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Act with the Authority of Fearless People to Protect All Rights of Others empowers WE Gods People to decide everything, including commanding our Religious Leaders work together to solve all our local community issues.Community issues. Magnifying my FatherGOD and those insane Trillions of manhours wasted worshiping idols and relics is a sin. My Father is too busy communicating with our Angel Guardians of NGSystems Trust Foundation to care about fate of humanity. Zealots have taken over all world affairs past 1,000 years post Damascus Steel inventions spawned Christian Crusades murder sprees of Muslims. SaintKeith Duncan clearly is Gods Guardian Angel sent to unify Mankind Matthew 12:18 "Here is my servant who I have chosen, the one I love, in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will proclaim Justice to the nations." We are the few sent by God to Unify mankind. The anti Christ terrorists of ROSE are reality. They block all our extreme effort to contact and host Press conferences with our world leaders to teach humanity how to prevent wars and other crimes against humanity. We are God's key Observers and creators here to teach humanity how to achieve total world Social Equality Peace. We request your help as we are often despondent on why no one does any follow or replies to our master teachings. We are persecuted by Lucifer ROSE and named criminals. First 50 churches who contact us receive $1 Million USD each for church construction from 2011 forward. Requirements are below.. Click: To see NGO common stock and admission to any of our world training events. These were set for Oct 2011.. Once all religions work together with single Community Worship education centers, everyone collectively solves their own local issues and create LOCAL = GLOBAL = NO Government need. It is always easy to see WHO is most humble keith. The true Grandchild of God, same as you.... These Cross Linked URL broadcasts are the Holy Grail Covenants of GOD's original purpose for humanity. With all digital society of NO Secrets, all souls are invited to join GOD's E.D.E.N. of Paradise FOIA.ONE.. 238 + 3218 April 9, 2021 (.space) are your Fore Founding Sovereign Spiritual Leaders known as #1 King of all Servants. We are the ONLY Spiritual Order who works FOR GOD + humanity our entire lives and teach HOW all religions MUST be COMMANDED to UNIFY So many of our priests, preachers are LUCIFERs New World Order False Prophets (Matthew 23) who personally profit on the backs of my 7.8 Collective Cooperative most beloved people and are easily OUSTED = exiled with EVOTE.ONE just like everyone else who violates OUR laws and REFUSES to ask everyone 'What do YOU + WE need right now?" Take ACTION to change OUR own REALITY. exiles and punishes any Corporate Executive, any Government Official, literally anyone inlcuding any preacher or religious leader r=who refuses to act as highly paid consultants. Our churches were created as education centers, not mindless worship of idols and false stupid preachers. My Father Christ was killed when he overturned the tables of the High Jewish Priests who gambled and had prostitutes just like many of the current zealots. WE decide and manage our spiritual orders and NOT ever again NEVER THEM. The Apollo Quiboly, Eli Sorano, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, etc. April 9, 2021 Keiths Evangelist Frontliner teams are at Billy Graham Cove Asheville NC today. Office (828) 771-4800 to turnover to GODs world. The worst criminal terrorists in world history are named (and hidden) corporate Executives (Europe Zurich, London, Wall Street, and other cyber crime infiltration money laundering secret centers worldwide who prey on our women, children, babies, elderly, and even murder in secret rituals to intimidate new corporate executive recruits to do their bidding as Lucifer Agents. Over 8000 Years ago, Egyptian Pharaohs used the same brainwashing cult propaganda to convince their slave traded citizens they had no rights to live as sovereign ambassadors of GODS dominion. Keith has most formally requested on emergency basis since summer of 2011 to host with top World Corporate Executives and World Presidents to MEDIATE how to command demand named Corporate Executives and Lucifer broker decrepit persons stand down as leaders using EVOTE.ONE and Call Keith evangelist Angel Guardians right now.


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