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We always model Christ + King Solomon + all messanic messengers. Call +1 770-377-2106 now going back to greatest places of GOD = Your needs. Join your new WORLD with Use FiveSteps.LIFE to SOLVE REVERSE any issue including that retires +75% of all Mega Billionaires who are MILKing our assets by always Taking First Profits with Corporate Self-Benefits. Prevented and reversed use of simply new replacement Corporate By-Laws includes transfer of ALL our bank and stock deposits from all MegaBanks back to local community collective cooperative Credit Unions like Associated Credit Union in Norcross GA USA.

  TODAY, Re Host Mediate Town Hall forums using to remove any conscious critic hypocrite complainer who refuses to provide matching best solution.

This alone unifies 8.1 BILLION We Gods Children forever use of fundamental GODs EVOTE.ONE

  #1 Bestseller = Buyer was always GOD + Keiths and that direct action by each of YOU empowers everyone to decide NEXT best project as we decide WHO are each of our leaders real time. No more WARs, no more taxes, no more mass genocide slave trading of WE the PEOPLE.

  All use perfected 1976 ordained divined 2 methods so NO ONE can ever infiltrate, hack, insider trader broker OUR assets and bank deposits ever again. (c)(tm)(registered) Duncan #1 New World Executive Leader over all +8 billion GODS children once and mortal forever. -Protected by GOD, USGOV, PUBLIC, each of you under our non-martial LAWs below.

We are only #1 leaders of your no crime utopia world use by you of EVOTE.ONE.

2024 Jan 03. Now all +8 BILLION of WE GODs children unify themselves all ways and means we have mutually shared gifted our past 65.333 years after being Sent by GOD, apparently all alone, to be massively persecuted and almost murdered each time we turned over criminal cyber terrorists linked to Robert DEE ROSE at 22-1-3042-68. No one has ever offered us safe haven protection except GOD and a few thousand we have recruited post Jan 15, 2008 when ROSE threatened to murder all who hold HIS 1995 crime spree terrorist attacks against YOU, USA + other government databases, and so many fortune 1000 DataBases we lost count after ROSE alone extorted paid off our USA GOV officials who I have personally met over Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 canceled July 15, 2011 and all other certified documents that put over 150 named criminal defendants in prison and death row by YOUR direct use action of + others.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to debrief us and protect our lives and assets today.....? ONLY Way of the Cross of CHRIST enforced by each of YOU and I = WE.

The most famous questions to be honestly answered by each of YOU, my +8 billion GODs people + children.


Q: 1. Why were YOU conceived and procreated in the first place? Be perfectly deadly honest with self integrity answering yourself of YOUR True Purpose of your own mortal lifespan.

  2. Then,  Who engineered your genetic organic matter?  You or God?

  3. What is your true focus purpose for being alive with the Breath of GOD in your mortal soul?

  4. What is your true reality and near term destiny fate? Map this out with

  5. Are you a Lucifer Worshipper or a LOVER of GOD and all others? Prove this by Action NOW ! ! !

Only Keith + GODs methods are 'WE Decide all decision. WE pick any and all LEADERS. WE replace anyone who refuses to represent OUR free will of being 100% independent Sovereign Citizens'.

  Repeat this by re-delivering ALL of GODs gifted wisdom and knowledge how-to patent solutions to all 8 billion of WE MY PEOPLE so WE now destroy the LUCIFERs most know as NWO warlords.

This is done with rapid universal use of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and now +180 perfected solutions.

  Updated 2023 Oct 12 as $500 Million USD 22-1-3042-68 remains the #1 seed fund for all of YOU. Based on Intl Terrorist Robert Dee Rose and Cobb County GA TPO canceled TPO 11.1.1171 + 11.1.7683. true Portfolio of Net Value showcased to all human mortals forever exceeds $40 Billion USD of  Includes new showing everyone how to protect your assets and intellectual property using our patented universal gifted methods.

   Everyone MUST contact us directly and PROTECT our lives from terrorists like Robert Dee ROSE at result of +14 years of demanding return of our lifetime all stolen assets once key named officials criminally blacklisted our immediate any turnover.

  Our net value was always our most prolific authored copyrighted patents and trademarked published information now stored at World Saver Changing FOIA.ONE includes deploy of worlds last open public registry system of IOT (Internet of All Things) of to legally UNIFY all humans one final time.

  2023July04. We were always the most confirmed prolific inventor scientist engineer front-liner gifting philanthropist Philosophers Research and Development experts of all expertise our entire 64.5 man years and have never been recognized for our mass publicity contributions to unify 8 billion WE GODs people once and forever. So we DID this anyway with focus on all criminals and terrorists who all roam freely caused by your self gratification ego, greed, apathy, and brainwashed condition everyone can clearly see and believe is worshipping LUCIFER of drugs, sex, gambling, murder, mayhem, theft, piracy, and even viciously stalking and murdering our same group of Angel Guardian Protectors who keith has already recruited to be #1 and only overseers of all governments and all corporate executive leaders worldwide under OUR GODs umbrella of full protection and

Bible odd how no one actually enforces any laws unless they get paid illegally by same insane criminals who all con-artist their way like ROBERT DEE ROSE, Dennis Chernonog, Kathy Duby at and original from year 2008 forward.  SO WE will return to GODs utopia of HEAVEN soon unable to find our best world leaders to actually MEET US IN PERSON.  kbd.

   Our current world economic systems are now so extremely self centered criminally 'CORRUPT' with violators of OUR basic GOD granted civil rights caused by pure most ruthless predator greed that devolved as Sin, Vice, Crimes and ends up being World War FIVE conclusion of Holy Cost Holacaust Apocalypse end of all times. The ONLY GOD + answer methodologies perfected using FiveSteps.LIFE most basic visualization decision tree matrix system are the completed published copyrighted works from GOD and all prophets sent by GOD to unify redeem ratify each of you as totally free will Sovereign Citizens who decide your own current reality and near term destiny fate.

  No one in history of mankind has ever simplified all aspects of our economy, banks, stock markets, trading platforms, and basic who OWNS and controls all of GODs managed natural and mad build infrastructures.  So WE DID, since we alone were SENT by GOD IID 1-19580815-1 Integrity rated by everyone as + 100%).

Our Listed GODs Portfolio has registered value exceeding record $450 Trillion USD real value and benefits since our entire gifted system is from the mega Billionaires of GivingPledge.SPACE that no one actually deals with directly like Keith Brent Duncan has done his entire life.  We were never 'deadly afraid' of anyone or anything our entire life with mild exception being persecuted and DRUGGED 3 times those 6 documented showcased illegal detentions of 900 days that was never investigated by ANYONE includes OUR of Police, IRS, FBI, AG, Military, Congress, Presidents, ANY corporate Executive, NO Pastors or even our very own most beloved 7,9 Billion Mortal GODs children.

  As of Nov 25, 2022 Black Friday day, we all remain 100% persecuted and impoverished by direct actions of the exact same DOJ DOD who we have literally HIRED, paid for investigative services, and showcased ALL aspects of WHO causes all mass poverty, homelessness, lack of ANY decent education, and WHO are the cyber criminal terrorists who are the NWO deep state cabal organized Mafia Crime cartels. THEY always money laundry their criminally acquired pirated wealth as most appear to be so wealthy elite and legitimate businessmen (some but few are women like AMY ROSE,  Atty Sally Q Yates at in Atlanta, in Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 includes AUSAG Atty criminal Dee Sterling, Atty Puke Pretender Phoenix Sterling, Dr. Jill Volin, and even criminal terrorist Sherry Mingle Duncan.


  The files below are our top Proof of FUNDS portfolio we have been offering for resale to each of you that truly legally revolutionizes all OUR work efforts once and forever using GODs methods.



  All the broadcast websites now 153 are the true answer methods of how to self liberate 8 billion WE the PEOPLE forever by RE-educating the masses each person has the MORAL authority to decide NEXT best project use of and then WE pick who are best highly paid in only cash Project managers at all levels.

  NOTHING else matters but getting us BACK on NATIONAL NEWS all ways and means so We can most competently discuss HOW to fast path deploy all of our world saving gifting solutions. same as back in summer of 2011 when ONE super cyber criminal ROBERT DEE ROSE decided to destroy all his evidence and literally eliminated all key live eyewitnesses includes our 12 lawyer and our immediate family EX- Wife SHERRY DUNCAN, 2 sons Matthew and Kyle who all knew about Cobb COUNTY cancelled TPO 11.1.1171 dated July 15, 2011 we finally recovered Feb 2014 and turned over to everyone....



  We are in most unique financial position of selling all our patents we procreated 1976Aug15 forward.

Best of the Best is (+35 patents),

The other solutions we have openly published will fast path motivate WE THE PEOPLE to actually SOLVE prevent reverse ALL local community issue by taking ACTION to hold any violator of our base Constitutional and Civil rights fully accountable. is the most disruptive legal PEACEMAKING method of procreating ONLY a MIDDLE class worldwide by actually choosing each of our GOVERNMENT and Corporate Executives using Proxy based system of store and forward through FOIA.ONE open public UNHACKABLE blockchain method databases.


End result is no more wars, No mass poverty, NO secret broker banker deals, no human trafficing, and definitely NO MORE massive GOVERNMENT official politic interference and taking our first profits ever again.


What HAPPENED to KEITH DUNCAN in Oct 2011 is unforgiveable.  We were illegally arrested and detained for 848 days while SAME duncan CLAN, Robert DEE ROSE, Ms. Bashama and other named civil criminal defendants succeeded in paper chase ordering we be held violating each and every Constitutional and Statutory laws.


   SO profitable to MY Corporate Executives since the return on original investment of OUR personal corporate procreated intellectual property copyrighted solutions is HOW to fast path eliminate the need for 95% of existing fossil fuels with fast path gifted deployment of: as ONLY national Guard, to reduce all electricity demand by 35% in next 6 months. restarts total production of ALL electricity by only Cold Water H20 Water turbines located worldwide in OUR mountain ranges. is also valued over $25 BILLION USD as only simple method of 100% green ECO underground and undercity mining of tunnels and extraction of basic all building materials to build provides affordable housing and jobs for 8 billion WE the people by each of you actually EARNING and PAYING your own way. NO HANDOUTS or false socialism polyTICKs every again.


Current news events indicate collapse of world trade agreements with CHINA and massive crash of stock and housing prices caused by preventable reversible ANY pandemic now reversed by use of Keiths original


We have already rebroadcast and directly GIFT delivered everything and have never been acknowledged at any level for our contributions to 8 billion WE THE PEOPLE.

###  -The 1 Solution to prevent Genocide of man.


Download: FLYER,  then  this ONE FACT FLYER and distribute to everyone.  For these solutions are the most comprehensive standards that ensure the survival of mankind.  From most humble GOD sent Keith brent Duncan,  No one else has ever produced, designed, created, and deployed the only concentric perfected solution set that is the universal complete perfected universal stabilizinig standard for all of humanity. For everyone benefits and everyone has value as they hold themselves accountable as well as enforce (force) others to be ethical also. 

    Otherwise, society shuns them and sends them to the abandoned slums of the world that were vacated by the criminals own seized assets used to build brand new self-regulating commUNITY districts where everyone can freely trade and travel with no restrictions. No government is actually needed except for monitoring for corruption at Military Level only NATIONAL GUARD and for providing absolute basic services that need to be coordinated at a leadership position by very well paid consultants like

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