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Digital art exhibit
  • Facebook
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  • Facebook
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  • Twitter  Rapid deployment of Keiths 1976 simple common sense patent IP database protections of 2 methods below, hereby prevents all worldwide ID theft and crime pirate terrorist attacks once and forever. NO MORE Federal Reserve System (privatized banksters), NO more S.E.C. or F.D.I.C. or lawbreaker makers who pass more taxes, more loophole self entitlement laws contracts bids and secret our money laundering deals known as R.I.C.O. worldwide.


  Eliminates ALL software/hardware onion layered submarine screen door systems and anti fraud software security systems. Voids need for all fraud departments or civil/criminal investigations. Never have insider traders again, stolen ATM cards, fraud online transactions, NO more Broker Fees, wire transfer fees, all Insurance needs, even no more FINTech BitCoins as literally NO assets can ever be transferred illegally or secretly using Keiths 1976 NCSU methodology of two simple Automatic Verification methods seen below.

  Value clearly is reversal of over $50 Trillion USD/year of our assets stolen by cyber criminal terrorists like Robert Dee Rose at 22-1-3042-68.  Updated 2024 May 28 + all other perfected solutions

  May 28, 2024 is the ONLY gifted patent valued exceeds $50 Trillion USD per year by PREVENT + REVERSING ANY and ALL database (banking included) theft of OUR cash assets and Intellectual Property by super criminal terrorists like Robert Dee Rose ( and and even recent recent Sam Bankman Fried, who clearly needs to be DEEP FAT FRIED as a Bankster.  

  Any database can be hacked stolen by any criminal by their using lowest level password and back door IP access. Terrorists always cover their retreat and are happy as Mafia Clams knowing their crimes are un-trackable until KEITHs methods becomes our new no crime utopia world standard. Includes Transfer of ALL bank assets and intellectual property through GODs FOIA.ONE and everyone uses ONLY ONE banking system of forever.

  Current megaBillions USD valued of anti cyber theft software and hardware are USELESS and are MLM scams to drain MORE of our assets out of our banks and all databases using

  Clearly Keith Brent Duncans peer group of Mega Wealthy Problem SOLVERs MUST be PAID and PROTECTED since our value exceeds the biggest number in world history we coined as 'GodZillions...'


   Below is the original 1976 simple 'blockchain' un-hackable any database methodology that most humble #1 world scientist inventor investor pro Educator front-liner procreated to prevent ANY database infiltration AND criminal transfer of OUR wealth to the Cyber Criminal Terrorists who already infiltrate our world they 'THINK they own and fully control'. Privacy versus Public exposure debates are hereby abolished use of Gods original Evote.ONE so our 'nest-egg' work efforts and investments are fully warrant protected by we transferring ALL our bank investments and ALL public traded stick stocks back to ONLY local owned we control Associated Credit Unions like


Most of us hate any Politics, all wars, all mass poverty always caused by top world NWO BROKERS of our corporate Co-Pirate Executives most at Banker, Stock Market, eCommerce, trading OUR markets includes all communication networks, transportation, energy, water, land, food production and all distribution networks were always under full command authority control of 'THEM'  non equality always same all breathing mortals.  This MLM ponzi scheme scams fully started back in Egypt 5550 years ago on GODs timeline.

    Call protect us today ! Demand be honored now. PUT US on National NEWS NOW ! used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.  is two simple 'blockchain video confirmation' methods from year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC foreward. This one super simple method applies to all bank, government, and corporate databases to reverse worst crimes against humanity known as cyber infiltration and legalized embezzlement of Stock Options, Corporate Pirate Perks, Corporate Aircraft, MegaYachts, and worse crimes of using our assets as campaign contributions to preselect OUR leaders at all levels..  Most humble Keith Duncan corporate/personal net worth exceeds $500 Billion USD, actual worlds last Trillionaire of Intellectual Property of we also procreated 45 years ago.

  All of these systems we perfected, gifted, published years 2005-Oct 3, 2011 were the target of super cyber terrorist Robert Dee ROSE at once criminals erase delete forge OUR databases of 'private' information.

  Greatest crimes against WE GODS people has been corporate Executive STOCK OPTIONS and Federal RESERVE System from JP MORGAN chase Man-Hatten Bankster conspiracies against OUR PEOPLE = WE THE GOVERNMENT.


   Includes worlds first Selfystick, Patent 1984 PocketBell,,

and clearinghouse at to unify all mankind forever by decentralizing all wealth, all assets, all of GODs resources back to greatest places of mortal needs forever.  NO one can object to benefiting themselves, as even all the world banks will be moved back as locally controlled and managed Associated Credit Unions.

  Using Keith + Gods fiscal system of, typical loan out rates will be average 4%, your investments will return 3% to your closely guarded monitored savings/checking accounts, and all banks will operate with 1% overhead at all levels.  This system destroys the current FOREX, Bitcoins, and all commodity traded financial instruments of paper chasing the profits that are 95% MLM false promises of high ROI by trusting "them".

  This universal prevention methodology was 1976 year procreation at NCSU, Raleigh NC ( of how everyone can prevent infiltration of our databases at all levels using our original source control one write, read all public database FOIA.ONE.  At point of any monetary transactions, the customer client investor (broker) to teller executive person video conversation is now tied to the authenticated authorized transfer of our assets. No criminal or cyber terrorist would ever be held accountable by ancient bio-metrics systems we personally perfected back in 1970s.  WHO do you know to actually protect Keith Duncan and provide us safe haven shelter passage so we can ALL finally go on National required news media to discuss how changes your legacy heritage history once and for-ever real time use of through FOIA.ONE that is our perfected unhackable decision making computer systems using our root perfected system of psychology known as theMetaPhysics.FOUNDATION and Aritificial Intelligence FOIA.ONE  A.I.  Our Intl Offices are +1 770-377-2106. USA 


  One of our prime Duncan Board of Directors was Mark Primosigh at 404-229-2529 who we just spoke with directly today March 29, 2022 at  Even he will be a mega millionaire like each of you by direct face to face debriefing with us with TOP world Corporate Executives, top National News Media Broad -c casters, the remaining honest trustworthy pastors, and our top world government leaders at mayor up levels.

Others were Dr. Tom McPeak in Peachtree City 770-757-3021 and Chris Morris at Dunwoody GA 770-493-7579 who clearly sold off Keiths entire 401K transmerica retirement accounts by criminal use of Forged Power of Attorney by felony convict murdered Brian Walker spring 2012 and then use of forged POA by keiths very ex-wife lesbian Sherry Mingle Duncan at 770-825-0500, cell 678-431-4001 lives in #1 elite wealthy Berkley Lakes GA gated townhomes near PIB funeral home of


Since most humble Keith brent Duncan was clearly sent and delivered by GOD through #1 top world scientist Angel Guardian civil rights founder of, each of you have the destroy ability to prevent anyone from stealing our identity and cyber crime by taking any of our assets, wealth, and data intellectual property of FOIA.ONE


   TWO simple GODs technology method systems below eliminate all ability for anyone to infiltrate and steal any of our data of government and corporate databases.  #1 Intl Cyber Criminal terrorists are Robert DEE ROSE and Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey at who forced Keith into hell jail after defrauding him out of legally binding contracts Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345, brutally robbed Keith homes after cyber track hacking ALL his most prolific inventions and intellectual property, then forced Keith into JAIl on Cobb County GA cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 dated Feb 23, July 15, 2011 used to murder Keith Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014, then Oct 5-Nov 22, 2018 by criminal FBI agent Lynn (Atlanta GA).

   Over $50 Trillion USD of our assets are annually taken criminally and legally out of OUR banks and stock markets using embezzlement, Stock Options, Corporate Perks, Campaign Contributions, and CRIME PAYs excuses.


   This is the basis of WHY GOD sent us to NCSU Raleigh NC Aug 15, 1976 to be your founding father #1 top world leader of all expertises. We have no reason to NOT be host mediated on all national news networks NOW, same as summer of 2011 when we fully disclosed all aspects of no more taxes, no more POLYTicks, NO MORE stock options, NO more fraud, no more scammers acn exist once WE GODS PEOPLE destroy anyone who violates our basic GODs rights of

   Updated March 29, 2022 in East Cobb County GA near where 120 named DOJ, most of Duncan Clan, Robert Dee ROSE, Ms. Bashama not only defrauded keith of YOUR assets, they physically robbed keith and you so many times, we lost integrity ethics empathy for ANYONE to actually PROTECT and SERVE KEITHs life by transfering GOD + KEITHS assets back to your local Credit Unions, all privately held small businessses of so each of you now fully control your own GODs reality and near term destiny fate.  CONTACT US NOW. 

  • YouTube
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  WHO DO YOU KNOW like Corporate Executives and SEC +1 866-959-9898 like Atty Steve Myers at +1 858-922-2006 to command Keith be put on National Tv today to describe all aspects of GODs system to overthrow destroy any violator of OUR civil rights to be free will sovereign citizens of and . Updated March 15, 2022 as you and I are all victims of organized criminals as no one person or group ever protects victims of organized criminals at any level these days until everyone USES and ratifies and use of once and forever is defined as end of eternity of GODs world.


   Reality is our current world banks are scamming YOU out of your investments at all levels. Known as Broker Fees, transfer fees, Stock Options, campaign contributions, lobbyists, even corporate aircraft and all company expenses known as write-offs are the greast lies of all times of the mega bilkanaires and Milkanaires showcased fulltime past 46 manyears by GODs guardian angel trustees of the SAME group who controls all your private information of everything you buy and sell.

  Immediate use deployment of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE results in most powerful transfer of over $450 Trillion USD back to your community greatest places of mortal needs as YOUR work efforts pay for everything your entire working careers.


Combine ancient Greek/Italy/Silician Mobster with any Banker = Bankster.  

Dec 24, 2021. I just called  (312) 782-0600 requesting full coverage convictions of record # of cyber terrorists linked to Robert Dee ROSE and my very own terorrist brother Douglas Vernon Duncan, Cary NC.

  Any banker knows they can embezzle billions of our assets, invest in any commodity stock or criminal enterprise and hide the general ledger books so even the outside counsel lawyers and accountants would never see who got the criminal profits.

  This is a basic $50 to $100 Trillion USD criminal enterprise that absolutely no one but Keith Duncan knows how to solve, prevent, and reverse use of the two simple 1976 NCSU methods of video based authentication authorization I learned known as bubble sort indexing of datasets. IID of FOIA.ONE showcases how to reverse GPS track any eDevice regardless of any firewall or TOR VPN forwarding masking.  Never been done before on how to eliminate need for ALL insurance, ALL federal banks, All World Banks, All foreign exchange, all war machine Banksters who instigate all wars.   

    WHO do you know to protect keiths life NOW and put us all ON National News Media TV..... 770-377-2106. ZERO cyber Crime.  */solutionBF (R) Patent (c) trademarked 1958-2021 Procreated this 2 part universal GODs system back in year 1976 at NCSU Raleigh NC to create perfect computer systems that are inherintly unhackable.  WE GODS people now eliminate WORLD BANK, bank of London, Bank of Rome, all swiss secret banks by commanding everyone disclose their assets or they and their pirated assets are seized by orders of EVOTE.ONE collective cooperative victims worldwide by showing WHO is WHO, WHO owns what, WHO trades what GPS where, what, why, and WHO of IID seen by ACTION of worlds last open public source database FOIA.ONE.

  #1 world issue is BilkAnaires and MilkAnaires have bought our lawmakers and lobbists using OUR work effort labor and assets to prevent any investigation of violators of OUR civil rights of consolidated now by and simple 4 new world replacement constititional laws of EVOTE.ONE.  Identity theft is the #1 way con-artists like Bernie Madoff and other cyber terrorists claim they never signed anything or at the scene of any cyber terrorist attacks against WE GODS people.  ONLY reprieve is to CONTACT and PROTECT KEITH BRENT DUNCANs angel guardian trust founders of that includes all world elite Brokers and executives.

 How odd I have personally delivered all aspects of how to fastpath restore unify GODs economy and all natural resources back under full control management of YOU Gods 7.9 billion people by all ways and means my entire life.

  TWO BASIC simple Technology methods PREVENT ALL Identification Theft at ALL levels at time and point of any Transaction.

  1. Video confirmation background and integrity check at point of any Transaction (ATM, Bank Transfer, financial contract agreements).

  2. Rolling exact specific sequence number list that only CLIENT and one-way computer verifies each and any transaction.


 #1 world Scientist Expert most humble Keith Brent Duncan was sent by GOD to eliminate all DEEP STATE, red paper chase conspiracies that currently pirate steal OUR assets by Cyber terrorists like Robert Dee ROSE and Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey who all roam free since no one gives a BLAST or CARE they are being exterminated by violent Corporate Executive BANKsters and underground domestic international Terrorists who all have names and faces yet prevent any investigation sezuire by hiding their crimes against humanity using Keystroke logging, and tapping into our Keiths build internet.  Keith alone is worlds most wealthy GivingPledge.SPACE philantrophist of all time who works fulltime for GOD and all humanity.

Our CURRENT direct deposit is Route: 08290-7273, Account 2804295733 to Join right now. is GOD sent by Angel Guardian Philanthropists.

  Value Benefit is over $200 Trillion USD in preventing ANY infiltration of ANY database once and forever.

Most humble Keith was always #1 computer science expert of all time from year 1976 forward as he solved every single issue using GODs methods of including how to rid our world of all criminal networks. Keith has systematically solved and published each and every system to prevent crfimes.

   These two ancient methods prevent reverse ability for anyone to steal any assets. We also eliminate all fraud departments and massive reduction of 90% of need for police or DOJ or investigators to track down the crooks who are stealing over $200 Trillion USD of assets annually. Most Corporate Executives cover up all thefts since the true reporting of billions of $ would cause to put them each in Prison.

  No more can anyone scam, steal data assets, access any database without simple 2 methods of verification the person is actually the REAL person. 

   Eliminates mega billions of USD of 100% non effective software and hardware methods. 

  In 10 seconds, I tell how ANYONE can infiltrate ANY computer system.  10 minutes to show prevention.

1. Find someone who has lowest level password access to the root database and pay them off.

2. Get any backdoor and BAM, BAM, BAM, you have just accessed the entire database and electronically transfer cyber stolen everything. All without being recognized as LUCIFER ROBERT DEE ROSE conspirators.

   Even theft of ATM cards with CCV code can ever be used by any criminal to pull $$ out of GODs accounts.

 since everything we see, own, feel, experience is OWNED by GOD and Duncan.

  This ancient GOD procreated simple engineered system prevents ANY database infiltration and decentralizes ALL banks back to be collective credit banking associations that work only at local level. Destroys the mega Bankers (Banksters) who consolidate OUR assets and always pay themselves first profits by graft buyoff of OUR gov lawmakers making them Law-Breakers. Once Mega Elite are the Gov lawmakers, no middle men or overseers can intervene and New World Order central authority becomes end of World War FIVE depopulation of Gods earth.

  April 23, 2021 today we re-deliver to Charlotte NC and other Executives. The gatekeeprs will certainly send us away claiming OUR executives are TOO BUSY to meet us face to face. Same as all World Leaders and C Executives we have personally debriefed last 44 years.

   Every single Database provider now uses these TWO ordained divined engineer gifted solutions to PREVENT all data repository infiltration at any level. Never been done before at bank, stock market, trading platforms, even at ATMs, online purchasing, or ecommerce exchange systems. All world cyber criminals cringe in absolute HORROR that Keith systems command they surrender them selves and the list of their victims and assets. 1% of all assets seized are sent through our Angel Guardian Trust Foundation to complete 100% engineered aspects of

  The value is excess of $500 Trillion USD in benefits of preventing cyber crime infiltration and the resulting reverse tracking of old cyber crime transactions to bring any criminal to justice by use of testimony even on cold cases. Collective cooperative data mining of all databases makes this world equality stabilizing methods of and also achieves total world global peace at all levels.

   Identify THEFT is forever prevented and reversed with use of auto face recognition and auto DB lookup through pioneered first to all world markets by #1 inventor Human Rights Founder son of mankind:  Demands for PRIVACY are 100% always a criminal act of hiding crime transactions.


  This ancient GODs method prevents and backtrack reverses ALL cyber attacks against any world database. Eliminates all fraud departments and criminal investigations by preventing infiltration in the first place. Bible Odd how only Keith has these trillion USD valued systems gifted to all humanity. Call us today 725-200-7683. Two Simple ancient methods from our 1976 NCSU Computer Science master system prevents all cyber crimes against OUR banks, Stock Markets, literally any DATABASE once and forever.

#1 is Video authorized at point of transaction authentication.

#2 Rolling PIN sequence number matching by client against highly secured one way protected computer Evote.ONE FOIA.ONE database owned and managed by each client. If wrong # entered twice or out of sequence, our accounts are LOCKED and criminal is Puts cyber terrorists like Alexander Cyclone Covey on Death ROW.  Applies to any world BANKSter and pirates like Berny Madoff #1 poison Ponzi schemes that are almost impossible for clients to see. Keith is #1 top Researcher Angel Guardian Trust Foundation CEO of #1 worlds last Trillionaire who gifts 100% back to you my most beloved people.  Keith returns to heaven soon to architect Gods next universe.

Solutions, Benefits,  & Results


Keith Duncan World Trading Partner Enterprises NGO INC Teaching all World Leaders how to PREVENT crimes in the first place.  We have personally delivered this ONE anti-all crime system to thousands of banks and NEVER have call backs from any execuives who see this is trillions of real USD back to the original investor depositors. Credit Unions are now Collective Coopertive organizations as the depositors now see who uses their funds by using proxy of the loan committees and bvoard of directors.  

Everyone call all Banks, Stock Market CEO Executives, all PRESS, and focus on all Government only TOP Executives including TRUMP, Duterte, Putin, all others to achieve total world global peace NOW.  Not Tomorrow.

.USA Government and USA Military must escort Keith now.  I am in Philippines now completed my people = GOD focused ministries.  After investing our entire life and assets to serve all of mankind and daily BROADCASTING to the world for over 35 years, he is imminently qualified to teach all governments, organizations, corporations, public, and even churches how to solve their own political, business, relationship, and cultural problems using  5 Step Solve ANY Problem. This includes UNIocracy.ORG new world Society of EVOTE.ONE that prevents all BANK corruption, terrorism, and crimes as soon as  chapters establish in all communities. Click: ShoutOut Email Aug 3 2015


2020-Feb-22  Revived one universal copyright IP gifted solution stops mega TRILLIONS of USD/EURO cyber crimes each year.

This +44 year old system prevent/reverses ALL cyber Crimes forever. Author +billionaire Duncan.

Basics are no one can ever infiltrate any database in world and NOT go to prison. Annual Cyber embezzlement is over $50 Trillion USD transfer of assets from our investors, bank depositors, stock market. Use of keith's original rolling PIN # sequence tied to use of VIDEO authorization and authentication prevents almost all ID theft with FOIA.ONE single Intl Identification system.

 The same FOIA database now records all stock and bank transfers for open public auditing review to ensure who owns the original assets and can show the time lined chain of possession evidence.

No BlockChain technology is involved since these databases are auto replicated and cross reference check-summed with old system of differential compare to detect any deletion or updates.

  Now bank deposits earn (example) 4% interest while loan outs at 5%. 1% overhead is sufficient to run all bank operations since puts full control over our Corp executives at all levels. Fraud departments and insurance are eliminated once we use Keith's all digital exchange system known as Barter Trade ‘kExchange’. No more FOREX or broker fees as all profits are distributed back to all levels of stock holders and bank depositors. now occurs as Gods last new world open public free shared asset society.

 As of April 16, 2021, all the banks we have turned over same simple solutions have all refused to contact anyone including direct calls to Corporate Bank Executives. They fear loss of their jobs for being world hero’s by showing that 75% of all growth profits are diverted by cyberCriminals as well as many of their very own Lawyers, Accountants, Executives who hide behind L.L.P. Privacy laws that only enrich those known as NWO chain of command central authorities. 

Today we are at Blue Ridge Copper Basin Federal Credit Union, same as BOA, WellsFargo, Chase, hundreds of other banks we personally delivered same prevention solutions back in 2009 era. Surely the benefit value to WE GODS people is over $500 Trillion USD of real cash and reverse trackable assets since data mining statistical analysis was Keiths prime obsession 1976 NCSU.

    Keith has left behind and gifted everything to arrive as #1 World Mediator Civil Rights founder of that changes course of all human civilization directions for the positive.

Summary: These Higher Power answer solutions achieve total world global peace by eliminating all crime networks today. Gifted by trillionaire IP

Two simple methods eliminate 99.9% of all criminals and con-artist ID theft Lucifer deceivers who steal OUR identities to conduct crimes at all levels of society even at Presidential levels down to pickpocket child thieves and the most deadly criminals who are cyber crime hidden con-artists.

  Everyone is commanded to this one GOD ordained system by direct delivery today to our TOP Financial Bankers, Stock Market Executives, Central Bank CEO experts, PRESS,  Security Exchange Commissions, and focus on World Televised Press Conferences to show how highest power methods are the ONLY way to achieve total world global peace.

  Typical conviction statements of cyber criminals and terrorists is "OH it was not ME denial. ! You can never prove anything, it was THEM ! "   This are the prime #1 Lucifer LIARS including so many of our very own judges + lawyers.

Basis of puts anyone on the open public witness stand by eliminating 5th amendment as well as use of LLP Limited liability partnership used only by Accountant and Lawyer SUIT firms. 

  Contact Sally Q Yates at and ask her directly about Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 she criminally signed on Dec 13, 2011 shown to public (world) at that orders the surrender of any criminal worldwide.
    The root basis for any crime is  1. STEAL,  2. LIE,  3. HIDE,  4. Recruit others to repeat above 3 so crime founder goes to the top as King of all Titans. is the ONLY single new world Constitution of evote, 11 commandments, Human Bill of Gods Rights.
  Identify Theft crimes is as simple as signing another name, photo shopping another Identify, stealing other SS, DL, Passport, VISA, medical records, literally anything that uniquely identifies each of us. With FOIA.ONE everyone now knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who Trades WHAT with who/when/where/why so no IDENTIFY theft is possible. Once we eliminate all paper based documents, void and nullify the need for any paper currency fiat and related paper signed contracts, we all live in a paperless, all digitial, AI singularity all electronic interconnected, all free electric power system that is 99.5% CRIME FREE.  Only the stupid idiots who think they can steal and hide would dare violate basic human rights to SPEAK the FREE TRUTH, to face any accuser in OPEN PUBLIC TV Forum COURT at NO COST to the victim.  This also eliminates all the LIAR Lawyer Lucifers who hide behind Limited Liability Partnerships, and Claim Client-attorney Privilege and can SAY Anything in court knowing absolutely NO ONE will sue them for slander, libel, and obstruction of Justice.

#1 kPIN IS REVOLUTIONARY  name for our easy to deploy solution using following easy ONE step method.
  KPIN is the new branded (r)(tm)(c)  name word for world to use as new world universal standard.
  Step 1. For any transaction of any importance, each person is required to use electronics to send their NEXT rolling PIN # to their highly secured Computer kCheck computer server using the NEXT PIN number sequence to receive back 1. YES it is indeed YOU, who you say you are. GO AHEAD. You are authorized.  Or 2. LOCKING your account, YOU are a FRAUD We have your video photo and know exactly WHO YOU ARE. You can Never HIDE, Never Escape, our people are searching for you right now, so surrender at the next Police station so you will not be video GUNNED down in our streets.  (slight humor, yet required to get YOUR blinded attention).
  If the SAME rolling PIN number is used twice, or if entered incorrectly, OUR account is LOCKED and the violator is immediately sent to prison if not the auto face recognized authorized user(s) of that single account.
  The list of sequenced rolling PINs is only generated by YOU alone = We the People and safely deposited in the highly secure computer named TheTruthVault, part of the FOIA.ONE new world free will market society  Your Master PIN and other ID information is never used unless to reset your list using #2 method below.

#2 This one revolutionary OLD method will outrage any criminal at any level of society, including the financial software titans who claim THEY have the only solution to secure any financial transaction. Another super Lucifer LIE to sell billions of USD worth of infiltrated solutions with focus on and
  Each time we make any transaction of financial importance, including signing anything that is truly legally binding and enforced contracts, follow these most critical world saving steps.
  KVIDEO is the new branded word for world to use universally. video based authentication authorization.
For ATM style transactions using existing PhoneCradle IseeStand (t)©(™) Patents 2009 -2012 all digital interconnected systems of FREE fiber optic kNET, + Webcam/speaker/microphone (or equal Programmable Logic Device including any smartphone).
At point of transaction sale/buy/transfer, we go online, and state in front of the video recorded camera,  I _our full name__+ identifying items__. Are requesting the transaction of __$$__ from account number X transferred to account number Y. Please back office confirm I am who I say I am. If required, please bring my authorized co-signers and representatives ON LINE Video chat for them to also authorized this one transaction.

This eliminates all con-artists, ATM thieves, pick pockets, email/ knet/ Postal mail and even Street level scams as the best Lucifer Masked Actors are some of our very own Corporate Executives who DANCE on the stages with almost nude prancing and grating giraffe celebrities saying “We are HERE to PROTECT YOU, We are here to make you rich and wealthy like we are. “ Just do as we say step by step.  BUY more, Borrow more of YOUR hard earned money from your very own BANK, Pay more taxes, make sure you sweep your own streets and take out your own garbage, Make sure you play the LOTTERY as everyone wants their kids to be highly educated with just FREE TUTITION.  Never mind the Wizard of Oz man standing behind the smoke and dagger screens back stage. He just handles the AudioVideo system so we can BROADCAST to all exactly how to overthrow your victims. Worlds last Trillionaire Angel Philantrophist servant of GOD, and most humble walking living saint in service to YOU, We HIS chosen people.  Exactly who is LEFT behind to complete WHY our highest power (FatherGod MotherEarth) first decided to create the human race.  The most common sense univesal answer is always "for WE to solve our own issues, grow in knowledge and wisdom so we can finally reenter the GARDEN of E.D.E.N. of using enforced integrity shown above and for now 61.5 years by ONE single messianic messenger whom GOD sent to complete HIS purpose to UNIFY mankind.  He is the most unknown Holy Spirit of all time, only about 12 persons world wide KNOW this one man intimately.  His two ex-wifes, 2 sons, Dr Williams of Butner NC HellJail Medical cente Nov 2013, Washington DC Capital policeman John Delegan May 5, 2014, and CEO Chuck Link  Gloria Reyes + Marisa Cordover of,, and , Pastor Eric Negapatn of WAwa and maybe VERN Compass of  

  Includes Bob Circosta , maybe Shark Tank Kevin Herrington,

  Everyone else we minister to have turned out to be LUCIFER agents, only thinking only about their own arrogant driven self entitlement ability to scam, con, and convince others how THEY are the only ones with the leadership to make their victims responsible, loyal, trustworthy, and DO AS THEY COMMAND..   SO TRUE...  it requires no Binary B answer of FALSE..

  We already delivered absolutely EVERYTHING to WORLD and all banks, this one solution eliminates ALL cyber crimes at point of transaction. This has always been the 'HOLY GRAIL' of IOT online digital barter exchange system to eliminates need for almost all banks, wire transfers, and possibilities of cyber crimes at all levels.  Now deposits into Savings Accounts will earn ~5% interest, and loans made for ~ 6%, even LOWER when all banks go into competition since NO MORE FRAUD DEPARTMENTS needed and NO NEED to COVERUP the electronic thefts of YOUR assets and Intellectual Property.  GO TO our TOP CEOs , WORLD LEADERS, and PRESS for THEM to be International Heros of protecting OUR assets.

Updated last CKS20200420-SolutionBankFraud.pdf  From original post Aug 15, 2019, my FOIA.ONE DOB and IID  1-19580815-1 Forefounding father of YOUR new world society  who has been persecuted since Jan 15, 2008 because he exposed ALL crime networks all over Mother Earth.
Stops and prevents ALL world ID Theft, Cyber Crime, scammers, Terrorists, criminal bank wire transfers, theft of any banking financial trade account data and passwords, and all other Identity thefts with ONE single universal standardized solution. This singular answer method is trademarked and copyrighted by Duncan.  This one gifted to world Solution PREVENTS all cyber crime at all levels, thereby preventing ALL financial crimes at ALL LEVELS, including theft of the root database password and back door internet infiltration that bypasses ALL levels of super security.  All Banks and financial institutions now use this one unbreakable communications protocol to prevent ALL data theft.  All linked to eVOTE.ONE to put all criminals in PRISON in record time with FOIA.ONE. This is what the super criminal Robert Dee ROSE (DOB 1971-April-01) has done for +12, even 20 years.

 THE MASTER KEY is: Each person now uses their master PIN number only when challenged. Each person uses their own rolling list of pre-sequenced PIN numbers that are automatically verified against one secured computer database list.  This computer only responds to verify queries with APPROVED or LOCKED account.  This verify computer is separate from the computer databases that hold the critical database information. Only the customer and one highly secured bank computer using Block Chain know the NEXT matching sequence number. If anyone uses the same or wrong PIN number, the accounts are automatically locked and the customer and bank financial fraud department is notified.  This applies to signed Contracts, Bank Checks, ATM withdrawals, Security checkpoints, and all other points of sales transactions.  The addition of auto face recognition Cameras and VIDEO with sound prevents 99% of all forced under duress crime scenarios.  All criminals will avoid cameras like the Black Plaque once they know their arrests are seconds away.  This system can easily be expanded to red light/siren/Voice notification all persons nearby that a crime is occurring real time.

  The most massive reduction is use of ATMs, waiting in horrible lines to cash paychecks worldwide, tellers having to call signatures of checks and documents to verify not forged, and the eliminate of ALL FOR-EX (foreign Exchange ) systems with bypass replacement system of, and FinalStockMarket with ProfitShareholders that empowers all employees and stockholders to VOTE on WHO are their corporate Executives/management and their own benefit packages.  All solutions benefit all of Mankind.
    This one solution was started year 1995 and perfected in year 2009. This was already delivered to hundreds of CEOs, PRESS, Stock Market, Bank executives, and public. Absolutely NO ONE has ever PAID Keith Duncan (like Telsa) for his mega billion $$$ valued Intellectual Property rights and hired Keith with to teach our world leaders and citizens how to SOLVE each and everyone of humanities vice sin crime driven conflict issues.  Everyone must join CEOSPACE.NET shown on

Nothing else has ever been gifted and broadcast to create your new world Society UNIocracy.ORG history. (original website).

  This ONE universal simple solution prevents ALL identify theft and cyber crime forever.  Originating Aug 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC USA, the common sense linkae of any critical transaction to each International IID FOIA.ONE with photo/video authentication and authorization checkpoints, eliminates ability for anyone to scam, steal, access any information without confirmed block chain tracked acknowledgement that is open public database seen by world as legally binding transactions. This alone eliminates almost all legal litigation and massive financial loss of your assets to criminal enterprises who now RULE your world.

  No more PRIVATE banks once kBitCoins.ORG destroys the cyber crime terrorist ability to STEAL bank, corporate, and government data that YOU now own and showcase with FOIA.ONE single universal open public referential integrity blockchain repository 'Tree of Human Knowledge' Congress.  All 7.6Billion of my people benefit by preventing the ability for ANYONE to commit crimes with eVOTE.ONE

  No one can do scamming, identify theft, backdoor infiltration of any 'secret/protected' database by hiring key insider criminals who give them unrestricted access that bypasses layers of encrypted OSI software hardware walls. All with these ordained divined answers that PREVENT 1st crime abilities.

   The ONE answer solution is dual verification method of a protected NEXT PIN computer generated number matched against the rolling PIN List held by each account holder. With auto-face recognition (photo and video/voice), no criminal will ever be able to steal ANY information, financial data, stock market trades, intellectual property and hide from Law Enforcement of FOIA.ONE uses one Intel International Identifier -IID to verify WHO is WHO. No one can ever steal bank account or related information and make cyber crime transfers. The true indicator is that savings accounts earn about 0% interest annually while banks charge 5 to 15% interest to cover the trillions of collective real $$ assets lost to and even corrupt cops and politicians who run the worst mobster conspiracy coverups in world history as MONEY TALKS, CRIMINALS always WALK (free).  The Banks and insurance agencies NEVER loose money by paying off claims. YOU, my people, are directly paying for CRIMINAL FRAUD that is hidden because the National PRESS and PUBLIC have no clue that GOD's assets are systematically stolen by family run dynasties called the New World Order Criminal Ruling Elite.

   Even today, Sept 3, 2018, I personally delivered this and to BPI (Bank Philippines) corporate offices and NEVER got the required direct debriefing with any CEO, CFO, Fraud IT related expert executives. Same with thousands of other WORLD leaders who are SO BUSY with 'Gorilla Warfare' while underground criminals capitalize on the uneducated masses of 'Blinded Fools -Matthew Chapter 23' who are cult brain washed thinking there IS no answer to any crime scenario and to learn to 'JUST LIVE WITH IT AS IS.'   Who will do the most obvious. Contact the #1 top mastermind Keynote Speaker in the world to PAY for the services of the ONE top expert who has already changed the course of YOUR history in GOD's Holy name. This is all sufficient and complete...

   CyberCrime Political Terrorism is the worst Plaque in history. Perfect example is the Pres Ferdinand Marcos 10 Billion USD and recent embezzlement fraud of Investigated Jan 2017 by Dr Garma Arcilla Director General of  3,500 metric tons of GOLD valued 6.8Million Pesos = 136 Million USD. Involving then President Aquino, Former DILG Sec Roxas and (in jail Senator Leila De Lima who was DOJ Secretary) and many other prominent Banking and Government highest ranked officials such as Senator Franklin Drilon. 

   All these massive world plunders and embezzlement are now PREVENTED and retroactively SOLVED by this one mega Billion $$$ valued answer methods. with BlockChain FOIA.ONE is the ONE answer solution that empowers all mankind to Control and manage ALL transactions so no crime can be committed and go unpunished. Money talks, criminals walk is the true reality of HOW terrorists, criminals, and corrupt politicians steal our assets and NO ONE KNOWS or cares...  This one answer prevents ALL IDENTITY THEFT, Cyber crime terrorism, bank fraud, forged signatures and documents, and all other violations of business transactions at all levels.  Driven by, these create your new world society of NO SECRETS = NO CRIMES.  This alone  is worth TRILLIONS $$$ as It enables +7.6 billion people to completely secure all transactions from Identify Theft at any level. Includes all Bank Transactions, Business transactions, binding Legal contracts, video agreements, signed names on any agreement or transaction, and empower enables our entire world to 'PASS JUDGMENT' on all others to quickly put all unsaved criminals in HELL-JAIL where they belong.

     Contact and Contract BidOnKeith Duncan today. Manila (63)x917-335-4300 office/home at 417 United Nations Av, Ermita Manila 1/2 block north USA Embassy as keith broadcasts to world to TAKE ACTION by protecting and debriefing his Crusader teams.  Enemies of the People and Gov State are the criminal network enterprises who REFUSE to surrender because they have already captured massive percentage of God + your wealth by the crime methods solved and prevented by most humble keith. Fly his teams to your places of greatest needs to fill stadiums with World Leaders of UNIocracy.ORG New World Society.

      Every transaction is always validated with the NEXT rolling PIN-alpha chain number   or   the ACCOUNT/Transaction is invalidated and blocked at point of transaction while world can see WHO committed the crime fraud with auto-face video recognition known as OCTV (Open Circuit Television) verification.

   Auto Face Recognition and even video confirmation of each transaction is now paired with the locked write-once, read public pair so NO one can ever commit a crime since their voice and photo show their identification. For large transactions, a short video conference call confirms who verifies the transaction and become integrity validated endorsers of any critical transaction. This includes signatures, bank checks, ATM, contracts, wire transfers, any legal instrument. using single world database, all criminals are quickly put into HELL-Jail by their own committed transaction crime history transactions.

   This has been delivered to WORLD, all top Banks, to PRESS, and world leaders for now +10 years since 2007 when ROSE attempted to extort blackmail to be his #1 cyber crime black-hat terrorist. Since I am #1 anti crime, anti-politics, anti-terrorist expert, my R.O.I. is billions of seized crime assets using these copyrighted intellectual property to master teach our world HOW to PREVENT crimes at point of commission. 

   For I have been COMMISSIONED by my FATHERGOD and HUMANITY to work full time on behalf of Interpol, all law enforcement, our most sick corrupt  Judicial and court system, and to reform all banks and stock markets with both and that eliminate need for debt, remove need for ALL private banks, and transfer all stock market history and trading to Free World Free Trade barter Exchange system.   kBitCOINS.ORG by default destroys and eliminates ALL private Banks and identifies all Corrupt Banksters (combo Mobster + Banker) who violate laws by criminally profiteering using your deposits and assets.  Since control of information + data is HOW demonic criminals have already taken over and control our corporate, government, banking, stock markets, trade markets, and economic capitalism engines by creating the worst crimes against humanity that are currently 100% kept secret from what is left of our integrity driven judicial system.  Solved also by

     Refusals to use these gifted ordained answer solutions instantly identifies who are criminally profiteering by slave trading our people and GOD's assets.

NO ONE can ever violate any of your rights again once these ONLY ordained divined answer solutions become your new World Society one set of standards.

Even Corrupt Bankers and Executives can be eVOTED straight into Hell-Jail by our citizens of UNIocracy and their crime/personal assets seized to be used by SolutionHousing.ORG SolutionSafeWater.ORG (many others) that we the people own all infrastructure.

   Any government, corporation, church, or enterprise who USES these world saving only answers is legally required to pay 1% of all recovered stolen funds to INC registered Reno Nevada umbrella enterprises for these most profound copyrighted intellectual property methods that are protected by International Patent copyright laws. was published and sent to PRESS, World even lawyers back in 2009 to prevent ALL identity theft and impersonation that is heart of ALL cyber scams and cyber crime terrorism. this one solid perfected technique ensures every person MUST identify themselves by their ONE ID number and supplement with new photo Id, even VIDEO conversation to confirm they are authorized and authenticated to conduct any critical transaction. If challenged, they must go on line and video conference others who attest testify the key person is authorized as video/sound stored on for any future criminal investigations conducted BY our people. If any fraud, scam, cyber crime determined, any one who testified for the transaction authorized is identified as contributing conspirators of the original crime. With simple blockchain existing technology, each transaction becomes WRITE ONCE, read public as everything is above board public. No secrets of transactions, empowers all mankind to prevent crimes in the first place. Any criminal who conducts transactions, is immediately identified with automatic Face recognition on OCTV (Open circuit TV) and hauled to JAIL by local police, military, or even citizen arrest by integrity driven neighborhood watch patrol guards. Anyone can now watch and listen to ANY OCTV equipped with microphone and even small booming speakers. this includes helium/hydrogen small blimps or Revelatin 4:8 smart drones that direct feed over free world WiFI that my NGOs provide for FREE to all public schools, churches, marketplaces, and government buildings.

   Boycotting of ANY and ALL financial, banking, or lending institution for REFUSALS to use this ONE simple single method is the most powerful way to send a message to all Bankers + Mobsters = Banksters that our citizens REFUSE to pay for any fraud damages since everyone knows that BANKS never loose a penny. They charge HIGH Loan rates and NO decent interest savings rates to COVER the TRILLIONS of $$$$ losses incurred because they can NOT secure YOUR money, assets, and financial records.   Keith Duncan partner teams hereby legally CLAIMS 1% of all recovered Cyber Crime assets found by ANYONE using EVOTE.ONE and Universal asset open public tracking ownership record system of  This includes any bank staff and executives who identify who is cyber criming our assets as they deserve bounty rewards by exposing their own clients who commit crimes and WHO infiltrates their databases. As most banks do everything to PREVENT Public Relations Publicity they have been hacked/infiltrated as they hate clients fleeing with our money and assets to other banks who actually secure and protect our assets.  This is hereby pledged to fund YOUR new world society UNIocracy worth 'God-Zillions' to all our people who JOIN and support fund and protect the life and extreme assets and intellectual Property of everyone on Keith Brent Duncans teams.


      All private banks are also quickly eliminated with to convert everyone to Cooperative banking associations as 100% owned and run by who maximize profits by controlling all expenses and losses. No more corporate executives can ever commit crimes again.

  Since 2005 year era, I have personally delivered SolutionBankFraud to well over 200 banks and CEO's and NEVER had anyone just CALL me back. I know why.

   CLICK and READ recent Washington Post expose on the true DAMAGE of Robert Dee Rose and other cyber crime terrorists.

  This is also basis for that was divinely created Feb 23, 2011 the same day I was released from ROSE and USA GOV 2nd conspiracies.

  Updated last Jan 19, 2018 as the most fundamental Copyrighted Intellectual Property worth BILLIONS USD in downstream cascading effects,  This is root basis of the ONLY world unification standard to securely identify each and every person as authorized to conduct any transaction. Based on the most extensive 'BILL GATES / Warren Buffet' R&D style forensic perfected checks and balances, this one universal method because the driving only factor to destroy all cyber crime, terrorist networks, and ability for ANYONE to forge or 'spoof' any document or transaction.   This also makes WORLD History Change as this is basis for EVOTE.ONE and other anti-fraud prime transaction methodology.

    Each person has agreement with a separate secured un-hackable number generator computer to issue the NEXT known sequence of 'one shot, one kill use ' PIN Personal id number. One only uses their Master PIN number to reset the sequence or to confirm with any eDevice they have authorized the transaction at a second level. If any PIN number is used twice or falsely entered, the transaction is NULL AND VOID and the offender is instantly identified and located with Automatic Face Recognition of EVOTE.ONE against the ONLY world open public database

   This one world changing answer was published gifted to World early 2010.  This was prior to cyber crime terrorist Robert Dee Rose #1 most wanted cyber crime terrorist fugitive in world history ordering 'murder for hire' of explicit USA Gov Rogue Officers of the Court to martyr Keith by forced drugging from Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014 while leaving the longest stream of crime spree trails of their OTHER crimes against Humanity.  Contact keith duncan NOW as the end result is always Free Trade, Travel, and the unification of all mankind.. is the ONLY solution worthy of Nobel Peace Prize to STOP all cyber crimes against all financial and government institutions. This is the basis of the ONE standard that no one in our entire world has compressed down to a singular solution.  This is gifted to all of humanity since those collectively known as 'The Criminal Ruling Elite' do NOT want these methods to be deployed by the 7.47 Billion people of our world who will see, believe, and ACT with AUTHORITY of Fearless people to protect the rights of all others. It is used by INTERPOL gifted by all 7.42 billion citizens to electronically control and manage all their leadership as well as centrally record their own votes and critical business and legal documents that are secured by replicated databases

This website is a duplicate of as I , Keith Duncan,  have no reason to spend more than a few minutes or hours on completing the creation of our own new World Order Society of with 100% laser technology viral marketing campaign focus on    I must have immediate PROTEST RALLIES against criminal enterprises such as who has allowed cyber criminals to drain my own secured cash and has BLOCKED my direct emails to those who are tasked to SERVE their CLIENTS (YOU).

Below third file (PDF)  is the LAST email from WF banksters.  Please contact Mickael Sasso  (770.650.4484 Office | 770.650.4368  and Angela Mashburn USA +1(770)650-4371 and ask them one question.  "Why have you BLOCKED the one true man of GOD who has shown the world how to prevent almost all crimes?? Why? ... Why do you refuse to grant him access to his own cash sitting in the ONE checking account YOU BLOCKED from all transfers because WF has no way to prevent cybercriminals from auto-drafting a client's account once the account number is entered. This includes FORGED checks and DEBITs against Keiths accounts over two years ago.


BOYCOTT all of by telling everyone that WellsFargo, BB&T, Bank of American have all defrauded Keith Duncan including his own DUNCAN family, murdered Brian Walker, Supercriminal Robert Dee Rose ( Ms. Bashama, and the USA Government who threatened my life after knowing I was KIDNAPPED by orders of ROSE on exactly Sept 26, 2011 6 hours after I debriefed USA Military Langley AFB on anti-terrorist, anti-crime, anti-cybercrime methods I gifted all of humanity.  So I sat in HELL-JAIL for 848 days while ROSE and all other criminals depleted my bank accounts, my 401K accounts, sold off my home, all my intellectual property. The USA Gov (Sally Yates DAG) finally dumped me on the street Jan 28, 2014 on dismisssed charge that I was ROBBED by ROSE and Ms. Bashama Feb 4, 2011 per Marietta GA forged P.D. 1.11.2506. . The USA government owes Keith well over $500 Million USD in SF-95 Federal Torts Claim Acts,  Class Action Lawsuits against each criminal who works FOR USA government agencies, and has been requesting protection by the AG and USA Military this entire time.


Click on the downloadable files above or HERE.   State your prime issue by making  a Bid on Keith Prime Consulting services $10,000 USD for first hour with 120% warranty on accepted contractual terms agreed upon by all parties. Keith travels the world with his growing team of #1 ethical and trustworthy partners to teach our mutual world how to prevent waste, corruption, and almost all relationship issues arising from predatory greed and political crime families.


Our visionary work is complete to teach our mutual world how to prevent corruption, stop most crimes in the first place, and return all control and management of our governments, organizations, and corporations back to the and voters/taxpayers/citizens of the world. This is part of that models our new World Order of based on #1 broadcasts of

  • Keith is the ultimate Solution Provider who teaches everyone how to solve their own issues, conflicts, and problems.

  • Relationship Re-Management at all levels.

  • Strategy & Organization of Governments and Companies.

  • Corporate Development of Ethical Contracts and Efficiency.

  • Globalization of Free Trade world markets + bartering.

  • ​Operations Management scalability SolutionManufacturing

  • ​Sustainability of Profits with patent

  • ​Strategic Planning of all business processes.

  • ​Branding of all Products and Services for First to Market.

  • ​Media Training using State of Art Off-Shelf Technology.

  • Business Coaching to ensure clients always get benefits.

  • Comprehensive Results under confidential and binding contract. Example is: video of methods.

  • Start with all about you to teach you how to also, from greed.

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