top of page was always the most simple common sense investment strategy of GOD + to benefit each of you by WE protecting our asset principals by ONLY investing in privately held corporations worldwide. Means NO more public traded banks , no Day trading, NO manipulation of ANY news event can cause the intrinsic persistent value of OUR hard earned assets to go UP or DOWN at any level. With Keiths total common sharing methods and rapid deployment of + gifted Gods methods, a dollar of buying power will be the same 100, even 1,000 years in our future. Results of NO more warlords, no mass poverty, no secret deals, NO stock options/bonuses/other executive secret perks means YOU are always required to direct fund any and all community infrastructure projects using of Keiths multilevel proxy decision making methodology detailed perfected below.  CURRENT ALL investment strategies are 95% MLM false promise stealing of our assets, few exceptions that literally NO ONE actually understands how to build continuous growth products and services at ONLY local community barter level.

  WHO do you actually TRUST and know to book debrief Keiths Mega Billionaire problem solving experts today?

  Our most simple methods below will retire + 75% of all wealthy NON-Leader Corporate Executives once YOU use to deide full pay compensation packages of ALL our leaders at both Government and Corporate Levels worldwide.

  Of COURSE most people will scream 'bloody murder-Pirate Privacy' about loosing their pirated assets they have falsely accumulated by lying about source of all their income assets.

Call us directly since we fear no one. WE DO avoid any cyber criminals while our existing purges them from OUR free will society using Keiths perfected GPS reverse tracking + 180 other perfected gifted methods and patents.

  CALL US now at +1 770-377-2106 Ensure everyone BY-passes the Hypocrits, cynic gatekeepers who THINK they guard our assets. totally changes ALL investment methodology of our hard earned assets forever. The most common sense investment strategy world wide is ONLY small local privately held banks and ONLY privately held corporations with NO exceptions. WHY? All current investments of our hard earned assets are systematically used by the Criminal Ruling Elite and Cyber Terrorists to enslave We the People by blindwashing 99% of you to worship only false idols and Lucifer once each of you sell off your souls to the ultimate Con-Artist criminals like ROSE and millions of others who all claim "OH JUST TRUST ONLY THEM ! and NO ONE ELSE".

  Since was sent by GOD 65.8 years ago, only HE, YOU, and named other mega Billionaires have the capacity to stop all WarLords cold by removing all their authority to CoPirate our assets that went extreme JP Morgan, Federal Reserve Their System, banksters like Chase Man-Hatten, mutual funds, tax exempt bonds, all the other derivative commodity price fixing, massive taxation, legalizing all vice, sin, and crimes with few exceptions.   Ask yourself, How has the current world been treating YOU? Better or criminally worse?  NOW each of you have full authority to decide your own NEXT best community project and actually Pay as you EARN, and invest directly with business owners who actually LOVE to serve and protect all others.

   As of 2024 JUNE 24, NOT A SINGLE soul has debriefed or protected Keith Brent Duncan at any level after I was most brutally kidnapped, tortured relentlessly, robbed of all MotherEarth MY assets, wisdom and knowledge, and left for dead by over 140 named civil criminal defendants. THAT is why I daily go back directly to OUR USA GOV officers demanding THEY investigate, seize, put in COURT all violators I have identified combined with ALL of your criminal persecutors. This alone will be the greatest reversal transfer of wealth back to each of you For Ever.  REVERSE IPOs are the name of to end of MY eternity....

All World/local Stock Markets are hereby ABOLISHED. Everyone MUST cash out of all public traded stocks and pull ALL our cash out of ALL banks worldwide NOW, NOW, NOW !

1st Invest in yourself. Educate yourself for free by using GOD/Keiths system + worldwide. BOOK master #1 educators.

2nd Deposit all your cash outs into your local collective cooperative Credit Unions (disbands all National Banks worldwide) as each of you collectively rewrite replace OUR corporate By-Laws worldwide. eliminates ALL fraud and cyber security departments use of Keiths 1976 procreated simple patents. CyberCriminals like Robert Dee ROSE are the greatest drain of OUR hard earned assets once computer technology semiAutomated transactions.

3rd. Invest everything you own (your nest egg) into ONLY privately held corporations and use Keiths proxy system to control your Board of Directors, our executives, and all major decisions of how your investments of cash, time, contributions is used to grow YOUR dividend profit Share holding payouts real time.  Everyone goes back to free will open binding barter exchange 'farmers market' Keiths model forever. This alone destroys the LUCIFER WORSHIPING BROKERS. under your total control always reverses ALL false promises of Get Rich Quick using 'their' computer day trading speculation commodity financial instruments. Over 97% of all public traded stick stocks are paper chase manipulation of OUR hard earned nest egg assets. Even paper currency FIAT is scam by Brokers of Wall Street CoPIRATE mindsets we have always properly described as 'LEGALIZED EMBEZZLEMENT' by Corporate Bonuses, Private STOCK OPTIONS, differed compensation, write-offs of executive Aircraft, luxury leased cars, unlimited business trip write-offs, list is indeed LUCIFER Worshiping endless number of THEIR ways to cause all wars and mass poverty.

   Reversed forever by GOD and KEITHs most practical common sense application of EVOTE.ONE when WE direct all corporate operations as their highly dignified integrity enforced SME advisors using proxy system who understand how to increase profits while decreasing supply chain demand costs at all levels.  results is " CALL KEITH  NOW !"  We have already been recruiting the absolute top elite Brokers who mostly work for Merry Meryl Lynch, Charles Schwab, JP Morgan Chase monopoly, others who think THEY OWN CONTROL our mega Banks. We and YOU have always demanded return of OUR public traded stocks back to ONLY PRIVATELY HELD corporations as modeled by most famous simple business trading modeling by Keith.

REVERSE IPOs worldwide finally stabilize OUR economy forever of common sense as WE eliminate all financial $$$ warlord brokers forever.  Keith Duncan CEO and 770-377-2106 universal overseers over all Governments and Corporations worldwide. Benefits Everyone, no more Banksters.


  Current 6,000 year ancient MLM ponzi schemes are JUST TRUST THEM using Devils Advocacy of only THEY can increase our net worth by taking first profits for their day trading speculation commodity advice. All financial instruments are currently their con-artist scams once They pay themselves first with Stock Options, Corp Perks, Bone bonuses, and all the secret underground cabal deals that ensure they always have full command authority over 8 billion WE GODs people. Control of our databases (privacy vs public) and perverted manipulation of all news events is how THEY retain full control over our reality and near term destiny fate of demise.

  Below is the most competent compliant methods for WE THE PEOPLE to finally stabilize our investment asset portfolios once and forever by Total New World DECENTRALIZATION and PRIVATIZING our cash and investments using common sense methods procreated by GOD + Keith + a few of our world leading economic consultant advisors once all leaders worldwide are selected as ONLY highly paid in cash barter exchange by ONLY credit union banking and ONLY small business privately held corporations so NO news event can ever affect our intrinsic persistent easy to valuate principal investments.


  A single USD (now valued buying power of only kCredits verus kDebits will now be the same purchasing power 100 even 1,000 years in our future.

  The only ROLE of our new World Wealth Investment Managers is to investigate research and oversee the best new privately owned WE CONTROL corporations worldwide. No more secret ability for anyone to manipulate the commodity speculation manipulated prices of OUR principal investments at any levels using KEITHs patented copyrighted methods below. Even Fiat Currency FOREX are replaced forever with ONE currency

   Current investment financial instruments are all 98% MLM Ponzi scheme scams of JUST TRUST US (Stock Market Brokers, Bankseters, even R.E. brokers) that our own work efforts are fully at risk to be legally and civil criminally embezzled stolen by the NWO criminal ruling elite.  This one group of 1%ers HAVEs already orchestrated passing of all laws, regulations, bids, contracts, and LLPs (Liar Lawyers PROTECTED and Accounting firms) soon

KeithLawFirm.ORG to prevent any and all investigations and convictions to prison of the worst cyber criminal terrorists in GODs world history.

  Each of YOU are being scammed by your apathy ignorance by criminal led Social Media (all levels) that went viral extreme back by JP Morgans Jekyll (Hyde) Island 1893 to Dec 23, 1913 extorted creation of Federal Reserve System, Stock Options, Board of Trustee Director By-Laws, then commodity trading financial instruments of paper, Golden CoPirate executive Handcuff perks, all expenses paid by YOU known as the original (YOU again who always foot all bills for all crime enterprises). Even IPO (Initial Public Offerings) are the ultimate Lucifer Worshiping cyber scams to eliminate any opposition to GODs way of investing and building moral family values into OUR new world complete economic spiritual financial nature resources WORLD of GODs total world stabilizing replacement methods showcased at Keiths

  As of 2023 JUNE 09, not a single person has actually protected or represented most humble man of GOD keith brent duncans life or actually commanded anyone to protect YOUR life, assets, souls, and mortal possessions. Therefore, WE DO LEAVE EARTH soon on our father GODs requests from Oct 3, 2011 to leave each of YOU to decide your own reality and near term destiny fate.

  If you have gotten this far, THEN now PROCEED to see reality by taking the simple 5 step primal GODs questions at top of, then return HERE and actually follow-up on how YOU each benefit once and forever by removing all authority and OUR wealth from the same NWO criminal ruling elite by all the ways and means we have been re-broadcast showcasing our past 64 years.

  #1 Duncan New World your leader(s) at all levels.

  Even see reality at this most recent National News Spotlight. Click HERE. about most recent SVB and Republic Bank Failures that will result in total crash meltdown of all economic markets caused ONLY by Lucifer Worshipping Predatory GREEDY named mortals. Crashes and perversion manipulation will NEVER occur once everyone actually uses and EVOTE.ONE KISS method technology we personally gifted to each of YOU

ReInvestALL was always GODs way to fast path redistribute OUR wealth and Assets back to WE THE PEOPLE best places of mortal needs by decentralizing ALL wealth assets and command authority back to EACH of US known as YOU.  NOTHING happens without direct ACTION by each of you to destroy the Devils Advocates known as Criminal Ruling Elite who have legalized ALL sin, vice, and crimes against 8 billion MY PEOPLE.

  All World/local Stock Markets are hereby ABOLISHED. Everyone MUST cash out of all public traded stocks and pull ALL our cash out of ALL banks worldwide NOW, NOW, NOW !

1st Invest in yourself. Educate yourself for free by using GOD/Keiths system + worldwide. BOOK master #1 educators.

2nd Deposit all your cash outs into your local collective cooperative Credit Unions (disbands all National Banks worldwide) as each of you collectively rewrite replace OUR corporate By-Laws worldwide.

3rd. Invest everything you own (your nest egg) into ONLY privately held corporations and use Keiths proxy system to control your Board of Directors, our executives, and all major decisions of how your investments of cash, time, contributions is used to grow YOUR dividend profit Share holding payouts real time.  Everyone goes back to free will open binding barter exchange 'farmers market' Keiths model forever. This alone destroys the LUCIFER WORSHIPING BROKERS. is also GODs original solution to prevent Criminal Ruling Elite from controlling ALL our information and internet free will exchange of GODs wisdom and knowledge once and forever.

### World Press Re-Release Broadcast to everyone. (c)(tm)(r) Patents gifted to all.

Keith Brent Duncan IID FOIA.ONE 1-19580815-1 (integrity +100%) author of even

2022Dec08 is use of GODs FOIA.ONE is the only pathway of true righteousness and social justice for all +8 billion left behind mortals. best motivational broadcast in Gods world history thanksgiving cold Turkey day 2022Nov24 at now as all broadcasters are only free will public broadcasting reporters of Gods truth and reality. Includes immediate deployment of and to fast path use to reverse ALL criminal spider networks concentric focused on current WW3-5.

Positive forward deliverables by anyone?  So far nothing but ...  use your own most correct word analysis. Most people say nothing.  Most people including YOU use Devils Advocate Worshipping of false idols. Matthew 23.


  I asked my dog what is 2 minus 2.  He answered correctly when he said NOTHING...  His name was golden retriever Sam Odd how my dog was smarter and more unconditional loving than most mortals...

  Please immediately call USA top author broadcaster keith duncan 770-377-2106 on mass publicity of worlds last complete total perfected economic replacement free will society of always driven by we Gods people use of heritage legacy and 125 other perfected all digital engineer gifted systems at whois125.pdf top left below of and focusing everyone on peacemaking simple systems demonstrated and keyword BuiltByKeith

Denial of all civil rights by the criminal ruling elite past 75 years has resulted in mad man made laws and impoverishment slave trading even war genocide caused by Wall Street and stock market option day trading BROKERS.  Monopoly dynasties control everyone and all trade exchanges started 5550 MLM ponzi years ago.

All free will authors can now own and run as only public broadcasting systems free of all ad revenue generators of original

Who do you know to contact debrief us today. $40 billion NGO overseer enterprises now regulate over all governments and all corporate executives using original freedom of press, freedom of speech, and freedom to redress any grievance petition against any individual.

Suing any government entity is always a lost war cause.  Keith duncan.

###  part of GODs original is the most powerful Economic Reform system in world history publish authored by world famous celebrity Keith.  YOU + Keith now eliminated ALL public traded stocks, destroy all MLM Ponzi schemes includes mutual funds, bitcoins, commodity trading any instrument, insider traders, mega Corporate Executive privately held secrets including all pirated wealthy, literally all secrets now exposed to each of you by FOIA.ONE. legally eliminates ALL megaBanks and ALL public stock market exchanges forever.


Statista Research Department, Jan 11, 2022 Quote: 

  "The New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world, with an equity market capitalization of just over 28.2 trillion U.S. dollars as of October 2021. The following three exchanges were the NASDAQ, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Euronext."

  All World/local Stock Markets are hereby ABOLISHED. Everyone MUST cash out of all publicly traded stocks.

1st Invest in yourself. Educate yourself for free by using GOD/Keiths system + worldwide.

2nd Deposit all your cash outs into your local collective cooperative Credit Unions (disbands all National Banks worldwide) as each of you collectively rewrite replace OUR corporate By-Laws worldwide. 

3rd. Invest your nest egg into privately held corporations and use Keiths proxy system to control your Board of Directors, our executives, and all major decisions of how your investments of cash, time, contributions is used to grow YOUR dividend profit Share holding payouts real time.  Everyone goes back to free will open binding barter exchange 'farmers market' Keiths model forever.

  Greatest LIES all of you believe is our brokers (banks, Real estate, Stock Markets) actually protect our original principal investment deposits and pay US all growth dividend profits before paying themselves.

 To Prove I am still mortal alive by GODS command as of Nov 30, 2022, here is recent proof that World War FIVE is about to destroy all of you known as crispy critters of World War $$ Three is WW Five. Contact debrief  us now. was GODs original simple system of destruction of any and all criminal terrorists and cyber attackers by WILL of WE GODs people use of EVOTE.ONE. Only definition of a 'leader' is that someone or group actually supports their position. Best method are staged mass protest peace rally COUPs to exile throw out ANY person who violates WILL of WE GODs majority. 

  The most reality common sense use of Gods generator + from most humble true Man from GOD are KEITH  BRENT DUNCAN's simplified methods of:

1. INVEST in yourself by educating you and everyone on how to be financially literate and stand on your own TWO feet brain heads !

2. PULL out all our money from all banks and deposit directly into local Credit Unions like Norcross Association Credit Union at Corporate +1 770.448.8200Routing 261171338,  Account 11010007719624 is megaBillionaire Corporate Account everyone must support until actually is YOUR new crime free UTOPIA of your self protected communities now led by OUR only highest form of real time elected (and replacable) government of Mayor, City Manager, Police Chief, and all Judges by OUR actions use of EVOTE.ONE.

3. Sell off ALL our public traded stocks from ALL our stock markets while commanding all corporate Executives HOLD their stock options for 3 month delay and NEVER selling or buying off OUR stock until KEITHS angel guardian investor teams audit OUR general ledgers to consolidate WHO has been pulling our assets out of our accounts known as criminal and legalized embezzlement write-offs.

4. Invest ALL your excess cash and titled assets of collateral into OUR locally owned and control managed Small Business Owner Corporations using our NGOs as the accounting, education, and legal basis of all enforced legally binding contracts after all products and services have been successfully delivered to client customers on time and at agreed transaction payouts closed.

5. STAGE the most powerful PROTEST RALLIES of all time to command identification of WHO are the worst criminals and terrorists using OUR Dept of Social Justice replacement law and judicial systems manned by Keiths people = YOU.

  Literally, anyone who violates YOUR rights to be free will SOVEREIGN independent citizens will scream PRIVACY and soon disappear claiming they are being stalked by OUR citizens, Military, and Police forces we hired back 2005 ERA

6. The REST of GODs peace making methods all digital no paper society now liberates everyone world wide as members of and forever.  This is GODs omnipresence, omnipotent, omnipotent use of forever.   All those who claim someone else (like GOD, Christ, Mohammad, or ??)  will arrive to save your souls are ALL hypocrites, cynics, blinded fools, and criminal brood of serpent vipers as exposed Matthew Chapter 23, 1-2-3 punch.  Reversed forever use of Roman Chapter 12. The Body of GOD was always our universal method of stabilizing all aspects of our spiritual, mind, body, soul, world mentality of

7. Everyone now HOST MEDIATE Town hall monthly forums on Demand. Everyone now are members of Board of Director Trustees of and New World NonGov Systems  Basic 100% free education now provided by membership in, + where Keith is #1 leader host mediator of all Gods timeline.

8. MOST CRITICAL remains PROTECT KEITHs LIFE and command recovery of ALL of KEITHS assets criminally stolen by +120 civil and criminal defendants at historical legacy  USE of OUR military will ensure your assets and lives are fully protected once again once OUR DOJ DOD go back to only National Guard Militia use of Keith + GODs + as each of YOU know control all aspects of GODs world at your very own local community levels forever.

  Re Invest ALL.COM your assets as commanded step by step below to benefit yourself, your family, your community and then you each locally own and run your own controlled microsized Government officials and all infrastructure you build and maintain as GODs primary CareTakers and CareGivers. Only the UnderTakers are required to bury the dead as everyone is dying to be admitted into our Lucifer Cemeteries created by the Grim Reaper.  Each of YOU become Gods guardian angel overseers totally managing your own reality.

  All military families of now are commission converted over to ONLY ALL National Guard as front liner humanitarian civil engineers and criminal investigators you control at mayor level forever. No more war machines can be perverted by Criminal Ruling Elite CoPirate Corporate Executives who sit on criminal Board of Directors using our BY-Laws to claim only they are the King of all King Pharaoh family oligarch dynasty Lucifers.

 CLICK to SEE, BELIEVE, and ACT WITH FEARLESS AUTHORITY to control all of your very own assets and wealth. was GODs simple method Keiths published showcased method to destroy the LUCIFERS who run our banks and stock market trade industries. PULL all your bank deposits OUT of all publicly traded banks and deposit into your local Credit Unions LIKE Norcross GA Associated Credit Union as everyone commanded to use to prevent ANY infiltration theft of OUR assets forever. 

  Then,  SELL OFF all your publicly traded stocks, bitcoins, even cash out your pension funds and any commodity traded financial instrument. Deposit all your cash-outs into local privately owned corporations using CEOSPACE.NET vetting and methods to ensure your deposit investments and growth dividends are fully protected since you have a right to see all the LEDGER books and you use as the prime simple proxy system to decide the next best project, product and services forever.

  Since the wealthy ELITE always profit first on any news events because THEY control all JUDGES and LAW-Makers use of our Campaign contributions, and almost NONE of THEM have any care about your most impoverished conditions always caused by the same THEM, we have no empathy for any billionaire or mega millionaire who refuse to gift 75% of their family recorded net worth to greatest places of needs.

     BOYCOTTING and mass protest rallies are always GODs methods to overthrow any family dynasties known as oligarchs including the Queen of ENGLAND banksters and R.C. Bank of ROME including open disclosure of any and all safety deposit boxes and warehouse with focus on Zurich Switzerland and Isle of Mann according to ROBERT DEE ROSE super criminal terrorist most recently rediscovered evidence from Tom Haag at world famous scandal

  Simple Keith + GODs data driven engineered scientist system eliminates ALL world PUBLIC traded STOCK once and forever.  WE GODs people are always empowered to cash out and leave all Corporate Executives holding EMPTY negative valued Stock Options and Benefits since THEY always pay themselves first with Stock Options, Defferred Compensation, Corporate Fully paid PERKS, corporate aircraft of all based upon WE GODS people work efforts.  Boycotting, COUP uprisings, mass protest rallies are always the best GODs solutions to overthrow all criminals, terrorists, corrupt anyone since dawn of civilized man.

    Most humble Gods proCreator man is Keith Brent Duncan never hidden post Oct 3, 2011 as the wisest man sent by GOD to ever survive the most brutal civil rights violations of any man or woman in Gods history based on command to be put on National TV now!  Same as Sept 2011 when we most formally requested PROTECTIVE Sanctuary from #1 most man-hunted terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE with record $200 Million USD bounty on his head dead or alive. Same as each of you can do as collective victims against any violator of your rights, lives, and assets.

  The perfected engineered system GOD sent Keith to deliver was always completed to empower each of you to decide your own reality and near term destiny fate. We were always mortal organic AI computers living on GODs borrowed time by protecting GODs assets.

   Debrief, hire, and host mediate with our top world expertise Scientists today. Call 770-377-2106 USA

ReInvest Videos
ReInvest Steps  Re Invest  using GOD + world recovery methods step by step use of


Worlds most powerful SINGLE Corporation registered as belongs to each of you 8 BILLION GODs children re-united forever. ONE new World Corporation means no GOVERNMENTs, No Taxes, NO Central Authority, NO mega corporate executive PIRATE family 'TRY' tyrant wealth dynasties.  All small corporations work collectively with each other. Each is privately owned and controlled by each of us.

  HOST MEDIATE Town Hall Forums TODAY using step by step of was GODs simple method of decentralizing all wealth and authoirty.

1. Immediately sell off all your publically traded stocks includes your mutual funds, short/long contracts, any commodity stocks, all financial instruments of any Corporation that does not produce 90% of its very own products and services. Order your stock broker to put a HOLD on any of your older investments as DO NOT SELL or TRADE. Make sure you get the latest statement of your total net investments + net worth of all your personal family holdings for Keith + GODs system will require everyone to post these critical holding statements through FOIA.ONE.  Demand that NONE of our Corporate Executives who have net worth over $10 Million USD can buy/sell trade ANY stocks for 3 months. Includes their entire net worth portofolio of real estate and all holdings.

2. Pull withdraw ALL your cash from top 100 world banks since YOU actually OWN and control your certificates and now decide WHO are the corporate Bankers at all levels. These are your publically traded banks includes ICBC, China Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, CitiGroup, Truist, and all others.  refer: Note that CHINA has 19 CCP run banks that hold the greatest cash assets in world history. This destroys the CCP type NWO party members forever use of where I lived Feb 12, 2015 to Aug 10, 2015. Anyone who screams PRIVACY ! ! ! or WE CAN NOT DO THIS, or worst is GOOD LUCK with THAT ! ! ! is clearly labeled by everyone else as an original Satanic Demonic LUCIFER and is automatically forced to show their total fortune statements so WE GODS people can seize all pirated assets.

3. Deposit all your cash into local Collective Cooperative local Credit Unions as now you are on the Loan Board and board of Directors. Easy to assign a multilevel proxy tree of trusted persons to decide who gets your cash as loaned out principal to people you actually know and trust. Our bank is Norcross GA USA

Demand that all banks and financial institutes immediately implement deploy today.

4. Invest in yourself once and forever by educating yourself and your community on WHO causes mass poverty and war use of using to ensure all bigots, racists, cynics, conspirarators, and worst criminal brood of serpeant vipers are asked to leave any room of dignified respectful host mediated discussion that only focus on the benefit GOOD for your community.

5. Sell off ALL your precious metal and commodity anything certificates includes Fossil Fuels, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Platinum, and of course SELL out all your bitcoins since everyone now uses ONE Keiths new world currency as all the paper fiat currency in the world is WORTHLESS once no one uses it to trade or pay for anything.  This destroys the worst cyber scammers in world history by taking their paper chases away.

  Greatest crimes in the world have always been the TAX systems and all the manmade loophole laws that always broker all original investments and growth dividend proceeds to the Industrial Military Capitalist Above and underground DEEP STATE criminal enterprises.  We always used GODs most powerful language including no more HAIL (or is it HELL) to the Chief Commander, as idol worshipping is a LUCIFER sin vice, crime against yourselves.

6. Immediately everyone CONTACT the existing Top World Leaders who actually have demonstrated they care, serve, and protect fearlessly our rights to be free will barter exchange Sovereign Citizens.  This alone puts KEITH and YOU on national TV that does destroy the media satanic news Corporate Executives who always command 'WHAT BLEEDS is the ONLY NEWS that sells more products and services'

7. PROTECT KEITHS life by providing safe haven sanctuary shelters at your top world Billionaire and mega millionaire estate homes, aircraft, yachts and even bring him to your off shore islands to host mediate with all other Mega BIllionaires of we have controlled all along since our birth IID 1-19580815-1 as fore founding Father PROCREATOR most humble wealth worlds last trillionaire who gifts everything back to each of you left breathing mortal GODs holy spirit breath of life. This is the original GODs modeled

8. Now proceed to decentralize ALL current world leader authorities use of use of your EVOTE.ONE and to destroy all LUCIFERS worldwide.

9. Command complete replacement of all world constitutions by ratify perfecting and new World standardized stabilizing perfected Corporate ByLaws of who has always modeled common sense, GODs commandments enforced, and use of our GOD delivered technology to recreate Heaven as it is now known on earth as UTOPIA of FOIA.ONE share of everything about everyone.

10.  Now decide who are the worst criminals and terrorists shown by THEIR criminal evidence. Everyone now collectively puts required BOUNTY rewards on the heads of confirmed crooks and conduct world wide citizens arrests of anyone who has violated your rights once and forever use of ALL KEITH has delivered NOW.


11. JOIN and support CEOSPACE.NET,, and be instant peer to peer members of same and single world Corporation known as NGSystems.


   Same as what Keith personally did Feb 4, 2011 on Ms. Bashama + Ralph Wendell Carraway after they had stolen mega MILLIONS of intellectual property and $32,000 cash and assets, and defaulted on $9K/year business lease.

  NO SECRETS is the return to tribal clan cultures when everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, Who trades What with GPS tracked WHO.  This was always GODs UTOPIA AI of Garden of original E.D.E.N

ReInvest Basic 4

Clearly to all to see, believe and ACT with Fearless Authority, that Most Humble Servant of GOD and you was always Keith Brent Duncan, born 1821-B Eastchester Drive, High Point, NC USA 27262 IID 1-19580815-1 (integrity rated by you +100%)

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