top of page, and Interpolice.LIVE now share ALL investigations and WHO is WHO in one open public collective cooperative collaboration database FOIA.ONE we procreated year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC of Anyone who screams demands Privacy is clearly hiding their criminal history.


  NOW this means everyone in world are only 100% Peace Makers of NGOs by identifying WHO are the risky persons of no moral character who violate our rights to conduct legally enforced business and social transactions as free world Sovereign citizens forever. Our current world is full of con artist scammers, criminals, and cyber terrorists who all roam freely because our existing law enforcement agencies AND all those named 'LIAR' Lawyer Judges rack in Trillions of USD profits by persecuting the victims of organized criminals starting WITH Infamous super terrorist Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-Apr-01, Canton Georgia USA).  CABAL is the key word.

  Now we procreate a total economic financial legal replacement new world NO crime UTOPIA of GODs forever.  All Law Enforcement and Officials of OUR courts are under full control management of WE GODS People.   No more violating corrupt anyone who screams privacy and demands protection from their very own VICTIMS who turn them over using Keiths most simple original patented systems of Open Circuit TV live streamed directly to OUR judges and officers of OUR new world simple legal system.

   Even the word 'COMMON LAW', precedent law, case law are false court order rulings from single 'corrupt' judge/lawyers that only protect the worst criminals and terrorists who ALL hide behind other Liar Lawyers of LLP infamy. They all claim 5th Amendment immunity from testifying and always claim exception they are NEVER guilty of persecuting, robbing, and murdering their very own key live eyewitness victims. Worst in world history has been both Robert DEE ROSE and Douglas Vernon Duncan showcased since day one at


  Updated Dec 13, 2022 as last command demand to put us ALL on National News Media Press Conferences to showcase all the OTHER world saving solutions that GOD sent Keith to re-deliver starting back at birth IID FOIA.ONE 1-19580815-1 (integrity vote confidence +100%)

   Beyond bizarre and civil criminal that 99.5 % mortals worship Lucifer using con-artist methods of MLM ponzi Schemes of 'JUST trust US, Just empower US (them) to decide everything while we just WAIT for next best project manager of EVOTE.ONE'

CLICK here to go to HOME Page returns all world military family back to full civilian authority use of  

once everyone is ONLY National Guard and front liner Humanitarian Disaster Relief WE direct fund.

### World Rebroadcast Press Release to everyone. perfected.


  Nov 28, 2022 Reverses current President PUTIN criminal terrorist invasion of Ukraine. 

Reverses ALL warlords by holding them fully accountable for their WMD heresay False propaganda.

includes chop chop transferring all national news media groups back as ONLY Public Broadcasting systems now fully owned, controlled managed by each of YOU using

Only by full replacement of all known forms of GOVERNMENT and CORPORATE by-Laws will humans actually prosper and thrive by reversing the current all conditions of World War 3-5.

Includes immediate full scale ratification of Keith + GODs

 #1 world famous most humble HOST MEDIATOR keith brent duncan has always offered to use GODs system of using eVOTE.ONE with and is defined by GOD as the WILL of majority of WE the PEOPLE decide everything.

This alone reverses the criminal profiteering of the Criminal Ruling Elite who already infitrated all our Government and Corporate Databases and already use OUR work efforts known as campaign contributions, lobbyists, spin mass media witch doctors, stock options, and millions of man-made laws to enslave each of you at all levels of our banking, stock market, trade, transportation, energy, water, air, food levels.


  Absolutely NO ONE wants criminals or terrorists except those who criminally profit from the 'stupid' acts of drugs, gambling, murder, alcohol, scamming, con-artists, and original Mafia ganster Protective threats.  NO ONE has any solution except Keith Duncan sent by GOD at FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1 (+100% integrity rated).  

We have been victimized by literally everyone by links to #1 Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE

as Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 was dismissed cancelled by Berry Victor Reynolds July 15, 2011.

  All other crimes against YOU and Keith were to murder keith all ways and means that almost happened.

    This is conclusive of 5500 year ancient MLM Ponzi Scam schemes of DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, never speak direct with anyone who has any authority as decision maker influencers. The most ruthless criminal pryamid 'All seeing EYE' are the corporate executive board of Trustee Directors known as Pirates of the HIGH Corporate World.

    We love showcasing terrorists of Robert Dee ROSE, PUTIN, and CCP as Captain HOOKS. Only Peter Pan confidently and fearlessly recruited the lost boys who in turn recruited the other pirates to force Captain HOOK to walk the plank to be consumed by his nemesis the feared giant crocodile. WHO got Captain HOOKs ass-sets?  Clearly the reformed honest integrity self saved pirates then adopted the lost boys, found high IQ integrity wives, and reboot strapped themselves into law abiding self sufficient communities of hope, faith, and love grace.

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