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To liberate yourselves worldwide as +8 billion free will GODs children,

Attend host mediate your very own PeaceMaking Town Hall FORUMS Today ! ! !

Most humble Keith brent Duncan clearly sent by GOD to unify each of you.

Click: = was GODs only community level town hall forums for each of you to decide NEXT best project, then decide who is the best highly paid in cash Project Manager. Applies to all Corporate Executives at the very top of since few are actually competent to increase the value benefits of OUR corporate assets, profit growth and dividends.  Live STREAM video is showcase modeled here:

 Absolutely NO ONE protects victims of organized criminals or even your rights to enforce existing GOD + human laws. Ergo, Keith has just replaced all known forms of governments and Corporate By-Laws with the systems showcased below. Call us NOW !

 The Fast Path GODs method was always to use OUR church's live stream recorded broadcasted systems of

   Nov 24, 2022 broadcast from Atlanta GA USA by Duncan. is  PROFIT without PURPOSE, is always a game plan of PIRACY conspiracies of mass war, poverty, homelessness, addictions, and general WW3-5 end of all humanity.

   Most basic GODs design procreation for each of YOU is to share everything collective, cooperative, caring, and peace making collaboration of all of GODs shared emerging wisdom, technology, knowledge, and all natural resources.  NO one truly enforces any Constitutional or Statutory laws past year 1949, 1958, 1976, 1982, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2020 milestones of WHO causes all conflicts, wars, problems issues at all levels since dawn of mankind.  MLM Ponzi Schemes were perfected 5550 years ago Egyptian Pharaoh self professed GOD deities.

  Each time GOD, my=our true heavenly benefactor philanthropist has sent any Prophet Messianic Messenger, major corrective changes have occurred, then humans have descended back to be only greedy predators.

  As of Dec 6, 2022 not a SINGLE soul protects the rights of anyone except the NWO Criminal Ruling Elite who have legalized every single vice, sin, and crimes against +8 Billion MY People. Worst of the most extreme crime cabal enterprises and terrorists all roam freely knowing they will never ever be held accountable for anything.

  Therefore, only Duncan is the #1 world leader angel guardian inventor scientist front liner Psychologist Philosopher Counselor Mediator and Keynote Spokesperson for each of you forever.  The evidence has always been crystal clear self evident as consolidated and publicly showcased below PDFs.  used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders. was GOD + Duncan prime and only solution for each of our free will empowered Sovereign citizens to decie Next Best Project and WHO is the highly paid in cash project manager leader universal use of store and forward forever through FOIA.ONE open public shared A.I. Database.  This was why GOD sent Keith IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity confidence rated 100% as literally sinless).


  Destruction of all criminal cyber terrorist groups was always required use of with full scale focus on full open public ratifiation fo GODs perfected Commandments for all +7.9 Billion GODs Children. Includes no more Charles Ponzi MLM scammer schemes at any level including now use of simple direct one new world currency system use of and  Updated final Holy Week 2022.

 Procreated is one design for ONE world corporation umbrella to protect the rights of all people who now run their own small business corporations protected by each other use of all our Clearinghouse Gods methodologies. All Host Mediate  +1 770-377-2106

All world Presidents + top Elite Corp Executives Commanded to attend Town Forums.

1. We solve all base world problems as Public Servants of We Gods People.

2. IID Who is Who. Share all evidence of who are top violators to purge. 

3. Assign to find terrorists Open Public Investigations. 

4. Agree to redistribute crime wealth to 3rd world nations in greatest need using Evote.One 1% seized and crowdfunds to +7.9B Gods People. 

5. Agree to transfer millions of our young adults to places of greatest needs with WorldSchoolFund.Org 100% free Foreign Exchange Student Keith's Program.

6. Agree to remove all by-laws and regulations that prohibit the immediate deploy of from being our new world free trade total barter society. 

7. Agree to eliminate all corporate corrupt criminal violators of human rights individuals using Will of Free Citizens use of Gods by EVOTE.ONE

8. Agree to universal IID and eliminate purge DOJ DOD Corporate Executives who violate laws +

9. Protect the lives + Assets of + those of highest IQ merit.

All Presidential, Leaders,  Corporate Executives Work for GODS people. Reset from Sept 2011.  is GODs only alpha original clan method of each of you meet at Town Hall Forums round tables in each and everyone of your villages and communities to discuss how to peacefully pick NEXT best local infrastrucutre project you now direct fund, labor build, control and own. Includes total management control over our energy water infrastructure plants, malls, streets, Water powered energy, water, schools using and , state of art education / worship shared by all civic centers, all the titles of all land returned to each of you, 100% free transportation (Bus, Train, ferry, long distance ships) and free will barter markets of Open No secret trading exchanges.

  Each of you collectively cooperative decide WHO is the best replacement Project Manager problem solving engineer(s) who are ordered to fast path COMPLETE your investment of community assets, talents, and work labor.  Includes absolutely no more Trade Union scoundrels.  Everyone now world class small business owners worldwide sharing everything.

  NO more TAXES, NO more Corrupt ANYONE once we overthrow all criminals and terrorists use of and  use of that is both and 


   No one deserves to be a mega billionaire by hoarding our wealth that was always a gift from GOD and Keith Brent Duncan. We are fore founders of all GODs publish showcased methodology includes commanding all Mega wealthy turn over 75% of all Private Family Wealth acquired through OUR Publically traded Corporations by replacing ALL ByLaws that are the top of all economic MLM Pryamid schemes.   The members of our angel guardian Philantropists reverse gifters are with Keith Brent Duncan the weathiest impoverished forsaken world leader caused by AntiChrist Robert Dee ROSE, GBI Berry Victor Reynolds +120 cyber terrorists at

valued excess of $500 MILLION USD and required Open Press Conferences NOW!. was no mortal actually understands WHY each of you were pro-created in the first place.  Prime exception was always God Sent KEith Brent Duncan 1-19580815-1 +100% Integrity. Your purpose was to always cooperatively collectively share all of Gods gifted assets to advance our very own human race as PeaceMakers worldwide. is now executed each Sunday until Gods Unification actually is your reality free of all criminals. Invite command All Corporate Executives + World Presidents attend.  Our only focus is to UNIFY mankind one final time. Keith is your #1 World Mediator megaWealthy ForeFounding Executive only Leader of GivingPledge.spaceCrowd Fund us today to perfect Complete as Self Salvation for all Gods People. Protect #1 Civil Rights Founder Guardian Angel Trust Foundation Architect Philanthropists Non Government Systems Mediator Hosts. Most of us are Gods top world engineer scientists. = + GODs original mediation engineering systems.

Dec 25, 2021. Keith Brent Duncan clearly is worlds first reality Trillionaire of Intellectual property and ultimate wisdom and GODs knowledge of how to fast path solve any problem nano to GODs eye view his entire life. Our pure focus is to be contracted out with all World Leaders to solve basic infrastructure issues at all levels by pure dynamic focus of eliminating all criminal factors, all greed, all political delays, and all the in-fighting amoung the decision makers that truly impoverishes and slave trades all 7.9 billion of GODs people.  Our initial legally binding contract from 2010 forward was minimum of $10,000 per day of with 120% full refund if booked client does not get TIMES TWO value in first 2 hours.

    WE assume all risk if we fail to deliver everything promised under mutual legally binding contract agreements. . This is 180% different from all other top world consulting, lawyer, accounting firms.  Clients, vendors, and investors worldwide always take 100% of all risk while the Bank and Stock Market Brokers always take all FIRST PROFITS by using contracts that only protect their Corporate "Core-pirate" Executive first families and NEVER ever their employees, staff, clients or supply chain providers.

  TRULY this is WHY GOD sent KEITH to Earth IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity rate +%100) to showcase all aspects of how to unify each of you with one degree of separation of WHO knows WHO, WHO trades WHAT with who, and WHO owns WHAT so no criminal enterprise can ever deny your rights to decide you own reality fate. #1 priority for each of you is to directly CONTACT and BOOK KEITHs teams to use for your own issues and world advancing positive benefits so each of you can actually procreate GODs next level of free society.

Dec 23, 2021. #1 PRIORITY of each of you is to HOST town hall forums today worldwide WHILE directly contacting Keith Brent Duncan +1 770-377-2106 to command our existing leaders actually SERVE and fully PROTECT our best interests by decentralizing all decision making authorities BACK to our most beseiged impoverished villages once and forever.  WE GODS PEOPLE demand justice be served by destroying all LUCIFERS once and forever. No one mortal on earth has ever showcased all simple Gods methods to revolutionize peace make our very own new world crime free socity of  Keith was always due International Mass publicity by hosting Peace Summit mediated forums at the top of all national shows before he returns back to his Father GODs heaven since no one appears to ever intervene on your behalf once LUCIFERS have already destroyed all cyber information that use to be private only demanded by the same INSANE CRIMINALLY INCOMPETENT Elites.

Aug 29, 2021. Keith still 100% victim of organized named criminals since no one appears to ENFORCE any existing laws past +13 biblical years of GODs command demands to empower each of you to decide your very own reality and near term destiny fate. Otherwise World War FIVE will complete destruction of our own human race.

Aug 21, 2021. Keith in Johns Creek Georgia completing all aspects of how to fast path unify by ACTION of each of you. No ONE has ever protected Keith or granted any safe passage after terrorist ROSE started these crimes against humanity Nov 4, 2007.

Even the local church pastors refuse to have any face to face debrief. Most are religious Bala zealots like Pharisees and Sadducees.

Aug 15, 2021. Keiths DOB. Visited ministered to both Alpharetta First Baptist church David Smith, and Alpharetta 1st Methodist. David Smith must be held accountable for his refusals to listen to how KEITH + GOD unifies all churches. Same as all other world pastors.

July 18, 2021, Keith is at WoodStock GA requesting EVERYONE protect keith and put him on National TV since EVERYONE knows someone at TOP who actually cares about fate of humanity,

Great recent example of GOD talking to my people. #1180 BuiltByKeith reverses all crime poverty networks once and forever as was Gods original Alpha to omega answer solution set methods to ensure everyone FIRST protects the rights of all others before taking any benefits or first profits of open public no secret farmers market barter localized system. No banks or public ally traded certificates of common stock or fiat currency. Each commodity speculation traded anything are the original Lucifer MLM scams of steal pirating your hard earned work efforts.

ATTEND JOIN every Sunday 9am, 1pm, + 7pm. Command everyone in your village worldwide DO the SAME. is GODs only system to achieve total Equality Peace for all.
The Base function of ANY leader (gov + corp) is to serve and protect the rights by ensuring everyone gets paid first with benefits, paychecks, and shareholder dividends.
  The current 'System' has been perverted past 5500 years by family dynasties who claim only THEY can decide (decision makers) the fate of Gods People. 100% true reality.
  LOVE all OTHERS except criminal terrorists was always My Gods original solution set.
Direct eDemocracy of
EVOTE.ONE now empowers each of you to decide everything.
Contact Keiths God Delivered Group Messengers and crowd fund final Solutions here.
Most Humble Keith was always your #1 top world leader pioneer R&D front-liner.
Freely distribute everything here to everyone and Support FUND Keith right now. is Gods personal messianic mortal sent to unify all one final time.
Keith's God sent system is All Electronic/Digital/Paperless, crime free Society once + forever.
Call us now and provide Manna reverse basic Funds so finally completes.
We list your name, contribution, and 100% designated use as publicity travel expenses.
All C Executives and Gov Officials work for WE GODS people
and NEVER for themselves. Once humanity Sees, Understands, and ACTS with Fearless Authority to Protect the Rights of all others, before thinking of oneself, UTOPIA of finally occurs. Command be put on National TV Conclave Mediated Forums now.

Keith + you are #1 most powerful mediators to command World Peace be achieved today.
Click: ReMANaDate how GODs plan is 100% about equality partnership of everyone.

ATTEND JOIN every Sunday your time. ! ! !

   This was GODs only method Community FORUMs to solve ANY local issue using EVOTE.ONE to record NEXT best project devoid of ALL politicians and too busy hypocrites who prevent construction of OUR GOD focused infrastructure. Includes Intl Press Coverage we MOST formal requested Sept 2011 when super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE succeeded in ordering our Kidnappings of 900 days. We are FOREFOUNDers of NEW world economic system to transfers over $400 Trillion USD to greatest places of needs once GODS people exile all criminal ruling elite dynasties who CAUSE all mass poverty. is 100% free foreign Exchange Student / Professor/ program to decentralize all authority Decision makers to our MOUNTAINS now powered by

  Purging criminals and terrorists from our society is always the ONLY way to create crime free world of enforced ethical integrity free will choice citizens. There is NO other way but holding each of you + others fully accountable.

 Direct Contact Keith Duncan +1 770-377-2106 and provide basic funds and resources to fill up our national news media covered stadiums, arenas, churches to announce END of all tryants and cyber crime terrorists. 

#1 LUCIFER ISSUE was always free will choice of GREED versus protecting the rights of all others use of ONE new WORLD constitution and use of GODs technology to secure our assets under your control locally. NO insider corrupt banksters or Stock Market Brokers will exist once DUNCAN is put on National TV broadcasts to be asked ANY question on any topic or advocacy worldwide.

The DESIGN is for ALL communities to host Town Hall FORUMS now, same as Sept 2011 with KEITH and his top keynote speaker mediators hosting HOW to solve any nano to GODs eye view issues. Transfer of WEALTH was always easy use of Direct eDemocracy of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and to put ANYONE under investigation, quick fast path convictions, and immediate sentencing to prison, death row, and concentration work camps monitored by each of you over OCTV (open Circuit TV).

We now use GODs technology to GPS track all Corporate Executives, all leaders, and all convicted criminals to ensure they comply with the new By-Laws of and 95% reduction of all man-made laws and regulations enforced now by each of you.  We left this behind Sept 2011,  Aug 21, 2021 so Keith can finally return to HEAVEN to reign wrath down on all left over Earthlings who refuse to ACT with Fearless Authority to Protect the Rights of all others using

Screenshot 2021-07-15 14.39.03.png
BBK-Emeka-AnambraNewsCast-Feb 12-2019crop.jpeg above is #1177 BuiltByKEITH Gods Tech Only Answer to UNIocracy .org perfected omnipresent town hall forums is most powerful peace making forums worldwide in earths legacy revolution evolution history. are GODs methods of focusing on solving local community issues once and forever. Eliminates the bigots, racists, hypocrites, cyber criminals and terrorists who roam freely INSIDE our databases and board of Directors BoardROOMS and country clubs, and YACHT clubs, and offshore secret military style bunkers that few even know really exist. 

   ROBERT DEE ROSE MUST be captured by any of our 7.9 BILLION most beloved GODs children free will citizens and turned over for DEATH ROW conviction trials led by YOU using 

    Notice Love others spelled backwards is evolOthers. When will mankind evoke evolution by magnifying and protecting each other with .  WHO do you know to PROTECT KEITH and host mediate world Town hall GOD required forums today.  $10 USD is membership into $1 Million USD for board of trustee positions. All since ProfitSHAREHolders .com is NEW world mega corporate bylaws for everyones benefit to pay first profits to our WORKERS, not the first families.


--Chapters --

00:00 ProphetKeith .com shows PeaceSummit2020 .com Is GODs answer.

01:00 Digital Communications was Keiths top 20 patent inventions.

02:00 WHO do you KNOW 770 -377-2106

03:00 Contact All TOP executives + World presidents to ATTEND now.

04:00 Evote .ONE FOIA .ONE is UNiocracy .org

05:00 eliminates ALL risk managers fraud experts.

06:00 No more taxes or PolyTICS ever again.

07:00 Where is the testing shed on corner?

08:00 WHO will contact FBI AG and command protection.

09:00 reverses all war machines forever.

10:00 is Free WILL world homes.

11:00 ProphetKeith +1 770-377-2106 was conceived year 1976 at NCSU then at 1000 Alderman Drive as Keith Duncan was top Intl Consultant Engineer of all time at Digital Communications Associations with the IRMA PC board to IBM mainframe in year 1984 to Nov 1989.  We have reduced ALL fraud and cyber attacks to ZERO use of our automatic verification systems of EVOTe. ONE FOIA .oNE.


we left most formal request at your guard desk today July 16, 2021 in preparation requests for WORLD corporate Executives to actually MEET mediate HOST Aug 1, 2021  same as Sept 2011 when ROBERT DEE ROSE was most actively CYBER attacking 500 Mega Millionaire Corporate Executives through Homewaves .com now OneOceanBahamas .com 

Surely we are #1 most prolific inventor scientist inventors authors of HOW to advance the human race by fast path elimination of all crime networks at one time.


Please please call INTL corporate Headquarters +1 770-377-2106 as we are dead tired of our people being victimized by criminals and terrorists who all roam freely after they use their victims assets to avoid ANY prosecution, search and seizure use of K91,.mobi application when auto face recognition and victim bounty rewards are now the #1 one only universal stabilizing standard. 


Keith Duncan IS 9 steps is GODs only Covenant Constitutional Legally Binding Contract ACTION method by WE the people to Pro Create our own free will Sovereign crime free society is GODs engineer method of offensively solving any issue nano to Gods Eye view so everyone benefits except the stupid ego arrogant cynic hypocrites, blinded fools, and criminal brood of vipers from Matthew Chapter 23. Gods entire system is fulfillment of Romans Chapter 12 by protecting the rights of all children, women, disabled and elderly who are the wisdom open repository knowledge base now digitally all stored at FOIA.ONE to be known as GODS-AI tied to Elon Musks NeuroLink who must call keith now.


 June 20, 2021. I, Keith Duncan, have spent everything I own to recruit ALL lawyers, DOJ DOD PRESS, literally all 7.9 Billion People to use GODs engineered systems. Since I was never a violator of any law, the sequence of crimes committed against KEITH have all been VIOLATIONS against my Father GOD and YOU.

  No one can be found who protects Keiths life or actually enforces existing laws at any level, since CRIME ALWAYS PAYS when Gods People look any other way.  Since GOD sent KEITH to personally redeem master educate our entire world, I shall indeed return to HEAVEN soon and watch each of you destroy each other out of your very own predatory greed.  I warned everyone the outcome of YOUR own SINS, VICES, and crimes, and public showcase all of GODs simple methods every single day of my ordained true divined life.

   I have personally simplified all aspects of your reality by being ONLY person in world history will full scale 100% confidence to take down all criminal enterprises once YOU GODs people actually CALL us directly and hear, then ACT with fearless authority to protect all rights of each other before thinking of oneself.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact KEITH right now and stop prevent the WW Five that rages on right now.  My Father GOD refuses to intervene anymore. Therefore clearly Keith is last person sent to command each of you resolve your own issues, and thereby deal with reality at GODs level one final time.


  June 7, 2021.  I,, have turned out to be a most prolific humble author in recent history document video broadcasting HOW to unify mankind by share holders who are the top corporate executives worldwide and treating them all as HIGHLY Paid ONLY cash paid CONSULTANTS. This alone fast path destroys the criminal networks at the very top by action of WE GODS people once and forever. Please call+ Protect Keiths life right now. Command FBI AG protect us all.

  Call UNIocracy  headquarters +1 770.377.2106

   God asked me to tell all of you this. If I am murdered, imprisoned, or threatened a single time more by anyone, GODs anger and 7.9 billion people wrath will rain down on all of you. Everyone seized by Citizens arrest using GOD + Keiths methods, turned over to any DOJ law enforcement officials will be rewarded with the seized assets. 1st percentage goes to first respondent, then next payout goes to all confirmed victims. 1% goes to CreatorKeith . Balance goes to local community for

I have no fear of anyone since GOD has been recalling ProphetKeith technology of that was always GODs commandments of The Last Testament of:

Anyone can see the Pirates of the High Corporate World cause all  wars and mass poverty since the dawn of man. Prevention is your accountability responsibility use of and all other dignity self evident systems methodology Keith alone has published as worlds last simple Covenant Constitution perfected by Gods SaintKeith.
  WW5 is the Holy Cost of those who refuse to identify WHO is WHO, Who owns What, Who are the Lucifers who criminally pervert, steal, lie, and embezzle GODs loaned resources.
  #1 World Mediator is the true King of all King servant angel guardians.
  We alone are commanding Corporate Executives, World President leaders + Press meet +Sept 2011.
Click: List of GODs engineered PeaceMaking Solutions.
Click: #1160 DoomsDay was Sept 25 2011, then April 1, 2021 reality of C-GREED.
Contact book +1 770-377-2106 NOW. HOST Conclave PeaceSummit2020
Build our International UNIocracy headquarters: Asheville, Zurich, London, NYC, + all others.
Crowd Fund UNIocracy. Your name and cause will be listed with amount and purpose.
Deposit buy-in basic manna survival funds so WE GODS people can complete all ordained systems. 
Ancient prevents ALL cyber crimes worldwide forever.

Video above: COPYRIGHT NOTICE This book is protected by Australian copyright laws and international copyright treaty provisions. All rights are reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by any process without written permission from the copyright owner. The moral rights of the authors Jeremy Griffith and Harry Prosen are asserted. FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition copyright © Fedmex Pty Ltd (ACN 096 099 286) 2013-2019

Keith is GODs CityMaker Frontliner delivery SaviorKeith sent by GOD + YOU to UNIFY mankind using 100% integrity, common sense, and old technology to empower each community to SOLVE and PREVENT their very own local issues. As of May 5, 2021, not a single soul has ever execute deployed generated solutions to rid our world of all LUCIFERS at the top who ARE the BILK-anaires, MILK-anaires of the banking, real estate, stock market, transportation, energy, and other institutes who already are depopulating GODs earth by brainwashing propaganda of 'Just drink their poison COOL-AID' of promises same as Hitler, Jim Jones Cult, Bernie Madoff, and so many of our current POLY-TIC blood sucking leech crocodile politician culprits predators.  Refer: Job 40:9-14 in context of WHO is KEITH versus WHO are you.
WE have commanded SEC Securities Exchange Commission demand be our new By-Laws.

Contact forefounding father duncan 770-377-2106 to appear on national tv today. 

    As of June 1, 2021. Keith returns to Heaven soon, unable to find a single soul who protects the lives, rights, or assets of any OTHER. Therefore mankind deserves self genocide justified as this has occurred hundreds of times since the dawn of civilized mankind.


GODs Domain Names of Product Expiry Clearinghouse.  Expires end of eternity by GODs Command Orders. is WHO Keith always was serving GOD and HUMANITY his entire life. 2022  Last one for all humanity.  May 21, 2022   -Electronic Aircraft literally all transportation systems now electric.  Reg May 14, 2022.  Crime Free HydroGen Blimps replace all shipping industries.  end  May 3, 2022   -Universal simple voice COmmand drive system for everyone. end May 3, 2022 -Basis for Relationship RE-MANAgement designed GOD end Apr 29, 2022  -Solves and prevents all gun violence once/forever. end Apr 29, 2022l -Backup. end Apr 27, 2022 -Simple almost free mining of Gods Earth crust forever. end Apr 21, 2022 end Apr 21, 2022 end Apr 15, 2022 end Apr 13, 2022 end Apr 12, 2022 end Apr 8, 2022 end Apr 2, 2022 end Feb 14, 2022 end Jan 9, 2022              creatorkeith.comBusiness EmailJul 11, 2021 end Sep 27, 2021 end Sep 27, 2021 end Sep 26, 2021       end Sep 26, 2021 end Sep 13, 2021   end Sep 13, 2021 end Sep 13, 2021  end Sep 13, 2021 end Sep 12, 2021      end Sep 12, 2021 end Sep 4, 2021     end Sep 4, 2021 end Sep 4, 2021 end Sep 1, 2021 end Aug 29, 2021                  end Aug 21, 2021 end Aug 19, 2021      end Aug 19, 2021 end Aug 19, 2021 end Aug 16, 2021 end Aug 9, 2021                 end Aug 9, 2021 end Aug 8, 2021 end Aug 7, 2021 end Aug 7, 2021        end Aug 7, 2021 end Aug 7, 2021     end Aug 7, 2021 end Aug 7, 2021 end Aug 7, 2021 end Aug 7, 2021 end Aug 7, 2021 end Aug 7, 2021       end Aug 7, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021  end Aug 6, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021      end Aug 6, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021        end Aug 6, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021      end Aug 6, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021    end Aug 6, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021              end Aug 6, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021 end Aug 6, 2021 


GODs Headquarters Office +1 770-377-2106 contact 24x7 open lines.

  • YouTube Social  Icon
  • Wix Facebook page
  • YouTube
  • Wix Twitter page is worlds LAST C-Executive and World President Conclave when Keith and his mediator Evangelist Guardian Angel experts teach everyone that C-Executives and World leaders ONLY purpose is to sever and protect as Highly Paid Consultants.  This alone achieves total global Equality peace once and forever.
Now deadly Deadline May 31, 2021. reset 10 times from April 1, 2021 same as Oct 3, 2011 as the ONLY GODs method to reform unify our entire world of forsaken slave traded citizens.  Estimated $500 TRILLION USD of wealth has been criminally and legally transferred to the top world ELITE past 12 years use of Lucifer Corporate By-Laws that truly are used to BUY any level government officials to create laws, contracts, bid, kickbacks that pay off the elite FIRST and hide all transactions from the controlling interested investors and oversee accountants led by Keiths scientist teams.
Direct eDemocracy is the old tribe system of WE GODs Sovereign Citizens decide the next best Project. WE decide who leads the projects as only HIGHLY paid consultant advisors administrators. We collectively cooperatively now own and manage caretake all of Gods resources.
 April 19, 2021  100% true Keith Duncan is worlds last Trillionaire sent by GOD to teach how GODs people overturn overthrow all criminals at the top use of EVOTE.ONE single new world voting system to control ALL corporate C Executives who violate our rights to manage decision decide OUR corporate and infrastructure assets as mortal caretakers. As of April 9, 2021 we are near gate of Billy Graham COVE training center in Asheville NC on same mission of GOD to unify reform our entire human race of +7.8 billion people.
   Call Keith at +1 770-377-2501, or 725-200-7683 and provide us all CROWDFUNDING support to complete all aspects of to collectively cooperate share ALL of GODS assets as mortal caretakers. JOIN and use Duncan Angel Guardian Trust Foundation Non-Gov System methodology including is GODs system to turnover all LUCIFER C-Exec criminal and terrorists + #CCP + 'FATSO NKorea' to WE GODs people with direct eDemocracy final BOOK Duncan Today. CALL USA +1 725-200-7683 to fill town Hall Forums, Stadiums, Arenas once our Guardian Angels protect his life and COMMAND DOJ DOD turnover all criminals using Keiths simplified systems procreated back at NCSU Raleigh NC 1976 seen at
   Keith has personally published and already delivered all aspects of our worldwide free education system, total tort reform known as new Civil and Criminal Justice consolidated engineered tracking resolution open public systems of that creates 'Rangers' of investigators using all world DOD DOJ and lawyer judges who actually identify who they are, and openly share all evidence submitted by groups of victims. Criminals have indeed been ordered to surrender or be citizen arrest manhunted down with AutoFace Recognition direct interface with FOIA.ONE based on everyone using ONE international ID known as IID. No one can ever steal our assets or scam con artist infiltrate any of our databases once and opens up all our general ledgers and trade history for Read-Only Open public source view.  Each of the other GOD delivered systems of complete total replacement of the old LUCIFER agenda based systems controlled by those called 'Criminal Ruling Elite'  ONLY ACTION by WE GODS people by contacting and protecting Keiths Angel Guardians will humanity learn to Self-save themselves.
  As of April 2, 2021 Keith travels Northeast of Atlanta to crowdfund mastermind teach how to Peace Make support everyone we meet and receive CALLS  to command special Prosecutors and Judges from our DOJ DOD system contact Keith's teams to provide him immediate financial and protective relief to prevent the worst terrorist attacks against GODS people from continuing to cause World War Five holocaust finale. 
    Now April 1, 2021, Keith and his Guardian Angels Mediate with all Top Corporate Executives and top few World National Presidents to resolve GODs people issues. This only occurs when GODs people contact Keith Duncan and his Trust Foundation members to host the required Conclaves to decide NEXT best National Global projects by Orders OF WE our people at local community levels by hosting Town Hall Forums by top Ethical Community Leaders today. Everyone uses to solve any issue. is YOUR solution worldwide to destroy the ability of MegaBillionaires MegaMilkionaires from taking first Profits.  ONLY ACTION by MY people to contact keith duncan and provide manna crowdfunding suport protection will the Ancient LUCIFER cyber based Criminals and Terrorists finally be identified by YOUR use of Keiths simplified technology systems.  As of March 20, 2021 not a living soul has ever been sent by GOD to teach self salvation and succeeded by always showing the TRUTH of your reality. Currently I have only $2000 USD left to my access. This left over from selling sacrificial Plasma 6 times to fly from LAX to ATLANTA to host world peace conclaves. Just left same at offices in Atlanta, now going to old WildFire Restaurant Perimeter Mall 7 pm as I also just contacted Sherry Duncan again 678-431-4002 cell to show up with MY CASH restitution and bring her/my lawyer Lauria Schilling and gather MY PEOPLE to learn WHY My=Our Father GOD created us in first place to solve our own issue by acting with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of self benefit interests called narccism.   Google Anarchy and see reality this is WHAT does to return us all back to the Garden of E.d.E.N. of FOIA.ONE so Elon Musk Neuralink can free us from the bondage of sickness and disease as I showcased by sharing all medical and GPS tracking information to PUBLIC. 
  All criminals HATE exposure, prison, and death row and will now SURRENDER otherwise will be Citizens Arrested and fast path held accountable using and  
  APRIL 1, 2021 is the dead DeadLINE FORUM CONCLAVE of all time as world is about to suffer from what we call WORLD WAR FIVE true terrorist attacks against world government leaders and local infrastructure. CALL Keith today at 725-200-7683 and book us on LIVE TV to discuss all aspects of WHY GOD created mankind in the first place. The true cause of all crime and mass poverty are lunatics who control our databases and infrastructure flow of all information.  Call the exactly who they are, Neo NWO new world order family dynasties who have spawned massive corruption back during Egypt Pharaohs who were so evil GOD sent sent MOSES to free our people. With the following reversal technology methods, WE the PEOPLE literally boot out the top Mega Corporate Pirates of the High C who claim only they are the decision makers of everything.
   THEY use OUR 1st profits and assets to buy the POLITICIANS who therefore pass bills and laws as well as sign contracts and agreements that send all first profits back to these same 'LUCIFER Deceivers'  Many are worst offenders of privacy laws and become arrogant bastards who claim they are top Decision Makers using old NWO chain of command authority. 
 The worst WMD weapons of Mass Destruction are now Heresay. He said, She said. Best BLOW JOB media attack was Bill Clinton claiming he never had sex with Monica. Same as VP canidate Gary Hart on back of Bimini Charter Fishing boat with cute blond. Name of boat was 'MONKEY BUSINESS.  Clinton, Bush, George Wallace photo in 1970s Marthas Vineyard.
    We are top and even ordained baptist Deacon from Norcross GA Peachtree Baptist Church year 1996 to when we were brutally kidnapped by orders of ROSE Oct 3, 2011 Los Vegas when we were going BACK to IRS, FBI, MILITARY in Los Angeles. Same as Oct 4, 2018 Atlanta, then  Jan 12, 2021 from LAX after prodigal sons Matt and Kyle dumped me on streets in LA rather than Atlanta, site of massive criminal networks.
    Keiths ordained divined systems uses data modeling to decide the NEXT best project independent of any GOV or corporate executive so WE GODs people decide everything. As of March 18, 2021 few have ever asked KEITH anything about reality crimes against humanity that almost killed KEITH by orders of ROBERT DEE ROSE at
  Therefore each criminal who is tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 owes keith Public Apologies and confessions on who are their other victims. This includes Norfolk VA Judge Jackson who held Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171. canceled July 15, 2011 in his hands as well as Jimmy DEAL and berry vic(sic) Reynolds, now GBI director who KEITH paid $6,000 USD to arrest Ms. Bashama Marietta PD 11.2506 robbery report KEITH filed Feb 4, 2011 and debriefed 6 Marietta CID named officers and even debriefed murdered Cobb County Judge Fabier and then Judge Robert Flourney Sept 14, 2011 with Berry VIC reynolds personally promising to arrest Ms. bashama and contact FBI AG (If I remember properly and correctly). solves and prevents the true cause of all world issues conflicts and wars of genocide are the depopulation plans of those we correctly call the Criminal Ruling Elite Mega BILK-onaires, and MILK-oniares. These are the most ruthless soul-less creatures who prey on everyone claiming only they can decide everything. They buy and pre-select the few elected GOV officials to do their bidding by ensuring only the "ELITE" take all first prophets by draining OUR assets our of the banking and Stock market real estate markets. reverses all these predatory human demonic systems once and forever. is the top only answer method to prevent and reverse all ability of same ELITE to wage war against GODs people by disbanding migrating our military families worldwide to be ONLY investigators and PEACE making shared community leaders. Military are now under command of local community cooperative collective associations.  This is common sense use of GODs covenant of NEW world UNIocracy now that humanity has ONE single World constitution of, 11 commandments, and unified ratified single DUE PROCESS of LAW that deals directly with all civil human right violators.  NO more paper chase conspiracies and coverups can ever occur once humanity shares everything with everyone by use of master final database FOIA.ONE that URL pointer links to all other world databases, libraries, and information storage repositories.  Updated March 11, 2021 by SaintKeith is total WORLD REFORM UNIocracy of the old Tribal Council FORUMS when each community decides everything about OUR next best project and use of all of GODS local assets as WE THE PEOPLE caretake everything.
Keith is GOD sent to UNIFY mankind with common sense use of old technology. As of March 12, 2021 still stranded in Disneyland Anaheim, now North Atlanta Georgia for no fault of his own. Everything I have most humbly done is to SELF SAVE Mankind from its very own Self Serving GREED of vice, sin, and crime.  Now in ATLANTA, PRESS and my top corporate Executives will meet us, protect Keiths life and rights, and command UNIocracy be YOUR new world replacement reality once and forever. 
This is Self Salvation for all humanity taught by GOD Sent Keith Brent Duncan of Atlanta GA. Each of the GOD delivered systems deals with ROOT vice, sin, crimes of PREDATORY greed. Host FORUMS in all churches, all Barangay halls, all open public park forums TODAY. Contact DUTERTE and ALL top corporate Executives and GOV few leaders RIGHT NOW. COMMAND they protect and serve GODs people and not themselves use of EVOTE.ONE applied to simple systems that empower WE Gods PEOPLE to decide the next best project that is now owned by SAME small business owners who are the Workers of all fields. Keith is stranded in Anaheim CA USA as of Feb 20, 2021 crowdfunded by YOU to emergency return to Atlanta to testify witness everything about everyone and COMMAND return of GODs pirated assets back to GODs most impoverished people in all nations of greatest needs.  This only HAPPENS once ALL of you TAKE action NOW.
Keith Duncan has Diplomatic Sovereign Immunity from all Prosecution/Persecution IID 1-19580815-1 returns +100% is the ONLY 100% direct eDemocracy of WORLD Presidents, Corp Executives, Press, and Public to jointly mediate World global Peace.
   RIGHT NOW, everyone HOST local peace rallies NOW all cities to command Press Coverage so ALL our WORLD Presidents and Corporate Executives at the top will FINALLY use our 9 step methods. 
  Keith was sent by GOD as the worlds last most powerful Civil Rights Fore founding Father of  We are top Keynote Speakers with Inventor extraordinary,  Our ordained divined broadcast work was completed summer of 2011 and was the target of Robert Dee ROSE and his terrorist cabal group including GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds and Cyclone Alexander Covey  We asked for safe haven protection below so ONE criminal investigator would contact FBI AG, NSA, CIA, Interpol and Military DOD Chief Commanders.  Never happened since only ROSE was 100% cyber GPS tracking and wiretapped all our communications infrastructure using KEITHS 1976 pioneered systems. 
  CEO Founder Keith +1 770-377-2106. JOIN NOW. is URL linked to and even deployment of empowers as now ALL law enforcement shares everything with our public who know act with fearless authority to protect the civil rights of all others with 
  As of Feb 11, 2021 at Target DisneyLand CA, not a single person has provided KEITH safe haven except Chris Chatham, Dr. barb Ann Serle, then wife Marites Duncan in Philippines, Gloria Reyes, and Lino Diamento. All others have foresaken and persecuted keith relentlessly claiming 'THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE' = the Right of WE GODS people to actually SERVE and PROTECT each other. GREED of the NWO Chain of command central authority of criminal ruling elite has been the 6000 year ancient method of slave trading and legalizing all sin, vice, and resulting criminal actions at the TOP to the BOTTOM
  Call Keith and directly command DOJ DOD any top Corporate Executive including Elon Musk, David Fountain at TVA.COM, Chuck Link at provide emergency transportation back to ANY military base including call Matthew Duncan 77-826-4632 to ask him how he expects to escape JAG death row convictions.  kbd DISBands Disarms All world Military as ONE Interpol FOIA.ONE led group of ONLY civil and criminal investigators. commands NO President or Congress or Terrorist group can ever wage war on MY GODS people. This I delivered to LANGLEY AirForceBase Sept 25, 2011 per GODs direction and Buddy Darden of we contacted 2011, Dec 27, 2020 for all others to FOLLOW-UP
  Arrived and stranded LAX Jan 12, 2021 USA to turnover all criminals with our GOD ordained engineered systems to meet the PRESS, DOJ, DOD, All World Presidents and Corp Executives to RESOLVE and reverse all HUMAN RIGHT Violations across GODs globe.  Just like Moses, Abraham, my father GODs Christ, Martin Luther 1493, Abraham Lincoln 1863, Womans Sufferage 1920's, WW2, Dr MLK 1963-1968 with JFK, then now Keith Brent Duncan.
  We have solved ALL world issues of greed using old to generate and dealt with each and every fundamental issue of Elite Wealth, Crime, Corrupt Anyone, business, Family, Spiritual, Energy, Water, total free Education and Communications transport system and focused on everyone PROTECTING KEITHS life past 10 years as we are serialized victims of ROBERT DEE ROSE and other super criminal terrorists ROSE is linked to. CALL US right now and find top CORPORATE EXECUTIVES to host as everything required is ordain divined shown on all these ressurrected 53 websites we have also LEFT BEHIND.
  As of Feb 9, 2021 we are in cardboard box Anaheim near Disneyland unable to motive anyone to escort us to TESTIFY anything at all.  Just like fall of 2010-2011 when ROSE was cyber stalking our every mega millionaire contract work of IseeStand PhoneCradle and saw I had buiilt free world soverign System and  over 125 other gifted shared GODS wisdom and knowledge sites including and now
  Youtube.COM/UNIocracy.  Surely I was always forefounding father #1 evangelist Scientist Engineer frontliner human rights activist my entire life. DO any background check on us, then CALL BIDEN, PRESS, TRUMP, DOJ DOD, literally everyone you know to COMMAND I be escorted to turn over live key witness evidence and HOST required Mediated Press Conferences with ALL our top world Presidents with focus on TOP corporate Mega Executives like Elon Musk, Bill Gaters, Larry Page, Larry Ellison (oracle) and all listed on  THEY alone are MY PEOPLE i grew up with as we arre indeed the core computer scientists who deployed the internet electronics world everyone uses hourly.
  keith is STILL alive, and being severely persecuted, forsaken, and criminally blocked each time post Aug 23, 2011 Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683 as ROSE confessed he WAS a cyber super terrorist to his own lawyer and under cross examination by keith since Berry VIC REYNOLDS, JIMMY DEAL, FBI, AG, Police REFUSED to show up to arrest seize this most ruthlerss serial murderer conspirator now hiding as fugitive is only answer to snipewr kill any world roaming terrorist once and forever.  Keith is our simple 6,000 - 3400 year old system Barter Direct Exchange system as the middle agents now take first profits in legally binding contract commission. We (Keiths + Gods People) dynamically eVote on who are all Corporate executives, WHO are the religious leaders, WHO are the criminals, WHO are delegated to build OUR next best projects. We control the benefits pay of ALL our leaders no exceptions. No Secrets is the ONLY answer methods to UNIFY all of mankind with Peace + Love.
  All the investors seller buyer BROKER parties now take last profits. Repeat LAST Profits, never again FIRST profits.
  All systems driven by GODs original Computer Methods
  All Producers and End Consumers all take highest profits and lowest end user prices. No news event will ever drain our principal investments or growth profits ever again. This eliminates all top Corporate executives who embezzle our profits.
  Sent by GOD to redeem and teach self-salvation methods at all levels, we always thought others were sent to accomplish total equality peace forever.  God recently said NO, only a few of his most humble angel guardians are sent one by one to intervene at all levels of society. On Dec 23, we have near zero cash, yet grow in value well over $1 Million USD per day since Oct 3, 2011 after Rose almost succeeded in murdering Keith, his people + you.
  Dec 30, 2020. Final Answer: We (led by Forefounding Father were sent by GOD to restore GODs assets and commandments back to the most impoverished people of our world. We have offered to be interviewed by anyone about anything past 62 years. We have OFFERED to be appointed to any Presidential Peace Process Cabinet position worldwide to mediate that is also Gods first and last method of achieving total Equality peace. Few understand that NWO has existed 5,000 years ago. Exactly 1,000 years ago, LUCIFER agents controlled by Roman Catholic Popes and Mafia Bankers crusaded to conquer all Muslims.  
  We were legally authorized to place bounty rewards on heads of all criminals centuries ago. Contact us today.
  Everyone direct contact Everyone now! same as Fall 2011.  First bounty Citizens Arrest was always $100 Million USD on Amy-Robert Dee ROSE, then $1 Million USD bounty on each head of: GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds, CyberTerrorist Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey (678)596-6008 2007-11-20.
The most Profitable Landmark Class Action Lawsuit Miscarriage of Justice is USA GOV + CreatorKeith versus All below.
    Focus mass media coverage special Prosecutor Supreme Court Rulings on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 criminally signed Dec 13, 2013 by cyber criminal Sally Q Yates (404)572-2723, Canton GA Atty cyber criminal Ross Grisham (678)880-9360 $27.5K Paid Nov 2011 to contact FBI AG + Marietta Atty BC Chopra and order AG + Military JAG protect my life, criminal Norcross Ga Atty Jimmy Deal(770)263-7300 has megaBillions of all evidence 2008-today.  FBI Conspiracy Murder for Hire Atlanta GA Agents: Lynn ? Oct 5, 2018, Janet ? + Matthew ? on Nov 14, 2010, IRSWBFeb2009-658 criminal conspirator agents Maurice, Jack Fisher, through Keiths Atty Vivian Hoard $1,500+ Tom Chorey $8,000 homewaves Partnership law firm. All in Atlanta.,, Norfolk VA Criminals Judge Jackson Public Defender Phoenix Harris, AUSAG Dee Sterling (757)591-4000, each Judge, DA, Prosecutor and clerk of Courts in Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton, Forsyth, and Gwinnett County Georgia who we clearly visited each time.  Includes NewPort News + Norfolk VA each Judge, AG,  all lawyers with focus on ATF Special Agent William Banks, AG Robert Bradenham (757)591-4000. Focus also on Judge Jackson at Norfolk Federal Courthouse. PUT HIM on DEATH ROW today.
  $1 Million USD bounty on heads of each DUNCAN clan who KNEW keiths life was threated by terrorist ROSE and KNEW the Gag TPO 11.1.1171.99 was dismissed so Berry Vic Reynolds personally told me and Judge Robert Fourney on Sept 16 2011 they would be arrested and turned over to FBI AG.. Sherry Duncan +1 770-825-0500 Cell (678)431-4002 , Matthew V duncan 770-826-4632, Kyle Duncan 770-655-5546, Paige Lea Duncan Collins (207)812-8199, Douglas vernon Duncan of Cary NC. 919-271-9050 who threaten to kill me by his professional group of GUNclub Assassins Associates on Mon, Nov 23, 2015 12:31pm.  Clearly he goes on DEATH ROW for 4 people criminally filed 4 false TPO gag orders. Doug filed Wake County Raleigh NC Sheriff Dept  Feb 2012 after I called EVERYONE commanding I be release same day, then, as right now so I can FINALLY testify EVERYTHING to everyone ON how NWO CRIMINAL TERRORISTS AT HIGHEST LEVELs of Corporations and Governments worldwide are systematically depopulating MY FatherGODs world by YOUR funding all the war machines, and named executives always taking first profits to cyber crime attack anyone who opposes their KING HONG KONG iron clad dominance over MY people.   PROTECT us TODAY and CALL us right now.
    Focus $5 Million USD bounty on  on Judge Jackson Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 as even he criminally blocked the Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dated Feb 23, 2011 and July 15, 2011. Each defrauded YOU = the USA Government that is a FELONY CAPITAL crime series that has never been prosecuted SINCE Rose first infiltrated Corp and GOV databases including his overseas clients back in 1995 his age of 24. His DOB is FOIA 1-19710401-1 (death row Negative -99% unsavable).  This updated finalSoution last time Dec 26, 2020 as we truly return to Heaven soon to extract vengeance wrath on all world criminals who refuse to surrender by use of EVotE.ONE that is truly GODs own BOOK of LIFE of who are integrity focused free will citizens versus NWO criminals. easy as 1,2,3 5STEPS. disBANDs all world military as Norfolk VA, San Diego CA are first targets of WW5 terrorists, then your mega coastal cities are attacked to cut off all communications, banking, travel, food distribution. Martial Law riots then destroy GODs world and End times occurs forever.  Reality was always easy to see. Protect Keiths life today.
    This alone destroys the LUCIFER AGENDA that is brainwashed cult of the Criminal Ruling Elite who are the NWO only old decision makers. The GOV was never the issue.  Sept 2010 to Nov 26, 2020 to end of time we called for Hosted Mediated World Presidents and Corporate Executives to empower WE GODs people to decide everything.
  This is ONLY GODs way to achieve warLESS world equality Peace now that all military families and Officers work directly for Keith Brent Duncans anti all Crime, anti Politics, Anti Cyber criminal Investigators who command Peace be achieved.
  Call EVERYONE focus on GOV Brian Kemp 404-656-1776, 800 436-7442 who can easily host Press Conferences to put Berry VIC Reynolds on Death ROW by simply calling TRUMP / Biden, DOJ, DOD, and Press as we have done long ago.
  Key person with latest criminal evidence Sally Q Yates 404-572-2723, Jimmy Deal, 770-528-080 law office, GBI 404-244-2600 Berry Vic Reynolds, GA Gov Brian Kemp 404-656-1776, literally EVERYONE, and Tom HAAG +1 (702)349-9337, US Marine Matthew Vernon Duncan and 10,000 of my followers, Peers, Pastors, and top Corp Executives and reality GOV leaders We have personally recruited past 44 years. Each person has been legally informed that aiding and abetting cyber criminal terrorists is a felony capital crime for refusing to turn over ANY top evidence to Keiths new DOSJ Dept of Social Justice that is CLEARLY Keith is ONLY PERSON who shows reality of everything, timemark 10 min shows how Hash BlockChain #s are easy to regenerate. Our System prevents all cyber crime attacks once and forever. CSPRNG
  NONCES are shown as true random # sequences used to secure our data. Totally unhackable known as RNKeith
  Our system backtracks all communications using all registered Electronic devices stored in tied to video of original source person. NO one can ever steal anything, Lie, Hide or escape our DOSJ auto Investigative systems.  Matthew only VIDEO known to exist is CLICK: Youtu.BE/JepqkbdD_Xc for his Citizens JAG Arrest, showing how he earned $500 usd daily Norcross GA USA. Other reality is seen on TeenMM.Space
  ROSE is shown worldWide as #1088 Youtu.BE/3z4POrGWfxM
 Protect Keith and your lives by CALLING us SKYPE: TeenMM, provide Press Conferences as we arrive Jan 12, 2020 LA or ? to continuously show how 1 Robbery Marietta PD 1.11.2506 and two criminally granted GAG TPOs Cobb County 11.1.1171 11.1.8376 subsequently dismissed were never shown by anyone including Berry Vic Reynolds my $6K lawyer, then DA, now GBI director that I had most formally asked for safe haven protection fall of 2011 to simply turn over everything as well as all crime networks using common sense of most powerful profitable Press Conferences ever held. is GODs commandments used by WE keiths People to decide everything about our own reality and destiny. is worlds last open public database storage repository linking to all other forms of human knowledge wisdom. eliminates all corporate executives worldwide who personally profiteer from our assets + growth. is self direct funded free world internet, food, education, smart cellphones for all +7.8B People. prevent reverses all wars started by criminal bankers, R.E. Stock Brokers, Fossil Fuel terrorists, and other cyber crime LUCIFERS.  This alone acheives total global equality social peace once and forever. destroys all criminal political control over our world electricity and water. also uses to exile, convict, and death row any violator offender of our basic civil rights. is only singularity World Constitution ratified by WE keiths people to deal with all basic laws. unifies all religious denominations while retaining all theology of those who Serve+ Protect all others. prevent reverses all cyber crime infiltration of any transaction worldwide with use of keith.
 =  All other singular answer solution methods are cross reference perfected showcased here.
Keiths system migrates billions of our people to higher elevations and enforces honesty at all levels. Our top world leaders are now Keith and our top IQ engineers, scientists, Researchers, Computer Scientists, Doctors, humanitarian frontliners. Training is provided by, and world headquarters Master Mediators.
  We alone have turned over all criminals and URL linked evidence to every known law enforcement DOJ DOD agency known to man. We hereby recruit everyone to replace all law systems with Keiths DOSJ Dept Official Social Justice.
Protecting our lives(s) is #1 most critical issue to ensure our new world is your new reality.
  #1 Requirement from 2010 was to PROTECT Keiths life and HOST PRESS CONFERENCES with world Presidents and leaders to UNIFY mankind by eliminating the worst criminals who Cyber attack OUR GOV, DOJ, DOD, and corporations.  We are the SOLE/ONLY masters of all expertise who built the state of the art technology everyone currently uses. From NCSU 1976 forward, we pioneered the Stock Market, Banking, Commercial Communications infra-structure at all levels Mainframes to micro electronics. We were clearly sent BY GOD as your Angel Guardian saviors.
  The criminal Banksters and Stock Market Real Estate Corporate Brokers are the LUCIFERS who always take first profits of our work labor efforts. They use OUR growth assets to hire LLP Liar Lawyers and accountants to hide the criminal embezzlement as 'write offs', off-sets, and company business expenses while they take little pay in cash = NO Taxes. Corporate Executive Stock Options and Deferred Pay along with Corporate Golden Perks are the most criminal legalized embezzlement system of depopulating my Fathers World by a few million top executives using Cyber Criminals like ROE to control our databases and record keeping General Ledger accounting systems that show everything.
    Expecting any single political party (NWO) to SAVE our world is a LUCIFER agenda 6000 years old. Moses was first engineer author to force false GODs to release MY people. NOW WE GODs people exile and imprison anyone who violates OUR basic human rights to be free will citizens who own and care take everything. is clearly worlds first=last B-Trillionaire USD mediator of your new world system free of all criminals.

 List of World Commandment Directive Covenants.

    March 28, 2021 with renew dates. Duncan Guardian Angel Trust Foundation Philanthropists of Aug 6, 2021  Fullfillment of Old testament and prophecies of previous messengers., Sep 12, 2021  Eric Nagapatan small business example. Aug 6, 2021  #1 consultant Mediator of all time. Keith Duncan Sep 26, 2021 Original INC year 2009 master of all trade expertise. Aug 6, 2021  Dup backup. Aug 7, 2021   Manila Livelyhood system trainer educators. Aug 7, 2021  Community Crime Watch Guardians of our world. Sep 4, 2021   Spiritual Leaders UNITE to reform each community. Aug 7, 2021  dup same.  Business Email  Apr 11, 2021 Aug 16, 2021  Clearing house of all world saving solutions. Aug 7, 2021  Concert of Peace Makers held worldwide. Aug 9, 2021  Single world eDemocracy voting central system Aug 9, 2021   Dup same. Aug 29, 2021   Worlds last stabilizing Open Public database of everything. Aug 6, 2021  Dup same Aug 6, 2021  year 2009 system of Broadcasting of Where is Keith. Sep 26, 2021  Gloria Reyes in Manila Consulting services, Sep 13, 2021  Philippines only Federalism system gifted 2019 Aug 7, 2021  Human Stabilizer system patented 2009 Sep 4, 2021   Worlds central emergency clearing open communication system. Aug 19, 2021  One new world currency system of kDebits and kCredits. Aug 19, 2021  Replaces Mark of Beast 666 with autotracking of named elite and violators. Aug 7, 2021 Original Network expansion system of pure integrity ethics. Aug 7, 2021  Citizens arrest of Borderless Justice using Bounty Reward system. Aug 7, 2021  decentralizing of ownership of ALL electricity production worldwide. Sep 27, 2021  Prime GODs focus to unify mankind at one time. April 1, 2021. Was Sept 2011. Sep 27, 2021 dup backup. Aug 7, 2021  Patent worth over $500 Million USD by year 2013. Aug 21, 2021. New world Corporate By-Law System as low investors get 1st profits. Sep 12, 2021  Name of Keith Duncan from Gods world viewpoint. Aug 6, 2021 backup duplication. Some use word CLONE. Aug 6, 2021 Prime 2 methods to prevent ANY ID theft worldwide. Aug 6, 2021 Prime anti all drug education livelyhood training system. Aug 6, 2021  Transfer of over $500 Trillion USD of wealth to mountains. Aug 19, 2021  Total world Judicial TORT reform for all humanity. Aug 6, 2021  Single New world stabilizing Constitution once and forever. Aug 6, 2021 backup dup. Aug 8, 2021 All military families convert as ONLY world communityh Investigators. Aug 6, 2021 dup backup. Feb 14, 2022. For Phillippines to be Sovereign Ambassador free citizens. Aug 6, 2021  Prime methods of achieving total world equality financial peace forever. Aug 6, 2021 dup backup. Aug 6, 2021 Conversion of all electricity production to all Hydro Turbine power. Aug 7, 2021 small business education all systems. Aug 7, 2021  Reality of fast path elimination of all world criminal terrorists,. Sep 13, 2021  Summary final solution of GODs engineered plans of self salvation. Sep 1, 2021 Patent 2012 (1976) 50% conservation of all world electricity power. Aug 6, 2021  Will of Majority of each communities determines NEXT best project. Aug 6, 2021 dup backup.

wawadam.spaceSep 13, 2021  NEast of Manila major hydro Power project mWatts free energy. Sep 13, 2021 Same project of new mixed used development owned by Filipinos. Jan 9, 2022  Describes WHO is the son of Man. Sep 4, 2021  100% free technology, wifi, open free education exchange for mankind. Aug 6, 2021 dup backup.

### End of Master Keiths List.


Here is the master list of Website broadcast Covenants of for world to see they are ONLY persons to deal with their own reality today. was why GOD pro-Created Keith Brent Duncan IID 1-19580815-1 to host required press conferences with all top world C Executives and World Presidents now deadly deadline of April 1, 2020. Original SAME press conclave conferences were Sept 14, 2011 when Keith went direct to WSB750AM Condance Pressley, and went to Sally Q Yates as GA Attorney General to request federal protection against ONLY Robert Dee ROSE the most ruthless cyber criminal terrorist from year 1995 by his very own Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683 Aug 24, 2011 attempts to have KEITH arrested so ROSE could finally destroy everything that GOD gifted YOU = humanity.  Keith at cell 725-200-7683. SKYPE: TeenMM. 


Keith duncan 



s easy.

List WorldChangers Dec 22 is/was Worlds Last total Equality Peace Accord Summit.

  Clearly we are GODS guardian angel scientist engineers who pioneered all the current technology to advance our civilization to all Digital, electronic paperless, inherently crime free society of updated 2020-11-28 from remote Manila. Contact us today to see how we have fully paid for transfer of trillions of USD/Euros back to YOU, my people.

  We clearly asked for USA GOV at all levels to protect our lives (safe Haven) summer of 2011 at required AG sally Q yates and USA Military Level.  We have been severely persecuted and tortured (kidnapped) 5 times = 900 days for all time lined reasons as we turned over all Criminals to everyone since Jan 2008 because GOD put all these stupid criminals in our path to showcase WHO are the most ruthless top criminals and cyber terrorists.

  If we have violated ANY Law, please prosecute us NOW since we have been forsaken and persecuted relentlessly by anti Christ super criminal Robert Dee Rose from Oct 2007 forward.  We called for same unification system the fall of 2011 with keiths visit to Langley Air Force Base seen on to find a single investigator to protect his life and TURN-OVER everything on Robert Dee ROSE and each person who violates your rights using ancient method of enforced integrity Citizens Arrest seen on Now on intrinsic persistent
  On Nov 26-27, 2020 ALL World Presidents and Corporate Executives MEET on-Line to resolve all issues WORLD wide on WHY $$$ wars even persist. 9 simple itemized agenda resolve 98% of all world wars, issues, problems, any conflict worldwide.

  NOW last Deadly Deadline is Dec 22 2020 since NOT a 'DAMN SOUL' has ever testified the reality TRUTH of WHO are the criminals.

  9 POINT AGENDA for all World Presidents and Corporate Executives to resolve.
1. Identify worst world problems. Mediate + Solve all Issues shared collectively.
2. FOIA.oneIID Share all information evidence who violate our laws.
3. Assign to find terrorists with FOIA.ONE
4. Agree to redistribute crime wealth to 3rd world nations in greatest need using Evote.One NGsystem funds everything..
5. Agree to transfer millions of our young adults to places of greatest needs with WorldSchoolFund.Org
6. Agree to remove all laws and regulations that prohibit from being free trade barter society.
7. Agree to eliminate all corporate corrupt individuals using will of Free Citizens with by EVOTE.ONE.
8. Agree to IID and eliminate all DOJ system people who violate laws using
Sept 25, 2011 Langley AFBASE SolutionRedDot
9. Today. Protect the lives of Keith + those of highest IQ integrity merit. deals with ROOT criminal issue of greed of legalized EMBEZZLEMENT of our PROFITS by Mega B-Millionaires who take First Profits using Corporate Stock Options, Deferred Compensation secret contracts, Corp Perk benefits, live off OUR publicly traded banks and corporate Stock profits and hire LLP self protected Liar Lawyers and accountants to cover up their extreme hidden wealth by using 'WRITE-OFFS', operational expenses offsets, other data accounting secret methods of claiming only THEY can decide on anything regarding investments, company policies, and the Corporate By-Laws that only Board of Directors decide put Trillions of USD/EUROS in their accounts that drain OUR assets we have growth earned.

  The worst crimes against humanity are caused by top world Cyber Criminals (ROSE and Alexander Cyclone Covey of AgileLawy,) Named Bankers, Stock Market Broker Executives, Real Estate Brokers, and underground criminal networks. Retired Military Officers are running the worst Military Industrial Complex to wage $$ war on other nations on false promises of Protecting GODs energy and natural resources of water, land, food, and air. The worst violators of our old DOJ Constitutional Due Process of Law are ??(no idea the percentage) of rogue FBI AG IRS + Police investigators who claim REPORT ONE TIME, and NEVER contact or visit back. They (FBI and Lawyers) know that serial VICTIMS are clearly showcasing everyone they contact and debriefing until the criminals are actually SEIZED. So many are VIOLATING all Constitutional Laws starting with DUE PROCESS of Law, Right to redress grievances against criminals (NOT the governments), and right to face ANYONE in a court of OPEN LAW over live streamed OCTV recorded testimony.  Now ANYONE can be cross examined on the witness stand including any President, CONGRESS, Judge, Lawyer, Corporate Executive, literally everyone faces their self JUDGMENT day procreated by Keiths angel guardians. Use of human stabilizing engineering systems of ISeeStand PhoneCradle was gifted to humanity patent 2009 in Atlanta GA to empower everyone to be enforcers of Integrity. is the most persistent intrinsic irrevocable omniPresent webcasts of all time from 2008 forward.

   The last series of World Broadcasts of GODs old=new world system are

  Robert Dee ROSE showcased criminally infiltrated USA GOV and Corporate Databases since 1995. He tried to recruit KEITH to be cyber crime terrorist. I was SHOCKED.  I sued him for fraud and RICO, he infiltrated my homes and intercepted all my business communications as I was 100% active selling off true billions of USD of intellectual Property ISeeStand PhoneCradle, and worlds last anti-all crime system of  Use of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE forever eliminates any criminal and cyber fraudster from stealing GODs assets as we are ALL caretakers of our FatherGOD resources.  ALL of us.  Keiths system is OLD method of holding everyone accountable who violates the rights at any level of anyone else.  OUR very OWN POLICE, FBI, AG, most other law enforcement NEVER EVER protect the lives and assets of VICTIMS of ORGANIZED CRIME for all reasons showcased on +250 world broadcast SELF-Saving webcasts and 100% professional new world market R&D systems.   We clearly were sent by GOD to overturn all world criminal networks once and forever. Hence Duncan.

  #1 requirement was for TOP CORPORATE executives to PROTECT keiths life and command our OLD NWOrder system USE our tech simple system of to empower WE GODs people to decide everything.

  As of Nov 25, 2020 I remain impoverished out of my own $500 MILLION USD profits I would have earned by year 2015 by ANY professional evaluation. MY 'exit strategy' was always to sell off everything and gift it to 3rd world nations as #1 first and last trillionaire seed funder gifter Angel Guardian Trust Foundation Duncan.  NO ONE ever asks me anything of reality so we have answered ALL aspects of HOW to fast path replace all known forms of governments and Mega Corporation executives by ORDER Command of WE his people using as our worlds last system to unify our own human race.

  SURELY anyone can contact us and ask us ANYTHING as we are the fore founding Fathers of YOUR new world

     All Banks and Stock Markets are hereby abolished/replaced for any refusal of executives to execute

Aug 15, 1958, Clearly I was sent by GOD. I always thought thousands, even millions of like minded persons have my own GOD focus to UNIFY Mankind once and forever. 1% of mankind HAVEs Ruling Elite only focus on Profits and dominance at any cost. 99% of man is brain washed by cult zealots to believe ONLY centralized authority pyramid false Gods can decide their reality and destiny fate. I have been defrauded, robbed, threatened, persecuted relentlessly, almost murdered/assassinated/martyred so many times, I lost count. All to prevent the top criminals worldwide from being exposed and suffering torture at the hands of YOU, my most beloved 7.8 billion people. NO ONE really fearlessly acts with authority to protect the rights of all others. If they DID, our world would already be 100% Peace as migrated citizens traveling everywhere as 100% free will citizens who cooperatively cooperative communally share everything.

  Zero Secrets means only stupid crooks, criminals and racist idiots would dare violate your rights for fear of being held accountable for their misdeeds and actions that harm others. Surely anyone can protect my=our live by contacting us NOW and escort us to testify WITH all World Leaders at all levels on exactly how THEY must be 100% highly paid consultant advisor administrators and NOTHING else.  Surely our young generation will RISE UP and overthrow replace any mid-top level LUCIFER by commanding they exile each other.

   The government corrupt individuals will scream bloody murder they have been exposed for taking campaign contributions, favors, and kick-back graft assets for passing all those mad man-made laws, contracts, bids, regulations, taxes that only impoverish my 7.8 billion People. this is the Lucifer Agenda that originated with Egyptian Pharaohs who enslaved GOD's people claiming they were gods who took orders from RA Sun GOD. Moses was first engineer to record methods of how to FREE our people from the brainwashing indoctrination of WHO are the TOP leaders. Same as today as self genocide of our human race is the #1 sin vice crimes against humanity all caused by original sin of SELF-Entitlement GREED. Keith is currently worlds first=last B-Trillionaire no one acknowledges.

  Keith is returning to heaven soon, maybe even Nov ??, 2020 since NO ONE has ever protected his RIGHTS to mediate to world on HOW to solve all basic issues and PREVENT further occurrences forever Using as the prime generator of all.

    Prime channel = is the LAST world Webcast to UNIFY mankind. Based on #3 of eVOTE.ONE, we Keith=GODs people control and own everything as GOD's caretakers of HIS/HER earth and soon our visits to the last Frontier *.SPACE series. We = Keiths people pay for everything since GOD's resources surround us all. The Lucifers (agenda) have brainwashed most to falsely THINK only a few Presidents, Congress and Corporate Mega Billionaire Executives have the original intention interest to SERVE and PROTECT all of us. is the ONLY ordained divined education system to UNIFY our entire human race forever. The most profound system was engineered by GOD at dawn of man. Keiths work is the methods to achieve total world equality peace by eliminating all Lucifers who are collectively known as the New World Order, Criminal Ruling Elite,, and cyber crime terrorists starting with Robert Dee Rose.  We are the Guardian Angels sent by our Higher Spiritual Power to mediate all World Presidents and Leaders how to be free will caretakers of our Father GOD's resources. Failures to respond and protect our lives will result in death of Earthlings in a few months.

Join -Receive Common Stock

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    Become a UNIFIED World UNIocracy member today!

These are the base requirements for ownership of Stock

using new world bylaws so you control our actions.

#1 You must be committed to be 100% honest and ethical. Teach others to do same.

#2 You must always contribute to the benefit welfare of others.

#3 You must recruit everyone you meet to tell them about Keith.

#4 Other requirement is use to solve any other issue.

#5 Always: Love, Care, and Protect the rights and lives of everyone.

#6 Contribute your own assets, talents, and expertise for the well-fare advancement of everyone. 

   Keith returns to heaven soon, same as the rest of you who join here. The balance of criminals go to Hell to be tormented by the exiled LUCIFERS lead by #1 Robert Dee Rose / Cyclone Covey +

Berry Vic Reynolds, each of the Liar-Lawyers-Judges tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 and Marietta P.D. 1-11-2506 conspiracies to Murder Keith, maybe even Sally Q Yates, maybe even you. Only GOD, Keith, and our crusaders will now pass judgment on everyone else.  Passing Judgment was always legalized by GOD and each of you.  Use of now empowers you to decide your own fate. UNIFIES Mankind using our simple technology of WHO is WHO worldwide.  webcasts are the ONLY technology solution method sets of HOW to UNIFY 7.8 Billion WE Keiths People by decentralizing everyone and everything so NO LUCIFER bankers, stock Market Corp Executives cyber criminal terrorists can ever take FIRST PROFITS by killing our Scientist Prophets led by Saint Keith sent by GOD.
Only by WE Keiths People eliminating the worst Embezzlers at Banker and Stock Market Executive levels will WE the PEOPLE destroy the true LUCIFERS of underground cyber criminal terrorist enterprises. is the common sense 3 step method to overthrow anyone WHO takes 1st profits known as embezzlement of our principal investments and interest profits WE earn as a direct 100% result of our efforts, not 'THEIRS'. Keith and a few others were clearly sent by GOD to unify mankind as Equality Profit Small business enterprise owners. We show HOW to pro-create crime free barter Network trading system platforms using FOIA.ONE as worlds #1 master educator keynote mediators.
  Most CRITICAL final Press Conference PEACE SUMMIT deadly deadline was Sept 25, 2011 (20Eleven)  to achieve world peace. Subsequent direct contact visit calls have always resulted in DEAD SILENCE from my 7.8 billion PEOPLE.
  No honest persons have been found past 12 years to PROTECT keiths Angel Guardian life and extreme IP Property. Prevents ALL Pandemics + Crime at time EVOTE 100% decision based society. Duncan is Gods Guardian Angel Mediator World Affairs Overseer soon based in Lyons France Interpol, Milan Italy, Geneva/Zurich, Bejing, Moscow, Hong Kong, NYC and even N. Korea because of that prevents ALL wars forever.
   All World Presidents are hereby COMMANDED to use our mediation to destroy the criminal terrorists forever.
    If Keith disappears one final time for any reason, complete everything I have left behind on URL linked sites.  I remain impoverished and DENIED all YOUR rights to seek quick swift CONVICTIONS of all tied to ROSE. This applies to 7.8 billion people, the Constitutional right to quickly receive restitution paybacks.
  All forms of governments and corporations was always WHY we HIS=THE PEOPLE even allowed Government officials to SERVE and PROTECT WE = Keith = GODS world people. All corporate Executives who embezzle are now exiled using that eliminates well over 95% of banks, and almost ALL stock Markets as totally UNNEEDED once my people use kBitCoins FinalStockMarket and other to hold everyone accountable with NO secrets showing NO ONE can HIDE from the EVOTE.ONE majority rule of WE Keiths People. Updated Sept 13, 2020.
  It was always easy to eliminate all Violator Criminal Lucifer Terrorists all at one time using GODs new world covenant 100% criminal Investigators of provides free food, education, Hi Speed kInet, so young generation runs our Open New World. puts millions of criminals in HELL PRISON and Death row by action of WE his people EVOTE.ONE store and forward worlds last open public database shared wisdom knowledge FOIA.ONE conceived 1976.
ACTION by YOU=WE Keiths people is teaching all mankind how to SOLVE all their own basic issues at all levels. Videos and R&D top forensic data modeling dissertations located here are indisputable and clearly show the LUCIFER Agendas we all now DESTROY by ACTION by mediating directly with the OLD World Presidents and Corporate Executives as everyone benefits by using Keiths services and old gifted products of total VISION, Wisdom, and GOD's level of IQ state of the art knowledge base.  The Lucifer Agenda system is so complex we have broken it down systematically by the systems shown at Cross Ref.  Only by ACTION of WE his people with Press Conferences will unification occur. is GODs sent as FOIA.ONE immediately SOLVES all the worst Cyber, Criminals, Terrorists worldwide. NEVER been done before since the top criminals like ROBERT DEE ROSE of are actively being protected by ?? inside FBI, AG, IRS, Military, appears to be now CIA and NSA. Only requires a few to drain trillions of USD out of our Banks and corporate enterprises. Just buy a master password and back door and BAM, KA-BOOM, a super criminal controls everything. Contact WORLDS #1 top anti-all crime expert Keith Brent Duncan at cell 09173354300. SKYPE: BuiltBYKeith2
   Contact All Presidents + military to escort us today to TESTIFY on WHO is GOD + WHO are YOU + Who is keith.
ONLY by extreme ACTION of 7.8 Billion Keiths People will UNIFICATION be commanded to HAPPEN once and forever.  Call and escort us now to testify.
We are the most powerful total expertise mastermind Engineer Scientist Guardian Angels in world history who pioneered all aspects of data communications  banking, stock market, communications infrastructure that ties humanity together one degree of separation. We were clearly dispatched by GOD 1-19580815-1 to teach all how to UNIFY forever.
  The greatest Lucifer WALLs of deception are named Criminals who embezzle my FatherGods resources on claims this benefits my people. SolutionSafeWater.ORG return full communications ownership and almost FREE energy forever. NO ONE can ever deny our rights once EVOTE.ONE and other solutions become our new world Universal Stabilizing Systems. Sept 13, 2020.
UNIocracy is How to DeCentralize Everything and Everyone Forever. This is the most powerful GOD messenger delivered legacy system to restore and empower humanity to ACT with Fearless Authority to protect the rights of all others before thinking of self entitlement benefits. Last update July 11, 2020 8pm Gods timeline. Contact Crusader Saint to send him to NEXT greatest place of need. We have already commanded arrests of all felony violators Sept 2011 forward. So far, not a 'DAMN Biblical Soul' has asked us who we have always been. Our legacy history is so impeccably honest in GODs sight and a few of our original FollowKeith people, Keith is dismayed and eve disillusioned by the total GREED of his people who refuse to use our systems enforced ethics Required by GOD + all who see exactly WHO keith brent duncan 1-19580815-1 (+ 100% integrity) always was, + is, + is to come.
Most critical is bank + stock market eVoters use
1st requirement from Sept 25, 2011 is for Military to escort us to safe Haven to debrief them + turn over all terrorist evidence and new world Anti-Crime Prevention systems.
2. Press Conferences live TV with Trump + DOD + DOJ and any other prime agencies.
3. Deployment of all the answers we have broadcast.
4. Return of all crime assets back to victims + mankind.
5. Complete the systems we have been ordered to gift.
      contains the PRIME Webcasts from GOD delivered by SaintKeith Duncan.
Aug 19, 2020. Humanity is self-genocide focused as few understand WHO controls our GOD gifted assets. Cyber Terrorists roam freely since past centuries they control flow of all information.  We Keith's people now use our old EVOTE.ONE system to eliminate ANYONE who violates our laws in record time. This is the basis for all the reasons GOD sent Keith to teach 7.8 billion people how to SHARE communally GODs resources.
July 31, 2020. Anyone can emergency return Keith as #1 international hero of all from fall 2011. How can this be? simple. I am forefounder of New World that teaches world at all levels how to BENEFIT each other. When do we meet our adoring crowds at the NEXT greatest places of needs live streamed Forums Press Conferences always required.  WHEN was always the #1 requirement on KEITHs and GODS timeline.  Keith is clearly the unknown Tech Savior of all time.  No one in world history has ever mediated all issues in person + remotely his entire life.
  Resurrected on Aug 7, 2020 for use Aug 15, 2020 World Presidential final Peace Accord. All to UNIFY mankind.  Everyone in My FatherGods world is engineer linked to all other aspects of time, space, and material. The Holy Spirit of GOD lives in each of YOU led by Saint Keith as we search for OTHER prophets last 40 years..
   Only by ACTION of WE Keith's People will the LUCIFERS finally be eliminated forever.
   Each of these* world webcasts are designed to interlink Humanity once and forever.  -Singularity A.I. system for replacing all known forms of governments and mega corps. -May be used by Keiths surviving -Top level of the Last Testament Covenant from GOD through his GodSon saintKeith. In progress as of Aug 11, 2020 as ultimate backup system in case I die, am martyred, or just return to heaven someday soon -Prevents all Mega Corporate Executive Crimes  -basis for everything to achieve Equality peace forever.  2010 broadcast originally on,  see below.
     Even 1976 method of preventing any and all Identify theft of anything.  -same backup. May be used by Keiths surviving -most powerful ministry to migrate transfer mega millionaires w/ Trillions of USD wealth. -Prevents all wars by combining all military forces Peace Keeping Crime investigators. -Free World Communications kNET, free meals and education for all our humanity.  -Final Solution of ONE world eVOTE system, 1 Covenant Commandments, and 1 universal Human = GOD Bill of Rights to stabilize the HUMAN CONDITION of predatory greed, sin, and vice.   -same - Self evident that hearsay heresy by Criminals is the current weapons of mass destruction.  -Universal kDevice all electronic electric control system that prevents any crime.  Is the ONLY method of free hydro power generation for humanity to prosper.   Richard M Valles -paranormal Paranoid USA ex military living in Bacoor. believes in ETs.  Showcases how any community can guard and secure with our Angel Guardian methods.  -Carlito Carmito.  christD and ChristDomain. Unifies all religions into ONE mutual SPIRITUAL Order of GOD+keith.    Reality of why Robert Dee Rose is the prime ANTIChrist Lucifer network.    teenm was 2005  evBOOK of gifted to all humanity.  original Visual Human Stabilizer technology patent 2009 worth over $1 Bityillion IP rights.  original universal mounting system for any cell kDevice or webcam.  Original SolutionDrugs describes the history of Drug abuse by criminals and USAGOV  -the Last Testament for mankind to use. I do not have time to re-compile 62 years of work.  -Who Keith has always been. this site. -2009 designed to self-track all my world ministry travels as GODs modeler for all of you. -The original clearinghouse of all solutions to achieve total equal world peace.   -Original Consultant engagement model for generating minimum $20 Million USD/yearly. -keith is worlds last International Merchant of Free barter Exchange trading. -same.  saintkeith  Expired July 2020. Link is  keith duncan.
 UNIOCRACY  is the ONLY form of NON-GOVERNMENT that empowers all my +7.8 Billion people to be free will citizens. Elimination of ALL law violators is easy with CITIZENS arrest and use of all of GODs gifted resource methodology I have personally webcast and left behind for use by EVERYONE. otherwise ALL of you die a most horrible death now.
Everything is near perfected CROSS Referenced on
  Everyone INSIDE USA GOV + others are Required by LAW to contact us today.
July 11, 2020 7 days AFTER last required World President Peace Accord Summit for lack of ANY mass publicity last 15 years on WHAT keith was sent by GOD to complete. HOW to UNIFY our human race by eliminating all violators once and forever using 100% direct democracy using shared cell phones and any eDevice interlinked with (r)(c)(tm) Patent TurnOffLights.SPACE that empowers each of you to decide your own reality and near term destiny fate... 1124-SolutionPeace-UNIocracy ### We The PEOPLE own and control EVERYTHING with UNIocracy sent by GOD thru to overthrow all violators at one time, most in NYC and Lucifer Crime centers major cities where we NOW go by USA SolutionMilitary Escort as required Sept 25, 2011 new SolutionManifesto Constitutional SINGULAR law of eVote FOIA.  A single World President Final Summit saves mankind with EVOTE .ONE BuiltbyKeith. is fore founding father of your new world society. Watch Youtube playlist BuiltBykeith. Command all world Presidents and leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!! End of the line for all criminals once solutionMilitary FOIA,one becomes new reality for 7.7 Billion my people. SolutionPeace is your last new world society free of all crime networks and politics.
We just sent direct message to USA Embassy similar to what keith personally delivered to WORLD leaders +10 years ago.
    Watch Youtube playlist BuiltBykeith. Command all world Presidents and leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!! End of the line for all criminals once solutionMilitary FOIA,one becomes new reality for 7.7 Billion my people. SolutionPeace is your last new world society free of all crime networks and politics.
    July 10, 2020 Keith clearly sent BY God to mediate World Equality Peace. No one else offers to share everything of GODs knowledge and wisdom. We have been persecuted by theFinalTerrorist ROBERT Dee ROSE and hundreds of named others who use Lucifer Agenda to claim they violate no basic GODs commandments of NEVER STEAL, Never lie, Never Hide, and never recruit others to do 1,2,3 same. We have announced formation of UNIocracy as your new world society free of crime by WE the PEOPLE on everything. Includes retro-active convicting anyone of crimes since the power of KEITH's SWORD is not to speak gently but with the POWER of common sense logic and GODs word covenants of new resurrected system to enforces ethics and honesty at all levels.
     Anyone can be auto-face real time identified and put on Death Row, in Prison, in concentration camps by remote Citizens Arrest and conviction by their victims and any one who has vested interest in preventing and reversing all of man kinds worst sins, vices, and crimes. This is use of Open Public Circuit TV eDevices, FOIA.ONE database and empowering WE the PEOPLE to deal with all their own local issues. therefore No government, taxes, mega corp executives are ever needed again. This is part of Free Will Market Barter Exchange system that creates kTrade.SPACE and + others who are held accountable to create and honor legally binding business transaction contracts at all levels.
 June 17, 2020 solves basic world free education issue forever with 100% FREE wifi knet, free food, free all public school/trade/PHD system for everyone including street orphans. I SPENT all today today delivering THAT world UNIFICATION method same as EVERY OTHER DAY past 15 years. NOTHING left for me (saintKeith) to do but hibernate and some day mortally DIE soon. YOUR WORLD will only change by YOU individually taking ACTION ! ! ! .  I have claimed title to Earth back BuiltByKeith April 30, 2014. I claimed 1% of all crime assets seized using my ordained system + legally all assets of LUCIFER ROSE and those who have falsely accused me of robbing my very one assets in Marietta GA Police Dept Report 1.11.2506 and total theft of everything I had gifted to mankind until this very moment in time 2:00am Manila. kbd
UNIocracy is your new world FREE WILL society free of All CRIME. Only by connecting all eDevices and 7.8 Billion My people will all LUCIFERIAN villains of any Fraudsters, Criminals, Terrorists, Scammers Con-Artist and any VERY powerful Corporate Executives, Gov Officials be forced to testify to world on their crimes against humanity. By process of easy exception handling, everyone now knows WHO is WHO, Who trades what with WHO/when/where/why, and any small time crook to President will scream BLOODY murder they have no PRIVACY like Super Criminal Robert Dee Rose down at and Alexander Cyclone Covey of all tied to by their very own EVIDENCE along with famous Sally Q Yates and GBI Atlanta GA Berry Vic Reynolds who all ordered I be MURDERED by AG officers so NO ONE would ever put them on DEATH ROW with easy CITIZENs ARREST and death row Military tribunal so they could never PAY off a LIAR-LAWYER or Congressman or anyone to prevent their own open court TV webcast testimony when ANYONE can be citizen arrested and immediately CONVICTED by only THEIR own evidence.  FIRST priority is that returns OUR assets to 3rd WorldSchoolFund nations.
This updated June 16, 2020 as the ultimate Fail-Safe Auto-Self Governance system of YOUR new world Free Society.

Last update: Jan 20, 2020 11:11am When will USA Gov or ANYONE escort keith teams to safe haven as required by ANY constitutional laws as anyone can see we are the true most humble Savior Apostle walking saints working FOR all of humanity... Our lives are threatened by ROSE and a few very powerful USA named Gov officials.  UNIocracy is 100% perfected Direct eDemocracy of our final New World Society free of crime controlled now by 7.777 Billion our people and overseen by collective cooperative highly paid consultant advisor leadership free of all crime violators. This is Keith's perfected final solution Manifesto of to empower mankind to unify as one cultural race who share all of GODs gifted resources as free will citizens now ready to explore our next universe. As Keith and a few are the scientist researchers who pioneered the internal internet communications systems and are masters of all expertise.

Call us and fly us to TESTIFY to our Presidents and CEOs so we all can benefit by using these new world solution sets.

Click to: BUYIN to World GlobalPeace Rise UP to command all World Leaders use these ordained perfected common sense solutions today! Or we face Apocalypse Holocaust of final WW4. Cyber Crime Political Under Ground Terrorism prevents our New World + New Life of World Trading Partner Enterprises NGO=INC. This is a direct broadcast to public = USA, Military, all Governments, all World Leaders, Press, Churches, to  TAKE ACTION  by command all leadership authorities protect Keith + your lives, assets, and gifts to forever  UNIFY Mankind with the simple methods below. This sets our new world society universal standards to eliminate all crime networks with viral social media connections and DIRECT delivery to all Intl Press Media and World Leaders.  MOST CRITICAL: Immediate support of Keith and his growing teams is a fundamental requirement for now +11 biblical years to ensure these simple solution answer methods reform and unify all of mankind. No more political warfare and borders can exist.  Print off + forward TOP PDF files above and TAKE ACTION contacting world leaders + Press. Command FBI AG military and other national Gov + CEOS come find Keith to protect his IP life from + others.

#1079, 1083 World Famous Videos BuiltByKeith Playlist


These Two videos below describe our = Perfected System that is the Last Testimony Testament. We now SHARE all RESOURCES worldwide. No more elite at any level with exposure by FOIA.ONE eVote.

What is used is the demographic data showing Who is Who, Who owns what, Who trades What with Who (GPS When + Where) with one IID tracking..

This is also keiths prime Database expertise.Keiths was almost perfected 2011 when he was cruelly kidnapped Oct 3, 2011.

WHO will call keith direct and ESCORT my crusader teams to testify WITH YOU post National TV Jan 20, 2020 even as soon as you READ this most formal required request.

is our 100% Direct eDemocracy System as the absolute Final Last Universal Standard for total world reformation. Humanity now OWNS and controls all infrastructure, Stock markets, banks, real estate, marketplaces, transportation because WE are the PEOPLE who built everything. The true solution is identifying a few thousand/million Corporate executives mostly in USA, some in Europe, and a few in Asia who violate basic Corporate Laws and Constitutional laws by concealing their secret deals that include campaign contributions, lobby legislation, regulations, trade/tax incentives and price fixing that destabilize our stock market and banking profits. They take first of our profits and murder opposition and competition by using our funds to pay for lawyers. Solved with open court system. is the last resort 100% peace keeper Criminal Investigators who research crime networks if the local court officials refuse to deal with basic corrupt individuals. All using EVOTE. found at

  June 17, 2020. I am still barely alive after all this time showing entire world WHO is forsaken, myself and you my most beloved endangered species human race. None of you will survive much longer since MY FATHER GOD and I are outraged you have no CLUE who is GOD and WHO is keith.

I am mortal and can be murdered like anyone. Almost was killed so many times I truly LOST count.

  I return to HEAVEN (maybe now or soon) when My FATHER GOD decides, therefore YOUR FATE is always in your hands, never mine as I have never been dishonest except one time I shoplifted M&Ms at age 11.  Anyone can call Keith or my group and escort us to TESTIFY to World Presidents this entire time since that alone also creates INSTANT world peace in just a few weeks of final work by all 7.8 billion of YOU my people. I have $1 USD left to my name and nothing left to gift back. OH, I DO, all of my trillions of USD valued knowledge and fortune that everyone refuses to acknowledge is YOUR reality. I may destroy these webcasts from GOD soon and just let entire world go ahead and self destruct itself as i already have my place reserved back in MY HEAVEN.

 Jan 21, 2020 We requested USA GOV federal protection Sept 25, 2011 and have been denied our GOD gifted rights to mediate turn over all our Intellectual Property TO the WILL of WE the PEOPLE as a 100% direct cause of named persons who VIOLATE laws against you, our most beloved Gods people.

Jan 20, 2020 last update 1:45pmWe went to Batangas TAAL manmade daisy bomb Disaster to Broadcast 'State of Earth Human Condition'. Duterte and World Presidents will be SHOCKED and THRILLED to use our perfected systems. Since NO one here or USA cares about our presence or contributions. BEGGARS we are NOT. Your efforts to be free will Peace Loving Citizens will always FAIL until you become or find persons of INTEGRITY who actually have PREVIOUS EXPERTISE to actually RUN their own portion of a complete TEAM company and community. We are the BILLIONAIRES who are MURDERED so terrorists can seize our Intellectual Property and commit crimes against humanity so they become the GODS of commerce while depopulating MY EARTH. For I take this 100% personally on WHY GOD has left our part of his universe because of the self entitlement GREED of man that is the ROOT cause of all poverty and self-genocide. 

Our PRIME ONLY answer key set data economic stabilizing solution is the NEW world standardized  ProfitShareholders.SPACE. Most people personal RIDICULE the ability of ANYONE to actually STABILIZE all stock markets or economic systems at INDIVIDUAL INC, NGO, LLC, LLP levels. THAT has NEVER been DONE since NO ONE has ever SIMPLIFIED how to Empower humanity to OWN and CONTROL everything. We did this some 20 years ago personally. As this was Target of AntiChrists like ROSE whose only motive is Ruling over all of you like Egyptian Pharaohs. He has $100 Million USD bounty on his head as he is the most ruthless HITLER ghost terrorist we personally drove him offshore USA so that only Military special forces would be only Interpol led group to FIND him and literally KILL him.

    Even Karl Marx Communism Manifesto was the right pathway to world peace by declaring no private ownership, then collective cooperative work was owned by each community. A few Presidents and Ruling Elites of Congress and Senate and local officials in each nation dictate how our assets are sent back to build Schools, Hospitals, roads, transportation, Immigration restrictions, banking regulations, and want destabilization of our markets since they control the flow of information in secret databases. Once all general ledgers and financial statements along with legally binding contracts are open displayed to both stockholders, bank depositors, and public, we finally have open free market trade exchange system of ProfitShareHolders.SPACE KBitCoins, and FinalStockMarket.

  Now all world military work as ONE unit of Peace Keeper Criminal Investigators under evote control of local population who majority vote when local officials and police are obviously violating basic human rights.  They are the last resort using so that ANYONE can be put on trial with Open Public TV and automatic face recognition. WE now own ALL world information, wisdom and knowledge as a unified society lead BY our new WorldSchoolFund.Com educated younger scientists and professors who use data mining modeling we pioneered 1976 forward SQL databases that run our entire world economy, mostly with mainframe to PC and UNIX derived interconnected computer links we were top consultants designing for IBM and largest banks in the world back in 1984 forward.

Keiths expertise is legendary as being the top scientist in the world who has been persecuted and impoverished by more than 125 persons who refuse to surrender to USA law authorities...

As of Jan 15, 2020 1:11pm, I continue to request and most formally request for MILITARY Escort from Sept 25, 2011 to present. Meetings WITH Trump, Putin, Duterte + all others required to STOP all crime networks that clearly have infiltrated all levels of society for past few centuries. I alone have created our new most perfected comprehensive system that will survive until the death of mankind that may occur at any moment based on reality that a few named persons have designed simple systems of weapons of mass destruction to de-populate my Father Gods earth...

Clearly I have shown I am the true Technology Savior of all mankind 1958 forward.

  WHO will contact my teams NOW and bring us to safety now.

  We are the billionaire hidden angel philanthropists who have state of the art pioneered both the internet and highest value Intellectual property that is being stolen/pirated by named very wealth corporate executives and under criminals including ROSE to overthrow our leaders who actually DO serve and protect our people Resources. This is the Keith Duncan that is the heritage Legacy most powerful mandated and ratified system of checks and balances that propels our world into position to explore outer space with the technology we have also created and published.

  That alone is the supplimental reason why ROSE and so many others want us DEAD so they can use YOUR assets and information to stage RIOTS and mayhem chaos resulting in self genocide on false flag premise that a nation is under attack by N. Korea or some dumb stupid idiot who decides to get rich quick by buying oil-stock with others' money, blowing up a Refinery knowing gas pump stock futures Shoot up, then selling off a week later. With current system, NO ONE knows WHO are the insider trader as no record is public of WHO trades What with WHO and WHEN.

    From FOIA.ONE Universal Database website:

Everyone must call our National Presidents, PRESS, DOD, DOJ Law Enforcement and all World Leaders and billions of our people to confirm WE are the top R&D Scientists in the world who are being murdered and severely persecuted by criminals and terrorists because our simply methodology at all levels creates sustainable World Global Peace. 

  Jan 15, 2020. We host World Presidents and all top CEOs on Jan 20, 2020 during the worlds last required Peace Summit to achieve Total World Global Peace.  We are the billionaires who have observed the Human Condition and have engineer deployed the required solution set of technology based common sense bible answer methodology of all expertise to empower all 7.777 billion of our people to OWN and CONTROL all infrastructure and decide with EVOTE how to be self sustaining communities of shared resources by eliminated the top key world executives and underground crime networks who threaten the very existence of everyone because of their predatory greed and satanic organizations who hide behind the law of Human Rights claiming they are elected and graduated by their criminal Board of Directors to decide our fate of all environmental man, woman, and child.

  ProfitShareHolders.Space eliminates all short term computer insider speculation trading = true reason for Mass Poverty and wars world wide. The transfer of trillions of real $$$ goes back to Keith to direct fund the build out of UNIocracy.oRG now.

We are Methodist raised children of GOD, ordained Baptist Deacon Norcross GA USA 1997 to present. We are the pioneers of technology perfected in deployment of major telli-comm and banking/stock market front, mid, back ends at all levels. Since we work fulltime for GOD as his messianic Messengers to teach humanity how to save itself from primal predatory greed, all our rights to speak and act on GOD's truth have been most cruelly and criminally denied from Jan 15, 2008 foreward. We have almost been murdered so many times by orders of ROSE and those named in USA GOV who violate basic human right laws. The worst crimes was being told we HAD NO RIGHTS to face our false accusers, we had NO RIGHTS to submit any evidence, NO RIGHTS to recover any of the true billions of real $$ intellectual property I had already gifted to humanity way back in 2005, even 1958 forward...

  The combination of and are the true answers that anyone who violates basic laws are put on witness stand in 3 to 10 day speedy trial period. The affected communities watch over Open Circuit TV (ad Free) and decide the fate of innocent, delay-need more evidence, or guilty.  Our lawmakers are now highly paid consultant advisors who enact laws based on the will of majority of our people. NO more criminal manipulation of our bank accounts and stock certificates can ever be done once open books (general ledgers) are recorded in FOIA.ONE.  All criminal investigations are now open for public viewing as Interpol, FBI, AG, CSI, HLS, NSA, DARPA, and all other world law enforcement agencies including N.Korea, China, Russia share all information on all crime networks to ensure that no terrorist can travel and conduct attacks freely since our current system as of Jan 14, 2020 is the PRIVACY shelter of the most ruthless criminals who hide behind people like Sally Q Yates ( ) and GBI Director berry Vic Reynolds who actively protect Robert Dee Rose and well over 125 other criminals who work inside our very own USA GOV and corporations.  We have no funds left for mass publicity as of Oct 3, 2011 despite all the tens of thousands of broadcasts we have personally made to ask for SAFE HAVEN political Asylum from ROSE and his most dangerous cabal league of terrorists who were criminally incompetent (STUPID) to sign their names on certified court documents without every personally asking Keith and his lawyers WHAT is the TRUE evidence of WHY ROSE infiltrated USA GOV and Corporate databases using Keiths most prolific anti crime methodology and his most brilliant gifted Universal Stabilizing systems.

  Since I have been asking my=our FatherGOD to return my soul back to Heaven, no one can deny my=your rights ever again to proclaim that WE the PEOPLE now run and own everything as shown to world on UNIocracy.ORG.  End of time Jan 14, 2020

    As of Dec 23, 2019 we have been tortured and persecuted almost to death so many times since none of the 29,000 FBI agents have ever been notified to just CALL US UP.  Applies to entire Interpol,

AG, USMarshals, NSA, CIA, HLS, DEA, and all law enforcement agents as we have already deployed worlds LAST law enforcement system to eliminate ALL corrupt INDIVIDUALS at one time.

  The best  name for is U and I are the answer for world global peace by LOVING our ENEMIES by commanding they surrender WHO are their victims and WHAT they did.  If they get forgiveness from each of their victims, this one group decides the fate of their aggresser Defendant of each class action lawsuit.  Our new system operates as self direct funded with services and CreatorKeith.SPACE NGO FOUNDATION TRUST FUND providing all required lawyers and assets including services of famous Sally Q yates at who we asked personally for Safe Haven in Federal Protection WItness program Sept 2011 then WENT to Langely Airforce base on the most incrediably true journey to ask ONE criminal investigator to go WITH us to FBI AG headquarters to ask WHY IS ROSE roaming free after he infiltrated so many USA gov and corporate databases.  Because ROSE was cyber attacking us and GPS tracking our travels, he got SO coward fearful, he NEVER signed anything to order our murder for hire conspiracy. He had no clue that a few would see we were the #1 TOP anti crime experts and he would be put on Death ROW by MILITARY if FBI AG rogue agents continued to BLOCK all crime investigations.

   THEREFORE we are IN MANILA for past 4 years, teaching world how to BE 100% accountable to each other as truly ONLY GOD and a few benefactors are protecting our lives and paying us just enough to pay for gas, food, utilities.  WHO will call keith direct and ESCORT me to testify WITH YOU on National TV Jan 20, 2020 even as soon as you READ this most formal required request.

   We have little time left since GOD has been asking WHEN are you coming home keith? I answer in true repose, WHEN you WANT ME back home, YOU bring me home...    The threats to my life have been so severe as a FEW criminals IN USA GOV (so named) tried to DRUG ME to death 3 separate times, Spring 2009, then Feb 2012 to Jan 28, 2014, then again FBI AGent LYNN Atlanta Oct 5, 2018 to Nov 15, 2018 as NO ONE has ever filed the required formal legal papers to ORDER their arrests and SEIZURES of THEIR assets as I have already legally pledged ALL my assets be used to BUILD and direct fund all new Schools, Hospitals, Roads, all infrastructure. My net worth is true trillions of USD Intellectual Property yet I sit in poverty Manila because ONLY I have shown world HOW to achieve TOTAL WORLD Global Peace.     Keith duncan IID 1-19580815-1 Integrity rating returned is always +101% as our new world leader sovereign ambassador emmissary keynote speaker to fill up world stadiums with OUR people so my growing teams can share teach how to be free will New World Citizens.


The most powerful Peace summit is on Jan 20, 2020 shown on for all International Presidents and top CEOs to meet over internet (safe from terrorist attacks) to agree on HOW to use our methods to achieve sustained world global peace now and forever.  Only by actions of ALL people will the required follow-up ACTION be successful in replacing all corrupt individuals who violate basic human rights and commit crimes because they claim "We did not know any better" or 'Someone else must have violated laws, we are innocent since we control everything" (banks, stock market, real estate, markets, trade, transportation, energy water, land, literally all of our world assets).

  Those nations who refuse to attend will be boycott sanctioned by rest of humanity.

Starting point is always combination of the absolute basic required fundamentals of free education of and to prevent all wars and terrorist attacks on densely populated areas and culturally different societies.

  The most comprehensive methodology list is top of as keith has gifted his entire mega billion fortune back to Humanity as he travels our entire world as #1 Sovereign Ambassador Emissaries with his thousands of business and spiritual partners using CreatorKeith.Space NGO trust foundation common stock and methodology of original

    These are the final solutions of +61 years of extreme work to UNIFY mankind at all levels.

Our FOIA.ONE IID is 1-19580815-1 (returns Integrity rating +101% always impeccable )

This one universal open public domain database is the true answer for store and forward of all human knowledge linked to all other existing databases in the world. This shows no secrets = NO crimes.


UNIOCRACY is your NEW WORLD Society resurrected SYSTEM empowering all +7.7 Billion of our GOD's beloved people to decide the next best benefit solution for their own community and world.

Driven by Single Universal Constitution to UNIFY all humanity.

UNIocracy is defined: Ruled by a singularity of all human minds connected via some  form of super computer artificial intelligence to make decisions based on shared patterned experiences to deliver fair and accurate decisions to problems.

    Turn on the sound on #1079 below to experience HOW to reform all mankind today.

Anyone not active vote participating shall be shun ignored by the will of majority of people. Those who DO VOTE on majority of issues directly affecting their communities are publicly shown as activist supporters or hypocrite cynics if they can not offer better=best solution to others.

  Use the only generator as original to solve ANY micro to macro problem in our universe.

Contact Keith's #1 Crusader teams today (63)917-335-4300

Call  Gloria Reyes (63) x917-173-4755 to Book our travels to you.

#1096 is the most powerful Broadcast of Nov 26, 2019 to humanity. We show how elimination of any one who violates laws is the only way to achieve total world peace. This is simple with use of EVOTE.ONE as we are empowered tby 90% majority of open public vote (always identifying WHO we are) to put anyone on open public forum trial and also to sezie their assets that have been criminally acquired. Now al general ledgers and associated accounting books as well as legally binding contracts are open for anyone to see over ONE super google FOIA.ONE database that is also Ad-FREE.  Even Super FaceBook is part of our open public domain universal stabilizing method business process strategy. We hereby trandemark and copyright the name of kTrader.SPACE to match existing IntlMerchant.Space.  We enlist everyone to contact us and direct fund us so we can return mega trillions of real $$ back to you, our most beloved people.
Updated last on Nov 27, 2019 as we wait for NEWS of Intl Presidents calling us back directly. is your 100% Direct eDemocracy System as the absolute Final Last Testament standards for total world reformation. UNIOCRACY is your NEW WORLD Society resurrected SYSTEM empowering all +7.7 Billion of GOD's beloved people.

  Each of these divined ordained solutions world broadcast are gifted on BuiltByKeith.


Dec 30, 2011 Rebroadcast of true reality from decades ago. FOCUS on most Corrupt Persons.

FREEDOM of SPEECH is the most abused RIGHT by private pirate criminals who use our assets to buy liar -lawyers who file lawsuits against the true Whistle Blowers and Members of FREE PRESS. Worst ones like ROSE rob our homes of their evidence and YOUR trade secret Intellectual Property. Then they file restraining orders against us by bribing police/judges/district attorneys like Berry Vic Reynolds. Then claim VIOLATION when we go to POLICE, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, PRESS, MILITARY (in any order).  Then kidnap us and force us into hell jail.  They blackmail top AGs like Sally Q Yates to sign more warrants when ALL evidence points at ROSE and all criminals who violate laws.  When any judge sees NO evidence of any violation, why would they liberate a super mastermind anti crime expert speaker. It would implicate them as criminally liable for Hostage for Profit and Aid/abetting other criminals.

    The Judges  now court order FORCE DRUG us dead or inanimate vegetables claiming 1. we were criminally insane at time of NON-VIOLATION, and 2. because ?someone like our very own family Duncan clan? claim we are DRUG addicts and child abusers (False again by ROSE and my very own two criminal sons). Then the top AG Director and each lawyer/prosecutor/even wardens say we are INCOMPETENT and DO not even know our own name. HAPPENED TO KEITH so many times. ONLY PERSON capable of this is ROBERT DEE ROSE who IS  THOSE USA named GOV officials tied to ROSE are easy to link to millions of executives and pirate criminals once ROSE confesses on National TV with KEITH asking him personal questions of "WHO did you sell keiths anti crime technology and TOP CEO corporate database to...  WHO are your victims and where are the dead bodies located? List goes on.

    FOR i have also offered to GO find ROSE with Military Sept 25, 2011 as Special Forces is only group who can travel outside USA with direction of CIA, NSA, and military commander orders. WHO are the military generals who violate laws? We prevented that one issue with +

Updated again Dec 30, 2019 Jose Rizal assassination by Spanish Judges/Priests/Soldiers.


Prime requirement is to JOIN the most powerful peace revolution replacement by-pass system Contact Keith #1 world evangelist crusader Apostle teams to debrief starting with world leaders calling cell (63)917-335-4300 today. These ordained divined systems replace all known forms of governments and corporations with our simple system of direct voting democracy. As our world benefits in our Creator's Holy Name regardless of your spiritual belief system. Most critical world requirement is for Military, Law Enforcement, Interpol + world to FIND Keith today and protect his life while all criminals are identified by their abject failure refusals to turn themselves in and confess their crimes against others. REPENT is both restitution to all victims and request for forgiveness.. The most profitable transfer of mega trillions of real $$ cash and assets is seized by order of and and used to contract buy building material and pay for open bid construction of all new infrastructure that eliminates all hunger and poverty forever.  Even all rebels and terrorists will be forced to return their crime wealth back to their victims to build new + other perfected systems.

Everyone will soon be cross reference integrity listed in FOIA.ONE Freedom of Information Action Database


  Aug 16, 2019. ### World Broadcast Press Release. BuiltBYKeith.COM. "Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil = Robert Dee Rose." Ephesians 6:11 ESV  For 11 years, not a SINGLE soul has helped me recover my stolen fortune, OR upheld ANY GOD or Man-made law see on SolutionManifesto.cOM. Facebook robot is blocking each prime website that UNFIES all mankind. WHY?  Pure demonic greed of most who refuse to see reality of their assets systematically DRAINED by the criminal ruling elite. I am often MADDER THAN HELL why I have paid so many to file required papers and GO to top WORLD LEADERS at all levels to prevent YOUR rights from being denied and forsaken. I need not say any more, as I already DID my entire life. Most #1 Critical is WORLD Unification Reform transfer of CRIMINAL wealth back to our +7.7 Billion People.

My teams remain impoverished despite I was mega millionaire in Atlanta year 2011. Net value over $500 Million USD in I.P. benefits.

Criminals have stalked me and criminally false testified for 11 years to prevent their own Prison and death row sentences by eVOTE.ONE that existed in true form before ROSE ordered 4 kidnappings lasting over 900 days of 100% denial of all my rights to face any of the +100 accusers as I am always ONLY the Plaintiff and NEVER been a defendant. Please direct fund our teams right now as we are down to our last few Pesos dollars. We bring over + $500 million USD to Asia as soon as USA GOV is commanded to take ACTION by contacting Keith Duncan and his teams. See and activate the crime history of as the worst capital crimes against my people.

   Cybercrime terrorist, Political Corruption, and Family crime dynasties have already taken over almost all assets starting with Robert Dee Rose with $3 Million USD bounty on his family heads. Almost all crimes committed are now prevented ! !

ROSE stole almost ALL my billions of $$ USD valued assets and anti-crime technology while blackmailing USA GOV to murder me while destroying all evidence of his +20 year super crime sprees against YOU, governments and millionaires.

July 4, 2019 Today is USA Independence Day. Few see the true reality that only the super rich criminals and family political dynasties are FREE to control all aspects of our world. This is why only UNIocracy eliminates all crime networks forever. Anyone can see that crime only prospers by secrets and coordinating crimes through the cyber crime brokers.

June 12, 2019 Today is Philippine Independence Day. 75 years after WW2 D-Day June 6, 1944. Some things never change as WW3 is the cyber crime terrorist attacks against our people, governments, corporations that enslave our people who have no clue self-genocide is the Criminal ruling Elite method of capturing wealth and depopulating the earth, all in the name of greed, political dictatorship, control of energy, water, transportation, communication, food, and other base infrastructure. Bankers and Stock Market insiders are the worse criminals as they hide behind their massive databses they control and manipulate to profit on every up/down turn of the Stock market. Solved forever with simple use of 3 prong prevention of kBitCoins, FinalStockMarket, and ProfitShareHolders.

  Short video is

June 11, 2019.  Command our world leaders USE these ordained methods TODAY. Or each of your suffer from self genocide that has been secretly designed to eliminate ALL integrity based communities so they can rule as the NEW WORLD ORDER everyone deathly fears.

March 27, 2019.  Contact all top World Leaders and Press to contact, find, and protect Keith's life and crusader teams today. Details on since few people ever uphold justice and obey our existing laws. Too many criminals escape any justice.

Jan 12, 2019 historical hero return to Manila.

  Keith Duncan returns to debrief top Philippine officials and world leaders as International hero anti-crime, anti-politics, anti cyber crime humanitarian investors as #1 world expert Keynote Speaker World leader consultant team advisors.

With EVOTE.ONE all election crime network contribution BUY-OFFs are forever nullified and identified as the source of the worst cyber crime terrorist demonic attacks against all humanity.

Over 80% of existing laws and regulations will now be bypass replaced as null and void no longer valid.

       The entire basis for your New World Society of UNIocracy is to restore GODS Paradise of heaven back on EARTH by eliminating all crime networks all at one time with EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE when NO ones rights can ever be denied again. The Feared New World Order is Monocracy government run by a single person is current Satanic of Robert Dee Rose, #1 most wanted man of all.  MonkeyKingsInfo.INFO

   God will never intervene this last time Himself. He sends Messianic Messengers to UNIFY mankind. I am one.

   Now, our UNIocracy New World Society is run, controlled, managed, and owned by my +7.6 Billion People as 100% decision based society when no crime will be tolerated. All criminals are quickly man-hunted with OCTV and auto face recognition of FOIA.ONE and punished by order eVOTE.ONE of will of majority of all our people who use to solve all problems.

  All world citizens travel and trade freely with one single International ID # that destroys the 666 mark of the beast that is your credit cards, online banking, phone records, stock trades, and other 'private' information that is already 100% visible to criminals and satanic terrorists as control of your information is used to self-genocide anyone who objects to the demonic criminal ruling elite. Many of these ARE the ruling political parties who are bought off by crime networks to steal all of GOD=your assets in forms of taxes and crime-sin-vice revenue.

   PRESS CONFERENCES by all WORLD LEADERS is #1 top Requirement to deploy through to finally complete these only UNIFY missions. is resurrected as the required ONLY solution answer methods to Unify all of mankind forever as one New World Society Free of all crimes.  Our world is now 100% free decision based society known as real Direct Democracy of Free Trade, Travel, and Trust commerce of ZERO secrets. Your new world is driven 100% by the Metaphysics of the Majority Rule of Large Numbers. UNIocracy defined as: "Ruled by a singularity of all human minds connected via direct communication (InterLink Internet) acting as a form of super computer to make decisions based on shared patterned experiences to deliver fair and accurate decisions to problems as they arrive."  EVote.ONE is the universal standard method. FOIA.ONE is the New Singular Database repository of Human knowledge and decisions linked to all other databases world wide.

No more taxes, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Executives or false Religious leaders.
All political parties, mobsters, underground crime enterprises are eliminated By Will of Majority of Our People.
  All election voting and decision making is now blockchain locked with International ID, your photo/video linked to your action.

    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and total Equality.  Everyone now FEARLESSLY PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database =

     These simple 5 By Pass Laws create your new history. No one can ever deny your rights again.

1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable.
2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is retro active punishment for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent. Our young people now become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime.

3. Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do by eVOTE. No more appointed officials who are criminally prostituted with others. explains how to eliminate all corrupt individuals including Liar-Lawyers + other terrorists.
4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority of will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets to FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.

5. Anyone can run for any office or corporate leadership position in any nation. No restrictions as long as your are merit integrity honest.

  A little DARK HUMOR: Most say 'Unemployed are the cause of crime. So we LOCK UP the Unemployed = Problem SOLVED.'  

   BIG WOW OH, This new EVOTE.ONE system empowers our people by overwhelming majority vote to LOCK up anyone who violates laws regardless of their wealth and political connections.  Anyone who sees the trillions of $$ real cash and assets being systematically and criminally drained from your world is caused BY the super rich wealthy who criminally control the flow and storage of information and education. SOLVED forever with as our brightest merit persons of integrity now become our highest paid and protected new world leaders who WE eVOTE tell what are the next most critical projects that WE FUND with GOD's gifted natural resources.

  Related: Contact at NSAGeorgia.ORG 

     Your 100% Direct Democracy New World Society UNIocracy.Org is Free of All Crime with perfected self balancing checks + balances for all Humanity.  100% Decision Based FOIA.ONE system by all humanity decides your reality.  All citizens vote Direct Funding of all projects thereby eliminating ALL POLITICS and ALL crime Taxation.

  The original 'What's in this for me?' syndrome now empowers mankind to rebuild their own new Utopia.

 +7.6 Billion of our people live in new Open Public Society as you make 100% all decisions to control + manage your very own destiny with Yes, YOUR new world society is now free of all crime and vice sins.
    Key World Broadcasts are Click:  Click: "BuiltByKeith #431"  +  "BuiltByKeith #1045"

     #1 Critical 4 By-Pass Constitutional By-Pass laws below create your new human history.  No more taxes, campaign contributions, election criminal accusations, fraud, or any crime influence as my +7.6 billion collective followers + partners now 100% control all decisions to create your new world society! Elimination of ALL political party crime domination eliminates all underground crime entities who buy off these campaign pirates. voids 50 to 75% of all man made loophole laws as elections and decisions are based on will of majority of all my citizens affected. No more election fraud or crime ever. Unrepentant criminals are man-hunted with automatic face recognition with OCTV and original + SolutionRedDot = #1 Anyone can freely trade and travel worldwide and be an elected leader of any government, corporation, civic or religious order by Will of Majority of us.

   UNIFICATION by UNIocracy.ORG occurs when EVERYONE goes PUBLIC with the answers shown below. Protect Keith now !

Electronic Voting on all corporate and government leadership enables all citizens to control and manage all the prime decisions of their rights and taxpayer assets to forever change the course of human history by full EMPOWERMENT of all my +7.6 Billion fearless People.

  CLICK: as the definitive only standards of Unifying our entire world.  This is why I broadcast to our mutual world with as the most powerful reformation Biblical Journalist Broadcast Evangelist author of all time. is the only new government virtual system to replace all other corrupt governments and corporations run by 'the Criminal Ruling Elite' known as
     MILLIONS for JUSTICE Rally in Washington D.C. NOW.  Best is July 4, 2018 (was for Sunday, June 6, 2016) at Abraham Lincoln Memorial to ORDER USA Government and our world USE (DEFUNCT) to prevent ALL political Crimes that will also SHUN and ISOLATE all other criminals with
FOIA.ONE = sent again to INTERPOL on May 5, 2016.  ACTION by MILLIONS of our 7.42 Billion People is all that has ever been required and commanded by the #1 Broadcast Journalist Evanglist Duncan along with his growing world wide partnership teams to UNIFY our entire world under ONE UNIocracy Government system. No one is more credentialed, competent, qualified, and justified to Crusade for total Justice than Keith Brent Duncan.
     Everyone, go to the Associated Press + National News Media today. Contact all government officials, all churches, and everyone you know to USE these only solutions to teach our mutual world how to actually LOVE and CARE for all others. The worse criminals in world history are government leaders/agents who engage in criminal cabal liaisons with underground criminal enterprises like ROSE to ensure their own job security and isolation immunity from the same laws they have enacted and enforce. The collapse of any government always occurs when corruption overcomes the general population.
  Contact Keith Duncan (63)0917-335-4300 Philippines and sponsor today to travel to your greatest places of need like the United Nations (, war zones, poverty stricken slums, and ask political WW3 cyber crime fighting agencies like Interpol, USA Military, NSA, CIA, HLS, Joint Chiefs of Staff, to find ROSE + all other unrepentant criminals embedded inside all our own governments such as and DAG Sally Yates + Judge Thurman Jackson(Norfolk VA).  Keith has completed and published the worlds first ANTI-Crime new government systems to replace all the criminally embedded rogue Politicians, Government agents, and terrorists by teaching citizens how to shun them once and forever using Interpol gifted
   Since almost all governments and corrupt corporations will soon collapse, I have ordered and commanded the formation of our single world government system as the most powerful Sovereign Ambassador Emissary of all time. For I have worked fearlessly to teach our mutual world how to shun and isolate all criminals and terrorists as well as unify everyone with one degree of separation to counter all profiteering, crimes against humanity, and transfer all criminal wealth through INC and Non-government agencies to be re-distributed to all our 7.4 billion citizens in the form of totally transparent new building community programs of anti-crime, anti-poverty, anti-war,  SolutionHousing.ORG, and all other ONLY solutions to prevent the self-destruction of mankind by and others who have already enslaved you, my people, because of your own greed, apathy, and sin.
   Since Sept 25, 2011 emergency visit to Langley Air Force Base VA, I have been asking USA Military to investigate each criminal tied to ROSE since IRS-FBI-AG-USMarshals, County Governments were already infiltrated by ROSE to destroy all of ROSE's criminal evidence as if ROSE never existed.  The public + churches + Gov are offered $2 Million USD to find ROSE and deliver him to law enforcement.
$10,000 USD offered to find Ms. Bashama in Phoenix Arizona and deliver her along with Judge Thurman Jackson Norfolk VA to the FBI-AG offices and even USA military bases for immediate arrests along with new Deputy Attorney Sally Yates per 4:11cr112 kidnapping.
  CLICK: BBK20160417-UnityURL-WorldReform-357.pdf as the last testament summary for all of mankind to ACT with Full Authority.
     The evidence is the complete greatest one way transfer of wealth from all classes to criminals.  This is REVERSED as soon as PUBLIC-PRESS-CHURCHES rise up by joining to command and control their own governments and corporations with  + unbreakable EVOTE.ONE as well as UNIFY all churches with and is working around the clock and globe going to the places of greatest needs. Crowd funding of Keith's partnership teams is easy with  since the USA government personally owes INC well over $500 Million USD for Real and Punitive damages and +$8 Million USD for IRS WhistleBlower IRS-Feb2009 case 658 as well as felony kidnapping conspiracy charges against each USA government official who had the one cancelled Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.1171.99 dated July 15, 2011.  Why was Keith asked to go to USMilitary by retired GA-USRep Buddy Darden to protect his life and engage Military to hunt Rose

  When the help and support of my-our 7.7 Billion people, we will fill stadiums full of people  with NewZion2 as soon as the public actually uses what I have gifted. These are 100% non and inter-denominational to unify Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, and all others to protect the rights of my humanity against all criminals forever more. My Acts of Wisdom are deployed as I have no other solutions left to teach our mutual world how to 'LOVE and CARE for Others.'  Send original IseeJustice.com to everyone and command our leadership to ACT to protect the rights of all my people, you....

  The true resolution for mankind is to simply contact Keith Duncan.  Soon USA + other governments will protect my rights, recover my stolen assets, and investigate each person involved so we can finally fill stadiums full of people hungry for Righteousness, Justice, Equality, and the assurance of Freedom for all all who hosts + SolutionHousing.ORG  new small business owhership.

     Click:  Contact Keith today and command the USA government, Military, Interpol, U.N. actively PREVENT all these crimes against humanity by debriefing and hosting the Press Conferences to finally reveal the true state of humanity. Who actually represents any of your rights? Do your own government gatekeeper agents ever follow-up on terrorist threats and protect any of your rights? Are you the ONE who teaches them how to remove all crime from society? Certainly not these criminals.... who actively threaten your assets and lives like #1  to actually as soon investigates the IRS-FBI-AG-USMarshal-Others for massive treason-espionage actions being conducted by rogue agents like Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Cobb County GA DA Berry Vic(Sic) Reynolds and Fed Judge Raymond Jackson Norfolk VA regarding multi kidnapping 4:11cr112. All that has ever been required is one honest Criminal Investigator and incorruptible Federal  Judge to sign arrest warrants against any and all of the 85 to +100 criminals as most are USA Gov officials. All the +400 certified documents are on these websites and already delivered to our entire world.

   The Daily NEXT Press Conference series are 10 a.m. EST, 7 am PST since Dec 3, 2015.  Everyone call in.
 Click and Call USA (712)775-7031, ID: 166 841 408.  See the very last end photo at bottom of this page to see the new State of UNIocracy World Government and why government countries are collapsing from greed of Criminal Elite including Click: Conspiracies to defraud the USA Gov 923. 18 U.S.C §371. 

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