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Contact Keith Duncan through any ways and means. This has always been the #1 priority for USA Military and all Law Enforcement agencies so Keith can finally have full protection from all governments.

Address: Atlanta, was Manila.
Soon International UNIocracy Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland, Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow, other $$ city.


was: 9120 Double Diamond Parkway, Suite 6309

Reno, Nevada  89521   U.S.A.

USA Office +1(775)888-1631 from Dec 24, 2014 to now.

Telephone direct 24x7x365.
Now USA +1 770-377-2106, 725-200-7683.
Philippines +(63) 0917-335-4300
was Hong Kong +(852)9146-8620
was China cell +(69)1343-220-0749
Was USA 770-289-3050 Until Jan 28, 2014

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