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   A perfected Example of Automatic Recognition using Keiths 1972 forward Patents is Atlanta GA free roaming Criminal (even use word terrorist) Kathy Duby we showcased April 2022 at  = that was 2010 universal GODs application to finally manhunt down all free roaming criminals and terrorists worldwide.

  This pulled from Dating HER profile. Please read carefully WHAT she CLAIMS. All Lucifer Worshiping Lies as she is homeless, lives out of torn up Camry Car, and scams everyone everywhere she travels. Certainly more than 50 victims will now collectively put her INTO PRISON where she truly belongs. She was STUPID to sue keith and 3 others for $15,000 Each claiming we did NOTHING but try to HELP her reverse her crime addictions.

  Anyone seeing HER or any other criminal terrorist, PLEASE GPS Video record them and CALL 911 and FBI asap. This open published legal WEBSITE puts DUBY in prison.

Best collection of HER crimes is:

§ 16-8-4 - Theft by conversion

§ 16-5-90 - Stalking; psychological evaluation puts Kathy Duby of Atlanta GA back in Prison and mental hospital jail based ONLY on her threats against her victims seen below.  This is our best simple solution to TEACH +8 billion people how to deal with any dispute involving persons who violently attack, stalk, rob, and harass their victims. Includes Kathy con-artisting our Police, Judges, Mediators, DAs, literally everyone she meets. She has no legally earned assets and definitely is a convicted walking threat to our no crime communities of GODs led by #1 overseer keith duncan.  EVOTE.ONE puts her and ANY violator in prison and work Camp Jails by your efforts to enforce existing Constitutional and Statutory laws stated below. BEST only was also perfected 3500 years ago when 10 commandments was delivered in person by Moses. Kathy will often quote scripture claiming she is justified to REAP what others have sown. RobinHood MLM mentality is always a crime. is prime example of HOW all victims now find each other, file required TPOs and other civil criminal claims and reduce OUR exposure to lifetime criminals demonstrated by Robert DEE ROSE and Kathy DUBY seen below. She openly shared all her contact information with us, therefore she can never claim her privacy was infiltrated since she con-artist everyone she meets and abusively robs and threatens daily.

If a single person had ever represented keiths civil rights, we +8B people would now be FREE citizens owning and operating absolutely everything. This direct broadcast to USA Military, all GOV,  Leaders, Press, Churches, + Public to  TAKE ACTION  NOW.  Command all leadership protect Keith's life, assets, and gifts to Save Humanity

  Kathy Duby is a lifetime criminal con-artist scammer.  HER evidence puts her back in Prison and mental hospital on a single 1013 signed by ANY Atlanta Judge.  CLICK: Form 1013 for any Judge to SIGN now.

Best collection of HER crimes is at:

Duby filed small claims 22M09475, 0976 of $15,000 USD small claims through Dekalb, now Fulton County Magistrate damages against Maggie Wade Garcia, then Johnny Calfee, then Keith brent Duncan. Maggie hired lawyers who had the 2 false charges 22M0974 dismissed spring of 2023. Keith countersued Kathy Duby for $5,000 USD and has never been notified or served with ANY court proceedings. Duby continues to stalk and harass her victims same as any other crook includes super cyber terrorist Robert DEE ROSE at value exceeds PRESS conferences of $500 MUSD.

  NONE of us has ever agreed to protect her car, dog, or stolen possessions as she left behind everything after Keith drove her to Cobb County GA Jail-Prison to serve 1 year aggravated assault against her landlady she viciously attacked with a broken glass coffee pot that resulted in medical injuries 2 years ago. Kathy Duby steals anything from Collection boxes for resell (violation of current GA laws), steals from Neighbor trashcans and claims SHE owns what she stole includes Maggies home since she was always only a con-artist squatter with no assets, no job, no legal income stream.
  She even gave us her drivers license, took the video below claiming we are obligated to protect her crime history now 30 years ancient.
  WHO DO YOU KNOW to help us all put these criminally insane incompetent mentally deranged persons into required mental hospitals on 1013 disturbance and back in prison for bribing extorting OUR police, DAs, clerk of courts and even our very own Judges who are all required to rule on ONLY the criminals evidence of career crimes against we the people.
100% related final proof that Keith brent Duncan is the worlds #1 anti all crime expert is here: criminals have destroyed Gods worlds last open public Education Technology Scientist Engineer Angel Guardian gifter Philanthropist Business share system to stabilize universally all +8 billion Gods people as only PeaceMakers of led by each of you using once and forever. We are the worlds last Trillionaires who gift everything back to each of you to advance our human race as only GOD mortal loving problem solvers forever. Everyone now mass call FBI, AG focus on All FBI JC HACKER 404-679-6000 seen below.


Everyone: Simple call to protect Keiths life +1 770-377-2106 and you get paid millions USD below.

Everyone: Stage mass protest Peace Rallies NOW to command everyone protect all others RIGHTS now

CLICK: is always Kathy Duby focused.
    Dekalb Magistrate small claims court mediation and lawsuit 22M09475 and 22M09476 regarding Kathy Duby. We have openly and legally published her civil and criminal history so each of you can demand justice finally be severed as required by existing USA constitutional laws and Georgia Statutory laws enforced by you and our new world total economic judicial spiritual replacement systems of GODs driven by FOIA.ONE
PRINT out the .pdf file above update 2023Jan10 and everyone command Kathy Duby be arrested today. She defrauds, robs, false witness literally everyone she meets.

These openly published on Dekalb Magistrate mediation court website. Odd how Kathy is posting her very own criminal evidence online at 4:45 am today. In reverse timeline order.

Kathy Duby, PLAINTIFF 1/9/2023 2:12 PM EST

I am seeking $15,000 in damages from Mr Keith Duncan which I stated in my original complaint. As you can see it is absolutely impossible to communicate with him in this mediation stream that I am posting in for his review. All he is doing is making false allegations towards me and using that as a smoke screen to take the focus off of himself. I uploaded as evidence, the letter he sent me when I was in Cobb county jail after I had hired him and Johnny Calfee to look after my residence, car, dog, and all my worldly goods. He was the person speaking for the others by writing to me at Cobb county jail and stating what they were going to do to illegally evict me, steal my car, steal my dog, steal all my worldly goods and dispose of them at their discretion! I want the $15,000 for damages for the damage to my car which Mr. Duncan, Maggie Garcia Wade and Johnny Calfee stole where damages were incurred regarding the brakes, the calipers, the two front tires, the radiator, the interior of the vehicle where Mr Calfee lived for a few months, the 1,000 miles that were put on my car when there was no insurance on the vehicle to drive it without my Express permission. Mr Duncan has an audio recording where I am saying that he and Mr Calfee were hired to overlook my possessions, my residence, my car and my dog! Mr Duncan and Mr Calfee agreed to look after my affairs in exchange for Mr Duncan and Mr. Calfee to live inside of my residence at 1053 Shepherds Lane, Atlanta, Ha. 30324.

   I fired Mr Duncan within the first few weeks that I was detained at the Cobb county jail because of his delusional and aggressive behavior towards me on the phone. I demanded the return of the key to my car which he has never returned and I am asking the court for now even though he may have already made another key. He has expressed to the court that he knows my movements and where I am going and what I am doing which concerns me that he has placed a tracking device on my vehicle in order to stalk me. I am concerned that he has access to my vehicle because he has never returned the key to my car to me after I fired him. He continued to have power and influence over Mr Calfee after I fired him. He even suggested to Mr Calfee that he not return my stolen vehicle to me because I was attempting to try to set them all up with the police for the theft of my vehicle. I have a recorded confession from Mr Calfee that I can play for the judge to prove that Mr Calfee stated that Mr Duncan had told him not to give me my car back and that they conspired with my landlord to defraud me of all my worldly goods, my car, my dog and two illegally evict me at the instruction of my landlord who never filed with DeKalb county courts under the law to have me legally evicted from the property at 1053 Shepherds Lane. Please send my lawsuit up to the judge! It is absolutely impossible to negotiate with Mr Keith Duncan or!

Keith reply 1/10/2023 11:51 AM EST

Surely OUR Judges and WILL OF WE THE PEOPLE using Keith + GODs will PUT THIS one career criminal back in PRISON and mental hospital jail now. NOTICE how every single statement she makes has NO basis of reality legal common sense. Kathy DUBY never hired anyone as NO written agreement was ever produced or signed by HER. No money was ever contractually handed over by Kathy to Keith, Johnney, Carol, or Maggie Wade. The damages we have incurred exceed $20,000 USD real and punitive since even Kathy personally recorded as STALKING each of us same Sept 25, 2022 she somehow was released from cobb county jail prison serving time for felony aggravated assault also on her record.


 Kathy Duby, PLAINTIFF1/9/2023 10:03 AM EST

Please turn my case over to the judge as soon as possible. Mr Duncan thinks a civil court is going to criminally charge me based on his false accusations. I am the one who has brought this civil lawsuit for damages I incurred based on his and my landlords actions. Thank you for your support. Kathy Duby

 reply by Keith Duncan 1/9/2023 11:16 AM EST

NEVER support a career criminal like KATHY DUBY. SHE MUST be arrested NOW since she has been stalking, defrauding, robbing, and violent physically assaulting her own victims. EVERYONE she meets suffers physical and emotional extreme trauma damages with no exceptions. GO LISTEN to her lunatic ranting and raving at based ONLY on her own civil criminal evidence. EVERYTHING she does is to divert attention away from HER crimes against our humanity. Keith Duncan. SHE HAS NEVER CONTACTED US directly except to THREATEN US directly... We legally and most formally request ANY JUDGE SIGN temporary Protective orders and DISMISS this malicious persecution 22M09475 and 22M09476. Clearly KATHY DUBY has civil criminal charges and convictions in each county she has squatted on. EVEN YESTERDAY, 2023Jan08, Maggie Garcia Wade reported KATHY DUBY went to 1053 Shepherds Lane and threatened to EVICT paying tenant claiming THIS WAS HER HOME. TRULY Kathy Duby will now be fast path convicted of being criminally insane incompetent, sentenced back to Prison and even GA Regional Mental Hospital Jail nearby.

Kathy Duby, PLAINTIFF 1/8/2023 4:45 AM EST

Ms. Ashauana Gbye:
Thank you for terminating the mediation due to Mr. Keith Duncan's behavior. He is impossible to communicate with or negotiate with. I'd appreciate it if you'd t
urn my case with him over to the court as soon as possible. The only way for this case to be resolved is for a judge to handle it. Thank you, Kathy Duby


RESPONSE from PLAINTIFF Keith Duncan who already counter-sued for $5,000 and asked any judge to file required Temporary Protective order to STOP kathy duby from continuous stalking and illegally harassing all her lifetime victims. Her first civil crime is

§ 16-8-4 - Theft by conversion

§ 16-5-90 - Stalking; psychological evaluation


Plaintiff Keith Duncan 1/8/2023 3:55 PM EST


  If Kathy Duby actually appears in any court, ask any Judge DA to immediately seize her, arrest her and sentence her back to PRISON and mental Health JAIL. She is a lifetime career civil criminal who defrauds her victims, then robs them, then claims she is the victim when WE file proper legal documents against HER and her co-conspirators. Please go direct to NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA NOW on how we are worlds # 1 anti all crime expert authors of now driven by GODs single FOIA.ONE store and forward everything about everyone. NO Secrets was always GODS Keith Duncan 770-377-2106. Not one time has KATHY paid us a single DOLLAR to complete any task entire time after SHE CALLED US. We even drove her to Cobb County GA jail prison as she FIRED us even though she had NEVER hired us for anything. WE even sent her $20 USD and offer to buy her broken down car and return it to her at same cost upon her release. PLEASE ask any judge to ARREST HER RIGHT Now and file the counter suit $5,000 and related TPOs right now. ### end.

Click Here:   is the top key Freedom Of Information ACTION documents we legally acquired and turned over to public, press, and any judge as example for worldwide use of

 Four of Kathy Dubys most recent victims of Keith duncan 22M09476, Johnny Calfee, Maggie Garcia Wade 22M09475, and Carol Sims have been sued by Kathy Duby for $15,000 each for stealing her 'STOLEN' assets back in May, 2022 forward while SHE served prison time in Cobb County scamming everyone she meets. Dekalb County civil lawsuits are above. Maggie Wade has already retained a lawyer at huge expense to counter sue Dubious Kathy Duby for same reasons.

Keith already counter sued for damages of $5,000 once Kathy stalked Keith and even slept outside

June 9, 2022, Kathy called keith from Cobb County Jail. Hear her direct criminal threats that always prove she is a career con-artist. This one legal voice recording also puts her BACK IN PRISON for very long. Listen to minute #4.

LISTEN to KATHY DUBYs recorded threats to Johnny Calfee that we legally recorded and turned over to everyone.

  Updated 2023Jan03.

FROM Kathy Duby on Dekalb County Magistrate Mediation website:


  Kathy Duby, PLAINTIFF 1/3/2023 8:11 AM EST

Please see the letter in the attachment that was sent to me by Keith Duncan admitting his crime of defrauding me of my car, dog, and all my worldly goods by participating in my illegal eviction with my landlord Maggie Garcia Wade. I am not interested in any delusional accusations that he is attempting to make about me. I am suing him in DeKalb county for civil damages associated with the frauds that he is committed upon me. The facts in this case are associated with my illegal eviction and no fault accusations made by this man Keith Duncan in an attempt to distract the court from the issue at hand. Please schedule this case in front of a judge in DeKalb county civil Court. It is absolutely impossible to communicate with someone like Mr Keith Duncan in any form of mediation. He is being unreasonable and delusional in his actions and I need a judge to handle this and remunerate me for my losses due to his actions. Thank you for your help with this matter. Kathy Duby

## end of Kathys malicious attack on everyone includes each of you.

Here KEITHs direct rebuttal clear common sense legal response already POSTED on same Mediation Website.

 We have already filed COUNTER SUED civil criminal defendant Kathy Duby for $5,000 USD for real and punitive damages caused ONLY by her civil criminal actions even clearly stated in OUR most generous legal offer.  We have always demanded Kathy DUBY be put BACK IN PRISON and Mental Health Hospital JAIL PRISON.  Even the 2 page letter we sent her IN Cobb county jail describes her crime spree history of DEFRAUDING and scamming everyone she meets.   KATHY DUBY was legally EVICTED from 1053 Shepherds lane by Maggie Garcia Wade before keith met her Marietta PD dept.  Kathy has NEVER paid us or anyone else to protect anything including her possessions she clearly STOLE from neighbors trash cans and charity drop off containers.  

   WE most formally REQUEST ANY JUDGE and even FBI JC Hacker and public PUT THIS most dangerous delusional sociopath Kathy DUBY back into PRISON.  Her N.C.I.C. crime history always shows she con artists everyone including OUR POLICE, OUR JUDGES, OUR WE THE PEOPLE of GODs new world crime free   #1 issue is literallly NO ONE but KEITH and GOD and mega billionaires of actually ENFORCE any of our existing Constitutional and Statutory laws. NOW replaced by and system of fast path conviction and sentencing by will of WE THE PEOPLE use of and simple GODs method systems.  keith works fearlessly on behalf of 8 billion GODs children by representing GODs best merit integrity interests for all Earth and universe.    

   WE also store and forewarded KATHYs voicerecord testimony confessions on at and will STORE her above malicious and lucifer lies above back on website to order she be seized and arrested NOW.

Please file attached Sept 2022 Writ of Mandamus legally filed lawsuit AGAINST Kathy Duby with any JUDGE to put her BACK in prison and mental health jail. THE MOST INCRIMINATING irrevocable EVIDENCE is also Kathys June 9, 2022 legally recorded confession testimony from Cobb County JAIL to KEITH here:


IS there ANYONE left in OUR Dept of Justice of who actually ENFORCES any laws at any levels? WE HAVE our entire PROFESSIONAL GOD FOCUSED 64.444 years as Duncan founding father of GODS forever.

  Updated 2022Jan02.  message sent directly to Mediator in Dekalb County Magistrate Court GA who Kathy Dupy is also cyber scamming attempting to defraud over and over her very own lifetime victims.

Asuana Gybe asked if we had received any further information regarding criminal Kathy Duby as of today.

  We answered here:  Quote "NO MESSAGE on any progress to order Kathy DUBY be arrested and even civilly committed to Mental Health hospital JAIL. You are always AUTHORIZED by Constitutional LAW to immediately contact ANY JUDGE and yes, Local FBI DIRECTOR JC HACKER and AG Chris Carr to most formal request face to face debriefing AND Press conferences that will occur in next 1-2 weeks caused by ALL THE total economic judicial replacement systems we have been procreating and gifting includes NEW WORLD no crime umbrella from consisting of OPEN PUBLIC RECORDS of FOIA.ONE and immediate conviction and sentencing of ANY person who financially or personally harms any other person on GODs earth. 

    Keith Duncan.  CALL US PLEASE at 770-377-2106 and even VIDEO CALL record what we have to SHOW against criminal Kathy DUPY.    She will clearly escape justice again once she realizes HER extreme liability and harm to WE THE PEOPLE includes Ashuana Gybe as we even post THIS on right now.

Brief KATHY DUBY criminal history:

On or about May 2, 2022, Keith had met Kathy Duby at Marietta Police dept when Kathy paid for her N.C.I.C. civil criminal history report.  Kathy first called Keith and Johnny Calfee on or about May 9.

On May 6 Kathy got her drivers license changed to 1053 Shepherds Lane, changed the entry door locks and claimed she was a legal resident preventing Title owner Maggie Wade from entering her own premises.

On or about May 9, Mrs. Wade hired a locksmith to gain access and was verbally accosted by Kathy Duby that was video recorded by both Kathy and Mrs. Wade. Kathy called Dekalb Cty Police Sgt Rucker filed 22-037716 May 9.

Kathy was convicted of aggravated (felony) assault on or about May 12 Cobb County Court.

Kathy drove with Keith to file complaint direct Gov Brian Kemps office and GA State Board of Appeals.

Keith personally drove Kathy in his 2013 Prius with Dennis Chernonog 2 days later for her to serve 1 year in Cobb county Jail.   Kathy released on a Sunday, some date on or about Sept 2022. Same night she accosted Mrs. Wades tenants, then UBERed to Keiths house to stalk us by sleeping overnight outside, then constantly called Johnny and Keith claiming we stole ?? her car, her dog, and her possessions when she NEVER entered into any legally binding contract and never paid us anything. keith even put $20 USD on her jail account and has never been paid back for anything by anyone.

Subsequently Kathy Duby lived a few doors away from Johnny Calfee near 818? Colquitt Rd, sandy springs.

Subsequent civil and criminal charges MUST be made to PUT Kathy DUBY back in Prison and Mental Hospital jail NOW!

### updated 2023Jan03 at extreme expense of Keiths most valuable anti all crime time. is true reality story of multiple victims turning over a severely deranged psychotic woman named Kathy Duby.  We first met her at Marietta Police Dept back May 8, 2022 when we retrieved last MORE documents of HOW terrorist Robert Dee Rose and DUNCAN Clan succeeded in having us illegally detained and kidnapped 6 times over 900 days by destruoyng the same perfected total replacement systems we procreated full time year 1976 at

Below is Kathy Dubys very own evidence as we all hate heresy HE said SHE said libel and slander so common and typical amoung our very own HIRED PAID FOR dept of of social justice at

We hereby demand any Judge sign WRIT of MANDAMUS grand jury indictment to have Kathy Duby arrested to stand trial for the decades of crime spree evidence we personally key live eyewitnessed in Cobb County GA and Dekab County GA tied to her fleeing from Justice in Florida about 5 to 10 years ago.

Update procreated Oct 28, 2022 as we all hate to waste OUR time and lawyer fees to address these free roaming con artists who prey on everyone they met at all levels. Includes Kathy calling POLICE to demand they evict residents in the house she claimed to TOTALLY CONTROL. Yet she never had any legally signed binding agreement contract with Keith Duncan or the other 4 victims who hereby demand justice be served.

Kathy Duby best solution is to be civilly committed into Georgia Regional Hospital in Atlanta and even put into Federal Medical Jail in B utner NC where we were forced to witness such brutality at the signed hands of Sally Q Yates, Federal Judge Raymond A Jackson after each of 'them' were paid off by Duncan Clan, terrorrist Robert Dee ROSE, and even Atty GBI Director Berry Victor Reynolds. CLICK here for original HOME page puts +120 named criminals and terrorists in PRISON and DEATH ROW NOW by YOUR direct action right now !

   This entire sequence of horrific crimes against humanity has been procreated perfected recorded to complete GODs and YOUR deployment of includes share of 8 Billion WHOis WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO GPS tracked trades anything with anyone else. NO Secrets = GODs utopia.

   Driven forever by Gods FOIA.ONE = crime free societies.

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