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Keith Duncan is the Ultimate Consultant and Sovereign Ambassador
who serves all governments, organizatons, and mankind.

There are no minor, middle, or major world issues that Keith Duncan has not successfully researched, experienced, and published as gifted Acts of Wisdom for all of mankind.  Simple contact Keith by direct cell phone calls, by WeChat: BuiltByKeith, Skype: TeenMM, was BuiltByKeith2  or by Email to   Keith is/was internationally recognized as teaching the USA government and the USA military how to prevent all internal political and criminal corruption that is rampant in almost all nations, governments, and corporations.


Keith is the #1 non-political master teacher of ethics, accountability, efficiency, family and community values to restore our world back to Peace and Harmony. If anyone else had ever achieved this pinnacle results, our world would not be currently spiraling down into self-genocide.

It has always been easy to see and believe Keith's impecible credientials as the most consumate problem solver genius of the current generation of technology and people focused ministries that are both secular and non-secular in order to bring our entire world back into conformity of Loving and Caring for each other.

    This is all the lifetime final results of being threatened by so many criminals who actively prevent their own investigative arrests by actively extorting and embedding key people inside government agencies and corporations as the ultimate underground criminal enterprises when your personal, private, corporate, and even sacred data is used to manipulate man made laws to benefit those known collectively as the Criminal Ruling Elite.   Everyone can clearly see and believe that Keith Duncan represents all of mankind by his Master Teachings published and gifted to humanity.

The Ultimate STRATEGY​



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