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Click: SolutionFinal Playlist to see year 2014 World re-Broadcasts on the true Realities of GOD, Church, State, Nations, and HIS universe.  Sept 17 - 1626

 SolutionGunControl.com. is Client3635.wix.com/SolutionGC   Use of EVOTE.ONE and World last database FOIA.ONE shows with ONE Intel International ID with single URL linked Integrity rating, who are those at greatest risk to commit violence.  For I was accused by SUPER CRIMINAL TERRORIST ROSE of stalking him when HE has been staling YOU and I for 2 decades and WHY USA GOV at all levels is protecting him by destroying all crime trial evidence of HIS that put him on Death ROW. Clearly if ANYONE had upheld Constitutional Law prior to fateful Feb 4, 2011 Robbery by ROSE and Ms. Bashama, your entire world would be UNIFIED and REFORMED in record time by YOUR EFFORTS and ACTIONS.   Nothing left to add or delete. Dispatch Military, FBI, even Other Angel Philanthropists like myself to CALL me and escort me BACK to TESTIFY so YOU my people see how to TRANSFER TRILLIONS of real $$ and assets back to yourselves as most people are self-entitlement focused in first place. FIRST video right above describes state of YOUR foresaken world this entire time. For I work FULLTIME for GOD and HUmanity my entire time and deserve to be PAID $500 MILLION USD by THOSE who have obstructed justice at levels

I remain in MANILA now Sept 17, 2019 canvassing our world street ministries asking WHO DO YOU KNOW to host Press conferences to complete my FATHER GOD's (CHRIST and many other) messianic messenger missions of total World GlobalPeace.com

We had GUN control completed PRIOR to my asking for safe haven at Langley Airforce base to ESCORT THEM to find and seize ROSE in record time.


May 29, 2018 All + Florida school shootings  prevented with THIS ONE STANDARD ANSWER SOLUTION combined with auto face recognition URLiDent.com OCTV as all citizens identify WHO are the risks, who are on drugs, WHO are the lunatics.  ODD that I was kidnapped by CyberCriminal terrorist Robert dee Rose on Oct 3, 2011 on NON VIOLATION of Cancelled TPO Cobb County GA 1.11.1171.99 July 15, 2011.  No gun was ever involved in famous Landmark Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 that puts fired AG Sally Q Yates in PRISON for conspiracy coverups of TheFinalTerrorist.com Robert Dee Rose.  I was kidnapped 3 times by ROSE blackmailing USA GOv officials at all levels as ROSE never was a Planitiff, only the prime defendant of the worse crimes against humanity including treason and espionage against MY USA GOV and so many others..   The THREAT to my assets and life + remain continued since FEW honest persons have been found and NO PRESS CONFERENCES have been achieved to REVEAL WHO are the risks and who are our 'saved' integrity citizens.  All done to STEAL GODzillions of my anti crime Intellectual property to prevent social justice and freedom from finally being achieved....

   CONTROVERSY and BLOODSHED SELLS. Trillions of $$$ USD real assets are systematically criminally stolen by cyber criminals, Political criminals, and underground RICO crime enterprises (Focus on TheFinalTerrorist.com as #1 Most wanted criminal in world history).  GUNS kill anything. Crimes of Passion are minor compared to the self genocide of suicidal lunatics who use guns for ultimate fear, intimidation, by bloodshed. Guns DO have a legal purpose to protect one's property and rights as long as NO ONE else's rights are violated as shown to world by SolutionManifesto.com and SolutionJudge.com to eliminate all Officials of the Court who violate laws because the Extortion Racketeering exists at all levels. Once our world uses eVOTE.ONE and FOIA.ONE, no crime will go unpunished as Speedy Trials will be BY, FOR, and OF the will of our people in typical 3-5 day conviction or Innocent.

   Any NON-dangerous inmate (helpInmates.com World Ministries was created Feb 23, 2011 post #2 Kidnapping by ROSE and Ms. Bashama) will be released from Hell-Jails to be self monitored by their families and communities with auto-call GPS enabled cell phones to verify 24x7 exactly what the inmate on Furlough is doing at any time. If his CELL goes offline or located in area of a OCTV recorded crime, their sentences are upgraded and they return to HELL-JAIL to share court with other dangerous inmates.  Massive reduction in Prison WareHousing is now safely permitted by Will of Majority of those affected.  No more major crimes will ever go un-convicted in record time.

Click/Read the TOP PDF file next to My Father's Centerstone above. Then Click and TAKE ACTION on the two PDF files ABOVE....   Clearly SaviorKeith.com works full time for our/my Father God and all of humanity. I have founded UNIocracy.ORG, the only New World society of Heaven here on paradise Earth for you, my people

    #1 most CRITICAL Command is: For everyone to contact all Military, World Leaders, PRESS, PUBLIC NOW including all churches.  COMMAND-DEMAND they host Press Conferences and dispatch USA Military or Equal to FIND keith duncan today.  Contact and Contract BidOnKeith.com Duncan today. Manila (63)x917-335-4300 office/home at 417 United Nations Av, Ermita Manila 1/2 block north USA Embassy as keith broadcasts to world to TAKE ACTION by protecting and debriefing his Crusader teams.  Enemies of the People and Gov State are the criminal network enterprises who REFUSE to surrender because they have already captured massive percentage of God + your wealth by the crime methods solved and prevented by most humble keith. Fly his teams to your places of greatest needs so we can collectively fill stadiums with World Leaders of UNIocracy.ORG New World Society.


The Gun Control Solution below was broadcast years ago. The contents are from : December 27, 2014  ISEEJustice.com  and IseeIunderStand.com are reality dealing with why the USA military was asked to investigate IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals on Sept 25, 2011 Langley Air Force Base OSI Capt Christopher Weber.

   EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE  URLiDent.com  SolutionMilitary.com SolutionJudge.com SOLVES the issues of Judicial, CRIME, MURDER, Civil/Revolution War all at one time by Pr-Emeptive Prevention.  The ONLY answer is PREVENTION and control of WHO has legal access to all guns.  Protection from criminals is the prime 'excuse' that is forever eliminated ONCE we UNIFY all mankind with UNITYurl.com ChristDomain.com SolutionIslam.com to master teach all communities to DEAL with their own local issues, therefore almost NO CRIME will go unpunished within hours of commission.  Revelation 4:8 full filled with smart remote control infrared Webcam/microphone/speaker drones that patrol our OCTV (Open Circuit TV) live feeds of who is in your neighborhood with automatic Face Recognition software streamed to any person around world through URLiDent.com Database that is OPEN PUBLIC SOURCE design to prevent all secrets of these terrorists, criminals, underground crime dynasties, and of course, all Political Criminals.

    Gun control has always been the #1 issue of governments and citizens since the invention of gunpowder by the Chinese thousands of years ago.  Americans own more guns per capita than any other nation based on our heritage of conquering the last frontier continent known as North America described as United America on www.NewZion2.com  The #1 World issue is HOW to PREVENT CRIME in the FIRST place, therefore GUNS are only needed for legitimate HUNTING of animals and for MANHUNTs of super criminal terrorists starting with WhereIsRobertRose.com  Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) with $2 Million USD Bounty on his satanic head. Last seen hiding at OneOceanBahamas.com Cyber Crime Terrorist Center he owns and built with Keith's BILLIONS of $$$$ Intellectual Property and $109,8000 USD HomeWaves.com 3 Promissory Notes Forsyth County GA USA Judgment 08SC-1345 worth over $500 MILLION USD in direct, real, and punitive damages for Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Mass Conspiracies and destruction of ROSE's own crimes against humanity sprees.
   The patent pending Gun Control trigger lock is a simple blue-tooth and/or WiFi driven interlock mechanism that secures the trigger mechanism of any gun.  SolutionGunControl (henceforth code named SGC) uses a USB power cord and wall transformer to maintain backup battery and actively reports the serial number of a unique gun with 24x7 ‘keep-alive’ monitoring transmission through any wi-fi / blue-tooth router or telecommunications device such as a cell-phone, tablet, PC, or dedicated two way monitoring device.  A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is an optional patented device in event a direct link is necessary similar to the current Medical Alert systems that use cell data transmission or land-line phone links to monitor the elderly and disabled.  TurnOffLights.com is the Nobel Peace Prize Smart Circuit Breaker and Smart Smoke Detector that ensures the safety and sancity of all citizens.

SGC is monitored by any web camera or video recording device that reports the visual and audio status of the gun (or gun collection) to the owners personal computer or electronic device as well as streams the ‘secured/un-secured’ status to a electronic internet ‘cloud’ database known as an electronic Lock-Box. These Lock-boxes are located at the local police station as well as a private data collection company such as www.Dropbox.com   
SGC is controlled by electronic transmission by authorized access codes by the owner. Finger print identification similar to the current Apple iPhones is a patented option.  The user can then insecure their gun within seconds to go hunting, defend their house, or simply maintain peace and order over their own household and land.  In the event of any crime occurring, the lock box video/audio record clearly shows when each gun was secure and when it was in unlocked status. This prevents MOST GUN CRIMES from occurring by systematically showing proof of use.  

The use of video911.mobi universal application would prevent tragic events in our nation’s history such as the Rodney King incident, Ferguson Missouri, O.J. Simpson, and many others.

Keith’s knowledge comes from direct experience as a victim of kidnap, fraud, and attempted murder. View the shocking details at www.FollowKeith.com versus UNIocracy.com as Keith  traveled to Asia, JerUSAlem, and Vatican for obvious reasons with SAFE PASSAGE and SAFE HAVEN soon guaranteed by all nations.Contact:   brittany@PressWho.com running the  www.HostageForProfit.com Campaign. She also defrauded Keith of $6,000 and now works for Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.
Keith Duncan


CONTACT:  1. MILITARY,  2. FBI-AG offices.  3. PRESS,   4.  CIA, NHS, NSA, and ALL law enforcement agencies NOW !!.

5.  Office of Congressman John Lewis  Georgia USA. Attn: Constituent Services  Atlanta Office

  The Equitable Building 100 Peachtree Street, N.W. Suite # 1920,  Atlanta, GA 30303

  Phone: (404) 659-0116  Fax: (404) 331-0947

  Keith has been Victimized, kidnapped, severely persecuted, robbed of all assets and rights.   Keith orders the immediate arrests, seizure of all crime assets to be deposited into Keith's accounts and title holdings,  and convictions of all tied to super criminal Rose. This  includes Keiths  direct contacts with Congress to conduct emergency Congressional Investigations into the IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, Military by cyber crime infiltration by ROSE (AgileLaw.com) and any cabal political criminal based on their own signed testimony and flow of trillions of your assets into their untraceable accounts of extreme wealth, power, and greed. The criminals include new fired USDOJ DAG Sally Yates in Washington D.C.

    Until mankind addresses the evils of our world, humanity will finally be enslaved by the 'Criminal Ruling Elite'. The biblical divide between the Righteous and unrepentant criminals will always be URLiDent.com.  Do or Die for Justice is our battle cry of Integrity.

     Is it not clear by now WHO I AM. Even my GodFather claimed through scripture that only FATHER knew when GOD would return his favorite Savior Grandson to Earth to save them from their own greed and viceful idol worshiping ways. For I AM Keith Duncan, the-a true son of Mankind, who has been mercilessly and vindictively persecuted despite having impeccable credentials. I travel the entire world looking for the next places of greatest needs. I have contacted everyone with focus on all Churches, Press, Law Enforcement, Government Officials, Military, and literally the entire world of my 7.4 Billion people in all Babylon languages.

     Support Keith's final efforts as all the criminals want my Intellectual Property I published to enthrone Satan. This is stopped with the deadly force of Keith's right hand and video broadcasts that are irrefutable when the public simply uses all these solutions and joins UNITYurl.com today.  I truly wish to return to Heaven soon since no honest persons or other Messianic Messengers have yet to be found. I choose you. Are you one? SolutionManifesto.com

     The final http://www.BuiltByKeith.com clearinghouse uses Prime SolutionFinal.com as the creation of our final new God = People focused ChristDomain.com Family Spiritual Government Business Order that unifies all churches and my people with One Degree of Separation between all of mankind with URLiDent.com IFJC2.com SolutionURL.com SolutionGovernment.com + OTHERS with a new InterPol www.URLiDent.com singular Database + United Nations International http://www.SolutionUNI.com.


  These are the Prime Solutions broadcast www.BuiltByKeith.com 

For 1. We Trust In God by our  Actions that benefit others first. 2. SolutionMilitary.com  3. Full scale accountability of self + Others.

    Clearly I was born Aug 15, 1958 to complete Jesus Christs and our other fore-founders Messianic ministries to fulfil God-Creator-Allah-Yehwah-Father-Holy Spirit original design for creation.

     Few people take responsibility, accountability, or jurisdiction on any of the massive # of criminals committing felony capital crimes since they are deathly aware that if they did their jobs, they would be targeted by the criminals, face public ridicule, and even prison time for their failures to investigate and complete the legal process of Justice and Equality. The entire sequenced stages of these comprehensive broadcast solutions bring our entire world back into full unification and conformity with GOD's original design of Love and Care for each other. This ensures the survival of the current and NEXT generation of mankind. This can not be any simplier. Join http://www.UNITYurl.com to command action.

   Fund Keith today as I have claimed First Lien Rights on all criminally acquired assets as the #1 God-People Rights Activist Sovereign Ambassador Missionary and the ultimate Educator teaching our entire world how to actually LOVE and CARE for all.


 Savior is defined by Websters as "a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure." Combined with the prime engineering architecture of our single New World society, using coming sense, perseverance, and setting the only standards necessary for the survival of our human race, no one has a choice but to support and protect Keith's final Messianic Messenger Emissary tasks to complete UNIocracy.com as our own new utopia of Peace, harmony, and fulfillment of biblical prophecies.


Sept  25, 2011 , 9:00 PM

Safe Haven emergency Anti -Political Corruption and #1 first AntiCybercrime debrief visit to Langley Air Force Base Virginia.

Oct 3, 2011 10 am. Third kidnapping occurs at Las Vegas on orders of Rose signed Sept 26, 2011 to steal Keith's IP value and attempt Murder by USA agents.

Jan 28, 2014, 10:00 AM

Keith dumped on street by USA gov homeless, destituted, and all assets sold off by ROSE and criminals.

May 5, 2014 Direct visit to Washington D.C. FBI-AG after Atlanta blacklists and PRESS and churches refuse to cover these world cybar-attack events.

April 1-16, 2015. Historical biblical piligramage to JerUSAlem-Emmaus-TelAviv, then Rome Italy to meet with all church leaders, Vatican, and even Pope Francis. The video history of YouTube.com shows all these God-focused extremeefforts to help all people SaveAllNations.com

Oct 26, 2015,

Creation of SolutionGod.com final component of UNIocracy.com.

Soon. Intervention by USA military, FBI-AG, Press, Public, and all churches asking WHO IS KEITH?

T.B.D.   5:00 PM or your choice.

UNITYurl.com world rally in your comunity of Faith and Grace.

Oct 29, 2015, 11:11 AM

Emergency visit to USA Embassy Manila asking for safe-haven and to debrief FBI-USMilitary-Press after all this time. Click and read PDF file above to see that FBI Hansen committed multiple felony crimes in under 30 minutes...

Oct 30, 2015

Creation of completed SolutionUNI.com calling for United Nations Press Conferences featuring BidOnKeith.com world changing comprehensive solutions to majority of our world problems and international wars.

Dec 4, 2015.

This NEXT final Website is created to finally unify all churches and people..

BidOnKeith.com explains all the questions anyone might have.

DAILY Press Conference Calls are on top of www.BuiltByKeith.com at hi-noon Eastern Standard Time to estasblish the New World order of http://www.UNIocracy.com at all levels of society. Join today and form your own UNITYURL.com chapter.

Jan 11, 2016.

SolutionManifesto.com completed as the New League of Nations.

World Televised event over free Government Wi-Fi Internet for all to use for voting and communications between every single human being using www.URLiDent.com

??, 11:00 AM

"Total UNIFICATION of our entire world. Based on YOUR action today.


DAILY 10 am  EST.  2016, 7 am PST, is 10  pm Manila-Hong Kong-China time.

  Daily Press Conferences on National News Call USA (712)775-7031 ID: 166 841 408.

Direct call (63)0917-335-4300 for how to recover BILLIONS of your tax assets from the criminals. ClearCollarCrime.com PCTerror.com tells why.

    These solutions on BuiltBykeith.com have always been the #1 Solution to teach our world how to resolve it's own conflicts.

  Who will be the first newscaster or journalist to interview and hear these ultimate truths already broadcast to all.

  Keith Duncan has been offering and serving humanity greatest needs his entire life as the one Justified and Righteous 'unknown missionary journalist' who works for the Father. Contact everyone as I remain alive by only the Grace of God-Christ-HolySpirit Trinity with no protection or any of my rights upheld by anyone who aligns with the AntiChrist ROSE who I called just last night. His VOIP criminal line is (404)867-2063 for all to call.

  The most powerful testimony 'THE MACHINE' I have build for humanity of all time is the showing of all the Criminals own evidence. The FBI-IRS-AG-USMarshals proactively PREVENT all simple investigations and have always REFUSED to host the Press Conferences with USA Military at my side that condemns their own rogue agents of massive Treason, Murder, Espionage, kidnapping, conspiracy, planned coups of governments,  and massive transfer of taxpayer/voter/citizen wealth to the Criminal Ruling Elite. All prevented in first place by irrefutable SolutionGovernment and SolutionURL.com with URLiDent single referential INTEGRITY Database with universal face recognition and URL links to honest people versus unrepentant pyschopath super criminals modeled by ManHuntRose.com and the other 1 Cor 13:13 LOVE OTHER solutions BuiltByKeith


 It is really hard to tell what will occur NEXT with all the corruption and worldwide grief caused by Satanic forces like ROSE and so many corrupt leaders. Perhaps each of YOU can decode and decide your own fate. Seems that is what most people want to do anyway. Take advantage of others for their own benefit. You live for instant gratification and vice along with idol worshipping cash, assets, and ability to overpower those you encounter.  Use of SolutionFinal.com by everyone prevents all these crimes against yourself. Start with LearnFirstNames.com and proceed on the pathways of righteousness laid out for all of you. Your choice of course...  I made my own destiny. That is to teach our world how to Love Each Other, just like my/our GodFather has done..


Dec 20, 2015  4 pm Manila

SaviorKeith.com website created in about 45 minutes of time. WHO AM I, the world of lost sheep should know, I am here to SAVE your hides from being enslaved by Satan, ROSE, and the Criminal Ruling Elite.

Click files above and see that Keith is the #1 World Messanic Messenger Sovereign Emmissary Ambassador. These two world broadcasts explain who Keith really is. Who are you for you to answer..

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