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Step 1, 2, 3. The major of individual and world problems in any form or manner are caused by Relationship issues that cause conflict rather than mutual benefit. Keith Duncan teaches all levels of Mediation and how to systematically solve almost any issue, problem, conflict, and even prevent international conflict with three simple steps.

Integrity Principals

ALmost all issues are caused by lack of integrity, virtue, honesty, trust, and the ability to take advantage of someone else by various manipulations of man made laws, contracts, or just pure bully practices.  This is part of the current extreme delimias faced by all of mankind. Ask Keith to explain as HE has the majority of answers ready for Prime Time.

Common Sense

Most isues at any level can be solved by simple Common Sense. The first is the active decision that all solutions must benefit all parties. This prevents most corruption, fraud, and even crimes in the first place. This is basis for famous that changes our world one relationship at a time until we all come into one degree of separation. Ask Keith how.


Technology is the very last frontier to be assimulated and used by mankind to organize and prolong the existance of our own human race. Keith has completed the most comprehensive use of technology to create our own new Virtual World Government as well as enforce ethics and accountability by the citizens for all citizens of our mutual world. Ask Keith how or any question that has value and benefit for you, your family, or any organization.

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