top of page   was always KEITH brent DUNCAN most humble messianic Messenger Keynote NSA speaker front liner scientist engineer humanitarian frontliner angel guardian philantrophist of all time. Keith has already completely perfected and delivered  GODs original ordained divined system of global economies managed, controlled, owned by each of you at COMmUNITY level so no criminal terrorist cyber crooks, POLYTICKS, or others of DEEP STATE New World Order centralized decision making authority can ever steal manipulate pervert our earned work labor assets.   Many times GOD speaks directly to KEITH and actually speaks to each of you through your 6 given gifted senses of hearing, seeing, touch feeling, taste smell, and the single GODs word of discernment that was always interconnected psychological empathy of understanding who is WHO, who is thinking what, and learning to deny ones own self serving motivation of greed by serving faithfully the needs of all others.   This is publish showcased Nov 5, 2021 way too late for others to actually survive the holocaust that started back in August 011 tied directly to what LUCIFER demonic Satanic ROBERT DEE ROSE did to each of you on same sociapath cursed course of overthrowing human life at every single opportunity just like millions of other LUCIFERS do on a daily basis.

 What happened to Keith Brent Duncan was always unforgivable denial of YOUR rights to be free will sovereign citizens who decide everything using Keiths personal simple systems of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE to finally obtain peace enforcing laws by holding ANYONE accountable for violating our GOD derived origional 10 commandments of NEVER steal, NEVER LIE, NEVER HIDE your crimes, and NEVER recruit others to expand your spider web of con-artist evil satanic expansions.

  CRIME always PAYS with the LUCIFER agenda System. Even all those mass media ads compel brainwash stupid people to BUY NOW, borrow more of your very own ASSETS money, pay insurance, trade the LUCIFER speculative commodity future stock markets and BITCOINS that are always the LOSER agenda while LUCIFERS always control your mind and demand MORE investments in form of broker fees, more taxes, more compliance regulations and bypass laws to enrich the origional 5500 year old King of all KING Pharoahs.

Surely as of Nov 6, 2021 we ALL stage the most massive protest rallies to command WHO is WHO, WHO OWNS WHAT, WHO trades what with WHO GPS located as well as WHY and HOW.   This is FOIA.ONE and use of total tort legal financial spiritual reformation of

Keith Duncan  PROTECT KEITHs life today by dispatching everyone to CALL, FIND, and put us in Safe Haven sanctuary while rest of you 7.9 billion GODs children actually FIND and search seize any criminal (convicted or wanted) using same sane AutoFace Recognition system everyone carries on their local centralized smart phone.

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