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+63 0917-335-4300

These videos show the Solutions the public must use to ensure their government paid consultant-leaders are people of the highest integrity who serve the direct needs of you, my people. Ask anyone in the USA government to find 4:11cr112 and Keith to host all Press Conferences of all time that will teach our mutual world of misguided people the true facts of reality. These all based on UNIocracy.ORG New World Society..

Liberty and Justice for ALL.  UNIocracy.Org  TheTruth

  May 21, 2018. Click: Terrorist Killer (United Nations International) with SolutionGOD.Org are the 100% reality of why Billions of persons are held Hostage For Profit.  The FBI, AG and Military have NEVER had any option but to SEIZE Robert Dee Rose for the $2 Million USD Bounty on his head from his OWN criminal assets shown on IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009, case 658 as all of ROSE's espionage, treason, and overthrow of even governments is clear to see with and   DEMAND ACTION today as no greater crime against humanity exists than Corrupt Politicians and Law Enforcement agencies (rogue) who protect terrorists once they have been infiltrated by other cyber crime terrorists shown to entire world on and  This is the end result after I was kidnapped 4 times after criminals defrauded me, then all my assets sold off, then not a 'blasted soul in USA government has ever protected any of my rights or yours,  is  as and are complete for world to see, believe, and ACT.  PCTerror  are the Political Crimes committed by almost all government and corporate leaders for simple reason NO-ONE sees, NO-ONE believes, and NO-ONE cares about the one way criminal transfer of assets from all classes to the 'Criminal Ruling Elite'.  Until all Churchs and citizens take ACTION with Authority through Education, most of mankind will be slave traded by one way transfer of their earned wealth and assets to the Criminal Ruling Elite.  This is  all that has ever been required of all citizens, governments, and corporations to Crowd-Fund and support under INC.   Keith as been asking for protection by all governments, corporations, private Entities, Public, all churches, and all Military as Keith Brent Duncan is already the #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissary fighting for his life and IP copyrights. Rose clearly robbed Keith's two homes in Atlanta GA per filed Police Dept Reports that were closed after ROSE paid off each person involved to destroy all evidence that ROSE is a terrorist supercriminal conducting perfect crimes for +15 years. Rose would have been dead by now if anyone in USA government had debriefied Keith Duncan and completed any of the criminal investigations personally delivered to each and every law enforcement agency + Interpol + U.N.

        In all nations, all men and women are created by God to be equal.   Read the last section as that is the most critical need for action of all. 

   We have justice systems and laws in place that are created to protect us when our God given Human Rights are violated. What happens when this protection is lost?  What if the very people who are supposed to protect you actually sell your fate to the highest bidder?  My name is Keith Duncan and this is my true story. I have been vindictively persecuted, then arrested (illegally detained = kidnapped) by the USA Government for 848 days in HELL, as specific lawyers, Judges, court officials in 6 Counties and at Federal level actively want me DEAD because I reported them to FBI-AG-USMilitary before, during, and after I was dumped on street Jan 28, 2014.  I am 100% victimized by one solitary terrorist who I reported to all Law Enforcement Agencies including USAirForce Intelligence Division on Sept 25, 2011. Rose already has infiltrated +7 county law enforcement agencies as well as the IRS, FBI, Attorney General, USMarshals, GBI, and GA State Bar. This is why I asked USAF for safe haven that evening to debrief them so they would investigate each person linked to terrorist ROSE.  My life remains in extreme danger from each high powered USA Government officials who signed court documents to prevent ROSE's Death Row investigations.  No honest person anywhere can be found yet. Aug 24, 2015

        The end result is and UNIOcracy.ORG that systematically prevent all corruption and crimes in the first place.  Ask Keith anything now as the USA Military is directly contacted and then commands the FBI and AG agencies to finally complete the criminal investigations I sent the FBI-AG-USMiltary way back in fall of 2011 that has grown to include over 100 very powerful USA Government officials and criminally networked persons. Each person commits Felony Crimes as evidenced by their own signature on Public documents.

  CLICK: and for the defacto-standard reasons of why mankind is in self destruct mode right now.

    Read these websites and daily blogs to understand these 100% true stories of being kidnapped by USGOV agents on orders of #1 Terrorist, denied all rights, all assets stolen by specific criminals, and no honest person found to represent any of my rights or rights of 7.32 Billion of my collective PEOPLE.   I work for Yehwah, all of mankind, and all governments. I have filed all felony charges and made legal claims to recover over $400 Million USD in real and punitive damages. No one sees, no one hears, no one else speaks these truths. Therefore, no on cares.  How so sad and prevelant are these worldwide conditions caused by the 'Criminal Ruling Elite'.   Click and Read:  It Is Finished Youtube. and the Last Testament Master Shepherd Dissertation on that systematially saves our/your world from self-genocide. 

        The top videos on  (let these autoPlay) and solve the biggest mysteries of all time.

    The most incriminating evidence has always been ROSE's own signatures, criminal accounting files, his own recorded voice, transcripts, emails, and the critical unsigned, undated arrest warrant signed by Cherokee County Judge Drain on Sept 26, 2011 9 a.m. as I waited for re-admission to Langley AirForce base. Call Brigadier General Dash Jamieson's intelligence group (757)764-5091 OSI switchboard, as I have, and ask THEM to contact Keith and escort him back to USA for Press Conference off all time to arrest +85 USGOV officials who actively conspire and prevent ROSE's Death Row convictions. It only takes ONE person to represent Keith's rights.   The most profitable criminal evidence of all time is on countered by that prevents almost all corruption and most crimes in the first place.  Confirm for yourself.





* Corporate and Government Predatory Greed.  This results in the one way transfer of wealth from all classes to the criminal ruling elite. Ask Keith

* An American Terrorist named Robert Dee Rose. Committing undetected Crimes Against Humanity for +15 Years. Ask USGOV how he operates. Details broadcast to Interpol, all law enforcement agencies, Press, and Public on  a true mastermind criminal.

* Bribed USA Government Leaders including specific County and Federal Judges, lawyers, Prosecutors, District Attorneys, and Federal Agents

* False imprisonment, known as kidnapping, from Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014. Subsequent denial of all Constitutional and Spiritual Rights starting back on Jan 15, 2008. All tied into the most corrupt Judicial and Financial systems that are simplified by just THREE basic BY-PASS laws found on that brings complete conformity and ethics back into all corporations, organizations, and all government enterprises.


Simply contact Keith Duncan for the interview of your lifetime. Contact USMilitary, DOJ, DOD, and all other USA government agencies at once.

See the CONTACT page for even more irrefutable criminal evidence of the 37 Documents that put ROSE on DEATH ROW convictions.

  Here is just a FEW primary Court documents that show full scale conspiracies and resulting continuous coverups by very powerful officials.




Here are the latest  ShoutOut Newsletters sent out May 26, 2015 after Memorial Day posting on TOP of   -All about Robert Dee Rose  #1 Terrorrist and why USA Military MUST be re-engaged to Intervene now.  - All about and solutions that Save All of Humanity from GREED and CORRUPTION.


Over 100 Court documents and transcripts all point to Robert Dee Rose as the #1 Terrorist superCriminal in Atlanta/USA history. Why waste words.


HERE IS THE MOST CRITICAL SUMMARY just posted on and for the world to SEE, UNDERSTAND, and take ACTION. This is all that has ever been required of any self-regulated community and government.


   Not one time has anyone ever filed a lawsuit against Keith as he even asked USAG Sally Yates to enter Federal Witness Protection Program BEFORE Rose ordered Keith's multiple kidnappings. Key USA Gov agents actively commit felony crimes by hindering the comprehensive criminal investigations delivered through all ways and means back to all law enforcement agencies, lawyers, press, and public for years.
   MOST CRITICAL NEEDS: Keith continues to ask for churches, all governments, corporations, and the public to protect his life, provide housing/food/safety/survival funding to ICBC bank account (deposit only) 6212 2620 1200 4011 170, Wells Fargo branch 061000227 Account 6013338253 (deposit only) using until USA government arrests +100 criminals and restores $1.4 Million USD cash + real and punitive damages + SF-95 Federal Torts Claim Act, + IRS WB $8 Million USD worth in excess of $400 Million USD based on professional business evaluations published June 2011.

   Above are the most absolute basic requirements since the USA Government at all levels refuses to CONTACT KEITH, INVESTIGATE ROSE or their own direct coverup involvements that can be see and heard on the voice recordings on front of these PRIME true conspiracy website journalistic reports of   Only KEITH is perfectly positioned to DEBRIEF the USA Government and Associated Press this entire time of HELL starting on Jan 15, 2008 when Robert Dee Rose physically and verbally threatened Keith in his own car on way to Hartsfield Airport Atlanta on ROSE's way back to his #1 cybercrime tellicommunication offshore center, Ocean Place Condos, Paradise Island Bahamas right next to famous Atlantis Resorts where ROSE can continue CyberAttacking Heads of States, Politicians, extremely wealthy Executives and even... military planners.

Roses Nov 4, 2011 Cybercrime Center 'Caribbean Supply Services Inc. is located near Elgin Air Force Base, Fort Walton Alabama. This is pure evidence that ROSE's master cybercrime enterprises are actively infiltrating the USA Military as well as all other USA government agencies, one by one. This is why USA government and Military have never had ANY excuse to not put ROSE on Death Row for Treason, Espionage, and Sedition. Rose is personally worth BILLIONS by now and commits crimes against humanity and capital felony crimes on a routine schedule of his choice.

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