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Gallery of Legacy Heritage

Historical in true nature of Keith Brent Duncan - World Leader who is seldom seen because of the ultimate Nemesis.

We have collectively used the accountable sustainable power of photography, video/audio, and story telling since era 1972, age 14.

These are the greatest most humble broadcasts of the reality of Cause and Effects of original sin/vice/crime Predatory Greed. All resolved and prevented once our World Leaders, Press, Public, Corporations peacefully REPLACE and BYPASS all forms of corrupt government and corporation enterprises who refuse to Serve and Protect our people.   This is also part of the universal ministries of updated Aug 2, 2019 in the name and purpose of our most holy Mutual Universal Creator.  The only true requirement for all mankind is to use these ordained divined solutions for their own mutual benefit.....  Keith Duncan.

2nd Famous SlideShow  Final Call to Justice.
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