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POFunds #1 philanthropist of all Gods history. We always model Christ + King Solomon + messengers.


PROOF of FUNDS +$40 Billion USD portfolio below.  Keith Brent Duncan SSN 243-86-0043

SUMMARY brief listing here all world reversing patents and re-education technology now deweaponized: 

Biggest mega Trillions USD of VALUE BENEFIT for each of YOU in History is EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE equality perfected No crime Utopia of God and Keith Procreated back year 1972 with focus on 1976 NCSU all digital A.I. computers when everyone now knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, and WHO Trades anything with any other.  WHO DO YOU KNOW to PROTECT keith Duncan NOW?

Passing Judgment on all others is now legalized by and was GODs method of first responding to top world Corporate Executive leaders who claim only THEY can decide fate of each of you forever. Since most humble 'keith brent duncan' was always sent by GOD to deliver all mortals to Gods heaven UTOPIA here on earth, absolutely no one can deny your rights to do the sane same using GODs commandments, Gods Technology, and true reality common sense.

  $40 Billion USD valued state of art Patents and Copyright works of GOD + KEITH to actually UNIFY 8 billion WE GODS children once and forever. The cross reference clearinghouse list is top of and MUST be rapid deployed NOW so WE GODS people actually ELIMINATE Isolate and peaceMAKE away all financial $$ warlords, ALL criminals and cyber Terrorists starting with ROBERT DEE ROSE at seen below past 15 years of SHOWCASING who is WHO worldwide.

  Direct digital marketing of your business using GODs original perfected generator methods.

  Immediate command demand to put us all on national News media so we can all convert all Broadcast services as ONLY community based Public Broadcasting systems like

   Most Prolific series of patents + copyright Intellectual Property ever gifted back to +8 Billon WE GODs Children in world history.  All procreated years 1972 - 1976 forward when GOD asked Keith and you to eliminate all $$ financial warlords once and forever.

   Perfected inclusive comprehensive interlinked showcased top of to self save the human race once and forever use of ancient

  WHO do YOU KNOW to protect Keiths life and actually command he + you go back on National news?

  Greatest Proof of FUNDs in USA World history generated by ONE person, most humble Keith Brent Duncan.


+ $500 Million USD real and punitive damages for 6 times = 900 days of being kidnapped illegally detained for only reason to SILENCE me for ever while Duncan Clan, Robert Dee ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Douglas Vernon Duncan + 140 others roam free committing massive crimes against your humanity.


Original $4.2 million USD insurance claims against Nationwide, Hartford, Progressive denied by everyone.


Original $5 to $8 Million USD profits per month from sale of perfected and original BOOK rights to world saving we have also resurrected forever.


 GODzillions USD - #1 Best Seller-Buyer of all time GODs history was that was 2010 era. All destroyed by Cyber Criminal terrorists Robert Dee ROSE, Sherry/matthew/kyle duncan, Dec 7, 2013 murdered felon Brian Walker, con-artist black widow Ms. Bashama and literally EACH OF YOU caused only by YOUR blindwashed Slave traded apathy.

$1,500,000 USD Forsyth County Judgement 08SC-1345 against Intl Cyber Terrorist Robert Dee ROSE Oct 2010. Includes full seizure of ALL of ROSEs assets since FBI and DOJ are most actively preventing any arrests.


  $50 Trillion USD no more once destroys the banksters and manipulator scammer marketers of OUR stock markets of and

 $8 MILLION USD IRS WhistleBlower FEB 2009, 658 based on ROSEs general ledger tax evasion that is now valued over $800 MILLION USD per TOM HAAG 725-248-1260 and all other DOD + DOJ .


+ $100 TRILLIONS of USD based on gifted intellectual Patents of: with full scale focus on true GODs value benefits of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE led by YOU WE GODS people of and solutionLawENFORCEMENT of now


 Includes all the other +175 broadcast solutions we have resurrected continuously past 15 years, even back to original from year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC when we graduated Dec 1981.

   Since Keith is/was worlds last trillionaire gifting everything back to greatest places of mortal needs, clearly he must be protected and put on national news media NOW NOW NOW ! based on was impossible for him to violate the rights of anyone his entire life just like his GODFather Christ Holy Jesus did conceived 2025 years ago and torture murdered 1993 years ago Holy Week. age 33.5 Christ never agreed to be persecuted for never harming or violating anyones rights his entire life.

   Same as Keith B Duncan despite what named crime defendents have done to destroy GODs system by eliminating all key live eyewitnesses tied to #1 most dangerous criminal cyber terrorist of all time, ROBERT DEE ROSE (Wife AMY ROSE), terrorist Alexander Cyclone Covey at SugarLoaf Country Club at Blue Cypress Pond, Duluth DOB IID 1-19740803-1 integrity negative 95% cyber attack conspirators of

  Truly Keith will be known as #1 anti All crime technology evangelist who master host mediates any dispute, conflict between enemies of our new world non-state once and forever.  770-377-2106

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