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We are the top world famous Human Right Activists few have seen.

Aug 2, 2019.  Our growing teams are the most powerful Advocates of Human Rights at all levels. Founded by CEO Keynote anti-crime world expert Keith Duncan DOB 1-19580815-1 is his most humble FOIA.ONE universal Identification # that kills the prophesied Mark of the 666 Beast.  Universal in Master Educator Teaching Professorship, our work was completed 11 years ago to RATIFY UNIFY REFORM all mankind. The ONLY requirement for our people is to RISE UP WITH ACTION and contact directly all WORLD leaders to show them THEY have the answer solution methodologies to restore total peace and social justice harmony to our entire world.

   Starts with EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE TurnOffLights, with focus on and legacy delivered in person to ALL Presidents, Congress, SENATE, DOJ, DOD, Judicial System, PRESS, Public in any order.

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