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Contact Keith Duncan, the PRESS,  the USA Government, over 100 churches, and thousands of persons who personally know and love Keith for his service to all of mankind.  WHO YOU ARE is the most important question of all time. Do you stand for Justice and Equality for all?

They will never stop talking about you !  Either you are honest and trust-worthy or you are shunned by society with FOIA.ONE

    gifted to Interpol and Associated Press on Jan 7, 2015  on  IseeIunderStand.com for our world to See, Believe, and Act with Righteousness. This is all that has ever been needed.

Absolute Basics 'WHO I AM' and 'WHO YOU ARE'


 Passing Judgment on others is called gossip, cynic, hyprocrite, skeptic, blinded fools, and even criminal broad of viper actions.  The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 23 describes these categories of people that is universal in predatory nature. With SolutionPeace.com and SolutionManifesto.com, all citizens identify and hold each other accountable as either trustworthy or to be shunned by the rest of society with face recognition and the the use of one International Identifying number of FOIA.ONE.  This results in the fulfillment of 1 Cor 13:13 and Mark 12:24 as well as Keith's mission of John 10:30

  For everything that has been documented in the black and white signatures of the criminals has been shown to the public for now 7.777 biblical years.  Few understand the severity of the crimes of humanity because they shield themselves with diversions of vice as shown on the colored diagrams gifted to all of humanity.  Start with oroginal LearnFirstNames  and proceed to the final Plan of Salvation known world-wide as http://www.UNIocracy.ORG that brings our world back into one standard of compliance with each other and with our one mutual Creator who LOVES you as much as Keith Duncan. For Keith Duncan represents the rights of both GOD and humanity.

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