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Keith Duncan has worked as the Prime Consultant and Architect for IBM, AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular Mobile, and multiple large scale Fortune 50 and 1000 corporations designing the ultimate 'perfect' computer systems to automate processes. Therefore, mankind could actually have real relationships with each other, rather than being overburdened by the paper chase entitlement programs that have lead to the current state of almost all nations.  Keith has been the prime reason for many innovative technologies and expertises being propagated throughout our entire world.

       In June 2011, Keith was professionally evaluated as net intelliectual Property value  of $20 Million USD by June 2013 and $84 Million USD by January 2015.  Contact or to confirm these absolute facts concerning Keith's pledges of 90% of first Billion USD profits to Berny Dorhmann seen by the world on famous    The USA government owes Keith over $400 Million in Real and Punitive damages as well as SF-95 Federal Torts Claim Act per efforts to prevent Keith's Acts of Wisdom from being gifted to all of mankind.  Who joins and protects Keith's Sovereign Ambassador Rights...

  The original published patented design that uses vision in all environments to learn at the speed of thought.


The original Published Patent design to hold any cell phone or webcam in any situation.

  The original published eBook that teaches our world how to create their own financial freedom and to replace all the corrupt persons who are shunned by society.

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