top of page hereby COMMANDS all warlords and nations at conflict STAND DOWN. Cease and Desist  ALL wars and hostility as ORDERED by GOD, Sent by GOD Keith Brent Duncan, and each of YOU ! Current groups of CoPirate Executives always claim only THEY have chain of command Authority since only THEY transfer our peoples work efforts, OUR assets, our technology value to ONLY their offshore bank accounts hidden as First Family Trusts and criminal enterprises like Intl Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE at is GOD and YOUR only methods of forcing current world leaders to the host mediated PEACE TREATY ROUND TABLES under full authority supervision of Keith Duncan and our other TOP ANTI CRIME mediator scientist engineer professors doctors and PEACEMAKING PromiseKEEPER Subject Matter Experts.

  Any Leader who refuses to attend OUR Peace Summits are exiled and removed from all authority by GODs Evote.ONE direct real time eDemocracy decision making methods to REVERSE all criminal violator previous actions. Includes NULL and VOIDing any and all laws, contracts, bids, regulations, and most of the existing SILO Government entity organizations as totally unnecessary and the most extreme burden on We GODS people who have been blind-washed at all levels to JUST TRUST THEM (WHO are THEM?) the above who always are mega- billionaires and mega Millionaires who just LOVE worshipping themselves as Lucifer Worshiping ANTI-Christ self followers.   WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect Keith Duncans life NOW and command all criminals and terrorists be rounded up in the greatest PURGE of violators at the TOP in all of USA WORLD Universal history now...

  Updated broadcast published 2023 Nov 23 Thanksgiving by wealthest philantrophists groups led by keith duncan.   was always NO CRIME UTOPIA of GODs Heaven as HE and MotherEarth procreated as everyone only as enforced PeaceMakers and PromiseKeepers forever. GOD and Keith never authorized anyone to wage war and cause any mass poverty since dawn of Man. Was always the most extreme Psychotic Sociopath Psychopath Megalomaniac like Robert Dee ROSE, Douglas Vernon Duncan, even Norfolk VA Federal Judge Raymond 'Asshold' Jackson of Norfolk VA4:11cr112 infamy multilevel conspiracies to remote Martyr the ONE person sent by GOD to unify all +8.1 billion of YOU = GODs remaining earthbound Children. $500 Million USD of Jan 15, 2008 filed May 3, 2022 was perfected as part of GOD + Keith (John 10) seed fund to redistribute all pirated stolen assets back to WE GODS people of greatest places of mortal needs starting back in Philippines. 15 years later, not a single person has EVER represented first of any of my own US Constitutional Rights OR enforced GODs 11 Commandments. 

 Updated 2023 Nov 2 Asheville NC + Atlanta GA USA. Not a SINGLE person has EVER represented MY civil rights !!!! ONLY Way of the Cross of GOD+CHRIST+YOU enforced by each of YOU and I = WE. John 10:30 is the ONLY universal stabilizing method of YOU solve your internal, family, community, then all other issues under GODs SON=SUN.  Destruction of the existing WarLords is YOUR 100% accountable responsibility using the simple complete perfected methods I always left behind to benefit ALL forever.

   In THREE STEPS, Each and any of YOU will be PAID upfront to be a true PeaceMaker and PromiseKeeper.

  1. Direct Video Contact CEO Keith Brent Duncan. Provide your referential integrity resume and background expertise. Recruit others who have focus on solving your local community top issues, problems, conflicts.

  2. Practice use of Gods problem solving any issue.

  3. Book Town Hall Forums by speaking directly with Pastors, Mayors, Police Chiefs, top Corporate Executives.

   THEN DO IT.  They will pay you for being a GOD LOVING and THEM focused as our trained Host Mediators.

The most famous questions to be honestly answered by each of YOU, my +8 billion GODs people + children.


Q: 1. Why were YOU conceived and procreated in the first place? Be perfectly deadly honest with self integrity answering yourself of YOUR True Purpose of your own mortal lifespan.

  2. Then,  Who engineered your genetic organic matter?  You or God?

  3. What is your true focus purpose for being alive with the Breath of GOD in your mortal soul?

  4. What is your true reality and near term destiny fate? Map this out with

  5. Are you a Lucifer Worshipper or a LOVER of GOD and all others? Prove this by Action NOW ! ! !


CLICK HERE to go to GODs original HOME PAGE through series was always GODs only prime Town Hall peace making forums of solving and reversing ANY issue, problem, conflict, even war at YOUR level using 5Steps.LIFE then also perfected to re education +8 billion GODs children how to actually LOVE, CARE, PROTECT each other by stopping all the wars, Stock Markets, Bank-sters, Underground criminals once and forever. No more 'VIOLATORS' can ever exist again using Keiths methods. Everyone Keith gifts was Procreated then perfected year 1970 forward..

  Despite being worlds first=last true megaB, actually Trillionaire who ONLY cares, loves, and protects all others, NO ONE has ever protected our lives by commanding Full restitution AND press confenences now conducted to showcase ALL the perfected now 170 singular methods Keith procreated 1976 forward. WHO DO YOU KNOW to debrief and USE Keiths peer mega Billionaire services and products?

  Since NOT a single soul has any forward action solution, we were sent by GOD to publish broadcast absolutely each and every solution method to advance our own human race as only middle class small business owners once ONLY credit unions and Privately Held corporations exist worldwide. demonstrate models how to fast path exile and put in prison any violator of GODs and your rights to be free will Sovereign Citizens with no ability to crime any other. is  PROFIT without PURPOSE, is always a game plan of PIRACY conspiracies of mass war, poverty, homelessness, addictions, and general WW3-5 end of all humanity.

   Most basic GODs design procreation for each of YOU is to share everything collective, cooperative, caring, and peace making collaboration of all of GODs shared emerging wisdom, technology, knowledge, and all natural resources.  NO one truly enforces any Constitutional or Statutory laws past year 1949, 1958, 1976, 1982, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2020 milestones of WHO causes all conflicts, wars, problems issues at all levels since dawn of mankind.  MLM Ponzi Schemes were perfected 5550 years ago Egyptian Pharaoh self professed GOD deities.

  Each time GOD, my=our true heavenly benefactor philanthropist has sent any Prophet Messianic Messenger, major corrective changes have occurred, then humans have descended back to be only greedy predators.

  As of Dec 6, 2022 not a SINGLE soul protects the rights of anyone except the NWO Criminal Ruling Elite who have legalized every single vice, sin, and crimes against +8 Billion MY People. Worst of the most extreme crime cabal enterprises and terrorists all roam freely knowing they will never ever be held accountable for anything.

  Therefore, only Duncan is the #1 world leader angel guardian inventor scientist front liner Psychologist Philosopher Counselor Mediator and Keynote Spokesperson for each of you forever.  The evidence has always been crystal clear self evident as consolidated and publicly showcased below PDFs.  used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.

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