets, literally everything.  Including call detail records and voice over IP transmissions.  I have a published system that is worth billions in no longer needing billions of USD of software firewalls and multi layer security protections systems.  To infiltrate ANY database is child’s play.  Just get master password at lowest level of database or protocol hardware level and a simple back door, and ALL data is open for two way monitoring as well as changing and deleting the data. 

   Blockchain is NOT the answer because of the complexity and time delay to encode a CHAIN tracker block.  Call me, and ask USA GOV to escort me to safety NOW......  would have occurred sept 26, 2011 if a single person had EVER upheld ANY law.  


    TheFinalTerrorist is HOW to use our (c)(tm) Patented revolution system to quickly empower the public, police, military in that order to find the worlds worst criminals and put them into prison in record time. The sharing of criminal investigations is the ONLY way to find out WHO is WHO and who has violated basic human rights and who is guilty of crimes at all levels.  Enforced Integrity is easy with legally binding contracts that are video recorded linked.  All the evidence here puts ROSE on Death ROW. It forces all other criminals world wide to surrender to Law enforcement or be MAN HUNTED down like Rats, Rabbits, Snakes that hide in deep holes. ROSE is probably at or one of his massive Yachts off shore thinking NO one except CIA, NSA, Military Interpol or keith's anti Terrorists special forces teams can find him or those who are part of his crime network.  100% true keith and his growing groups are the R&D top world scientists who are also teaching Presidents to street people how to be FREE WILL world Citizens using step by step answer solution methodology to empower everyone with FREE SPEECH and to face any accuser in OPEN Circuit TV court with to bring to justice anyone who violates laws.  if a criminal has assets and threatens those involved, they usually remain free while their victims are murdered and persecuted.


This has occurred to KEITH in extreme situations and happens to billions of others for similiar reasons that the 'ELITE' are truly insane for thinking our people (7.7 Billion) have no power to bring them to justice using THEIR stolen assets to pay for court costs and expenses of our DOJ systems.  This is the most comprehensive summary broadcast Nov 17, 2019

     Our consciousness has always been justified to proclaim that WE the PEOPLE work for everything and therefore must be WE THE PEOPLE to own and control all infrastructure we build as workers and eliminate all these truly coward and desperate super criminals at the top FIRST.  Call us.

   The is the most TRUE story of massive Denial of Human Rights, true TORTURE, massive cyber crime enterprises that Keith ahs personally delivered literally to EVERY single Law enforcement agency known to man. Dead Silence indicates key factos of BLIDED FOOLS, criminally insane incompetent persons who RUN these agencies, and the ability for our very top LEADERS to have no clue that I have been working fearlessly FOR all top law enforcement and all Military part time from 2005 forward.

Nov 21, 2019  I am author of that MUST be delivered to PRESS and world leaders to show mega trillions of $$$ new construction occurs USA and 3rd world nations based on I am remain isolated stuck in Manila because of world wide DO NOT CARE attitude of massive violations of human rights occurring to myself  Ask everyone to email call us to explain how Manufactured homes is key answer. Not MOBILE homes, but pre-cast walls and even Bamboo composite walls withstand the solutionSafeWater .org harness of ALL GODs watershed remanagement. DO YOU know a great law firm that wants $125 Million USD to file a few civil and felony crime legal papers.  Can NEVER find anyone including who owes me public apology for signing ONE order = total 4 times Illegal detainment 900 days total that almost KILLED me by a stupid sub contractor Doctor group who said WE MUST DRUG YOU to be StupId and INCOMPETENT, otherwise we do NOT get paid by taxpayers to be medical malpractice experts.  Keith in Manila  Just sent this out also.

     Direct to INTERPOL. Robert Dee Rose DOB 1971-04-01 was last at His cyber crime terrorist cell includes Atl Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey. Includes identified very powerful USA officials in Atlanta GA, Norfolk VA, and washington D.C. who actively prevent any investigations because AG Sally Q Yates name is tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 criminally granted court order and 900 days of illegal detention. We have exhausted all efforts from 2008 to date to order a single investigator to contact DOJ, DOD, even TRUMP. We are the top R&D scientists in the world who soon MEDIATE to world leaders HOW to eliminate all crime networks with FOIA.ONE The DEAD silence from everyone we contact indicates few have any idea on how mega trillions of USD/EUROS are transferred to crime groups with just a few minutes of cyber crime attacks. Please call us directly 63-9173354300 as i truly do not think I will survive based on any evidence I have turned over to DOJ, DOD, PRESS, world as anyone can see that all criminals scream PRIVACY when approached with autoface recognition eDevices as we were the PIONEERS 1976 forward seen on just PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call USA Embassy in Manila RIGHT now. Ask Ambassador Sung Kim to call me directly ASAP as I have no access to call USA for past 4 weeks. No action shows criminals world wide continue to infiltrate since NO ONE but a few of us have THAT prevention solution of FOIA.ONE

Nov 8, 2019 we Call Heather Fabrikant 632-(5)301-2504 to ask Mr Kung to dispatch Military to escort us to meet Trump, DOD, DOJ, Press + world in this exact order. SHE HUNG UP and violated YOUR rights to meet with just ONE investigator to turn over EVERYTHING seen below. YOUR rights violated by anyone who refuses to FOLLOW=UP call back when one's life is in danger from any criminal terrorist like HITLER, Berny Madoff, .... We work for GOD and humanity to show humanity how to be 100% free world citizens who own and control everything with use of cell phone and Free kLINKnet with EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE basis for stopping all wars forever.

 ONLY be protecting Keith and YOUR constitutional rights will the New World Order be eliminated.

    This always requires a data analyst criminal investigator to show the chain of timeline evidence to Judge. One CallBack, One Prime Meeting turnover with USA Embassy Ambassador Sung Kim, Trump, Duterte, TOP law firm, DOJ, or Military official, and +125 USA criminals go to Prison + Death Row as enemies of the state. We debriefed World Leaders on how to eliminate crime 8 years ago. WHO will be the first group to make International history for taking down the worst terrorist network in USA-World history. It is a felony crime to NOT contact proper level of authority including Police, FBI, CIA, NSA, Military when International Terrorism is involved since NO ONE has EVER shown how to eliminate all crime networs.

Robert Dee Rose is the most dangerous terrorist in USA World history. With $10 Million USD bounty on his head + more on others, All Police, FBI, AG, CIA, Military, Public and all other criminals actively manhunt him. How does ROSE prevent investigations + Seizures. Easy: Rose infiltrated key Gov/Corp + military databases. Treason, murder of Judges/police/AG Sally Q Yates = other, Espionage, Fraud of USA Gov, blackmail, extortion. First indicator was Massive Money laundry of his own HWIgl.pdf General Ledger we personally turned over all lawyers, IRS, Judges, all DOJ at all levels. IRSWBFeb2009,658 worth +$8 MillionUSD payback. +$500 Million USD due for Real and Punitive damages pre Sept 25, 2011. Any law enforcement agency refusing to Act + Seize ROSE is investigated by Congress + Military All true criminals already are exposed to the PUBLIC by so all can seize them and put them in HELL Jail shown below. creates our New World of BidOnKeith World free of crime.


LOVE your ENEMIES and even Terrorists is what we teach humanity to fullfil revelation of why we are hear.

TO conserve all GOD and your time, here is todays last broadcast to motive World Presidents to call us and also become FREE will citizens the Promised Land UTOPIA created by our FATHERGOD mutual creator at dawn of man.

  CLICK BBK20191109-FreePeace-1095.pdf (soon uploaded as now we sleep).

Clearly our lives where threatened in the most extreme ways by AntiChrist ROSE exact Sept 25, 2011 as we asked for Political Asylum from Military and were turned away since few have a clue what we were doing to show also achieves total world global peace by removing ability for rogue presidents and Congress controlling elite party individuals from waging financial political wars. We have also provided the most critical method of identifying all criminals using the tree structure of WHO is WHO, WHO knows WHAT, Who Owns What, and WHO trades What with WHO, with further extensions now applied of WHEN and HOW. to resolve the question in everyone's mind of both 'What is in this for me?" and What is this all about.  Just call us until you reach us.


Oct 6, 2019 3:25pm Manila. We just sent this to CIA over TOR. Keith Brent Duncan 1-19580815-1 (+101) ask and require CIA, Military, HLS at USA embassy Manila come find us since we are victims of cyber crime  Heather Fabrikant Press Attache for Ambas. Kim Sung (632)301-2504. as we are the top R&D scientists in the world who have create published FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE and other simple solutions to eliminate all crime networks that was one of our original missions NCSU 1976. We have created a simple intelligence collection and distribution system for INTERPOL and all DOJ agencies worldwide. We look forward to your call back ASAP since Sept 25, 2011 when we DID ask for safe Haven Langley AirForce Base Sunday midnight, and were kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 so ROSE and other terrorists could use our most extensive anti crime terrorist technology against the rest of world government corporations.  Our location at final summary 

     YES we did offer to go with USA Military to debrief FBi AG and go FIND Robert Dee ROSE (DOB 1971-04-01) worth billions. We anticipate if you search your CIA databases, you will not find him at all.  We have already called for Congressional Investigations. This is the first time we have contacted CIA as the last last resort since we are still shocked no one will complete ANY criminal investigations against each and every person who violates laws...


Just sent stream of most critical email requests to Sally Yates in Atlanta and TagCash who will all be so Pleased to directly call Bill Gates and Trump along with Elon Musk and PRESS since we have no GLOBE load or International Calling VOIP cash at this very moment.  We do need a great new wife. Who do you know. Google ReManaDate and even see how RescueKeith was a request for help broadcast from JAIL describing simple to complex Cybercrime of ROSE techniques.

Once the is finally seized with our escorted help, all other criminals are asked to SURRENDER or they are NEXT. Such clear and clever use of real great news to motivate everyone to ask 'WHAT is NEXT?" How can we hire the greatest masterminds of all time to help us obtain social profitable equality.  use as we warrant your success or refund 120% of your investment in our most valuable commodity of all time, Intellectual Property (invested Inventions) and GODs + your time. this broad cast at 9:11am Hong Kong time as we have shown the real reasons for 9/11 attacks the moment that event occurred. it was the most profitable event at the time as the Terrorists became billionaires by investing short orders on the stock market like the Recent cheap drone attack on Saudi Arabia refinery. We prevented almost all cybercrime back in 1976 era when we learned the basic computer design of differential integrity compare of what is true or false.  Who calls us next? who dispatches USA military to contact us now. As clearly no one can call Military as they seldom list the direct numbers of our Generals. We would if we could and have been trying post Sept 25, 2011 encounter with hired security guards that now understand they can be millionaires too with base

Definition of a prophet (thousands have existing) is one who has consciousness of reality. We research the state of humanity, apply GODs word, and literally warn our people of WHY they are not protecting the rights of all others. The prophets, most pastors, religious leaders and even the top scientists are often persecuted because they see reality. Many are murdered and forced into jail and deprived of their basic human rights because of their relationship with GOD and the consciousness of the Holy Spirit that truly is the breath of GOD. Work WITH us, ask us questions, help us ALL free our people from the oppression of the few people (elite) who truly brainwash our people to think.

  MOST in control (the elite) chant:  WORK harder, harder, harder, pay your taxes or you will fired. BUY MORE, borrow as much money as you need, we will cover you with insurance and promise you great wealth if you JUST DO as you are commanded. .... sound familiar..

Keiths personal story:  A top IQ monk studies his entire life. Resides on a mountain top and just a few travel to see him to ask his advice. He ponders the reality of humanity and proclaims: What stupid stupid stupid people, for they can not see what I see and what I believe. The student asks. WHY are you still here isolated from our people. Why are you like a priest who expects everyone to find you and bow down to you as the ultimate wise man. Monk answers: .ah, ah, ah, no one has ever asked me that most profound question. I thought I served mankind by being the sole observer of our world from up on high. Student: The wisest of prophets does one thing best. they travel among mankind learning how to serve and then serving everyone they met. The monk said. You are so wise. I now take your place, you take mine. You clearly need to be up here for awhile to tell everyone why I have left....... to actually spread the greatest news that mankind is created to serve and protect each other....

  Call us until you reach us. Can never be this hard from summer 2008 forward..... most humble engineer keith

Nov 5, 2019 Most recently we have emailed Ex DOJ AG sally Q Yates 404-572-2723 as SHE is exact same person I asked for safe haven Political Asylum from ROSE Sept 2011 and is required by LAW to contact DOJ and DOD.  Please CALL AG Chris Carr 404-581-6000 on emergency basis. Then call her at personally to call us back and call USA ambassador Sung Kim in Manila (632)300-2001 to dispatch Military, CIA, NSA escort to put a few of us in safe house and debrief our GOV investigators on the most amazing cyber crime terrorist attacks by ROSE and all other criminals that we personally experience and created the PREVENTION anti-terrorist crime methodology that will become the new world standard on how to quickly identify the Crime network members. This is exactly what we delivered Sept 25, 2011 Langley Air Force base (NSA CIA) that proves ROSE was stalking us then.  WHO is tracking you right now. As clearly anyone demanding privacy is hiding something.

  EXACTLY HOW MUCH CASH must we PAY the USA GOV to find TERRORISTs. Who uses the trillions of our $$$ to buy and deploy the war machines and millions of Military to destroy other nations. Clearly only the bankers, terrorists, and military factors make the money.

PRIME DISCOVERY DROPBOX certified documents are here to put ROSE and many others on Death Row for Treason + Murder:

  We are the ONLY ONES who hold ALL evidence on the most dangerous super criminal in USA history and show his Networkd  and His VICTIM/Clients who are very wealthy and powerful millionaires in Atlanta area and many at his crime center

  We are in Manila, waiting for anyone to call us directly as TRUMP, DUTERTE, PUTIN literally world will be shocked and stunned on how easy it is to attack our databases at both corporate and government levels. And clearly WE are the only group that provided  anti infiltration methodology and a little existing technology over 11 years ago. This is also ROSE alone ordered 4 kidnappings = 900 days total by threatening our lives, having people assault us, and blacklisting us on ?? probably NCIS database that clearly shows Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 was dismissed by Berry Vic Reynolds July 15, 2011. Clearly we are the live lead key plantiff witnesses of the most profitable "Landmark Class Action Suit Miscarriage of Justice" in USA history as the USA Gov is indeed liable (at individual level) to stand trial for WHY they have never protected our rights or protected our lives as we did ask for Political Asylem Sept 25, 2011 and few have understood the legal and economic implications of how we teach humanity how to achieve Total World Peace. We are already speaking with DUTERTES offices, local National News to cover and HOST the world first true Peace Keeping SUMMIT when we personally mediate methods on HOW to return all control of all infrastructure and land BACK to 7.7 billion of our people. Anyone can call us this entire to learn HOW to protect your rights using JUSTIFIED the true FINAL SOLUTION.

BountyRewards (c)(tm)(r) is
USA Attorney General Washington DC 202-662-6000 required from Sept 25, 2011 to put us into federal witness protection program while manhunts ROSE and other Intl terrorists using very old and SolutionJudge. All key over #500 Million USD of our assets are always easy to recover and cause the biggest public scandal in world history as each person Tied to ROSE goes on Open Public trial at one time on live stream TV when PUBLIC decides the innocence or Guilt of each person shown by FOIA.ONE open public database that is the new world model for eliminating anyone who violates ANY laws. This last final solution posted May 14, 2020
  $100 Million USD record Bounty on ROSEs head for anyone to turn him over to ANY law enforcement, Military, CIA, InterPol. Even Criminals are hunting Rose down for the damage he has caused their cyber terrorist enterprises. This is always 100% focus on arrest + seizure of 'Robert Dee ROSE' +125 of his named criminal cabal network includes fired AG DOJ Sally Q Yates, GBI Atlanta Director Berry Vic(SIC) Reynolds, Alexander CYCLONE Covey attorney who are 100% guilty of treason, espionage, murder for hire conspiracies, and 100% tied to ROSE and those know as LUCIFER elites who control all our Internet driven Database private data by infiltrating USA(all others) Government, Banks, mega Corporations using simple Trojan Horse Virus SQL triggered software/hardware. Insider access is simple get lowest level password and back door access we have revealed all aspects 12 years ago. Our (c)(tm)(r) Patent system of ProfitShareHOLDers.Space +  voids billions of USD of antihack software and returns true Trillions of USD valued pirated stock/bank profits from named criminal ruling elites back to YOU, my +7.777 most beloved GODs people since I work fulltime for GOD, my primary Benefactor I revealed on 'IseeStand PhoneCradle' back in Sept 2011 when ROSE + others where GPS cyber tracking my every contact travel including to the Gate of NSA/CIA AFBase Langley when I clearly asked for SolutionMilitary Protection for ONE criminal Investigator to call FBI AG and command they seize MY assets and billions of USD valued Intellectual Property ROSE stole from Nov 2007 forward.
 The economic holocaust of Cyber crime PREVENTED by Keith's methodology exceeds 9-11 Twin Towers, $63 Billion USD Berny Madoff Ponzi General ledger Book accounting attacks, and even the current COVID19 stupid mutated Flu that is being used by criminals worldwide to scam and con-artist others at all levels. We have solved ALL of mankind conflicts.
   USA GOV is always required to Host Press Conferences, Call for Special Prosecutor Congressional Investigations and to dispatch Military to escort Keith back to Testify to all World Presidents + leaders to finally achieve Total World Peace. This has not occurred yet because the LUCIFER AGENDA has never been exposed by our True Men sent by GOD.
   OUR new world UNIOcracy system replaces all known law enforcement, bank, stock market, judicial justice Total Tort reform SolutionJudge, and empowers keiths 7.8 billion people to own and control everything.
This we update May 13, 2020 as ONLY by TRUMP + DOD action will all criminals be seized at one time FOIA.ONE. using + to finally achieve total world global peace UNIocracy.ORG eliminating all Corrupt Individuals worldwide as WE are now !00% free will citizens using CreatorKeith.SPACE 100% direct decision based 5Steps to also achieve total world final peace....
    ROSE is a Terrorist of the worst FBI profiled sociopath psychopath who murders his victim clients if any of them turn him over to Police, lawyers, PRESS, IRS, FBI AG, USMarshals, Military and then all of HUMANITY as I have done in that EXACT order Jan 15, 2008 forward to today April 13, 2020. TRUMP and World Presidents will be OUTRAGED and command our Special Forces and Defense Intelligence Agency operatives(NSA, CIA, literally any Military officer) to come find keiths anti-crime top scientist Angel Philanthropist crusader experts as soon as YOU our most beloved people make the most critical calls and direct personal visits to ANY FBI, AG, PRESS, Military agency. 
    Send us support today by or as we have no assets or call capacity left after spending 20% of last horrific Profit years focusing on HOW to prevent any infiltration of OUR data bases shown on +12 years ago. Use of Video Linked transaction authorization PREVENTS all ID scams, con-artists, cyber crime attacks as NO Criminals (true idiots, cowards, stupid Luciferians) would ever go on video record as being tied to a criminal transaction that subsequently puts them directly in Prison for basic ID Fraud crimes.
     Our net value is over $500 Million USD in (c)(tm)(r) Patent Intellectual Property that was always the target of ROSE and named Elites fired DOJ AG Sally Q yates (, (SIC) Berry Vic Reynolds (GBI Director Atlanta GA), and 85 to 125 others who falsely testified against the ONE top world scientist who shows WHO are the real terrorists. I shall be NOW protected by any Military, any DIA, ANY angel Philanthropist so my crusaders can finally TURN OVER EVERYTHING to achieve total world global peace.  What has occurred is the most massive coverup destruction of YOUR assets and profits by all the false noise of a few named Elites who focus on depopulating mankind that is happening right now sequence Covid19.
   With our system, we have taught the human race how to UNIFY itself as ONE cooperative collective ECO-Green Agri independent Sovereign free will citizens who unified persons in our world of free mastermind makers of our new world   Anyone who objects to our new replacement Judicial Social economic Market banking and commerce system is required to go on LIVE TV (recorded) and explain why they object and to provide a BETTER = BEST system that deals with their own objections and cynic hypo-criticism. NO more can anyone anonymously attack anyone and not be held accountable for libel, slander, and even theft of their victims assets and reputation of highest merit integrity.  Contact us today and ESCORT us to TESTIFY to world leaders, we can even do this remotely.
    Call us at 63-(local 0)9291723744 Smart in manila. USA Ambassador Manila Sung Kim + TRUMP + world will be beyond OUTRAGED our very own embassy staff are actively protecting Robert Dee ROSE and the most horrific crime network of all time, the unknown groups known as, (terrorist atty Alexander Cyclone Covey), those known as the New World Order, Criminal Ruling Elite, and false GOD Pharaohs that include quite a few of the Religious Zealots of so many of our huge Mega Religious Denominations. Even Andy Stanley and have been contacted in person 15 years ago to present and NO ONE has EVER Asked the basic question: WHY did GOD SEND YOU HERE to save our world from their sin, vice crimes of basic Predatory Greed....
  FILING of T.P.O.s and required long list of Civil and Felony Capital crimes by ANY investigator or Law firm including Military Investigators will put over $125 Million USD into the accounts of those who are First Responders of Ground ZERO cyber criminal terrorist Robert Dee Rose. Clearly most humble keith holds the MOST evidence already turned over. as soon as ANY crime was committed to deny your rights achieve total justice...
Absolute Summary: April 13, 2020 post last 100% related Pass-over Blood Moon Jubulee period. Facts all show Robert Dee Rose infiltrated USA GOV databases (Police, IRS, FBI, AG USMarshal), even Military and N.C.I.S., appears to be Interpol also. He infiltrated so many Corporate, Bank, Stock market databases also with (Alexander cyclone Covey of Atlanta GA terrorist cell cabal network). 
  Since famous debrief Sept 25, 2011 USAirforce Intelligence Langley VA, We have always requested and required legal direct SQL access to our best USA Gov databases (even the secret ones CIA NSA HLS DIA) to show World DOJ DOD leaders + TRUMP exactly how to quickly identify WHO are the terrorists and criminals who roam freely worldwide. We have always been the Lead #1 Plaintiff scientists of over 500 clients who all are victimized by ROSE and other named USA gov officials every day with old Crestron AMX whole mega home automation systems from, terrorists Centers.
    This is the most powerful positive profitable $500 Million USD real and punitive damages Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice based only on the signatures and all evidence of everyone TIED to ROSE and others. We called for FBI, Special Forces, and all other law enforcement + Congressional Investigations fall of 2011 and asked thousands of times for Safe Haven by TRUMP and Military since IRS FBI agents have known since Nov 2010 that Sally Q Yates of + over 85 others are 100% tied to ROSE terrorist RICO groups BEFORE Oct 3, 2011. is SolutionGOD Click:  Our focus has always been to FILL Stadiums full of our people just like Christ, Billy Graham, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr have done to UNIFY mankind by teaching each of you how to actually LOVE, CARE, and PROTECT each other.  We are the only Saints who teach HOW to destroy all Lucifer Agents worldwide.
We have risked our lives since Jan 15, 2011 to receive back ONE Court Judgment Forsyth County 08SC-1345 Oct 2010 worth over $400,000 USD and counting up daily. IRS WBFeb2009, 658 worth excess $8 Million USD. And the class action lawsuit excess of $500,000,000 USD for murder for hire conspiracies so easy to see and convict each person who was criminally incompetent and even insane to NOT release me immediately into AG Military protective Custody of any nation.
  We have completed the worlds last new world law enforcement system SolutionJudge (Total World Tort Legal reform) and all other aspects of how to unify mankind that was complete and publish delivered summer of 2010. That and our mega millions of real Intellectual Property and computer R&D systems was the target of ROSE Aug 4, 2010 robbery to present moment. The Final Solution answer is always ONE New world SolutionManifesto Constitution + Human right laws when everyone agrees on WHO are the executives and leaders who are now paid as HIGHLY paid Consultant advisors. Any one who objects is clearly hiding their own crimes and will be eVOTE brought to justice quickly.
  WE HIS CHOSEN People also command all lawyers to work FOR US, not corporate executives by eliminating the criminal use of LLP Limited Liability Partnerships, and client-attorney privilege and OUR right to put anyone on witness stand to ask them over Live Stream recorded Open Circuit TV exactly what they timeline know.
   We have engaged well over 150 law firms since Jan 2008. Only a few have the full evidence focusing on Norcross GA Jimmy Deal.  We recently requested Ramon M of LA to call us directly and MAKE those most critical calls to TRUMP, DOJ, DOJ DIA other TOP world Officials for them to dispatch Manila based DIA and Military to escort us to testify..
  We also called for Mass PROTEST rallies many times to get the attention of any PRESS and ANY top DOJ DOD official groups so SOMEONE would finally file the required civil + felony capital charges and ensure convictions occur in just a few weeks/months so ROSE and others would STOP murdering key live witnesses such as Duncan Clan and Sally Yates and berry vic reynolds (lower case corporate entity). We have asked for Sovereign Recognition from U.N. and other groups for simple reason we are world Mediators of all major earthly disputes. Keith on April 12, 2020 Holy Day exactly 1990 years from when my FatherGOD Christ was tortured for turning over the gambling RICO money changers of his own priests. Everything exposed on
     Our collective absolute worst fear post Oct 3, 2011 is my people, all +7.777 billion of you, would be self genocide exterminated.  For those +200 websites were the true plans of total world salvation delivered by GOD through myself and just a few others. WHO are these others... YOU or nobody else except isolated myself...  Have I made a SINGLE mistake, did I commit a FELONY CRIME, a SINGLE VIOLATION, Did I do ANYTHING WRONG to deserve 900 days of pure JAIL time HELL.  Answer is simple: no,  all this entire time...  Trump, FBI Director Christopher Way, AG Barr, DOJ, DOD, Interpol, literally ALL of HUMANITY will be MADDER than LIVING HELL that I have been denied my GOD gifted rights to teach humanity how to UNIFY all at one time.  My focus was always filling stadiums of our people who are forsaken by the few elite criminals who threaten my peoples existence from pure fear and intimidation. Since I clearly already went to the VERY TOP of Law Enforcement = Military to go WITH Special Forces to seize ROSE Sept 25, 2011 no one can EVER deny your rights to be the OWNERS of all GOD's assets one and forever......
   April 4, 2020 The most profitable legal transfer of wealth occurs as soon as WE HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE actually host Press Conferences to announce to our world we are FREE of the criminal terrorist sociopaths starting with ROSE + named others who have infiltrated our databases, our corporations, our GOV agencies at almost all levels.
   Contact top NEWS including CNN, even local GMA Jessica Soho on the most powerful ANTI CRIME Pandemic story created to Empower ALL World Presidents + humanity to eliminate all crime networks and Pandemics at one time. FOIA.ONE. Reference  This is result of 12 years of tracking a world class terrorist Robert Dee ROSE who infiltrated USA GOV databases so NO ONE WOULD ever find his victims, including myself.
  Anyone who REFUSEs to contact Top Law Enforcement and TRUMP are clearly 100% guilty of massive Obstruction of Justice and aiding abetting sociopath ROSE + all others. Since we alone have legally claimed ALL 100% assets of ANYONE who is linked to ROSE, we also hereby have also legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized by the PUBLIC and any law enforcement agency using our (c)(tm)(r)patent prime intellectual property methods we have gifted to save the human race from the worst crime viral pandemic in world history. 
     FOIA.ONE solves and prevents almost all crimes as few see reality like we have broadcast showcased just the past 12.5 years of infamy regarding Robert Dee Rose, his wife Amy, Atlanta Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey, GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds, the Duncan Clan, murdered Brian Walker, and each and every JUDGE, Police Officers (a very few execptions of WashingtonDC Capital policeman John Delegan), District Attorneys, Prosecuting Attorneys with focus on SALLY Q YATES who criminally implicated herself Dec 13, 2011 by signing the Norfolk 4:11cr112 arrest warrant as everyone involved has NEVER mentioned name of Robert Dee Rose, Ms Bashama or every listed the original ROBBERY reports or the Cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 11.1.8376.99 Cobb County that were criminally signed.
   Based on reality I have NEVER HAD Legal Representation that actually COMPLETED any of the now 125 separate Civil and Criminal charges worth excess of $500 Million USD.  read forward and CALL US by dispatching military to come escort us as required by even the Patriot Act we have enacted as of Sept 25, 2011 9pm when we clearly asked OSI officer Christopher Weber at Langley AirForcebase to escort us to testify the very next Sept 26, 2011 morning.
$125 Million USD is waiting for ANY law firm and even ANY FBI AG or equal Criminal Investigator special prosecutor teams to CLAIM since that is fair 25% of just the first mega BILLIONS that are due to be sent to NGO Trust Foundation as our Board of Trustees includes Sally Q Yates and top most prominent world leaders including TRUMP, Duterte, Putin, and other top World keynote humanitarian Angel Philanthropists of Gates, Buffet, Musk, Ellison and other mega Billionaires.....  Updated last April 4, 2020 at 8pm. in Manila. The blockade worldwide is worst than 1929 stock market crash. This alone forever prevented with  Call us.
   March 6, 2020 as ANYONE can call my teams and escort us to SEIZE the DAY by going on these secret databases and putting each unsaved crook and even few YOU NAME THEM politicians and billionaire/millionaire bankers, corporate executives, and underground cyber terrorists on trial for treason, espionage, sedition, and overthrow of OUR PEOPLE of new world society  I no longer need to continue world broadcasts starting 1-19580815-1 when I was born. I have cried out loud "WHY AM I HERE LORD??"  he answered, "to save our world of all the blinded fools and demonic ones who think they are GODs in competition with ME"....   As the richest person in world history since I DID claim the Earth as MY FATHERS, YOUR inheritance is exactly what we have shown on how to fearlessly protect the rights of all others so YOUR rights are protected in like kind. Only fools and cowards will commit crimes knowing my people will achieve justice and equality without need for almost ANY Judge, Jury, or lawyer.  For they are most often paid off BY these terrorists to murder and persecute my people. At this point I absolutely can not think of any issue/problem we have NOT solved and gifted...
  Digitally signed FOIA.ONE most humble walking saint keith brent duncan.....  March 6, 2020. Update May 13, 2020
  If anyone has any issue with our direct actions, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE provide a better solution and PRAY to MY Father GOD he might forgive you for your sin, vice, crimes known as transgressions......
Final Solution Broadcast: March 1, 2020. Not only is ROSE the #1 one most man hunted terrorist with $100 Million USD bounty record on his head (dead or alive) only the MILITARY, other criminals, and/or Public can bring him to justice since FBI AG and other law enforcement are prohibited by law from going offshore to seize any criminal. With FOIA.ONE, our world of free will decision society people now deal with criminals with automatic face recognition using FOIA.ONE as the automatic back ground check of who is honest and who must be seized. No criminal/terrorist/rebel can hide from open circuit TV/speakers/mic as our young adults now are our new world leader peace keepers WorldSchoolFund and SolutionMilitary combination of how they are the 2020 New kGeneration of integrity focused citizens.
  ROSE is Satan incarnate for his ability to extort key USA and other officials to be off any database lookup while murdering any key eyewitnesses including famous Sally Q Yates and Georgia GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds who face justice by public or turn over all EVIDENCE to TRUMP and DOJ DOD to complete the original reason GOD sent me to Earth 1-19580815-1 (integrity rate +101%) to weld the sword of justice to the public on how to enforce ethics by using our legally binding contract methods to ensure no one can defraud, scam, con-artist, or conduct any criminal enterprise using OUR GOD loaned profits and assets.  Privacy is no longer required by ANYONE.  Anyone who demands privacy obviously has crimes they hide. Rose would have been on death row back in Oct 2011, as he tracked my GPS position summer 2008 to Sept 25, 2011 Langley AirForcebase that scared this 100% coward terrorist so bad, he decided to pay off USA gov officials to murder me in HELL -jail after all of the following crimes were committed to ROB my homes of ALL intellectual Property showing the SAME evidence that ANTI CHRIST criminals are public reality.  With our divined ordained solutions delivered from GOD through our crusaders of social peace and equality justice, our entire world now enters UNIocracy.ORG regardless if I remain on earth or not.
FOR GOD will call me back to heaven soon so I can advise my FatherGOD on the level of wrath for HIM to pass judgment on all who commit vice, sins, and crime. This is the FAULT of those who decide to abuse basic human rights of my people as I take these series of crimes against humanity dead serious.  Updated March 1, 2020 in prepartion for now testifying with all world leaders and presidents including required hosted Press conferences for ALL our ordained solutions to now become mainstream open public solution covenants of SolutionManifesto located along with all other comprehensive perfected completed irrevocable answer methods at CreatorKeith.SPACE.
  HERE I AM in Manila taking ACTION to command humanity STAND AND RISE UP to be FREE WILL SOCIETY.
   Updated last March 1, 2020....
Per my extreme case Re ROSE. Not one time in 12 years now has ANYONE represented any of my rights. Even after paying over 10 lawyers $150KUSD to file required documents, and thousands of direct contacts to the proper authorities, DEAD SILENCE indicates by logical deductions, ROSE is only one capable of destroying all evidence, robbing my homes, seeing my extreme database, paying AT&T to give him my most extreme list of who I was calling and visiting 2005 YEAR forward, as ROSE also cloned and hacked into my internet, even my new remote WiFi Verizon hotspot. Easy for anyone to do. Then ROSE + others paid off ?Who?/When? inside USA gov, probably FBI or AG, maybe military to put a few database entries in N.C.I.S. saying any evidence submitted must be SQL deleted from all records... easy with a simple SQL trigger command known as a virus. No one can see virus, since they appear as trolls. Gov procedure is to check the source of the reporting victim first. If a single person in the chain thinks no crime or it’s a business dispute issue, they hit DELETE and the conversation or email or item disappears. With my system, All evidence submitted is locked as read only and assigned to a real person who has unique Intlnational IID with a tracking Number so the victim can ensure WHO sees the evidence and the progress timeline is made to down conviction of the crime. replaces ALL forms of law enforcement and judicial systems and is worth trillions of real $$ recovered and given back to all victims as restitution. I have emailed Sally +20 times, even wrote her from HELL Jail in Summer of 2013 when I finally saw HER signature 15 months after 3rd kidnapping out of 5 ordered by ROSE since he knows if HE murders me, the wrath of GOD and humanity will tear him limb from limb which would have occurred Sept 25, 2011 if a SINGLE person has ever represented MY=YOUR rights to file simple lawsuits and obtain total justice.
    Most bizarre is that Sally Q Yates faces prison for aiding and abetting ROSE Sept 2011 forward. Feb 24, 2020..
  I sent her WIX website duplicate 4 weeks ago so SHE could call TRUMP DOD DOJ as she alone will be International Hero since millions of people personally know her as 'fired' DOJ AG long ago. Quote: "What I am about to say must stay in strict confidence. Disclosure of what I am about to plainly state will lead to extreme consequences' ...... "Some people do not deserve to live'.  His words, not the words of sovereign mediator walking most humble saint keith or his 100% integrity groups. 100% true Death Row Penalty for anyone who commits treason espionage, infiltration of GOV and Corp Databases, and threatens + murders, while preventing any investigations into their most extensive brutal ruthless crime network. This is 100% about ROBERT DEE ROSE. Now we have new replacement system when PUBLIC votes on termination of the worst terrorists by action of Our Law Enforcement and last resort ONE SolutionMilitary.  Second Video is DNA linked to Single FOIA.ONE IID that WE the People OWN and control. Everything done through our singular International ID is the root reason I went to NCSU Raleigh NC USA 1976 forward to achieve Total Global Peace. Automatic Face Recognition is the obvious answer...
Proof all along Keith is a true Trillionaire based on the value of unifying all mankind.
Video on right below created Sept 20, 2011 showing ROSE wanted me dead and I was on world mission to Unify. I updated this one video Sept 26, 2011 showed my next Missions and that I had been at Langley to command they seize ROSE then, and now.

The VIDEOs on LEFT puts ROSE on DEATH ROW. Would have occurred Sept 26, 2011 if a SINGLE PERSON had/has ever UPHELD any Constitutional Laws. Now ROSE is most manhunted terrorist in world history as he always KNEW I work fulltime for GOD and Humanity gifting through these ordained, divined, scripture based ministries on HOW to finally RID our world of Terrorists, rebels, criminal networks, corrupt Politicans and Corp Executives all to obtain the ORIGINAL E.D.E.N. of using EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and the OTHER ordained perfected technology common sense bible focused solutions that truly reform unify all mankind.  In case I DIE soon, WE the APOSTLES of all time have left behind all the commandment directive answer methodology for humanity to save itself from the Criminal Ruling Elite. Nothing left to do at this time but earn bare survival funds and keep CALLING for WORLD LEADERS to HOST one World Conclave Conference to ratify and agree on HOW to actually LOVE, PROTECT, and CARE for each other. A minor extension of 1 Corr 13:13 LOVE others that was always our original purpose for why GOD sent Keith and many others here to teach at all levels including expanding to be international World Leader Emmissary ambassadors.  CALL Berny Dorhmann ask him who is actually VOMITING now.

  THE ONE DOCUMENT below is worth over $500 Million USD to deliver TO the last of our law enforcement, DOJ, DOD, military, Presidents that show 100% conspiracy to Martyr.

TheFinalTerrorist Criminals - Master Page






SUMMARY required to motivate USA GOV and PUBLIC to PROTECT KEITH DUNCAN NOW, not tomorrow..

Feb 16, 2020.  The # of crimes committed against just myself continue...  unabated...  Only a few know the truth that ROSE ordered me murdered BY being in hell-jail those 900 days. NO other person initially had ANY motive to ROB ME. No one at all. The original primary files always 100% sufficient to put ROSE in PRISON, and now DEATH ROW for the OTHER crimes he committed 2008 to present. I have WARNED against RIOTS and CHAOS mayhem caused by MASS publicity of WHAT I have published and already delivered. When PUBLIC sees and understands they are being Slave Traded BY their very own mega corporate executives and links to key politicians who are prostituted with organized RICO crime enterprises (the Elite, % of the 1%, Anti-Christs, Illuminati,)  WW4 starts. WW3 is the current cyber crime infiltration since back in 1950's when a simple signature or order can bring down entire nations....  consolidation of power is the NEW WORLD ORDER that is true reality NOW for past +40 years in the wilderness of deception and crimes against humanity that make Hitler look like a 12 year old girl scout by comparison...

MOST BIZZARE is that I (+ key others) have simple (c)(tm)(r)Patent methodologies to PREVENT almost ALL CYBER CRIME and WARS in the first place. NO one has ever USED our systems that eliminate the need for billions/trillions of $$ in law enforcement expenses and most horrific use of tax dollars to pay for millions of Judges, lawyers, prisons, and the machinery of WAR being conducted AGAINST our honest integrity laden citizens.  Only a few cause world self-genocide. Named persons are tied to ROSE. All other criminals and terrorists have been ordered to surrender or be man hunted down with FOIA.ONE that was prime GOD gifted focus reason I went to NCSU in Raleigh NC 1976 to literally SMOKE OUT and divide our saved persons from those who violate basic human rights.  Our focus then and now was to create all electronic, all digital driven electric society when everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades What with WHO (when and GPS where) with no paper involved in any transaction.  For forgery of documents is the 1st indication of crimes committed. Each of the court documents in above DROPBOX, held by my +8 lawyers, in the Police Dept and Court files all point at ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Duncan Clan, Brian Walker, and named very powerful USA GOV and Corporate officials who are bent on destroying life as GOD originally created. I was in Tagatay City right now next to Taal Volcano asking world to SAVE THEMSELVES by using our most complete comprehensive solution methods to unify reform al of mankind  in the most powerful Push-Pull Marketing campaign in world history to sanctify ratify and unionize all 7.777 billion of my people.  Keith FOIA IID 1-19580815-1 (returns 101%)

  WHO will actually SEIZE ROSE where ever he hides and put him on Death Row.  Anyone at all??

Feb 11, 2020 Now my macBOok AIR is about to DIE. 60,000Pesos. I HAVE one prime hard disk backup and literally 12 to 45 years of tech methodology on, thousands of emails sent out to COMMAND justice be served and NO END of torture in site. ANyone can back track IP addresses to anyone else and murder them. SO can MILITARY track and seize ROSE using the most extensive database of information on HIS and all other criminal actions. Prevented forever with FOIA.ONE as everyone know knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, who trades what with WHO (when and GPS where) and entire world enters 4th dimension of the Last Testament to complete my fatherGOds Christ mission 2000 years ago. all to full fill biblical prophecy that I remain beyond shocked no one sees, fewer care, and most just keep on scamming each other knowing full well that GOD and humanities TRUE wrath will put them into permanent hell.  ROSE should be drugged with 3x what USA GOV tried to do to me personally, put into PRISON with Sally Yates, Sherry Duncan, Doug Duncan, and of course each JUDGE, POLICE, Prosecutor, and other rogue criminal agent. ONE big day courtyard all on open circuit TV so would can watch this group of 125 people fight each other over WHO scammed and robbed and murdered who.  We can even charge Pay per view.  True reality is only ONE criminal investigator required for now 12 years to sign papers to JUDGE, who calls PRESS, and TRUMP, and hosts press conferences as required by all Constitutional laws.  Call Keiths' groups that continue to GROW

Jan 28, 2020.  I do not expect to survive much longer until USA GOV responds and Escorts me to testify, same as Oct 3, 2011 when ROSE ordered my murder by those he extorted in Atlanta GA and all other places I traveled..

Only requirement is for 1 person to debrief keiths crusader teams and command ROSE be seized along with every single person who was criminally incompetent to engage with ROSE and other terrorists to prevent Keiths crusaders from debriefing all world leaders on their new (c)(tm) patent replacement justice law enforcement system that deals directly with all crime networks at all levels at one time. All with the direct commands of our World Presidents and top Executives at all Corporate and Government levels who actually have decision making authority to dispatch Military to escort keith to testify. USA GOV owes keith over $500 Million USD for real and punitive damages to be paid out from the seized assets of every single person tied to ROSE. This includes any law firm who have been hired and tied to ROSEs criminal organizations since back in 1995 era when ROSE started infiltrating corporations and then governments that finally converted over to and other terrorist crime cells run by ROSE and Atlanta GA attorney terrorist Alexander Cyclone Covey. Clearly I am the ONLY person with FULL CONFIDENCE that ALL of USA and other government officlals will be OVERJOYED to actually just have a debriefing session so our group can turnover ALL new world society solutions at one time so that our world will not collapse from the NEXT terrorist attack or disaster of any magnitude. It is happening RIGHT now with the China Novel CoronaVirus that is named the Snake FLU which ties to Chinese Year of the RAT=Rose.

  We can always explain to WORLD leaders the true cause of ALL mass poverty and $$$ warefare.

   Jan 28, 2020. Exactly 6 years ago, I am dumped on street by USA GOV dismissal Norfolk Va 4:11cr112 Murder for Hire Conspiracies that was then sealed (violation of base FIOA.ONE new laws) and all documents destroyed showing the most extensive efforts to murder keith + others while criminals stole mega billions (even Trillions $ ) valued anti crime, new world society technology methodology off my $50,000 USD worth of computers, file cabinets, even selling off my original SelfyStick Patent design to China or ??. All to protect #1 world terrorist ROSE based ONLY on his crimes against humanity. There is no end to our simple methods to illuminate all Illuminati New World Order terrorists to prevent their named efforts to depopulate My Father Gods earth. Even GOD has forsaken our people because they are bent on self genocide with their vice = sin, and subsequent crimes against each other. 

    Therefore, GOD sent KEITH and a few others (still can not find them) to Reform + Unify mankind just like My Father Christ Jesus did 2,000 years ago. The timeline calculations show proof that I was sent to be the #1 world leader as a Open Public Source Mediator Consultant who has NO SECRETS and has no need for ANY control over any wealth or assets as I have already pledge donated EVERYTHING of my net worth and intellectual value TO all of humanity for them to now decide their very own present reality and future destiny. 

  A small group of scientists are identifying foreign extra terrestrials (yes, outer space) who are waging war on each other and using Earth as breeding ground of resources since GOD created everything, we must face reality Earthlings are not the brightest intellectual beings except for a rare genetic few of us.  Escort us to safety NOW, not tomorrow so we can finally mediate All World Leaders = humanity as I have about $4 USD left to my name at this point of historical legacy time.  ### end Jan 28, 2020 final update.

Supporting evidence from other experts is:

  Demonic Satanic Terrorists are often those who are in POWER like Berry Vic Reynolds of Cobb county who is now GBI Director in Atlanta GA.  a true terrorist... He personally threatened to KILL ME in Marietta APril 14, 2014 when I asked him to GO to FBI AG with me to testify about ROSE and Ms. Bashama. True evidence He is Illuminti New World Order.
Evidence also proves that Sally Q Yates DEAD SILENCE implicates her on exact same felony criminal violations of Aiding and Abetting and 100% preventing the investigations of any criminal tied to ROSE.  Never our fault, we are the observers sent from GOD to unify mankind with our most simple step by step technology 100% integrity based AI methodology...
Click: This group wants to Achieve God Hood.  google " Savil Camelot Illuminti"

Jan 21, 2020. Email sent direct to SALLY Yates again for HER to directly contact TRUMP, DOJ, DOD, INTERPOL, + Press.

She alone can easily resolve this with the power of King & Spaulding as many of their lawyers know me from the multiple meetings I went to years 2006 to 2011 with Charlie Paparelli, Sig Mosley, Benny Farmer (Rollins INC 1984) as thousands in Atlanta and soon all 7.77billion of my people will finally UNIFY mankind using the system I created and gift broadcast to world. WHO will do the required followup to ESCORT my teams to INTERPOL, and back to MILITARY as THEY have the most powerful computers and systems in the world yet are programmed by Consultant masterminds such as myself who have true knowledge of HOW computers are built to PROTECT and SERVE our people using FOIA.ONE as the worlds last standard of ONE Open Public Source Domain Database.

I am 100% confident my people will finally call and come find me as all criminals in world will indeed scream 'PRIVACY' you can NOT see our crimes on the General Ledger books, or know WHO are the victims of cyber crime terrorism that are indeed Crimes against all of our Humanity.   Keith in Manila ready for immediate escort by USA Ambassador Sung Kim in person.

Jan 19, 2020 Above is last EMAIL sent to Sally Yates at Atlanta for world to FOLLOW-UP on WHY she or anyone else in USA has escorted Keith Duncan to safe haven, always a requirement by Constitutional Law and the HELL I have experienced working full time FOR The USA GOV and all other law enforcement finanical market system. Sent Jan 19, 2020 eve of World Final Peace Summit that would have occurred Oct 2011 if a SINGLE person had actually upheld any existing laws and PROTECTED keiths most powerful avenger Technology based Peace Keeping Crusader team lives. Who are we.  We are YOU, our most beloved fellow mankind.

is worth over $500 Million USD in Real and Punitive damages as well as Illegal Detainment, Theft of International Security Property, and Restraint of Fair Trade as well as so many other violations we lost count. Keith is the Lead Key Eyewitness Plaintiff of the most profitable Landmark Class Action Suit Miscarriage of Justice in all of history.
  The Target of ROSE was my=our worlds last law enforcement system, ProfitShareHolders.SPACE and redistribution of all crime wealth back to our 7.777 Billion People by empowering humanity to control and own everything. and PREVENT all cyber crimes once our young adults are the new world corporate executives and the few required Government officials who manage OUR assets and taxes. Yet no more taxes ever needed once everyone shares all resources of TurnOffLights.SPACE when we the PEOPLE manage and control all our marketplaces including our banks, stock market, real estate, and ALL natural resources.  USA GOV always owns Keith Press Conferences, Public Apologies, and recovery of ALL his stolen assets.
  Since over 85 to 125 persons are TIED to conspiracies with ROSE, we risk our lives EVERY SINGLE time we report ROSE and WHO is involved. Clearly INSANE and incompetent these known persons think they can escape justice and PRISON by claiming they work FOR the PEOPLE and never are held accountable for crimes they commit, apparently everyday.
  After continuous contact visits with all levels of Law enforcement since 2008 to present, most groups are DEAD SILENT because of WHO is protecting ROSE and the most wealthy Corp Executives who are 'The New World Order.' Never our fault, always the evidence points at those who violate human rights who want depopulation of earth.  The legal claims of +$500 Million USD is based only on these crimes shown here, value of all the anti-crime Intellectual Property stolen, the Murder for Hire real conspiracies, and inability to debrief any criminal investigator at any level Police to DOJ to DOD military to Interpol. This includes debriefing any Congressman or Senator or PRESS on conducting the required Congressional Investigations. We contacted INTERPOL about ROSE for 50th time just today.
  THE ONLY REQUIREMENT this entire time is TURN-OVER of all EVIDENCE to DOJ DOD PRESS PUBLIC that we have done this entire time. ROSE disappeared BECAUSE very high powered USA GOV and Corporate officials PROTECT ROSE by deleting ALL references to him on ALL secret and public databases. 
Nov 17, 2019 we continue to call on World Presidents to use to restore all eVOTE.ONE decisoin power back to our 7.7B people using the same methodology stolen and used by ROSE and the cabal networks of Corp Executives behind this one series of incredible true Crimes against Humanity that are indeed genocide of millions.
Here is the direct link between Robert Dee Rose and famous AG Sally Q Yates who is our hero for calling Trump, DOJ, Military to come find us. We await escort from NSA CIA Interpol AFP or you at any moment now.
Additional required evidence that Cybercrime is 100% most profitable crime enterprises in world history. Most by corupt Corporate executives who violate basic Human Rights, build crime pyramids using OUR wealth and assets, and claiming immunity from any prosecution since they claim they are the ONLY ones with technology knowledge of how to OWN you ASSets. (properly stated as ASSUME makes an ASS out of all of our 7.77 billion people. Jackass of labor).
Video on right proves ROSE wanted me dead Oct 3, 2011 and almost succeeded each time, by paying off USA GOv to blacklist turnover of ANY evidence seen on this website. Read the COMMENT section that PUTS ROSE on Death ROW then same as today. Updated Dec 21, 2019.  #1099 shows how to ELIMINATE all Taxes and Cyber crime final time.

Video #296 on left is dated Oct 4, 2015 requests USA GOV bring me HOME immediately to TESTIFY, same as Sept 25, 2011 Langley Air Force Base Virginia Debrief and WHY I was kidnapped Oct 3,2011. This is about HOW our new law enforcement system is the only answer solution set to eliminate all crime networks. Our people will indeed RISE UP and mass protest rally as requested and required to MOTIVATE our leaders to actually DEBRIEF us and each other to restore all economy back to our people of 7.7 billion as all sovereign citizens free trade economy, free travel and education with free communication that would have occurred back in middle of 2010 if a SINGLE person had actually upheld existing laws at any level.  Since we have been most actively calling for Congressional Investigations into the real crime network of ROSE and the USA GOV, clearly this affects every other government and corporations in the most positive and collectively beneficial ways of Oct 21, 2019

Court Doc on RIGHT is worth over $500 Million USD in real and punitive damages. Simple for world to see and use.  Our WORLD will be OUTRAGED on why NO-ONE finds ROSE. We fear MASS CHAOS RIOTS as Robert Dee ROSE is the theFinalTerrorist #1 most man hunted in history $10M USD payable to USA Gov or any other.
  Was ROSE behind 2011-09-11 Terrorist attacks?
  Any of these world broadcasts will result in DEATH ROW quick convictions for all tied to ROSE underground groups who are all Terrorists. Sept 9, 2019 here is VERY last broadcast to USA Embassy Manila and Key Atlanta Law firms and PRESS who ALL were debriefed 10 years ago.
NOW WILL SOMEONE dispatch Military, FBI, AG, CIA to actually ESCORT me back to TESTIFY, a single Law upheld of RIGHTS to Face any accuser in Public Court of Law.

   Everyone CONTACT FBI AG CIA NSA, Military, Press, all World Leaders to command protect Keith + seize each criminal now!  Who earns easy 25% of $500 million USD for filing the proper paperwork with federal judges and prosecutors??  Even fired AG sally Q yates implicates herself on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 based on Cobb county TPO 11.1.1171,99 dismissed 10 weeks BEFORE I was asked by GA retired congressman Buddy Darden to go direct to USA intelligence Langley Air Force Base Sept 25, 2011. Based on reality ROSE and Ms. Bashama stalked me, then ROBBED my homes Feb 4, 2011 Marietta 4 time forged P.D. Report 1.11.2506.99. POLICE and JUDGES then claimed I kidnapped the criminals, robbed my own assets, assaulted them and obstructed justice when in true REALITY this is what the CRIMINALS did to me over and over by bribing, extorting each Police, Judge, Lawyer, DA, Prosecutors, and then bribing over 85 OTHER USA Federal officials including Judge Jackson of Norfolk VA, USADA Dee Sterling, Public PUKE-Tender Phoenix Harris Ayotte, and others who HAD the Cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 dated July 15, 2011 sign certified who is now Cobb County GA DA Berry Vic Reynolds. They ALL GO TO PRISON for committing massive Obstruction of Justice and destruction of the SAME court documents they signed after false testifying. All to keep ROSE off Death ROW for Cybercrime terrorist attacks AGAINST International Governments and Corporations !!

BBK20181005-FBI-InterviewLynnConspiracyRobertDeeRo.mp3 - KeithDuncan=FBI
Feb 25 2018 Call to ATL FBI 404-679-9000 -
00:00 / 00:00






Imagine the horror and physical/emotional/Spiritual trauma for now 11 years unable to turn over ANY evidence of massive cyber crime terrorist attacks and mass political corruption over to our World leaders, Congress, DOJ, DOD as well as PRESS and humanity. For most simple reason, I COULD not have violated any laws.  All this exposure of criminal evidence is required by existing Constitutional Laws. Since we are the masterminds who have solved and prevented almost human crimes and shown mankind how to conduct honest business transactions with ProfitShareHolders.SPACE, everyone has an obligation to contact our world leaders as we have done the past +12 historical years.  All because all of our Human rights are being violated since the ones at the top have names and their own evidence and actions puts them in prison with EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and We now require USA embassy in Military Sung Kim dispatch Military escort back to testify. Would have occurred Sept 26, 2011 if anyone had upheld any law and actually completed our most formal request of all to meet FBI AG and Obama at the time. All about how to unify mankind total world global unity with We publicly apologize most formally and humbly if we have not been using the proper legal and financial language. We have always upheld all laws. We find most of our people lack the full confidence to contact our world leaders and request Sovereign Free World Citizenship status as we have done Oct 3, 2011 and even now.  When will Military finally be dispatched to escort us back to testify to World over Open Circuit TV summit.


Nov 4, 2019 We just emailed Sally Q Yates. PDF file above asking her to contact TRUMP and Military as we have always enforced Constitional Laws and engaged required military special forces to find ROSE and other terrorists using our simple (tm)(c) Patent protected Evote.ONE FOIA.ONE universal GOD focused methodology our world now uses to achieve total world global peace. We indeed will testify to world leaders and Congress, and our CEOSPACE.NET related group of will consult with everyone on how to actually conduct legally binding contracts and fullfill promised obligations that is the basis for the 11 commandments and the new universal Human=GOD Intl Bill of Rights that sustains everyone as free world citizens rights to won and travel anywhere using FOIA.ONE and EVOTE.ONE as their integrity ratings are the only key referential differential compare method neede to ensure everyone knows WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, WHo Trades What with WHO of  Indeed we work on behlf of GOD and humanity our entire lives. The evidence is all these broadcasts over GOD's free communication Internel called kLink.

Nov 2, 2019 We just gmailed Sally Q Yates again upper left PDF file at top requesting our Constitutional Rights be upheld and protected so we could testify to Congress, Trump, Public, DOJ, DOD, literally WORLD on why we are here to UNIFY world with total global peace methods we pioneered 1976 forward that replace bypass all corrupt individuals and systems that are enslaving our people. This is always teh most deadly serious of our own technology to commit cyber crime terrorist attacks at all levels of our governments and corporations. political warfare is also a crime when public sees who control our assets and drain GOD's wealth to the specifically identifed Criminal Ruling Elite who violate existing laws by claiming they are mega millionaires and immune from prosecution since they have lawyers and are NOT held accountable for the actions of their high ranking associates. The crime famiies are real as NO ONE in world history has ever publish broadcast simple answers to obtain total global peace and survived to be #1 top Sovereign Free Ambassador to consult with all world leaders at all levels. This is I, keith duncan

Oct 31, 2019. Because GOD has been one of our few benefactors, we post this. We remain 100% legitimately disillusioned on how so many criminals have never been investigated because of the Political crimes committed, the DO NOT CARE mentality, and ability for anyone to destroy crime evidence when they think their own people have been implicated. Clearly this is a world wide crime network issue and even conflict of interest for WHO Pays our officials to conduct crime investigations and convict these known/unknown criminals shown below. The complexity of the crimes committed always requires us as the prime whistleblower key live eyewitnesses to testify one time against everyone as required by existing enforced Constitutional laws. No one has ever protected any of our rights and must be held accountable for achieving convictions and restitution payback to any and all victims we have discovered and contacted as many as possible.  WHO contacts us right now.... as we have offered to debrief all World Leaders this entire time and have never found the right persons to contact our own TOP Presidents of both Governments and Mega Corporations who are the executive leadership 100% held accountable for protecting our rights before their own.

CLICK HERE:  The Most Profitable Manhunt Bounty Rewards in USA = World history.

Oct 29, 2019. Best powerful required by GOD broadcast summary to date. Only requirement this entire time is face to face debrief with TOP DOJ DOD officials to clear our top whistle blower R&D scientists to teach World Leaders and humanity how to achieve total world global peace. FOIA.ONE prevents almost ALL terrorist networks once WORLD leaders host PRESS CONFERENCES with PDF file upper left Certainly our top R&D world expert scientists will now debrief all world leaders on HOW to actually UNIFY mankind with TUrnOffLights.SPACE focusing on that empowers humanity with FREE communication FREE education and ownership of our Creators assets.

Last update: Oct 24, 2019 We remain alive by GOD's grace alone. Contact TRUMP, DOJ, DOD, PRESS, + KSLaw.COM Sally Q Yates Atlanta GA for HER to personally contact top Atlanta and Washington AG FBI chiefs and USA Military in Manila to come finds us NOW.  The PRIME and true ONLY requirement since summer of 2008 ws diret turnover to Police, IRS, FBI, AG, Military, then CONGRESS/SENATE and PRESS on WHO is tied to ROSE along with all certified FOIA.ONE evidence Thousands of direct calls, emails, personal visits show DEAD SILENCE of those who have committed crimes and violations are are deathly afraid of being exposed by Congressional Investigations and press coverage.  For most criminals are indeed cowards and refuse to surrender thinking they can murder off key eyewitnesses, threaten families, infiltrate databases and GOV agencies, and never be prosecuted because they simply pay off the Judges, Lawyers, and other DOJ officials claiming they had no knowledge of any evidence. ROSE has been committing treason, sedition, espionage against our own Governments and Corporations for over 15, probably 20 years and HIDES on his mega million $$ yachts starting last report at

   We continue to ask for Political Asylum with any Nation including USA for safe haven protection as the reward bounties below are payable to anyone who turns over ROSE or other key evidence. Payment comes from the collective victims and from the Seized assets as we clearly have earned the legal right to get 1% of all crime assets deposited into NGO Trust Foundation CreatorKeith.SPACE hereby designated 100% to pay for construction of eVOTE.ONE and transferred immediately to Philippines and other 3rd world nations to pay direct one way for schools, hospitals, roads, marketplaces, almost free world energy + water of TurnOffLights.SPACE SolutionSafeWater.ORG, and to host Press Conferences and Summits with all world leaders that was our original focus 1976, then 1991 (emmaus), 1996, 2001, 2005 to present.

  We have ALWAYS requested help from our DOJ and DOD and world leaders our entire lives and have DEAD SILENCE since ROSE + many other political criminals have placed blacklist on their secret databases to prevent millions of criminals from being exposed by   We ARE due public apologies FROM each criminals and top DOJ DOD leaders including TRUMP and Congress + Press.  WHO will represent YOUR civil rights. Clearly only our crusader Sovereign Ambassador Emmissaries using just ### World Rebroadcast Press Conferences Required Jan 2008 forward. CreatorKeith.SPACE due +$500Million USD real and punitive damages for Murder for Hire conspiracies of Robert Dee ROSE. We called for Congressional Investigations and Intervention. This is the last Oct 22, 2019 broadcast to humanity that indicts well over 125 criminals tied to ROSE that would have been resolved if anyone involved had upheld existing laws.  The last PDF file right above SallyQYates requries her to contact Trump, DOJ, Military that we requested of everyone +8 yeas ago. Who will escort us to safety now....

The original Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 (almost all documents were sealed and destroyed violating basic FOIA act) has always been the most massive criminal conspiracy and coverups that is most profitable growing PayBack of over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages as Leaders of Class Action Lawsuit Landmark Miscarriage of Justice involving thousands of Plaintiffs as I, keith brent duncan 1-19580815-1 (+101) are the key live eye witness to so many felony crimes that key officials always refuse to investigate because ROSE is being protected by very powerful Atlanta police, local/state/federal DOJ Judges, DAs, AG, prosecutors, IRS, AG, FBI officials. This extends to Norfolk VA, Raleigh NC, Washington D.C., and literally everyone we have travel broadcasted.

Sent Tom Haag in Las Vegas. YOU Have had the time to go to FBI AG and simply turn over the evidence or just tell them over phone. Keith DUNCAN is the top R&D scientist group in the world who teaches humanity how to eliminate all crime networks. ALl to acheive TOTAL WORLD GLOBAL PEACE of   This has always been the legal requirement of anyone who receives these ordained messianic messages.   What is YOUR excuse for not fullfill the simple requirements to uphold laws and social peace equality justice this entire time.  TOO TIRED, too busy, too maybe drugged out with worry and stress.  CALL us here or over Request you BUY the $1 so we we can finally TRAVEL entire world as the ultimate evangelists like Billy Graham.  CERTAINLY CIA and NSA have been montering some of our INTERNATIONAL SECURITY THREAT analsys broadcasts and will dispatch Military from USA EMbassey as we originally requested back Sept 25, 2011 at Langely AirForce base we have repeated SO SO many times, yes even we go despondent for legal reasons..

Oct 21, 2019. We just gmailed Sally Q Yates at King & Spaulding Atlanta GA the two PDF files above left side legally asking her and all DOJ officials to complete these criminal conspiracy cases originated BY ROSE back in 2000 year time frame. We certainly are due Press Conferences, Apologies, and Congressional Investigations while USA Military, CIA, NSA, HLS, FBI, AG, and even other angel billionaire philanthropists provide us safe haven protection from the criminals and terrorists who want all humanity dead = self genocide and holocaust easy to create by just a few terrorist attacks anywhere in world.

  We are the #1 top R&D scientists in the world who have completed the worlds last anti crime and new market comprehensive economic system of free trade barter exchange.  We ban together as the wealthiest Angel Philanthropists in world history to UNIFY reform humanity to Total Global Peace. Anyone murdering our members or false testifying against our crusaders are immediately found with FOIA.ONE and sentenced By the public using EVOTE.ONE as replace all existing corrupt Police, Military, and judicial systems in record time once Press Conferences finally occur. TRUMP, DUTERTE, PUTIN will be madder than HELL itself that our very own few Government agents have turned into criminals and terrorists at lowest to highest levels based ONLY on their very own crime testimony evidence and integrity rating when it goes below +80.  CALL our world leaders to COMMAND they protect our IP and sovereign rights to be their top ambassador mediators as everyone HATES the words terrorist, politics, taxes, crime, and sin addictions.

CLICK HERE:  The Most Profitable Manhunt Bounty Rewards in USA = World history.

CLICK: ROSE EVIDENCE of +15 years of cyber crime terrorist attacks along with thousands of manhours of R&D evidence already turned over to DOJ, DOD, Interpol, and world.  Always requires a data analyst criminal investigator to show the chain of timeline evidence.


  Here is partial list of world broadcasts on the most massive Crime networks and WHAT must be done: Military intervention. from March 9 2014. Comments inline: We are still forced to file multiple civil and felony crimes against my own family for illegally transporting my assets from Marietta GA to Norcross, removing $6,000 cash from my travel bags, taking possession of my MODEL-A 1930 Ford and storing my stolen goods at my VERY EX-WIFE's Norcross home, while I was rotting in JAIL for something I could NOT have done. Even my PRODIGAL SON, 770.826.4632 and 770.655.5546 must be held accountable for willful obstruction of justice, conversion of assets, theft by taking, and many other crimes. For I warned them back in Nov 2011, that if they FAILED to go to FBI, I was financially screwed as my life was in danger then, and remains in danger today. I go to Cobb County GA this week and DEMAND arrest of Bashama + ROSE and every single JUDGE and court official involved will be SHOCKED when I show up with church members, and I HOPE FBI, USMARSHAL, IRS, and NEWS teams. Everyone must call everyone they know and pass along this one VIDEO as well as just the recent 5 videos, with emphasis on the 2 RED-SHIRTS and the one on GIFTED sidewalk in Roswell District square. Gwinnett POLICE CID CASE is 14020530 770 High Hope Rd, Lawrenceville GA 30046 770.513-5100 that will ALSO BE FAMOUS as evidence of WHO financially screwed me as well as committed full scale entrapment for 848 days by their own testimony too extensive to repeat. Keith. Added Oct 21, 2019 to prove I am still alive despite all the crimes...

  On Oct 2, 2019 forward we have gone back to contacting WORLD leaders through all available ways and means since GOD has been our one true Benefactor since fateful Oct 3, 2019. We just focused on Manila USA Ambassador Sung Kim at (632)301-2000 thru Heather C Fabrikant 301-2504 0918-6456 and Martin Andanar Press Sec Duterte 735-3538 to dispatch CIA NSA Military to provide SAFE HAVEN passage security back to Testify with TRUMP and other World leaders.

   Clearly this has always been a Murder For Hire conspiracy for the most extensive ANTI Crime and New world Technology every created and gifted by ONE man, most humble keith brent duncan , now the top free Sovereign Citizen Ambassador working for all humanity.

Reference:  is 18 U.S.C. § 1958, enacted as part of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, Pub.L. 98-473, Ch. X, Part A (Oct. 12, 1984) Section 1958...  Just one of thousands of criminal charges.

  Absolutely NO ONE should ever go through the HELL we have experienced since 2008 because of ONE super criminal, ROSE.

  The most bizarre true profitable crimes against humanity continue since NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE ever does followup call backs.

"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" Micah 6:8 ESV

  Easy for even DOJ AG William Barr at 202-514-2000 x38479 (civil Right Violations), Atlanta AG Chris Carr 404-656-3300 (we just called Oct 11, 2011) to see any evidence signed by so many and file all the required felony charges and contact Trump, Military, FBI, GBI, IRS in any order to command Investigations be completed and dispatch Military, CIA, HLS, FBI agents to come protect my growing crusader R&D scientists based ONLY on Robert Dee Rose and the most cruel and unusual punishment of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 since anyone can see our true net worth value is real trillions of $$$ USD.  All because my very own lawyers and each other person criminally incriminated themselves and try to hide their crimes....  If anyone FINDS any evidence I did anything wrong, PLEASE tell us now, we will gladly pay back restitution, ask for forgiveness, even serve jail time if required by any constitutional or man made laws..

  Oct 11, 2019 2 Chronicles 20:15 ".. Thus saith the LORD unto you, Be no afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but GODs." In this extreme case, we have been calling for Congressional Investigations and Military Tribunals using the power of Constitutional Laws and our very own USA GOV supercomputers that we helped pioneer design 1976 foreward.

How does anyone report any crime to USA GOV?  Simple, Contact the proper level DOJ, turn over the evidence, and ensure track that the proper persons actually complete each investigation. This has never been done. They Police + DOJ file all the required papers and prosecute to fullest extent of law. Thousands of crimes have been committed against Keith Duncan, and few people care to FOLLOW-UP and ensure the criminal investigations are completed and NOT destroyed by political corrupt actions of those who want to be ghosts. Therefore, all the evidence on this ONE page and Dropbox are hereby commanded to be used to CONVICT each person for the crimes they have most obviously committed. The rewards below are the most obvious legal incentive motive for profit.

   It was never our responsibility to identify so many criminals and terrorists. This is always the role of police, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals with last resort Military use of CIA, NSA, HLS, Interpol databases.  Therefore we are the worlds first top R&D Scientists of international fame who have created the last world society free of all crime networks. We have 360Pesos left in Manila Oct 11, 2019 and await our Military or any group, including any angel philanthropists to contact us and escort us to safe haven so millions of us can testify against any criminal who has deny our rights to testify against false accusers all to be paid for BY the criminals very own assets.

    We clearly had been victims of ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Duncan Clan, Murdered Brian Walker and each person who profited in the most criminal conspiracy ever in USA, even world as few offer safe haven or uphold any law as we have testified reality truths our entire lives.

  We continue to debrief all world leaders and all levels of DOJ, DOD, Interpol, even foreign governments and corporations as that is exactly what is our destiny purpose of God's commands to UNIFY mankind we have been following his directives for +4.75 decades.

  WE remain BEYOND SHOCKED that ROSE and others have INFILTRATED so many databases to blacklist any of our evidence from every been shown by PUBLIC disclosure to a SINGLE Federal Judge and even Military Tribunal as ROSE + others are Enemies of the State.


    Why has no one done the most obvious, INVESTIGATE, Sign the Arrest/Seizure Warrants, and provide us Press Conferences as we have been doing and broadcasting for so many years. Our people shall RISE UP and replace peacefully all known forms of corrupted governments and corporations as PEOPLE commit crimes, never named institutes or agencies. We might have even lost track of time (a much longer reality story already told) since we have already conquered how to travel interstellar space +7yrs ago using a series of refueling systems and fleet of supply ships to extend the reach of space travel and speed.

   On Oct 2, 2019 forward we have gone back to contacting WORLD leaders through all available ways and means since GOD has been our one true Benefactor since fateful Oct 3, 2019. We just focused on Manila USA Ambassador Sung Kim at (632)301-2000 thru Heather C Fabrikant 301-2504 0918-6456 and Martin Andanar Press Sec Duterte 735-3538 to dispatch CIA NSA Military to provide SAFE HAVEN passage security back to Testify with TRUMP and other World leaders. This CAN NOT CONTINUE as world security is always threaten by such easy use of cyber crime we learned how to PREVENT way back 1976 as the #1 Top R&D scientists in the world who now become our new world leaders. CALL THEM and ask them WHY THEY also violate The laws since clearly preventing such horrible crimes from being investigated is a Felony capital crime.  Only our top group of Experts and Lawyers + others can testify AGAINST so many criminals !

Oct 19, 2019 We just delivered eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE turnofflights.SPACE to Microsoft Headqtrs 6750 Makati asking Bill Gates to offer us safe haven and BUY and USE our universal trillion USD IP technology. Same as anyone else would have done Summer of 2010 when ROSE was actively attacking all our resources and IP since we have always shown his is #1 most wanted hidden GHOST = -99 Integrity Rating FOIA IID 1-19710401-1 (returns -99 Death Row by Tribunal). We sit real time Decode Gearup at ShangriLi next door listening to how old style experts claim THEY have the solutions to antifraud anticrime antipolitics.

   REALLY, if anyone but Keith had already provided all the most comprehensive solutions, our world would already have total Peace.

    Since our world is only driven about basic issues of NO MONEY, Here are the prime legally authorized bounty rewards that are the modeled systems as best most profitable incentives for our Police, DOJ, DOD, even World Leaders, and common citizens to use our methods and pay our R&D Scientists for our grateful technology (tm)(C) Patented products and services that truly benefit all nations using the original now perfected Cooperative Capitalism system of Berny Dohrmann that benefits humanity to save all nations with worlds last self sustainable Global peace. We have called Senate and Congress asking for Congressional Investigations for years. Most are dead silent also. A few emailed back saying they never engage in LEGAL matters (Sen Dave Purdue, John Lewis, others). We remain beyond SHOCKED that Corruption has now been Legalized just like every other vice -> sin -> crime !!!! All our world leaders are in Political Warfare and seldom if ever deal with ANY root issue of our people. With our new system, NO MORE POLITICS or ANY Political Parties will exist as WE the PEOPLE now eVOTE decide Next Best Project and WE decide the compensation for each leader. Clearly we were dispatched by our Mutual Creator to complete the Final Mission of wiping out all Corruption at ONE time since EVERY single one of our=Your Rights are being denied and abused by leaders we  are paying to SERVE and PROTECT. These are the Family Dynasties = Criminal Ruling Elite who want us ALL DEAD.

ALL Bounty rewards come FROM collective VICTIMS, then the legally world criminals seized assets using our world class methods that are truly revolutionary and using any resources to direct fund  Seized assets paid back to reporting victims, 1% to CreatorKeith.SPACE NGO World Humanitarian Trust Foundation being established by experts of over this period of time Dec 24, 2014 forward.


LEGAL BOUNTIES of Heritage Legacy value to entire world

SETS model example for rest of our world...

Destruction and forgery of Police, IRS, FBI, AG, and DOJ DOD Interpol Reported evidence and terrorist investigations are our most dangerous cyber crimes of all times our expanding teams of thousands have told our world. This is exactly what has occurred to us and why we ask for simple SIT DOWN face to face to explain all cause and effects to reverse the flow of our assets back to our most gifted small business owners who run new self sufficient communites worldwide with concurrent deployed TurnoffLights for to date not a single member of our other teams, DOJ, Military, or Interpol have explained how this crime sequence has occurred.
  Cyber + Political crimes are always the most profitable crime enterprises of all time. Even hiding Banking, stock market , corporate accounting books are a cyber crime. The True reason we were illegally detained for 900 days was ROSE's Destruction and infiltration of Police, IRS, FBI, AG, other Military investigations we initated summer 2008 to Sept 25, 2011 and the theft of billions of real $$$ of Intellectual Property that and all our lawyers, families, pastors had experienced just the last few decades. ROSE and thousands of ours are commiting treason, espionage, sediation and crimes against humanity. The simple system we have delivered and published leapfrogs humanity by legally bypassing all forms of corruption with one that is the most simple DEFENDING all Rights of ALL others.
    Clearly ROSE and Cyclone Alexander Covey are Enemies of the state(all nations) since we offered Sept 26, 2011 for our teams to go with Military to seize ROSE as we always had the reverse IP technology to track him back on his Dark web network through the simple resources we pioneered starting 1976 NCSU as the top R&D database communications experts of all time. We have always been the most humble and integrity focused Tech World leaders in human history like Telsa. If anyone objects to any of these simple answer solution sets, they are required to supply a Better=Best answer using that is indeed Cooperative Capitialism of Berny Dohrman
   Continue to read to bottom as the most profound comprehensive answer methods are being real time shown to public.
     Now we have FOIA.ONE that exposes EVERYTHING in worlds last Open Public Source database. We make no excuses, only explanations.
Our R&D scientists lead by Keith were prepared to Debrief all Gov + Corp leaders Summer of 2011. Because we were kidnapped, our top key world leaders we were recruiting full speed had no clue what really happened. We truly wonder if ROSE has infiltrated GMAIL, YAHOO, and other email vendors to auto delete our broadcasts. For we HAVE been calling direct and seldom if ever reach our key Philanthropists directly.
    USA or any GOV (Presidents, Congress, Senate, DOJ, Military) can quickly resolve these crime issues by hosting joint Press Conferences as they announce HOW to eliminate all corruption and crime at one time. All other national leaders will be thrilled to join as all our people benefit in obvious TRILLIONS of real $$ transferred back to our impoverished People.  Our small group was expanding rapidly with NSASpeakers.ORG Once our key leaders disappeared, as many of us and our own families were threatened by ROSE and other terrorists, we went quiet for obvious reasons to prevent mass riots when our people saw WHO are behind these cyber crime attacks. We continue teach all Police, Military, Interpol with and how to host peaceful assemblies of our communities to prevent mass chaos and bloodshed by others.  Just call us...
   We were being hyper cyber tracked and forced to spend so much time going BACK to GOV so we did indeed loose track of time and all evidence once ROSE and so many others destroyed court documents and forced our group in Hell-Jail Oct 3 2011. All those broadcast YouTube videos (search RescueKeith) show we have been asking for GOV intervention this entire time. CONTINUE READING for the most POSITIVE SHOCKING news already delivered to PRESS.
  We have indeed recovered all evidence at extreme peril of life and expense and have already delivered to world leaders and ALL law enforcement (all levels) and remained SHOCKED no one has just called us to simply explain anything.
Yes, USA GOV owes our NGO over $500 USD to transfer direct to Asia, the true greatest places of need. The direct funds come ONLY from each criminal group so we can PAY BACK to the taxpayers well over $1 Million USD (probably more) of tax $$ that were used to pay for being Held Political Prisoners of Cyber crime warfare.

PLEASE read next few sections. All are most critical evidence on ROSE and many others.... This just sent by TOR to key officials on Sept 29, 2011 by Who will reply?


  All who join us by historical Oct 4, 2019 receive one free share of Common stock + Free admission to our training Manila events soon worth millions at our risk since only requirement is you list register yourself in FOIA.ONE and we openly list your name and contact information on very top of FOIA.ONE. 

We just confirmed our last mission, gave key Pastors linked direct to Duterte, Ambassador Kim, and Trump the most formal critical written request asking for SAFE HAVEN help debrief and to personally take us to Duterte as we asked as soon as we arrived Aug 6, 2015 ++, then USA Embassey Ambassador calls us, We FLY with required protection of escort to testify to all world leaders, and all is well. This is the TRUE original reason we went to Langley AirForceBase to debrief AF Intelligence, then NSA, then CIA and then teach them our methods to SAVEAllNations. Anyone who wants to go with us, PLEASE just sign up as we are the rare breed who act with 100% confidence that GOD is our top leader...

   For +8 years ago, we are the mastermind R&D scientist consultant keynote speakers and Evangelist Franklin Graham groups. We were TOO busy to go public summer 2011 on our trips to NYC, Norfolk VA, Atlanta, then Lost Wages = Los Wages all to represent our people. We always have produced Gods world last ANTI crime methodology needed to UNIFY us all with SolutionGovernment, now SolutionPeace.ORG that is also why the antichrist ROSe and ?? almost had us put away forever so the political demons and even DOJ ?? (yes great labels) could rule after any terrorism attacks occurred. Who will call us soon as we are always just ONE Call AWAY.


We just sent AGAIN to USA DOJ this: Oct 3, 2019 just sent this to Justice.GOV/DOJ for everyone else to do the same.

We have yet to meet anyone with confidence to CONTACT our top world leaders with these answers. WHO do YOU KNOW to do the same....
  Immediately dispatch Military, CIA and HLS in Manila to contact Keith Duncan through Ambassador Sung Kim as our group of R&D scientists are being murdered by terrorists starting with Robert Dee Rose (DOB IID 1-19710401-1 (integrity rating -99 Death ROW) seen on FOIA.ONE   We are threatened and persecuted because we have already shown world how to stabilize all world markets and return empower all decision making authority by 100% direct democracy EVOTE.ONE. This was the focus of all our fore founders worldwide. To be self contained self sufficient communities that used their own resources to be free of taxes and Government officials and corporate entities whose only focus was control domination and capturing GOD"s wealth at every opportunity.
  We are in Manila near Embassy.  The crimes committed by ROSE, Ms Bashama, Duncan Clan, Murdered Brian Walker are a sample of how horrific our system has grown.  All now driven by 11 original covenant commandments with single Human Bill of Rights to ensure NO ONES rights can ever be denied.
  It will only take 6 months to maybe 2 years to migrate transition to our new world system once we get the other Angel Philanthropists to join us and Protect our freedoms collectively. For they have the wealth and have the most amazing inventions and technology to complete with all electric driven TurnOffLights that eliminates the profit motive and opportunities of ANY crime network to overthrow the state of our New world UNION when everyone honest travels freely without restrictions, taxes, tarifs and police/military. No more RIOTS or mass gatherings for that alone is perfect target for mass shootings and chemical gas attacks and BOMBS. Our cell is (63)917-3354300.  So WHERE do we go to MEET military escort as they appear to be the LAST resort SolutionMilitary .com USA Embassy is (63)301-2504 + (632)734-7420 PCOO.

  In the meantime, contact any of our teams, use and Buy their products and services we endorse on World famous Subpage Endorsements that Prevents all poverty forever.  Who will feed our children, disabled, elderly, young adults impoverished by Criminals. We already have. Follow the URL links. as we have so many places of greatest needs to go...

IS THERE ANYONE out there (reading this one 100% True Website that will call SOMEONE to CALL us BACK and actually FIND us and PROTECT us as we truly have NO IDEA where is Robert ROSE by now....

   If we TURN off our cell phones (trackable by ??) how will Military CIA, or ?? find us. True Delimia (not dementia another FALSE charge ?? records SEALED away by SAME JUDGE and ??) that can not be resolved. We will turn off our cells now (as no one really knows where we are, as we have been traveling all over world thinking SOMEONE will actually CALL us BACK. We did have evidence back post Aug 22, 2011 criminal attempt for ROSE to get JUDGE to arrest so many then on ridiculous charge that we were stalking and threatening his children( We submitted THAT ONE video that ALexander Cyclone Covey gave ROSE that was the ONLY evidence I gave Covey to get ROSE arrested on Child Endangerment charges, My VERY OWN two sons (just CALL KYLE 770-655-5546) as HE had full access to my File Cabinet, computers, and hidden CD-ROMS (Jimmy Deal also has 3 banker boxes FULL of ROSE and Ms Bashama evidence as HE was my prime lawyer I paid over $80,000 USD and REFUSED to ever go to FBI a true VIOLATION of laws?? as I have TOLD HIM OVER AND OVER< and even in Person my life was threaten by ROSE and whatever other crime organization that either uses ROSE (hired cybercriminal apparently a common practice ) or maybe ROSE is top of a massive crime networks. I doubt it as he is too obsessed with Real Estate offshore. Easy to use his own AMX Crestron systems that are one single connected CCTV system. SO SO easy for some one like ROSE to catch someone screwing (please pardon my language) as I AM an ordained Baptist Deacon. and HAVE been a most solid Christian creating easy ways to bring all different religions together (SEE and just SOME of the remaining 24 very very critical websites. Most are also backed up or printed off. I  DO keep running out of my last money, earning what I can from local business people we meet. SO I will be okay for awhile. I WILL try to stay off internet unless I am remote nearby and will indeed Call the USA Embassy Emergency Hot Line as soon as I find a landline (SO SO hard to find one here) Much longer story but true that I DO have the most EXTENSIVE IP property (c)(tm) 4 patents. The highest value is EVOTE.ONE and a few of the solutions that will/may cause HUGE RIOTS if certain people read and understand that we do have so so many corrupt politicians in USA and so so many here, that military and POlice make such little pay they are easy to pay off. Happens all the time......


   PLEASE send email to  on WHERE and WHEN I can meet ?? someone. as I TRULY have expected ?? from MILITARY or CIA ?? as I doubt anyone from FBI is in Manila.

I JUST need to SHOW some one who understands basics of what I and other have done.

I was so so busy going to Events, working really long hours, going to going to so many business events.  Does not really matter.

PLEASE PLEASE send me email on what I should next. I was even planning on going down to Malvar to meet Jesse DelaCRuz who apparently works at some level for Interpol. For they will indeed be SHOCKED at the simplicity of ONE single International Database that quickly identifies who is trustworthy (rated by others, think FaceBook and linkedin) and who should be watched and WHO should be arrested.

All by use of available WIFI , yes we really do need world wide free wifi for such obvious reasons,

as AutoFace recognition systems are quite common in USA + Britian, at embassys, some public streets, but NEVER in manila....  going to bed now.  Going to ??, some church Sunday.

HOW HARD can this be.......   I am indeed SCARED of ROSE and ?? . would not anyone be. Because of my constant broadcasts (something l learned to do long ago) and HAVE created the worlds first comprehensive anti crime amazingly simple conherent plan (may appear complex, yes it is. But NO ONE has EVER done so so much crime investigations and used computer science micro to mainframe database 'true genius' level.

I will now turn off MODEM (so easy to IP backtrack, ROSE does this all the time and appears to be why TOM HAAG in Las Vegas (his mom Vickies # I have).  easy for ROSE to access my password lists as THAT is what Brian Walker and ? others did to gain access to the most critical ANTI CRIME system on those 4 iphones, 2 ipads, 3 Macbooks(usually unhackable) and the incredible intellectual property data and research on the 2 Dell Powerhouses that were being constantly HACKED.  ALL the ABOVE is entered into EVIDENCE.  as SURELY CIA NSA or Military or ?? has been monitoring my locations and actions and have been BEWILDERED (truly SHOCKED) I have been traveling to China, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, even EMMAUS (I think they lost track of me)  then BACK to Philippines Aug 6, 2015 to present. When I don't think I may remember key dates and facts I blog record. Easy for anyone to do and is ANOTHER key method system to KEEP true criminals from destroying key evidence. I have backups of CD-ROMs, thumbdrives and of course thousands of emails, and calls to ALL PROVE how dangerous is.

  I will go off line now (dark) and find a safe place soon to TOR gmail to USA embassy again. I just meet a key Ambassador staff last week. HE will know who as we were both judges.

YES all true. I have expected ?? to call me, FIND me (we do have so many who HOLD ROSE's evidence including many key lawyers HERE in Manila) and actually DO ESCORT Me back to ??? wherever, I really do NOT care. and YES, I do offer to go with Military or ?? to help them find ROSE and also provide the most detailed crime history of who is working with ROSE.

I close now.  Not worth continuing at this point. SO so Many PDF files here. almost ALL are the certified Court Documents, emails, and so so so much evidence it truly most confuse most CID or ?? .   Again John Delegan in Washington saw website He HAD in my hands. I parked my 1930 Model A ford near famous ?? Press Bar near Capital.  I can explain as much as I need to finally CONVINCE ?? to PROTECT myself and other key witnesses. FOR ROSE appears nice, says all the right words, but he goes into a RAGE with his own employees (many are drug addicts and drunks (really working for a security monitoring company and .. got to go..

    THIS HAS NEVER been complicated, WITHOUT showing the original CANCELLED TPO 11.1.1171 TPO July 15, 2011, the Original criminally granted TPO dated Feb 22, 2011 Cobb County GA, even the FBI would block any further investigations for as soon as anyone contacts ROSE (Standard investigation procedures), HE or his lawyers say KEITH was stalking my family to hurt us and HE was in jail for 848 days on a GUN Charge and ruled as criminally insane, incompetent, and even a Drug Addict. He probably shows them the criminally issued Cherokee Misdemeanor dated Jan 2012 that CLEARLY VIOLATED the 90 day speedy trial law (contact Canton Lawyer Ross GRISHAM who ALSO knew I ws illlegally detained and REFUSED to Call FBI or Jimmy deal to confirm)  since I was kidnapped literally infamous Oct 3, 2011 when I was just 4 hours away from meeting about progress on IRSWBFeb2009, ase 658 held by Attorney Vivian Hoard at that WILL ALL be shocked that anyone calls them to ask about ROSE as have been contacting even them. Tom Chorey knows about ROSE and also REFUSES to go to FBI AG .

    Apparently ?? someone in FBI and ?? is paid by ROSE to delete any and all evidence as soon as ANY of us submit it. I was using SQL (structured Query Langauge at extreme levels way back in 1976 forward. We have developed simple way to lock IID of any person to any finanical or access transaction that PREVENTS deletions or electronic changes with easy techniques we learned NCSU Computer Science.


Since all evidence SHOWS my life has always been in danger, I went BACK to FBI Charlotte NC during ice storm with my OWN son Matthew Duncan released on FALSE CHARGE Jan 28, 2014. Then I got FBI appointment 3 days later ?Feb 1, 2014 as the guards called upstairs, 20 minutes later said YOU Must leave now or we will all police and have you arrested again. I was SHOCKED and Matthew just said, stop bothering them, you were in jail over two years. Then I continued to contact my lawyers (Jimmy Deal), other lawyers, Went BACK to AG(denied entry again as soon as they looked up my name). the said LEAVE now or we will call police to arrest you.  WHen I went BACK to FBI Oct 5, 2018 at extreme expense BECAUSE USA EMBASSY refused to protect me and fly me back to testify, Atlanta CID Agent LYNN (above audio) said YES, ROSE is under investigation and we know you were a victim illegally detained. THEN she says (above) would I agree to talk to a Doctor for a few minutes, and I said NO, why would that matter. The longer she talked, the GURNEY crew arrived and AGAIN I was force druggged for 5.5 weeks. Even ASSAULTED, broke my nose, jaw, and eye socket. NO one filed charges then either, as I have been CALLING, CALLING, EMAILING, so many times I have NO clear idea WHY ONE single PERSON can NOT accept the most comprehensive evidence timelined evidence that ALL PROVES ROSE is a terrorist.  We have cautioned Military and now CIA that ROSE will escape again since clearly someone on inside of ?? is tipping him off everytime an investigation starts and is NEVER COMPLETED BY ANYONE because (yes) we have so many IMCOMPETENT PEOPLE in our Government that simply DO NOT CARE. When they see their own people are implicated, they tell each other JUST LET IT GO. Or maybe their own TOP AG FBI or ?? have told them on their secret database. KEITH's most extensive evidence implicates SALLY Q YATES, BERRY VIC REYNOLDS, His own LAWYERS (obviously) His own FAMILY(false witness since they STOLE his assets), Each POLICE OFFICER, DA, County JUDGes(all named), Federal Judges (already named), so many Public Defenders, ASAG Sally Yates, the most incompetent hired sub contractor DOCTORS Jill Voilin and ??(old old lady). the ONLY PERSON who actually saw I was innocent and NOT DANGEROUS was Doctor Williams who replaced criminal VOLIN who was Assoc Professor at UNC.chapel Hill who testified in open court with EVERYONE ELSE ( including Public Defender Phoenix Harris) that I had NO RIGHTS to TALK, NO RIGHTS to testify, NO RIGHTS to submit ANY EVIDENCE( Already in so so many peoples hands).  and YES I REMAIN MADDER THAN HELL, so will TRUMP and who ever is now DOJ director and FBI director as we can all see they SPEND ALL THEIR time fighting for their political lives and seldom or EVER uphold ANY existing Constitiional LAWS. 

  IS THERE ANYONE out there (reading this one 100% True Website that will call SOMEONE to CALL ME BACK and actually FIND ME and PROTECT ME as I truly have NO IDEA where is Robert ROSE by now..... as Clearly he can IP and cell phone track anyone by simply paying off someone inside inside phone company for GPS and Cell calls records. THAT he does also. For I had so many Bellsouth and CINGULAR contacts I kept in my contact book. PRIME for ROSE to pay off. I DOUBT it was VP Jose Vargas head of Bellsouth Mobility back in 2004 timeframe.

FOR I WAS INDEED FRAMED, OVER AND OVER and OVER, and am surely surprised why NO ONE has ever given me SAFE HAVEN protection as I bet that LANGLEY AirForce Base has SOME level of records (subcontractors again) that SHOW I asked to RETURN Monday am to speak DIRECTLY with Air Force Intelligence agents as SURELY some group has an unhackable Database. Again the EASIEST way to hack any database is to pay off an insider to get the password and back door access. Appears to happen daily everywhere as all these vendor forums we visit claim THEY Have the most secure unhackable Layered

100% true we have been working fearlessly FOR all Governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide for +11 years and have yet to be PAID for our extensive anti-crime technology that was the true reason for ROSE ordering 4 kidnappings we barely escaped each time once a single person intervened. The ONLY requirement this entire time is a sit down debriefing with FBI AG INTERPOL Military to TURN OER all evidence and THEY complete what we have paid them to do, SEIZE ROSE at all costs and get PAID the rewards from ROSE's own criminal assets that includes our extensive anti-crime technology being used to CYBERCRIME other world governments and corporations. WHO will simply CALL US BACK so we can THEN debrief all world leaders with PRESS CONFERENCES that finally UNIFY and REFORM our entire world....

  THE USA GOV at all levels has NEVER had any option but to PROTECT Keith and his crusaders from the ravages of ROSE + all world criminals.   Not ONLY did ROSE personally order 4 KIDNAPPINGS =900 days of pure hell for Keith Duncan, the most dangerous man in world paid off each top USA GOV agency at criminal rogue level to blacklist and criminally block keith and other TOP R&D Scientists to PREVENT any criminal evidence from destroying his billionaire warlord empire that is intent on OVERTHROW of our Gov and Corporations that is always the focus of any Terrorist organization....  the last video broadcast to world is:

  Sept 20, 2019 Our last contact was with Embassy Press Attache 1st Sec Heather C. Fabriknt at (632)301.2504, mobile (63)9189486456 we asked to TALK DIRECT with Ambassador Kim Sung, Military, FBI, HLS (AGAIN) as we were both Judges at We gave her the TOP evidence of Murder for Hire conspiracies same as we have delivered thousands of times. True requirement is simple HAND-OVER of all crime evidence for our USA GOV to investigate, protect our crusader teams, and seize all crime assets using existing Constitutional laws. For our rights have always been DENIED to face ANY accuser and to simply submit any evidence to prove the Crimes against Humanity are truly Cyber crime driven.  For +11.11 years now, we have already formed the last crime investigation organization that goes AFTER terrorists using simple methodology we pioneered from 1976 forward.

 WHO DO YOU KNOW is the most powerful question to ask.. NOW we all have PRESS Conferences with WORLD leaders to finally resolve and prevent ALL CRIMES in the first place. All criminals worldwide have already been ordered to surrender or face the horror of being manhunted down by our honest integrity driven Military, Police, and even common citizen using autoface recognition on any eDEVICE with FOIA.ONE open source public database and auto back ground check to see WHO is WHO and WHO owns WHAT, and WHO Trades What with WHO, so we can finally UNIFY our world after 4,500 years of war. The final result is the most powerful transfer of wealth in world history..

   Our crusaders have been turning over EACH evidence document as soon as each crime occurred and have been OFFERING our brokerage ANTI-CRIME services and products TO USA GOV and other Governments and all corporations this entire time. We even have offered since Sept 25, 2011 to GO WITH MILITARY, FBI, AG to seize ROSE and his other crime networks we already identified by signatures on Court Documents that is truly the most profitable Landmark Class Action SUIT in world history for the damages caused by refusals of any top law enforcement, Congress, Presidents, DOJ, DOD or anyone to SIMPLY PICK UP THE PHONE and CALL US to go to THEIR NEXT greatest places of needs as we were already world famous ANTI-CRIME keynote speaker Crusaders of true JUSTICE and

  Denial of ANY Constitutional or GOD's rights is a felony crime that puts offender in Prison for a really long time..  ROSE is the MOST POWERFUL International Security Threat in world history because of his ability to murder KeyWitness.LIVE and create wars among our nations that is the most crime profit of all. Easy for ROSE and others to simple get master password and back door access from any insider, then wage secret wars while shorting the Stock Market to earn trillions of $$$ of GOD's gifted assets....  Is $10 Million SUFFICIENT of ROSES's own billion $$$ assets to command our governments, CIA, Military, Interpol, even common people to FIND HIM and turn him over to Death Row after he has already murdered so many, robbed victim hims, paid off so many identified Federal Judges, Prosecutors, DAs, Police to hide his existence. Certainly all churches will rush to our aid for they benefit with that truly saves all nations...  For ROSE is the top Anti Christ as their are many and even the Roman Catholic church is required to clean up their coverups (Vatican secret vaults of cash, gold, documents we visited Holy Week 2015) of the true existence of GOD, Christ and appearances of other Apostles, disciples, and messianic messengers who speak Gods Truth despite being persecuted to death.  Apostle Keith as we continue to search for +11.11 years for world leaders who actually 'GIVE A DAMN' about protecting the rights of our citizens, churches, and communities soon to be owned and controlled by ALL our +7.7Billion People. Nothing left to add or delete as our world destroys itself or simply PICKS up the PHONE and calls any of our specific R&D Apostles including keith. 2019-09-17

This has always been the most massive criminal conspiracy and coverups that IS most profitable growing PayBack for

LandMark Class Action Suit Miscarriage of Justice.  Evidence has always shown that simple cybercrime methods are stealing BILLIONS of real $$ from our citizens every month. Appears now EVEN Trillions when any Market research mastermind looks at the rise and fall of stock markets since everyone knows the fixed 250 Trillion USD of world assets is being traded 30Billion Import/Export per year. This is a crime industry as our very own man made laws are the Taxes, restrictions, tarriffs, Customs duties, graft kick backs, secret conterfeit shipments, and other clear to see transfer of TRILLIONS of real  $$$ to the Criminal Ruling Elite. FINALLY after 40 years of the most extensive R&D research by the most masterminds genius of our world, we have legal constitution methods ratified to transfer all crime wealth BACK to our 7.7Billion forsaken people.

Simply ask any of our thousands of networked experts to HELP you claim these rewards through

Destruction and forgery of Police and DOJ Reports is a cybercrime as THAT is always the most profitable crime enterprise of all time. Now we have FOIA.ONE that exposes EVERYTHING in worlds last Open Public Source database.

MOST POWERFUL REQUEST to top authorities in world to fastpath required our WORLD leaders protect our lives and host the ONE World Peace SUMMIT series that obtains total world peace as promised by GOD and our top R&D scientists of highest merit. Please contact everyone you know. So simple.
BBK20191109-freepeace-1095.pdf Sent to Embassy and world, OF COURSE we publish to world almost everything we observe and report define. These are stored on DROPBOX, email broadcasts like this last one, on CDROMS, so many computers (original target of ROSE),
and of course have been contacting everyone we can this entire time.
  Dead silence is because no one with authority ever calls us back or plays anything forward in simple language. We publish this soon, just tired at 12:22am BBK20191109-SPeace-1095.pdf (soon)
we predict for ?? reason deadline of BBK20191111-FreePeace.pdf will be the turning point in world history. WHO WILL JOIN us and be paid for their simple efforts.

re-broadcast to world leaders, YOU become free citizens free of almost all crime once mass viral social campaign completes with data mining pure common sense logic method of Law of Large Numbers that means NO SECRETS.  This will occur regardless of hangups or denial of authority or jurisdiction or not upholding existing laws for our very powerful wealth group have already eliminated all legitimate objects (excuses)
  WE MUST have top R&D scientists and Professors of HIGHEST merit refine and complete to RATIFY our world to be free into new society everyone needs. This is UTOPIA of the PROMISED LAND of HEAVEN that is truly where we stand here on Earth. We work for and WITH GOD our entire lives. We truly have no clue why mankind does not respond except human nature thinks 'WHAT is in this for ME" so we solved that root primal issue by stating  'LOVE your ENEMIES' as we DID show ROSE LOVE by offering to sit down face to face and help him with our lawyers present to return our assets and offer him work as he is the most ruthless dangerous criminal who STARTED this most incredible PROFITABLE sequence.  IF we could refine publish any futher, we MAY.
TIme is GOD's most precious commodity combined with what we offer the most wealthy Intellectual Property in world history. That is EVOTE.ONE that is the proper step by step logical common sense AI method of most peaceful transition migration of trillions of real $$ to any and all third world nations.

Since we make this offer to all humanity you and anyone can follow the following request such simple requests..
WE would have called PRESIDENTS and WORLD leaders back in OCT 2011, prevented by ROSE and terrorist brother DOUG who are the true first criminals who want us gone =dead.
Never was anything we violated or did wrong. We are the world class observers who are SENT by GOD to teach all how to be honest with enforced integrity.
TOOK this long, 61 years to arrive at this moment when we TALK f2Face with all world leaders.

We have authorized military since Sept 25, 2011 utilizing the most powerful anti terrorist Patriot Act of 2001 as ROSE may be linked to 9-11 and did indeed infiltrate almost all databases for all reasons we have publish broadcast as soon as our R&D persons experienced or witnessed or informed about how criminals remain free.
  Since you were rude and violated Constitional law of 'REDRESS grievanances against Gov (the individuals of course, never USA GOV or any other instution), and aided and abetting a known terrorists, you are on world notice.

Only requirement since Sept 25, 2011 for Military Investigator to call FBI AG and even Obama, announce Keith was in protective custody, escort us to CIA, NSA, INTERPOL first, then back to FBI AG and host WORLD leader peace SUMMIT we had been planning and announcing for years.
Truly GOD lead and GOD taught to teach our world how to be FREE Will Citizens who all own and control everything in MY-OUR GODs world.

Therefore we most humbly REQUEST you see or call Mr. Sung Kim and follow the required Constitutional Procedure to TURN over required evidence TOO MASSIVE to republish and YOU get paid the REWARD on ROSE's now $50 Milllion USD as you will be the first to uphold laws. yes 100% true as we closely documented every single encounter as seed documentation for world to be free will citizens.

YOU are obligated by rudely hanging up, therefore make the calls
1. Mr. Kim
2. Military Investigator
3. Donald Trump
4. Duterte
 then host press conferences with us. 
We have just asked world to do the same. this is the step universal method of alpha to omega total world peace.
Keith Duncan  (63)917-335-4300 in Manila for world to contact now!  SkypeID: BuiltByKeith2
#1 Human RIGHTS Activist World Evangelist Fore-founding Father of your new world society R&D Scientist of all time. #1 World Clearinghouse of eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE = Universal Reformation Movement. ends all Terrorism, Crime, and Politics forever. remain the only KEY SOLUTION to all world problems.
Support and Fund NGO INC teams today 2019

DON"T get LOST in detail!!. GO TO FBI AG today as I asked everyone to DO Nov 2010 very long years ago.... 

LEGAL BOUNTIES of Historical value to entire world

SETS example for rest of our world....

CLICK: Legal Bounty REWARDs on HEADS of each person TIED to #1 most man hunted ROSE is in this broadcast to World DOJ DOD matrix.

Sept 10, 2019. When will ANYONE in USA GOV, Interpol, Other nations, Angel Philanthropists, Corporate Executives, PUBLIC respond and escort our prime crusaders BACK to testify to all world leaders... 

Anyone can see my life is in peril since ROSE defrauded, robbed, then ordered multiple kidnappings to KEEP me from TESTIFYING against him and his massive crime network that clearly implicates key top USA gov officials who have already been spotlighted and turned OVER to DOJ, DOD, Congress, world, Press...

   The End Result is the most massive Class Action Miscarriage of Justice in world history against all criminals at one time conducted by +7.7 Billion of our people. Not only do I work full time for GOD + humanity, our crusaders have perfected the world last social judicial peace system that requires virtually no Government or Corporations. Our PEOPLE now own all infrastructure and all resources. is GOD's last Covenant with mankind.

  I personally warned his wife Amy ROSE CLICK HERE infamous ROSE was a terrorist and to TURN him in. I even told Atlanta USA Marshal Tom Shell to find and seize his 3 children that would also force ROSE out of hiding in his Saddam Hussein Rathole at in Jan 2008 EVERYONE must call Amy and ROSE and tell them they are already on DEATH ROW... all of them..

I have the most comprehensive list of their contact #, D.L. #'s, last known locations from public internet and the dark web white hats who have been working for us past 7.777 bible years.

  The USA GOV has most effectively passed a 'DEATH SENTENCE' on myself (keith Duncan) by ORDERS of ROSE who defrauded me 1st $109,800 legally binding contract due March 2008, then he ROBBED my homes, then PAID off Atlanta Police, then blackmailed Judges, my lawyers, Prosecutors, DA Berry Vic Reynolds, then Federal Judges, IRS, FBI, AG, and appears to extort our Military. ALL to avoid DEATH ROW of himself. NOT a DAMN (bible word) SOUL has EVER investigated and SEIZED the most man hunted terrorist in world history = ROSE because of the most massive crime network located INSIDE our very own Government. It was always simple to claim I was incompetent, then criminally insane at time of NON-VIOLATION then DRUG the HELL out of me THREE times period of HELL JAIL 900 days to PREVENT anyone else from ever asking a SINGLE question on WHY and HOW I am a billionaire of Intellectual Value and that my OPEN SOURCE group have already solved all major world cascading issues and gifted EVERYTHING including ROSE and All criminal assets BACK to our forsaken world as legacy heritage of YOUR new world free of crime.

  Keiths registered INC (soon NGO Trust Foundation), have already legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized by you our people using these most simple (tm)(c) + patented solutions.. Anyone can join our Emissary teams by contacting us with donations and direct contacts TO our world leaders.  Delays only permit the Criminal Ruling Elite to finally destroy GOD's planet and you.

We have $2 USD left to our access in Manila as of 2019-09-10 = pre 2001-9-11 terrorist attacks by ?? (Was it ROSE behind this all the time?). Answer: YES. Everyone truly wants to know...

   WHO do you know to direct contact to FIND all of Keith's Crusaders and escort them to testify against all Criminals with top World Leaders at their side when THEY host the required Press Conferences... that should have occurred Sept 26, 2011 Langley AirForce Base debriefings.

   Original evidence constantly turned over to Police, Lawyers, IRS, FBI, AG, Military, Interpol starting summer of 2008 to present. We are the top anti crime experts in world. ROSE knew this and tried to blackmail extort us to force us to be his terrorist cyber criminals Jan 2008. We refused because we work for GOD + humanity full time showcasing not only HIS crime network, but all other networks with, FOIA.ONE and all other perfected solution methodologies that eliminate Politics and crime from all governments and mega corporations at one time.  Therefore each of the USA gov agencies including CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS and PRESS conferences WOULD have occurred at any point of any turnover. ROSE knew this and has blocked every testimony evidence because of his infiltration into your public databases (cell phone, internet Hacking, remote Surveillance), and infiltrating USA GOV and Corp databases with his underground terrorist other organizations including Atlanta Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey who will TESTIFY his direct criminal involvement in Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.7683.99 infamous and criminally granted Court order Aug 22, 2011 exactly 6 months post Criminally granted TPO 11.1.1171.99 after ROSE and Ms. Bashama robbed my homes..

  Will only take 1-2 hours to showcase ALL evidence to ANYONE and I walk away since this was always the authority and jurisdiction of the SAME organizations we have direct contacted and trained for now +11 very long years....

    The USA Military or FBI or INTERPOL will NOW simply CALL us and escort us BACK to cross train all our Law enforcement and Judicial system how to uphold the new world constitution that replace and bypasses well over 80% of man made laws that only benefit a few, and never the multitude.  When will we be escorted back to testify as each day millions die and billions lose their assets worth trillions since cyber crime terrorism is the most profitable crime of all....

Sept 8, 2019 We (AGAIN and AGAIN) JUST contacted USA EMBASSY and PRESS + key persons to COME FIND US. Only a phone call away and come GET us as we already have succeeded in putting ROSE on DEATH ROW Sept 25, 2011 forward...  thousands of others will surrender once their kingpin confesses on Intl TV.

Last update: Sept 8, 2019 as I am still alive ONLY by God's grace and part time support. ROSE is the worse cyber crime terrorist in USA/intl History based ONLY on his own evidence already delivered in person to all levels of law enforcement, lawyers, Press, public for now 11 years of pure hell Jan 14, 2008 forward. From Jan 15, 2008 forward, anyone completing what my teams paid them to do and turned over to all levels of law enforcement, PRESS, public would have resulted in massive replacement of all corrupt individuals by orders of GOD and what is left of our honest citizens. Aug 27, 2019 just sent email to top people including USA embassy asking them to find & Protect my Crusader teams  as I have NEVER had anyone protect any of my rights or YOURS this entire time. No one has ever demanded repayment of my perfected solutions or assets..

  The ONLY COMMANDED DIRECTIVE REQUIREMENT is for USA GOV, Interpol, Military, literally anyone to FIND and Seize this TERRORIST and PROTECT my Crusader network until UNIFICATION occurs. They claim the rewards on each head they publicly arrest and transfer to LOCAL Law enforcement before OTHER criminals find them to execute them. Prevented forever by the only World Saving solution sets of:
I was always worlds #1 ANTI CRIME expert and now #1 Sovereign Ambassador to freely travel to meet WORLD leaders to debrief them how to REFORM all gov + corporations.
Simply CONTACT our crusader teams and FLY us to your greatest Places of needs ASAP as everyone who UNIFIES our world deserves to be highly Paid Peace Ambassadors...
of who are the ultimate and ONLY Promise Keeper Guardians.
These 2 Docs below showcase the worst crimes against humanity conducted by super criminals, corrupt judges, lawyers, police, CID, IRS, FBI, AG, US Marshals, even a few Military all based on CRIMINALS controlled by Robert Dee Rose who are embedded inside our very own governments and corporations. He murders that is the final replicated ministries of our World saving Apostles sent from GOD himself.

  The SINGLE certified Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.1171.99 below was cancelled July 15, 2011. Based on robbery of my homes $40,000 cash and assets by ROSE and Ms. Bashama. Every document proves ROSE is the #1 super criminal terrorist of all time. For everyone has PREVENTED this from being seen by PUBLIC. We exposed EVERYTHING to all Law Enforcement, All lawyers, Judges, Press, Public, family and WORLD this entire time. As soon as ANY crime committed, we went public...  

  Therefore USA always has owed us DEPLOYMENT of each of these militarized legal solutions and:

1. Protection from ROSE and crime networks as I asked in person to USA GA AG sally q yates + USMarshals + Military Sept 2011, while all criminals are hunted down by public, military, FBI, Press.

2. Press Conferences with Public Apology my crusader teams have request ordered Nov 2010 forward.

3. Restore of our original $1.2 Million USD original fortune and return of over $500 Million USD cash to replace the Intellectual Property worth billions seen on #1 clearinghouse broadcast

Original SUMMARY: The most bible 'DAMNING' evidence has always been FBI-AG-Military-Interpol refusals (dead silence) to complete any of +100 investigations leading to Death Row Convictions of ROSE, Amy Rose, each linked criminal like and the high powered USA GOV agents who are directly linked to ROSE by their certified signatures and destruction of all evidence + court docs tied to massive Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice (murder for Hire) Norfolk VA 4:11cr112. Actual monetary and real damages exceed $500 Million USD. More in Punitive damages.

We already legally claimed 1% of all world crime assets seized to BUILD your new communities. Keith is #1 anti crime expert sage visionary guru keynote crusader in our entire world ! !


Rose and World all have known that if I am murdered, all hell breaks loose. For I work for our Creator Father and You this entire time. ROSE knew this all along and has done everything to murder ALL key eyewitnesses so HE will escape DeathRow from the most vivid world broadcast manhunt in world history. We have all ready claimed 100% of ALL of Roses assets making us instant billionaires this entire time. This is the biggest payback to YOU our most beloved people, since YOU get all these assets as soon as ROSE is seized and executed.....  All evidence was criminal HereSay as all evidence ALWAYS points back at each criminal....

Update.  Sept 2, 2019.  NOW $4 Million USD bounty on ROSE (dead or alive), no one can ever deny ROSE is most dangerous person still alive. He is a soul-less Antichrist demonic terrorist who wants to depopulate our world by terrorism.

July 27, 2019. All Crime Networks destroyed at one time with FOIA.ONE using EVOTE.ONE and and   EVERYONE MUST contact and visit FBI and AG to command they arrest + seize each of +100 criminals who are tied TO ROSE and all other criminals by their very own evidence !!!  I have most formally requested protection BY USA GOV and Military since Sept 25, 2011 Langley Air Force Base debrief BEFORE Rose ordered my 3,4,5 kidnappings BY USA Gov rogue criminal Agents. This done to prevent my teams from TESTIFYING against each crime network to be televised live with Press Conferences with our top Law enforcement and Congressional leaders including TRUMP.  ROSE cyber crime infiltrated USA GOV at almost all levels way starting before year 2005.   ROSE stole my anti-crime technology to use AGAINST all governments and corporations.  We already have contact visited PRESS, PUBLIC, Congress, Presidents, INTERPOL, and each law enforcement agency since spring 2008 showcasing ROSE as most dangerous wanted man in world. Below are the legal bounty rewards that are self funded BY the criminals own seized assets. Since I have identified +testified FIRST, I legally have claimed all seized assets to be used to FUND and other human right advocates.

All Assets Seized EVOTE.ONE recorded in FOIA.ONE will deposit just 1% into the public trust accounts of NGO.

This is the biggest PAYBACK in world history that legally transferres all crime assets back to the victims, then Keith Duncan Ministries, then you, my people.

    Each certified court document shown is the worst conspiracy crime trail that puts over 100 persons in prison including most of my own immediate family. All the evidence against Keith was libel/slander Hearsay, as not a SINGLE legally admissible evidence showed I did ANYTHING wrong. I spent 900 days in hell Jail during 5 kidnap illegal detainment as USA GOV even drugged me to become 'COMPETENT' so I would DIE in jail so key USA GOV officials would NEVER be identified for their criminal terrorist attacks against you and our very own governments and corporations. For CONTROL of information is HOW cyber crime is the most horrific crimes against humanity. Dispatch to come find me RIGHT now ! ! ! I went to Langley Air Force Base Virginia Sept 25, 2011 asking for 'safe haven' protection since I was already #1 top anti crime expert of our world....

 Who earns easy 25% of $500 million USD for filing the proper paperwork with federal judges and prosecutors??

First Photo is MOST CRITICAL and worth over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages. PROVES USA GOV had NO reason to arrest me in 1st place, much less almost MURDERING ME by FORCED DRUGS because my very own family TESTIFIED I was a DRUG ADDICT, therefore GOVERNMENT wanted to ENSURE I WAS A DRUG ADDICT so they would never be investigated for direct TIES to ROBERT DEE ROSE.  Easy to get immediate convictions with that eliminates all corrupt Judges and judicial officials.  Even fired AG sally Yates implicates herself on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 based on Cobb county TPO 11.1.1171,99 dismissed 10 weeks BEFORE I was asked by retired congressman Buddy Dardin to go direct to USA intelligence Langley Air Force Base Virginia documented Sept 25, 2011 9pm Sunday until 2am.

Last update: July 8, 2019  Contact my two last prime lawyers Cleveland Buela (63)917-763-3188 in Manila and Nelson Clemente (63)917-534-4541 Even famous Greco + Jeremiah Belgica (pastors and lawyers, father is Butch) at are soon mega Millionaires for contacting most powerful law firms and USA GOV officials in Washington D.C. and Atlanta ga to command they FINALLY protect Keith's life, find a single JUDGE to sign warrants. ROSE infiltrated USA GOV at almost all levels and cybecrime stole + erased all of HIS evidence. That is TREASON + ESPIONAGE.

The Following criminals have Bounty rewards on their heads for their arrests and convictions using ONLY their own signed certified PUBLIC documents against themselves. They can not plead the 5th amendment since they have already 100% incriminated themselves on court recordings.

LEGAL BOUNTIES of Historical value to entire world

SETS example for rest of our world....

    Everyone call Atlanta GA Attorney General Chris Carr at (404) 581-6000.  Ask his OFFICE, chief of staff to IMMEDIATELY contact my cell (63)9173354300 as they promised 9 months ago. Have them emergency CALL USA Embassy Manila and dispatch MILITARY to CONTACT and FIND me so I can FINALLY get PROTECTION from USA GOV to debrief them on all aspects of WHY I was kidnapped by ROSEs orders so many times.   That is the true FOCUS for world this entire time...  DEAD silence always shows ROSE is behind all these infiltration of my-your USA government databases with and other hidden super criminal RICO enterprises I reported starting 2008 at all levels to all law enforcement including Sept 25, 2011. 9 pm.... 

    Hundreds of times I have showed ALL CRIMES to Police, then IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals and my own lawyers, and PRESS = PUBLIC.  Terrorist ROSE has been cyber stalking all my activities since spring of 2008 and threatening my life this entire time. FIVE separate times I have been KIDNAPPED, DENIED all MY RIGHTS for total of 900 days while ROSE and other CRIMINALS robbed my 2 homes and destroyed all court evidence and documents so not a 'DAMN SOUL' would ever investigate any of these extreme crime sprees of the OTHER thousands of victims. Most are multi-millionaries living in Atlanta and Bahamas as well as other Southeast states of USA. This is WHY USA GOV is commanded to PROTECT my RIGHTS and LIFE, SEIZE each person involved, and turn over THEIR crime assets to my NGO companies with balance going to the OTHER victims, then to UNIocracy.ORG Reform Unification organizations.

Search RescueKeith on  I request / commanded entry into Federal Witness Protection Program through the same DOJ Sally q Yates in Sept 2011 BEFORE ROSE ordered my 2, 3, 4, 5 kidnappings BY the exact same law enforcement agencies I had already debriefed for years. This is FINAL PROOF I work fearlessly for ALL Military, Police, and YOU.  Aug 11 2012. - "No Reason for Me to Be Here" - Cybercrime Potential Exposed by Keith Duncan  Aug 11 2012 - "I continue to demand entry into federal witness protection program."  ### World Press Release and Press Conferences. Sept 16, 2016. Title: #390 Robert Dee Rose is killed by per BuiltByKeith   The original website was created and broadcast to world as soon as I personally detected ROSE was cyber stalking my homes and visits to Lawyers, Press, top government officials. This done at extreme expense to ensure ROSE went to DEATH ROW if he murdered me or paid off US GOV to murder me on false pretense. (drug overdose BY forced antipscyhotic drugs. They almost succeeded 3 times over 900 day HELL JAIL period.).  ROSE has been extorted each of my own lawyers and top level government officials to forge documents and destroy all evidence of his own +20 year crime sprees.  Like Sadam Hussein, Rose hides with his extreme criminal wealth such as Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 worth over $3000,000 USD and the IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009 case 658 worth over $8 Million.

   Here is EXACTLY what MUST happen NOW.  This would have occurred Sept 26, 2011 Langley VA, Air Force Base post visit.

1. ROSE, Ms. Bashama, + all others tied to ROSE by their very own evidence/signatures are immediately SEIZED and their assets turned over to keith brent duncan and his NGO foundation of total Peace and Social Justice UNIocracy.ORG

  This includes every single Lawyer (mine and USA GOV), Police, DA, Judges who testified against me and destroyed the original Court documents and emails showing that Ms. Bashama and ROSE had defrauded me and then ROBBED my homes to destroy all of their prime evidence !!! This was always FBI AG only responsibility to PROTECT my life and rights as well as my 7.6 Billion slave traded people.

2.  USA GOV hosts PRESS Conferences and goes WITH Keith's teams to eradicate all other crime networks using these most effective and only common sense use of Integrity based CopyRight Intellectual Property methodology.

3.  With eVOTE.ONE + FOIA.ONE and, our Public decides the Real and Punitive damages the USA GOV and each criminal pays back to Keith as restitution for Real and Punitive damages from Nov 4, 2007 forward.  No criminal or terrorist will survive these manhunts after they refuse to surrender themselves and identify each of their Other Victims + confess their crime history + victims.

4. World leaders convene on emergency Round Table Summit basis to merge all nations into one UNIocracy new world society by engaging the top level intellectual minds to roadmap the fast path transition to our new UNIONISM humanity using the original Commandments + 10 other migration commands of  Anyone objecting must provide a best answer solution or they are banished from participation using these New Rules of Duncan's Order.

  CLICK:  to WITNESS the Court Documents of EVR*.pdf used to order Murder for hire conspiracies that indict 85 to 100 criminals by their own signatures with TOP conspirator being fired (Georgia AG) then DOJ AG Sally Q Yates for her signature on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Conspiracy to MURDER by destruction of all other EVIDENCE already delivered to IRS, FBI, AG, USmarshals, PRESS, and PUBLIC. This is the most powerful easy Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice lawsuit series in WORLD history as the economic and LEGAL damage caused by each person is trillions of $$$ in value and benefits for all my 7.6 billion people. 

  WHO HOSTS the required and DEMANDED Press Conferences to teach all our world leaders how to WORK TOGETHER to resolve ALL International Issues.

June 9, 2019. Just engaged more lawyers with legal binding offer of 25% of $500 Million USD to command USA GOV and find and seize Robert Dee Rose at Clearly ROSE is #1 most man hunted super criminal cyber crime terrorist is USA, even international history. He infiltrated USA GOV and corporate databases with rogue USA Gov Agents including fired DOJ AG sally Q. Yates over 11 years ago. Guilty of massive treason, espionage, sedation, international money laundering, cyber crime spying on his own +1000 mega millionaire clients, ROSE would have been on Death Row per my Langley Air Force Base debriefing Sept 25, 2011 Virginia. Instead, ROSE was cyber stalking my travels and debriefings of Police, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, Military, Lawyers, and everyone I met. Therefore USA GOV MUST find me now and provide me physical protection against ROSE and his growing demonic crime networks while hosting Press Conferences to deploy FOIA.ONE  Anyone can quickly find ROSE and turn him over to any law enforcement officials while FBI AG HLS Military CIA seize all his assets to be turned over to my NGO #1 top anti crime crusader organizations of and other humanitarian human right activitist groups.


May 19, 2019. Just sent this again, directly to the ONE criminal who testified AGAINST me for 2 long years. SHE was the public defender who KNEW entire time I was robbed and kidnapped so OTHER criminals could attempt to murder me in HELL-JAIL, never PRISON.  Attorney Phoenix S. Ayotte. Ayotte, Carmichael Ellis & Brook, PLLC Washington D.C. Sent Linked IN Message May 19,2019. to office 703-684-7908. WHY does FBI refuse to investigate and SEIZE these criminals?  United States v. K.D.    Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. She claimed I was incompetent and criminally Insane on her own website, trying to justify WHY she committed SO SO many crimes against Keith Duncan. See Photo in Yellow background above to PROVE this conspiracies are 100% true.

Listen to Oct 5, 2019 VOICE RECORD as FBI Atlanta Criminal Investigator Lynn confesses ROSE is a wanted criminal and I was kidnapped multiple times. SHE forced me into GA Regional Mental Hospital for 5.5 weeks so USA GOV = FBI could force medicate me (AGAIN) into a vegetable so I would be unable to testify against ROSE or USA GOv criminal agents. Not a single DAMN (biblical) soul went went me to PREVENT my rights from being violated again. USA GOV spent $500,000 USD or more for 848 days per the following criminal conspiracies that have NEVER gone public and been resolved with Press Conferences and public restitution. FBI AG must be INVESTIGATED externally NOW!

TO WORLD + Attorney Ayotte (Phoenix Harris). shows Robert Dee Rose ordered my illegal detainment - kidnapping 4 separate times each time I went BACK to Police, FBI, IRS, AG, and even USA military. My entire fortune of over $1l2 million USD and more sold off by other criminals including my own Duncsn clan over 900 days of being held violating so many Constitutional laws.  Yet my own lawyers refuse to go to PRESS, FBI, IRS, AG in that exact order for they demand payment AGAIN and AGAIN yet have never filed the proper civil and criminal charges so,I can finally testify I was always ONLY the prime key eyewitness and ONLY the PLAINTIFF, never a defendant.  Happened again Oct 5, 2018 at FBI headquarters when Agent LYNN confessed ROSE was under crime investigation and that I had been illegally held for 848,days.  Therefore, she forced me into GA regional hospital,as a mental patient claiming I was ??incompetent??  ?? disillusioned??  ??? For showing I was and am victim of organized crime AND my very own USA GOV. direct eDemocracy of replaces all forms of governments and corporations. .

    Who earns 25% of $500 million USD for filing the proper paperwork with federal judges and prosecutors??  Even fired AG sally Yates implicates herself on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 based on Cobb county TPO 11.1.1171,99 dismissed 10 weeks BEFORE I was asked by retired congressman to go direct to USA intelligence Langley AirForce Base Sept 25, 2011.

April 24, 2019  #476 Video above puts ROSE on Death ROW by Military action since Congressional Investigations and World Leaders have already been debriefed years ago. Everyone MUST command our world leaders protect Keith's teams lives and assets NOW with no excuses they are 'TOO BUSY' or have no stake in the worst political and legal corruption in world history.  Keith and USA GOV and his people hereby offer 25% bounty rewards on the heads of every single person tied to #1 world terrorist Robert Dee Rose. This percentage is based on the total value of all seized assets of over 100 persons linked to ROSE crime networks. Even the FBI AG IRS Military CIA, etc, can claim mega millions of real $$ by being first groups to SEIZE ROSE and each person who was criminally incompetent to violate your laws and destroying public court documents all showing the most massive coverup conspiracies involving the original multiple felony robberies of keith's home, his bank accounts, his extensive + Billions of real $$$ valued intellectual property, and attempting to MURDER KEITH by the USA GOV criminal agents so YOU my people would perish in the pending cyber crime genocide already in progress by 'The Criminal Ruling Elite' = New World Order family crime dynasties.  I debrief another top anti corruption task force Wed April 10, 2019 near USA Embassy Manila.

   From Nov 15, 2010 to Oct 5, 2018.   On Oct 5  2019, FBI-Atl headquarters debrief, crime Investigator LYNN ?who? at 3-5 pm committed major felony crimes by confessing ROSE is under criminal investigations and acknowledged I was kidnapped multiple times so ROSE and others could rob me of all my resources while destroying all publicly available court documents. This key conversation was voice recorded and rebroadcast to world. Lynn refused to contact ANYONE + REFUSED to contact anyone to protect Keith re this 2 hour interview. She criminally forced Keith into GA Region Hospital Atl on false charge of ?incompetent delusional? for 5.5 weeks BECAUSE she and key others are extorted by ROSE and powerful officials to destroy each and all certified irrevocable evidence of publicly shown court docs. Each of those involved are protecting by deleting all crime investigations. I went to CNN-ATL, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal offices and sat in brief Legislative session Nov 14, all about 100% Direct democracy UNIOCRACY.ORG just updated. 

       Contact World Leaders, PRESS, DOJ, DOD, Trump, Congress + Public.  Criminals scream 'bloody' murder that their criminal privacy rights are violated since they refuse to confess their crimes,identify their victims, and pay back restitution to all involved in order to be 'forgiven' and accepted back into society as 100% integrity based contributing citizens. ROSE would have been put on death row by these methods including that eliminates ALL LYING  Lawyers, Judges, prosecutors, DAs like Cobb County Berry Vic Reynolds and the judicial officials of Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, Forsyth, Gwinnett Counties that are part of ROSE"s extensive international cyber crime terrorist organization networks.

  March 28, 2019.  With $2 Million USD bounty from IRS Whistle Blower Feb 2009, 658 (worth +$8 Million USD to keith) on his head for +6 years, Robert Dee Rose is the most dangerous cyber crime terrorist who is being actively protected by rouge criminal agents who work inside the DOJ, DOD, IRS, FBI, AG, US Marshals as these persons have been identified by name and crime occurrence starting back in spring 2008. Over $500 Million USD is due keith's companies for real and punitive damages by preventing YOU my people from RISING up to eliminate all crime networks with eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and new role of all military and law enforcement agencies. This was personally delivered to Langley AF Base Sept 25, 2011 as that historical event scared ROSE so bad he ordered my 3rd and 4th kidnappings that now numbers 900 Days of full scale illegal detainment BY your own USA GOV. See for how YOUR government force drugs top whistle blower key eyewitnesses to prevent self FBI incrimination. PROTECT Keith and his team life today as all criminals are identified and punished at one time with these only world saving methods.

  FBI AG + USA GOV personally owes Keith Duncan over $500 million USD because of ROSE's treason, espionage, murder, kidnappings, extortion, and longest list of felony crimes. USA GOV owe us major press conferences to reveal over 85 to 100 criminals tied to Robert Dee ROSE, super criminal terrorist living now at  He ordered my kidnappings by Atlanta police, then USA gov after I delivered all his crimes to FBI AG Nov 2010 forward. I spent over 900 days in hell jail based on cancelled Cobb county TOO 11.1.1171.99 dated July 15, 2011. ROSE owes me over $300,000 USD Forsyth County GA judgment 08SC-1345, IRS WBFeb2009, 658 is worth over $8 million USD in rewards from IRS for massive tax evasion and cyber crime terrorist attacks against our own USA gov agencies and

 March 7, 2019. READ and ACT with authority to identify and seize all criminals. This will be the last major update here and on broadcast Simply search for BuiltByKeith and 'Robert Dee Rose'.  CLICK:


    I remain the prime key eyewitness plaintiff victim of ROSE in the most powerful Class Action Lawsuit of Injustice and kidnapping coverup conspiracies in USA even world history based on the threats to my life after I identified each crime and persons who violated laws. The evidence has always been clearly irrefutable that my homes were robbed after ROSE and Ms. Bashama defrauded me of my own assets, then filed criminally granted Protective Orders to prevent law enforcement and the public + Press from commanding their arrests and seizures of my assets while putting them on Death Row and prison for their other career crimes against thousands of my people. Even Senators and Congressmen face removal from office for their refusals to contact FBI AG and other top law officials including Military DOD and Trump. 

    The USA GOV routinely kidnaps whistle blower victims on orders of criminals and drugs the living HELL out of them to prevent them from ever testifying and hosting press conferences. The USA GOV has almost succeeded in murdering me by forced drugging to FORCE me to forget the crimes committed by each person including my very own +8 primary lawyers I paid over $150,000 USD since Nov 2007 to recover my very own stolen $1.2 Million USD lifetime fortune. I am currently back in Manila broadcasting daily in GOD's Holy name as the fore founding father of your new world society

  Feb 20, 2018 Read the Top Left PDF file response from Senator Purdue. Clear to see NO ONE LEFT at any level of government who upholds ANY law at all.  Congressional Investigations have been DEMANDED by our nation to identify WHO are the true criminals working inside our own corporations and GOV agencies. All part of FOIA.ONE new society free of almost all crimes. EVERYONE MUST stage Mass Protest Rallies to FINALLY get the attention of Intelligence Agencies, PRESS, and World Leaders. I fully expect to NOT SURVIVE so many criminals who want me dead who are tied to Robert Dee Rose and other world crime network terrorist organizations. Not a 'DAMN' soul has ever filed any crime charge or protected my rights to testify against more than 100 criminals all tied to ROSE by their very own signatures.

  Feb 16, 2018 Senator David Purdue (GA-USA) contacted directly again today. We called his offices yesterday commanding he take action WITH FBI AG to prevent all these crime sprees from overturning our very own USA GOV. (See Top left PDF FILE above, just below ROSE video). We are COMMANDING Congressional Investigations and for FBI AG to be put on criminal trial to world on HOW they protect ROSE and WHO is involved in the most massive coverups conspiracies of cyber crime terrorism in USA, even world history.

  Feb 2, 2019. Concealing all these crimes against USAGOV and myself is just as deadly serious as participating. I just re-called my original two lawyers in Atlanta Tom Chorey (404)640-5969 and Vivian Hoard (404)541-2223 and commanded they contact FBI to demand USA GOV contact myself and debrief top officials and PRESS on exactly what ROSE has done against thousands, even millions by committing treason, espionage, murder, extortion of high ranking Georgia, Norfolk VA,  and Washington D.C. officials shown below. THE USA GOV owes me hosted press conferences and federal=military protection so I can finally testify against over 100 criminals and officials for their massive violations of USA Laws and Human RIGHTS. I only have days left of my last survival personal funds since everyone REFUSES to contact the correct officials.

   Nov 29, 2018 Ms. Bashama robbed my leased home over $40,000 USD Feb 4, 2011 forged Marietta P.D. 1.11.2506 then got criminally granted TPO 11.1.1171.99 granted Feb 22, 2011 as ROSE Paid off each CID police, judges, lawyers involved. Dismissed July 15, 2011, NO VIOLATION could have occurred as the crimes against humanity and civil/felony crimes continue since FBI is protecting each criminal involved y REFUSALS to take any/all actions against +85 persons tied to ROSE. She has $10,000 USD bounty on her head for years now for anyone, including FBI AG to find her to collect.  Bashama text messaged me asking for my street address. Is this to KILL ME or file another false TPO against me to stop all legal action to put her in prison along with her crime network associates such as Wendell carraway. The documents are above for you world to believe and ACT with AUTHORITY of your new world society.


   Everyone can CALL Ms. BASHAMA AKA tammy faye auston at (201)893-4017 in Michigan and DEMAND she turn herself in to FBI AG.  

    Search and Seizure of ROSE and Ms Bashama was legally ordered and authorized By Keith, Cobb County Georgia USA Judge R Flourney, and DA Berry Vic Reynolds in Sept 2011 (keith's own $6,000 USD lawyer) based on original Marietta PD. 1.11.2506 dated Feb 4, 2011 that was criminally forged 4 times showing Robbery of Keiths home of millions of USD in Intellectual Property including the Patent Pending famous design worth $500 Million USD as worlds last all digital classroom/home/office/Government on+off line remote educational system.  All other answers to humanities crimes are on  Pending and USA GSA contracts were/are worth BILLIONS in property rights of Evote.ONE + driven almost free SolutionHousing.ORG,  FREE education of  SolutionSafeWater.ORG + all other trillion USD $$ collective transfer of GODs assets stolen by Criminal Ruling elite that are RETURN Transferred back to CEOSPACE.NET and 7.6 Billion of my people.

    Congressional Special Criminal Investigations would have occurred Sept 2011 when the Military escorted Keith to Washington D.C. to testify all aspects of ROSE's treason espionage sedition infiltration of our Government has been occurring for +15 years including Alexander Cyclone Covey. Implicated by their very own certified signatures are 85 criminals including fired DOJ AG Sally Q Yates since she was personally visited Sept 2011 by Keith, then she violated USA Laws signing Norfolk V 4:11cr112 on Dec 13, 2011 shown

    Sept 28, 2018. Prepare for historical meeting my teams at Atlanta Airport Oct 4, 2018 9:30am to escort us with PRESS media coverage to FBI AG headquarters.  Once the FBI AG Military PRESS, PUBLIC, literally ANYONE goes WITH ME, we go direct TO MY lawyers, each of them, and command they REFUND all + $100,000 USD or more CASH I paid them to have ROSE and Ms. Bashama arrested +10, +7 years ago. They won't need any money for they will be seized without bail for their direct ties to ROSE and other criminal networks.  This fulfills the original prime reason for WHY I debriefed Langley VA Air Force Base Sept 25, 2011 that has NEVER been resolved at any level. All because ROSE continues to cyber attack the USA GOV and Corporations with Cyclone Alexander Covey and destroy all crime trail time lined evidence that shows he is the most dangerous terrorist and now International Most Wanted Fugitive in USA/world history with $2 million USD bounty on his head. This is root basis for World changing FOIA.ONE most wanted public database.
   Sept 25, 2018. Ms Bashama has been located Negaunee, Michigan, Thomas Auston (Tom) brother (602)435-6714   Brother Derek  DA Roofing and Remodeling. the FBI AG have been commanded years ago to SEIZE this terrorist tied to Robert Dee ROSE. The USA GOV will host press conferences to showcase WHO and WHY these perfect crimes are being covered up by very powerful USA GOV officials and WHY NOT a 'DAMN' Biblical soul has upheld any existing criminal law to RESTORE all of Keith's stolen assets of $1.2 Million USD.

  Sept 14, 2018. HUGE related news is:   Ron Onorato went to Prison for 6 months per April 18, 2018 news article. RON is the one who hosted court deposition office space and listened to ROSE and I Cross examining each other as ROSE tried to file 5 counter suits to destroy my entire assets claiming I cost him $900,000USD in lost business BECAUSE he was scamming me the entire time.  ROSE re-wired his home SO BAD, employee told his wife during court session of their lawsuit AGAINST ROSE, that she must sleep with a fire extinguisher because of the rewire violations were NEVER done to CODE. DON"T get LOST in detail!!. GO TO FBI AG today as I asked everyone to DO +7 very long years ago.... 

1. GO to FBI and confess his crimes as NO signed or dated arrest warrant was issued Sept 25, 2011 post my Safe haven debriefing at Langley AirForce Base. The two false charges were the SAME one 40 second video that puts ROSE in prison used to created the conspiracy TPO 11.1.7683.99 Cobb County kidnapping series.  Ross Grisham already reported personally to GA State BAR and FBI as soon as HIS crimes were committed. 

2. was WHY I went to Langley upon direction by Retired USA Congressman Buddy Darden in Sep 2011.

   All other Lawyers, Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Police CID officers, Wardens, AUSAG, and fired AG Sally Yates + all others directly tied BY their very own certified signatures on their testimony do indeed, face +10 years in Prison and real and punitive damages caused by threats to INTL famous ANTI-CRIME expert keith brent duncan.  Nothing more has ever been done since Nov 4, 2007 to DEMAND COMMAND ROSE must be put on Death ROW as ROSE will indeed murder anyone who exposes him for his massive crime sprees and crimes against humanity.

    Mass RIOTS, Bloodshed, Chaos will BREAK out in USA and even worldwide once my-our people see ANY of these crimes against humanity committed by ROSE and so many other specific terrorists and HOW ROSE prevents all investigations since he infiltrated almost all GOV and Corporate Databases with some 8 years ago. Since I am #1 top anti crime expert in world, NO ONE can EVER deny any of your rights again since my destiny is to return to heaven when my-our FatherGOD calls me home to sit on left hand of HIS throne to pass judgment on all others. I have never claimed I was Christ.

   April 20, 2018. The original prime reason I enlisted USA Military Sept 25, 2011 was to go WITH them to FIND and SEIZE ROSE with use of the Patriot Act for enemy combatants. ROSE clearly infiltrated USA GOV and Corporate databases +10 years ago and tried to extort/blackmail keith duncan to be the worlds top cybercrime tech terrorist. Since ROSE almost murdered myself, and is a serial killer a well as committing treason, espionage, massive obstruction of justice as a sociopath lunatic, the FBI and AG will indeed be replaced by  All honest USA GOV law enforcement officials and officers of all courts of law now join our New World Society run by, for, and OF our people using and 

     March 1, 2018. I just called AG Atlanta (404)665-3300 for them to contact FBI Military and protect my life while I debrief our world on all aspects of WHY ROSE is a cyber crime terrorist who directly ordered my 2, 3, and 4th illegal detainment our world knows as KIDNAPPING and Murder for Hire as well as massive Obstruction of Justice.. The true answer is the most powerful Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice ever filed by our Washington D.C. Attorney General as this has always been their legal jurisdiction and duty to uphold Constitutional Laws.

  All to create New single world Constitution Mandate Charter as humanity now lives under ONE standard unified set of laws and commandments so NO crime enterprises can ever survive the WRATH righteous Anger of GOD and eVOTE.ONE humanity.

   HOW can ROSE order kidnappings #2, #3,  #4, #5 (Cobb County GA USA Aug 22, 2011 TPO 11.1.7683.99 and Feb 22, TPO 11.1.1171.99) = Conspiracies to MURDER and Treason against USA Norfolk VA 4:11cr112,  and still remain free as pending criminal billionaire using all of Keith's 'TRILLION USD' worth of anticrime methodology and patented intellectual property and publishing copyrights?  

      Answer: Cyber crime easy infiltration into each of these Court Documents and government/corporate agencies by blackmailing everyone involved to COVER up his OTHER cyber crime terrorist RICO International INTERPOL crimes against humanity.  USA GOV and all world Military are always held 100% responsible for contacting Keith Duncan and his growing ANTI CRIME teams who evangelize our world on HOW to UNIFY with Evote.ONE + FOIA.ONE that IDs and eliminates ALL crime networks forever.

All evidence shows ROSE is #1 Terrorist in world for his ability to infiltrate Gov and Corporate databases and cyber attack his own and Caribbean Supply Services INC clients turned all victims. This Class Action Lawsuit of Landmark Miscarriage of Justice has verifiable value of bilions of $$$ for real and punitive damages caused by specific criminals in and outside our own USA Government agencies as their crime testimony evidence is shown below. Atlanta GA Lawyer Alexander Cyclone Covey will also be easy for all to convict to Death Row for his conspiracies shown to all.


  ROSE does MURDER eyewitnesses. This is always why fired AG Sally Q Yates and all other criminals tied to ROSE must be found and forced to testify against each other.  Last reports were ROSE is owner in hiding at and 'Running with the Roses' mega Yacht at Paradise Island as $2 Million USD bounty on his head for FBI AG Military, literally ANYONE to GO SEIZE HIM and his estimated over $500 Million USD crime assets, then deliver him chained with these documents to any law enforcement agency.  Criminals will also LOVE to FIND ROSE first so that is the true RACE condition of why ROSE will be DEAD by MILITARY or criminals as soon as ANYONE contacts the #1 anti crime expert Evangelist technology Crusader of EVOTE.ONE and all other fore founding answers of new world society of UNIocracy. This is YOUR utopia of crime free travel trade commerce and ability for my-our world to be total social Justice and Peace.

Jan 30, 2018. Direct to WORLD. Anyone can see since Jan 15, 2008 that Robert Dee Rose is a terrorist cyber crime mastermind. Wanted by thousands who he has victimized with their very own installed pre-wired home and business automation systems that all have back door 'WaterGate' style infiltration of all critical information from inside your bedrooms, courtrooms, gov agencies, back-door CCTV, and infiltration of almost all USA and Corporate Database systems. All that was required was a few minutes of 'bugging' any premise with and even shipping pre-wired bugged lighting and security systems to top level GOV and Corporate millionaires. Then extorting them with their own data and vice crimes this entire time. PREVENTED forever with EVOTE.ONE and simple deployment of MILITARY or FBI-AG, Interpol and even Philippine Military ( to call me and COME FIND ME.  Can't be this hard after all this time of being #1 most severely persecuted, ROBBED, denied all rights, falsely ARRESTED on Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed kidnapping orders date July 15, 2011 by criminal conspirator Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds.  Clearly I am the most humble #1 anti crime key note speaker expert in world (shown to world this entire time).


 This is WHY world leaders and top officials have already been debriefed as soon as any crime was committed and reported to all levels of law enforcement, public, press, and world. NOW I, keith duncan, will have MILITARY FBI escort BACK to USA to testify against +95 individuals who all are tied to ROSE by their very own Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 criminal conspiracy signatures and coverup destruction of their own OTHER crime sprees worth BILLIONS of USD in economic damage to our very own GOV systems at extreme taxpayer cost on WHY our justice system MUST be tort reformed with and

   The Ultimate Add on: keith b duncan has already legally claimed ALL of ROSE's criminal and personal assets to be turned over back to all his victims.  ROSE is a known sociopath psychopath super criminal terrorist as I personally worked (unpaid) for Nov 4, 2007 to Jan 14, 2008 when he threatened my life because I showed him his own Massive Cyber crimes and Money Laundering from his HWIGL.pdf (General Ledger). Everything was turned over and debriefed to local Police, GA State Bar, GBI, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, My own lawyers, and Military this entire time. Only reason ROSE is 'Sadam Hussein' hiding is because all world criminals + Military + USA GOV are also man hunting him right now for $2 Million USD that ANYONE can claim by delivering ROSE to the FBI, AG, or Military NOW ! !.  Both Ms Bashama and Sherry Duncan took out bank account / credit cards in my name. Bank Fraud, ID theft are just minor crime charges.  Murder for Hire is 100% what ROSE has done. Proof IS those Medical documents and how ROSE continues to DISCREDIT me from afar with SLANDER and LIBEL. His ONLY answer is to TURN HIMSELF IN, as millions of CRIMINALS will LOVE to FIND HIM and his crime assets BEFORE the USA GOV finally shows up to SEIZE MY ASSETS.  FOR I have already legally filed claim on every PENNY of ROSE's assets.

Jan 16, 2018.  Previous PRIME video was:

    Since Jan 15, 2008, the USA GOV (FBI, AG, Military, all others) are 100% obligated to find KEITH, PROTECT my LIFE, your Lives, and ALL our ASSETS. This has never occurred BECAUSE of the most massive infiltration of our government and corporate databases by super criminals starring Robert Dee Rose as #1 most ManHunted person in world history.  Using these copyrighted intellectual property ROSE stole from my computers and homes to avoid his Death Row, even Military massive world manhunt. He has always been easy to FIND and SEIZE using these New World Society #1 and only methods.  Everyone MUST DEMAND-Command USA GOV protect my life against terrorist ROSE as ALL evidence shows he is mastermind behind infiltrating almost all corporate and government databases. This is also WHY I asked for safe haven protection from USA Sept 25, 2011 Sunday 9pm.

 Jan 12, 2018. Robert Dee Rose is currently at his Watergate international telecom terrorist crime center condos at Everyone call him and demand they surrender to Interpol, Military, FBI-AG or face the biggest manhunt in world history by only HIS own evidence. His direct #'s shown on his posts are: USA (242)424-6280 and his VOIP VPN +1(404)867-8063. He will never survive 7.5 Billion people and all churches man hunting him on w/ EVOTE.ONE

   I arrive BACK in USA to testify to world via Press Conferences as soon as YOU, my people RISE UP to demand focus always be on all CRIME NETWORKS to UNIFY all with and all other comprehensive methods that restore total Peace and Social Justice to prevent final Holocaust of WW4.

   Aug 7, 2017 CLICK: destroys all crime inside all governments, including arrests of USA Embassy Manila Special Agent Chris Wilson + all others for felony Obstruction of Justice for NOT forwarding the most massive confirmed criminal crime sprees to USA FBI-AG and Military. This is all to ensure Humanity's legacy survival from the Criminal Ruling Elite. Join to command all governments remove all criminals from society today. TAKE ACTION is the ONLY commanded requirement to avoid mass riots and mayhem when PUBLIC sees the TRUE son of humanity was kidnapped and almost murdered by criminal USA GOV agents and WHY all other governments MUST protect Keiths life and Intellectual Property rights to unify all mankind.  Even General Restituto Padilla was personally contacted on his cell phone today, asking for SAFE HAVEN protection from these crime ridden agents who work FOR ROSE and the criminal ruling elite. This is WHY I have legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized internationally using my copyright, published, and gifted answers to BUILD new world communities safe from all these terrorists who also work INSIDE so many Government and Military agencies as well as underground super criminal ANTI-CHRIST Robert Dee Rose.

  Update: Aug 11-12 DOJ, Supreme Court, PNP Interpol-Cybercrime, Human Trafficing, NBI(multiple Depts) personally visited to ORDER these solutions go PUBLIC with help of our soon, millions of Evangelist Technology Crusaders who actually fearlessly protect the rights of all others to create our New World Society free of almost all crime forever. on Sept 25, 2011 at 9 pm, Sunday, I requested 'safe haven' at Langley Airforce base through OSI Capt Christopher Weber to debrief and teach Langley Air Force Intelligence how to attack and seize billions of $$$ wealth held by Robert Dee Rose ( ) and who are fugitives from all world law enforcement agencies based on their massive crime sprees and infiltration of YOUR databases and facilities.  A simple phone call to Manila (63)917-335-4300 by any of your top Cyber crime criminal Investigators and even Military JAG officers will propel you into national headlines as the ONLY law enforcement group to find and convict top USA gov officials who are directly tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE by Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 court certified documents and submitted CD-ROM and other Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.1171.99 11.1.7683.99 that implicate Marietta P.D. Police Report officers of 11.1.2506 of massive kidnapping conspiracies and resulting COVER-UPS

CRIMINALS are all ordered to surrender and confess their crimes or be manhunted like to DEATH ROW for crimes of treason, espionage, murder, and overthrow of our corporations and government agencies from inside .

  May 18, 2017. An unconfirmed CIA connection reports they believe Robert Dee Rose in Atlanta GA is in Federal Witness Program to testify against his mafia father named Alberto Rosi this coming June 27. Is this the same TERRORIST / Treason / Espionage, super criminal cybercrime mastermind who almost had USA Gov murder fatherKeith back on Oct 3, 2011 -> Jan 28, 2014 -> present? ROSE has violated almost every single Constitutional and man-made law. ROSE did this to destroy all traces of his  Secure Inc, and +20 other RICO cabal crime enterprise cyber tracks after he already infiltrated almost all USA gov agencies and USA military.  This applies to every other country also. He + others criminally SOLD off my very own home, all my computers, all contents, cleaned out my bank accounts, then paid off each Police/County/State/Federal Government agents and my very own Insurance companies and GA State Bar along with everyone else, to claim  ‘NO CRIME was committed’.  I have all the evidence accumulated at the point of each crime occurrence and ALREADY turned each crime spree evidence chain OVER to each of my many LIAR-LAWYERS, to FBI, IRS, AG, USMarshals, Military, PRESS, and public.   No person can EVER deny my rights again or THOSE of my 7.5 billion people.

   All that has ever been required is a single criminal investigator, Federal Judge, or Military official to seize ROSE and his +$500 Million USD assets and to host Press Conferences to showcase each and every criminal tied to ROSE by their very own signatures and evidence. A key person is DOJ Lamont Siller at the USA Embassy who I met at Cybercrime Summit 2017 Manila just 2 months ago. He has my card + info.

    March 10 and 20,  2017. -FatherKeith just called FBI Washington D.C. again + voice recorded them stating a Criminal Investigator would call back. He/She asked ZERO questions about the criminals or the crimes committed by Sally Yates, ROSE, or anyone else. Cyber criminals remote and inside FBI-AG-DOJ will 'delete' all this electronic  evidence as if it never existed since no one ever does follow-up, much less protect the life and rights of the #1 Anti-crime technology expert in USA, world history. Mass Protests and Press coverage will force DOJ and everyone to actually complete each and every criminal case to put these terrorist groups in Prison tied to Robert Dee Rose. The Atlanta Courthouse has my logbook record in Sept 2011 requesting Sally Yates to enter Keith into Federal Witness Protection Program because of the massive political crimes committed by Cobb, Cherokee, Gwinnett, Fulton, Forsyth top officials tied to Rose by certified court doc signatures and original general ledger accounting files shown to IRS, FBI, lawyers, and all others since summer of 2008 tied to cybercrime infiltration of mega-millionaire homes, corporations, Government agencies, Military with crime centers of and other remote Intl Crime centers of EinsteinHoldings INC, etc.  Press Conferences and massive uprisings of honest persons will result from using gifted to Interpol.  All Keiths lifetime intellectual property and assets was sold off by ROSE / murdered Brian Walker to prevent the convictions of so many already reported in person to these top law enforcement agents + each of Keith's lawyers.

   I also called Atlanta FBI (404)679-9000 and reported ROSE + Covey as cyber crime terrorists. FBI said use  since they have zero capacity to ever call anyone back. That alone is a crime against our people.  ZERO follow-up means they have been criminally infiltrated by cyber criminals ! ! ! ! !

    Acts of terrorism have been occurring by USA rogue government agents like DAG Sally Yates, Norfolk VA Judge Raymond Jackson and thousands of others tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Murder for Hire Terrorist conspiracies.

RISE UP and take hundreds/Thousands of supporters to their offices and media to DEMAND they search, seize, manhunt, and imprison using the Patriot Act against terrorism with use of CIA/NSA/HLS + Military in direct coordination with + Interpol as Keith will soon be world famous.

     When the final Terrorists and all criminals are isolated, shunned, and forced into the abandoned slums by, then all of humanity prospers and thrives as the citizens control and manage all aspects of their own 'consultant leadership' with full visibility and transparency of all legal, judicial, business, and contract transactions.  Below are the top criminals to be brought to justice immediately. The other +85 to 100 are on bottom SolutionURL

     My remaining time on Earth is threatened by everyone tied to ROSE cabals and government agents actively preventing any investigations tied to why I was at Langley AFB Sept 25, 2011.  Almost all of Keith's attorneys, all Judges, Police-Criminal investigators, key IRS-FBI-AG-USMarshal criminal rogue agents, Duncan clan, + others are all guilty of kidnapping conspiracies with ROSE by their own false witness signed testimony that actively prevents all IRS, FBI, AG,  USA Military, public, PRESS, and all church investigations + convictions to intervene and protect Keith's life and assets of world wide Intellectual Property value. Each person who refuses to TAKE ACTION are guilty of Click: Conspiracies to defraud the USA Gov 923. 18 U.S.C §371 + other crimes.  Everyone who reads these 100% true testimonies of Keith Duncan must call top level law enforcement FBI Comey + AG Lynch + Military + PRESS + Churches + Public today as Keith has already done.

 Join and form your own community chapters today.

    Everyone FIND and as the #1 world terrorist. Even contact Rose to demand he turn himself and his criminal conspirators over to FBI + Military to face Death Row for Treason, Espionage, sedition, infiltrating major corporations + USA governments, murder, kidnapping, massive money laundrying, tax evasion, and the most incriminating series of perfect and in world history. His cell (404)867-2063, 2615 Northgate Ave, Suite C, Cumming GA 30041   His Prime super criminal international cabal companies are Hunter Global Inc, + many others.

  More than four separate robberies of Keith's extreme intellectual property were from his own cyber protected homes Aug 10  2010, Feb 4 2011, fall 2011, and until Jan 28, 2014 per Sealed and Dismissed world class action suit 4:11cr112 held by Norfolk VA and DAG in Washington D.C. She was AG in Atlanta GA who Keith visited in Sept 2011 to request entry into Federal Witness Protect Program per their own logbook entry and multiple calls to USMarshal Tom Shell from phone records (770)289-3050 (770)289-3089 that were full of criminal evidence along with all the computers, 2 Ipads, 3 MacBooks, 1 Dell Powerhouse, +10 CD-Roms, and a file cabinet full of Rose evidence. ### World Press Release and Press Conferences. Sept 16, 2016. ? Like Sadam Hussein, Rose hides with his extreme criminal wealth such as Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 worth $250,000 USD and the IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009 case 658 worth $8 Million. Title: #390 Robert Dee Rose is killed by per

Legal Bounties

Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) on left has $2 Million USD bounty from IRSWBFeb2009,658 implicating conspiracy coverups. Ms. Bashama has $10,000 USD bounty  from the $32,000 USD Keith's cash and assets she stole per Marietta GA. P.D. 11.1.2506.99 forged conspiracy tied to Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 2nd kidnapping. Third is Kyle Duncan, Sherry Duncan, Matthew Duncan (guilty of massive larceny, bank fraud, wilful obstruction of Justice, interference with Military investigations, and slander/libel.  Fourth is Public Defender Phoenix Harris, Norfolk VA, guilty of attempted murder by withholding all evidence and actively preventing FBI-AG-IRS-USMarshal-Military involvement in criminal charges against 85 to 100 USA government officials all tied directly to All others are clearly listed on bottom.

  FOIA.ONE Open Public Database.

  Anyone NOT in this 'super facebook' central world database is NOT to be trusted. They are shunned until they enter and confirm their id. All Criminals and their evidence of crimes are recorded in this one world database by their collective victims who place bounty reward on their heads. By Rank of Integrity, majority of population can now imprison anyone and seize all their assets once is total world Tort Legal Reform eliminating all corrupt 'liar' lawyers, judges, and other judicial officials. This cleans out the inequities and crime networks worldwide all at one time. All court, corporate, stockholder, board member, government  proceedings are now monitored by public real time and stored for retrieval. This is 'ad free' Open Circuit TV streaming from any eDevice (smart Phones, dedicated Webcams, auto-answer SKYPE, high def video cams all with microphones. Many with 2-way speakers such on streets so monitoring public audience can have direct conversations. This includes drones and towercams.

    Surrender by all criminals is hereby commanded. Anyone NOT surrendering will be manhunted down by police, public, and military based on certified crime evidence demonstrated by the worst crime family Robert Dee ROSE, DOB 1971-April-01, Atlanta GA, now since he fled in 2010 based on Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 ($300KUsd), and IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, 658 ($8 Million USD bounty reward offered BY IRS Jack Fischer, Vivian Hoard, and soon Military.)  Criminals will even kill each other off to avoid Prison.


  Below are the public Locator files indicating known addresses, family, phones, emails, and other identifying data for Law Enforcement, Military, Press, and Public to complete the Manhunts for all persons tied to #1 Terrorist Super criminal ROSE.   Who takes ACTION today?

1. ROSE.  2. Cyclone Covey 3. J Deal  4. V. Reynolds 5. SallyYates 6.MattDunc  7.Bashama  8.W.Carraway 9.Lt Jamie Gianfallo-criminal

James Bank Deal.

Norcross Georgia USA (770)  263-7200 Guilty of massive conspiracies to PREVENT Robert Dee Rose's arrest based on $100,000 USD of legal services paid by Keith for Jimmy Deal to go to FBI-AG and show the 3 banker boxes full of massive CyberCrime Evidence already submitted to IRS, FBI, USMarshals, AG, and even USA military.   Jimmy is a criminal, plain and simple for his willful obstruction of Justice and conspiracy slander and libel connections with Ex-Wife Sherry Duncan. He and all other lawyers are reported to GA State Bar who is also guilty of felony crimes of obstruction and collusion.

Cobb County DA Terrorist lawyers Berry Vic Reynolds and Pat Head along with USREP Buddy Darden.

Call FBI-AG and Berry and ask about Cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 July 15, 2011 as NO 922(g) violation could have occurred at Langley AirForceBase Sept 25, 2011 per and resulting implications of Norfolk VA Judges Miller and Thurman Jackson along with AUSG Dee Sterling and Public PUKE PRETENDERS Defenders office who all had all evidence showing ROSE was a Cybercriminal extorting and paying off each and every person involved. This exists through today.

Judge Raymond Jackson -Norfolk VA Federal.
Call him direct (757)222-7003.
Guilty of massive denial of all constitution rights of Speedy trial, free speech, right to face any and all accusers, and conspiracy to MURDER KEITH DUNCAN based on NO violation by Sally Yates (new Deputy Attorney General) who signed 4:11cr112 based on Canceled TPO on left based on larceny Marietta PD 1.11.2506.99 forged 4 times by Cobb County CID and clerks to show Ms. Bashama as the victim of ??. As Keith was assaulted and robbed Feb 4, 2011 per multiple visits to Marietta Police and their forced return of only $1,000 of the $32,000 cash and assets stolen by Wendel Carraway, Ms. Bashama and Robert Rose. Details are and as well as bottom of famous
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