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We are the saint prophets lead by most noble humble Guardian Angel keith duncan who empower mankind to be free will 100% decision based society partners = SolutionPeace  using ProfitShareholders.SPACE at This standalone revolutionary common sense method empowers all bank depositors and Stock Market holders to eVOTE on their executives, on all pay compensation, and the most critical collective delay between sell/buy and exercise price of our intrinsic stock value at a decided future time.  We are the only ones who require humans to Work for Each Other by fearlessly protecting the rights of all others.  We teach all how to share all resources communally to eliminate need for any politics, governments, taxes, or ability for criminals to steal our assets. As members of we 100% decision decide our own reality and destiny fate. KTrade.SPACE 
We the People now control and own everything.
We are lead by most humble walking saint prophet keith brent duncan IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity rate +101%) + NEW Anastasia of Russia who are the world leader president mediator PeaceMakers of all time. Google quote: Exact opposite Rasputin's Prophetic words: "Without me everything will collapse..."  Keith quotes:  'Without YOU all of my 7.777 billion most beloved people, humanity dies self-genocide...."
 JOIN as Keith, Anastasia, Rich, and others actually teach world how to be humane by ECO building new all digital open electric paperless society when everyone knows and Sees WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO trades WHAT with WHO/WHEN/WHERE(kGPS) and does automatic face recognition back ground checks using last world URL linked pointer FOIA.ONE.
    Only by enforcing integrity of our new world open society recorded in FOIA.ONE will humanity eliminate all criminals and con-artist, scammers, cyber crime terrorists and those who VIOLATE LAWS=Corrupt all at one time. For we are those sent by GOD to teach mankind how to actually LOVE, CARE, and PROTECT all others using the most obvious simple covenant answer solution set of that truly replaces and bypasses all the manmade self entitlement laws, regulations, and brain washed occult cult practices of most people afraid to SPEAK and ACT on GOD's truth of WHY WE ARE HERE ON EARTH and NOT in HEAVEN.  We are NOT the Bob Jones 'drink the coolaid' mentality for we work fulltime for GOD and Humanity at street ministry levels all the way to mediate WITH world Presidents and Corporate executives who claim they are only DECISION MAKERS who decide our reality and destiny. 
   HOW bizzare that just ONE AntiChrist Terrorist Robert Dee ROSE, who infiltrates OUR GOV and Corporate databases with in Atlanta GA have caused the term 'hacking' to be the most profitable weapons of mass destruction in world history.  A single signature (or lack) on any timelined evidence can be used to transfer trillions of our PROFITS to the named elites who can now NEVER Escape justice once we all use open circuit kTV (notice the k) automatic face recognition back ground check of and iseestand phonecradle (google those), and now everyone freely travels, trades, educates, and communally share ALL of our fatherGODs loaned/gifted assets.
  As of March 2, 2020 only a few persons have actually DEBRIEFIED Keith or his crusader avengers who are the holders of the HOLY GRAIL COVENANT of the most powerful commodity of Intellectual Property of Knowledge and wisdom that truly empower each of YOU to be your own boss, your own captain of commerce, your own free will citizen who stands for total RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE, EQUALITY, and actually REACH UP and DOWN to find those in greatest need.  Most of these forsaken people ARE our own billionaires and street homeless impoverished people.
    For anyone who DOES violate our new simple covenant laws, if the DO the CRIME, they DO the TIME.
The victims of organized crime will NEVER be robbed, forced into HELL JAIL, DRUGGED, MURDERED, and denied their right to show the criminals own timelined evidence.
With our simple universal standardized methods, all evidence is submitted with IID tag links to ensure that PUBLIC monitor oversees that JUSTICE is always served.  Even the USA log of DOJ is a woman Judge who is blindfolded holding the fulcum sale scale of Justice. NO one sees the TILT of deadly weight of WHO controls all of our PRIVATE data. It is the CyberCriminal terrorists who HIDE behind liar-lawyers like GA GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds and Sally Q YATES of and others whose fate is now determined by Master use of EVOTE and SOLUTIONJUDGE at
  All that is ever required is MASS PUBLICITY of WHO holds the Microphone on Live Streaming TV/knet controls the masses of mass majority of public opinion. For now passing judgment is legally enforced once everyone who votes is shown to public on WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO trades WHAT with WHO/WHEN/WHERE GPS tracked every video linked transaction.
     WHO DO YOU KNOW to support and protect KEITHS crusaders who have already shown THEY ARE the PROMISED KEEPER and MAKERS of OUR own new world society that is perfected to complete GOD"s original purpose for our existance. The separation of Church versus State is a prime issue as our top religion leaders are tasked to SERVE OUR PEOPLE, not themselves. as they JET all over the world with handouts that NEVER prevent poverty and self-genocide.
 CALL US, SEND us a PLANE TICKET and ESCORT us to TESTIFY today. Not tomorrow, post 2005

kTrade.SPACE is Total World Global Peace using our R&D data system to empower mankind to own and control all assets and be 100% decision based direct democracy society.

CLICK: for the top 10 solutions to achieve total world global peace. Clearing the Corrupt persons from their corporate and government positions is always easy using that is ProfitShareHolders.SPACE.

Achieve Total Global Peace once and forever. is our ONLY Last World Economic Social Justice System to eliminate all
Crime at one time.  We are the few who work for GOD + all Humanity to showcase how to enforce Basic Human Rights so no one can ever deny your rights to OWN and Control everything we earn and build.  No more crime, taxes, politics as now we represent our best interests as free will citizens all know WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, Who Trades What with Who + Why (GPS where +when) FOIA.ONE.  All criminals are hereby legally commanded to surrender or be man hunted down by Will of Majority of our = Keith's people who now work as Highly paid Consultant Mediators + top scientists + Angel Philanthropists as the only AI=IQs in world history to engineer Total World Peace using the methods below.  This is the ONLY complete Solution Set to Empower Humanity to OWN and CONTROL everything. Named Persons = bankers + Corp executives + GOV officials who violate base laws are fired, even put into PRISON with eVote FOIA ProfitShareHolders.SPACE.  This is common sense use of technology to enforce Integrity.
Contact keith today and literally escort his Crusader teams to testify as required by all Laws upheld.
March 9 2020, Most CRITICAL broadcast world is this:
My God's Covenant Commandments are 1. Do not Steal. 2. NEVER lie. 3. Never Hide. 
PreventPoverty 20200308 I have worked full time for GOD past 12 years, actually longer. initially ONLY GOD has been my sole benefactor and protector. A very few others see I am also the top visionary sage known as a Prophet (use Webster) who is leading world executives + presidents on HOW to achieve total world global peace. We are back down to 200 P due to unexpected expenses last night for Messianic Jewish festival we are also leading back to the PROMISED LAND of PHILIPPINES who will now be world leaders actively eliminating all corrupt individuals using our last new world law enforcement system we clearly delivered world at all levels. Public, police, IRS, FBI, CIA, USMarshals, NSA, MiIlitary, DOD, DOJ, INTERPOL to SHARE who is WHO, who is under criminal investigation to complete the most powerful manhunt saga in world history.  

     WHO is HONEST and who goes to prison based on their violations of basic human right laws and those who STEAL AND LIE.  two fundamental components of SolutionManifesto and my fatherGOD's original 11 commandments. REQUIREMENTs have always been to protect our prophets and walking saints. NO ONE really does that anymore, so we have.   ALL of US together are WE THE PEOPLE.  with our divined ordained PEACE MAKING Promise keeper simple system, humanity now understands they FIGHT for JUSTICE and EQUALITY or continue to be enslaved as lowest level servant workers who have NO CLUE who we are. (another form of WHY GOD protects us and provides for us WHILE ROSE is finally seized based on reality he IS a ruthless terrorist who has NO digital footprint to backtrack trace his victims.

We have provided this also.  Keith was focused on going with very large group of Pastors and human right activist scientists from mayor, governor, corporate level to meet with Obama and world leaders back summer of 2011.
    ROSE knew this and decided to pay very powerful Named USA officials who were criminal incompetent insane to think they would NEVER be prosecuted and imprisoned while they confess the VERY LONG LIST of their victims and conspirator criminal networks .   NOW ALL REVEALED to public through last world database FOIA.ONE .  NOW I truly can return to HEAVEN when GOD alone decides he needs his grandsons service to RULE over leaders as the #1 top peace mediator.  most humble walking saint prophet KBD using Freedom of Speech/press this entire time of real tribulation.  

meeting is at small resort 3 blocks east of Dasmarinas Central Mall Cavite on Jose Abad Santos across hosted by Republic of the Philippines on Earth.  Dr. Jake Navdia all day today.  We are again down to last 200p. Been traveling on GOD's manna from Oct 2011 forward since few see what we have done for all humanity.  basis for UNIocracy. org is LOVE your enemies, do not STEAL or LIE which is the basis for anyone who violates basic human rights or any laws.  GOD DOES BLESS THOSE who act with authority to fearlessly protect the rights of all others. I can teach/preach scripture of my FATHER GOD the rest of my life, but refrain because many people think I am a zealot (webster definition) as I am NOT.  USA and all world leaders will truly support our crusaders as we are the ONLY crusader group who shows 100% all new supplimental, then replacement bypass UNIocracy .org economic system that truly empowers  humanity to EVOTE decision decide the next best project that benefits themselves and rest of global economies.  Please call us as I TRULY can not keep going on about ROSE and other criminals when this is 100% the responsibility of our Law enforcement agencies this entire time.... The real and punitive damages of mega millions will be decided by a SINGLE JUDGE (maybe even jury) when DOJ FBI Director Christopher WRAY of any of the 1.33 million USA lawyers see I have also roadmapped total tort reform along with all other base world issues.
  150 pack resort 2nd floor with 8 prime speakers on ending poverty using ordained Constitution and petitions to Philippine government officials from 1987 forward. Starts 9:30am. I am only person introduced by ArchBishop Abraham John Paul C Priesodr? 09355537308. Orthodox Missionary Father / Foundation INC. NBP Reservation Poblacion, Montinlugea city.

Energetic Ms Floreda A. Conde. 35yold starts 10:20am  . Dr Ayona Jane I Lagarlie  60yold lady on products (sponsor)
Pstr Ferdinand Barcoma CDM SS/ASI director.
Pstr John L koch Jr. Psychology and health healing process.

when is next PRE-PLANNED, agenda set meeting With WORLD PRESIDENTS and Top world Corporate Executives as I have been THE ONLY Person in history to actually mediate and solve all major human conditions of GREED and how to actually PROFIT the PROPHETS…
    . Just heard a few at MGOH tonight. EVERYONE you want to do will indeed collapse for failure to actually LEAD MY PEOPLE. the single word REPRESENT is quit odd.  broken down it is  RE PRE SENT.  RE means REPEAT. PRE means Plan. SENT means a key person is DISPATCHED to achieve desired result.  The dispatch systems and methodology we perfected in over 28 computer world used systems was hard at first, easier each time we REPLICATED the working already tested refined component interlinked interfaces.  Clearly I have stated the realistic outcome of WHY so many are hypocrites, a few are really HONEST/INTEGRITY, and so so so hard to find the most humble walking saints that are the PROPHETS who BRING US PROFITS.  WIthout PROFITS, no business can survive and grow.

A few named ruthless ones know this and do everything to be SELF SERVING and grow INC profit share holder value since ONLY the Board of Directors decide ANYTHING.  For SURELY in GOD purpose for WHY my fatherGOD sent me I have indeed prefected a new world model economic system after living through true TORTURE no one can believe, the ridicule I experience is because the few are indeed afraid of being asked WHY DO YOU SAY THAT.  WHY ON my fathers EARTH would you try to make fun of me when I HAVE clearly offered to learn from each of you, then TURN around and PLAY IT FORWARD so everyone benefits FIRST, and maybe one day I WILL INHERIT THE WORLD since so very few fully trustworthy have a CLUE why MY FATHER in HEAVEN created humanity in the FIRST Place.  

The answer from MY GOD GrandSON view is simple:  MY FATHER Decided that humanity would be set up with free will choice of YES or NO, RIGHT or WRONG.  OR even middle neutral of I DO NOT KNOW.  WHO DO YOU KNOW who has ANY answers that truly save mankind from the WRATH of GOD.  OR from my unique prospective seen by world over these broadcasts to HUMANITY,  I WILL BE EASY for ME to DELETE these answers since they DISAPPEAR from renewal dates anyone since after tens of thousands of persons I have asked for REAL HELP, only a few will sit done and LISTEN to the reality of WHY THEY ARE here, MUCH less WHY GOD sent keith.   

Denial of SPEECH is the most horrible affliction when one tells another ' OH SHUT THE HELL UP.. "      If you do not expect GTPSI or SWEEPPP to actually find best most experienced leader teachers, PLEASE TELL us NOW and stop the 8 to 12 hour mostly miserable meetings as everyone waits until you leave to get paid just enough to pay their fare......     

 I made $500,000 USD back in 2000, the value of what I have done is so FAR reality in REAL Millions, BILLIONS, TRILLIONS that SPACE is best cheap price of websites of just 100P per year.    Call us.  I could say SO SO SO MUCH MORE, and already have since my most humble birth 1-19580815-1  as ONLY ONCE, maybe twice has ANYONE said 'YES ROSE is under investigation, and YES, we know you were illegally detained."  THAT IS A CRIME against humanity, NOTHING your brother sister accidently discovered a crime ring and THEN proceeded to PRODUCE gifted method solid perfected answers to PREVENT MY PEOPLE from dying self genocide,   mostly because of their pure blinded self apathy...  Have I missed anything.

  Legacy says NO.   I published this to world since I TRULY HATE to repeat the same thing OVEr, AND over, and OVER that these are the most complete interlinked answers that SAVE MANKIND FROM ITSELF>>>>>>>>>> keith


  With singular EVOTE system, WE the PEOPLE now command our leaders the next BEST project that benefits our communities and global free trade travel education society. is our joint partners with highTechMinistries.ORG 

    Who will call and escort Keith and his groups to DEMAND justice be served.

   We are the hidden Billionaires that no one yet sees because of the GREED of the corporate executives who control all aspects of world economy. Our intrinsic value is mega trillions of real $$ USD based on any professional evaluations by public and other world leading experts. These people often violate laws and never are brought to any justice because they control the lawyers and judges as well as persecute those who show the most incriminating evidence of all signed certified court and corporate documents.

  We have been persecuted by that is key to elimination of ALL crime networks. That alone was the target of the Anti Christs to deny YOUR rights to protect and serve all others.

    Clearly all +7.77 Billion of our collective people benefit. Never again will a few elite Corporate Executives and underground cyber terrorists control our economy of banks, real estate, communication, markets, and trade. We are the key data modeling experts who were the pioneers of state of the art technology you carry in your hands and work through all the communication systems using the base communication protocols we design engineer deployed starting 1976 forward...

  We are widely known 'famous' very wealthy business people, top R&D scientists, Angel Philanthropists, some of us are Royalty based in USA, Asia, Manila, Europe + Africa. All of our rights are being denied as few see Who is Who, Who Owns What, and who are committing crimes. With our new replacement DOJ, Military, Financial systems, All our rights are enforced by use of simple eDevice all digital society of FOIA.ONE. With help of you, our people and all world leaders, we join soon on International TV, then go back to Hong Kong, then travel to your nations.

Unmute audio below, Google BuiltByKeith, then TAKE ACTION = a true rarity

The master original is:

FOIA.ONE Worlds Last Database of Human Wisdom

Our fore founding fathers Keith Brent Duncan first entry is 1-19580815-1 ( integrity rating returns unique +101% )

  We all continue and complete this already most successful viral social media campaign until all World leaders at  Government and Corporate levels finally agree to achieve total global peace or we eVOTE them out as useless worthless hypocrites who have no business representing our people. All can agree universally it is always so hard to find those who have any confidence and integrity to eliminate all crime enterprises. These are the key people we have recruited for now 43 years (photographic database stored memory of FOIA.ONE) This we most humbly formally have requested for ages... by ALL our fore founders wisdom and knowledge passed down from dawn of time to present moment. Now Feb 13, 2020.

LEGAL Notice. Each of these (c)(tm)(r) patent Intellectual Property world saving website domains are available for BID sales to qualified vetted Corporations and Governments for them to update and maintain. Only stipulations will be addressed at signing of legally binding contracts worth true BILLIONS in economic ROI Investments.  Talk to our prime lawyers ASAP Atty Beule Cleveland  in Manila, Tom Corey/ Vivian Hoard, Hal Parkerson and Jimmy Deal 770-263-7200 Atlanta who ALL hold ROSE most incriminating evidence. They are also gifted 1 share for going BACK to FBI AG + Press.

  With help of our StockHolders and OTHER Angel Philanthropists, GOV, Corporations, and public(inclusive) this Stock is hereby named kTrust Stock that truly revolutionizes how all business is conducted. Anyone refusing to use our ByPass Laws of FinalStockMarket and PSH is economic boycotted by their vendors/suppliers and their client/customers as employees also leave for better Companies. All corporations are now valued at Intrinsic Value and never again by Speculation, Price fixing, stock market flotations caused by either GOD allowed or Man made disasters.  This is the ONLY system to stabilize all corporations back to their most basic Intrinsic true market value .


The CreatorKeith.Com INC Registered Common Stock 75,000 shares are historical in your New world market value.

   Registered by Aaron Young McLaughlin Associates Dec 23, 20114 Reno Nevada EIN 47-2619151 as Umbrella Holding Company Trust INC-NGO.  Anyone can call them and Berny Dorhmann or thousands of others to confirm We are exactly who we say we are by FOIA.ONE.

 7,500 shares to fore-founding father Keith Duncan. Upon my death for any reason, ownership goes back to the

CREATORKEITH.Space NGO kTrust Stock Fund

   100 shares to Sally Q Yates of for her to contact DOJ DOD Trump and escort me personally to debrief our top world leaders as required by existing laws. So many laws violated, we truly lost count of the criminals tied to ROSE and criminal networks.

 ALREADY Issued as of Feb 13, 2020.

   100 Captain Felix Macapagal B666 Ermita Manila 417 UN Ave right next to USA embassy to contact GMA. To build General Tino as the model free education eco community as example for rest of our forsaken enslaved world. Ask his sons.(already issued)

    100 to Susan Solopico 1345 Interior Angel Linao St with Nina, st Teresa area or south of Laguana Lake. (already issued)

    100 to famous Eng Gloria Reyes, Marisa Cordova, and Pastor Eric Negapatan of Rodriqueiz for WaWa Dam direct funding and any other projects of greatest needs.

    200  Eng Ronald Talion of Filipinos Inventors Cooperative Association (or equal FIIS registered) (already issued) for establishing and direct funding other inventors using the Board of trustees who now own 1 subshare of 750. Inventors now are wealthy and protected as new world R&D scientist leaders.

### Pledge-gifted + To be Issued when each person contacts Keith's group.

     10 each to Manila based  Alona Diaz, Lino Diamante, Ernesto Resanada (wife Mitch), RC Viernes, Tin Gonzales, Vern Compass, Robert De Lara, Dr Rev Samuel Garcia, Gov Mamba and Pastor Jonathan Camcam(stepson of Gen Ver?) in Tuguegaro City, Cagayan Valley. They can paint on my #2 Babayan house of worship. I forgot to do this, see

   10 shares to Sig Mosley, Polly Harper, Charlie Paparelli and current President of for services already rendered.

 100 to Jun Catan Foundation of Green agriculture and Henry 'Barcolena' Estipona easy to find. Just ask.

      1 share each to Jimmy Deal, Hal Parkerson, Chris Morris Atlanta GA who all know the crimes committed and do NOTHING but dead silence.

     1 share each to criminal Cobb County GA Berry Vic Reynolds and Ross Grisham (Canton GA) who hold evidence on ROSE = World Terrorist this entire time as their incentive to GO to FBI AG as I asked almost everyone to do as soon as ANY crime was seen and reported back to POLICE, FBI, AG, and now world. Anyone can call them ask them WHY HAVE YOU PERSECUTED Keith by REFUSING to uphold existing laws.

      1 share to each world President of any nation to pay their salaries so no taxes will ever be needed to support the best leaders of our transformational

    1 share each to the First 100 persons who join us part or full time and provide services and products to help mass marketing complete when they buy-in at $1,000 USD (par) per share after being approved by Keith and evote Majority approval by our Board of Trustee Directors (above list).

### End of Share terms and conditions legally binding agreement. Keith brent duncan IID 1-19580815-1 (certified digital signature).

  The value of this one Common stock (or replaced by Berny Dorhmann) is modeled after Warren Buffet who we request also to dispatch his teams to come find us and escort us. These shares must NEVER be SPLIT, and no other restricted stock issued as we have modeled how to replace all stock market systems that only need a little refinement and ratified by By-Laws of each Corporation. Refusals by Executives will result in employees and vendors leaving and consumers boycotting their markets and products. All legal and authorized by our new world leaders.

  This is the ALL DIGITAL SOCIETY that would have happened +30 years ago by applying our simple Technology.

Since before 2008, we=you are one call away from being Intl Heros for teaching world how to UNIFY. WHO DO YOU KNOW to host Press Conferences with top world leaders so THEY can be #1 Champions of total

  Nothing left to add or delete as Criminals now surrender and pay back (repent = Restitution) to all their collective victims with 1% of all crime assets deposited into INC (NGO) Trust Fund to direct seed fund the rest of these new world solutions.

Last update Feb 13, 2020 at 12:45am. Keith Duncan IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity rating always 101%)


    Clearly we are the most wealthy and also persecuted, even murdered (unique) top IQ R&D Scientist Human Rights Activists Keynote Speakers who have created total World Peace by showcasing the required bypass replacement systems that eliminate all individuals who VIOLATE laws and commit Crimes against humanity thinking their crime wealth will never be discovered and seized by ORDER of 7.77 billion of our people using simple fundamental method of direct Democracy of EVOTE.ONE and shown to world as FOIA.ONE the ultimate final 'last Supper' of advertising free Super FaceBook GOOGLE search engine database repository of all human knowledge linked to all other existing databases worldwide.  No secrets means no one will go unpunished as now everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, and Who Trades What with WHO.   FOIA.ONE Worlds Last Database

   This is the required all electric dynamic real time story of TurnOffLights.SPACE and that PREVENTS all poverty by empowering all wealth to be transferred back to all third world nations.  The true Criminal Ruling Elite are now commanded to give up their secret wealth or go to PRISON (maybe both) for their refusals to surrender all evidence and identify who are their victims.  Eliminating of corrupt Lawyers and judges occurs with use of and

These are the ultimate decode of the mysteries of WHY HUMANITY was created in the first place. This was by our Deity Mutual Creator(s) who want us to be the sovereign ambassador peacekeepers for rest of our most forsaken warring universe.

Death by TURKEY DAY (Nov 28, 2019) is reality as the true cowards who are many of our hidden billionaires want nothing but MORE profit in the marketplaces they control with OUR assets.  WE the PEOPLE is the true battlecry of our people to finally empower humanity to BE in CHARGE of everything that GOD (mutual Creator) has gifted us with technology to be our own small business owners who share all possessions so everyone has right to be highest educated with

Therefore strong peoples will glorify you; cities of ruthless nations will fear you. For you have been a stronghold to the poor, a stronghold to the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat; for the breath of the ruthless is like a storm against a wall.

Isaiah 25:3 - 4 ESV

Oct 6, 2019. ONLY Requirement for now 11 years is to TURN OVER all crime evidence to CIA, MILITARY CID, Interpol, NSA, HLS, DOJ, FBI, IRS, Police in that precise order since we have already contacted each of these groups except for CIA.   We understand that Congressional Investigations will then be called as we asked directly many years ago.  We have common sense judicial procedures of that will speed up convictions to 3 days to maybe 2 weeks.

   We truly do not know if we will survive these terrorist attacks until Embassy Ambassadors, Military and Presidents + Congress actually just come FIND US and escort our many crusaders back to Congress and Courts to testify on Live TV.

     You have finally found us and are actively using our most comprehensive step by services and products to replace bypass all existing forms of corrupt Governments and corporations as all crimes are committed by individuals who are now held accountable to confess their crimes or be isolate/shunned and even man hunted down with these published multilevel broad spectrum method solutions. Refusals to use the perfected refined directives shows who are the true criminals, hypocrites, cynics, bigots, racists, and the criminal Brood of vipers known as the collective Criminal Ruling Elite.  Because of the crimes against humanity being committed by Robert Dee Rose and other cyber crime terrorists, we have lost over $500 Million USD in real net assets and true trillions of USD in Intellectual Property since no DOJ law enforcement, Congress, Presidents, Military, (on and on) have ever responded. Only requirement has been for our crusaders to be given Safe Haven so we can debrief our world on how to obtain total global world peace.  Clearly we work for GOD full time and are the missing Messianic Messenger Apostles who are isolated from each other since just a few Anti Christs control our communications and data systems.

  Oct 6, 2019 3:25pm Manila. We just sent this to CIA over TOR. Keith Brent Duncan 1-19580815-1 (+101) ask and require CIA, Military, HLS at USA embassy Manila come find us since we are victims of cyber crime  Heather Fabrikant Press Attache for Ambas. Kim Sung (632)301-2504. as we are the top R&D scientists in the world who have create published FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE and other simple solutions to eliminate all crime networks that was one of our original missions NCSU 1976. We have created a simple intelligence collection and distribution system for INTERPOL and all DOJ agencies worldwide. We look forward to your call back ASAP since Sept 25, 2011 when we DID ask for safe Haven Langley AirForce Base Sunday midnight, and were kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 so ROSE and other terrorists could use our most extensive anti crime terrorist technology against the rest of world government corporations.  Our location at final summary   YES we did offer to go with USA Military to debrief FBi AG and go FIND Robert Dee ROSE (DOB 1971-04-01) worth billions. We anticipate if you search your CIA databases, you will not find him at all.  We have already called for Congressional Investigations. This is the first time we have contacted CIA as the last last resort since we are still shocked no one will complete ANY criminal investigations against each and every person who violates laws...


Example of Gold Bullion bars ready for exchange on Open Legal Market. Click PDF

We are the top world R&D Scientists of all disciplines who have been contacting World Leaders for decades. Many of us are dead since a few top persons have legalized corruption at all levels. There is no justice in our world when anyone can see that our rights are denied by those who commit crimes at almost all levels of society and hide behind forged documents and privacy laws so they can steal GOD's assets from you at every opportunity. These are those who refuse to surrender with your new eDemocracy system of EVOTE.ONE  Nothing left to do as of Oct 5, 2019 except travel the rest of our universe with or without our people. For we are indeed Sovereign Ambassador Emissaries who travel our world in search of the greatest places of needs.

  We are currently deeply involved in Banking, Real Estate, Education, Water, Energy, Agriculture, and even brokering the sale of ~700 Metric tons of bullion gold all legally documented.

Keith Duncan Tel: +(63) x917 335-4300 

Our lifetime focus has always been leveraging technology to prevent crimes and resulting poverty.  We have the answer solutions to re distribute the criminal wealth back to our 7.7 billion people so no scammers, cyber criminals, terrorists, political dynasties can ever dominate and control our world markets. Solved forever with legacy 3 simple solutions that replace and bypass all price fixing stock markets, insider trading, scams/financial crimes, and inability for StockHolders to stabilize their own stock values by electing their corporate executives and collectively setting the benefit packages. Contact anyone on our teams to teach our world leaders how to UNIFY reform entire world.
Our group is fully away these are the most disruptive and peaceful solutions in world history. We caution all World Leaders and Public NOT to encourage Mass Public Protest Rallies as these are easy targets for those who oppose us. Terrorists make instant billions of real $$$ since they short the market and often control the Press News Media. They NEVER LOOSE, but now they LOOSE everything if they refuse to surrender their crime assets and identify their victims and crime networks with EVOTE.ONE recorded in the universal stabilizing Artificial Intelligence database of FOIA.ONE that is required Singularity of one degree of separation between all +7.735 Billion our people.
   We are absolutely ashamed of our fellow man and how greed is destroying our world by those who control and pervert all markets of trade including human trafficking, drugs, guns, gambling, counterfeit products, underground cyber crime attacks including the forgery and destruction of Certified Court Documents and legally binding financial contracts. All solved and prevented with simple use of our (c) (t) and Patented technology and business process that will be controlled by Public in
.  To ensure Integrity, we showcase we are 100% legitimate and trustworthy with our #1 anti crime technology showcased to world of FOIA.ONE and EVOTE.ONE that eliminates any possibility of cyber financial crimes using Video Recorded transactions to create legally binding contracts to enforce compliance of stipulated terms and conditions.  We invite everyone in world to use these world saving solutions seen at with focus on how one new world eliminates all political underground crime networks forever. 
   Anyone can call our teams, email or skype us: BuiltByKeith2
The VIDEO below illustrates WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO professionally for all mankind.
Most Critical Broadcast about GOD's assets. With FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE all of GOD's wealth reserves + deposit boxes will be opened in presence of registered owner on Open Circuit TV for the following exposure reasons of enforced integrity and ethical ownership.

 This applies to entire new world society driven by each of these ordained solutions for al humanity:  If the owner can not prove with traceable certified documents they are the rightful legal owner of the contents, they loose it. This includes anyone who is using the registered owner as a proxy. For trillions of $$ of real assets are hidden worldwide originating from long line of criminal dynasty networks. Driven by EVOTE.ONE, anyone whose integrity rating is below 'to be determined percent, they are shunned and isolated until they restore the wealth back to their original victims and get foregiveness. All recorded in FOIA.ONE so that no one can criminally claim slander, libel, or breach violation of any existing laws. is the 'kingpin' solution to virtually and literally enforce Justice and Social peace for all people. is the single open Public Constitutional Law Mandate Manifesto Commandments that ensures enforcement of all Civil rights since even United Nations has no power to enforce any of their resolutions.  These were the original Solution*.com answers to mankinds base root issues of predatory greed that has enslaved our population under rule of the Criminal Ruling Elite = Political Corrupt Government and mega Corporation Executives who work with underground criminal networks to steal our Mutual Creators wealth on false premise and then cover up all evidence, destroy key eyewitnesses, and

We have over 10 prime attorneys in Atlanta GA and at least 2 here in Manila (the last two on CC list) who can easily come with us if that is a true requirement to have witnesses to keep us from being illegally detained again.  We have been requested most humbly for Peace Rallies and FORUMS for 9 years now to teach our world how to overcome all evil crime networks and restore our economy back to our 7.737 billion people.


ONLY Requirement for now 11 years is to TURN OVER all crime evidence to CIA, MILITARY CID, Interpol, NSA, HLS, DOJ, FBI, IRS, Police in that precise order since we have already contacted each of these groups except for CIA.   We understand that Congressional Investigations will then be called as we asked directly many years ago.  We have common sense judicial procedures of that will speed up convictions to 3 days to maybe 2 weeks.

Oct 6, 2019 everyone knows to go the end to find the true answer to any world unification true reality story.
  Keith Brent Duncan 1-19580815-1 (+101) ask and require CIA, Military, HLS at USA embassy Manila come find us since we are victims of cyber crime  Heather Fabrikant Press Attache for Ambas. Kim Sung (632)301-2504. as we are the top R&D scientists in the world who have create published FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE and other simple solutions to eliminate all crime networks that was one of our original missions NCSU 1976. We have created a simple intelligence collection and distribution system for INTERPOL and all DOJ agencies worldwide. We look forward to your call back ASAP since Sept 25, 2011 when we DID ask for safe Haven Langley AirForce Base Sunday midnight, and were kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 so ROSE and other terrorists could use our most extensive anti crime terrorist technology against the rest of world government corporations.  Our location at final summary   YES we did offer to go with USA Military to debrief FBi AG and go FIND Robert Dee ROSE (DOB 1971-04-01) worth billions. We anticipate if you search your CIA databases, you will not find him at all.

Submission Reference ID: GH8XC639
Most critical has always been turnover of FOIA.ONE simple database to Interpol, Military, and all DOJ at one time. Now our world knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, Who trades What with Who.  This alone is the one degree of separation that truly eliminates all crime networkers at one time. PLEASE one last request, Contact BuiltBykeith and escort our Crusader R&D scientists to safe haven so we can finally complete these technology answers to create World peace with focus on WorldSchoolFund .com and SolutionHousing .org and TurnOffLights.  Keith

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