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This subsite is now 24 years old. Prime is at once and forever. is total replacement of GODs system of our EDUCATION systems worldwide as everyone now fast path deploys both + forever.

    Feb 14, 2023. Our entire public and private education methods are mega centuries old outdated. Our taxes and work efforts are being illegally and legally embezzled by millions of Corporate Executives who claim only THEY can decide everything about everyone. Keiths Universal PeaceMaking engineered STEM methods change the course of all human history by will of WE the MAJORITY of GODs people who decide everything about everyone use of Universal stabilizing EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE now and forever.

  The Ultimate of WE THE PEOPLE now use Keith and ancient technology to save our world by removing legally and peacefully ANY person who violates GODs, Keiths, and your basic human rights of (.org) that was and the most common sense application of from year 2010, even back 1976Aug15 and  pro conceived XMas year 1957, birthed FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1. Hencefore most cruelly persecuted, illegally detained 6 times for 900 days after named DuncanClan, Robert Dee Rose, Ms. Bashama decided to false witness testify so Keith would be literally killed by criminal NO VIOLATION of Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 all can see believe and act with full fearless authority perfectly time lined at that was the original reality broadcast publications.

  NOW we ALL have 100% free open communication all technology worldwide. NO more monopoly control of OUR internet, phones, cells, all digital communications by ANY world corporate Executives we fondly call Criminal Ruling Elite.

  First Priority is to put state of art technology in every persons hands including using gifted patent 2009 of to visually education +8 Billion GODs children as 100% self sustaining Sovereign Citizens forever using Town Hall forums to solve prevent reverse any local community issue by WE GODs people controlling all the decisions of next best infrastructure projects and WE the PEOPLE real time actively choosing best project managers formally known as Mayor, Police Chief, City Manager, and all judges. NO MORE taxes, secret deals, human slave trafficking.  NO MORE STOCK OPTIONS caused by mass publicity of the prime singular solutions of 

  Second Priority is to use all of our existing churches, civic centers, town hall meeting centers as education centers for our senior citizens now enlisted as top world problem solver mentors of OUR young children, high school, and college university students of highest merit and achievement.

 Third Priority is the most massive removal replacement of any person who violates our rights using GODs direct real time eDemocracy system by eVOTING no CONFIDENCE in anyone who refuses to protect and serve each other.  This includes the mega Billionaires of Keiths led group

  All other perfected GODs methodology systems and patents gifted are clearly showcased for each of you to use to LIBERATE YOURSELVES from the bondage of named mortal sinners who all use OUR assets and work efforts to claim only THEY make all the decisions affecting OUR GOD procreated UTOPIA world of UNIocracy.


   Worst criminals and terrorists all roam freely once super criminals like ROBERT DEE ROSE and others pay off and extort OUR officers of OUR COURTS.  Once named corrupt politicians are elected using OUR funds and campaign Contributions, they are indeed PUPPET government officials on the proverbial Captain HOOK of same mega billionaires who are put out of business forever use of GODs and universal use of EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE at all levels. achieves Total World Global

Our Young adults now replace all current corrupt Government and Corporate executives in one short Generation of Foreign Exchange Student Programs !

This should have occurred +43 years ago. Prevented by those in control behind the worst underground crime networks in history.....

This ONE GOD gifted solution is the true KEY for total world reform unification of all our 7.8 Billion uneducated Forsaken People. !

Free Internet worldwide + Free K-Elem to any University Education.

   Keith's team World changing Education Teachers of the Law NGOs provide the basic 4 fundamental New World Society answers of:

1.  Our WORLD is commanded to personally DELIVER these world saving answers to TOP News Media + All Gov Officials.

2. Free world-wide Internet with high speed fiber-Optic Internet open access cluster network direct funded by NGO BidOnKeith Humanitarian World Leader Consultants.  Our NGOs and Mega Corporation Angel Philanthropists  will direct fund cost avg $1USD per meter 12 core fiber Optic to all villages now. Our entire world is now free communication (phone + data) for all +8 B people with one degree of separation that Unifies mankind once and forever. No more phone bills or paying for any data service once WE the PEOPLE own all data + infrastructure as well as ALL energy, Water, Land, Medical centers, marketplaces, and all assets. All Governments and Public Corporations should have done this +20 years ago as entire world benefits including AT&T.

3. Free Public Education from age K5 - elementary locally, to any High School and University at ANY school internationally all Expenses Paid.

All nations are included as our students + adults (any age) now become 100% International Exchange Citizens of highest merit serving all humanity including 1.5 years of mandatory Military Community service. This universal free education includes Tuition, Room, Board, and all living/travel expenses. All previous PRIVATE schools and Universities now are all Public. Teacher pay is now +5 times as our highest achievers now become our educational leader professionals of highest merit integrity. This one universal stabilizer program prevents ALL wars between any nations.

4. 90% of first $1 Billion USD profits pledged to create UNIocracy.ORG with + others + CEOSpace.NET and other master education institutes under BidOnKeith binding contracts controlled and owned by you, our UNION citizens.

  My VERY own son USMarine Matthew Vernon Duncan IID 1-19870303-1 (-10) is required to GO FIND ROSE with USA Military then come to PNP to train our new one Peace Keepers Investigator military forces how to use our (c)(tm)Patent solutions like laser RedDot gifted to Langley AFBase Sept 25, 2011. Everyone now can legally pass judgement on each other when they identify WHO they are.

First Step is TeamMoneyMachine at to teach everyone how to start + run any small business as owners with perfected R&D all electronic teaching methods we pioneered starting 1976 with master leaders known as ForeFounders of New Uniocracy.

WorldSchoolFund is Trillions of  real $$$ USD Direct Funding all national schools at local levels as the only answer of all Free Education + Free 100% Interlink(Internet) with all digital ad-Free FOIA.ONE access to Library People Congress Open Public Database. This super seeds and replaces and as the last generation of Database search engine of ALL human knowledge and wisdom = The Holy Grail Tree of EDEN life. This prevents All Politics + Crimes with EVOTE.ONE New World UNIocracy.ORG free of all dynasties. 

    Direct eDemocracy funds all education for mankind from today forward to end of time.

  We are the wealthiest R&D Scientists in world history who have banded together to rapidly isolate all crime networks with simple existing technology and principles of highest integrity ratings of FOIA.ONE IID +90 and above. keith is  1-19580815-1 (integrity perfect +101)

   Most critical is for everyone to contact our world traveling Angel emissary Ambassadors who have been isolated for decades because of the most massive attacks against our governments and institutions collective labeled New World Order, Criminal Ruling Warlord Elite, and other underground Dark Web criminals who our technologists have already discovered and showcased to entire world with FOIA.ONE open source public database.

   Critical for all to Protect Keith's life + IP by contacting all world leaders now and commanding they use these ordained, divined solution methods.


Proverb: "A group of lions leading sheep is conquered by a single sheep leading all the other sheep to overcome all the LION Kings.

  Taking away their ROAR of arrogance and domination is the only way to live in total harmony and total world peace prosperity."

 Love your enemies, Love, Protect, and Care for all others. 100% decision making society is the only answer" kbd

  Contact TOP WORLD leaders NOW to COMMAND they use these solutions and USE Keiths Angel Philanthropist IP rights. Call Keith's own son Kyle Duncan at +1(770)655-5546 as he and you are Millionaires once SolutionHousing.ORG and SolutionSafeWater.ORG becomes YOUR new Utopia of crime free all digital electric driven society.

  Use of in class free high speed internet we provide with any eDEVICE and small BT keyboard now empowers our young adults and you to freely communicate WHO is WHO. This demonstrated to world worth over $500 Million USD in world profits gifted to each group who goes PUBLIC to leaders and joins world changing to ratify change our own destiny history..

Everyone in world deserves to be PAID for services and products rendered as we have gifted all our Intellectual Property to mankind.

Clearly, this will be most profitable Pay-Back in world history using our step by step Divined system

THIS IS ONLY ANSWER SYSTEM to SAVE OUR WORLD from DEMONIC Soul-less Creators who CONTROL our entire world.

INVITE our #1 Anti Crime Advisor Crusader Emissaries to YOUR greatest places of needs by Contacting us directly to BOOK us to fly to you.

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