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Our Mission of Mercy and Ultimate Grace....

Keith's 100% True Gifted Story

My name is Keith Duncan, Seven  years ago I invested in a multi-million dollar fortune and multiple business enterprises. I earned every penny of over $1.4 Million USD. I have a love for technology and finance and have spent decades building and leading successful companies. My life mission has always been to provide solutions for mankind to make life easier, safer, and more peaceful and rewarding.   I provide World Trading Enterprises INC products and consulting services to all governments, organizations, public, and all churches.


Justice, Equality, Liberty

 Seven years ago I was enticed by a business owner, Robert Dee Rose, that I discovered was not just a criminal but a terrorist. I have since been robbed of my inheritance and falsely imprisoned (kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014) as a Political Prisoner. This is vindictive persecution because I visited the USA Military Sept 25, 2011 to alert them on his actions.  Read my blog for our complete story. The economic impact of corruption, Cybercrime, and underground criminal enterprises results in the Criminal Ruling Elite controlling the lives of GOD's People.

The criminals comprehensive evidence is on and has been delivered to USGOV including USMIlitary over the past few years.

 If you have been scammed, defrauded, or falsely imprisoned and you believe the justice system has failed, join us in making your voice heard. This is not just about Keith Duncan. Together we can proclaim that citizens will no longer be silenced by ruthless government Judges and criminal agents. We can build solutions to protect countless others from becoming victims in the first place! These are and the overall New Government World Order and New Life of Simply Contact USGOV and USMIlitary to arrange for the PRESS Conference of all time. Hosted by USGOV for them to explain the true state of their union with criminal enterprises that no one sees or understand. 

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The USA Government has never had ANY option but to put Robert Dee Rose on Death Row for treason, espionage, murder, massive tax evasion/money/bank fraud, cyberattacks against USAGov

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