©(tm)Patent (r) 1-19580815-1 (+101%) CreatorKeith.space Duncan  by GOD's Saint Evangelists.

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BASE covenant is 1. Do not Steal2. Do not LIE3. Do not HIDE.    Contact World presidents today ! ! ! !
Since ROSE is a terrorist and SALLY Q Yates implicated herself with GBI Berry Vic Renolds in Atl GA, TRUMP and WORLD will be madder than hell so many incompetent corrupt people are INSIDE MY=OUR USA GOV.
  We recruit EVERYONE to Join Us as required by GOD and all existing laws to END the infamy holocausts caused by the few Criminal Ruling Elite. This is also WHY GOD sent us FOIA.ONE IID: 1-19580815-1 (+100% Integrity) to master educate everyone out of abject Poverty and apathy by using our divine ordained covenant legally binding contracts.
Watch carefully on HOW to achieve total World peace.
Then escort Keith's Crusaders to Testify to World Leaders.
Note: Unmute the Audio to hear 100% truth about Keith = Who I am.
2nd on right shows we are #1 problem solvers in world history 2010.

April 1, 2020 Today is new world beginning UNIocracy.org since only a few saint apostles working with Keith actually teach world unity methods at all levels using all ways and means. Our system below and cross referenced is completed and shows mankind how WE the CHOSEN People own and control everything. This includes sharing everything communally and commanding everyone to surrender if they have violated any law. Otherwise crooks will be citizen arrested like we did Feb 4, 2011 and marched to Court to answer why they violated our rights using SolutionJudge and evote as the basis for passing judgment on each other. All legally ratified by 7.777 billion MY people. Why do terrorists roam freely? Easy answer: Since our old system has no clue WHO is WHO, and WHO travels where with WHO for What reason. Pandemics and Crime networks have exact same data statistics.

I clearly asked to access any and all GOV and corporate databases long ago to teach our world leaders how to actually achieve total world global peace. Few respond and NO ONE supports us since greed is about to destroy MY=OUR world as we prophet predicted long long ago. FOIA.ONE IID keith brent duncan 1-19580815-1 (+101%) is the new world leader who refuses to use politics as basis for why he is the servant of all mankind... Deal with REALITY and call us and escort us to TESTIFY today as we most formally requested Sept 2011 to present moment.

Keith + his fellow angel scientists are the ONLY crusaders who provide the true answers.
  Denial of Freedom of eVote Speech is hereby now an International Crime.
Enforcement of basic human rights now BuiltByKeith (c)(tm)(r)Patent Intellectual Property:
  1. SolutionManifesto  Single World Constitution  Evote + Human Bill of Rights
  2. SolutionJudge.  Anyone can be put on witness stand trial regardless of wealth
  3. SolutionMilitary Single International World Peace Keeping Law Enforcement agency.
We have + $500 Million USD (actually ALL of our net worth) to gift 3rd world nations for past +9 years. No one has asked us any question about how to receive these real funds to build all new infrastructure owned and controlled locally by those who join UNIocracy.ORG

   The cause of Mass Poverty is named Elites who control all aspects of OUR profits by killing our Prophets, scientists, Master educators. Many of our religious leaders are indeed Zealots who profiteer by brainwashing our people to SHOUT AMEN, put your cash in our pockets and you will be saved from your sins. This is the repeat of why my very own FatherGOD Christ Jesus was tortured when HE overturned the Priests gambling racket tables. Only when criminals are required to pay back 3x restitution and beg/ask for forgiveness from their victims, will their souls be saved by their own confession admissions. +125 persons face PRISON for what they did to keith b duncan.

April 5, 2020. Last update. WHO reading this can support us ( you included). We were defrauded, ROBBED, then Kidnapped 4 times = 900 days, even tortured with threats of YOU are worst than dead because you have NO RIGHTS to teach humanity how to save each person from their worst sin vice addiction of GREED.

   Best is any money transfer group to Keith Brent Duncan, in PACO Manila. Cell 09173354300. Anyone can send us paypal.com to Kduncan2005@gmail.com. If small amount, to BPI account exact: 4537567720245291 is a VISA pre-paid charge card. (It can not be used to withdraw cash, but can be used as a VISA at any major store or biz). We need about $40/week while Governments and Corporations actually SEE WHO WE ARE and what we already did to unify mankind.

We have $5 USD left right now, more than I had access to on Oct 3, 2011 when ROSE ordered my group to be murdered.

   On eve of April 1, 2020 Historical Legacy World Leader meetings we formally requested 8 years ago. We must not have used the proper words then, so we have refined everything down to: 

" Act with Fearlessly Authority to protect the rights of all others FIRST before protecting your own rights. "

Believe in your own power combined with our HIGHER POWER to achieve Total world Peace today, not tomorrow.

  If a SINGLE person had actually represented MY RIGHTS in 2008, your world would already be unified.  I am also in market for a new wife partner crusader angel evangelist. WHO DO YOU KNOW?  Click: like Sandra Bullock?

   The 100% true cause of Mass Poverty is named Elites who control all aspects of OUR profits by killing our Prophets, scientists, Master educators. Many of our religious leaders are indeed Zealots who profiteer by brainwashing our people to SHOUT AMEN, put your cash in our pockets and you will be saved from your sins. This is the repeat of why my very own FatherGOD Christ Jesus was tortured when HE overturned the Priests gambling racket tables. Only when criminals are required to pay back 3x restitution and beg/ask for forgiveness from their victims, will their souls be saved by their own confession admissions. +125 persons face PRISON for what they did to keith b duncan.


    Named elite and criminal terrorists run our world economies unrestricted since few have any simple methods to identify WHO is WHO, WHO travels Where with WHO and WHY, and who is depopulating MY FatherGOD MotherEarths population. Therefore, we have completed how to recruit 100 Million, perhaps 3.5 billion to come with us to the domain known as UNIocracy.org that is also known as the fourth dimension. I remain beyond shocked and stunned for now 12 years that ONE super criminal AntiChrist Robert Dee Rose is protected by very powerful USA GOV officials despite his treason, espionage, murder + longest list of felony crimes after his terrorist group infiltrated Banks, Corporations, USA Gov agency and even Military Databases. Only by Keith being personally escorted by Military protection will our World Presidents be protected and debriefed with what we R&D learned about all crime pandemic networks.

Thinking a few law enforcement or military groups have the intelligence technology is the biggest myth in world history. WE WORK FOR all of HUMANITY and show how to peacefully replace all known forms of Government and MegaCorporate systems once and forever....

Denial of Free Speech and human right to face ANY accuser is the most abused form of judicial malfeasance violation of basic human and constitutional Rights in world history.  SolutionMilitary and SolutionJudge prevent abuse of power once and forever more....

I absolutely CRINGE every single time a person says "THAT's Impossible. THEY=THEM would never allow humanity to identify WHO THEY ARE and command/demand anyone who violates laws be replaced with our younger generation who actually LOVE, CARE, and PROTECT all others FIRST before thinking of their own benefits and purpose.

#### end of SOS March 30, 2020 broadcast at 11:18pm Manila.

   Current DJI Dow Jones lost 30% value in 30 days. Elite SOLD off and made trillions of USD profits since only SELLING OFF takes Profits while broker fees deplete our long term gains. Corp Exec Stock Options take our final profits when exercised years in future at the original granted price. These are financial fanatical crimes.

   Insider Computer Trading is now all prevented forever with simple use of one system of:

ProfitShareHolders.space  as the ONLY INC ByLaw that empowers WE HIS people to own and control our very own executives pay and decide WHO are our executives and decide collectively to SUSPEND any SEC authorized Incorporation trading. This method alone finally stabilizes the persistent Intrinsic value of OUR bank accounts and Stock Market certificates.  Over time, Ktrade.space and IntlMerchant.space methods will eliminate the need for any stock market paper and all speculation of unsustainable unsubstantiated price of our stock will be eliminated by the educated Will of Our most beloved blessed WE HIS Chosen People.

CreatorKeith.space was sent by GOD as the most humble walking saint of all who teaches all how to UNIFY reform and supplement, bypass, then replace all forms of existing Government and Corporate systems by empowering WE the PEOPLE to own and control everything.  Easy once SINGLE Press Conferences spreads the greatest news stories of all times.  Our world is so complex, it requires mankind to 5step by step USE our systems to decide our own reality and future destiny.  REMOVAL of all crime networks of corrupt people (those who violate our laws) is #1 priority for everyone who MUST fearlessly protect the rights of all others before thinking of themselves.
   Updated last March 27, 2020 exactly 1:11 am in Manila as I actively BROADCAST for last 12 years on the true state of our world as the PRIME monk observer visionary sage and world leader mediator. 
   Know as walking most humble saints by the few who understand why GOD sent us here, We are the #1 data mining AI singular technology keynote speaker mediator Savior experts in world history who clearly fill up stadiums and arenas with our people who are thirsty for the simple knowledge and prime wisdom we gift and carry to save all nations. We work like Evangelist Billy Graham, Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, Moses, Abraham, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who also were most humble walking saints sent by GOD.  Only by our people VOICING their Expertise will mankind actually achieve total world global peace...
      We are the ONLY ONES in world history changing the course of YOUR DESTINY despite your sins.
Everyone deserves to be Paid for their products and services now that elite no longer control US.

Global Total World Peace is now achieved with these most simple irrevocable interconnected AI common sense answers = covenants..

Click HERE for the FINAL SOLUTION SET HOW to achieve Total World Peace. All Inter URL Linked.

March 28, 2020. YOUR current human conditions are self-genocide. All because most of my people never care about rights of others. Maybe soon, I return to heaven on GOD's command to ensure the wrath of GOD and our people sweeps our land, ... clean of all unsaved criminals ...---...

EVERYONE focus on TRUMP and FBI Director Christopher Wray to call us to save their day...

  Requirement has always been to CALL US at all costs and put us on Intl TV News Press Conferences TODAY, not tomorrow.  We remain 10 min from USA Embassy Manila today..

  ONLY the VOICE of our 7.777 billion people are required to eliminate all crime networks at ONE single time with use of FOIA.ONE open public source database that shows WHO is WHO (automatic face recognition back ground check ) and WHO owns What, WHO trades What with WHO (when and where GPS video recorded) all enforced integrity business transactions.  No more crimes occur when criminals see they can never travel or trade. Anyone can photo/video anyone else and reap the bounty reward on the crooks head while they are immediately put in PRISON and even death row by order of Majority of Will of Our people. No more false heres-say accusations by Criminals against their victims as lawyers and judges are put on trial with SolutionJudge and SolutionMilitary as the last resort to obtain total world justice and equality required World Global Peace.  We are those sent by GOD to teach humanity how to be honest with integrity being the ONLY policy using all digital electronic electric paper free society we created 1976 NCSU forward in GODs purpose for WHY we are still breathing in Manila. We have already showcased ALL aspects of the Human Condition and how to prevent almost all crimes in the first palace place.  As we are the true KINGS of technology and Human rights that most persecute and even murder because we speak the absolute truth. Few protect our people because the GREED of our world drives all economy laws, rules, and false regulations.  Updated last 20200221 12:12pm still alive In manila.

Quote: "Where Two or More are gathered, There I am also'. Call Keith and escort him to meet you anywhere on Earth. Just need a plane ticket and invitation to teach you how to solve ANY problem at all.. Under legally binding contract found at original client3635.wix.com/bidonkeith = BidOnkeith. (soon .space)

       The Last Database FOIA.ONE is required to obtain total peace worldwide.

CKS20200328 INSERT gmail just sent out today..  Sally Yates + ALL Others tied to ROE., horrifically sad you face Congressional Hearings as Plaintiff or defendant.  NO one has ever contacted anyone regarding ROBERT DEE ROSE except myself for now 12 years of horrific true torture of being kidnapped 4 times = 900days total.


THE ONE document proving FULL SCALE CONSPIRACY to KIDNAP myself BY ROSE (without his signature of course), is Cobb County TPO 1.1.1171.99 that was CANCELLED BY Berry Vic REYNOLDS my lawyer, July 15, 2011 after Grady Moore and Patrick Head DA at time, said MS. Bashama refused to prosecute that I had kidnapped her after she ROBBED MY HOMES Feb 4, 2011. I was SHOCKED when I was criminally detained Feb 22, 2011 when NO POLICE or ANYONE testified I had done ANYTHING WRONG. I was locked up overnight since JUDGE ?? REFUSED TO ARREST Ms. BASHAMA same date as over 5 police officers I went to see all conspired to work FOR ROSE and Ms. Bashama to prevent the REAL EVIDENCE from being shown to IRS, FBI, even CIA NSA this entire time.


This has ALWAYS been a MILITARY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into WHY no one actually CALLS ME BACK to find out WHAT I have already done.. unify mankind.  We copy many, actually millions this entire time to REQUESTING ALL Law enforcement groups world wide to USE our perfected total tort reform system of FOIA.ONE  Almost NO ONE cares about Justice any more.  Clear to see and explain the timelined evidence of why humanity is destined to self destruct called self  genocide. All about the money and who  controls the world economy.


Since we NEVER expected to survive this long, here is ROSE's .XLS that shows his Client VICTIMS.  Most are mega mega millionaires and MUST be contacted by FBI AG or even KSLAW to inform them that ROSE has cyber crime infiltrated their mega million $$ homes using Crestron, AMX, and of course Secure Homes INC, LightLogics LLC, and RAI of Bahamas along with +25 other RICO cybercrime terrorist Shell/Shelf INCs.

   We are the #1 world scientist keynote Speaker God focused Humanitarians who are persecuted by AntiChrists because we Love and Care for all others. Only when humanity RISES up to overthrow all crime networks will we prosper and thrive with FOIA.ONE Evote.one direct decision based society that is NO secrets and shared communal assets and property.


  As of 2020-Feb-18, Keith is beyond stunned that so many USA GOV officials violate basic human rights in their efforts to prevent ANY investigations of Robert Dee Rose TheFinalTerrorist.com cyber super criminal terrorist who murders his victims if they do not comply with his blackmail threats to kill their families. Worst crimes against humanity occur because our people are blinded by the occult zealots of a few named politicians and corporate executives who are indeed the secret dark web cabal mobster groups who hide behind OUR databases and isolate in their White Ivory towers. Most claim they are the ONLY ones to decide how to return our profits and investments after they pay themselves first millions, billions of our earnings, then they hire liar lawyers and pay off judicial system to prevent ANY investigations that lead to their lifetime in prison and even death row. Most of our people are ignorant and even apathy thinking NO ONE can ever change our most corrupt system of people who collaborate on how to enslave keith's people.  Therefore We have completed the worlds first and last anti-crime methodology that truly unites us all as 100% direct democracy decision based society when WE decide our NEXT best project reality and therefore our very own destiny legacy future.

  The websites below are the left behind solutions.  Over 200 website broadcasts since 2005 are the ANSWER master education systems that are sent by GOD through our few saint/apostle/disciples.

     Call us,  escort us to TESTIFY today, Past DUE Oct 2011 forward.    SolutionHousing.org at Client3635.wix.com/SolutionH is key to eliminating all world Poverty. Simple use of Press Conferences and mass media bring invited 4 Million citizens here to spend $1 Million USD each family over 1-2 year period. We do automatic background check, they get voting rights as duel citizens and 30% of their $1 Million USD goes to direct fund build roads, schools, hospitals, water, energy, communications, churches, and other infrastructure now owned and controlled by each community. Includes building shopping malls, factories, and other self generating profit centers owned by 100million Philippines who are now collective cooperative Capitalists of CEOSPACE.NET who we bring here also.

  I+WE = US lead by Keith are the worlds first trillionaire in Intellectual property

  WE are the 1st to market inventors of the SelfyStick Universal Stabilizer (c)(tm)(r) patent for all electric electronic digital database numerical driven world when Everyone knows WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, and WHO trades what with who/when/where GPS. WE are the HOLDER/SELLERS of the most valuable commodities in world history Worlds LAST open FREE ad-Free public database, ONE voting System, ONE energy Water system, ONE return of ALL land and Real Estate + Malls + all infrastructure BACK to the local communities who RUN and control their very own economic system of FREE TRADE BARTER EXCHANGE that Eliminates need for BANKS/LOANS/Insurance and truly removes need for STOCK MARKET CERTIFICATES that only enrich the BROKERS who ARE our leaders and politicians.   Everyone HATES the word politics, crime, corruption, terrorists, and some hate the word GOD + ALLAH + CHRIST or any word that remind them of being OPPRESSED by the criminal ruling elite.

   Trillions of real $$ are here: I hold filed patent TurnOffLights.space and now ProfitShareHolders.space

  # 1 REQUIREMENT is always to PROTECT our most humble living walking saints so WE can protect our people since recent 12 years indicate that GOD will no longer intervene to save humanity.

   THEREFORE, GOD and most people have FORSAKEN each other. Therefore, I = KEITH have already legally stated that I return TRILLIONS of real $$ in net worth assets and knowledge BACK to our people.  ALL of it as I need nothing more than safe travel and food to the next greatest places of need that is clearly hosting Peace Summits with our world presidents and Corporate Executives that WOULD have occurred Oct 2011 if a SINGLE person had completed any of these solutions by teaching others HOW to actually LOVE and CARE for each other.

This is the PAY-BACK time for all criminals to surrender or be Manhunted down by our single SolutionMilitary (.com, .space)
using Shared Back Ground Auto-Face Recognition evidence our world can see and use on FOIA.ONE  client3635.wix.com/URLident using
EVOTE.one (kVote.SPACE) as the decision based method for convictions with client3635.wix.com/SolutionJudge putting anyone on witness stand.
Updated Feb 19, 2020 12:07am by SaintKeith duncan, most humble father.
EACH of these highlighted Domain sites achieves TOTAL WORLD GLOBAL PEACE.  Pick and Choose and GO TO WORLD LEADERS, Press, PUblic NOW, not tomorrow.  Call Keith (+ other top world leaders) and BOOK us to come to the greatest places of needs. Start with Congressional Investigations on the most massive corrupt individuals in ALL Governments and Corporations.
Solved and prevented forever with
Here are the worlds most comprehensive URL ECO methods to achieve total world peace
ProfitShareHolders.Space Prevents Stock Crashes.


CLIENT3635.wix.com/*   List of world changing interlinked AI Singular solutions that are the TRUE answers to UNIFY mankind.

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EarthFirst   Worlds last Peace Concert to Empower Mankind to achieve Ownership of everything.

solutionmanifesto  ONE New World Peace Constitution. Sep 6, 2015    Dec 26, 2019  

creatorkeith.SPACE  Apr 22, 2015    Jan 13, 2020

builtbykeith     EVOTE.ONE   SINGLE WORLD VOTE SYSTEM. Nov 13, 2015    Jan 16, 2020

urlident   FOIA.ONE   ONE WORLD Peace Database.  Nov 25, 201  Jan 15, 2020

turnofflights .SPACE FREE WORLD Electric Energy System.  Jan 15, 2020   

bidonkeith  #1 world Consultant  Jul 28, 2015  Nov 2, 2019

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EVOTE.ONE on Client3635.wix.com/BuiltByKeith/evote is worlds Last Method to empower all humanity
to OWN and CONTROL all the decisions of their Corporate Executives and small left over group of Politicians.
All Political Parties are disbanded.  Only party permitted is our central group known as 'Universal Party' comprised of all 7.777 billion of WE HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE.  This is communal shared resources of GOD's loaned assets.
No more taxes, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Executives or false Religious leaders.
All political parties, mobsters, underground crime enterprises are eliminated By Will of Majority of Our People.
  All election voting and decision making is now blockchain locked with International ID, your photo/video linked to your action.

    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and total Equality.  Everyone now FEARLESSLY PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database FOIA.one  = SolutionPeace.com

     These simple 5 ByPass Laws create your SolutionManifesto.com new history.  No one can ever deny your rights again.

1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain un-hackable. Each vote is tied to your photo/video stored for any retrieval in the single new world society open public database FOIA.ONE
2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is easy Retroactive punishment + seizure for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent.  Our young people now become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime.

3. Direct eDemocracy Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do by evote. All Direct Funding builds NEXT best project so NO ONE can scam or steal our assets. No more appointed officials who criminally conspire with others.  SolutionJudge.com Total Tort Reform eliminates all corrupt individuals including Liar=Lawyers + all other terrorists.
4. All leaders consultant  pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY, with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executives below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets with FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3.

5.  Anyone can run for any office in any nation if FOIA.ONE IID +90 Integrity ranked on FOIA.ONE world database.

ALL of these 5 By-Pass Constitutional laws are irrevocable and irrefutable base of SolutionManifesto.com

6. Public can eVOTE and assume title ownership to any mall or equal public built structure unless the entire corporation is privately owned. 


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