top of page Patents + Total World de Weaponization my technology + Re Education is the greatest reduction in all criminal actions in USA world history with no exceptions. All procreated by #1 wealthiest scientist engineer gifting philanthropist Leader(s) led by and alone, of your new crime free utopia at all levels forever GODs commandments applied by total replacement

  Below is 2024 May 9 interview with Jimmy Hill of Atlanta GA USA who describes the crimes committed by Atlanta Police Officer(s) who did not follow required Police and FBI procedures to secure a potential crime scene based on a single accusation of a cell phone theft resulting in Fleeing Fugitive arrest warrant.   We are #1 never biased Intl News Media Broadcasters of The TRUTH and ONLY the TRUTH as GODs prime model for each of YOU to be independent free will problem solving PeaceMakers and host mediators peer members of and once WE the people unify 8.1 billion WE GODS people includes unification of all Spiritual and Civic Organizations as the first place to go when you have an emotional need to reverse any issue and addiction use Gods

  WHO to you actually TRUST and KNOW to protect life and assets today?  Then you will all re educate yourself using the perfected simple common sense methods of GOD + Keiths Solutions for ever. Click here to go to HOME Page PRESS full disclosure of all.

  2024 May 10. Most impossible is to keep passing bills and legislation making a crime illegal.  No criminal will ever be deterred. My personal year 1976 I procreated simple GODs methods of universal SAFETY to prevent almost all gun and all other crimes from occurring in the first place.  Below is the full engineering specifications and benefit value of WE GODs People now secure all guns by installing my perfected GPS Blue Tooth constant monitored Gun Trigger Lock.

 Includes a tether USB power cable to ensure the backup self contained micro battery will never fail. Includes the use of my own and other beneficial features to ensure group of authorized users have instant access to the trigger when checking the gun out for defense or even for hunting. WHY Has NO ONE SEIZED my terrorist brother Douglas Vernon Duncan (Cary NC) who threatened 3 times to send his gun club to Philippines to assassinate me in year 2016.  WHY? because not a single soul has ever acknowledged WHY I was most prolific master of all expertise my entire now 65.666 years working WITH GOD to benefit all +8.1 billion of WE GODs Children.  WHO DO YOU KNOW ?

  I have already show how current gun owners will always be protected from illegal seizure by  WHO???   Clearly OUR USA government officers must never be called THEM, implying any person PAID by our taxpayers is ever allowed to VIOLATE our rights to be free will PeaceMaking PromiseKeeping Sovereign Citizens who stand up to any violator and put them into prison (and death row), using GODs perfected methodologies Total Tort Reform of and WHO do you know to PROTECT MY LIFE today. I spent all today in downtown Atlanta showing how this gifted solution set reduces all crime and violence down to almost absolute ZERO levels worldwide.

  Biblical odd I was charged with possessing a firearm that was 100% legal for me to transport and store in my trunk. 15 year investigations always showed I personally spent 900 days in HELL JAIL (never prison) while Named criminals inside OUR very own USA GOV decided I must be silenced forever while DUNCAN Clan and murdered Brian Walker destroyed ALL my lifetime solutions claiming anything.

  By and most humble new world replacement laws, all guns and weapons are commanded by you to be registered through Keiths FOIA.ONE one open public unhackable database that interlinks to all other world databases at both all Government and Corporate levels worldwide.

   Anyone declaring privacy rights clearly is hiding their criminal cabal history with no exceptions permitted use of Gods Generator and the rest of Keiths patents and copyrights.

  Includes auto face recognition through CCTV converted to OCTV, automatic GPS tracking of everyone by all others who paid with our work efforts and time to build thousands of new self sustainable mixed use developed communities all paid direct by existing megaBillionaires and MegaMillionairs of Keiths led group of perfectly honest and ethical members of Keiths caused by each of YOU collectively using focusing everyone on most commons sense tribal method

  Includes cross linking, based on Keiths original patent copyrights of that was and always was with focus on required and Everyone must now use and InvestKEITH.COM to target transfer of OUR wealth and authority back to ONLY privately held corporations and only decentralized locally we control Associated Credit Unions who keep OUR assets withing our communities.

  This alone destroys the 6660 year ancient warlords and False God dirty scoundrel  First Family non-Deities who always command 'JUST TRUST THEM', and WORK HARDER if you do not want to be WMD genocidal.

   The current GOLDEN RULE was 'He who has the GOLD, makes all the RULEs"  Gods way was always each of you act with fearless authority to protect the lives and assets of all others. Then THEY protect your lives.

  Updated 2023July15 since not a SINGLE soul has ever acknowledged WHO WAS Duncan.

  We (led by most humble top world scientist engineer patent holder keith brent Duncan) always seen as the worlds most prominent anti all crime procreator of OUR new world society The patent show below is how to protect our 2nd amendment rights to protect our family, homes, assets, and lives of all others.  Confiscation of any unregistered gun held by a sociopath, convicted felon, and anyone denied the right to ber firearms by any local magistrate judge is always our prime GOD focus. USA was built by our forefounders who developed the top technology to eliminate any person who threatens our moral civil liberties at all levels.

  This perfected interlinked cascading anti all crime simple replacement system destroys the black market of all criminal enterprises by removing all secrets of profit, motive, and opportunities forever.  Those called 'Gun NUTS' will no longer be able to weaponize themselves by building 'ghost guns', or simple technology to make rapid fire any projectile or weapons once everything and everyone is registered THROUGH Gods one single FOIA.ONE database.  All objections have been ratified reversed by use of GODs to procreate refined best better solutions as our humankind advance to the next level of ONLY PEACE MAKERS of GODs

  Update 2023March22. ALL systems always 100% perfected for rapid deployment worldwide NOW, not later.

   Clearly self evident is how many millions of people die during violent criminal actions including from all military armies sent to destroy any opposition to pirate take over energy, land, factories, natural resources, and enslave other nations at any cost of death of OUR very own sovereign free will citizens of now used as ONLY integrated National Guard and as front liner humanitarian responders. This is the most massive reduction in all gun and war violence in world history once each of our communities use EVOTE.ONE to host mediate any conflict by mutual agreement of what is best for WE GODS People forever.

    These are all the most common sense GOD focused reasons why GOD sent Keith b Duncan alone to unify +8 billion mortals to ALL be peace makers under Please PROTECT our lives and assets RIGHT NOW.

In USA, 120 guns exist per 100 persons. The Patent copyright technology procreated by #1 world leader by only of is the most massive reduction in gun violence internationally by simple manufacturing of Blue Tooth GPS fail safe trigger lock. WHO protects Keith Duncan today? WHO do you know.

2023March22. gun shootout at Atlanta GA USA gas station today.

‪ patent would have reversed these criminal actions 13 years ago. Command duncan go on PRESS versus now. forever.‬ gifted world saving Patent(s) (c)(tm)(r) from #1 most wealthy angel guardian protector total philanthropists of reduces ALL Gun Violence and crimes down to almost ZERO by YOUR ACTIONS to manufacture and register ALL weapons worldwide .

  This is GODs commandments to stop violence at point of crime commission by each of you fast path identify WHO are the most sociopath psychopath emotional disturbed 'lunatics'. Many are very wealthy NWO criminal ruling elites like Robert DEE ROSE at perfected MANHUNT citizens arrest GODs system and hidden underground terrorists who all roam freely since NO ONE actually knows WHO is WHO until KEITH is put on any national news media broadcasts to reveal EVERYTHING about EVERYONE now sharing all of GODs assets.


  Biblical ODD that Keith was kidnapped on a NON-VIOLATION of possession a LEGAL demo antique firearm based on Cobb County GA USA cancelled TPO 11.1.1171 criminally issued Feb 4, 2011, cancel dismissed July 15, 2011 by Atty Berry Victor Reynolds and DA Patrick Head ( Reynolds Head Aluminum hat). based on viscious brutal robberies of our 2 homes by ROBERT DEE ROSE and MS Bashama Aug 4, 2010, then Feb 4, 2011 Marietta GA PD report 1.11.2506 forged reversed claiming Keith kidnapped, assaulted SOMEONE? Never stated. Keith was kidnapped Oct 4, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014 while everyone conspired to MURDER KEITH shown at

  Keiths God Delivered solutions have perfected total decentralization of all wealth and authority back to each of YOUR communities using EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE to GPS track everyone and each of YOU holding all others fully accountable for being protective of each other.

  Below/Above PDF file is USA President Bidens proposed Bill 117HR127 year 2021-2022 that destroys the 2nd Amendment forever.  Requires each person must register all firearms with Attorney General, pay $800 USD, take 24 hours firearms training, pay for psychological testing to certify they are 100% competent to defend their very own lives, assets, and families. Includes 10 to 30 years in prison and $100K fines if a single person claims any violation. Surely the real criminals LOVE being only persons left who carry any firearm protection.

NOTICE that the Attorney General is legally authorized to seize any and all firearms for any reason.

  Yet WHO controls OUR assets and Lives. Was always the Criminal Ruling Elite who pass all the man-made laws to claim only THEY are the only mortals to decide OUR reality and near term destiny fate.  WHO DO YOU trust thee final days of WWFive. Your POLYTicks, you broker Banksters, your speculation Stick Stock Market Brokers, yhou own local pastors, mayors, police chiefs, even your very own deviant family members and neighbors.

  NO END to the self genocide of mankind until EACH OF YOU LIBERATE yourselves forever by RE-Educationg yourselves that GOD permits each of you to rape, pillage, plunder, murder each other since most of you are ent BENT on self instant emotional organism gratification, that nothing will get BETTER until everyone CONTACTS keith Brent Duncan 770-377-2106 and puts us ALL on national NEWS press conferences of once and forever.

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