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EVENTS - Global World Peace

Salvation of all our Spiritual Souls.

AD-Dress for Justice is Keith's Manifesto on our new world comprehensive system to free our society from the disparity of evil greed that clearly creates the division of Gods wealth between the ultimate HAVES, and the rest of the impoverished HaveNots. Entire world is focusing on cash flow for survival. the few elite are only focused on acccumlating excessive King Titan Pharoah Demi-God wealth. It makes common sense for each nation community to set a Cap on your own very New Net Total Worth. How much money is enough to ensure security for our senior years.

We also provide meeting spaces for your groups to conduct required business meetings. Includes use of any church, Civic Center, Government paid meeting area, libraries, open park spaces, even unused office space abandoned caused by mass poverty bankrupt, foreclosed our spaces.

24 hour access

Fully Equiped


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