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Relationships and networking in GOD's holy purpose is the basis for the Original Creation of humanity resulting in UNIocracy.ORG.

The world can see and act with authority that our Mutual Creator established humanity to be Sovereign Ambassadors of our universe IF and ONLY if they can learn to Fearlessly protect the rights of all others. This is the ONLY GOLDEN RULE commandment needed.

The basis for this master education teachings was published with website year 2008 and continued with the 7 video broadcast series on Youtube of ReManadate. Click HERE:

   To personally experience the most powerful Viral Social Media Broadcasts of EDUCATION and RIGHTEOUSNESS,


I have never had any secrets or hidden agenda. Criminals from 13 years ago want me dead so I can never testify with my partner apostles and disciples how to teach our world leaders and public how to PREVENT ALMOST ALL CRIMES in the first place.  Our government and mega corporations will soon be replaced and bypassed with UNIocracy.ORG using EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and that are the keystones of our new owrld society when WE THE PEOPLE control and manage all aspects of our own world. THEN we will be permitted by GOD our mutual Creator to explore the rest of our created universe. Since GOD will not allow man to rape, pillage, plunder, and overthrow his other creations. Surely Indulgence Intelligent  life exists nearby as Earth was designed as a proving ground to see if Free Will of our people would result in total social and peace harmony.  Or we would destroy ourselves out of predatory greed by divine and conquer warfare.  I prepare to go to churches again today, Church of the Vineyard next to Harrison Gate 6 right in front of Presidential Guards and  President Duterte's palace with the Belgica family, Butch, Jeremiah, and Greco.  They are part of Presidents Anti Corruption Commission and Anti-Red Tape Commission along with our other thousands/million/billions of supporters who see believe and ACT with authority to unify mankind.

Even NSAGeorgia.ORG and all angel Philanthropists including all

   +2047 BILLIONAIRES re FORBES magazine.

WHO will actually UPHOLD our laws and command our world unify and ratify

That is the final end result of all these messianic messenger broadcasts. Total Social and Peace Justice of including all my partners of Foundation.

  I am humble he from John 10:30 shortest passage in the bible. I work in Partnership directly with GOD and all humanity.

My first International unique ID is 1-19580815-1  16 digits for entire +7.7Billion People to auto face recognize WHO is WHO and WHO owns WHAT so no criminal or trespasser or slander/libel person (Matthew Chapter 23) can ever go unpunished.

By use of 1 Corr 13:13 and Matthew Chapter 28 ending verse of 'Go forth and make disciples of all nations".

July 28, 2019.  I am WHO I AM. John 10:30 Another Proof I am who I say I am.. and WHY I am here.
I married a Filipino woman May 2016. Paid over 80K pesos for Probationary Resident Visa. She abandoned everyone and ran off with some of my cash to HK or ?? April 2017. I had to downgrade back to Tourist Visa since she not here to SIGN for permanent. I have asked many for Contract for WORK visa, but everyone too busy.
  R.C. Sister Anne Fox was jailed 3 days and set for deportation because she was photographed with ‘?? REBELS??” As she worked in villages providing food and school building activities.
  I even went BACK to USA Oct 2018-Jan 2019 at my own last expense and peril to TESTIFY against +100 USA criminals including some very powerful Judges, District Attorneys and fired DOJ AG Sally Q Yates all about Cybercrime terrorist attacks against our nations. I was illegally FORCED into MENTAL hospital 5.5 weeks since FBI Agent Atlanta Lynn had been extorted again by Robert Dee Rose.
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