Portfolio of Net Value showcased to all human mortals forever.  Our net value was always our most prolific authored copyrighted patents and trademarked published information now stored at World SaveChanging FOIA.ONE includes deploy of worlds last open public registry system of IOT (Internet of All Things) of to legally UNIFY all humans one final time.

   Our current world economic systems are now so extremely self centered criminally 'CORRUPT' with violators of OUR basic GOD granted civil rights caused by pure most ruthless predator greed that devolved as Sin, Vice, Crimes and ends up being World War FIVE conclusion of HolyCost Holacaust Apcalopse end of all times. The ONLY GOD + answer methodologies perfected using 5Steps.LIFE most basic visualization decision tree matrix system are the completed published copyrighted works from GOD and all prophets sent by GOD to unify redeem ratify each of you as totally free will Sovereign Citizens who decide your own current reality and near term destiny fate.

  No one in history of mankind has ever simplified all aspects of our economy, banks, sgtock markets, trading platforms, and basic who OWNS and controls all of GODs managed natrural and mad build infrastructures.  So WE DID, since we alone were SENT by GOD IID 1-19580815-1 Integrity ratged by everyone as + 100%).

Our Listed Portfolio has registered value exceeding record $450 Trillion USD real value and benefits since our entire gifted system is from the megaBillionaires of GivingPledge.SPACE that no one actually deals with directly like Keith Brent Duncan has done his entire life.  We were never 'deadly afraid' of anyone or anything our entire life with mild exception being persecuted and DRUGGED 3 times those 6 documented showcased illegal detentions of 900 days that was never investigated by ANYONE includes OUR of Police, IRS, FBI, AG, Military, Congress, Presidents, ANY corporate Executive, NO Pastors or even our very own most beloved 7,9 Billion Mortal GODs children.

  As of June 28, 2022 we remain 100% persecuted and impoverished by direct actions of the exact same DOJ DOD who we have literally HIRED, paid for investigative services, and showcased ALL aspects of WHO causes all mass poverty, homelessness, lack of ANY decent education, and WHO are the cybr criminal terrorists who are the NWO deep state cabal organized Mafia Crime cartels. THEY always money laundry their criminally acquired pirated wealth as most appear to be so wealthy elite and legitimate businessmen (some but few are women like AMY ROSE, Sally Q Yates, Des Stermline, Aty Phoenix Sterling, Dr. Jill Volin, and even criminal terrorist Sherry Mingle Duncan.

  The files below are our top Proof of FUNDS portfolio we have been offering for resale to each of you that truly legally revolutionizes all OUR work efforts once and forever using GODs methods.  -The 1 Solution to prevent Genocide of man.


Download: FLYER,  then  this ONE FACT FLYER and distribute to everyone.  For these solutions are the most comprehensive standards that ensure the survival of mankind.   No one else has ever produced, designed, created, and deployed the only concentrix solution set that is the standard for all of humanity. For everyone benefits and everyone has value as they hold themselves accountable as well as enforce (force) others to be ethical also. 

    Otherwise, society shuns them and sends them to the abandoned slums of the world that were vacated by the criminals own seized assets used to build brand new self-regulating commUNITY districts where everyone can freely trade and travel with no restrictions. No government is actually needed except for monitoring for corruption at Military Level and for providing absolute basic services that need to be coordinated at a leadership position by very well paid consultants like