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  SolutionLawEnforcement =   God + Keith's only complete perfected replacement methods.


End result is TOTAL TORT Judicial Law Judge Court Spiritual reform replacement GOD + Keiths perfected ordained Ways.

The most massive reduction, prevention, reversal of ALL criminals worldwide now occurs by HIRING #1 host mediators led by GOD sent Duncan to rapid deploy the following perfected self liberating methods of all time.

1. PROTECT KEITHs life today. DEMAND current Police, FBI, AG, USMarshals and USA Military debrief us NOW with PRESS and Gov Brian Kemp, FBI JC Hacker, AG Chris Carr and our recruited TOP anti all crime SMexperts NOW.

2. Deploy and buy our patents for YOU to manufacture and integrate into OUR new world crime library laboratories, while WE THE PEOPLE hold everyone accountable for NEVER violating

3. is town hall SINGULAR A.I. only problem solving world wide forums.

4. Patents + all others of  AmberProtect.ORG, is

   Includes replacement of ALL DOJ DOD with God + Keiths New World

   Includes total replacing InterPol with Keiths

5. Immediate rapid deployment of EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE ensures everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, and WHO trades anything with any other worldwide. This alone unifies +8 Billion WE GOD's children forever.

6. We all order the dissolve of ALL political parties worldwide to empower WE GODS PEOPLE now control manage ALL decision of NEXT best infrastructure project by WE deciding WHO are each of our proxy based Representative Leaders now treated as ONLY highly paid Project Managing Consultants.  NO more appointed any official or executive.

7. NO more public traded ANY financial instrument. is ONLY local Credit Union banks and Private held corporations. WE order the dissolve of all LLP (accountants and Lawyers), no more 5th amendment, no more public traded holding corporations. Only Privately held producers of most basic services and products will remain open.

8. All Civic Groups and all Religious Denominations now become FIRST Responders by re-educating the common people how to resolve any issue by becoming ONLY PeaceMakers and PromiseKeepers use of and all other perfected SOLD OFF patents and Copyright Assets valued excess of $40 BILLION USD

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to actually enforce existing Constitutional Laws while WE THE PEOPLE fast path transition to ONLY members of and right now. 

  Updated 2024 Jan 30.   Includes Signing  $500 MILLION USD 22-1-3042-68  Today  !   was always NO CRIME UTOPIA of GODs Heaven as HE and MotherEarth procreated as everyone only as enforced PeaceMakers and PromiseKeepers forever. GOD and Keith never authorized anyone to wage war and cause any mass poverty since dawn of Man. Was always the most extreme Psychotic Sociopath Psychopath Megalomaniac like Robert Dee ROSE, Douglas Vernon Duncan, even Norfolk VA Federal Judge Raymond 'Asshold' Jackson of Norfolk VA4:11cr112 infamy multilevel conspiracies to remote Martyr the ONE person sent by GOD to unify all +8.1 billion of YOU = GODs remaining earthbound Children. $500 Million USD origin Jan 15, 2008 perfectly re-filed May 3, 2022 was always part of GOD + Keith (John 10) seed fund to redistribute all pirated stolen assets back to WE GODS people of greatest places of mortal needs starting back in Philippines. 15 years later, not a single person has EVER represented first of any of my own US Constitutional Rights OR enforced GODs 11 Commandments. 

  Updated 2023 Oct 29 to Nov 4 in Asheville NC + Atlanta GA USA. Jan 4 to NOW Asheville NC + Washington D.C. is replaces all known forms of Military and Police systems with OUR one new world crime free utopia driven by WE THE PEOPLE use of total replacement voting decision methods of Patented EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE forever.

  The ONLY way to reduce all crime is for YOU to take direct action and DEAL directly with the troublemakers, psychosis lunatic addicts, the Criminal ruling Elite, any and all corporate executives who refuse to be real our leaders. Includes bounty on heads of named criminals and citizens arrest turnover to YOUR PeaceMaking WE were always the JUDGES, never was THEM. Includes total consolidation to ONE InterPOLICE.oneline.

  2023 Sept 4 Labor Day. Current all Police, DOJ, DOD are beyond criminally insane corrupt violators of most basic human rights that GOD and Keith procreated to self liberate each of you as FULLY sovereign citizens who decide NEXT BEST PROJECT, then WE choose each Leader use of WE MUST use Moral Gods authority to legally DESTROY all Warlords inside OUR governments and inside OUR corporations who we call CoPIRATES. Each of the prime simple complete economic replacement methods decentralize and privatize all OUR earned wealth, assets, and chain of command authority back to EACH of US at individual level. If current POLICE, IRS, FBI, HLS, CIA, and all other law enforcement groups DID their taxpayer jobs, all free roaming criminals and terrorists will SHOUT out in HORROR, OH PRIVACY, OH 5th Amendment, OH persecution, OH yes THEY are ALL Lucifer Worshipping con-artists we showcased year 2010 as TheFinalTerrrorists and of current raging 

  REVERSED forever by CONTACTING, Protecting, DEBRIEFING Keith Duncan RIGHT NOW.

  EVOTE.ONE is the most simple complete economic 100% real time direct eDemocracy decision based proxy methods from Keith Brent Duncans year 1976 forward. Current reversible is caused by devils advocate brainwashed syndrome of MLM Ponzi scheme of: 'ONLY JUST TRUST THEM with everything'. We currently live in their world of 'PLANET OF THE GORILLA APES' includes the KING KONGs of Hong Kong I was sent to investigate by GOD year 2015 when I lived in China 6 months, then Philippines 5 years.

   NO ONE can honestly answer the top 5 GODs questions top of as most are deadly afraid of their privacy being invaded by WHO?  Intl Cyber Terrorists like ROBERT DEE ROSE at or by the USA GOV police, IRS, SEC, FDIC, FedReserveNON-system, FBI, DEA, HLS, CIA, NSA, others who all conduct NO honest business on behalf of WE GODS people.

  As of 2023 Aug 24, I remain totally stranded, isolated, and severely PERSECUTED over return of my very own $40 BILLION USD complete comprehensive interLINKED gifted patents copyrights I already perfected and gifted back to each of YOU, 8 billion WE GODs people totally impoverished and threatened hourly by most corrupt violators BY the CoPirates of the high C-Corporate world known as Mega Bilkanaires and Mega Millionaires who steal all of GODs assets and impoverish you all by convincing you MUST BE AN ADDICT of their warlords forever.  kbd.

   The individual methods to REVERSE WW4 are simple.,, with full focus of EVERYONE on rapid deployment of: (recursively), and I am beyond  sick and tired of being YOUR #1 top new world no crime leader of and gifted because of YOUR greed, ego, arrogance, and pitifully self serving Devils Advocate of WHAT IS IN ANYTHING for only YOU YOU YOU.....

  This is collectively known as SIN, VICE, and CRIMES with worst WMD of Heresay. He Said, She Said.


NOW we all use as the only total decentralized chain of evidence investigators WE control at only local community level forever. InterPolice.Online

  This is the very last new world simple system as WE GODs PEOPLE collectively identify, investigate, convict and eliminate any violator of OUR rights to be free WILL Sovereign citizens of GODs new no crime no war our societies.

  Our entire gifted methodology solutions and technology revolutionize ALL DOD DOJ law enforcement and judical systems as only PEACEMAKERS, thereby eliminating any violator of basic human rights of like ROBERT DEE ROSE, Intl Cyber Criminal terrorist at $500 MILLION USD seed fund.

   Most of my 8 billion WE THE PEOPLE never trust our very own Officers of OUR courts because of the mad made laws always used to protect the embedded cabal criminals INSIDE our very own new world no crime System. Keith's simple economic replacement methods use FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE to hold anyone accountable even retroactive for previous civil and criminal violations of


  Updated 2023 July 4-19 as we have already contacted tens of thousands of Law Enforcement, Judges, DAs, PRESS, and individuals showing HOW is current end of

   SHARING all evidence by everyone is FOIA.ONE forever. NO criminal can ever roam freely using keiths original auto face recognition back ground check that returns each persons Integrity Rating #.

  Reversed forever by simple rapid deployment mass publicity of THIS and all other perfected unifying interlinked cascading methods includes and focusing everyone on rapid deployment of of already published centering on our current Buckhead Atl GA leaders.

  Sent by GOD alone, Keith Brent Duncan is the only person who transfers all GODs wealth back to each of you.

  NO MORE will any Police, Military, DOD DOJ officers of OUR court intimadate any victim of criminals and terrorists since this is EXACTLY what happened to GOD sent Keith Brent Duncan at with no exception. Each officer of our keiths judicial COURTS overseen by process servers of (NON LLP and NGOs) are fully held accountable and can never hide behind any immunity impunity pityful loophole law passed by the Criminal ruling elite criminal terrorists who already control GODs world of you. 

  Worst WMD laws (hearsay) of all time are case law, precedent laws, common law that were NEVER ratified or passed by any lawmaking group. THESE are all overruling judgments signed by a single JUDGE includes Supreme Court. Roe versus Wade existed for 50 years cost WE THE PEOPLE trillions of USD in aggravated lawsuits, protest rallies, even millions of deaths on both sides of WHO decides who lives and dies.


  Even Sunday, May 7, 2023 1 pm, Fulton County Mekle? threatened to have keith duncan arrested on a 1013 based on someone AT MY own Methodist Church convinced Sr Pastor Bill Brett to ban us from being your world saviors in force. They all refuse to meet us in person to hear GODS TRUTH IN REAL TIME ACTION.

  Clearly most police officers and even military our people have been trained worldwide to SHOOT FIRST, ask the primal questions last.  In Philippines, many of my best friends were PNP and AFP officers and staff enlisted. All my PEOPLE LOVE why GOD sent keith brent duncan to self liberate each of you, +8 billion WE THE PEOPLE forever.

   YOU + Keith forever use our simple complete perfected PeaceMaking system of total destruction of Criminals + Military Industrial Complex Banksters at 1 time. Total Equality Global Social Peace of all Law Enforcement is total Civilian Authority includes ALL military are now ONLY shared National Guard and crime investigators when local officers of our courts engage in civil and criminal activities. WE Gods People now stage COUP overthrows of CCP, NKorea, all  Russia Billionaire Dictators by action of OUR military collective cooperative families now under full Civilian OUR control. Includes ousting, exiling any Military Generals on any Board of Director roles. Total overthrow of ALL violating corrupt Corporate Executives is the ONLY solution to reverse current end times World War Four = (c)(r) is  total destruction of all lifeforms by action of NWO Elites.

   In 1787, President George Washington stated 'All Military will always be under local civilian control authority."  Now we use Keiths simple complete replacement economic system to combine ALL military worldwide as ONLY National Guard and front-liner Humanitarian relief services. When not engaged, each military enlisted and officer are civil criminal investigators when current Police and refuse to do as WE THE PEOPLE command.

   Current NWO Criminal Ruling Elite of the underground criminal enterprises are the First Family Dynasties from 5550 years ago Egyptian MLM Pyramid poison pill Ponzi schemes of ONLY THEY can decide our reality and near term destiny fate.  God + Keiths systems has been perfected year 1976, updated year 2001, then perfected 2009-2011Oct03 when most humble new world leader Keith Brent Duncan was brutally viciously kidnapped and denied ALL Constitutional Rights to recover all of his stolen GOD derived patents, assets, and even his insurance Policies. This was always YOUR criminal reality of how named violators hide behind their own immunity laws while viciously attacking their victims for pure gross profit and power control more authority. already has trigger Peacemaking Protest Rallies each location Keith has traveled and broadcast past 46 years seen at famous celebrity and ALL the most simple complete perfected common sense showcases of HOW is destroying all of GODs procreated world forever.  Reversed forever by direct ACTION by each of you by holding each and every OTHER persons 100% accountable for focusing on our infrastructure issues and never again perverting

   As of 2023Mar12, we just left US Army Band concert at House of Hope, Decatur near GBI headquarters we personally turned over each criminal and terrorists tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE and our very own

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect our lives NOW and actually GO WITH US to command true social justice finally be directly served BY direct debriefing action by YOU and our very own existing TOP WORLD GOV and CORPORATE Executive leadership. We are afraid of NO-ONE since GOD sent us alone to UNIFY all forever. unifies all 8 BILLION WE GODS PEOPLE forever. We use to decide NEXT Best Infrastructure project and WE real time eDemocracy pick who are the best problem solving peacemaking project manager Consultants at both all Government and Corporate Executive leadership positions. Current CoPirates have legalized embezzlement and all vice, sin, crimes against WE THE PEOPLE past year 1949 when United Nations was created to liberate all surviving WW2 Sovereign citizens of GODs world. WE now stage peacemaking COUPs and eliminate any basic human rights violators by OUR ACTIONS by direct protecting and reverse funding Keith brent duncan and his recruited hired commissioned top world scientist engineer problem solving elders.  We have NOTHING to hide, no secrets and ARE 100% victims of organized cyber terrorist pirates of Robert DEE ROSE, DUNCAN Clan, and others value exceeds $500 Million USD and Press Conferences now.

  Updated very last summary 2023 April 11. was BuiltbyKeith
always Gods New World total Decentralized of all GODs Wealth and chain of command authority back to each of YOU.  Branded forever as of UNI  NO crime Utopia forever.
  The most massive reduction in all CRIME occurs once WE GODS PEOPLE remove any and all authority from the warlords who cause all mass poverty and all wars occurring past 5550 years starting with Egyptian Pharaoh False Gods.
The ONLY answer has been WE combine all world paramilitaries into ONE singular fully distributed PEACEKeeping forces of ONLY National Guard under local community command of OUR mayors and WE THE PEOPLE. Over $40 Trillion USD of our taxpayer assets is wasted annually on claims of WE MUST ATTACK THEM before THEY attack and kill us. Truly insane what the Media and CoPirates have brainwashed into each of you. Most hate POLITICAL PARTIES who claim OH 51% of we Majority will CRUSH the opposition who are the best problem solving engineer scientists ever created by GOD.

  GOD and KEITH never created anyone or anything to wage WARs on WE THE PEOPLE. WE always have free will choice to decide WHO are each of OUR LEADERS. NO MORE commanders in Chief(CHEEK) who claim ATTACK THE HIDDEN ENEMY to destroy any competition. When reality is the CoPIRATES of the Corporate World are the few Criminal Ruline elite who always profit by seizing the spoils of war while using OUR young adults as pure cannon fodder. THEN the Banksters swoop in like vultures offering OUR money and assets to produce MORE war machines and loan out OUR assets and investments as LOANS to rebuild what THEY just destroyed for pure LUCIFER WORSHIPPING their pleasure.

  NO ONE but KEITH has the simple singular solutions to re-educate YOU the mass public to use simple EVOTE.ONE to remove ANY violator from any position of OUR authority includes prison, exile, death row while WE the victims seize all ill gotten pirated asset gains and redistribute through 100% of the assets to the named victims, 1% goes to Board of Trustees chosen by all of you, balance goes to the greatest places of mortal need decided by will of majority of communities affected by the LUCIFER worshippers and demonic enemies of GODs State who refuse to turn themselves and confess all their crimes and victims by documenting their timeline of criminal deeds.

Includes: China, Hong Kong, and Philippines GODs overseas outreach ministries NOW completed.
Spent our very last $120,000 USD from Feb 15, 2015 in CHINA, then 2 months Hong Kong, then 5 years in Philipines on SAME GODs focus to UNIFY 8 billion GODs children one time use of Town Hall Forums we procreated July 5, 2015 at HONG KONG Unification Monument edge of Hong Kong Prime Harbor.

Once WE GODS People command all existing Law Enforcement, All Military, All Dept of Justice officials to openly share in ONE Gods FOIA.ONE Database, all criminals, terrorists, addicts, and violators of OUR basic human rights will be manhunted down by Keith and GOD + your OCTV technology if 'THEY' refuse to surrender to our new formed total replacement Dept of Social Justice that Keith personally procreated and deployed long long ago.

GODs method of procreating CRIME free self sustainable 100% ecology based OUR communities by everyone SHARING all information of WHO IS WHO internationally. Includes WHO owns WHAT, and WHO trades what of  Keith brent Duncan is is GODs that combines ALL law enforcement databases through one centralized FOIA.ONE database so everyone worldwide now sees WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, and WHO trades what with GPS who when where how and why.

April 11, 2023 -Updated one final time to MOTIVATE EVERYONE to contact Keith Duncan NOW and provide protection as required by ALL constitutional and statutory laws worldwide. We are 100% VICTIMS of organized criminals of Robert Dee ROSE, terrorist Brother Douglas Vernon Duncan, 12 lawyers, so many judges, DAs, even named IRSWBfeb2009,658, AG, a few named FBI agents, 3 USMarshalls, and even Federal Judge Raymond A jackson of Norfolk 4:11cr112 wheel of paper chase conspiracies to steal our lifetime fortune includes all driven by complete economic replacement system of run by WE THE PEOPLE use of EVOTE.ONE and 155 other open published showcased solutions to REVERSE current political warfare of the NWO known collectively Criminal ruling elite includes President PUT-IN, CCP, NKorea Fatso, so many others mostly on Wall Street.  Reversed forever use of KEITHs and


  WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect our lives NOW as we have already publish perfected all ways and means to stabilize all world economics once and forever.  TOO COMPLEX to repeat here. JUST CALL US PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and schedule required Press Conferences WITH GOV Brian Kemp, FBI JC Hacker, AG Chris Carr as we have already contacted tens of thousands on same reasons of HOW to decentralize all wealth and command chain of authority back to WE THE PEOPLE 8 billion now unified forever as ONLY small business owners and ONLY credit unions.

Oct 18, 2021.  God, Keith, + You hereby COMMAND that ALl world Military go back under local community authority at all levels.  This was GODs system that all our world military families now are under total local civilian control authority to finally eliminate all corrupt violator Politicians, all terrorist criminals, all human trafficers, All DOJ and Law enforcement officials who refuse to PROTECT and SERVE Keiths people.  Keith is GODs world leader few understand because of their own self serving Greed that 'THEY would never allow anything or anyone to actually LIBERATE 7.9 billion Gods children.

     The 'IMPOSSIBLE' is the ONLY Gods system to prevent and reverse identify who evil creates wars and mass poverty. THe greast transfer of wealth is conversion of all war machines and Military engineering resources for 100% frontliner Humanitarian uses including and NO MORE aircraft carriers, missiles, weapons of mass destruction cruise missiles, drone fleets, mega trillions of USD spent on claims of WE STRIKE FIRST. yet the true evil enemies are the BANKSters, POLYTICKS, turkey vultures called Democrats, Republicans and even Tucker below ho have no clue World WAR FIVE is about to complete destruction of GODs life as we use to enjoy GODs utopia., and Interpolice.LIVE now share ALL investigations and WHO is WHO in one open public collective cooperative collaboration database FOIA.ONE we procreated year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC of Anyone who screams demands Privacy is clearly hiding their criminal history.


  #1 Most Critical Priority is ALL military now are ONE National Guard and Humanitarian relief forces worldwide. NO commander in Chiefs, NO ability for any Corporate ELITE to wage any war on any premise that always only enriches THEMSelves. NO MORE retired Military officers on ANY Board of Directors worldwide. Destroys even the Russian MegaBillionaires and WALL STREET BROKER CoPirates who cause ALL wars and mass poverty once Public Traded Stock was created by magnet ruthless dictators like JP Morgan and pervert manipulators who hide all their secret deal trades of OUR assets, work efforts, and nest egg investments. No one is really unbiased deciphering social economic databases that always show legalized embezzlement to cover up the centuries of pirated assets of the original Kings of England, Spain, France, and Czars of Russia once middle ages were transcended by production of Iron, Steam engines, factories, shipping industries, the technology exploded as weaponized weapons of Mass destruction were radio, internet, atom bomb, poison gas/air/water, now drones, ICBMs, spy satellites, trojan horse viruses, ransonware, and each and every single financial instrument has been how to impoverish and threaten the life of GODs earth and all natural resources.


  NOW this means everyone in world are only 100% Peace Makers of NGOs by identifying WHO are the risky persons of no moral character who violate our rights to conduct legally enforced business and social transactions as free world Sovereign citizens forever. Our current world is full of con artist scammers, criminals, and cyber terrorists who all roam freely because our existing law enforcement agencies AND all those named 'LIAR' Lawyer Judges rack in Trillions of USD profits by persecuting the victims of organized criminals starting WITH Infamous super terrorist Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-Apr-01, Canton Georgia USA).  CABAL is the key word.

  Now we procreate a total economic financial legal replacement new world NO crime UTOPIA of GODs forever.  All Law Enforcement and Officials of OUR courts are under full control management of WE GODS People.   No more violating corrupt anyone who screams privacy and demands protection from their very own VICTIMS who turn them over using Keiths most simple original patented systems of Open Circuit TV live streamed directly to OUR judges and officers of OUR new world simple legal system.

   Even the word 'COMMON LAW', precedent law, case law are false court order rulings from single 'corrupt' judge/lawyers that only protect the worst criminals and terrorists who ALL hide behind other Liar Lawyers of LLP infamy. They all claim 5th Amendment immunity from testifying and always claim exception they are NEVER guilty of persecuting, robbing, and murdering their very own key live eyewitness victims. Worst in world history has been both Robert DEE ROSE and Douglas Vernon Duncan showcased since day one at


  Updated Dec 13, 2022 as last command demand to put us ALL on National News Media Press Conferences to showcase all the OTHER world saving solutions that GOD sent Keith to re-deliver starting back at birth IID FOIA.ONE 1-19580815-1 (integrity vote confidence +100%)

   Beyond bizarre and civil criminal that 99.5 % mortals worship Lucifer using con-artist methods of MLM ponzi Schemes of 'JUST trust US, Just empower US (them) to decide everything while we just WAIT for next best project manager of EVOTE.ONE'

CLICK here to go to HOME Page returns all world military family back to full civilian authority use of  

once everyone is ONLY National Guard and front liner Humanitarian Disaster Relief WE direct fund.

### World Rebroadcast Press Release to everyone. perfected.


  Nov 28, 2022 Reverses current President PUTIN criminal terrorist invasion of Ukraine. 

Reverses ALL warlords by holding them fully accountable for their WMD heresay False propaganda.

includes chop chop transferring all national news media groups back as ONLY Public Broadcasting systems now fully owned, controlled managed by each of YOU using

Only by full replacement of all known forms of GOVERNMENT and CORPORATE by-Laws will humans actually prosper and thrive by reversing the current all conditions of World War 3-5.

Includes immediate full scale ratification of Keith + GODs

 #1 world famous most humble HOST MEDIATOR keith brent duncan has always offered to use GODs system of using eVOTE.ONE with and is defined by GOD as the WILL of majority of WE the PEOPLE decide everything.

This alone reverses the criminal profiteering of the Criminal Ruling Elite who already infitrated all our Government and Corporate Databases and already use OUR work efforts known as campaign contributions, lobbyists, spin mass media witch doctors, stock options, and millions of man-made laws to enslave each of you at all levels of our banking, stock market, trade, transportation, energy, water, air, food levels.


  Absolutely NO ONE wants criminals or terrorists except those who criminally profit from the 'stupid' acts of drugs, gambling, murder, alcohol, scamming, con-artists, and original Mafia ganster Protective threats.  NO ONE has any solution except Keith Duncan sent by GOD at FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1 (+100% integrity rated).  

We have been victimized by literally everyone by links to #1 Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE

as Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 was dismissed cancelled by Berry Victor Reynolds July 15, 2011.

  All other crimes against YOU and Keith were to murder keith all ways and means that almost happened.

    This is conclusive of 5500 year ancient MLM Ponzi Scam schemes of DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, never speak direct with anyone who has any authority as decision maker influencers. The most ruthless criminal pryamid 'All seeing EYE' are the corporate executive board of Trustee Directors known as Pirates of the HIGH Corporate World.

    We love showcasing terrorists of Robert Dee ROSE, PUTIN, and CCP as Captain HOOKS. Only Peter Pan confidently and fearlessly recruited the lost boys who in turn recruited the other pirates to force Captain HOOK to walk the plank to be consumed by his nemesis the feared giant crocodile. WHO got Captain HOOKs ass-sets?  Clearly the reformed honest integrity self saved pirates then adopted the lost boys, found high IQ integrity wives, and reboot strapped themselves into law abiding self sufficient communities of hope, faith, and love grace.

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