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Dixie Rose $1M USD Crime Center
21Dec2007 direct call to FBI - fatherKeith Testimony to WORLD

Video on Left puts ROSE + others on DEATH ROW now!!  Post Sept 2011.

 Click below: #1 World Cyber crime

Terrorist FILES already delivered since Nov 2008 to IRS, then FBI, AG, US Marshal, Military, PRESS, all Lawfirms, and PUBLIC:

EVRose*.pdf FILES Crime Sprees

#476  puts ROSE on Death ROW for treason, espionage, murder, kidnapping, + most deadly infiltration of almost all GOV and Corporate Databases.

Mar11-2018-Direct FBI Atl terrroist -

   CLICK: The most comprehensive Criminal Evidence of ROSE is CLICK: Cyber attacks tied to ROSE's infiltration of USA Government agencies were gifted to Langley AirForce Base on Sunday Sept 25, 2011.


 and MonkeyKings.INFO showcase the worst crimes against humanity conducted by super criminals, corrupt judges, lawyers, police, CID, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, even a few Military all based on CRIMINALS embedded inside our very own governments and corporations. 

  The SINGLE certified Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 above cancelled July 15, 2011 PROVES ROSE is the #1 super criminal terrorist of all time. For everyone has PREVENTED this from being seen by PUBLIC. We exposed EVERYTHING to all Law Enforcement, All lawyers, Judges, Press, Public, family and WORLD this entire time. Therefore USA always has owed us 1. Protection from ROSE and crime networks 2. Press Conferences, 3. Public Apology 4. Restore of our oroginal fortune and return of $500 Million USD cash to replace the Intellectual Property worth billions.

Original SUMMARY: The most bible 'DAMNING' evidence has always been FBI-AG-Military-Interpol refusals (dead silence) to complete any of +100 investigations leading to Death Row Convictions of ROSE, Amy Rose, and the high powered USA GOV agents who are directly linked to ROSE by their certified signatures and destruction of all evidence + court docs tied to massive Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice (murder for Hire) Norfolk VA 4:11cr112. Actual monetary and real damages exceed $500 Million USD. More in Punitive damages. Keith is indeed #1 anti crime expert guru in entire world ! ! !


Everyone MUST call again and again the FBI including the public corruption Hotline at USA +(1)202 278-2000. Everyone MUST call them and command their criminal investigators to CONTACT KEITH DUNCAN ASAP on the worst cyber crime terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE. DEAD MEN can never testify. Everyone COMMAND USA GOV, DOJ, DOD, Military protect my life so I can finally TESTIFY to world.

  May 9, 2019 With $2 Million USD bounty on ROSE's head payable TO FBI AG Military anyone, exactly HOW and WHY does FBI AG and others destroy so many public terrorist documents seen above PDF files and #476? Easy. They deny any authority is exactly what USA Gov criminal agents do to DENY your rights to testify and seize the assets of terrorists and criminals based only on the criminals own evidence and testimony of collective victims.

  Feb 16, 2019 Senator David Purdue (GA) contacted directly again (See Top PDF FILE below ROSE video). COMMANDING Congressional Investigations and for FBI AG to be put on criminal trial to world on HOW they protect ROSE and WHO is involved in the most massive coverups conspiracies of cyber crime terrorism in USA, even world history.   ROSE is man hunted for years now with $2 Million USD reward for turning him over to FBI, AG, even the Military as a enemy combatant who infiltrated each of our prime USA Government databases and agencies. That is WHO ROSE is, most dangerous man alive. Each other person tied to ROSE has a bounty on their head for the exact same linked reasons of Cyber crime including Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds, Phoenix Harris Norfolk VA 4:11c112 terrorist public defender with A.DA's and each judge involved (See ABOVE) Cobb County Dismissed TPO 11.1.1171.99 cancelled July 15, 2011 as my home was ROBBED of over $40,0000 Feb 4, 2011 Marietta PD Report 1.11.2506 I filed. Then POLICE, FBI, Lawyers, DA, Prosecutor, and each JUDGE told me to SHUT THE HELL UP,  thatI had no rights and can NEVER face any of my accusers including them. SO I testified everything to PUBLIC + PRESS this entire time Jan 15, 2008 to present.  Anyone can showcase these crimes against my people and receive 25% of restitution that is due to myself and others.

  The key court document Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed July 15, 2011 above proves these massive conspiracy terrorist threats against my life since no violations of any laws have ever been committed by myself. I am the KEY eyewitness and victim of all criminals and USA GOV because I already personally delivered to world all time lined crime evidence.  My lawyers and USA GOV is commanded to take action as of Nov 2010 as I am  the prime plaintiff filing all these class action lawsuits against all involved with help of SAME USA GOV I have already debriefed.  PROTECT and fund Keith's emergency return to USA today.

   Over $500 Million USD will be easy to recover and claim by your actions to represent my basic civil liberty rights to face all my accusers now.

My entrerprises have already legally claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE single open public database law enforcement.

  Feb 2, 2019. Concealing all these crimes against USA GOV and myself is just as deadly serious as participating. I just re-called my original two lawyers again in Atlanta of Tom Chorey (404)640-5969 and Vivian Hoard (404)541-2223 and commanded they contact FBI to demand USA GOV contact myself and debrief top officials and PRESS on exactly what ROSE has done against thousands, even millions by committing treason, espionage, murder, extortion of high ranking Georgia, Norfolk VA,  and Washington D.C. officials shown below. THE USA GOV owes me hosted press conferences and federal=military protection so I can finally testify against over 100 criminals and officials for their massive violations of USA Laws and Human RIGHTS. I only have a few weeks left of my last survival personal funds since everyone REFUSES to contact the correct officials.

   Nov 29, 2018 Ms. Bashama robbed my leased home over $40,000 USD Feb 4, 2011 forged Marietta P.D. 1.11.2506 then got criminally granted TPO 11.1.1171.99 granted Feb 22, 2011 as ROSE Paid off each CID police, judges, lawyers involved. Dismissed July 15, 2011, NO VIOLATION could have occurred as the crimes against humanity and civil/felony crimes continue since FBI is protecting each criminal involved y REFUSALS to take any/all actions against +85 persons tied to ROSE. She has $10,000 USD bounty on her head for years now for anyone, including FBI AG to find her to collect.  Bashama text messaged me asking for my street address. Is this to KILL ME or file another false TPO against me to stop all legal action to put her in prison along with her crime network associates such as Wendell Carraway. The documents are above for you world to believe and ACT with AUTHORITY of your new world society.

     Rose is the most dangerous cyber crime terrorist ($2 Million USD BOunty on his head for years) who is being actively protected by rouge criminal agents who work inside the IRS, FBI, AG, US Marshals as these persons have been identified by name and crime occurrence starting back in summer 2008. Over $500 Million USD is due keith's companies for real and punitive damages by preventing YOU my people from RISING up to eliminate all crime networks with eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and new role of all military and law enforcement agencies. This was personally delivered to Langley AF Base Sept 25, 2011 as that historical event scared ROSE so bad he ordered my 3rd and 4th kidnappings that now numbers 900 Days of full scale illegal detainment BY your own USA GOV. See for how YOUR government force drugs top whistle blower key eyewitnesses to prevent self FBI incrimination.

     ROSE wants me DEAD since Jan 15, 2008 when he threatened my life and started stalking me because I was actively turning ALL his crime evidence over to each lawyer, judge, and all Law enforcement. FBI, AG, IRS and all others will go DOWN in the history books for re-actively PREVENTING all crime investigations this entire time. Because PRO-ACTIVELY, I have taught our entire world with my evangelist teams HOW to solve all these crimes and PREVENT all future crimes with simple common sense, biblical principals of enforced integrity, and the use of reality technoogy.  CONTACTING the TOP USA GOV officials, when this is done NOW, when 10, 50, 1000  people COMMAND USA Gov actually contact keith duncan back will FINALLY result in +85 TO 100 PEOPLE going to PRISON for what they PERSONALLY did to me. Keith is clearly top, even #1 Behavioral Analysis Profiler Anti-Crime Evangelist Crusader of true Justice in USA/World history.  Anyone can see and use FOIA.ONE driven by eVOTE.ONE and to rid our entire world of all crime networks at one single time.  I post here on + Others, just like i have for now +10 long years of PURE HELL of denial of all my rights as YOUR RIGHTS are denied also.  Solved forever with   WHO joins my teams now...  or sits on these assets (spelled ASS-etc ) waiting for someone else to actually TAKE ACTION...  I have worked fearlessly to teach all law enforcement how to IDENTIFY and Seize All Crime networks in record time using the common sense technology of integrity of eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and

   Oct 5, 2018 Historical REVISIT to FBI Headquarters 2635 Century Pkwy NE #400, Atlanta, GA 30345 with my teams to DEMAND-Command FBI prortect my life while seizing ROBERT DEE ROSE and +85 criminals based ONLY on their own irrefutable evidence and crimes.  Contact FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, who assumed the role on August 2, 2017, to COMMAND DOJ-Military provide Press Conferences WITH TRUMP and world leaders to UNIFY our entire world.

  My own pastors and Lawyers + world has been legally justified ordered to SHOWCASE all these crimes to fearlessly protect the rights of all others with last testify witness gifted to world +10 and +7 years biblical years starting 001-19580815-1 to Aug 1976 present.

   Sept 28, 2018. Prepare for historical meeting my teams at Atlanta Airport Oct 4, 2018 9:30am to escort us with PRESS media coverage to FBI AG headquarters.  Once the FBI AG Military PRESS, PUBLIC, literally ANYONE goes WITH ME, we go direct TO MY lawyers, each of them, and command they REFUND all that $100,000 USD or more CASH I paid them to have ROSE and Ms. Bashama arrested +10, +7 years ago. They won't need any money for they will be seized without bail for their direct ties to ROSE and other criminal networks.  This fulfills the original prime reason for WHY I debriefed Langley AirForce Base Sept 25, 2011 that has NEVER been resolved at any level. All because ROSE continues to cyber attack the USA GOV and Corporations with Cyclone Alexander Covey and destroy all crime trail time lined evidence that shows he is the most dangerous terrorist and now International Most wanted Fugutive in USA/world history with $2 million USD bounty on his head. I publish this also. right now as root seed basis for World changing FOIA.ONE most wanted public database.

  Sept 25, 2018. Ms Bashama has been located Negaunee, Michigan, Thomas Auston (Tom) brother (602)435-6714   Brother Derek  DA Roofing and Remodeling. the FBI AG have been commanded years ago to SEIZE this terrorist tied to Robert Dee ROSE. The USA GOV will host press conferences to showcase WHO and WHY these perfect crimes are being covered up by very powerful USA GOV officials and WHY NOT a 'DAMN' Biblical soul has upheld any existing criminal law to RESTORE all of Keith's stolen assets of $1.2 Million USD and over $500 MILLION USD real and punitive damages for WHAT one super criminal does to you.

  Sept 21, 2018 USA Embassy Staff REFUSE to accept evidence paperwork AGAIN. Shows ROSE had me blacklisted so he could continue TREASON and murdering any key eyewitnesses such as AG DOJ fired Sally Q Yates who was criminally incompetent to SIGN Norfolk 4:11cr112 that was sealed and destroyed to PREVENT all 100 + terrorists and criminals face Prison and Death Row, all at ONE TIME see below.

    Sept 14, 2018. I direct contacted FBI again today. Same as I have done since Nov 2010. No response shows Cyber Crime Terrorism by ROSE and others covering up all these crimes against humanity. Will it take Mass Protest Rallies or a single criminal investigator + Federal Judge to Resolve each and every crime committed to DENY all my rights as ONLY the Prime key eyewitness PLAINTIFF due over $500 Million USD Real and Punitive damages from each criminal and US GOV who violates existing laws....   HUGE related news is:   Ron Onorato went to Prison for 6 months per April 18, 2018 news article. RON is the one who hosted court deposition office space and listened to ROSE and I Cross examining each other as ROSE tried to file 5 counter suits to destroy my entire assets claiming I cost him $900,000USD in lost business BECAUSE he was scamming me the entire time.  ROSE re-wired his home SO BAD, employee told his wife DURING court session of THEIR lawsuit AGAINST ROSE, that she must sleep with a fire extinguisher because of the rewire violations were NEVER done to CODE. 

   DON'T get LOST in details. GO TO FBI AG today as I asked my teams + everyone to DO +7 very long years ago.... BEFORE I was kidnapped #3 and #4 on direct orders of infamous Robert Dee Rose.

     Do what EVERYONE MUST DO and contact AG, Senators, Trump, DOJ, PRESS and Churches to COMMAND them to contact Keith Duncan NOW!

   All Criminals cringe in horror now that the public submits and retrieves all crime investigations through ONE central Open Public Database FOIA.ONE

Here is EXACTLY what MUST happen NOW.  This would have occurred Sept 26, 2011 Langley VA, Air Force Base post visit.

1. ROSE, Ms. Bashama, + all others tied to ROSE by their very own evidence/signatures are immediately SEIZED and their assets turned over to keith brent duncan.  Everyone MUST manhunt ROSE as #1 most Wanted criminal in world. He is easy to find at at : phone Bahamas 242.698.0910  USA/CAN +(1)305.420.5878
TollFree  800.540.2983
  ROSE can never escape or hide from the FBI, AG, CIA, Military, Interpol, literally anyone with a legally validated $2 Million USD bounty on his head.  Odd that the cash rewards comes from ROSES own seized criminal assets so no taxpayer funds are ever needed since fateful day of Jan 14, 2008 when ROSE threatened Keith's life and succeeded in three kidnappings by extorting USA GOV rogue agents all identified BY their very own crime spree evidence.

2.  USA GOV hosts PRESS Conferences and goes WITH Keith's teams to eradicate all other crime networks using these most effective and only common sense use of Integrity based CopyRight Intellectual Property methodology.

3.  With eVOTE.ONE + FOIA.ONE and, our Public decides the Real and Punitive damages the USA GOV and each criminal pays back to Keith as restitution for Real and Punitive damages from Nov 4, 2007 forward.  No criminal or terrorist will survive these manhunts after they refuse to surrender themselves and identify each of their Other Victims + confess history.

4. World leaders convene on emergency Round Table Summit basis to merge all nations into one UNIocracy new world society by engaging the top level intellectual minds to roadmap the fast path transition to our new UNIONISM humanity using the original Commandments + 10 other migration commands of  Anyone objecting must provide a best answer solution or they are banished from participation using these New Rules of Duncan's Order.  Read 1 Peter 5 + others.

   Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) is the most dangerous cyber crime terrorist in world. With $2 Million USD Bounty on his head for now 6 years, NO one can deny he must be SEIZED and put on Death ROW for his crimes against humanity including infiltration of USA GOV and Corporation Databases with Alexander Cyclone Covey (Atlanta GA) with direct links to fired AG Sally Yates and Cobb County DA Berry Vic Reynolds conspirators who actively prevent any and all crime investigations since ROSE paid them off along with +85 other USA Fed Officials and Officers of the Court. Above are the few photos of ROSE since he has almost NO digital footprint in any database or news report since he MURDERS eye witnesses like Brian Walker (Gwinnett County GA Dec 7, 2013) and Cobb County GA Judge Fabier Sept 2011 per Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Landmark Miscarriage of Justice Class Action Suit.

   Anyone also reporting ROSE to FBI, AG, Congress, + WORLD will make National news since I and my team DID THIS as soon as each and every crime occurred.

My over $400 Million USD in assets in Real and Punitive damages MUST+WILL be recovered in just a few days once my world USES these replacement systems to rid our world of ALL CRIME NETWORKS forever.   An act of Congress or Act of GOD is not required for all justice and social peace to be enforced commanded.

  The FBI, IRS, AG, Military, and EACH Law enforcement agency OWES me > $500 Million USD, personal Televised apologies, and hosted Press Conferences WITH my teams so we can FINALLY teach all governments, corporations, civic groups, religion factors, public and world HOW to UNIFY with

  June 19, 2018 An Arizona person who was defrauded by Bashama just sent me this email: "Bashama is living in Harvey Michigan . She has a new victim who she is now moving in with as her brother kicked her out. She has “custody “ of Christian and Cheyanne only as little Vinnie is 18 now but got emancipated last year. McKenzie just had a baby in Arizona and almost died. Bashama of course doesn’t want these kids. "  I, keith, responded to world the SHORT sequence of Kidnapping conspiracies by ROSE and Ms Bashama who has a $10,000 USD bounty on her head 7 years ago.

  HOSTING of PRESS CONFERENCES would have occurred +7 years ago based on ANY of the extreme KNOWLEDGE Acts of Wisdom delivered personally to USA GOV, PRESS, Churches, PUBLIC 10 years ago. This was also the reason ROSE ordered my multiple kidnappings (3 total) to allow his cyber crime teams to rob my homes, clean out my bank accounts, infiltrate other USA and Corporate databases using the most prolific ANTI CRIME assets on my computers and file cabinets. This includes insider INFORMATION databases on some of the most TOP World Corporate Executives and Business processes that were legally acquired from 40 years of working as TOP computer systems data architect Business process consultant expert of caliber of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and other visionary sage entrepreneurs who BENEFIT mankind because that is WHY they work fearlessly to PROTECT the RIGHTS of all others. One of the key eyewitnesses is Adam Weart, Cumming GA, former Systems Designer for with full knowledge of Roses victims.

  For 10.5 years, ROSE has stalked me BECAUSE I have his business files. Legally acquired and TURNED over to my lawyers (all of them), then IRS, then FBI, Then AG, and USMarshals, then Military. along with ALL evidence accumulated this entire time. Dead SILENCE is the logical negative answer response since ROSE already infiltrated their databases and has ?? how many?? embedded terrorists INSIDE these same USA gov and many corporate enterprise agencies. HOW many? ONLY GOD himself knows since NO ONE ever does any investigations. TOO busy because most COVER UP their crimes by denying all rights of my people to PROSECUTE THE living HELL out these hardened criminals. SO I must RETURN to USA, lead the army of PASTORS and RIGHTEOUS soldiers of inequity myself. FOR I AM the fore founding father of YOUR new world society UNIocracy.ORG.

  The list of criminals tied directly to ROSE is very long. Over 85, even 100 USA gov Officials and Criminals all go to PRISON for their major felony capital crimes they each committed starting Jan 15, 2008.  WHO will actually TESTIFY against each criminal if I do NOT survive since all EVIDENCE of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 puts ROSE on Death Row. IRS owes me $8 Million USD for IRSWhistleblower Feb 2009, 658, ROSE +$350,000 USD for Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 granted Oct 2010, $1.2 Million USD for original loss of all my assets by each criminal, $500 Million USD and counting for Real and Punitive damages for Landmark Miscarriage of Justice Class Action Suits to be filed and convicted BY AG, FBI, and Congressional Investigations.

   Read and TAKE ACTION by COMMANDING our USA GOV take down each criminal who threatens my life and assets since THEY each incompetently and criminally signed their very own prison sentences the entire world can see and use. They have NEVER had any option or choice but to PROTECT my life and use what I have taught our entire world.

April 20, 2018. The original prime reason I enlisted USA Military Sept 25, 2011 was to go WITH them to FIND and SEIZE ROSE with use of the Patriot Act for enemy combatants. ROSE was cyber stalking me then and maybe, even now. So my TEAM offered $2 Million USD bounty on his head to command our world to find him and put him on Death ROW.  ROSE clearly infiltrated USA GOV and Corporate databases +10 years ago and tried to extort/blackmail keith duncan to be the worlds top cyber crime tech terrorist. Since ROSE almost murdered myself, and is a serial killer a well as committing treason, espionage, massive obstruction of justice as a sociopath lunatic, the FBI and AG will indeed be replaced by  All honest USA GOV law enforcement officials and officers of all courts of law now join our New World Society run by, for, and OF our people using and  Please do the URL links yourself since I can not PERFECT all world systems in the name of my fatherGOD Creator who remains in wrathful anger that his own creations are on verge of self genocide apocalypse.  Simple hosted Press Conferences by all world leaders even BYPASS the required Congressional Investigations since everyone knows that crime assets talk, and criminals always walk.  Never to be indicted since they control the criminal investigation databases and blackmail Criminal investigators and Judges to death. All criminals have already been commanded to turn themselves in or be manhunted by all my 7.6 billion citizens using auto face recognition Open Circuit TV OCTV through one international database FOIA.ONE.

March 20, 2018  Congressional Investigations were Requested/Commanded years ago on HOW FBI-AG and other agencies actively protect so many terrorists, violating Constitutional laws.  ONE call away from being protected BY Military and Governments worldwide. This would have occurred Oct 2011 if Langley Air Force base had not been infiltrated by ROSE.    The PRIME and ONLY requirement has always been to SEIZE ROSE and his criminal assets worth ?? billions USD ?? and to demand USA GOV and all other governments protect my life and my teams who are world consultant advisors to UNIFY all of mankind. That has always been the reasons WHY I went to Langley Air Force Base Sept 25, 2011 asking for protective safe haven to accompany to Washington to investigate the worst cyber crime infiltration of our government and corporate databases by rapidly identifying WHO is directly tied to ROSE and all other world terrorists. 

      I just sent this to my JohnLewis.House.GOV congressman. anyone else can DO the same. It is : Honorable John Lewis. I am victim of organized crime cyber terrorist Robert Dee Rose, and My life is threatened since Jan 2008 because ROSE owes Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 granted Oct 2010. and IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009 case 658 from worth $8 Million USD and up. ROSE ordered my illegal detainment 3 times for total of 850 days that has NEVER been prosecuted because of the top USA GOV officials who are tied to ROSE for crimes of massive obstruction of Justice, terrorist infiltration of databases, and the longest crime spree in Atlanta GA history. I request simple DEBRIEF as my Manila cell is (63) 917-335-4300. skype: BuiltBYKeith2. as is world evangelist crusader teams of HOW to RID our world of ALL crime networks with eVOTE.ONE and

     Immediate action by MILITARY to come find me at 417 United Nations Ave, Manila is most critical for reasons I have sent to PRESS and almost all government law enforcement agencies. Dead silence shows true reality of how few actually uphold ANY constitutional laws. result is as I have requested PRESS CONFERENCES for world leaders on HOW to REBUILD all world economies by destruction of all crime networks. Even Andrew Young knows me from Oct 14, 2014 as few people have photographic memory and broadcast to world HOW TO LOVE and CARE for each other with


  I also direct called former AG Eric Holder in Washington and requested he DISPATCH Military and Dept of State to Contact me and PROTECT MY LIFE and seize ROSE.  All part of these original and final Plan of World Salvation that are part of WHY I here. and WHY few respond because of their pure greed and apathy.

         March 26, 2018.  I, and my team(s) have been calling for all World Leaders to Debrief each other on eVOTE.ONE, focusing on #2. For the ability to empower all to eVOTE any deviant leader ( GOV or Corporate) out of OFFICE or Executive Position, is the #1 most powerful unification grassroot reformation revolution-evolution in total world history. Never been done before BECAUSE world never had the capacity or technology to unify with one central database  This WOULD have occurred 7 years ago.  ROSE knew this, and has done everything conceivable to murder me, discredit me, create this obvious Red Paper Tape Conspiracies , so he can continue growing his RICO crime enterprises.  Each one is compartmentalized so that NO other group or branch knows about the others. This ensures that if ANYONE is caught as a terrorist, they have no direct knowledge of the other spoke Wheels of Silence conspiracy.  This is clear for myself and teams to see since I remain the ONLY person victimized to extreme and also the #1 key eyewitness testifier who has always DEMANDED justice be served. For not ONE time did ROSE sign any evidence or document. Ms. Bashama only signed the Cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99  Therefore, HOW COULD USA GOV justify claim I violate anything as all submitted evidence since Jan 15, 2008 points convictions RIGHT at ROSE...

     The FBI AG IRS, USMarshals, CIA, HLS, TSA, DEA agencies will soon be replaced by as thousands of honest USA GOV agents now work directly WITH Military as criminal investigators as they will no longer be keeping secret databases and creating Red Paper Tape Conspiracies to DESTROY evidence of their own criminal rogue agents who are truly SATANIC in demonic nature.

March 4, 2018 ROSE WOULD have been DEAD Oct 2011 if USA Military or ANYONE had actually completed ANY of the now hundreds of felony crime investigations I personally showed ALL law enforcement, all my lawyers, Congress, Military, actually EVERYONE this entire time.

      Everyone call Atlanta GA Attorney General Chris Carr at (404) 581-6000.  Ask his OFFICE, chief of staff to IMMEDIATELY contact my cell (63)9173354300 as they promised just 3 days ago. have them emergency CALL USA Embassy Manila and dispatch MILITARY to CONTACT and FIND me so I can FINALLY get PROTECTION from USA GOV to debrief them on all aspects of WHY I was kidnapped by ROSEs orders so many times.   That is the true FOCUS for world this entire time...  DEAD silence always shows ROSE is behind all these infiltration of my-your USA government databases with and other hidden super criminal RICO enterprises I reported starting 2008 at all levels to all law enforcement including Sept 25, 2011. 9 pm.... 


       Our world must STOP using any lame-brain single word excuses to PREVENT these only answer solutions from becoming YOUR unifying standards of true Social Justice and Peace.  Is it clear by now that NO one has ever legally submitted ANY evidence I violated ANY law. It does NOT exist. Each document shows ROSE, Ms. Bashama, all of Duncan clan, murdered Brian Walker, and each other person VIOLATED constitutional laws because each criminally PROFITED because our own USA GOV actively prevent any and all investigations because they are deathly afraid of uprising civil wars when my people Mass PROTEST DEMONSTRATE exactly WHO are the true criminals. Send me the ROSE evidence so I can ALSO POST HOW to seize ROSE and teach our entire world how to DESTROY all crime enterprises as my FatherGOD Christ did 2,000 years ago.  I has already done YEARS AGO with MASS PUBLICITY spread to all my people, All 7.6 billion of you and them.......

March 13, 2018. I since I called FBI last night, AGAIN and AGAIN for now years WHEN i had more incriminating evidence, call AG offices in atlanta. Chris Carr. number is on Tell them them have 100% obligation to contact Keith Duncan as mass riots will occur when anyone in world sees that ROSE has infiltrated IRS (per IRS WB Feb2009, 658) infiltrated 5 counties in atlanta per each Police Dept Robbery report I filed (7 times over years), infitrated FBI, USMarshals, then AG sometime back in summer of 2010 and obviously post Nov 2010 visit to all 4, then extort paid off Police, judge, my lawyers in Forsyth County GA Per judgment 08SC-1345 granted oct 2010, then extort paid off Fulton County 2 judges, then Marietta PD CID officers per Robbery report 11.1.2506.99 forged 4 times Officers Wishon, Detective Arrorwood (others) including 3 of the judges, clerk of court Katherine Sherwood, then paid off my lawyer berry Vic Reynolds (Now DA), then paid off Cherokee County Officers CID Jamie Gallowfallo? CID matt Pettepher, then

       .. list goes on to +85 persons actually +100 to date since NO ONE has ever been so severely persecuted he already was independent consultant for largest phone and banking enterprises for now +41 years, AND because I already gifted New world society total plans of HOW to UNIFY our world. The FBI , IRS, AG, USMarshall, Military, INTERPOL and all OTHER law enforcement agencies will be massive overhauled and all put on Congressional Investigative hearings to determine how cyber Crime Terrorism is about to cause martial law and total collapse of Democracy and our economy because, simple. NO ONE CARES and FEWER can believe a single person has already changed the course of history by creating simple answer solutions that ratify and unify mankind. As far as 1930 Model A FORD, I will lose it by March 15.

   Not a total waste, as my 7.6 billion people can easily see exactly WHO I AM and what I have done for all of humanity. that is how to UNIFY our world, all relationships and ownership rights clearly showcased in ONE new world society database I sleep soon, since our world is mostly walking dead zoombies who have no clue they are brain washed cults of greed, vice, domination, and fear of being discovered they are mostly self entitlement fools, many are drunks, drug addicts, hooked on prostitution and video pornography. Others hooked on gambling, illegal fighting, and general steal it while the stealing is grand....   Nothing left to add.  read Revelation 22, last paragraph and see why ROSE goes on Death Row, should have occurred Oct 25, 2011 Fulton County or Sept 26, 2011 Langley AirForce base.   I must go BACK to debrief Military since they refuse to come to me...

March 1, 2018. I just called AG Atlanta (404)665-3300 for them to contact FBI Military and protect my life while I debrief our world on all aspects of WHY ROSE is a cyber crime terrorist who directly ordered my 2, 3, and 4th illegal detainment our world knows as KIDNAPPING and Murder for Hire as well as massive Obstruction of Justice.. The true answer is the most powerful Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice ever filed by our Washington D.C. Attorney General as this has always been their legal jurisdiction and duty to uphold Constitutional Laws.   With all honest law enforcement and court officials now join our new world society that is FOR, BY, and OF all 7.6 billion of our collective integrity driven citizens.  Details are top of and other world broadcast answer solutions to finally UNIFY our world with these only ordained methods that standardize all aspects of how humanity fearlessly protects the rights of all others.   The prime 6 steps required are on top of I wait for total Justice and Peace to now be ensured for MY people who are YOU, my beloved small business owners who profit with and using base answer methods of +  i am too tired to do all the other automatic FACE RECOGNITION and URL links.  Just CALL me back... Keith

Search and Seizure of ROSE and Ms Bashama was legally ordered and authorized By Keith, Cobb County Georgia USA Judge R Flourney, and DA Berry Vic Reynolds in Sept 2011 (keith's own $6,000 USD lawyer) based on original Marietta PD. 1.11.2506 dated Feb 4, 2011 that was criminally forged 4 times showing Robbery of Keiths home of millions of USD in Intellectual Property including the Patent Pending famous design worth $500 Million USD as worlds last all digital classroom/home/office/Government on+off line remote educational system.  All other answers to humanities crimes are on  Pending and USA GSA contracts were/are worth BILLIONS in property rights of Evote.ONE + driven almost free SolutionHousing.ORG,  FREE education of  SolutionSafeWater.ORG + all other trillion USD $$ collective transfer of GODs assets stolen by Criminal Ruling elite that are RETURN Transferred back to CEOSPACE.NET.

   HOW can ROSE order kidnappings #3 and #4 (Cobb County GA USA Aug 22, 2011 TPO 11.1.7683.99 and Feb 22, TPO 11.1.1171.99) = Conspiracies to MURDER and Treason against USA Norfolk VA 4:11cr112,  and still remain free as pending criminal billionaire using all of Keith's 'TRILLION USD' worth of anticrime methodology and patented intellectual property and publishing copyrights?  

      Answer: Cyber crime easy infiltration into each of these Court Documents and government/corporate agencies by blackmailing everyone involved to COVER up his OTHER cyber crime terrorist RICO International INTERPOL crimes against humanity.  USA GOV and all world Military are always held 100% responsible for contacting Keith Duncan and his growing ANTI CRIME teams who evangelize our world on HOW to UNIFY with Evote.ONE + that IDs and eliminates ALL crime networks forever.

All evidence shows ROSE is #1 Terrorist in world for his ability to infiltrate Gov and Corporate databases and cyber attack his own and Caribbean Supply Services INC clients turned all victims. This Class Action Lawsuit of Landmark Miscarriage of Justice has verifiable value of bilions of $$$ for real and punitive damages caused by specific criminals in and outside our own USA Government agencies as their crime testimony evidence is shown below. Atlanta GA Lawyer Alexander Cyclone Covey will also be easy for all to convict to Death Row for his conspiracies shown to all.

  Search and Seizure of ROSE and Ms Bashama was legally ordered and authorized By Keith, Cobb County Georgia USA Judge R Flourney, and DA Berry Vic Reynolds in Sept 2011 (keith's own $6,000 USD lawyer) based on original Marietta PD. 1.11.2506 dated Feb 4, 2011 that was criminally forged 4 times showing Robbery of Keiths home of millions of USD in Intellectual Property including the Patent Pending famous design worth $500 Million USD as worlds last all digital classroom/home/office/Government on+off line remote educational system.  All other answers to humanities crimes are on  Pending and USA GSA contracts were/are worth BILLIONS in property rights of Evote.ONE + driven almost free SolutionHousing.ORG,  FREE education of  SolutionSafeWater.ORG + all other trillion USD $$ collective transfer of GODs assets stolen by Criminal Ruling elite that are RETURN Transferred back to CEOSPACE.NET and 7.6 Billion of my people.


   HOW can ROSE order kidnappings #3 and #4 (Cobb County GA USA Aug 22, 2011 TPO 11.1.7683.99 and Feb 22, TPO 11.1.1171.99) = Conspiracies to MURDER and Treason against USA Norfolk VA 4:11cr112,  and still remain free as pending criminal billionaire using all of Keith's 'TRILLION USD' worth of anticrime methodology and patented intellectual property and publishing copyrights?  

      Answer: Cyber crime easy infiltration into each of these Court Documents and government/corporate agencies by blackmailing everyone involved to COVER up his OTHER cyber crime terrorist RICO International INTERPOL crimes against humanity.  USA GOV and all world Military are always held 100% responsible for contacting Keith Duncan and his growing ANTI CRIME teams who evangelize our world on HOW to UNIFY with Evote.ONE + that IDs and eliminates ALL crime networks forever.

All evidence shows ROSE is #1 Terrorist in world for his ability to infiltrate Gov and Corporate databases and cyber attack his own and Caribbean Supply Services INC clients turned all victims. This Class Action Lawsuit of Landmark Miscarriage of Justice has verifiable value of bilions of $$$ for real and punitive damages caused by specific criminals in and outside our own USA Government agencies as their crime testimony evidence is shown below. Atlanta GA Lawyer Alexander Cyclone Covey will also be easy for all to convict to Death Row for his conspiracies shown to all.


Jan 28, 2018.  #1 MOST CRITICAL is for ANYONE to FILE criminal charges against ROSE of kidnapping, cybercrime infiltration of USA GOV, murder (+2 so far), .  DEMANDING FBI AG USMilitary actually FIND HIM is the #1 answer FIRST.   For as soon as SOMEone, ANYONE finally finds him to issue a sub penis, I mean subpoena, he is OFF on his 'RUN for the ROSES'  mega yacht off shore International Waters laughing the whole time that he outwitted the entire USA MILITARY and DOJ.   Yet he has NO PLACE to HIDE, NO PORT of CALL, NO ESCAPE from the WORLD-WIDE MANHUNT that is ALREADY in progress based on the $2 MILLION USD REWARD issued from the IRS WB Feb2009, 658 that he extorted so so many to MAKE DISAPPEAR.

        So we all make HIM and ALL other WORLD CRIMINALS DISAPPEAR FOREVER with automatic Face Recognition Bio-METRICS on that is the hallmark ONLY method to forever rid our entire world of all crime family dynasties. Starting with Corrupt Politicians and evil, sinister Corporate Executives who are prostituted in criminal BEDs with each other. Screwing the HELL out of economy and laughing all the way as MonkeyKings.INFO.   Just our entire world asks. HOW CAN he survive with tracking and finding his JACK ASS tail........ 

       This I publish  also, in real time. I DECIDE, no one else.....  This results in the most POWERFUL PRESS CONFERENCES to take down all OTHER WORLD criminals using EVOTE.ONE as everyone testifies WHO are reformed/saved and who are the criminal ruling elite and underground crime family networks.

    NOW I can fill up our stadium arenas with MILLIONS of our people so they can learn how to BE FREE of the slave traders and foreign investors.


  Anyone in world can see ROSEs LONG FELONY LIST of crimes and just a few of his +85 to 100 USA Gov Officials who IMPLICATED themselves as being directly link TIED to ROSE by their very own court documents certified signed by each criminal. The IRS, FBI, AG, NSA, CIA, Interpol, all OTHERS + USA Military will make Intl Press Conference history for seizing ROSE and his assets. No one in USA GOV has ever had a CHOICE but to debrief keith duncan arrest each and every person tied to ROSE !

    These massive crime sprees were shown 2008 thru Sept 25, 2011 to present at Langley AFB OSI Capt Christopher Weber as ROSE cyber tracked me to West Gate 9 pm to prevent and from creating One New World unified Military as 100% Peace Keeper Criminal Investigators. I asked for SAFE HAVEN protection and from AG Sally Yates Atlanta GA in Sept 2011.  I request /demand protection then as well as NOW.

     WHO in MILITARY and Joints Chiefs of Staff + TRUMP will dispatch FBI or Military Escort to FIND keith brent Duncan where ever I travel and preach these Plans of Total World Salvation that prevent all world crimes against humanity and restore total GOD's paradise by destruction all these fallen angels of death.

    The OTHER prime WORLD broadcast websites are: and

 Feb 14, 2018  Send ROSE to HELL by immediate search and seizure of ROSE and all his assets by our entire world.  ROSE attempted to have me arrested AT the Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683.99 conspiracy terrorist hearing Aug 23, 2011 when FBI, AG, my very own lawyers REFUSED to show up.  Three Days later, ROSE transferred his RICO operations into: Domain: Registrar:, LLC Registration Date: 2011-08-26.

      PROOF for +10 years ROSE is a certified mastermind terrorist lunatic.    ROSE is 100% guilty of terrorism. treason, espionage, murder (2 identified years ago), massive RICO and money laundering, extortion, blackmail, libel, slander, destruction of FOIA documents, forgery, bribery, the list of crimes against humanity by ROSE is literally ENDLESS. If I had ever, ever, ever done anything wrong, is it not clear that SOMEONE would have signed evidence and actually legally filed a lawsuit or warrant against me.

    NEVER happened. IT was all a setup kidnapping plot conspiracy to murder me by USA GOV (so no one would ever investigate), then to drug the HELL out of me until I was a vegetable (should i have asked to be a turnip, tomato, zucchini, eggplant, or designer fruit like a pineapple, an apple in someones eye. For even asked STEVE JOBS of APPLE to personally contact me in spring of 2011, maybe even earlier)), While I sat in HELL-JAIL, ROSE and all others were STEALING all my billions of Intellectual Property and reselling all my patents and knowledge base of 35 years of the most extensive R&D wisdom on HOW to SAVE the HUMAN RACE. I publish this also.. Already have....


    In the ultimate mean time, all these answered solutions on are total REFORM and UNIFY of all mankind.   Even my $100,000 CONDO was sold off with all my assets for $0.00 by criminal transfer of deed to one of Brian's conspirators spring of 2012 as i sat in HELL JAIL waiting for FBI, AG, churches, family, PRESS, and/or public to FREE ME from being #1 Political Prisoner of the ultimate satanic Cyber crime terrorist attacks by ROSE. The title to my condo was transferred about 2-3 more times back to Brian and then SOLD for $70,000 to ?? current owner with a SINGLE criminally forged Power of attorney.  All my assets sold of by BRIAN for 848 days including BY my very own family.  Gwinnett Police and everyone else claim NO CRIME was committed as someone bought all my assets and NO ONE ever ONE DAMN TIME, asked me any question of any MERIT....... This remains true now +10 years after ROSE threatened my life to PREVENT his immediate death row convictions. Yes many death row convictions as just one would never hold...

    The original existed Summer of 2010 BEFORE ROSE ordered 3rd and 4th kidnappings. It is backed up and available to WORLD when any person seizes ROSE and gets the posted legal $2 Million USD bounty reward on his head. This is part of $8 Million USD reward owed from the original IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009, 658 that ROSE extorted IRS agents to DESTROY the CD-ROMS and hardcopy files from year 2007 + all other massive RICO crime enterprises of +30 Shell-Shelf companies in Georgia, Bahamas, and other international countries of his massive cabal crime networks..

  CLICK:  Criminals Page.   EVIDENCE Page.

  CLICK:  LIST of EVR*.* files (For Robert Dee RoseEVB*.* (for Ms Bashama) puts BOTH on DEATH ROW.

Jan 23, 2018 My recruited team members continue to personally CALL and CONTACT PRESS, FBI, AG, PUBLIC, Churches to command-demand JUSTICE be served, just like I have done for +10 years showing ROSE infiltrated so many corporate and Gov databases with criminal rogue agents.  All to avoid FBI AG world manhunt of all for treason, espionage, +2 murders, and the longest list of felony crimes ever committed by one psychopath sociopath mastermind cyber crime terrorist, Robert Dee ROSE.  Thousands of victims and our world must RISE UP to demand true justice be served by EVOTE.ONE to destroy all crime networks all at one time. This is WHY world leaders and top officials have already been debriefed as soon as any crime was committed and reported to all levels of law enforcement, public, press, and world. NOW I, keith duncan, will have MILITARY FBI escort BACK to USA to testify against +95 individuals who all are tied to ROSE by their very own Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 criminal conspiracy signatures and coverup destruction of their own OTHER crime sprees worth BILLIONS of USD in economic damage to our very own GOV systems at extreme taxpayer cost on WHY our justice system MUST be tort reformed with and

Jan 15, 2018.  Each criminal, rogue Gov/Corp Agent, terrorist will be quickly seized + convicted with these world saving copyrighted intellectual property protected rights to transfer Trillions of $$$ assets back to YOU, my people. ROSE would have been DEAD Nov 2011 if USA GOV had actually used what I gifted our world of total UNIFICATION. has always rapidly shown ALL law enforcement, Military, Corporations HOW to secure their databases using the ONLY methods to ensure NO infiltration or criminal ID Theft impersonations.  Why does world REFUSE to contact, debrief, learn from KEITH's teams.

    Since Jan 15, 2008, the USA GOV (FBI, AG, Military, all others) are 100% obligated to find KEITH, PROTECT my LIFE, your Lives, and ALL our ASSETS. This has never occurred BECAUSE of the most massive infiltration of our government and corporate databases by super criminals starring Robert Dee Rose as #1 most ManHunted person in world history.  Using these copyrighted intellectual property ROSE stole from my computers and homes to avoid his Death Row, even Military massive world manhunt. He has always been easy to FIND and SEIZE using these New World Society #1 and only methods.  Everyone MUST DEMAND-Command USA GOV protect my life against terrorist ROSE as ALL evidence shows he is mastermind behind infiltrating almost all corporate and government databases. This is also WHY I asked for safe haven protection from USA Sept 25, 2011 Sunday 9pm.

   Jan 7, 2018. I call to Atlanta Attorney General  Christopher M. Carr (404)656-3300 asking AGAIN since Sept 2011 for entry into Federal Witness Protection Program to protect all my rights and AntiCrime Intellectual Rights to host Press Conferences with all top law enforcement Officials + Mass Media Coverage that was the most obvious solution back on Nov 2010 Atlanta GA- FBI IRS, AG, USMarshals 6 hour debriefs the same day on #1 infamous Cyber crime terrorist Robert Dee Rose. Anyone participating in the emergency RETURN of Keith Duncan to Atlanta will profit with the most extensive anti-crime methodology ever gifted to our entire world.  EVOTE.ONE and unify man by creating a single new world society of all middle class small business owners that efficiently destroys all crime cabal enterprise networks.

   As clearly stated summer of 2010 forward, ROSE infiltrated almost all USAGOV and Military crime databases to prevent any investigation on his seize/siege of corporation databases using and other easy to deploy 'WaterGate-Ponzi' cyber hack bugging methods with his +50 crime associates. Our entire world MUST contact all National News Media, Top Officials, TRUMP, Congress, CIA, FBI, IRS, HLS, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and United Nations to focus my people on what I already gifted mankind: Unification.

     The USA GOV will indeed collapse with the New World Society showcased on these ONLY answer solution websites for their refusals to DEBRIEF keith + his teams, and refusals to host the required Public Press Conferences to show who are the most incompetent criminals libel for false witness, slander, libel, and actual threats against others!!  This is the most deadly serious violations of Constitutional Laws as well as CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. Any Federal Judge, Criminal investigator, PUBLIC, PRESS, any honest lawyer can be International Heroes for breaking the dead silence of well over 500 criminals tied directly to Robert Rose. My very own liar-lawyer Jimmy Deal (770)448-1313 was voicerecord called again today Jan 5, 2018 10amEST and warned he faces PRISON for his refusals to take the 3 banker boxes to FBI-AG-Press as I personally visited him Feb 2014 post Jan 28, 2014 dump on street.

   Any honest USA GOV official, staff, employee has already been legally asked to JOIN our new Law Enforcement practices. See for exact step by step world saving methods that completes the UNIFICATION REFORMATION of world by systematic elimination of ALL corrupt individuals.  USA GOV WILL finally protect my life and BILLIONS of $$$ USD intellectual Property just like they were ordered to do as soon as ROSE ordered my 3rd and 4th kidnappings back on Aug 30, 2011 and Sept 26, 2011 9am EST based on unsigned undated arrest warrants and ALL subsequent evidence documents, business files, false testimony, forged police dept reports, and all other  crimes against humanity committed to PREVENT Keith Duncan from testifying to entire world with Press Conferences.


    Jan 2, 2018. Today's report is that ROSE was back in USA. He has always been easy to ManHunt and seize by anyone. Because he infiltrated USA and Corporate databases years ago, absolutely NO one has ever completed any crime investigation.  Therefore, empowering all mankind to search and seize all criminals with EVOTE.ONE + completes the mission my FatherGod sent myself and a few others to finish.  Jesus Christ also turned over all tables of crime networks 2,000 years ago.   WHO DO YOU KNOW (who has any authority) is the battle cry of freedom for my people who RISE up in UNITY to transform our world back into the Paradise of GOD's heaven as it was original created before mankind created all this sin, vice, and crimes against humanity.  Even Christian Bible Rev 4:8 has been fulfilled shown on


     All that has ever been required is filing of accurate criminal charges and a group of integrity driven Judges + PRESS to complete each and every crime investigation that is irrefutably and irrevocably shown on these world broadcasts as signed certified confessions of their own crime spree history.  Then they go 1. TO HELL JAIL.  2. Death Row or 3. Banished to the abandoned slums.

      keith brent duncan (SS 243-86-0043 DOB 1958-Aug-15) is denied ALL his rights since spring 2008 re Terrorist ROSE and denied ROI profits of $5 to $10 Million USD per month in revenue after expenses based on the most prolific inventions, copyright intellectual property, keynote speaking engagements, consulting with world leaders, and leading mankind into the only new world society system to ensure total Prosperity, Peace, and Harmony from then... to the end of eternity. USA GOV owes > $500 Million USD real damages + Hosted Press Conferences, and the required manhunts of search and seizure of each criminal who threatens Keith + rest of his follower partners.

  In fall of 2007, I was at Cox Communications INC Atlanta GA, key member of Next Generation Messenger Team integrating all eDevices into seamless collaboration technology.This included my trip to Colorado for Packet Cable R&D that is heart of hi-speed fiber optic communications infrastructure.  With my prime extreme knowledge of all aspects of data communications + protocol since Aug 1976 NCSU BS Computer Science / Micro EE degree Dec 1981, ROSE would have completed the SKYNET cybercrime terrorist attacks of all time by controlling all databases with the IP (intellect property) extreme expertise I had R&D exposed as author/creating the worlds last OPEN PUBLIC database that prevents almost all crimes in the first place. This is also the 'Last Testament' of WHY I am here and WHY I have personally destroyed all crime networks run by AntiChrist ROSE  + all others.. keith brent duncan... 

Dec 27, 2017.  Final testimony (Again). THE PRIME ANSWER SOLUTION has always been mass subpoenas + PRESS CONFERENCE COVERAGE to command all these 'alleged' true linked criminals show up in COURT at ONE TIME. Then they will confess their crimes in public on Open Circuit TV National News Press Conferences and see who is tied to WHO with ROSE at the HUB of this horrific crimes against Humanity Wheel of silence Red Paper Tape Conspiracies and resulting cover ups of Destruction of their very own crime trail spree history.  I post this since Nov 2010 to DRIVE USA GOV to actually COMPLETE what I have taught them for last 41 years (How to create perfected checks and balances to resolve Crimes and Prevent further crimes in the 1st place.  ROSE is clearly #1 most man hunted terrorist in world history. Do NOT be swayed by the complexity of the crime evidence ROSE has left behind. All point back to his infiltration of almost all government/corporate databases with rogue terrorist GOV agents.  Most of this overwhelming evidence was cyber destroyed to prevent YOU, my 7.5 billion people from seeing WHO are the unsaved criminals versus who are now honest members of our new world society of UNIocracy. 

     Protect Keith's life NOW as he is most humble GodSon of all humanity!  These true Plans of self-Salvation Acts of Wisdom were gifted to you 7, 10, 41, 59 years ago in Gods own time + mine to full fill prophecies. Soon all +7.5 billion of my people OWN and operate ALL infrastructure to destroy all crime tyranny dynasties forever. Each major commerce will now be cooperative owned and run by each community with EVOTE.ONE no secret New Society UNIocracy. This includes ALL energy, banks, phone/internet/wifi, transportation, schools, stock markets, water, all land/forest/farm home ownership that destroys all super criminal elite slave trading enterprises forever.

     This new World Society has always been lead driven by + + completed in the honorable name of GOD, our mutual universal Creator.  Who actually does the most obvious. Contact Keith and his growing recruited disciple, apostles, master educator instructors to send these Crusader teams to YOUR places of greatest needs  (TODAY !!, as Time has always been the most precious commodity of GOD + humanity to prevent the last Holocaust of world annihilation.... 

Dec 21, 2017  Again, the direct call to FBI voiceRecording and Email is above. This was sent to many showing catch-22 cyber crime terrorism by ROSE since all crime investigations DELETED.  NO required callback debriefings occur leading to required obvious World Famous Press Conferences when everyone ADMITS their ties to organized crime. No one can ever escape the manhunt/dragnet of EVOTE.ONE using auto face recognition bio-metrics over free world WIFI internet.  PROTECT KEITH NOW and demand all GOV fund his final efforts. This has always been the worst Class Action Suit Landmark Miscarriage of Justice ever....

   Since Robert Dee Rose and cabal cyber crime terrorist cells infiltrated USA GOV databases and agencies back in early 2001, He and his true world conspirators would have been DEAD as of Nov 2011 for treason, espionage, murder, massive money laundering, stock broker theft, intellectual property resell (worse than WaterGate, 9/11, and Bernie Madoff combined) and damage of TRILLIONS of USD/EURO/etc assets by electronic theft, blackmail, extortion, and the longest list of crimes against humanity in USA/even world history.  I, the #1 anti crime expert in the world, sole author of EVOTE.ONE do hereby declare the destruction of all crime networks by the Will of the Majority of 7.5 BILLION PEOPLE using the methods myself and world evangelist crusader technologists and master religious teachers have gifted to all mankind.    These include seizure of ALL of ROSE's assets as belonging to INC registered in Reno Nev Dec 24, 2014 conclusive of starting with original crime repayment of:

1. Forsyth County GA US judgment 08SC-1345 worth excess of $300,000.00 USD, then

2. $8 Million owed by IRS Whistleblower Feb 2009 658, 659, 671, 672, then

3. $1.2 Million USD in actual real assets stolen by Ms Bashama Feb 4, 2011 per FORGED Marietta P.D. Report 11.1.2506.99 resulting in criminal blackmail of Keith's Lawyers, judges, police per Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 that was finally dismissed CANCELLED July 15, 2011 at extreme cost and peril of life as ROSE wanted keith duncan DEAD then as now.

4. Real and punitive damages exceed $500 MILLION USD by any professional evaluations conducted June 2011 to present.

   This is because the most valuable commodity is time and Intellectual Property resulting in TRILLIONS of $$$ of GOD's assets being transferred back to my 7.5 Billion PEOPLE by the simple Will of the Majority of all people using the new world society decision based system of ONE international Open Public secured write-once, read all public database

   The resulting DEMAND for REPAYMENT of the original signed Promissory Notes resulted in ROSE criminally filing Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 based on EVIDENCE of his own major endangerment of his own CHILREN Nov 14, 2010 (yes 2010), and resulting massive conspiracy coverups of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 when NO VIOLATION COULD have occurred Sept 25, 2011 at Langley AirForce Base interview at their west gate 9 pm Sunday evening as KEITH delivered the worlds FIRST and LAST anti crime methodology database and step by step answers for MILITARY to finally be the criminal investigators of ALL Other agencies since no one argues with a M-16 and military officer. 

   WHO DO YOU KNOW to DEMAND Press CONFERENCES be hosted by KEITH DUNCAN after 10 years of PURE HELL dealing with this super criminal who is a sociopath mastermind living at  Who will actually PROTECT so my teams can FINALLY fill up stadiums of our people to learn ALL about GOD and how to conduct life.

I have few resources left after dedicating my entire life to GOD and humanity to UNIFY everyone by showing the destruction of all crime networks as my GODFather did 2000 years ago. Appears Christ was born March 20, 6 A.D. by recent calculations. I show the self genocide of all earth by WW4 that is completed once WW3 cybercrime terrorism enslaves all my people. 

All that has ever been required is to LOVE and CARE for each other as I have taught our world in GOD's holy name...

Feb 25, 2018 Call to Atl FBI 404-679-9000 - Duncan

The USA Gov, FBI-AG, USA Military have never any any option BUT to contact, find, and escort Keith to Press Conferences to deliver the worlds first ANTI-crime methods shown on all these ordained, common sense, technology based sites.

 Each person involved is guilty of 923. 18 U.S.C 371 Conspiracy to defraud the United States as well as many other felonies. No one has ever been investigated since ROSE blocks all actions to continue his massive +15 year perfect Crime Sprees.

  Everyone call FBI-AG and OSI Kong (757)764-7972 to contact INC and protect his life, assets, and IP. It took this long to contact Langley AFB over and over.

  Sept 5, 2015 12:30 pm USMilitary just called me three times. These are the ACTIONS (miracles) I asked for back on Sept 25, 2011.  Ask USA Military to CLICK: retrieve 4:11cr112 and 37 Documents from Judge Jackson in Norfolk VA as well as put AUSAG Dee Sterling in to Prison for her direct ties to Robert Dee Rose. Deputy Attorney General has also been implicated and notified of her own involvement in Atlanta GA coverups that are #1 Landmark Miscarriage of Justice in Atlanta, USA history.  USAGov has never had a choice but to manhunt Robert Dee Rose based on only court documents and Roses own criminal extensive cybercrime attacks on USA military and USA government agencies with perfect crimes too numerous to keep re publishing. The USAGov faces imminent collapse because many collectively support = POLITICAL CRIMINALS  in Atlanta Georgia and Washington, D.C.  Contact USA military for them to finally contact and come find Keith as ROSE has always been  hours away from being captured as soon as Keith tells USA Military all these #1 Criminal conspiracies and WHY Rose ordered these crimes to prevent the USA Military investigating all others ! ! !

  Roses last known address is: 5565 Shepherds Pond Lane, Alpharetta GA 30004 USA and 165 Birchwood Dr Canton, GA 30114  His extensive cyberphones are VOIP (404)474-4758 May 21, 2008 VoiceRecording when he says 'I will take care of you...' about $109,800 signed contracts pastdue March 2008,  + other numbers, 2615-C  Northgate Avenue, Cumming GA 30041 (678)228-1140 as was never bankrupt when shut down Nov 4, 2010 tied to Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010 when ROSE transferred all 17 RICO supercrime assets to other secret locations and licensed criminal business entities. GA Tags 379-AGD, TR72811, TL8EE29, PIQ2770 are his escape vans, trailers, +10 trucks tied to twice foreclosed 106 Liberty Grove Pass, Alpharetta GA 30004 #1 world Tellicommunications Crime Centers in Bahamas and at Lawyer Cyclone Alexander Covey's in Spring 2012 as #1 RICO cyber criminal conspiracy enterprises with ROSE. Home in Duluth GA

Click to see Ocean Place Condo #1 Crime Center. 

Paradise Island, Bahamas at Latitude: 25.079282800° Longitude: -77.305147600° #1 International Crime Center.

    All of the +100 criminals evidence has been successfully delivered to all law enforcement, Press, Congress, Interpol, Public, and Press with broadcast calls, emails, fax, visits.

Fund and protect his life and assets now !


     Join and form your own community Action chapters today.

   Rose has perfected Mega RAT-Remote Access Trojan spy software embedded in and his own client mega-millionaire homes, business, offices, and even USA Government agencies using Keith's anti-crime world methods.

  Keith has given lawyers, all law enforcement, Public, Press the most comprehensive crime sprees of everyone tied to ROSE as well as how all citizens become the crime STOPPERS and Prevention specialists around the world. This UNIFIES all of mankind with one degree of separation by use of INTERPOL and today.
  Read the #1 Terrorist Criminal Conspiracies to understand and ACT with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others. Duncan explains the true criminal state of your world of greed.

  UNIFICATION of Mankind occurs as soon as mass Publicity occurs with your help worldwide.  Refer to for yourself.
​    Keith Duncan detected in 2010 that ROSE had infiltrated almost all USA government agencies with and turned into cyber crime terrorist networks. Everyone is authorized to put ROSE on Death Row.

   Everyone FIND and as the #1 world terrorist. Even contact Rose to demand he turn himself and his criminal conspirators over to FBI + Military to face Death Row for Treason, Espionage, sedition, infiltrating major corporations + USA governments, murder, kidnapping, massive money laundrying, tax evasion, and the most incriminating series of perfect and in world history. His VOIP remote cell (404)867-2063, 2615 Northgate Ave, Suite C, Cumming GA 30041 or use   His Prime super criminal international cabal companies are Hunter Global Inc, + many others. Each time ROSE was showcased to USA Gov, Rose robbed Keith Duncan's home, computers, and cybertracked Keith all the way to NYC and Langley Airforce Base Sept 25, 2011 and then kidnapped him Oct 3, 2011 by criminal Cherokee County GA CID Matt Pettepher + Lt Jamie Gianfallo who conspired with ROSE to kidnap and threaten Keith's life.  The initial evidence is the certified court documents, police dept reports, and direct emails between Keith and Cherokee County in Aug/Sep 2011 BEFORE Rose attempted murder for hire Aug 22, 2011 TPO Cobb County 11.1.7683.99 with lawyer Alexander Cyclone Covey in conspiracy with Berry Vic Reynolds (now Cobb County DA), FBI, USMarshal Tom Shell, and other high ranking USA county, state, and federal officials.

​    Rose clearly was judged criminal by Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010, IRSWhistle Blower  Feb 2009 case 658 ($8 Million USD reward to Keith), Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.1171.99 + 11.1.7683.99 transcripts for kidnap conspiracies and death threats along with attempted murder/martrydom, More than four separate robberies of Keith's extreme intellectual property were from his own cyber protected homes Aug 10  2010, Feb 4 2011, fall 2011, and until Jan 28, 2014 per Sealed and Dismissed world class action suit 4:11cr112 held by Norfolk VA and DAG in Washington D.C. She was AG in Atlanta GA who Keith visited in Sept 2011 to request entry into Federal Witness Protect Program per their own logbook entry and multiple calls to USMarshal Tom Shell from phone records (770)289-3050 (770)289-3089 that were full of criminal evidence along with all the computers, 2 Ipads, 3 MacBooks, 1 Dell Powerhouse, +10 CD-Roms, and a filecabinet full of Rose evidence.

     All these felony crimes were documented to the nth degree by Gwinnett, Fulton, Cherokee, Forsyth, and Cobb County GA Police Department reports that were forged by ROSE's cabal criminals to prevent the Military from protecting Keith's life and most extreme worldly worth from being gifted to all of humanity. The IRS, FBI, USMarshals, AG, Military and world have been contacted directly to order +100 people go to prison and Death Row for their direct signature links to Robert Dee Rose.  Rose is easily manhunted by any law enforcement, churches, public and YOU, my 7.4 Billion people since the USA + other governments are on the verge of total collapse.

     This is caused by massive corruption tht has doomed our governments and corporations to be replaced by the ONE solution unified world society that ensures the survival and prosperity of all of mankind in God's Holy Trinity Name:  as the ONLY solution to ensure total Peace, tranquility, and harmony forever.

The felony and capital crimes committed against Keith Duncan are indeed unspeakable in severity and crisis of merit. Any single crime puts ROSE away for Life and even Death Row based on only his own perfect crime history turned over for +8 years to all law enforcement agencies known to man, including USA Military on Sept 25, 2011.   


    The USA government has NEVER had any option choice but to PUT this one super criminal terrorist away once and for all. For they have refused to go public and show the longest list of cybercrime and political criminals who are all tied to ROSE by their own signed and certified testimonay of 4:11cr112. Clearly only the criminals care about my impending demise as their lives are at extreme risk from and Interpols solutions to finally isolate and shun all criminals once and for all. These all part of Broadcast Journalist Evangelist solutions deployed in the name of our own Holy Trinity.

   Simply contact Keith Duncan and protect his sovereign Rights as he has already formed a single new world government of that protects the rights of all 7.4 billion people with off-shelf technology, common sense, and the most powerful reformation using 5 steps to solve any issue at all.


    Rose is #1 Cybercrime Terrorist. I was kidnapped 3 times by ROSE orders so ROSE could steal my Intellectual Property, attempt to murder me, and destroy all his own evidence I had handed over to lawyers and every single law enforcement agency known to man including the Press, Pulbic, and churches. Not a single honest person can be found to TAKE ACTION.

  Everyone flood the Press and Government offices with calls asking them why and how ROSE has escaped Death Row for all these felony crimes. I already have legally claimed Rose's assets as first liens to restore the millions of USD in theft of my intellectual property, book rights, and evidence to put thousands of true criminals in hell-jail.

  Per Brittany Bailey, Rose is now cybercriming governments and public with  Ask CIA, HLS, NSA to find ROSE now as he is the most dangerous international terrorist working out of Atlanta Georgia, Paradise Island Ocean Place Condos(Bahamas), the Dixie Rose charter fishing tellicommunications yacht as well as through the internet infrastructures of each of his ~ 500 Clients turned unknown victims..

  Everyone call Langley AFB Virginia USA (757)764-5091 and Kong x7972 to command they find ROSE  because he and wife Amy sell highest end internet based technology infrastructure and pre-wire to extremely wealthy and powerful executives and officials. shut down in Oct 2010 only because of Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 judgment now worth >  $250,000 and IRS whistleBlower Feb2009, 658 worth > $8 Million USD reward to Keith. and as well as with Cyclone Alexander Covey continue to conduct perfect clear collar crime internet spying (voice, audio, internet, security system criminal 'tapping' and taping') to commit felony crimes against humanity and capital crimes that remain undetectable and untraceable by normal means. ROSE net worth is well over hundreds of Millions USD, probably + Billions USD by now since ROSE has spys and gatekeeper 'moles' monitoring the key USA government investigative and reporting databases such as N.C.I.S.  ROSE's DOB is 1971-April-01, GA drivers License 054217048 office (770)887-8589. Amy Rose DOB 1969-Feb-08, GADL 047041250 with three children Gabrielle (age 12), Hunter(age 10), boy? (age 7). Rose even endangered his own children Nov 14, 2010.

  Each person involved is guilty of Criminal Incompetence and conspiracy WillFull Obstruction of Justice as well as attempted murder.  More direct conspiracy terrorist evidence was delivered to Langley AirForceBase Sept 25, 2011 after IRS, FBI, AG-USMarshals, GA State Bar, and all the Judges, lawyers, and police involved, constantly blocked and killed all legal motions to bring ROSE to Justice for all the capital and felony crimes he has been committing since at least year 2000. 

     Only by infiltrating each and every USA government agency, has ROSE dissappeared time and again from public view and the USA government investigative services. For all practical purposes, the FBI-AG do NOT have any investigators or special prosecutors who deal with multiple kidnaps, attempted murder, real murder, worldwide cybercrime attacks, massive money laundrying, bank/tax fraud/evasion, and other crimes against Humanity.  If they did, ROSE would have been dead years ago. Just WHY has not a single Federal Judge, Investigator, Special Prosecutor, Press, Public, actually done their jobs to bring +85 USA Government criminals to Justice?  I have always been the #1 Eye-Witness to all of these Felony Capital Crimes as I recorded each court document, transcript, voice/audio/video transactions, compiled all of Roses Business files, his client-victim lists, his financial files, his methods of extreme criminal cyberattacks, his extortion of almost everyone involved, including all my own lawyers who refused to do anything but demand more cash hours and years of more time. The most comprehensive criminal evidence is pubished to world.

      Clearly, ROSE has used all of my extensive Intellectual Property of ANTI-Terrorist, Anti Political Corruption, Anti-Crime, Anti-cybercrime methods to create Bilions USD/$$$/EURO more in raw criminal assets by ROSE's resell of National Security, Banking, Technology, and Trade secrets to foreign Governments, terrorists, and other cabal criminal organizations.  This is WHY ROSE remains free since he has spies inside these database enterprises selectively triggering on any ROSE inquiry with a corresponding DELETE all evidence.

     PROTECT KEITH's LIFE by Commanding USA Government find KEITH today and ensure his survival so Keith can finally LEAD all nations into UNIFICATION of

    Keith Duncan broadcasts almost every day the most extreme crimes against humanity teaching our mutual world how to STOP all crimes and criminals COLD using 1. Common Sense  2. Bible Integrity Principals 3. Use of Off Shelf Technology Keith helped create +39  years ago  4. Application of the Holy Trinity Sovereign Ambassador Messianic Messenger methods and procedures that enable mankind to finally UNIFY, PROSPER, ensure Peace and total equality for all my people. 

Who Joins today and forms their own chapters.

Signed confessions are each court document, transcript, emails, and crime scenes that point to #1 ROSE terrorist.

Search RescueKeith on  I request / commanded entry into Federal Witness Protection Program through the same DOJ Sally q Yates in Sept 2011 BEFORE ROSE ordered my 2, 3, 4, 5 kidnappings BY the exact same law enforcement agencies I had already debriefed for years. This is FINAL PROOF I work fearlessly for ALL Military, Police, and YOU.  Aug 11 2012. - "No Reason for Me to Be Here" - Cybercrime Potential Exposed by Keith Duncan  Aug 11 2012 - "I continue to demand entry into federal witness protection program."  ### World Press Release and Press Conferences. Sept 16, 2016. Title: #390 Robert Dee Rose is killed by per BuiltByKeith   The original website was created and broadcast to world as soon as I personally detected ROSE was cyber stalking my homes and visits to Lawyers, Press, top government officials. This done at extreme expense to ensure ROSE went to DEATH ROW if he murdered me or paid off US GOV to murder me on false pretense. (drug overdose BY forced antipscyhotic drugs. They almost succeeded 3 times over 900 day HELL JAIL period.).  ROSE has been extorted each of my own lawyers and top level government officials to forge documents and destroy all evidence of his own +20 year crime sprees.  Like Sadam Hussein, Rose hides with his extreme criminal wealth such as Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 worth over $3000,000 USD and the IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009 case 658 worth over $8 Million.

Go to and read the #1 TRUE conspiracy story sequence of all time.  Keith Duncan legally claims ALL of ROSE's assets. $2 Million USD bounty owed by IRSWBFeb2009-658 to be paid to FBI-AG-USMilitary, Public, and churches for anyone to deliver ROSE to any law enforcement agency.  Robert Dee Rose is currently at his Watergate international teli-comm terrorist crime center condos at Everyone call him and demand they surrender to Interpol, Military, FBI-AG or face the biggest manhunt in world history by only HIS own evidence.

His direct #'s shown on his posts are: USA (242)424-6280 and his VOIP VPN +1(404)867-8063. He will never survive 7.5 Billion people and all churches manhunting him on w/ EVOTE.ONE

  For +10 years, Keith + his growing recruited teams simply need you, our people, to contact BidOnKeith directly. There is NO more powerful KeyNote Speaker Tech Evangelist Crusader (teams) than one who has been held Political prisoner of Cyber crime WW3 warfare, criminally BLOCKED from testifying to ALL, and robbed by terrorists who were identified each time they appeared. The Prime ONLY objective is Intl Press Conferences to teach our world HOW to UNIFY and FREE my people from the slave bondage of these career criminals. and then UNIFY our world with free Education and homes as stabilizes and unifies all world stock markets as 100% BARTER Based economies. and provide almost free energy worldwide owned BY our people.


The rest of Rose's criminal assets are hereby legally donated through public outrage implicating USA Government criminal agents shown on broadcasts to of 90% of the first $1 (ONE) Billion USD seized by the USA Military. The balance is Keith's legal finder's fee to partially compensate for the 4 kidnappings, death threats, and multi layered criminal conspiracies by each and every person who signed false testimony confessions re 4:11cr112 Norfolk VA

  I continue to call Law firms, find more 100% incriminating evidence and really just need a single Criminal Investigator, Press Journalists, Federal Judge, Special prosecutor, or mass public rally to force USA Government to enforce Federal and Constitional laws to protect all of my rights. I have not filed individual law suits again since ROSE always pays off my own lawyers, kills all evidence and even 3 eyewitnesses according to many investigators and law firms I have paid since ROSE stole all of my Intellectual Property and destroyed all my assets and his criminal evidence I legally acquired starting back on Nov 4, 2007 per contract agreements.

FINAL SUMMARY:  Last Update Dec 16, 2017

The capture and seizure of ROBERT DEE ROSE will always be the #1 World News Story series since the fall of 2010. He is the most ruthless sociopath terrorist guilty of so many crimes against humanity he makes Hitler look like a Boy Scout.  Anyone in world can FIND him, seize him and turn him over to INTERPOL, POLICE, Military, FBI, or any law abiding group.

  I actively CONTACT USA Gov prior to ROSE's kidnapping me Feb 4, 2011, then Oct 3, 2011, then Dec 13, 2011 per his own evidence to MURDER keith duncan to prevent his DEATH ROW that would have occurred Oct 2011 by USA Military action.  I now fly back under PROTECTION of USA GOV + my churches WHEN USA GOV sees any, literally ANY of these extreme crimes against me and KNOW the USA PRESS and CHURCHES is demanding JUSTICE be served,  THEY, the USA GOV has always been obligated to debrief me and FLY ME HOME under protected escort. Specifically when anyone (World) can see these are the ONLY answer solutions for world that FREE our people of all politics and crime networks forever...  That has always been my destiny. Lead our world into your new world society free of almost all crime and greed.

Nov 9, 2016 update. Rose is easily ManHunted by world + other criminals + churches for the $2 Million USD bounty reward funded by seizure of Rose's +500 Million, easily Billions USD in offshore, Royal Bank Canada accounts, +20 super criminal cabal enterprises, from identified USA high ranked Gov officials, and land holdings.  Rose's communication extensive crime network contact #'s are below for use by FBI, AG, Interpol, Military, NSA, CIA, and even the public, Associated Press. uses to unify our entire world with one degree of separation of  Oct 3, 2016 is 5 year exact anniversary date of when ROSE and USGOV criminals kidnapped Keith implicating DAG Sally Yates + GA USRep Buddy Darden as seen on = Forgiveness of all sin.

    Everyone can call ROSE at (404)867-2063  and  Click +1(770)887-8589. = ROSEs VOIP Crime phone. to demand he turn himself in today as the entire world is man hunting him including INTERPOL and Military as they have all been informed for years that ROSE is #1 World terrorist like Pablo Escabar, Sadam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, + 9/11 gangs, and the 'Illuminati' Criminal Elite.

  The USA gov rogue agents actively kill all investigations and FOIA requests to host Press Conferences and notify FBI Comey, AG Lynch, and Associated Press of the most extreme Landmark Miscarriage of InJustice with book value worse than 9/11 attacks, Watergate scandal, Bernie Madoff Ponzi schemes combined.

   Crowdfund today with Use the  standard to hire Keith Duncan to consult for world governments, U.N., Interpol, non profits, NGO, corporations, and churches. 75,000 shares of INC are for qualified and vetted investors who want to participate in world partner enterprises worth Billions in real assets seized from all identified crime groups.

Keith holds the published patents on the original SelfStick seen on and worth hundreds of millions in royalites and intellectual property including Nobel Peace Prize Worthy Smart Circuit Breaker and Smart Smoke Detectors. Ask N.C.S.U. Raleigh NC if they want $20 Million in pledged trust fund gifted May 2014 as I returned from Wash the Sin out of Washington D.C. anti-corruption, anti-terrorist road trip in my famous 1930 Model A Ford featured on and .  As the fore founding father of, our world will support my final published methods to unify our world.


      Rose will be DEAD once Military, FBI, AG, CIA, or other crime groups find ROSE in the most massive Man Hunt of #1 World Terrorists.

    This column contains 100% irrefutable evidence to put ROSE on Death Row under the Patriot Act.

May 8, 2016 The USA government has NEVER had an option or choice to NOT debrief Keith Duncan, to ManHunt Rose, seize all his assets, put ROSE on Death Row, and to host the Press Conferences to remove all Political Criminals to wipe out all underground criminal enterprises. The Military, FBI, AG will invoke 'The Patriot Act', churches, public, and press will find ROSE in record time and turn him in to FBI-AG-USMilitary based on any of ROSE's own treason, espionage, murder, SEC Insider trading, massive bank cybercrime fraud, extortion, blackmail, and cabal criminal connections to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Norfolk VA Judge Raymond Jackson and every person who signed their own certified testimony confessions.   In Sept 1789, Pres George Washington wrote ... "the due administration of Justice is the firmest pillar of Government... " Few stand for Justice and Equality as #1 most powerful Broadcast Journalist Evangelist teaches our entire world of 7.4 Billion lost souls being enslaved by the 'Criminal Ruling Elite'.  Contact all news media, Government leaders, churches, and public to TAKE ACTION to remove all criminals from society with Interpol gifted and with #1 Activist UnityURL


Feb 22, 2016. Direct to ROSE, Military, Press, USGOv and public.

First PDF file on left is worth $250,000 USD for any USA Gov agency to seize from ROSE. Since ROSE refuses to turn himself in and has extorted so many inside the USA Gov, now the Military, Public, and Churches will hunt him down on Treason, Espionage, massive cybercrime attacks against USAGov, Military, Banks, Corporations, and his own extensive list of very wealthy worldwide clients.

   For I have shown our entire world Roses pscyhopath sociapath cybercriminal terrorist crimes against our Governments and my 7.4 Billion People for now +8 years of HELL. Contact everyone at highest levels of Government, churches, Press, and Corporations to protect my life and put Rose and his +100 conspirators on Death Row and Prison for Treason, Espionage, sedition (overthrow of governments), murder, cybercrime WW3 warfare, and all other crimes against you.

Dec 25, 2015Click on FBI Voice Recording when FBI confesses to total Conspiracy and Coverups after multiple broadcasts of information BELOW for now +8 years. This indicates total collapse of USA government for massive conspiracy terrorism conducted by ROSE and key rogue government agents like USMarshal Van Grady, Fed Judge Thurman Jackson, ATF W. Banks, AUSAG Dee Sterling, IRS Nora Beardsley/Amanda D. Houston, and many others by their own signed testimony sent to everyone with focus on FBI James Comey + AG Loretta Lynch + USMilitary immediate intervention since Sept 25, 2011 . Any agent refusing to debrief Keith is guilty of Willful Obstruction of Justice regarding #1 Terrorist ROSE + USA Gov by actively blocking USA Military Investigations of massive treason.


  CLICK:  CLICK: #1 Evidence Files for ALL.


     The USA Gov, FBI-AG, USA Military has no option BUT to contact, find, and escort Keith to Press Conferences to deliver the worlds first ANTI-crime methods shown on all these ordained, common sense, and technology based sites.


     Each person involved is guilty of 923. 18 U.S.C 371 Conspiracy to defraud the United States as well as many other felonies of conspiracy to murder, destruction of unclassified anti-terrorist and anti-political crime evidence + methods.


      Read these 100% true super crime facts and ask everyone to TAKE ACTION with AUTHORITY for the Benefits of all Others. Everyone contact FBI James Comey, AG Loretta Lynch, Interpol, NSA, CIA, HLS as they will be national heros for contacting Keith and protecting his life as he has recreated all the ANTI-CRIME solutions on clearinghouse that shuns all criminals and puts thousands of Political Criminals and Terrorists into Hell-Jail under Military guard so no one escapes Justice. This is all that is required by all Press, Churches, and public to prevent enslavement of you.


    Rose always qualifies as an Enemy Combatant under the USA Patriot Act as the #1 terrorist against the USA Government. CALL FBI-AG-USMilitary NOW as I have been doing for years to command they ACT with Authority. I called again Sept 6, Oct, Nov, Dec 7, Dec 24, 2015. The five PDF files on left put +100 criminals in prison.


      When everyone finds Robert Dee Rose or Amy, make a citizen arrest of all involved of Norfolk VA Judge Jackson, AUSAG Dee Sterling, and  public defenders of Phoenix Harris, R. Cehas, Suzanne M. Tell FBI-Military to check and raid 165 Birchwood Dr Canton, GA 30114. Rose GA DL 054217049, DOB 1971-Apr-01, (678)297-7804, on left. Click +1(770)887-8589. that is ROSEs VOIP Crime phone.  TimeSaving Services INC +20 other RICO crime 'shelf-shell' extreme crime enterprises. Expect ROSE to fight (armed and very dangerous) or flee USA as he has extensive criminal connections inside most USA Gov agencies and many foreign criminal enterprise cabals that Keith legally detected starting Nov 4, 2007


     Turn them all over to any law enforcement agency, FBI, or take them to USA Military. Track ROSE's rolling crime center trailers  GA-USA tags TR72811 dual-axle, TL8EE29 Four Winds Camper, Chevy roll-up truck PIQ2770.  If anyone has a best solution, tell the USA Gov, Churches, Public, and Press as I has been teaching for +40  years as the Prime Consultant who solves all issues. ROSE uses (404)867-2063 as his prime VOIP crime cell, easy for NSA-FBI-CIA- USMilitary to backtrace his IP traffic as ROSE cybercrimes others with Cyclone Alexander Covery + all clients.


   All based on ROSE actually robbing me multiple times, a LinkedIn email invite I never sent and the Cobb County GA cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 larceny Feb 4 as no violation could have occurred at Langley AFB Sept 25, 2011 as ROSE stole all my assets and Intellectual Property to build his Billion USD criminal cybercrime enterprises shown on


    I was kidnapped three times by county and Federal criminals (agents) on ROSE orders. Rose will flee USA when hunted down.


  The USA Government is always on verge of total collapse. The public, press, and churches must command them to ACT with Authority as clearly broadcast on top of and These are the rare and only solutions to prevent world self-genocide.  Any one can find Keith at any time as I have asked for all governments and public to protect my life and yours this entire time. Who acts now?


  This space is too small to republish the Crimes against Humanity, Cyberattacks against USA government and Military that ROSE routinely commits with in coordination with rouge agents inside IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals and so many county law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges, and other criminals paid with tax dollars.  Protect Keith's life or suffer the wrath of all People revolting with overthrow of all corrupt criminal government agents..

Click below: Wash the Sin #25me

These ConsPIRACYs are all TRUE. shows all evidence and conspirators who want Keith Duncan dead so USA Gov and Military will never use to prevent all future crimes against humanity.
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