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LearnFirstNames  The basic Beginnings of GOD Sent Keith Ministries. Network Marketing is how all achieve 1 degree separation once FOIA.ONE is new world UNIocracy reality.
This simple mindmapping Gods System is how to relationship manage any group at any age.
This is the reverse of the infamous MLM Multi-level Marketing LUCIFER agenda system of who takes first profits. This is 100% about learning to find trustworthy ethical honest persons.
Updated May 2, 2021 First Baptist Charlotte NC. June 13, March 27 2021 at Atlanta Capital Grill Buckhead with Bar tender Melanie and Damon as fail safe proof I am exactly WHO GOD sent to unify all of mankind. Same as St Regis nearby. Same as 44, 62 man years of serving humanity + GOD. Keith returns to Heaven soon on orders of GOD since few honest people found anywhere to protect Keith or your rights. Reality is God Sent Keith is the absolute basic beginnings of Keith Duncan's world wide changing solutions and ministries.   Download the Description of how to play this networking game.  This works supremely well for restaurants, bars, network meetings, seminars, churches, and anywhere people gather.  This build immediate acknowledgement of everyone who participates as it allows everyone to see the value of benefits of these around them.  This was the very first production level video published from Norcross Georgia USA home 4177 Ancient Amber Way when I was worth +$1.2 Million USD in real net worth and assets. It was the absolute beginnings of and the other World Changing solutions that will survive humanity to the end of eternity.  Ask Keith any question and see if HE can teach you how to Love and Care for each other. For that has always been the PRIME lifetime purpose of why Keith Duncan works for our one Mutual Creator GOD on behalf of all of mankind. 

PINK background since Keith is #1 relationship re-management expert sent by God 1-19580815-1 his IID of Click: ReManaDate (search by Upload Date)


Click on these two Master Teacher files below that are gifts to our world from the #1 Prime Solution Provider of all time.  HE is  the true Man of Humanity who has survived by the grace and mercy of our one Mutual Creator.  Keith Duncan asks for all nations and the public to protect his life and assets with Sovereign Immunity from all vindictive persecution so he can be the #1 Ambassador Messianic Messenger Emissary of all time to literally and virtually REFORM MANKIND one final time  from the predatory greed of the those we can recognize as brand termed 'Criminal Ruling Elite'  A rare few, maybe 2% of corporate executives are in this unique ruling group most in Zurich, London, Wall Street. Only found a few here in Atlanta GA. So many more crooks overseas.  Related is below original text of this uploaded on Feb 21, 2011.  This was the day BEFORE I was kidnapped by Robert Dee Rose and Ms. Bashama per Marietta Georgia USA Larceny Report 1.11.2506.99 that was forged four times by Cobb County Georgia criminals of Judges, Lawyers, DAs, and implicates 20 Cobb County officials who go to PRISON as soon as the USA Military and IRS-FBI-AG-USMashals stop actively preventing Robert Dee Rose from being investigated, arrested, and put on Death Row as the most notorious super criminal of all time.  We properly call him top AntiChrist for his and others crimes against humanity.


Enjoy and be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.  For this is the most POSITIVE re-management of relationships of all time.  From Keith, the GodSon of our own Mutual Creator.   This has always been easy to see, believe, and protect Keith's life, rights, and assets. 


How many of us have a really hard time remembering first names? Probably all of us with a few exceptions. My issue is that I don't remember names unless I have a conversation with that person and either they bring value to my life or I need to follow-up with them.  I was horrible 50 years ago at follow-up and at most networking events.  Everyone always selling to everyone else, and seldom if ever asking 'WHAT do you need? How can I help You? What is your FOIA.ONE IID?  "

   VOILA, OMG! This is 100% true. Keith has solved ALL relationship issues with his GOD delivered ministries. I use to have issue with number dyslexia and used excuses for not remembering your simple first name.

So what is the solution? It's called mind-mapping. For those unfamiliar with this amazing process, let's call it relational diagramming. A famous gentleman named Tony Buzan of coined the phrase Mind Mapping 35 some years ago. I personally run many aspects of my life off of my mindmaps.

So now I get to the point. Let's create a game called that can be used in bars, restaurants, meeting rooms, and speed networking events. It is quite simple, take a heavy sheet of paper, preferably 100 pound weight, put your first name in a circle in center, write down a few 'rules' on edge of paper, then pass the paper around. When it returns, you will have basic information about everyone who decides to participate.

RULES: Level 1  This is 100% safe way to FIND best persons of any category for Business, relationship Remanagments.
1. At top of sheet, write LearnFirstNames.SPACE  in large letters. In upper right corner, write ' ©' followed by brief name of your location, event name, and today's date. Add your email address to top corner if you want to get credit for starting this game.
2. In center of paper, write your first name and circle it. Then draw 3 radiating lines outward and label them with a combination of P-Personal, J-Job, F-Family, H-Hobby, E-Education, I-Interests, L-Looking for..., etc. Make up your own code letters and put them in far right margin.
3. Write this rule down in upper left corner. "Add your first name, write down something about you that makes you really interesting and WHAT YOU NEED, then pass along forward.
4. Let this paper chart circulate at least 2 times throughout the room or bar.
5. Level 2 is add something about the other person(s) that will not be embarrassing. Make it positive.
6. Draw lines between people and label the line with relationship words like 'old/new friend, come see me/ talk, call me, need your card, have idea for you, etc.'
7. When done at end of night, either the bartender or host reviews the sheet and now knows their audience as new friends.

From the R&D brainstorming workshop of Keith Duncan -Prolific Inventor and Author, Atlanta Georgia. Parent Company:   Now World Trading Partner Enterprises NGSystems Angel Guardian Philantropists Inventor Investors Keynote Consultants. Re-registered in Reno Nevada and the world as the #1 Master Teacher to all of humanity

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