top of page  gift published year 1976-2001(c) is the ONLY standard universal Keith + Gods methods to stabilize +8.1 Billion of Gods Children as only privately held corporations worldwide for ever. Means NO one can ever manipulate OUR economy markets once all stock markets are shut down by WE THE PEOPLE use of that was 1976 procreated everything when I started creating no crime UTOPIA as worlds greatest inventor scientist front line Professor level master of almost all expertise.   Call E7 USMarine Matthew Vernon Duncan (San Diego CA) +1 770-826-4632 Ask him WHO was his and what happened Sept 25, 2011 when I delivered reversing for ever.

Ask EVERYONE to go turn in 22-1-3042-68 as greatest crime conspiracy in USA World history. part of GOD's perfected omnipresent Once everyone PAYS Keiths Mega Billionaires to re Educate themselves, entire our world legacy heritage changes as ONLY we the Peace Makers and ONLY highly paid in cash any leaders (GOV and CORP).  Everyone now only middle class with positive net worth as no more NWO elite can cause any Wars and mass poverty by slave trading WE GODS People. Most people have no idea WHY GOD procreated each of you in the first place despite all the false teachings by 98% of all pastor priests theologians. MOST are Lucifer Worship brainwashing all of you to be their last food protein source once current causes your demise.
 Passing MORE laws to make all 'THEIR' crimes illegal is the most stupid solution in world history.
  NO ONE can cure STUPIDITY, yet WILL procreate GODs heaven UTOPIA NOW here on MotherEarth once everyone actually STOPS all their self genocide Psychotic actions by using everything GOD sent most humble keith brent duncan to perfectly solve and reverse all human maladies forever.

Click: to download $8 purchase KINDLE full version of how to be your very own Small Business Owner manager by reducing all risks once you engage with our Top Elite Corporate Executive Board of Re-Director Educatuats in all cities worldwide through  PRUMC.ORG(atlanta GA), This gifted solution set will now UNIFY 8 BILLION WE GODS PEOPLE for3ever.
Everyone CALL Rev Josh Miles at Buckhead Atlanta GA USA at 404 240-8207 and Sr pastor Bill Britts. Ask them WHY a Fulton County Police officer Mekle? visciously accousted Keith Brent Duncan at 1:15 pm May 7, 2023 after Keith served in Choir, Blazers SS class, and already gifted proceeds from most famous HOW-TO book below to Appears no end to the debauchery of most Mortals.

  Your TMM29 PaperBack $20 Version is available 2023 April 28.  ISBN 979-8392457397

  Ask all to JOIN Revolution PeaceMAKER our groups today. Keys to our universe are by everyone PROTECTing Keith Brent Duncans life NOW while commanding existing you, DOD, DOJ actually enforce evote.ONE + = of the following New World once and forever as GODs eternity of Heaven Utopia once WE PeaceMake and eliminate any and all violators. Only keith has all perfected solutions seen below.


 1. Paperback $10 

 2. HardCover $30 

 3. Paperback $20 

 4. Kindle $8


 5. Paperback  ISBN 979-8392457397  $20

 6. KINDLE reader $8

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Click Here to go to HOME Page to see current YOUR reality of WHY no one actually makes forward progress.  is GODs scripture legally binding contract methods of simple economic total replacement system of HOW to fast path learn to run YOUR own Small Business as the Owner. Keith + GODs other methods deal with WHO causes all mass poverty and all wars at the TOP of existing MLM ponzi scheme any Government and ALL Corporate Executives who false think THEY own our databases, our assets, and OUR work ethic effort outputs known as lifetime earnings and nest egg savings investments. 

   Truly NO ONE except Keith Duncan has ever procreate the most simple methods of HOW to fast path decentralize all our Wealth assets and ALL the ancient command of chain authority back to each of US use of FOIA.ONE always GODs that includes rapid deployment of GodsPeople.Online.  ANYONE who has any object is now required to speak directly with GOD and use GODs original generator to provide a better = best solution to your own objections of WHY an issue can not be solved, prevented, and always reversed. kbd.

Click Here to go to HOME Page to see current YOUR reality of WHY no one actually makes forward progress.  is 64 years compressed HOW-TO actually be your own small business owner at all levels of GODs new world no crime society  Use of Keiths published simple complete replacement methods unify 8 billion of GODs children only by YOUR direct action of re-delivering everything to everyone includes all existing top level oneMedia.Foundation and top news broadcasters. Redeliver to all existing Top world Corporate Executives, PRESS, USA GOV officials, literally everyone you meet and greet forever.
Updated 2023Feb15 and gifted to in Buckhead GA to motivate them and you to actually learn to be free will Sovereign Citizens who share gift love and care for all others  1 Corr 13:13 and John 10:309 was always who was

  Today, I just re-delivered final deposits of my very own $2,300/month USD Social Security payout that I earned age 12 forward seen below. Odd, for 15% of my $500K/yr salary is $75K/yr in SS/Medicare +7% interest/yr annual payback. You and I will NEVER see this annual payback plus interest since USA GOV immediately pays out all incoming taxes and goes in deep debt on OUR work efforts based on NWO ELITE man made loophole all laws that really got extreme bad year 1913 by Jekyll/Hyde JP Morgan.
  Odd I was grossly underpaid for my expertise back in same time period year 2000 when I was earning $500,000 USD per year as top world scientist engineer researcher, front-liner gifting philanthropists through Peachtree Corners Baptist church at 770-448-1313 of Dr. David Shaw, Dr. Bob Horner, Rev Jay Hackett, and MY ordainted baptist deacons who ALL denied I ever existed. Same as most of all people who knew WHO was Keith. Even Christ stated all Prophets are seldom if ever recognized honored in their own villages.
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