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Keith at JerUSAlem

CONTACT US.  Contact FBI-AG-USMilitary also.

We can be reached below or by submitting the form below.  The actual groups to contact are the FBI, AG, IRS, Interpol, Press, Congress, the public, and especially all Churches including the Vatican in Rome Italy.   The entire world benefits from Keith's broadcasts.


Looking to contact the USA government?  View the numbers shown on top of  versus

      Call FBI offices, AG offices and specificially (757) 764-5091 and (757)764-5087. Ask for Brigidar General Dash Jamieson group for USAirforce Intelligence Division. Since Keith already has visited, and contacted them directly many times, ask them to contact Keith, find Keith, and intervene with FBI James Comey and AG Loretta Lynch  for the FBI-AG-IRS  to explain WHY Keith Duncan was at Langley Airforce base Sept 25, 2011, and waited for 'Safe Haven' protection from ROSE on Sept 26, 2011.  ROSE ordered the kidnap warrant at 9 am EST as Keith waited for Capt Christopher Weber to follow-up and escort Keith back on base for the interview debrief of all time. Keith's kidnap was delayed by ROSE and criminal conspirator Police Matt Pettepher and Judge Drain (Cherokee County GA) until Oct 3, 2011 as ROSE then stole Keith's assets and computers, then blackmailed everyone this entire time who held ROSE's own extensive cybercrime history accumulated legally since Nov 4, 2007. HERE are the CRITICAL 37 DOCUMENTS to put ROSE on DEATH ROW.  Everyone ask and Judge Jackson in Norfolk VA to give these to FBI-AG and USA Military at Langley AFB now.




The Criminal References and irrefutable evidence are: IRS WhistleBlower Feb2009,658 worth $8 Million USD,  Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 worth $350,000 USD, , 4 times forged Marietta PD 11.1.2506 worth $50,000 (Ms. Bashama Larceny of Keith), Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 + 11.1.7683.99 (Federal Torts Claim Act and Real and Punitive damages worth > $400 Million USD) as they all show coverup conspiracies. Atlanta generated 4:11cr112 Court Order signed Dec 12, 2011 implicates USAG Sally Yates office, all Judges, and ATF William Banks as well as every single person who saw ALL EVIDENCE points to ROSE. 

   When the USMILITARY demands the 37 Documents from Norfolk VA and Atlanta Clerk of Courts that IMPLICATE ROSE and all these specific Judges, Lawyers, Prosecutors, District Attorneys, Wardens, and Federal Agents, just what WILL the PUBLIC and USGOV have to say about ROSE versus KEITH = The TRUE MAN of GOD.

      Over 85 people go to prison for they were criminally incompentent to falsely testify, take bribes from ROSE, and sign their own grand jury indictments on disappearing Court Documents. This is all about the biggest Landmark Miscarriage of Justice, Public Corruption, and crimes against humanity initiated by ONE supercriminal Robert Dee Rose (dob 1971.April.01) and Ms. Bashama ($32,000 larceny).  Ask USGOV, USMIlitary or Keith for details as the CRIMINALS own history is truly 'Black and White' signed confessions of the worse LandMark Miscarriage of Justice in Atlanta, USA, even World History when the economic and spiritual damage is recognized.




These two files above are just part of over 75 Court Documents showing Conspiracy to Kidnap and Murder.

The FBI, IRS, AG refuse to debrief Keith because ROSE has paid off key people inside these agencies. 100% true !


Keith Duncan.     The last ShoutOut is Click Here:

Email:  -Request for more information.  Ties into Teen Money Machine eBook.

WeChat: BuiltByKeith

Skype ID: BuiltByKeith2   Hong Kong (852)9146-8620  Philippines (63)09170335-4300

China (86) 1343-220-0749 no longer active or USA (678)759-9066

Please use above email, and NOT 

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  • Seek Justice and Equality for all

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