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### World Press re-Release 2023Feb20   (c)(tm)(r) Patent Pending 2023

Keith Brent Duncan. +1 770-377-2106 for all to call, debrief, and protect our lives until all criminals and terrorists are swiftly identified, investigated, found, sentenced to Prison and Death Row by order rs of all affected Victims and local community all Peace Making our leaders.

  CLICK Reference:

Most Critical of all time: Keith and his overseers have already provided ALL the direct required funding and patented technology specifications for ANYONE to replicate use our methods for their very own SBO small business owner benefits of of no more Banks OR Public holding traded any IPO stocks.

AmberProtect.ORG (c)(tm)(r) Patent Pending 2023 is another, actually LAST major perfected all encompassing compassionate patented GODs technology to PREVENT threats and abduction of our children worldwide, includes the millions of orphans and street 'LOST BOYS and GIRLS'.  Based on continuous re-broadcast of original and other most prolific world and soul saving inventions of GODS technology.


No one else has ever procreated worlds last open public no secret no crime society of GODs of means NO more any corrupt anyone using GOD + Keiths simple methods.

   Procreated on emergency basis 2023Feb20 after direct conversation with Tom Haag and PRES + at her direct cell 404-897-6297, NewsDesks like WSBTV 404-404-897-7600 or YOUR CHOICE.  Condance was my dear friend who personally invited us and co-hosted Sept 2011 Sept WSB 750AM 1.5 hour of and to self liberate all 8 billion OF GODs people at one time use of Evote.ONE and other solutions* all preconceived year 1973 then 1976Aug15 NCSU Raleigh NC showcased at

Really beyond believe and acts of Criminal Ruling Elite who are most 'Criminally insane incompetent'  that few if ANYONE actually has the confidence to ask KEITH any question and hear believe the best Solution of GODs all generated by GODs original generator

  NOTE: Criminals and Terrorists always genocide, murder, rape, pillage WE the PEOPLE past 5550 years once they claim ONLY THEY control everything GOD procreated for us. Egyptian Pharaohs were first recorded Lucifer Worshipers who used terror and threats to enslave millions of We GODs People.

   Keith Brent Duncan is the greatest inventor, scientist, researcher, maker, human rights activist gifting Angel Guardian Protector Investor Philanthropist(s) of value exceeds $40 BILLION USD in intellectual property seen TOP of GODs

  AmberProtect.ORG is the simple patent with following benefits and already procreated scientific engineered features, functions, and specific specifications to PREVENT any sexual or other predatory from abusing, raping, murdering, cutting up ANY of you at all levels.

PRIME ISSUE: Once a sexual predator stalks, grooms, and kidnap, abuses, murders our children, TOO late to save our childrens lives as the ones who survive are emotionally damaged for life like Charles Rogers of at 404-579-5615 through Atlanta AG Chris Carr and FBI special Director JC Hacker who always knew WHO WAS KEITH DUNCAN.

Benefits: Each preprogrammed and custom programmed GPS sensor touch switch is configured as alarm based on specific conditions of location, carrier, time of day, and other parameters.

  Programmable features and demonstrated examples:

  Off the shelf GPS trackers like Apple ITag are now easily outfitted with a trigger pressure switch and even a external activation key.  current GPS technology are two way transmitters through any BT phone and/or router with variable detection distance of 20 to 100 feet, actually more for our advanced models.

  Lack of signal over specified time period also triggers the AmberProtect system to notify the list of parents, authorities, and even principals and others in care charge of our children, elders, disabled, and anyone who has previously been stalked and threatened listed on the Sexual Predatory Database of Keiths FOIA.ONE.  Convicted predators are also required to carry and use these AmberProtect systems to indicate if they stalk and harm more victims by order of WE GODS people use of universal EVOTE.ONE direct 100% real time decision methods from Keith.

  The programmable trigger switch now used to indicate level of danger of the victim. mounted on belt, in knapsack, or even in pocket, easy to 'morse code style' transmit the situation.  Even the turnoff or inactive non motion is programmable to trigger correct authority response action notifications including activating CCTV and/or Keiths Open Circuit TV open public Monitoring face BIOmetric system to fast path who is causing the primary and secondary threats to We the PEOPLE of

  If AmberProtect goes outside a preset GPS boundary includes during specific time periods, ALERT is sent out. 

  Above most prestigious and affordable technology will also be procreate manufactured, distributed, manage, maintained, and upgraded by EACH of YOU, my most beloved 8 billion WE GODS children forever.

keith b duncan was always sent by GOD to unify each of YOU as WE and US.

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