top of page led by all World Saving Master Visionary Sage re-Educators worldwide. is YOU as the Worlds Philanthropist Overseers of all Corporations + Governments. Guardian Angel Investors Anti-All Crime Mediators Trust Foundations leading all gifting Philanthropists worldwide. is your last group of megaBillionaire overseers who manage control all other Billionaires Millionaires worldwide once and forever by YOUR command authority use of EVOTE.ONE store foreward through my=your FOIA.ONE open public shared database interlinked with all world databases of our accumulated wisdom knowledge, patents, copyrights and even all general Ledger records including ALL court records and business transactions of WHO is WHO, WHO OWNS WHAT, who trades what with WHO.


  We are most actively hiring +200 Problem solving Executives to immediate own run control our +100 NGOs enterprises to manufacture, educate provide ALL infrastructure systems and business commodity products and services funded directly by each of YOU. YOU control all decisions of what is Built Maintained NEXT and YOU decide who is guilty of any infraction violation of by you holding anyone accountable for being only PeaceMakers, PromiseKeepers, and NO Secret TRUTH action caregivers and caretakers of of NO crime UTOPIA of perfected omnipresent we procreated year 1972 went viral 19760815 seen at and proof of reality GODs funds and assets at CONTACT DEBRIEF and PROTECT our lives and assets TODAY as we have no other solutions sent by GOD through KEITH to perfect as of:

  2024 Jan 30. All our solutions were perfectly completed and gifted on 2011 Oct 3, that was the true target of 22-1-3042-68 RE RE court Filed May 3, 2022 of self convicted consolidated named criminals and cyber terrorists all linked to Robert Dee Rose, brother terrorist Douglas Vernon Duncan and 140 other named violators of all existing US constitutional laws and amendments.  CONTACT us TODAY ! 

Include Tom Haag at who holds a few most critical documents after meeting ROSE in person.

 2023 Dec 27. Now is Eco1.SPACE so WE GODS People can now use keith's technology to advance our human race to the very last universal frontier, GODs Outer Space away from Earth criminals. now registered EIN 99-0420269 protected Trust Foundation also now tax free from all of you.

  Since Everyone KNOWS best top honest integrity persons, CALL visit them TODAY to complete ONLY Way of the Cross of GOD=CHRIST enforced by each of YOU and I = WE.  Only GOD sent Keith brent Duncan has shown all ways and means to unify +8 Billion WE GODS people.

ZOOM.US call in at Meeting ID 5745946793 so everyone now VISITS our existing top Corporate Executives and GOV world leaders NOW. Demand all news media host press conferences with KEITH and each of YOU.

 CLICK:   Access KEY: 6StaEm, Host Key: 355152

The most famous questions to be honestly answered by each of YOU, my +8 billion GODs people + children.

   Revelation 24: "Nothing can be added or taken away forever" is equality describes how each of YOU can now obtain ownership and full management control of UTOPIA of GODS heaven as HE/SHE procreated here on Mother Earth. is our ONLY simple complete Replacement methods to self liberate everyone at one time.

Q: 1. Why were YOU conceived and procreated in the first place? Be perfectly deadly honest with self integrity answering yourself of YOUR True Purpose of your own mortal lifespan.

  2. Then,  Who engineered your genetic organic matter?  You or God?

  3. What is your true focus purpose for being alive with the Breath of GOD in your mortal soul?

  4. What is your true reality and near term destiny fate? Map this out with

  5. Are you a Lucifer Worshipper or a LOVER of GOD and all others? Prove this by Action NOW ! ! !

2023 Sept 24. is our GREATEST MOST POWERFUL successful simple method when WE GODS PEOPLE fast path eliminate ALL Warlords, Criminals, Terrorists at ONE time use of 

    Surely the NWO criminal ruling elite will be MADDER than LUCIFER HELL that WE EXILE eliminate anyone who violates

   NOW DIRECTLY Protect Keith Brent Duncan's life and COMMAND all persons tied to be citizens arrested with BOUNTY on each head so THEY will be forced to testify in OPEN CIRCUIT TV Keiths Court on how they all succeeded in conspiracies to have Keith Brent Duncan MURDERED based on Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 cancelled July 15, 2011 and ALL Other evidences clearly indicts convicts everyone Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014, then continuous DENIAL of all evidence through 2023 Aug 18.  HERE I AM in Asheville NC and sometimes Atlanta GA. 

   SIMPLE call EVERYONE and have them ZOOM Keith TOP of perfected or simple JUST CALL 770-377-2106 RIGHT NOW. !

2023 Aug 15, Sept 14. IS includes This one Universal Gods Broadcast unifies +8 Billion WE GODs CHILDREN FOREVER use of most simple EVOTE.ONE !


#1 Best Seller = Buyer Universal Stabilizer in all of Gods World history:

ORDER: ISBNs online.

 1. Paperback $10 

 2. HardCover $30 

 3. Paperback $20  9798394156342

 4. Kindle $8


 5. Paperback $10 9798392457397

 6. KINDLE reader $8 was unleashed by Anti-Christ Lucifers Criminal Terrorists who all roam freely once THEY are the INSIDERS of our very own WE CONTROL Corporations and Governments run by only VIOLATORS of at levels. Current ALL mad-Man Made Laws only empower the false Law=Breakers to enslave MY PEOPLE. Even GOD has refused to send any more Messianic Messenger Saviors since EACH of YOU refuse to see, believe, and ACT with any confident authority against the same most EVIL RUTHLESS terrorists like Robert DEE ROSE, Doug Duncan, Federal Judge Raymond AssHOLD Jackson, Att/judge/GBI/policeman Berry Victor Reynolds (head of criminal enterprises) linked to long list of ruthless Mafia mobsters located USA and worldwide. NO ONE has EVER Protected Keith Brent Duncan LIFE despite reality of why GOD sent keith duncan all alone to be murdered over the return of anti all crime everything.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW TO PROTECT KEITHs life NOW as I have no other solution left to perfect and GIFT re-broadcast.  Everything cross referenced GIFTED here, above, and below. Revelation 22 Final Published (c) Nov 16, 2022.

    Resurrected from years 2009-Oct 3, 2011 when Keith Brent Duncan was illegally detained total of 6 times over 900 days after exWife Sherry Duncan, ROBERT DEE ROSE, Ms. Bashama, douglas Vernon Duncan physically defrauded and robbed us of literally everything including GODs new world anti all crime systems of  We are indeed forsaken and very lonely lacking a new Highest IQ wife Equality based partner to share in all of GODs wealth by traveling with based international TECHNOLOGY BASED EVANGELISTS TO TEACH SELF SALVATION USING 5STEPS.LIFE AND PEACESUMMIT2020.COM TO REVERSE ALL WARS AND POLITICAL STRIFE forever.

  We have personally never hid from anyone or anything and speak with fearlessly authority to protect your basic civil rights and assets our entire life of now +64 man-years.  WHO DO YOU KNOW is the absolute best question to help you find best high equality partner mates. Includes rapid expansion of your business, personal, and spiritual network of friends, business partners, and even new world spiritual leaders like US.

  We have been defrauded and robbed physically so many times tied to most people would have given up and confirmed to be slave traded by those named Criminal Ruling Elite.

  Best news of all is that GOD sent us (often alone) to use Gods technology to unify all mortals once and forever use of EVOTE.ONE starting with we just gifted many at Perimeter Mall, Dunwoody, GA at 52 Seasons Restaurant (bartender Gerald) and a really nice young waitress at Lazy Dog at 11pm same date day.

  Please contact us NOW and command all violators turn themselves in right now, otherwise any violator will be manhunted down by citizens arrest using automatic face recognition bi-metrics of Keiths FOIA.ONE forever.  was ordained divined to be ALL of your new world no crime leaders by total decentralization of all wealth ass-sets and command authority back to each of YOU known as US.  NO one can ever object they do not personally benefit once the $$ War Lords now most peacefully isolated BY WE THE PEACE Makers led by Keith Brent Duncan. Most criminals and all terrorists now go to Prison, many go on Death Row for their WMD Crimes against GOD and our humanity. Evote.ONE was always GODs answer solution.

  Updated 2023 Aug 15 since not a SINGLE person can correctly answer GODs prime Questions in YELLOW below. Keys to our universe are by everyone PROTECTing Keith Brent Duncans life NOW while commanding existing you, DOD, DOJ actually enforce evote.ONE + = of the following New World once and forever as GODs eternity of Heaven Utopia once WE PeaceMake and eliminate any and all violators. Only keith has all perfected solutions seen below.

Includes to reverse all $$ energy Wall Street WarLords. $40 Billion USD portfolio of only World Saving solutions we are selling off to the other Fortune1000 Corporate Executives including each of you now 8 billion we the people UNIFIED forever.


#1 Best Seller Universal Stabilizer in all of Gods World history here:

ORDER: ISBNs online.

 1. Paperback $10 

 2. HardCover $30 

 3. Paperback $20  9798394156342

 4. Kindle $8


 5. Paperback $20 9798392457397

 6. KINDLE reader $8 is our new world last OverSeers over all Governments and corporations worldwide.

  REVERSE IPOs worldwide finally stabilize OUR economy forever of common sense as WE eliminate all financial $$$ warlord brokers forever.  Keith Duncan CEO and 770-377-2106 universal overseers over all Governments and Corporations worldwide.


These are the most simple common sense generated engineered technology methods of no crime only NGOs who master educate WE the PEOPLE at all levels how to deal with any local nano problem all the way UP to 'GODs eye view' issues by total decentralization of all wealth assets and command authority back to each person who finally understands the flow of authority and wealth always goes to the top elite who hide behind their laws, regulations taxes, and control over our information at all levels including total monopolization of all news our media.

  Complete reversal of all Lucifer worshiping Devils Advocate mortals by OUR actions.

  Our patents and copyrights we have most honorably gifted to liberate ourselves from the slave traded bondage of the Wall Street CoPirate Executive Brokersters and Banksters who claim only they can decide everything about WE GOD PEOPLE.  GO answer the 5 top world prime questions in Yellow at top of THEN contact and protect Keiths life NOW as required by all existing Constitutional laws and new world re-ordered forever use of perfected universal common sense eVOTE.ONE and FOIA.ONE open public OUR databases.

  Updated very last time 2023 June 01. is #1 current WMD against each of you.  We also left behind everything required to fast path unify +8 Billion WE GODs PEOPLE forever.  This is your new no crime UTOPIA world use of perfected God + Keiths perfected simple to empower motivate EACH of YOU to Decide Next Best Project and then WE choose who is best project manager consultant paid in only CASH leader at both Government and Corporate Executive position worldwide forever. 

   Totally stabilization of We The People as only positive net worth Middle Class by making each of our communities completely Sovereign Independent by isolating any person or cabal crime group who cause all wars and mass poverty by claiming they are ONLY GOD decision makers who already control all of our hard earned assets and mind body souls by enslaving us with mass propagandist brainwashing of making you stupid of BUY MORE, Pay More Taxes, DO as you are commanded, never question anyone who are true Lucifer Worshiping Devils Advocates. RIGHT NOW, contact protect and direct support most humble wealthy perfected Keith Brent Duncan and be cross educated on how to liberate yourself from the bondage of our Bank-sters and Wall Street Stick Stock Market BROKERS forever.

  Published by oneNews.Foundation 2023March27 as we soon move all NGO operations back to Asheville NC then each of your community driven cities and villages use of town hall forums that each of you learn to peacefully dignify host mediate using KeithsRulesOrOrder. starting with generation of and using gifted to BuckHead 2022 Aug 14, then Christmas 2022 your time frame.

  Each of you must answer brutally honest the 5 top Gods questions at top of like Tom Haag at to reverse any of your inherit addictions of predatory self serving greed forever.

  Gods crime free utopia of self liberates EACH of YOU +8 Billion WE the PEOPLE forever.
  EACH of YOU, +8 Billion WE GODs PEOPLE, always have a moral responsibility to deal directly with any issue, conflict, war, problem at any of our levels. Perfected was GODs generator that procreated each of YOU as a problem solving, GOD + human loving organic mortal super computer brain thinking GIFTER. Yet 99% of you are so brainwashed as slave traded stupid morons whose only focus is the next emotional orgasm of FOOD, SEX, Drugs, Gambling, VIDEO binge thrills, partying, escaping from your closet of skeletons that haunt you BECAUSE of same mindset you decided known as Free Will Choice.  Only KEITH brent Duncan was sent to liberate all of you.
  Updated 2023 June 1 still threatened and impoverished 15 years now by Terrorist Rose + named 120 other criminal civil defendants at includes Duncan Clan, FBI, AG, DOD, even our insurance Claims.
 This one world Broadcast of solutions unifies +8 billion WE THE PEOPLE at one time. Never been successful before once the NWO elite make all the laws, regulations, bids, contracts and control hide OUR assets and databases worldwide. The most prolific common sense technology engineered methods are what make Keith brent duncan the most humble richest person in USA world history forever. We gift EVERYTHING back to YOU !!!
  2023 June 04.   Watch Sr Pastor Bill Britts Clearly Keith Duncan is absent from the tenor section after the May 7, 2023 1:15 pm false accusation by Police in our parking lot claiming someone at PRUMC complained about our presents and we were told we would be arrested if we did not vacate immediately and were told NEVER contact Sr. pastor Britt or anyone again.  really??  reality.
@UNIocracy is @ is total reform unification of ALL 8 Billion WE GODS PEOPLE forever use of so WE eliminate all Lucifers by OUR and eliminate all the Matthew Chapter 23 Na-Sayers cynics hypocrites, blinded fools (apathy, ignorance) Criminal Brood of Cyber serpent terrorists (Robert Dee ROSE of and restore GODS E.D.E.N. Utopia use of and
  WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect Duncans life by visiting PRESS, DOSJ,org and direct call +1 770-377-2106 $40 BILLION USD Portfolio of overseers over all corporations and all governments by YOUR direct actions of the GREAT COMMISSION. keith duncan. DO YOU Have a reputation of BEING only a PEACEMAKER like
  Updated 2023 June 09, current world financial markets will crash below recovery levels caused always by the Brokers of the world known as criminal ruling elite who have legalized embezzlement of our assets by claiming only THEY can decide our reality conditions and near term destiny fate of prophesied
  Once the best WE THE PEOPLE actually CONTACT DEBRIEF keith duncan NOW, everyone benefits since we have already anticipated and shown total meltdown of all economies caused by the 1-3% of Corporate Executives and underground cyber crime terrorists like Robert DEE Rose who infiltrate all databases and pay off extort OUR low, middle, high level Dept of Justice and other government staff officials to do their CoPirate bidding.
  We already have shown all ways and means to unify 8 billion WE THE PEOPLE our past 46 years of professional life by procreating most simple computer electronic systems at all levels started 1976Aug15 NCSU, Raleight..
  We remain totally shocked and beyond 'stunned' that so many million of criminals all roam freely caused by mass apathy, ignorance, and lack of confidence to hold ANYONE accountable for their GOD and Civil rights violations.
  Therefore, we have perfected as the ONLY total economic spiritual, financial, natural resources replacement system to procreate Each Community worldwide as ONLY small business owners (privately held corporations) and ONLY locally we control own manage Credit Unions worldwide forever. =  Keith Brent Duncan 1-19580815-1 recruiting to self liberate 8 BILLION of WE GODS people forever.  
  Recruited and paid so far are: sons Kyle Duncan 770-377-2106, Matthew Duncan 770-826-4632, Dr NoDotTom Haag 702-349-9337. Our Lead technology outreach Evangelists of includes and all 10,000 of people we have master sage taught upon our arrival in Norcross GA USA Jan 1982. Others are Perry Reed, Charlotte NC 704-201-4759 for
   We have already left behind all simple total world economic replacement solutions to UNIFY +8 Billion Mortals all at ONE time by EACH of YOU taking immediate ACTION to take full control over ALL our local NEXT best projects and WE choose WHO is each of OUR highly paid in only CASH project manager consultants. NO OTHER system sent by GOD through Keith brent duncan will ever destroy the Lucifer Worshipers controlled by the 1% Elite NEW WORLD ORDER criminal ruling elite.
   Updated 2023March14 so most humble keith brent duncan can now soon return to heaven to consult with our one MUTUAL FATHER GOD and MOTHER EARTH on the passing judgment fate of each of you.

 TOP TEN world Issues are listed with the reverse Solutions procreated by KEITH DUNCAN and GOD + YOU.
  Compressed perfected Omnipotent Omnipresent at TheMetaPhysics.Foundation controlled by each of You.
  Evote.ONE -> FOIA.ONE equality GODs free will sovereign only middle class WE Citizens. is + EcoWorld.Foundation
Always part of to perfectly complete and original procreated year 1958 as we all benefit use of GODs Generator
  • Climate Change. procreated by + all other solutions.

  • Wars and military conflicts. ReInvestALL.COM overseers of ALL governments and ALL corporations.
    Includes ONEMedia.Foundation  BANKone.Foundation

  • Water contamination.

  • Human rights violation. use of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE.

  • Global health issues.

  • Poverty. theMetaPhysics.Foundation

  • Children's poor access to healthcare, education and safety.

  • Access to food and hunger.
    REST of GODs perfected solutions showcased worldwide at WhoIS-UNIocracy-155List-2023March11.pdf  below

  PeaceActivist.Foundation Liberate Frees all 8 billion of GODs people at one time. These are the only problem solving perfected systems that GOD sent Keith to personally re-deliver.   These were GODs only prime methodologies of his/her Technology to procreate no crime UTOPIA of  The methods published openly by most humble Keith Brent Duncan 1-19580815-1 demonstrate model and make your new world caused ONLY by your very own peace making ACTIONS  re starting with using to stop, prevent, and reverse all the crime damage caused by NWO and even most of our religions NON-Order Zealot Charlatans. Our current decision making voting systems have been crime civilly high jacked 'Piggy Backed'  by centuries of first family oligarchs truant Criminal Ruling Elite Tyrants who always retain all full chain of command authority to decide OUR reality and near term destiny fates.

   99% of all laws, regulations, contracts, bids, precedent (case law and common law) only benefit the demonic Lucifers who claim only THEY can decide anything about how WE GODS PEOPLE live. The more conflict that occurs, the more money and authority they take away from each of YOU.

  Dec 30, 2022 Contact, debrief, and PROTECT Keith Duncan today in person +1 770-377-2106 as we have NO OTHER recourse than to continue daily broadcasts and direct visits to SAME top world leaders to showcase all of them (YOU) GODs method of decentralizing all wealth and authority back to each of you using Evote.ONE FOIA.ONE that was fully procreated year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC showcased at portfolio of GOD and Keith already gifted to all +8 billion mortal remaining beseiged impoverished slave traded souls. is our worlds last overseers of ALL governments and ALL corporate executives forever. Always done by ACTION of WE GODS people to overthrow any violator of OUR rights and GODs original Commandments use of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE with focus of everyone on to destroy the Corporate Executive STOCK OPTIONS and insider day trading commodity futures that are all MLM SCAMS originated 5550 years ago by Egyptian Pharaohs claiming they were the GODs of Kings over all Kings.

   ALWAYS required by GOD and each of you to PROTECT KEITHs life by commanding existing FBI AG, literally OUR protect Keiths assets and portfolio WHILE super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE is seized and put on death row along with all others tied to filed 22-1-3406-48 May 3, 2022 since not a single HONEST or DAMNED soul has ever see ALL the criminal evidence lined up for instant convictions by WE THE PEOPLE use of and is new world re-ordered of GODs

    Updated Nov 25, 2022 as I even refrain from ADDING all the URL links above. is  PROFIT without PURPOSE, is always a game plan of PIRACY conspiracies of mass war, poverty, homelessness, addictions, and general WW3-5 end of all humanity.

   Most basic GODs design procreation for each of YOU is to share everything collective, cooperative, caring, and peace making collaboration of all of GODs shared emerging wisdom, technology, knowledge, and all natural resources.  NO one truly enforces any Constitutional or Statutory laws past year 1949, 1958, 1976, 1982, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2020 milestones of WHO causes all conflicts, wars, problems issues at all levels since dawn of mankind.  MLM Ponzi Schemes were perfected 5550 years ago Egyptian Pharaoh self professed GOD deities.

  Each time GOD, my=our true heavenly benefactor philanthropist has sent any Prophet Messianic Messenger, major corrective changes have occurred, then humans have descended back to be only greedy predators.

  As of Dec 6, 2022 not a SINGLE soul protects the rights of anyone except the NWO Criminal Ruling Elite who have legalized every single vice, sin, and crimes against +8 Billion MY People. Worst of the most extreme crime cabal enterprises and terrorists all roam freely knowing they will never ever be held accountable for anything.

  Therefore, only Duncan is the #1 world leader angel guardian inventor scientist front liner Psychologist Philosopher Counselor Mediator and Keynote Spokesperson for each of you forever.  The evidence has always been crystal clear self evident as consolidated and publicly showcased below PDFs.  used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.

Nov 21, 2022 Most of us hate any Politics, all wars, all mass poverty always caused by top world NWO corporate Co-Pirate Executives most at Banker, Stock Market, eCommerce, trading OUR markets includes all communication networks, transportation, energy, water, land, food production and all distribution networks were always under full command authority control of 'THEM'  non equality always named breathing mortals. This MLM ponzi scheme scams fully started back in Egypt 5550 years ago on GODs timeline. Reversed forever by YOUR use

   Our unique extremely rare group of top wealthy scientist engineer researchers professors inventors are the only ones who advance our human race as crime free. We ALWAYS focus on the needs and civil rights of all others since we recognize WHO IS GOD and WHO is WHO worldwide as only short lived mortal human beings destined to die either as 100% integrity focused righteous OR as self serving self gratification predators of lucifer demonic greed.

   Only OUR groups led and managed as overseers over ALL governments and ALL corporations has succeeded in changing the course of all human legacy heritage history using all ways and means to detach the 'FIRST FAMILY DYNASTIES away from OUR assets, resources, and chain of command authority we always had utmost moral family level values to protect at all costs. is the ONLY non government organizations of ONLY local based community associated Credit Union Banks and ONLY our entire world of small business manufacturing and basic human services corporations. ALWAYS required that YOU = WE GODs people share everything collectively cooperative collaborative as demonstrate modeled by most humble wealthiest Keith brent duncan once we were self educated by and all our best top corporate executives Atlanta and at along with ALL our top level problem solving business peer friends in SouthEast Asia and Europe we have master cross educated starting back overseas travels with Digital Communications Associates year 1985 to current moment of GODs timeline 2022Nov06.

    Call protect us today ! Demand be honored now. PUT US on National NEWS NOW ! used by YOU now changes course of entire human history once YOU decide NEXT best local infrastructure project and YOU proxy pick WHO are the best problem solving paid in cash Leaders.

  CLICK HERE to see Master Home Page GODs reality.  2022Oct10 Columbus non holiday.

  Immediately Contact us NOW !. Command we be put on National News Media Press Conferences NOWS\\

Same as Fall 2011 when we had perfected and openly publish gifted GODs

  Current requirements is WE GODS people PROTECT keiths life and provide us temporary base of operations of following WHILE all world free roaming criminals and terrorists are GPS located and put into PRISON. is Keith Duncan +1 770 377 2106.  Now located in Asheville NC as world famous $40 Mega Billion USD valued multi National enterprises of funded GOD's basic simple direct funding +200 new EDUCATION and Technology Foundations staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. decentralizes ALL wealth + authority forever.


  Here is basic list of +100 MegaBillionaire valued corporations OUR founders procreated to unify mankind forever once everyone become peaceMakers using the sequenced business steps generated by GODs

1. -self evident #1 worlds top visual stabilizing product line.

2. -,,,,,,,,, many other perfected answers

3. -self evident complete world watershed re-management storage and power systems.


4. Immediate deployment worldwide of Evote.ONE FOIA.ONE all part of GODs non-government organizations.

5. complete simple perfected total replacement of all education systems to transfer all elder corporate Executive knowledge wisdom AND $450 TRILLION USD of our assets to empower all our +2 billion young persons (age 6 to 22) as entrepreneurs, inventors, researchers, makers, engineers, doctors, professors, robotic factory designers, communication specialists.

6. Entire new replacement agricultural systems includes ocean farming, 100% green ecology systems that are all self sustaining to not only stop, prevent, but REVERSE all climate change conditions by eliminating each person and group who CAUSES mass pollution and economic energy related civil and criminal wars worldwide.

7. list of all other perfected system are most prolifically showcased on all our published gifted works of all expertise in all trades starting fulltime age 18 year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC to present GODs moment.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods Duncan.

  We are BACK in Asheville NC now showcasing to all local TOP Officials and WSOL TV + WORLD, while and selling OFF our true TRILLIONS USD of intellectual property, eBook copyrights, and everything we LOST at Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014, then subsequently robbed so many times we did loose county.  We personally procreated everything here from year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC focusing everyone on EVOTE.ONE and of true re-education each of you (8 billion GODs people) to take CHARGE of your very own community using we have always offered to host mediate at all levels.

  Clearly we have been recruiting ALL Fortune 1000 level corporations to JOIN US NOW and participate in unify ourselves once and forever by all LEADERS now being highly paid in only CASH Project Manager.

  The 'GOLDEN RULE' is actually TWO sides of INTEGRITY versus Con-Artist cyber terrorism.  He who has the gold makes all the rules. Versus 'Share Everything with everyone using GODs'

  Then only stupid people will do stupid things (crime, vice, sin) and will be held fully accountable for their actions by same sane WE GODS people using all the simple KISS methodologies of final

Below is GOD + Keiths game plan for achieving total world global peace NOW as of Oct 13, 2022.

  Perfect updated top +4 of 111 re broadcast websites to motivate 8 billion GODs children to TAKE ACTION by overthrowing all criminals and terrorists at one time use of EVOTE.ONE passing judgment on everyone else brand marketed as eVOTE of INTEGRITY confidence.  This alone unifies all mortals forever since WE GODS PEOPLE always had the prime authority to decide the results of OUR WORK EFFORTS of everyone is NOW a joint peer member forever.  most humble megaTrillionaire Keith brent duncan. initials Kbd. 1-19580815-1 +100%

  CLICK HERE to see Master Home Page GODs reality. is Keith Duncan +1 770 377 2106.  Now located in Asheville NC as world famous $40 Mega Billion USD valued multiNational enterprises of funded GOD's basic simple direct funding +200 new EDUCATION and Technology Foundations staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. Offices now co-located Biltmore Estate, the Rev. Billy Graham Cove and all other spiritual led organizations worldwide. JOIN us NOW and  immediate OWN Control Manage all first Profits of your own Corporation enterprises.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods Duncan  Call Trillionaire Keith Brent Duncan +1 770 377 2106  Now located in Asheville NC as world famous multinational MegaBillionaire enterprises of direct funding 200 to 300 new EDUCATION and Technology Foundations staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods of is GODs most humble servant Keith Brent Duncan (Atlanta GA USA) to all living +7.95 Billion Mortals. Each of you are brain-washed to believe all the lies of who controls all aspects of your reality, souls, and assets. Now we most peacefully REVOLT hosting Peace community conclave Problem Solving forums using GODs + GODs EVOTE.ONE system total replaces all known voting and decision making systems by each of you personally holding everyone accountable for fearlessly protecting the rights, lives, and assets of each other before thinking of self benefit interests. town hall forums is the only GODs method to decide everything.
   Destruction of ALL NWO criminals, terrorists, Cyber Black Hat criminals like ROSE was always the use of Keith + GODs -> FOIA.ONE at all levels to teach all of you to be only PeaceMakers.
keith brent duncan was always worlds last mega true reality Trillionaire ProCreator of GODs world once + forever.

  FORTUNE ONE . ORG  GODs + Keith Duncan + YOUR true reality Peace Making GamePLAN here.


Oct 3-13, 2022. (c)(tm)(patent) Fully granting permissions for everyone to use our products and services.  Each of you now OWN and CONTROL your very own small businesses providing all of our worlds products and services locally.

  The basics of everything for everyone is what Keith has procreated perfected his entire lifetime now +64 manyears of working directly WITH GOD and with each of you. is the worlds most popular celebrity problem solving groups in world history as we ALL focus on building best next infrastructure projects including WE GODs PEOPLE collectively choose pick WHO are the absolute best project managers treated ONLY as highly paid in cash consultant overseers of advancing our human race as only peace makers who share everything collectively cooperatively collaboratively using and the top best business process methodologies we learned from and years 2005 forward.

  Each community now OWNS, controls, and manages each of their locally owned production small businesses consistng of best state of the art products and services using original financial literacy methods of and all the other simple methods of ensuring everyone gets paid FIRST rather than LAST. Even the current democracy capitalistic system has been perverted manipulated coerced and used to legally embezzle our hard work efforts and assets starting back in JP Morgan era of Federal Reserve Trust System and Stock Options of MLM Charles Ponzi scheme false promises when WE take all the risk while all the 'brokers' become filthy rich.

 Priority list for each of you:

  1. Mass publicity by re-delivering this all other GODs answer methods to national News Media and Top exisitng world leaders since everyone benefits. DO THIS ONE most critical STEP RIGHT NOW!  Oct 12, 2022 final summary.

  2. Shut down all publicly traded stock markets NOW. Pull all our funds OUT of mega public traded banks and deposit today into only local Associated Credit Unions like Norcross GA

  3. Invest in yourself. Move all your assets into privately held corporations. Demand our Corporate ByLaws now be simplified to protect our rights to real time dynamically decide best corporate product and service directives then WE collectively decide who are the highly paid in only cash Corporate Executives.

  4.  Decentralize all authority and wealth back to our greatest places of mortal needs depending on mutual agreed best group decisions of

  5. Re-educate yourselves and all others on how only be peace makers using GODs original, then business and social networking systems to ensure everyone enforces ethical honesty and integrity in all your own interactions with each other.

  6. Direct engage with all top world leaders to notify them their days are numbered one WE prevent them from any secret business deal, reverse all crime enterprise 'spider' webs, stop prevent all computer database infiltrations using FOIA.ONE.

  7. All other perfected solutions are cross references to ensure NO more Wars, NO more fossil fuel wars, NO more taxes, NO more persecutions of WE the most powerful successful engineer scientist inventors of all time.

  8. Repeat recursively using Keiths methods until total world peace is finally achieved forever of GODs eternity.


   Here is the list of the most famous profitable manufacturing, Education, Science, Medical, Engineer, construction, Development, HOST-Mediators, Professional Keynote Speakers, Humanitarian, and Charity Groups ever perfectly procreated by GOD, most humble Keith Brent Duncan and YOU. -Worlds last visual open public universal document procreating recording playback system. -Host Mediators worldwide who teach all communities how to fast path solve ANY issue. -Hi Pressure Water cutting jets and electric Plasma 100% all green internal mining worldwide creates biggest economy materials to build advance human race worldwide. Vibration technology removes the mined material by robotic systems better than Tesla Boring Company.  No more mechanical grinding and explosives used to remove anything. -Eliminates almost all Fossil fuel use worldwide. year 1976 procreated forward. -Converts ALL power generating back to hydro turbine powered from inside our mountain ranges. -Worlds leading Scientists and manufacturing green Ecology experts research, plan, and execute all mining operations worldwide. Includes using old technology of GE's variable speed pumped storage systems. -Complete replacement of all known manufacturing systems of all transportation vehicles, bus, trains, aircraft using Keiths patent simple gifted systems of minimum manufacturing lifecycle costs of everything now recycled from existing landfills and thrown away rubbish as we were always the ultimate GODs recycler of all merit and integrity.

FortuneONE GamePlan
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