top of page Duncan.  Right Now, call us even VIDEO conference call to finally understand WHAT we always left behind to unify +8 Billion GODs people forever.  Updated Nov 25, 2022 USA Black Friday shop til you drop day.

  Best of all time is +1 770-377-2106, backup +1 770-200-7683 tied to $500 Million filed and all other self saving solutions that GOD personally sent Keith Duncan to re-deliver seen below.


   Gods worlds last open public Education Technology Scientist Engineer Angel Guardian gifter Philanthropist Business share system to stabilize universally all 7.9 billion Gods people as only PeaceMakers of led by each of you using once and forever. We are the worlds last Trillionaires who gift everything back to each of you to advance our human race as only GOD mortal loving problem solvers forever.

   We are continuously transferring selling off Royalty and production rights to our $40 Billion USD reality portfolio of most powerful world change saving gifted patents and reality assets includes copyrights of all our lifetime expertise to each of YOU and ALL major corporations run by OUR mega billionaire Corporate Executive groups.  Includes sell off our our NON Government data driven technology and product lines to each and every single remaining Government Organizations worldwide.

    We ARE moving ASAP to Asheville NC USA to procreate +100 science technology education Corporations under full management ownership control of each person who joins us as #1 problem solving consultant Project managers of your best trade expertise.

  We provide all resources of GivingPledge.SPACE mega billionaires as mentor spenders retired by your use of and

   Updated Nov 25, 2022 Integrity 12,606 USA Black Friday discounted once and forever.

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Contract our #1 top world leader business development consultant evangelists and #1 anti-crime expert + Intl film maker network + our  team's services to teach our world how to solve their own issues. USA Contract rate + $10,000 USD for 8 hour warranty engagement anywhere in world from 2010.   Send bid contract + plane ticket to 'Keith Brent Duncan' DOB 1958-Aug-15 to your greatest places of needs. We are the new age keynote speaker Angel Guardian Trust Foundation members of Our teams arrive to learn + teach all how to solve their greatest issues.  We teach World Presidents and Corporate Executives of all nations how to UNIFY mankind
email to confirm as #1 problem sage master Keynote Speaker Emissary Crusaders of all time. We own the economy, not the C Corporate Executives or any of our self-serving Politicians.

    Keith Duncan World Trading Partner Enterprises INC are the Prime Master Teacher Consultant teams of all time.  Everyone call USA Government and all Military for them to find Keith now.  We are Philippines now after investing our entire life and assets to serve all of mankind and BROADCASTING to the world for over 43 years. We are supremely qualified as #1 Anti-crime, Anti-Terrorist, Anti-Corruption world experts to teach all governments, churches, organizations, corporations, public how to solve all their own political, business, relationship, and cultural problems using This is your New World Society using FOIA.ONE and TurnOffLights that prevents all corruption and almost all  crimes as soon as  self Offense Protection establish in all communities.  Evote.ONE change course of your own destiny forever... was GODs method of first responding to top world Corporate Executive leaders who claim only THEY can decide fate of each of you forever. Since most humble 'keith brent duncan' was always sent by GOD to deliver all mortals to Gods heaven UTOPIA here on earth, absolutely no one can deny your rights to do the sane same using GODs commandments, Gods Technology, and true reality common sense.

PROOF of FUNDS Keith Brent Duncan SSN 243-86-0043

SUMMARY brief listing here: 

  $40 Billion USD valued state of art Patents and Copyright works of GOD + KEITH to actually UNIFY 8 billion WE GODS children once and forever. The cross reference clearinghouse list is top of and MUST be rapid deployed NOW so WE GODS people actually ELIMINATE Isolate and peaceMAKE away all financial $$ warlords, ALL criminals and cyber Terrorists starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE at seen below past 15 years of SHOWCASING who is WHO worldwide.

  Direct digital marketing of your business using GODs original perfected generator methods.

  Immediate command demand to put us all on national News media so we can all convert all Broadcast services as ONLY community based Public Broadcasting systems like

   Most Prolific series of patents + copyright Intellectual Property ever gifted back to +8 Billon WE GODs Children in world history.  All procreated years 1972 - 1976 forward when GOD asked Keith and you to eliminate all $$ financial warlords once and forever.

   Perfected inclusive comprehensive interlinked showcased top of to self save the human race once and forever use of ancient

  WHO do YOU KNOW to protect Keiths life and actually command he + you go back on National news?

  + $500 Million USD real and punitive damages.

  Original $4 million USD insurance claims against nationwide, Hartfort, Progressive denied by everyone.

  Original $5 to $8 Million USD profits per month from sale of perfected and original BOOK rights to world saving we have also resurrected forever.

 $800,000 USD Forsyth County Judgement 08SC-1345 against Intl CyberTerrorist Robert Dee ROSE Oct 2010. Includes full seizure of ALL of ROSEs assets since FBI and DOJ are most actively preventing any arrests.

  $50 Trillion USD no more once destroys the banksters and manipulator scammer marketers of OUR stock markets of and

 $8 MILLION USD IRS WhistleBlower FEB 2009, 658 based on ROSEs general ledger tax evasion that is now valued over $800 MILLION USD per TOM HAAG 725-248-1260 and all other DOJ .

  + $100 TRILLIONS of USD based on gifted intellectual Patents of: with full scale focus on true GODs value benefits of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE led by YOU WE GODS people of and solutionLawENFORCEMENT of now


 Includes all the other +120 broadcast solutions we have resurrected continuously past 15 years, even back to original from year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC when we graduated Dec 1981.

   Since Keith is/was worlds last trillionaire gifting everything back to greatest places of mortal needs, clearly he must be protected and put on national news media NOW NOW NOW ! based on was impossible for him to violate the rights of anyone his entire life just like his GODFather Christ Holy Jesus did conceived 2025 years ago and torture murdered 1993 years ago Holy Week. age 33.5 Christ never agreed to be persecuted for never harming or violating anyones rights his entire life. Same as Keith B Duncan despite what named crime defendents have done to destroy GODs system by eliminating all key live eyewitnesses tied to #1 most dangerous criminal cyber terrorist of all time, ROBERT DEE ROSE (Wife AMY ROSE), terrorist Alexander Cyclone Covey at SugarLoaf Country Club at Blue Cypress Pond, Duluth DOB 19740803

  Truly Keith will be known as #1 anti All crime technology evangelist who master host mediates any dispute, conflict between enemies of our new world non-state once and forever.  770-377-2106

ProofOfFunds is WHO we always were. Proconceived by GOD to unify all mankind one final time. is GODs last single Constitution of protecting your rights at all levels.
  Keith Duncan was sent by GOD IID 1-19580815-1 to be your most fearless warrior World Leader of since no one else has a clue how to destroy any criminal terrorist network forever.

  All of Keiths personal methods are clear cut dignified methods are perfected and showcase broadcast for each of you to be fee will Sovereign citizens who dynamically real time Next best project and who are the project manager leaders formerly known as Mayors, Councilpersons, Congresspersons, Presidents, and of course any ad all Corporate Executives at all levels.  
  WE GODs PEOPLE here by declare YOU are finally liberated from the bondage of slave traders who all roam freely by threatening your lives, stealing your assets, raping killing our children and women, and professing they are justified to be KING of all KINGs.
  Updated Jan 8, 2022 as Keith soon returns to HEAVEN unable to find anyone who actually fearlessly protects the rights, the lives, or assets of anyone else. THIS is the LUCIFER agenda from 5500 years ago.  We are the ultimate World Leader Mediator Consultants of R&D Scientists. We are Sovereign free world trade #1 experts teaching mankind how to solve ANY Problem with Mediated Consulting to unify mankind total global world peace makers sent by GOD. We teach the ONLY methods to achieve total Global Peace use of Evote.ONE  

The Crimes against Keith + you are endless denial of Due Process of Law and your civil rights to be paid back full restitution. No more will criminals roam freely after they bribe pay off OUR DOJ DOD officers of OUR DOSJ court Keiths simple systems delivered by GOD.

  The Basis for GODs engineered system was always Free Will CHOICE of advancing our own human race as Foreign Sovereign Citizens who openly trade Free Market Barter exchange systems using Keiths enforced Integrity legally binding contract systems of original procreated 100% visionary 


  BidOnkeith was Gods consultant model to be used by everyone as only Small Business owners who legally enforce signed agreed mutual beneficial contracts similar to ancient farmer market tribal traders.  ALL MUST rise up and peacefully replace all corrupt government and corporate officials NOW to bring total social equality back to all our +7.9 billion slave traded workers. Keith is worlds last #1 Researcher Philanthropist Trillionaire who gifts 100% back to our most beloved people. This is the ultimate GOD focused Consultant ministries for all of mankind to follow and use till end of Gods timeline known as AI eternity.  Everyone deserves to be paid for services and products rendered.  Robert Dee ROSE cyber terrorist HACKED keith from summer 2008 forward, and  saw everything we were doing and gifting back in 2009-2021. ROSE cabal group must be put on Death ROW all ways and means we paid to be completed. Updated Jan 9, 2022.

Direct access is:  


We are valued Mega +300 Trillions of real USD $$$ Intellectual Property we always sell + gift back.


Anyone can join us by buying IN new world market common stock and COMMAND our leaders protect all our rights including protecting Keith Brent Duncans mortal soul and life + all our assets.

#1 World Leader Consultant Advisor Teams..   Book today as Keynote Speaker Crusaders to Unify world.

May 5, 2021 update WAS Conclave to achieve total world Equality Peace. NO publicity shows DOOMSDAY now occurs. Caused by the Neo NWO Criminal Ruling Elite most deny exist as top Corporate Pirate Executives like ROSE.

   Keith Duncan has been Granted Military Diplomatic Sovereign Protective Immunity by GOD and no one else as of April 1, 2021.

This mediating Consulting system is the ultimate method of anyone to deal with any issue and be paid for services and products rendered.   Hosting Press conferences with all World Presidents and Corporate Executives was our 100% focus Sept 2011 as we traveled worldwide 1984 to present. Our unique simple 100% direct eDemocracy System fast path reverse back tracks the worst criminals and terrorists use of OUR universal ONE investigative investigator law enforcement forces composed of all our POLICE, all our Military under total control of ONLY we GODS people. Updated is the only logical common sense technology shared Public criminal investigation system of and FOIA.ONE to deal with root issue of the most dangerous mega Billionaires who all claim legal IMMUNITY from any investigations since they clearly direct control our top Judges, lawyers and have full access to OUR world Corporate databases, common public shared N.C.I.S., and law enforcement databases with focus on INTERPOL share of everything of WHO is WHO, WHO trades what with WHO, who Travels GPS where, and all aspects of PREVENTING criminals from recruiting others to spread the ultimate pandemic disease of WORLD WAR FIVE.

  On Jan 13, 2021, we emergency returned to USA to meet OUR top PRESS and top Law enforcement officials to do what NO ONE else has ever done.  SHOW WHO violates existing International Laws, Constitutional Laws, and local laws at all levels at one TIME. MUST occur NOW, not next week. Who do you Know ?

  Last 55th rebuild restored resurrected broadcast website is now we are building real time Jan 9, 2021 6 pm.

  Top person for all to contact and protect is Sally Q Yates at, Alexander Cyclone Covey, and Berry Vic Reynolds now GBI Director all involved in massive conspiracies to OFFSET Keith and your world DOOMSday. 

     CALL Tom HAAG +1 (702) 349-9337 and Mr. V NYC who have been tracking ROSE past 6 years since ROSE had infiltrated NCIS and other mega Billionaire corporate databases from year 1995 with timeSaver Services INC,state of Georgia USA and ROSEs other +23 cyber criminal Shell Shelf RICO cyber attack terrorist organizations that have been wiped clean by ROSE.

  we are perfectly okay with being known as end time Doomsday Holocaust prophets as indeed WE always had the technology solutions to PREVENT crimes with the data communication devices we all carry and see OCTV (open Circuit TV) interconnected through the one open public database that is the true solution of singularity clearinghouse of sharing all human knowledge and wisdom.

The KEY person to directly visit seize was always Sally Q Yates of for her signature Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Dec 13, 2011.

  The worst cyber criminals linked to ROSE are GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds and Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey we have showcased the first day we saw they were violating USA laws called Enemies of the State.

Dec 30, 2020. Clearly Keith was sent to recover GODS wealth from the stupid criminals who have been ruining our Earth past 5000 years. All about the $$ and NWO control over the blinded fools of Matthew Chapter 23.  Surely ONLY Keith was PRO conceived 1-19580815-1 to Mediate with all World Presidents and Corporate Leaders live televised now Jan 18, 2021 to destroy all those who violate GODs laws of NEVER steal, Never LIE, Never HIDE, Never recruit Others to create more Serial Victims.

  Revised Nov 2, 2019 Post All Saints Day.  The ONLY true way to obtain total world global peace is with Empowerment of humanity to Direct decision based society all digital electronic society one degree of separation between Humanity and GOD.  Few if anyone upholds laws as corruption was legalized 1,000 years ago by family dynasties who rule all aspects of our economic corrupt systems by all the laws and secret Databases we now REVEAL with ONE Intl Ordained Database FOIA.ONE. Certainly our Crusader Evangelists of now ProActive MEDIATE all world leaders at one time to ACHIEVE total world market free trade peace. Keith in Manila asking for appointment to ANY Presidential Cabinet past 10 years. We asked for full scale Political Asylum with debrief Sept 25, 2011 forward. Simple call to keith or TRUMP or DOJ or MILITARY will result in our military escort back to testify to world on true reality of HOW to eliminate all crime networks at one time as THAT is what CHRIST our FatherGOD did 2,000 years ago..

  Broadcast by most humble Apostle SaintKeith (perhaps we will be evoted a living saint one day) or martyred like Christ because we work full time for GOD our entire live and answered GOD's call a little late, somewhere back in 1991 when we went to Walk to Emmaus in Charlotte N.C. and realized crime was how most people make their profits and go unpunished....

We went back to Walk to Emmaus Jerusalem during Holy week 2015 and recorded the sin vice crimes of why we were sent to Earth by GOD to redeem, save, unify, reform all aspects of our existing governments and corporations with the help of our 7.8 Billion persons who are most beloved by us and GOD and required to use these solutions we have humble broadcast to all.

 We are Billionaires Angel Philantrophists of Prime Intellectual Property gifted from forefounders we gifted to humanity. We mostly get NO-FOLLOWUP = DEAD SILENCE.  We are your world leaders who actually care. Clearly only very few others per our world travels +61 years extreme skills teach mankind how to UNIFY.


EVOTE.ONE  is 100% direct democracy using FOIA.ONE to solve any issue at any level of world. and work with other single solution answers to prevent crimes and restore our economy back TO, FOR, and BY our +7.7 billion people. The key answer is for world to support and DIRECT FUND keith's growing teams so YOU will direct fund the next most responsible local projects that benefit YOU, our people.  These all prevents all corruption with paired world changing solution of ProfitShareHolders.Space + working under one New World Society of to eliminate all politics, political corruption,  and also wiping out  all corrupt corporate executives and insider trading of stocks.   FOIA.ONE  is worlds first-last Open Public Database that changes world history by elimination of all crime networks using EVOTE.One. Now % of all crime assets go to each face recognition whistle blower. 1% of all crime assets go our growing Crusader teams to build new Digital Green Creative cities, hospitals, free education centers, and safe peace regulated communities world wide to unload the poverty stricken slums caused BY the criminal ruling elite.  No one can ever deny your rights again as you are now the prime eyes, ears, and mouth of zero crime new world society with no restrictions on free trade and travel as long as you are 'saved' honest integrity persons.

USE to solve ANY world or micro issue rest of your lives.

   As top Spiritual economic engineer master keynote speaker Advisor(s) to all world leaders, corporations, churches, and public, simply ask all to call Keith and his teams to actually FIND, FUND, and BOOK Contract Keith to invite and fly him to your greatest places of needs. President Duterte, Trump, Putin, and all world leaders will LOVE to have Keith as their confidential educational spiritual consultant to help them solve their nations most demanding issues once and fore all.  BidOnKeith is the answer. 

     As #1 world expert on anti-Crime, Political Corruption, Terrorism, cyber crime, simple call  All solutions are common sense, off-shelf tech based, integrity driven answers to host of all mankind root issues of greed-power as we return full ownership of GOD's resources to 7.6 billion of our people.

     Ask all to order USA Gov + all others protect all Keith's rights and yours. Crowd fund and invest in as 75,000 common shares of CreatorKeith.SPACE NGO is worth mega-Billion USD that existed before Dec 2014.  Publicity goes viral with help of  you, my 7.5 Billion people.  SEC filing of Reg D is required to adhere to all CEOSPACE.NET over compliance standards.

     As the founding fore Father of your New World Society of UNIocracy, there is no one more imminently qualified to learn and teach each of you how to SOLVE almost any and all of your own problems, conflicts, and issues using common sense, simple logical technology, and the principals of Integrity, Ethics, and full scale transparency that remain the hallmarks of common civil rights and decency where everyone profits and benefits at the same time.  Otherwise, you will be enslaved....., TurnOffLights.Space, and all the world saving-changing solutions broadcast to mankind are shown on to pro-actively prevent criminals from profiteering in the first place. Even is another Nobel Peace Prize Worthy solution worth Billions and even Trillions to all world economies by shunning and isolating all cyber criminal terrorists like Robert Dee Rose who operate by rogue criminals inside our governments, military, corporations, financial and trade institutes.

   Career criminals are collectively known as the Criminal Ruling Elite who have numbered their own days with Interpol gifted on Jan 7, 2015 to present.

   Almost everyone uses single line excuses to NOT protect the rights and best interests of their family, employees, clients, vendors, taxpayers, and those they engage on a regular basis. The result is the self-genocide of cult based nations who refuse to enter into cooperative work and ministries with each other to ensure everyone's rights are protected by groups like United Nations and to enforce the absolute Will of the Majority of all affected and effective +7.4 Billion of Duncans people. This ties into the URL You Are Loved ministries of BuiltByKeith CreatorKeith, SaviorKeith, and final Apostle Keith world changing ministries.

Click on the downloadable files above or HERE.   State your prime issue by making  a Bid on Keith Prime Consulting services $10,000 USD for first hour with 120% warranty on accepted contractual terms agreed upon by all parties. Keith travels the world with his growing team of #1 ethical and trustworthy partners to teach our mutual world how to prevent waste, corruption, and almost all relationship issues arising from predatory greed and political crime families.

  •    Read and ACT with AUTHORITY everything you learn from Keith's teams.  READ the Primary box text below this section. Contact and Contract Duncan today.  Manila (63)x917-335-4300 office/home at 417 United Nations Av, Ermita Manila 1/2 block north USA Embassy as Keith broadcasts to world to TAKE ACTION by protecting and debriefing his Crusader teams. Enemies of the People and Gov State are the criminal network enterprises who REFUSE to surrender because they have already captured massive percentage of God + your wealth by the crime methods solved and prevented by most humble keith. Fly our teams to your places of greatest needs so we can collectively fill stadiums with World Leaders of  New World Society named UNIocracy.ORG free world citizens.

  • As worlds top #1 research engineers anti-crime expert visionary inventor/author/consultants, all benefit by destruction of all crime networks with EVOTE.ONE and that unifies mankind with one degree of separation. Everyone knows who is who, and who to banish-shun. Restart with and hire Keith's teams today to teach all world leaders including Press Conferences.

  • Keith and team are consultants for world leaders, corporations, churches, and NGO's based on 40 years of professional problem solving solutions being used by Fortune 100 companies in almost all countries in Banking, tellicomm, Manufacturing, trade, and other free world trade commerce.

  • Keith is the ultimate Solution Provider who teaches everyone how to solve their own issues, conflicts, and problems at all levels.

  • Relationship Re-Management at all levels.

  • Strategy & Organization of Governments and Companies.

  • Corporate Development of Ethical Contracts and Efficiency.

  • Globalization of Free Trade world markets + bartering.

  • ​Operations Management scalability

  • ​Sustainability of Profits with patent

  • ​Strategic Planning of all business processes.

  • ​Branding of all Products and Services for First to Market.

  • ​Media Training using State of Art Off-Shelf Technology.

  • Business Coaching to ensure clients always get benefits.

  • Comprehensive Results under confidential and binding contract. Example is: video of methods.

  • Start with all about you to teach you how to also, from greed.


Our visionary work is complete to teach our mutual world how to prevent corruption, stop most crimes in the first place, and return all control and management of our governments, organizations, and corporations back to the ProfitShareHolders.Space and voters/taxpayers/citizens of the world.

This has always been about obtaining total global World peace as ORDAINED by GOD to save our world from the POLITICAL CORRUPTION and cybercriminals who already RUN our economic and judicial system. ONLY ONE call away from total world peace by contacting TOP PRESIDENTS, PRESS,  CONGRESS, literally ANY world decision maker who has any influence.

The ONLY true way to obtain total world global peace is with Empowerment of humanity to Direct EVOTE decision based society all digital electronic society one degree of separation between Humanity and GOD. NO one upholds laws as corruption was legalized decades ago by family dynasties who rule all aspects of our economic corrupt systems by all the laws and secret Databases we now REVEAL with ONE Intl Ordained Database FOI .ONE. Certainly our Crusader PeaceMaker Evangelists of will now MEDIATE all world leaders at one time to ACHIEVE total world market free trade peace. keith in Manila asking for Political Asylum from debrief Sept 25, 2011 forward. Simple call to keith or TRUMP or DOJ or MILITARY will result in our military escort back to testify to world on true reality of HOW to eliminate all crime networks at one time as THAT is what CHRIST our FatherGOD did 2,000 years ago.. most humble Apostle Keith (perhaps we will be voted a living saint one day soon) Four criminal TPO Gag Orders have been used to destroy your new world system. Evidence is each of THEIR confessions broadcast,, and all the CD-ROMS held by Jimmy Deal Norcross GA +1 (770)263-7200)

Dec 30, 2020. Final Answer: We (led by Forefounding Father were sent by GOD to restore GODs assets and commandments back to the most impoverished people of our world. We have offered to be interviewed by anyone about anything past 62 years. We have OFFERED to be appointed to any Presidential Peace Process Cabinet position worldwide to mediate that is also Gods first and last method of achieving total Equality peace. Few understand that NWO has existinge 5,000 years ago. exactly 1,000 years ago, LUCIFER agents controlled by Roman Catholic Popes and Mafia Bankers crusaded to conquer all Muslims.

  Our original purpose here on earth is to UNIFY mankind using technology of all digital electronic electric driven society so no criminal could ever go free using cyber crime or paying off or murdering key live eyewitnesses. We were professionally evaluated as Billionaires by CEOSPACE.NET experts who said OH MY GOD, do you know what you have CreatorKeith.Space created. We collectively said YES, help us go to market so we can finally fill up stadiums of wealthy and poverty stricken people so all can learn how to finally UNIFY.  THE MOST DEAD SERIOUS REALITY is the VERY last World Broadcast on Search BuiltByKeith filter by DATE, as we never expected to be so severely persecuted for 11 years because of ONE super criminal ROSE and so many who REFUSE to surrender the SAME EVIDENCE  We delivered TO USA GOV at all levels.  From summer 2010 forward, WE MUST debrief TRUMP, DUTERTE, any other President or World leader, including Congressional Investigations, DOJ, DOD, literally entire world almost every day...

    Last updated Dec 30, 2020. We work for all humanity as we have already taught world how to replace and bypass all corrupt government and corporate leaders who violate almost all existing Constitutional and man made laws starting with violations of basic Commandments of now most powerful Covenant legally binding contract agreements between all of humanity and our Mutual Creator.  Few if any do ANY follow-up since most demand payment before services rendered. We have established the worlds last method of creating unbreakable legally binding contracts at all levels so that crimes are prevented at time of signature P.O.S. transactions using video confirmation linked to each transaction. if any one violates the agreements, they are quickly convicted of breach of contract, the assets are seized according to terms and conditions, and they are shunned by world until they make full restitution to their victims.

SAD and 100% reality of END of LIFE since all it takes is JUST one Terrorist Attack, and BOOM, self genocide as nations attack each other and all gone forever.  Our Mutual GOD will NEVER INTERVENE again until MAN actually DESTROYS CRIME at all levels forever....

Oct 31, 2019 Last world post. this can not get any more brutal reality than todays moment in time. Same as back ion Oct 3, 2011 when we were cruelly kidnapped orders of ROSE and DENIAL ALL OUR RIGHTS to obtain ANY Justice or recoery of the most critical anti-crime technology on our R&D computers on HOW to UNIFY mankind.

Everyone MUST call TRUMP, DOJ, DOD, Interpol, PRESS now just like Sept 26, 2011 most historical debrief of

  Call Ms. Heather Fabrikant USA Embassy 1st Press Attache at (63) 918-948-6456 on emergency basis and direct Emergency line at (63) 301-2000. Ask them WHY even they refuse to INVESTIGATE and call back. Only requires ONE call, one Investigator, then Special Prosecutor, then Congressional Investigation into Sally Q Yates ties to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 murder for hire conspiracies and total Dead Silence of sealed and destroyed certified court documents even she holds in her hands. With announcement to world of PENDING mass protest rallies that will occur if we Fail to FIND the key persons who actually Uphold Constitutional and man made laws. This in historical BOLD since NO ONE is motivated despite we offer to PAY them bounty reward for capture of each and every criminal using their seized assets to pay back the finder, then their victims, then 1% to, the balance paid by Constitutional law to build new all digital electric villages using focusing entire world on that PREVENTS all POVERTY.

THE REAL news is UNIFICATION of entire world with driven by ONLY 5 steps of Constitutional Laws EVOTE.ONE and ALL the POLITICAL CRIMES and mega corp executives are to BLAME for self genocide of world as we use to know it. WHO actually does required FOLLOW-UP CALL back as certainly millions of persons are HONEST and see they benefit by total social equality. TOO Many crimes to state so we posted them WITH beneficial legal rewards on since we show HOW stock Market is a crime syndicate driven by terrorists and insider trading that NO ONE Can see, much less prevent. is the new one world military used as a LAST RESORT. They become millionaires also with Police and citizens using original Solution RedDOT delivered to Langley AirForce Base Sept 25, 2011 when we delivered HOW to prevent crimes in first place. Robert DEE ROSE stalked us this entire time. Therefore we declare and ask for Political Asylum from all OTHER nations including RUSSIA and CHINA and any third world nation. For THEY benefit fast with, as we have claimed legally 1% of all crime assets SEIZED using our simple (c)(tm) patented intellectual property research and development application from 1976 TurnOffLights.SPACE original gifts to mankind. NO ONE responds when they think their jobs and pay are in jeopardy. That one issue solve forever with ProfitShareHolders.COM and KbitCoins with FinalStockMarket paving the worlds way to Free world market barter exchange system trademarked here as KMarket in honor of the forefounding father of your new world direct democracy system of FOIA.ONE we remain in MANILA everyday, surviving on GOD"s manna of earning just enough to pay basic bills. Once WORLD LEADERS host required Press Conferences, YOUR entire world changes with CEOSPACE.NET NSASpeakers.ORG and all INVENTOR solutions being made public on new IntlPTO.GOV INTERPOL has yet to FLY us to Lyons France, and NO Military or CIA or NSA or even USA EMBASSY has responded to our most formal requests to DEBRIEF THEM ON WHO IS LINKED to ROSE> That alone is a Crime against humanity as ROSE runs the most profitable cyber crime terrorist attacks against EVERYONE using and his infiltration of so many databases and gov corporate enterprises, we did indeed loose numerical count of the number of crimes and persons linked to #1 most profitable crime syndicates in history, POLITICAL CORRUPTION tied to Underground crime networks.. client3635.wix.bidOnkeith requests DIRECT ACTION by ALL HUMANITY.... in Manila still (63)9173354300 ready to go with our thousands of other HIGH IQ R&D keynote speakers to YOUR greatest places of needs. Clearly this is to DEBRIEF CONGRESS and PRESIDENTS and all mega corporation executives..

EVEN USA Ambassador Sung Kim has NEVER BEEN INFORMED of WHY our very own Embassy STAFF actively PREVENT any debrief.  He, TRUMP, and all of DOD, DOJ will be MADDER THAN HELL and will certainly FIRE each person who was criminally incompetent to contact him directly and dispatch Military, CIA, and NSA as we have comprehensive solutions published and ONLY need their help to finish the worlds last OPEN PUBLIC society when CRIMES are prevented in first place.

 Everyone Call Ms. Heather Fabrikant USA Embassy 1st Press Attache at (63) 918-948-6456 on emergency basis and direct Emergency line at (63) 301-2000.


Aug 30, 2019 Last broadcast post on Master Inventor KeyNote Speaker Humanitrian. Apostle BuiltBykeith. the circle of life completes. SAME answer. ONE ANSWER is HERE. was 11 years ago. =Global world peace.


Nov 30, 2018. UNIocracy.ORG is your new society run FOR, BY, and OF all 7.6 Billion of my people. Anti terrorist and all other crime ring networks will scream bloody murder their secret web based enterprises are identified with FOIA.ONE. Open Circuit TV is part of the new all digital resource based Interlink (Internet) free open public source network as our people now control all access to their own data to alleviate all privacy right concerns. In true face fact, privacy is exactly when criminals demand as they skirt all human right laws by infiltrating the same secret databases that truly control all aspects of humanity starting with stock markets, financial trades and storage, banking details, intellectual property, trade secrets, and other aspects of eCommerce controlled BY the Banksters, con-artists, cyber crime terrorists, and other corrupt political nemesis super crime RICO rings. e-Democracy IS free trade worldwide.
    Protecting your future are the plans of total salvation. No one in history of legendary purpose has ever successfully roadmapped a new world society free of almost all crimes. Criminals, politicians and most corrupt corporate executives never pay full taxes to support the infrastructure of their domains. With full scale assault deployment of eVOTE.ONE, everyone becomes free trade, travel, and trust co patriots who fearlessly protect the rights of all others to ensure no crimes ever go unpunished by the Will of Large number Majority of those affected. The ramifications of these ministries are profound in basic foundational principals of GOD”S commandment laws that supersede, null, and void almost all man made cryptic self serving laws.  Protect Keith’s life and teams IP today !

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