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  Absolutely EVERYONE, mass call contact debrief TOP FBI AG and world leaders on the most critical evidence of HOW Robert Dee ROSE remains at large based only on HIS cyber terrorrist attacks against OUR USA Government and Fortune 1000 databases worldwide. Best person is Atlanta FBI Director JC HACKER at 404-679-6000.

    HERE is word famous changing legal process immediate transfer of  +$500 Million USD Class Action Miscarriage of Justice Lawsuits Against each person and government agency including each JUDGE, Lawyer, DAs, Police, literally everyone who personally violated God's 'keith brent duncan' Constitutional rights to empower all mortals to be free will citizens of using to decide your own reality and choose any + all leaders real-time.

  Today: Stage Mass Protest Rallies to command criminals below be Seized! Integrity 594 + 1441 Sept 24, 2022

Everyone: Simple call to protect Keiths life +1 770-377-2106 and you get paid millions USD below.

Everyone: Stage mass protest Peace Rallies NOW to command everyone protect all others RIGHTS now

  Here is complete required Discovery Package for DOJ Military to put ROSE + Others on Death Row. is worlds last open public Mobile App to identify WHO is WHO and all criminal evidence.


If a single person had ever represented keiths civil rights, we +7.9B people would now be FREE citizens owning and operating absolutely everything. Sept 24, 2022 Each of these files puts 120 named criminals into prison and death row. Command Mass Peace Making RALLIES NOW same as fall 2011 to overturn ALL criminals and terrorists use of GODs sent by GODs right handed son of man, most humble now moving all $40Billion USD of assets to Asheville NC to command everyone use our perfected and methodology to be 100% fr

Keith. 770 377 2106  Now located in Asheville NC as world famous multinational MegaBillionaire enterprises of direct funding 200 to 300 new EDUCATION and Technology Foundations staffed by YOU our most beloved GODS people forever. Offices co-located Biltmore Estate and the BG Cove.

   Everyone BENEFITS using GODs methods of Duncan was always GODs perfected omnipresent operational world plan when each of you (mortals) decide NEXT Best Project and actively choose who are the highly paid in only cash Project Managers. Includes ALL Government and Corporate leaders worldwide forever. Contact book protect KEITH right now.

Liberate ALL of yourselves by host mediating GODs today.

  Sept 14, 2022 Today we personally delivered the most comprehensive anti crime public scandal lawsuite and all related civil criminal history discovery package to Atty Christopher at I-85 Business park near old FBI headquarters we debriefed back Nov 2010. No one actually enforces any Constitutional or GODs commandment since all criminals use their victims assets to hire criminal defense lawyers. We just simplified all laws using published open broadcast systems of with full scale focus on staging COUPand Peace rallies worldwide so each of you can put any violator in prison, death row, and be PAID back your restitution and real and punitive damages you have earned by turning over any and all criminal enterprises starting with Robert Dee ROSE.

  Sidebar legal financial quote: "Over $40 Trillion USD of your assets are criminally cyber transferred annually while the other criminal ruling elite use STOCK OPTIONS and insider day computer trading to BROKER away everything.

  NO ONE has ever acknowledged and openly shown we are 100% victimized by our very own DOD now combined under your direct control as only National Police Guard.

Aug 29. 2022  On Friday Aug 25, 2022 we personally visited State Court Judge T Russell  McClelland in his court Forsyth County courtroom 401 as was told by District Attorney Jenny Penn (770)781-2125. They said go to Sheriffs Dept Ron Freeman, then CID officer John Bentley? 'Writ Fieri Facias'  told us to go back to Judge McClelland in court chambers.

   We gave our total perfected crime evidence Gods package to Angie Hill 70-377-2106 for any judge to

1. Reissue the original Pierce the Corporate Veil, Forsyth th Judment 08sc-1345 Oct 22, 2010 true conspiracies.

2. Call NOW for all Grand Jury Indictments to order the arrests and seizures of +120 named defendants NOW.,

3. Contact turnover EVERYONE and EVERYONE to FBI with focus on FBI JC Hacker in Atlanta 770-216-3000. 202-324-3000 and national news media press best broadcasters like 404-897-7500 so THEY will be famous celebrity for turning over millions of criminals terrorist to will of WE GODS people use of GODS and GODs new world simple judicial total tort reform replacement open system..

  We even direct gifted to Forsyth County Board of Commissioners same as each of you.

   All get paid now by redistribution of GODs wealth once Keith is invited to speak before any size audience. We alone have no fear of 'THEM". All who protect keiths life will be automatic members of and


   Current focus is immediate civilian, military, DOJ arrests of super terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE, now cyber criminal Tom Haag at Las Vegas +1 725-248-1260, Ukrainian criminal Dennis Chernonog at 405 Roswell Hills Place, Roswell GA cell (470)929-5498 by any FBI or COURT JUDGE order to recover Keith and your trillions of USD pirated wealth and actually command our leaders to complete peacemaking at all levels forever. Includes protecting the life of Keith Brent Duncan by calling us directly and putting us all on National NEWS to personally answer any question about HOW millions of scammers, criminals and terrorists all roam freely by persecuting and murdering their very own victims using our and GODs resources. Since no one actually ENFORCES any Constitutional or Statutory laws, KEITH personally sent by GOD just rewrote simplified all aspect laws of GODS chosen people forever by mass publicity of to change the course of all human legacy intrinsic persistent history forever.  CALL US directly right now. Ask all top FBI Corporate Executives to DO THE SAME SANE Action.

  We were always DUE National News Press Conferences host mediated BY our very top Corporate And official leaders starting back in summer 2008 valued over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages AND Press conferences to showcase WHO violates your rights. NO ONE is above the LAW anymore once YOU RISE UP and command any violator be put on trial, prison, all THEIR assets seized, and even sentenced to fast path DEATH ROW by your individual immediate forceful ACTION using use of GODs open public no secret society of

    June 5, 2022. The Final terrorist cyber attack was Judge Raymond A Jackson forge editing changing the 14 page Court order to murder keith down to 3 pages by removing the Cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 testimony on page 3. Typical of what terrorists do to MURDER their very own victims by eliminating all traces the criminals ever existed.


  Aug 19, 2022. Tom Haag (725)248-1260 Law Vegas, Nevada, just told me he is most actively conspiring with ROSE since Tom is also extreme active drug addict dealer, extreme OCD bipolar, and truly puts thousands of my people in danger thinking he can scam and steal from ROSE just like millions of other con-artists do daily. 

  Always most easy to contact Keith and all levels of DOJ DOD starting with FBI by commanding everyone protect my life and demand each criminal stand trial for their crimes against humanity. All to reverse current World War five shutdown of all GODs systems that puts us all back in the Dark ages forever. We even have recent photo and location of Tom Haag for anyone to citizens arrest millions of criminals who all roam freely caused by YOUR mass apathy ignorance.

  Everything we left behind is from GOD for you to solve, prevent reverse your pandemic of predatory greed.

    NO ONE ever protects your rights despite all the false promises of our current POLYTickians who are always on the Captain HOOK long arm of the criminal ruling elite Pirates of the HIGH C Corporate world like Pres Putin, NWO, GBI director Berry sic Victor Reynolds, Federal Judge Raymond T Jackson, even Sally Q Yates at 404-572-2723 all have legal bounties on their heads for each of YOU to citizens arrest anyone worldwide using GODs technology methods.  We commanded USA GOV protect Keith and you summer of 2011 at all levels of police, IRS, FBI, USMarshals, AG, then Langley AirForce Intelligence Sept 25, 2011 We were criminally detained, persecuted, assaulted, robbed, and denied ALL rights past 15 years caused by following group of named 125 criminal defendants everyone can see are cyber criminals and terrorists most working INSIDE our USGOV.


  Broadcast by most humble GODs left hand man (not crude) Brent Duncan April 16, 2022

  MAY 3, 2022 we DID re-file the most profitable scandal PEACE Making Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice lawsuit ever filed in USA, even world history to command everyone GO FIND Robert Dee Rose and ALL other criminals.

  We personally filed it also March 2022 THROUGH Major King, Internal Investigations of Marietta P.D. 1.11.2506

  Currently only TOM HAAG at 725-248-1260 has provided bare minimum tracking and meetings with ROSE past 12 years.


  Reality is everyone else denies these most horrific crimes by ROSE, Ms. Bashama, all of DUNCAN Clan, all our lawyers, judges, DAs, literally everyone was to DESTROY GODs system by wiping out all of KEITHs assets while ROSE and others forged, slander, libel, destroyed, sealed all related THEIR evidence that shows they are all terrorists.  WMD have always been HERE-SAY false witness testimony and criminally signed court orders and laws. is world saving reality of your NO Social JUSTICE Judicial system.
  ONLY GODs miracle required past 15 years is a SIT down Face-to-Face turnover debrief  with Keith ! !

  Immediately CALL Keith Brent Duncan +1 770-377-2106 and command he appear National News !! value excess $500 Million USD mass publicity Scandals of named Corporate Executive and Politican Corrupt individuals (+125 persons) who violated every one of YOUR civil rights by stealing and converting the most profitable Anti-All Crime enterprise system ever procreated by most humble Keith Brent DUNCAN dob 1-195815-1 (ss 243-86-0043) remains persecuted by almost everyone.
  Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 granted Oct 22, 2010 value exceeds +$800,000 USD valid forever. Here is ROSEs left behind USA assets as he is a reality Billionaire Cyber Terrorist living at past 10 years.

Anyone can find seize force ROSE into Prison and claim the legal $200 Million USD bounty on his head. See below.
Our FBI AG, +15 lawyers, +10 named Judges all know these most criminal incriminating facts and HIDE +13 years since they clearly were extorted by ROSE along with others named below.

### World Press RELEASE repeat Feb 27, 2022. PROTECT KEITHS life today.


The most profound new world economic model DESTROYS all banks worldwide for legal and illegal embezzlement of OUR bank deposits and growth dividends now transferred BY EACH of YOU back to community based Credit UNIONS using EVOTE.ONE


Millions of criminals and cyber hackers, AND terrorists now are fast path put into PRISON and DEATH ROW, while Keiths board of Directors already registered take ALL criminals assets as the ultimate pass through to greatest places of human needs. 

ALL 100% of keiths assets and seized assets and all future earnings go THROUGH open public accounting books forever.


  Most critical convicting DOCUMENTS against ROBERT DEE ROSE, Ms. Bashama, all of the Duncan Clan are above. #5 is the original arrest warrent Marietta Police Henson filed based on KEITHS original robber report Feb 4, 2011 MPD 1.11.2506 forged 4 times used to criminally sign TPO 11.1.1171 Feb 21, when Keith was criminally detained (kidnapped) Tuesday Feb 23, 9am when NO police or lawyers were present in required court proceedings when Wendell Carraway and Ms. Bashama were ordered to be re-arrested same as 10am Feb 4, 2011 when she escaped with $40,000 cashh and assets including mega million USD of patents and products of and your property..
  After $6,000 Atty Berry Victor Reynolds was hired to go direct to FBI, AG PRESS and command Keiths life be protected, only Robert Dee ROSE most actively hacked all of Keiths business activities and stole all his patents and business connect databases of fellow mega millions and billionaires show at restored GivingPledge.SPACE.  No ONE EVER protects victims of organized criminals since CRIME PAYS means each of you are been scammed and lied to by most of our existing and even forces who now go under total local civilian authority control of EVOTE.ONE.

WE have been demanding each person who violated KEITHs Gods rights surrender themselves and pay back 3 to 10x restitution while confessing to you over Broadcast recorded TV. This is the greatest peer pressure ever commanded by GODs most humble warrior of and one new world corporation system of we modeled for all of you by GODs commands and assets.

  The MOST DAMNING Horrific Supreme Court Precedent Law <-<-- puts EACH of YOU in PRISON mental hell Prison jails to be force drugged by criminal LUCIFER created by Norfolk VA 4:11cr11 Judge Raymond Jackson. This was all caused by Super Terorrist ROSE cyberattacks on Keiths homes based on Marietta pd robbery 1.11.2506 robbery of Keiths homes Feb 4, 2011 and Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 Feb 23, 2011 dismiss cancelled July 15, 2011 proving massive murder for hire most scandalus criminal conspiracies by Intl cyber sociopath terrorists groups led by Robert Dee Rose, Alexander Cyclone Covey, GBI Director Berry Victor Reynolds, Enemy combatant Douglas Vernon Duncan, Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Federal Judge Raymond T Jackson, +120 other named Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice Lawsuit defendants named below. Includes all members of Duncan Clan + Atty Phoenix Harris + Dr Jill Volin, who all knew Keiths assets were being robbed and converted to more terrorist attacks against each of you.
  As of Feb 7, 2022 not a single 'DAMN' or Honest person has offered to see, believe, and Act with existing Judicial authority to protect Keiths life and recovery all his assets through his insurance claims against Nationwide, Progressive, and Hartford value excess $3.2 million USD, or command FBI AG or anyother law enforcement agency including USA Military + DOD Chief of Staff or NSA CIA Interpol hear reality of WHY GOD sent each of you + KEITH  to destroy all criminal networks one final complete perfected time.
After being DENIED ALL RIGHTS, I have contacted over 150 law firms including today
of 657-845-3100 offering 25% of first $4 million USD to simple file required court documents to command my insurance companies HONOR my origional $3.2 million USD insurance claims and command recovery of my $800,000 USD Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 that was always the target of ROBERT DEE ROSE one he robbed us of ALL MY PATENTS and intellectual property valued over realistic $20 trillion USD of, + 100 other copyright protected by YOUR law rights.  #1 criminal reply is 'THEY' do not actually help victims in any way.

MOST powerful total world self saving LIBERATION of your GOds system is now, right here:  Town Hall Forums decide next best project  Citizens Arrest  IID 1-19710401-1 (-100% death row) 
Keiths God Sent solutions eliminate ALL Criminal networks worldwide at one time. Book us now.
Robert Dee Rose
of infamy is #1 Intl + Domestic cyber super terrorist of all time
When will you + FBI AG actually seize Douglas Vernon DUNCAN and rest of ROSEs criminal network?

Find Keith +1 770-377-2106 or 725-200-7683. Protect his life and his IP assets now.

EVERYONE no Exceptions. mass call demand ACTION by CONTACT FBI 404-679-9000, AG, all Governors, Congress, Mayors Police chiefs and everyone you know who are Press and Corporate Executive leaders at top level. WE GODs people command Justice be served by OUR DOJ DOD actually ACTING with our authority.

Intl Terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE has record $200 Million USD bounty on his head dead or alive.

Federal Judge Raymond T. Jackson has $5 million USD bounty per Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 murder conspiracies 

Ms. Bashama aka Tammy Faye Auston, Wickenburg Arizona has $100,000 bounty on her head, see below.

Douglas Vernon Duncan, Cary NC 803 Greenwood circle has $1 million USD bounty dead or alive.

Atty GBI Directory Berry Victor Reynolds Atlanta GA has $200,000 Thousand USD bounty.

Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey has $2 million USD Bounty reward.

Atty Jimmy Deal, Nocross GA 770-263-7200 has $250,000 USD bounty to turn over to FBI AG today.

Atty Ross Grisham of Canton GA has $100,000 USD bounty for Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683 kidnapping.

Atty Phoenix Harris of Norfolk VA has $1 million USD bounty for kidnapping NOrfolk Va 4:11ct112.

Atty Steve Dorvee, Atlanta GA has $1 million USD bounty and death row conviction pending.

Atty Vivian Hoard, Tom Chorey, GA State Bar have $50,000 bounty on their heads for malfesance and obstruction of justice same as the other named +120 persons below and above


  Keiths 4 insurance companies Nationwide, Progressive, Harfort, and USA gov owe Keith excess of $4 million usd based on active fully paid up policies dated Oct 3, 2011 when ROSE ordered our illegal detainment kidnapping extreme denial of ALL constitutional rights when he false claimed Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683 criminally granted Aug 23, 2011 had been violated Aug 30, 2011 one LinkedIn Email invitation and the SAME video evidence never shown to public court that puts him and wife Amy in prison for +40 years and death row. 

  USA GOV named violating officials now all go to prison while KEITH receives ALL proceeds from their lifetime estates for their crimes against humanity named YOU. All these proceeds go BACK to greatest places of human mortal needs since I never had any concern of WHAT GOD plans for you next. Or maybe I DID.

WHO DO YOU KNOW to DEBRIEF KEITH on everything and provide him safe haven protection and direct support funding while millions of reality criminals are manhunted down by OUR new criminal and civil investigators who want to make the REAL MONEY by seizing criminally acquired assets from past +500 years of  All benefit once world uses Keiths Open record systems from 46 years ago at NCSU Raleigh NC when GOD sent Keith to be your #1 world wealthiest guardian angels leader of YOU now members of both new world one corporation and Sovereign independent citizens who decide everything about everyone now tracked by all GPS empowered eDevices.


Please call Keith Duncan 770-377-2106. We have authored complete new world economic total replacement perfected system of UNiocracy. org. Evote .one use through ProfitShareHOLDERs .org mass publicity eliminates ALL stock options, insider day trading, ALL publically traded stocks, all banks (except for local collective cooperative collaberation credit unions), and retires over 70% of wealthy world elite. WE GODS people now use SolutionHousing,org to redistribute GODs wealth back to greatest places of needs by building self contained total sustainable clean mixed use development towns remotely powered by TurnOFFlights,com and SolutionSafeWater,org TOO COMPLEX to keep repeating that LUCIFERS of NWO have already taked full control of OUR databases and lawmakers known as representatives of WE the PEOPLE. office is Atlanta GA 770-377-2106. NEED our local FBI to go seize MS. Bashama at 928.814.1170 Wickenburg Arizon with $100,000 Bounty on her head from Marietta GA PD robbery 11.1.2506 everyone can see at DuncanClaim .org 10 long years ago. is your reality of WHO murders our world top High IQ scientist inventor Philantropists of GivingPledge.SPACE by defrauding their victims, robbing tgheir homes and businesses of all their intellectual property and assets while extorting OUR Law Enforcement and Lawyer Judges to discredit their victims using the victims very own assets at all levels.  Typical of NEVER see Reality of you GODs 7.9 Billion Children who demand privacy while being human sex trade trafficked worldwide once you are addicted to greed of money, cash, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, conterfeiting, all those secret deals so you can claim 'Sucker born every second' is the MLM con-artist games of death.

  Keith brent Duncan was sent by GOD 63 years ago to be your #1 world most humble leader forefounder of  He is past due public apologies by all tied to super terrorist Robert Dee ROSE and assassin groups led by Douglas Vernon Duncan and his very own lawyer Atty GBI Director Berry Victor Reynolds now slated for tortue of beig exposed on Natinal TV and subsequent death row convictions by and simple Grand Jury indictments of  The top demanded recover is $3.2 Million USD insurance claims, +$800,000 USD Forsyth County 08SC-1345 judgment Oct 22, 2010, $8 Million USD IRSWBFeb2009,658, over $500 Million USD for real and punitive damages for violations of almost every single Constitutional law and almost ALL USCode of Statue laws ever passed by our most decrept self serving lawbreakers paid off with your asset called campaign contributions and lobbyist kickback loophole laws. Rest of your new economic replacement system showcased to each of you at and perfected by Keith Brent Duncan past 46 manyears and now ratified used by all 7.9 Billion GODs people using

  Keiths Atty Jimmy Deal, 770-263-7200 Norcross GA has all evidence to convict +120 named criminals including each of you.

Includes infamous Atty Sally Q Yates at who criminally signed Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 NON-Violation Dec 13, 2012 while Keith was being most actively persecuted and forsaken Cherokee County HELL Jail Oct 3, 2011 to Feb 20, 2012 violation of even the 90 Day speedy trial constitutional laws based on 2 line LinkedIN invite email Keith never sent to ROSE Aug 30 per TPO 11.1.7683 Aug 23, 2011 when ROSE attempted to have keith kidnapped on all evidence points at HIS super cyber terorrist enterprises.

#1 Anti All Crime Expert Keith Brent Duncan is victimized by named 125 criminals who all conspired to murder Keith Oct 3, 2011 to present moment by illegal detainment forced kidnappings executed by Robert Dee ROSE, Douglas Vernon Duncan, Sherry Duncan, Ms. Bashama, and each person who violated all Constitution laws, and Human Bill of rights.  We call always for MASS PROTEST RALLIES to command DOJ DOD Press, CONGRESS, ALL corporate World Leaders PROTECT Keiths life while biggest roundout of millions of criminals and terrorists occurs with use of GODs and engineered data autoface recognition IID system use of WE GODs PEOPLE use to decide everything about everyone. includes $1 million USD bounty on head of Douglas Vernon Duncan, 803 Greenwood Circle, Cary, NC  cell 919-271-9050, FOIA.ONE IID 1-19550119-1 integrity Negative 97%) for his +40 years of crimes against humanity that evidence shows is drug and gun running, even human trafficing up the southeastern seaboard.  Doug is 100% guilty of threatening to murder his most humble brother by criminally filing Wake County TPO Feb 8, 2012 after I called him one time asking him and all others to GO direct FBI to have me released into Government Safe Haven protection while ROSE and all others were rounded up and MY assets seized to prevent further crimes against humanity. 

  I personally filed Wake County TPO 21cv05689 July-Aug 2021 when Judge Christini Wsyck? ruled I could not prove Doug was inside NC state lines when he sent 3 emails from his cell phone/ipad direct threats to send his Gun Club to murder Keith in Manila or anywhere i travelled. Clearly DOUG, ROSE, and many others have been stalking myself past 13 years. 

  Clearly, all the works I was sent by GOD to re-deliver are most comprenhensively completed and perfected. 

 WHO WILL actually call video debrief me  and be paid real mega MILLIONS for enforcing existing USA laws at all levels.

  Robert Dee ROSE and all other criminal terrorists all roam freely since YOU Gods people are brainwashed abject apathy.

DuncanClaim-SupremeFAIL-968    ROBERT DEE ROSE has $200 Million USD record bounty on his head, dead of alive by orders of our own DOJ DOD As of Dec 22, 2021 here is some of his USA assets for immediate seziure by anyone.

8206 Duncan Bridge Rd Cleveland, GA 30528 (Current Address)

8893 Carroll Manor Dr Sandy Springs, GA 30350 (Aug 1997 - Jan 2020)

8893 Carroll Manor Dr Atlanta, GA 30350 (Jun 2007 - Oct 2016)

1 Royal Oak Ave Roswell, GA 30076 (Jan 2014 - Jan 2016)

2615 Northgate Ave #B Cumming, GA 30041 (Jun 2014)

(404) 805-3413(404) 867-2063(770) 887-8589(678) 455-4573

Criminal wife Amy Rose owns this:

34 Orton Pl Buffalo, NY 14201 (Sep 1999 - May 2018)

3145 Cuffe Cir Brunswick, OH 44212 (Dec 2017 - May 2018)

1701 Townsend Dr Houghton, MI 49931 (Jul 2001 - May 2018)

6240 Christman Dr North Olmsted, OH 44070 (Jun 2013 - May 2018)

(404) 805-3413(678) 297-7804(678) 455-4573(404) 867-2063

Gabriella Global LLC, Gabriella Global LLC

Most obvious your reality: Four Largest pools of untapped criminal wealth were:

1. Industrial Military War machines valued excess of $200 Trillion USD drain past 75 years.

2. Criminal pirated wealth from our Stock Markets and Banks by insider commodity day trading brokers who have legalized over $350 Trillion USD drain post 9/11 attacks.

3. Underground criminal terrorists who legalized CRIME PAYS $250 Trillion USD by foreign Investors, puppet government officials, gambling, drug, guns, human trafficing, counterfeiting, theft of Intellectual Property, and staging terrorist attacks against OUR infrastructure post WW2 and legalized embezzlement persecuting Keith+GOD.

4. Bank of Rome Vatican, World Bank, Bank of England, Banks of Switzerland, Isle Of Man, Singaphore, Hong Kong, Morocco, even Atlanta/Birmingham/Charlotte monopolies, IBC, Chase Manhatten, Bohemian Grove Industrialists, etc.  

Keith is clearly a megaBillionaire who never gave up any of his assets or rights his entire life. Clearly, Keith has already destroyed all criminal enterprises use of EVOTE.ONE to empower each of you to decide WHO manages your assets and WHO determines your reality and near term destiny fate.  

Clearly no one was sent directly and personally by GOD last 40 years to master teach how to UNIFY by decentralizing all authority and wealth use of EVOTE.ONE

Updated Dec 6, 2021 as we have already dispatched legally authorized YOU to manhunt down anyone who violates KEITHS rights has violated YOUR rights at all levels.  Dec 7, 2021.  The most profitable crimes against you=Humanity are 1. WMD Military machines you pay for by taxes and Banksters. 2. CyberAttack thefts of everything you own. 3. Underground Crime enterprises of Human Trafficing, Gambling, Guns, Drugs, Prostitution, Counter Feiting, baby sacrifices, other LUCIFER crimes against self-humanity.

  Keith is 100% victimized by ALL who violate GODs civil right laws of sent by my Father GOD through messianian most humble Keith Brent Duncan. July 13, 2013, cyberterrorist Norfolk VA 4:11cr Fed Judge Raymond Jackson issued Supreme Court Precedent Law RULE 968 2f E.D.VA 753 USGov Versus Keith Brent Duncan so a single DOJ official at any level can force medicate anyone in HELL JAIL indefinitely to experiment KILL victim of organized crime anyone. All to depopulate humans by claiming only THEY can decide fate reality of everyone else.

  This exceeds the damage caused by all other criminal terrorists who have descended from HELL past 5500 years as fallen angels all under command authority of most infamous LUCIFER who was allowed by GOD to prey on each of you.

Ms. Bashama at Kiki's Kottage at 1020 W. Wichenburg Way, Ste #4, Wickenburg Arizona Direct cell 928-814-1170, Kharma at 602-561-1808..  SHE and her criminal cabal +85 named DOJ officials in so many states MUST be put in prison +30 years, even Death ROW for her lifetime crimes against humanity of physically robbing over 30 victims starting back in 1995 era.

  The true world damage Ms. Bashama, Robert Dee ROSE and DUNCAN CLAN and murdered Brian Walker Deceased Dec 7, 2013 is always unforgiveable that will now cause massive worldwide PEACE PROTEST RALLIES to overthrow all violators of GODs laws and existing constitutional laws. Includes NULL and VOID elimination of any and all PRECEDENT laws including the Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Federal Judge terrorist Raymond Jackson signed into Supreme court LAW violating so many due process of laws, we lost count once and for-all.

  She can also be considered armed and dangerous as she will say ANYTHING to anyone to avoid being prosecuted for the outright theft of $40,000 USD from Keith Brent Duncan at 981 Laurel Springs Lane, Marietta Georgia per the filed Marietta Police Dept Report 1.11.2506 keith filed Feb 4, 2011. 


Subsequent crimes were Ms Tammy Faye Auston (AKA Ms Bashama) conspired with Cobb County/Marietta Police Officers of JC Bain, Wishon, CID Benneto, Henson and even District Attorney Patrick Head and Grady moore to order Keith into jail Feb 23, 2011 based on NO ONE showed up court that most fateful day for HER and ROBERT DEE ROSE, #1 most manhunted super cyber terrorist in USA history. She and named others conspired with so many judges and DAs we lost count. 


  The TPO Cobb County 11.1.1171 was criminally signed that day as Keith bonded out $5,000 the next day.  Paid $6,000 to Atty Berry Victor Reynolds as KEITH commanded everyone turn over Ms. Bashama and Robert DEE ROSE to FBI for now 10 very long years of most brutal hell of NO JUSTICE.


All other News Showcased below.  Above updated Dec 9, 2021


Today we personally file the most powerful profitable series of Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice lawsuits ever filed against thousands even millions of domestic and international terrorists, criminals, cyber criminals at all levels of our GOD focused  Includes massive required Medical Malpractice lawsuits against EACH witch USAGOV subcontractor Doctor who forced Keith to be drugged to be criminally insane incompetent and a registered vegetable to be murdered and cremated to prevent their death row convictions.

  So many Constitutional Laws and civil right violates along with almost all Due Process of laws have been violated against KEITH and YOU, I personally have request commanded massive PROTEST RALLIES be host held all over USA and all other nations to command all CRIMINALS at any level SURRENDER to our DOJ DOD special forces NOW. not later.

   Truly anyone contacting keith AND press AND top world leaders will be rewarded as members of by joining our massive collectively cooperative Board of Directors of our +77 engineered sub Incorporations.

  Cyber Terrorist Judge Raymond Jackson per Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 faces Death ROW for issuing Supreme Court Precedent Ruling Law USAGOV versus Keith Brent Duncan that clearly states page 3, paragraph 3 that Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 was cancelled voided July 15, 2011. Result is anyone can now be illegally detained (kidnapped) and forced to be dead and criminally insane incompetent at time of NON-VIOLATION by a single DOJ official murder for hire conspiracy with ROBERT DEE ROSE or any other sociopath terrorist. 

  PAST +10 years now for YOU my most beloved GODs 7.9 Billion Children to STAGE MASS PROTEST RALLIES to command criminals at any level TURN THEMSELVES IN or be MANHUNTED DOWN by Keiths new world peace making posse for immediate prosecution by WE GODs PEOPLE use of EVOTE.ONE once and forever.  Prime focus issue was always only enforces Due Process of LAW, Constitutional Laws, and human bill of rights since almost ALL of YOU are so blinded by self serving predatory greed (sin, vice, crimes) that you truly believe it is legal to violate the rights of anyone else.  Odd how KEITH is worlds first and last trillionaire who runs on Independent non-ticket GODs tribal council who decides YOUR reality and near term destiny fate as my FATHER GOD Creator has been asking me to abandon forsake Earthlings past 10 years. I have asked WHY, since their may be final HOPE that SOMEONE will actually DEBRIEF direct with Keith to determine WHY all these certified timeline events have destroyed GODs world because of hate, bigotry, racism, other WMD crimes against humanity including HERSAY, He Said, She Said, all to LUCIFER deceive each other your world will ever get better.....

  This broadcast on Nov 15, 2021 as we are GODs maker of evertying you use and experience our entire professional life.

   Includes most profitable severe Medical And Injury lawsuits value excess of $200 Million USD after I was brutually assaulted and FORCED DRUGS 3 times to prevent any RESCUE from MY USA GOV officials 3 times after I pleaded for now 10 years to PUT Keith inot Federal Witness Protect Program while ROSE is seized and executed death row. Includes severe tramau of being forced into solidary confinement after I personally contacted exact top GOV official to order my immediate freedom so I could personally GO BACK on National TV news media to describe fast path how to destroy all crime networks one finel tie by ACTION of YOU my most beloved 7.9 BILLION collective cooperative anti-all crime forces of SolutionLawEnforcement. Indicts Dr Valeria Blue? Dr Darvin Hege, MCC Dr ?, focus on cyber terrorist Dr. Jill VOILIN at BUTNER NC who false testified I was emotionally incapable of understanding I never VIOLATED any law. Includes each person who denied ALL my rights indict convicts each of them for violating YOUR rights to be free will GODs citizens.


All because WE alone enforce existing Constitutional Laws and City, State, Federal Laws known as due process of Law. Current USA GOVERNMENT versus Keith Brent Duncan Supreme Court Precedent Law ruling empowers a single Judge, DA, AG, literally anyone to command any accused person (includes victims) to be forcablie medicated to render them competent to face the false accussations of known and named criminals who clearly extort, bribe, and cyber crime attack OUR Government agencies and each of you every single second of GODs timelined days.

 #1 TOP PRIORITY was always to contact debrief Keith Duncans frontliners and overthrow any criminal network worldwide RIGHT NOW use of EVOTE.ONE was always the most powerful profitable PUBLIC Scandal of HOW faceless Corporate Executives have legallized embezzlement of our assets, work efforts, and common stock trading that only profits theose known as deep state, NWO, criminal ruling Elite who all have names and faces yet hide behind our very own integrity focused lawyers and accountants who all use LLP and Client-Attorney Priviledge to hide the true crimes against humanityh.

Below are most critical world broadcasted top showcased criminal Mug Shot gallery of the top domestic and international most ruthless terrorists to be citizens arrested, seize their assets, and turn them all over to local magistrate and DOD now under full authority of your community mayors and community elected home owner Association Presidents.  No one can ever deny your rights to protect our communities from criminals who all roam freely since you refuse to deal with WHO is EVIL and WHO are trustworthy starting with protecting the lives and commanding restitution of Keith Duncans life and billionaire valued Intellectual prooperty seen on + that is the required GODs paradigm Shift of living in safe protected communities and workspaces free of lunatic socipaths starting with super terrorist Robert DEE rose who personally owes KEITH DUNCAN entities $400 Million USD for cobb County GA TPO 11.1.7683 murder for hire conspiracies that were always YOUR responsibility to account for WHO tries to murder you.  Updated Sunday Oct 18, 2021 on GODs timeline.

I even personally filed again today GA Victims Compensation application case 22-05868.

Director Alsha Ford at 404-657-2222 was just asked to command FBI, GOV kemp protect Keith Duncans life  while ALL criminals tied to this ONE murder for hire conspiracies are arrested and sentenced by order of Gods due process of law original methods. Includes citizens arrest.

Since not a SINGLE person has ever enforced any existing GOD or Constitutional laws.

  Nov 7, 2021. Now Marietta PD Internal Affairs Major King has all the prime certified evidence ot put each of the Mareitta PD officers in Prison AND to direct contact FBI AG GBI GOV, PRESS PUBLIC same as each of you.

 Nov 9, 2021 valued excess of $500 Million USD real and punitive damages filed as LandMark Miscarriage of justice Class Action Lawsuit named: NGO versus USAGOV individual named defendants.

  Command Protest Rallies be held NOW of and Press Conferences HELD to command mass publicity finally put 85 to 125 named persons in PRISON and Death row for their personal crimes against #1 Inventor Scientist, Humanitarian Frontliner KeyNote Speaker Host Mediator.   We again call for Mass Protest rallies to citizens arrest every single person named below who false testified I was NEVER ROBBED, never persecuted, never denied my GOD gifted rights to be #1 top world leader forefounding father of

Four Largest pools of untapped worldwide criminal wealth were: Quote KBD.

1. Industrial Military War machines valued excess of $200 Trillion USD drain past 75 years.

2. Criminal pirated wealth from our Stock Markets and Banks by insider commodity day trading brokers who have legalized over $350 Trillion USD drain post 9/11 attacks.

3. Underground criminal terrorists who legalized CRIME PAYS $250 Trillion USD by foreign Investors, puppet government officials, gambling, drug, guns, human trafficing, counterfeiting, theft of Intellectual Property, and staging terrorist attacks against OUR infrastructure post WW2 and legalized embezzlement persecuting Keith+GOD

4. Most of you as you refuse to collectively coopertively share WHAT GOD has gifted each of you. Who is 100% guilty of greed?  Most of you..

 Top Super Criminals (yes even some are domestic international terrorists) will now be citizens arrested since our very own DOJ DOD Press, public, and all who have met Keith Brent Duncan have always seen WHO I always was sent BY GOD to unify mankind at one time.  Repeat of most obvious criminals are:

1. Robert Dee Rose, DOB 1-19710401-1 Integrity -99% death row. Bounty bond $200 Million USD dead or alive. Down at cyber attack with super criminal wife Amy Rose and 3 children: Gabrielle -age 17, Hunter -age 15, William -age 13.

2. Ms. Bashama 1-19610407?-1 -95%, at Bashama Bakery Wickenburg near Phoenix Arizona. bounty Bond $50,000.

3. Tom Haag age 38? cell 725-248-1260 , 4753 Mountain Valley Road, Las Vegas NV 89121. Bounty bond $1500 usd Fraud 1391333900 filed WU 800-448-1492 on Oct 20, 2021 after 5 WU transfers of $750.00

4. Douglas Vernon Duncan 1-19550117-1 -99%, 803 Greenwood circle, Cary, NC. cell 919-271-9050. Wake County NC TPO 21cv05689, July 2021 murder for hire conspiracies from 2009 to 2016 by his very own testimony.

5. Matthew Vernon Duncan 1-19870303-1 -75%. 5495 Papagallo Drive, Oceanside CA 92057. Cell 770-826-4632. Conspiracy to murder Keith by destruction of Keiths assets by kyle Duncan and ex-wife criminal Sherry Mingle Duncan.

6. Sherry Mingle Duncan 1-19581104-1 -80%. home 770-825-0500, cell 678-431-4002, 3219 Berkley Glen Way, Berkley lake, GA  Conspiracy to murder keith, theft by conversion, theft by extortion, theft by robbery, same as Robert Dee Rose, Ms. Bashama, Duncan clan, murdered brian walker.

7. Kyle Vernon Duncan 1-19910211-1 -60%. cell 770-655-5546. Guilty of same list of civil and felony crime violations.

8. Paige Lea Duncan Collins 1-19561117?-1 cell 208-812-8199. Mount Desert BarHarbor Maine 04660 PO Box48. Guilty of same felony theft by conversion of keiths 1930 Model A Ford now stored at Douglas vernon duncans property Oct 2017.

9. Atty Berry Victor Reynolds, GBI director and Keiths $6,000 USD attorney per cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 dismissed July 15, 2011 resulting in multilevel felony conspiracies to order Keith's murder by next TPO 11.1.7683 Aug 23, 2011. Sic VIC threatened to murder keith at his DA's office with 6 deputy sheriff witnesses, voicerecorded April 14, 2014

10. Atty Phoenix Harris, Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Conspiracy to Murder with Judge Jackson, AUSAG Dee Sterling, Dr. Jill Volin, and all others as always clear to see Keith Duncan always works fulltime for GOD and each of you = humanity his entire life. 

11. Others are clearly shown by their very own certified court document transcripts and reports that signed all claiming anything to deny YOUR rights to seize their stupid dumb ass JACK-ASS hides and put them all in PRISON and death row that encompasses every single criminal and terrorist who roam freely because of your apathy, greed, and abject poverty.

Each and every person who violated any of my rights have violated YOUR rights to hold them fully accountable for their crimes against humanity. Each of my Insurance Companies and banks have most actively claimed NO honoring of their legally binding contracts because Marietta PD Police Dept and Gwinnett County Police constantly close, seal, and destroy every crime report I have personally delivered over 20 times.

GO BOYCOTT BB&T WellsFargo, GenWorth Insurance, Chase Manhatten, literally ALL Banks and Stock Market Brokers by pulling your stock assets OUT of the market. Withdraw your cash from all your bank accounts and deposit into Keiths new world Bank called by investing in your own reality and destiny future.  Stop shopping at all malls including WalMarts and declare yourselfs liberated from the most oppressive criminals known collectively by you as Criminal Ruling Elite, NWO, Deep State. As each does have a name and automatic face recognition through Keiths FOIA.ONE IID.

    All our collective coopertive shared God Gifted solution published patents and broadcast How-To methods collectively communally show WHO are the worst criminals who want you DEAD by self-genocide.

   We CALL for Mass PROTEST RALLIES of now to command FBI AG POLICE actually SEIZE and fast path convict each of the persons who violated any law.

  Same as Sept 2011 when Keith was broadcasting your true reality of current lawless LUCIFER agenda One World Government, ONE world Religion when only a few control destiny of our fates known as Holy Cost.

   All evidence has been smuggled out of HELLJail 900 days, and then all evidence recovered at each Clerk of Court is showcased below to show Keith was 100% victim of everyone showcased.

 The top criminals always to be convicted have been: Robert Dee Rose + wife Amy, Ms. Bashama - Wendell Carray, Duncan clan of ex-wife Sherry Mingle Duncan, Matthew Vernon Duncan, Kyle Smith Duncan, terrorist serial murderer brother Douglas Vernon Duncan tied to infamous Eric Randolph Rodolf (

   Then atlanta Atty Alexander Cyclone Covery (cyber terrorist Atty SPY RING of, keiths $6,000 Atty Berry Victor Reynolds, Atty Jimmy Deal ($75,000), Canton GA atty Ross Grisham ($27,500 Nov 2011).

  Includes federal tort claims (real and punitive damages) and public broadcast scandal news media showcase against all Sally Q Yates of for signing 411cr112 Dec 13, 2011 based on cancelled 11.1.1171 dated July 15, 2011.      So easy to indict as co-conspirators all Marietta PD Officers tied to Robbery 1.11.2506, warrant 11W1555 below, each CID Policemen of Matt Pettepher + 3 Judges at Cherokee County GA based on non violation of ROSE vs Duncan Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683, each city/county/state/federal judges starting with Judge Douglas Miller and Judge Raymond Jackson Norfolk VA 4:11cr112, AUSAG Dee Sterling and public (puke) Defender Phoenix Harris, Dr. Jill Volin -UNCC witch-doctor, Each Cobb/Gwinnett/Forsyth/Cherokee/Fulton GA DOJ official, each DOJ official in Wake County Raleigh NC who had all evidence to convict above group and themselves of malfeasance and Obstruction of Justice. They each have aidied and abetted terrorists and criminals who persecute GODs people.

   The original criminal NON-VIOLATION of possession of firearm transport was legally shown as BOX 6 below.

 False charge violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(8) was used to say "USAGOV" (who are THEY?) to claim keith '??might??" be suffering from a mental disease or defect under Rule 12.2 Fed Rules of Criminal procedure and title 18 U.S.C. Sections 4241(a)(b) .

    Absolutely ALL of Keiths entire lifetime assets were criminally stolen (theft by conversion GA 

  Oct 9, 2021 Nothing we have delivered or showcased is ever soliciting. It is GIFT SHARING everything on how to liberate 7.9 Billion GODs children as Sovereign free will market barter exchange system of UNIocracy.

    Everyone benefits by acting with fearless authority to protect the rights of all others...

    No government, no mega Corporate Holding INC Executives like WalMart, AT&T, Google, FaceBook, WallStreet, Banksters, Offshore Bankster, Gambling, Human trafficers, drugs, guns, list is endless of Lucifers who run everything.

  No taxes, no walls between Gods people one final time. Keith 770-377-2106. I am member of and registered USA Press Association International Correspondant. Like Walter Conkite and MLM, Dr. MLM Jr. so many others like Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln,

    Who do you know to put us on national TV shows as required by all existing Constitutional laws of ?

  The landmark Case seen below of USA GOV versus Keith Duncan NorfolkVA4:11cr112 will now be switched as Versus USA GOV landmark Miscarraige of Justice Class Action lawsuit that null and voids all precedent laws including Roe vs Wade, Charles Sell, Harper, and other rulings that are truly violations of all basic Constitutional Laws, All common laws, all due process of GODs original laws.  No more appointed Judges, prosecutors, special counsel, and even Supreme court justices worldwide. Everyone at leadership level works for WE GODS people as highly paid consultant advisor project manager advisors. Nothing more, and clearly nothing less that total social justice equality for all of Gods 7.9 Billion children. 

  Protect KEITHS life right now by commanding Corporate Executives, DOD, DOJ, Press, churches, public find Keith so each of you can pass judgement on the worst criminal terrorists who roam freely because of all the reasons we have showcased our past 63 manyears of working directly for GOD and each of you.   

Updated Oct 6, 2021.  Simple CALL to Keith at 770-377-2106 and you and I go on National TV to discuss how to unify reform all of GODs children at one time use of town hall broadcast forums.

   The criminal perfected conspiracies by Sherry Duncan, Robert Dee Rose, Bashama, Douglas Vernon Duncan were 4 TPOs never shown in any court except Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99, 11.1.7683 each showing Rose and Bashama had defrauded Keith out of legally binding contacts original promissary notes value $150,000 due March 2008 Foysyth County GA judment 08SC-1345 value exceeds $750,000 signed Oct 2010, $40,000 due from Ms. Bashama Feb 1, 2011, IRS WBFeb2009,658 value exceeds $8Million USD through Vivian Hoard at, then $500,000,000 USD due back Jan 28, 2014 when I was dismissed dumped on street Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 848 days violation of 90 day Speedy trial violations by Judge Jackson and everyone else seen below.

   Each named +125 record # of real persons have already indicted and convicted themselves by their very own certified documents I smuggled out of HellJail and went back to Clerk of courts and Judges, Press, public to command Justice be finally served by use of GODs system of  

  Those who Contact Keith directly will be paid by bounty rewards on each head published by collective Class Action member victims of SAME criminals. Most are taxpayer paid DOJ officials at all levels including Atl.

This includes any DOD DOJ official or public to citizens arrest these domestic terrorists at any level today. Same as back in Sept 2011 when I had personally already gone fully public that I asked to be PROTECTED by you, all others + GOD.

  WHO do you know to actually BOOK us on national TV media to announce the end of all crime networks at one time.

Oct 9, 2021. This ONE arrest warrant Cobb County 11-W-1555 was criminally signed as Cobb County TPO 11-1-1171 Feb 22, 2021 by Judge Roberson showing Ms. Bashama, Wendell Carraway had robbed Keith of $40,000 USD Feb 4 MPD 1-11-2506 and used MY robbery report against Keith by forge altering showing Keith robbed his own home and kidnapped WHO?  and assaulted WHO?  Who were the live eyewitnesses at 10 am Feb 4, 2011. Only Keith had called 9-11 twice, JC Scott refused to investigate alone with everyone else past 10 years on WHY ROSE and Ms. Bashama + Duncan clan robbed and persecuted KEITH. 

Answer was always simple: THEY each violated Constitional Laws, U.S.C. Laws, Gods Commandments  by conspiring at all levels to have keith murdered while illegally detained those 6 times of 900 days to prevent anyone from seeing reality that LUCIFERS already run all of GODs worldly affairs.   WHO DO YOU KNOW to protect Keiths life and complete all aspects of GODs

Mass Citizens arrest of criminals by orders of collective cooperative victims who place bounty Bonds on heads of anyone who threatens their lives and assets is why GOD sent Keith Personally to complete all the engineered technology solutions to achieve total world equality social one final time.  

EV1-CobbCtyJudgeRobinson-Indictment-Feb2 valued excess of $500 MILLION USD for what one cyber terrorist Robert Dee ROSE die to keith back in 2008. This true paper chase conspiracy to murder Keith and steal his intellectual property, homes, and all his assets was successful only because no one actually enforces Constitutional laws, U.S.Codes, or enforces original due proecess of laws. Name the group, agency, law firm, Insurance Agency, DOJ DOD group who actually protects the ives or assets of anyone who is victimized by organized terorrist criminals with full focus on WHO is RObert ROSE, Ms. Bashama, Duncan Clan, and each person named below.

Marietta GA PD Report 1.11.2506 Keith filed Feb 4, 2011 was forged altered 5 times and used Feb 23, 2011 when criminally signed Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 was used to force Keith in Jail on $5,000 bond.
Dismissed July 15, 2011 by atty Berry Vic Reynolds, DA Patrick Head, Grady Moore, this one PD report shows Keith was robbed of $32,000 USD value assets and cash by Ms. Bashama and Wendel Carraway already wanted in NJ and other states for brutal robberies of their very own clients turned victims.

Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683 was criminally signed Aug 23, 2011 as the transcript we ordered turned over to USA Military, FBI, AG, POLICE, PRESS always showed ROSE was a cyber crime infiltrator from year 1995 forward. 
These two TPOs were used to claim Keith was a violator Aug 30, 2011 when we NEVER sent a single LINKED IN EMAIL inviting ROSE to join LINKED-IN and the same video never shown in court was claimed to VIOLATE same *7683 TPO. 
THis is the most public scandal reality true conspiracies of WHY no one ever protects the constitutional rights of anyone to turnover everything to everyone so JUSTICE will be ENFORCED by original legally binding contracts.
  Illegally detained (kidnapped) Oct 3, 2011 Las Vega, held criminally until Jan 28, 2014 when I returned to debrief FBI AG, PRESS PUBLIC, i was told my entire life fortune was sold off by murdered Brian Walker, by my very own WIFE sherry Duncan, sons Matthew + Kyle, and anyone who walked into my 3 alarm system homes to take anything. Lost was my $1.2 Million USD net value cash, my $50,000 computers, my 401ks, My files, my business patents valued excess of $500 Million usd, my contracts direct to AT&T and GSA, my entire world of ANTI-ALL crime systems I had already gifted and showcased to each of you worldwide. All tied to super terrorist Robert DEE Rose post 2005 year.


 The fully documented atrocities committed against Keith Duncan were the destruction of GODs only Peacemaking engineered technology system that was always common sense DUE PROCESS of LAWs.

  Oct 1, 2021,  At Newport News/Norfolk VA, Atty AUSAG Dee Sterling and Federal Judge Raymond Jackson today receive the most powerful Pbblic Scandal Landmark Miscarriage of Injustice class action lawsuit (ABOVE PDF) ever filed by a most humble Man of GOD.  COMMAND their each arrests based ONLY on their most reality CONFESSIONS on THEIR court certified transcripts.

   ALL evidence always POINTS at the criminals, and NEVER EVER can be used to PERSECUTE FORESAKE their victims.

Great reality example: A lawyer accuses a man on witness stand of murdering his grandmother Saturday Night 9 pm when he was drunk.  The accused is outraged. The liar lawyer then states: "SEE this man is a lunatic and can not even explain he is 100% guilty. Case CLOSED, accused is already convicted. " If he complains or says anything, MUST use Charles SELL 5150 court order to DRUG HIM to death. Case Closed forever.  Happened to KEITH 3 times.

  We now call for MASS PROTEST RALLIES and citizens ARRESTs of EACH person tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE, Duncan Clan, Ms. Bashama, and each of the linked attorneys, Police CID, DAs, Court Reporters, Dr Jill Volin and put them ALL in PRISON and deth row using GODs methods of perfected system that holds ANYONE accountable for their crimes aginsw humanity.

WHO will actually OFFER SAFE Haven PROTECTION from these named criminal terrorists by commanding our very own POLICE, FBI, NSA, INTERPOL, actually DO WHAT WE PAY THEM ALL TO DO,
1. Investigate and protect the victims.
2. Command DAs and JUDGEs sign the required court documents.
3. FOLLOW-up constantly to ensure no one seals, destroys,, forges any other evidence against our victims.
4. Ensure convictions occur in 3 to 10 day max speedy trial NEW replacement laws of

Keiths homes and all assets were criminally sold off by Duncan clan, and then murdered Brian Walker from 
Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014 as Keith had NO direct access to ANY honest law enforcement agency OR any honest LAWYER past 15 manyears of pure hell

this updated procreated Sept 23, 2011 with full scale FOCUS on


Robert Dee Rose is worlds most manhunted cyber super criminal terrorist, a true enemy of our states (WE GODs People) who roams freely claiming no one can testify against him for committing treason, murder, cyber infiltrating Corporate and Government databases using his clients very own internet CCTV, their direct connections to OUR information at all levels.

  The record $200 Million USD bounty on ROSEs head (dead or alive) is from his criminal assets he seized from Keith + his other +500 victim megaMillionaire clients focus on Retired UPS Executive Mike Briggs and Ron Onorato NorthPoint Reality Alpharetta GA.

  ROSE put bounty on my head called Temp Protective Orders with $50,000 BOND I was required to PAY to show I was 100% victim of Sherry Duncan, Douglas Duncan, Ms. Bashama, and victim of all of my very own $150,000 USD pre-paid +12 lawyers. The crimes committed against KEITH were committed against YOU, the will of GODs people now unifies each of you at all levels.

  The worst criminals hidden terrorists are thousands of ELITE of LUCIFERS dominion faced mortals who are PIRATE Bilkanaires and MilkAnnaires who pre-select our LawMaker Politicians to ensure they can never be identified and citizen arrested using Keiths open face recognition FOIA.ONE IID system so everyone now knows WHO is WHO, Who owns What, Who trades what with who. Our new world system is virtual and literal Crime free as only STUPID people would dare violate the righs of GOD, Keith, and yourself. single computer voting system is 8 new Constitutional Laws of that finally stabilizes humanity as peace keeping makers. Reverses all war machine Banksters once returns full control authority back to each of your communities. COMMAND everyone PROTECT right now and actually by Join and go forth by citizen arresting any violator and hauling them down to local Magistrate to stand immediate trial for violating your privacy.

Updated Oct 3, 2011 10 years after ROSE ordered our kidnappings so He and anyone else could steal convert YOUR new world society free of crime system delivered in person by Keith Brent Duncan, truly Gods son of all humanity servant, same as Jesus Christ. by GODS order only has one final outcome. Arrest, search and seizure of every single person tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Criminal multilevel Murder for Hire conspiracies. ALL to destroy Keiths GODs gifts to humanity to eliminate ALL crime network agent brokers worldwide all at ONE time. WHO DO YOU know to protect Keiths life and command recovery of all his Patents and life time assets NOW. We have already direct contact visited tens of thousands of named persons and documented everything about everyone to finally command demand be your new world crime free society. is worlds last single international federated Constitution composed of ONE eVOTE.ONE direct eDemocracy, ONE 11 GODs commandments, and ONE human GOD bill of rights to act with fearless confidence authority to protect the rights of everyone else before thinking of ones self interest benefits. is GODs simple method of seeing reality of cause and effect of any nano to GODs eye view issue, conflict, and even who causes WAR to profit the criminal first families. is GODs most unique simple steps for all workers, all share holders, all bank depositors, all investors to command WHO are the leaders dynamically real time. NO MORE political parties can be pre-selected by SAME criminal ruling elite who think they are the KING of all KINGS and act with utmost ruthless ego and arrogance false claiming only they can decision decide the fate of each of you by enslaving you because of your most abject ignorance, apathy, and issues of addictions of false idol worshipping of Sex, Drugs, Alcoholism, Gambling, human trafficing, theft, murder, rape, pillage, and all other criminal terorrist aspects of the original free will choide called the LUCIFER AGENDA.

  Contact KEITH personally right now by calling both +1 770-377-2106 and all existing Law Enforcement agencies AND all press and public so we can finally know who is WHO, WHO owns what, WHO TRADES what of FOIA.ONE worlds last single interlinked open public source unhackable database of human wisdom and knowledge.  This updated Sept 17, 2021.

  Right now the grim reaper is on your front doorstep asking WHO are YOU, and what have you done to GODs true savant sage visionary master professor of everything that benefirts everyone once and foreer.


  This was always the most true reality scandalous Profitable News Media event in USA/world history based on HOW cyber criminals and terrorists infiltrate OUR corporate and Gov Databases by simply buying the low level password and back door access. Based ONLY on the longest string of time lined criminal evidence, our very own FBI AG DOJ DOD will be under attack BY WE GODS people for refusing to accept simple turnover debriefings post Nov 4, 2007 when Robert Dee ROSE failed to recruit Keith as a cyber crime terrorist based on Keiths most extreme expertise of procreating perfected computer systems at all levels from year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC forward in all arenas of scientific engineer research development of top communications systems, our very own Internet infrastructure, huge percentage of the data communications database infrastructure of AT&T, IBM, Dupont, almost all major banking and stock market storage and trading systems from back end databases all the complete way to the front end interfaces.

  Most humble servant of mankind is Keith who is GODs paradigm Shift sage visionary master professor teacher of all our young adults assume ALL leadership responsibility worldwide at Corporate Executive levels, at all Government Leader levels as ONLY highly paid consultant project administrator consultants. 

  Example of Keith reporting direct WHO and WHY attacks Jan 5, 2021 Democratic Republican Convention headquarters direct to FBI. We have NEVER EVER gotten required call backs from anyone to focus on WHO are the worst terrorists inside our very own Law enforcement agencies. forces anyone to testify by showing ONLY the criminals evidence devoid of heresay and false testimony of insane criminals who claim immunity because they work for 'the government ' = who .... ARE same WE GODs people.

 Most clearly, everyone at FBI AG Police, named Judges will stand trial for denying Keiths rights to face each and every false accuser in the most profitable public scandal in USA even world history based only on the most extreme finanical, spiritual, educational, community damage done by each of them to PREVENT GODs simple system from being each of your new world share society.

   Robert Dee ROSE was always a cyber crime attack terrorist behind overthrow of Corporate Executives and GOV officials since 1995 per his confession testimony Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683.99 Aug 23, 2011 when NO one protected keiths life OR his mega trillions of USD intellectual Property and GOD gifted RIGHTS to overthrow all crime enterprises use of EVOTE.ONE at one time. WHO DO you KNOW to command all aspects of be completed one final time once is GODs new world stabilizing town hall forums each SUNDAY in every world village.

  #1 priority was always CALL KEITH and direct fund us $1,000 USD per day to complete

  Sept 10, 2021. Keith went BACK last time to Public Defenders Circuit Office to most formal request THEY direct contact debrief FBI AG PRESS since we are DEAD TIMED TIRED out of time to command each criminal show up in court or be citizen arrested by GODs system of and led by combined police and Military special investigators. This alone eliminates CIA, NSA, FBI, AG agency people who return to be small business owners like everyone else.

  Sept 8, 2021 real time GODs update through DUNCAN, wealthiest Intellectual Property author consultant of all time at International Headquarters +1 770-377-2106 recruiting each of you, +7.9 Billion Gods people strong.

   Each day, just like each of you, we have generated extreme hatred called wrath against criminals and terrorists who roam freely for all the common sense reasons that few actually enforce Constitutional Laws and Due Process of Common law to protect the rights and civil liberties that were clearly GODs original 11 commandments of  Any criminal who refuses to surrender to our current DOJ DOD (yes PRESS and Public, are hereby man hunted down by citizens arrest and turnover to any Judge for immediate passing for the crimes that commit by conspiring with others to cover up who are their long list of victims and return full 3x  restitution to their victims. 1% to trust foundation members, then balance to be used to build direct funded infrastructure in same communities where the criminal has operated unhindered because of all aspects of self serving greed known collectively as vice, sin, and crimes.  Keith remains in horrible physical health as a direct result of the longest list of certified civil and felony crimes in Atlanta, USA, even world history for the destruction of the most simple comprehensively complete GODs system to unify mankind once and forever. As GODs prophet, no one can ever deny your rights to fast path obtain social justice against anyone who violates your rights to be fee free will Sovereign citizens of Keith + Gods new replacement system of No more Government agencies, and NO MORE mega corporate Executive wealth. Each person now stands on their own self sustaining integrity and merit.

  Always was the #1 prime priority to put Keith on National TV and protect his most valuable life and intellectual property by asking Keith anything about everyone and WHY our mutual creator GOD pro-created each of us in the first place to solve our very own any issue. 

  Certainly the value benefits of the Landmark Class Action Miscarriage of Justice lawsuit shown below will be regarded as historical legacy heritage of how to take down ANY criminal network using GODs delivered systems of

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to actually PROTECT KEITHS life and accept the transfer of over $500 Million USD Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 criminal conspiracies that violated ALL constitutional laws and U.S.C.  Value of all other gifted technologies is legally turned over through that was and back in 2005 era.


Anyone can do this EXCEPT when procreated by GOD and KEITH makes international history of preventing all infiltration and changes to our data in any database of Law Enforcement, Banks, stock markets, literally any database as ID Theft is the root cause of weaponizing your private data to create more criminal enterprises. The historical Landmark Miscarriage of JUSTICE class action lawsuit seen below is valued over $500 Million USD restitution and you. FBI AG are considered deep state shadow crime investigators who will be shamed so bad they will be forced to openly testify on National TV what they personally have done to block any turnover of criminals and terrorists. The N.C.I.C. Databases and other law enforcement record keeping systems were infiltrated by these named persons as soon as the technology was created to enforce our existing Constitutional and U.S.C. statues of due process of law.

 KEY: There is no such thing as a truly “national” commercial criminal records search. NOW we have FOIA.ONE architected by KEITH.

  WHO do you know to CONTACT and PROTECT KEITHS life right now...  Updated Aug 16, 2021 by Keith Duncan.

  This is worlds last Stabilizing universal system of citizens arrest of ANY suspect, ANY criminal, ANY terrorist to prevent their crime sprees of murdering Gods people and transferring GODs wealth to the Criminal Ruling Elite. Most humble warrior fore founding CEO President Keith is 100% victim of each person who stands in KEITH, DOJ DOD Interpol public way of eliminating all criminal networks at one time. Duncan NGO Systems is inviting you to Contact/video with Keith now, and scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: World Sharing weekly event. Eliminates ALL Criminals.

Now includes use of our universal one to track down all criminals worldwide.

  All military now is under full command of Civilian authority of WE GODs people once and forever.

Time: Aug 22, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

  Every week on Sun, until is GOD + HUMANITY finished.

  Import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.



Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 726 8227 1006  Passcode: 7ZXz7z


Gods documents shown above put 125 named criminals in PRISON for violating Keith and your rights once same system was destroyed and converted to massive cyber crime attacks against our own DOD DOD Corporate Databases and OUR infrastructure fall of 2010.

  Most formal Request is everyone active local FBI POLICE to go arrest Ms. Bashama living Witchenberg is 10miles NWest of Phoenix per Kelly Sherrell local agent keiths friend. With $50,000 USD bounty on her head for her robbery of Keiths homes Feb 4, 2011 Marietta GA USA report Police 1.11.2506 used to create criminal TPO 11.1.1171 dismissed July 15, 2011 used to criminally kidnap Keith Oct 3, 2011, list of crimes is endless.

   Cobb County GA Temp Protective Order TPO 11.1.1171 was criminally signed by Judge, Cobb County DA Patrick Head, ADA Grady Moore after Ms. Bashama conspired with Officer WIshon, and other named Marietta PD CID officers Henson, Benditto, and Judge Fabier using KEITHS robbery report Marietta PD 11.1.2506 criminally forged altered claiming I kidnapped someone (Never stated) that I robbed my own home, and assaulted SOMEONE (never stated).  Line 6 clearly shows 100% legal to own, transport any firearm anywhere in USA.

  Dismissed cancelled July 15, 2011, these TWO documents are worth over $500 MILLION USD in real and punitive damages since ROBERT DEE ROSE bribed, extorted, threatened each of the 85 to 125 named defendents of the most profitable Class Action Landmark Miscarriage of Justice ever FILED by FBI, AG, any judge once Keith is finally debriefed.


Six times over period of 900 days I was criminally and illegally detained that will cause mass riots and protests against same criminals once these documents are seen by PRESS, FBI, AG, literally everyone.


Keith is clearly sent by GOD 1-19580815-1 and has  been told by almost everyone I have NO constitutional RIGHTS to command search and seizure of MY stolen $1.2 Million USD net world fortune, or to claim my $3.2 Million USD insurance policies be paid out year 2014, or that I must be left for dead by everyone involved so THEY can continue to cyber attack you, my most beloved 7,9 billion PEOPLE.

updated July 28, 2021 to protect MY rights and YOUR rights  to command arrests warrants be signed on each criminal tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 and the original CRIMES committed by Sherry Duncan, Douglas Duncan, then RObert Dee ROSE (huge named group), and co conspirator Ms. Bashama and Wendell Carraway.

WHO DO YOU KNOW to call KEITH and PROTECT his life and provide him the required safe haven PROTECTION we most formally requested direct through same Sally Q Yates Sept 14, 2011 and OSI Christopher Weber at Langley Airforce Base Sept 25, 2011 Sunday evening when we delivered GODs new world simple system that eliminates all criminals worldwide at one time  ONCE and Forever.   

Keith Duncan 770-377-2106.

July 28, 2021 Wake County Raleigh NC Courtroom 5a Judge Christinia Wycsyk just violated so many constitutional laws by refusing to issue TPO 21CVC5689 that clearly was Douglas Vernon Duncan 1-19540119-1 (negative 95% integrity rating of FOIA.ONE) sending keith 3 separate irrefutable shown irrevocable threat emails on 3 separate days in summer 2016 threatening to murder Keith in Raleigh or overseas in Manila, Philippines. Atty James Jackson con record transcript complained I legally sent DOUG series of text messages ordering him to surrender to Police, Judge, FBI, ATF, Press, You. Same as all other criminals.

Judge CW signed confession dismissal was 'NO evidence of unlawful conduct in this state. No credible evidence of unlawful conduct as defined by statute."

  Dougs attorney is James Kevin Jackson, office 919-234-7737, Bar 28595, who claimed on transcript I had done NOTHING WRONG by doing all criminal background investigations by turning over everything to Police, Judges, Press, Public past 15 manyears of procreating new world NO CRIME society of when you my people actually deal with criminal issues at local level and turn over criminals to our police and judges using only their confession evidence as documented by GPS cell phones.  Claim by Atty Jackson and Judge was I could not prove WHERE DOUG was located when he threatened to murder Keith. I objected since that was a claim of THEIR conspiracies led by ROSE and other criminals of NO jurisdiction and NO authority to put these criminals in hell PRISON and even death row where the public demands and commands use of and SolutionManifesto.  I will now procreate as worlds last single law enforcement world organization to share all criminal evidence and protect the rights of GODs people to ensure no criminal can ever criminally profiteer and roam freely after extorting and paying off same corrupt judges who violate existing statues of Due Process of LAW, and constitutional laws of KEITH + GOD.

Direct to PUBLIC, PRESS, DOJ, literally everyone. Clearly we (and you) are serial victims of all lawyers and judges who refuse to admit the most overwhelming evidence that Douglas Vernon Duncan, Sherry DUNCAN, ms. Bashama, ROBERT DEE ROSE all defrauded keith first, then selectively ROBBED our three homes in Atlanta, then filed 4 TPOs that were never represented in court except for famous Cobb County TPO 11.1.7683. #1 sherry duncan TPO indicts Doug, Paige, kyle, atty jimmy deal for libel slander and major obstructioin of Justice. #2 TPO 11.1.1171 Ms Bashama indict convicts her groups to death ros. #3 TPO was terrorist Rose. #4 Dougs TPO also puts him on death row by order of any judge or God + Keiths jury using one central voting system of historiocal legacy evote,one
  The most critical valuable Cancelled Cobb COUNTY TPO 11.1.1171 dated July 15, 2011 was subsequently destroyed years after showing it stated box 6 -100% legal to possess transport any firearm across any state in USA.  all these paper crimes are violations of old FOIA laws.  
  The damages to my and personal threats to my elite and assets have all been recorded to show FEW if ANYONE ever enforces due process of law.

WHO DO YOU Know to REPORT Atty Kevin Jackson and Judge Christinia Wkcsky for basic violation of BAR ETHICs, constitutional Laws, and statues too numerous to keep relisting and broadcasting.  Most humble Keith will be famous to end of time as the ONE person sent by GOD to redeem unify mankind with the same engineered legally binding systems I had published and personally delivered back in summer of 2011 when ALL hell was breaking loose when ROSE was most active cyber infiltrating both my two Atlanta homes, and doing everything to ISOLATE everyone AWAY from my file cabinets, FROM my 50 man years of research on my 10 computers, and going BACK to modify forge, delete, seal almost every single certified court documents by bribing the same judges, police, District Attorneys.

WHO DO YOU KNOW to overthrow these certified violators of Constitutional Laws and existing Statutes of law. 
WHERE DO I GO NOW?  Was just delivering same to local Raleigh News and Observer. and of course, Will show this SAME broadcast to everyone on  All legally binding in all dignity and respect for rights of my people now enforced by use of and single methods of peacemaking humanity.

July 24, 2021. Keith in Raleigh NCSU on mass publicity. Robert Dee Rose arrives in Las Vegas Aug 4-18, 2021 period to buy racehorse with Keiths $500,000 summary judgment Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345. Doug Duncan will be ordered inot Jail/prison on $100,000 Bond once Wake County Judge on July 28, 2021 Courtroom 5A sees what Doug personally did to order the illegal detainment of Keith 12CV1656 Doug criminally signed Feb 8, 2012 that was expired Feb 20, 2012 and dismissed March 2012 yet still was used by ATF William Banks illegally issued Grand Jury Indictment Dec 13, 2011 based on CANCELLED Cobb County TPO 1.1.1171 (july 15, 2011 conspiracy coverups) by USAG Sally Q Yates, then long list of DOJ Federal Judges of Douglas Miller and Norfolk VA Judge Jackson to claim I was never ROBBED by everyone and defrauded of I had already gifted to all mankind.  WHO will actually PROTECT KEITHS life now and command finally be hodl to ratify unify all of mankind at one time..  Keith still requires $100 USD per day until DOJ DOD actually DOES as GOD has commanded.  last VIDEOS BUILTBYKEITH #1178

Ms Bashama 201-893-4017. Wickenburg Arizona, NW of Phoenix Arizona by Kelly Sherrell on debt judgment of $130,000 usd. Bashama will also go +20 years prison maybe death row for stealing keiths $40,000 USD cash and assets Marietta PD 1.11.2506 police report keith filed Feb 4, 2011.  Is there anyone left who actually enforces LAWS, or is it only KEITH that solves all crimes and shows world how to do to same.

July 16, 2021. Below are the top criminal terrorists who all false testified and violated all Constitutional Laws claiming Keith was delusional incompetent (even used the words Criminally insane at time of NON violation Norfolk VA 4:11cr112) for being defrauded, robbed of everything including what world can see and ACT with full GODs authoirty.  Keith clearly has been recruiting visiting, contacting over ten thousand individuals past 15 years, and doing ALL required Police, IRS, FBI, AG, investigations already turned over to same DOJ DOD PRESS, literally everyone to showcase WHO must be Manhunted down by Public, search for Keiths and YOUR ass-sets, arrested, put on trial by any judge and Military tribunal (even Congressional investigation trials), and convicted ONLY by their very own extreme lifetime evidence of violating Keiths rights and each of your rights past 5500 years of slave NWO trading systems created by original LUCIFERS Egyptian Pharoah Kings who were showcased by Moses, another of Gods first Prophets.

Clearly was deployed by GOD to master educate mediate host and travel freely across GODs globe to complete all aspects of showcased by the common sense integrity media of GODs telecommunications arenas.

BBK20191109-SallyYates-RobertDeeRose.png value over $500 MILLION USD real dollars real and punitive damages since not a SINGLE person has ever protecgted keiths life or commanded return of his stolen fortune by same people below.

 July 13, 2021 I just filed 6 small claims with Gwinnett County Magistrate to command everyone CONTACT FBI AG and MY DOJ DOD teams to finally obtain full restitution of 3 to 10x the value of my original $1.2 Million USD criminally taken each time I was illegally detained and kidnapped. All on false pretenses when each person converted MY assets and anti-all crime technology to b e mega millionaires this entire period starting back in year 2005.

  WHO actually PROTECTS victims of Organized criminals and COMMANDs OUR GOV officials actually DEBRIEF keith directly

  WHO will actually HOST Mediate that was YOUR=OUR focus post World War TWO.

Aug 5, Thursday 2021 Keith finally meets with local DA to sign evidence of worlds most profitable Landmark Class Action Miscarriage of Justice ever filed showcasing 85 to 125 named criminals who attempted to murder keith by forced drug injections and oral ANTI-HAPPY drugs 3 times over those same 900 days of pure MOST PROFITABLE hell-jail keith documents each and every day past 50 years.

Ms. Bashama has $50,000 USD bounty on her head. At least 50 men she has physically defrauded and abused in extreme ways claiming her stolen criminal booty (yes her BOOTY) was a simple gift of kindness from those who trusted her con-artist games and big hats.

July 8, 2021. Tom Haag at 702-762-4976 life is in imminent danger peril as ROSE flys into Las Vegas this mid July to cash purchase a shortbread thoroughbred racehorse while enticing TOM with a signing bonus to return with him to his cyber empire where Tom will certainly be dead. Same as ROSE does to his +500 victim mega millionaire Clients of UPS Mike Briggs, Ron Onorato, and others seen on Master-Reconcilation.XLS and HWIGL.pdf that showed ROSE was a sociopath psychopath drug user sex pervert back in 2008 since I did interview everyone including Amy ROSE and all his staff and vendors for those 10 fateful weeks Nov 4, 2007-Jan 15, 2008 when ROSE threatened to murder me in my very own car.

    Reality is NO ONE enforces laws or even Patriot Act since ROSE paid off and threatened each of my own lawyers, Judges, Police CID, public defenders, witch Doctors (as in which DitchWitch Doctor violates all constitutional laws), includes terrorist lifetime Bully Sniper Doug Duncan, emotional lesbian exwife Sherry, two criminal prodigal sons, and career criminal Ms. Bashama and felony convicted husband Wendell Carraway). They EACH violated legally binding contracts, then robbed my homes of almost EVERYTHING GOD sent me to gift each of you personally. WHO DO I turnover everything to everyone? Clearly that one answer is YOU, each DOD DOD, Congress, World Leaders using GODS communication free turnover system of

I am indeed first and last world Trillionaire who gifts everything from GOD back to each greatest places of needs. NO one has ever legally claimed and shown I did absolutely anything wrong as I currently have $500 USD left to finally return to GODs heaven.

3-BBK20190318-DestroyCrimeNetworks.jpeg is GODs prime answer data engineered system to eliminate all crime networks at one time.

  WE DO REQUIRE everyone to SUPPORT KEITH and direct fund YOURSELF right now since we have only $800 USD left after speding our entire left over fortune on SAME exact focus of WORLD free of criminal networks...  

THE KEY DOC is the Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed July 15, 2011 proving to YOU, Press, FBI, Police, everyone this was the most horrible injustice of HOW Robert Dee ROSE alone has criminally blocked turnover of anything to KEITHS Dept of Social Justice who now deals with ALL investigations while protecting all victims of organized criminal networks and putting any criminla in PRISON and DEATH ROW using Keiths simplified Social JUSTICE total tort reform system. OUR DOJ DOD works ONLY for WE GODS people and can never again have internal criminal rogue agents who protect these most ruthless criminals and terrorists. 

   The SYSTEMS i have personally architect deployed REPLACE all known forms of remote compartmentized systems as SHARED collective redistribution of WHO is WHO, WHO owns what, WHO commits crimes against any of MY 7.9 Billion GODs children. I AM the #1 elder mentor valued over $2 TRILLION USD based on the Patents I filed and pending deploy of EVERYTHING GOD personally sent me to gift to each of you.  Intl Headquarters OFFICE 770-377-2106 online 24x7 after I returned from 6 years of SAME FOCUS total UNIOCRACY.ORG world that benefits everyone, no exceptions.

  July 1, 2021 WHEN will DUE process of Law actually be enforced by anyone.  When we remote called in on Dougs Wake County 21CVD1656 today, we most formally asked Dougs Atty Jackson to deliver DOUG directly to Local FBI AG headquarters with the documents Judge and Jackson hold in their hands. We asked everyone to call Keith directly back in Spring 2011 and his 3 prime original lawyers of Hal Parkerson 678-662-9480 $6500, Jimmy Deal 77-263-7200 $80,000, Atty Berry Victor Reynolds $6,000,( now GBI Director Atlanta) 404-244-2600.

  Each of these +85 persons have been directly linked to each and every court submitted document to terrorist ROBERT DEE ROSE, Ms Bashama/Wendell Carraway, Duncan Clan, Murdered Brian Walker by their very own criminally filed 4 TPOs used to illegally detain keith 6 times for 900 days. This is $3000/day = value $2.7 Million USD. I only testified #3 TPO 11.1.7683 transcript Aug 23, 2011 when ROSE confessed he had been stalking my own family and business enterprises from Jan 15, 2008 forward.  

  Is there ANYONE left in OUR DOJ DOD system who actually enforces ANY LAWS anywhere??

 Keith was always only the KEY lead Eyewitness Plaintiff and Broadcast Publisher of the most profitable Landmark Class Action Lawsuit Miscarriage of Justice valued excess of $500,000,000 = $500 Million USD real and punitive damages.

  Wake County Raleigh NC Courtroom 5A Magistrate Christine Walczyk rescheduled Next TPO trial for Wed July 28, 2021 9 am. ID 126760-0895. SURELY all of you can fill up any courtroom to hear first hand these crimes against humanity committed against each of you.


WHY does both FBI AG literally everyone DENY Keiths Constitutional RIGHTS to demand each person be put on trial including each of the magistrates, state/federal Judges, each Lawyer, police officer, DA, public defenders and his very own group of highly compensated +10 lawyers?  NO one can answer ANY of the legal issues we have shown are your reality.

 Each of the above key Court Documents puts +125 named persons in PRISON for basic Obstruction of Justice of the massive # of civil and criminal investigations I have personally completed and already turned over to POLICE, Lawyers, IRS, FBI, AG, Military, and PUBLIC PRESS each time a crime occurred I always FOLLOWED all aspects of GODs commandments and Constitutional Laws.

  WHAT has NEVER happened is MY USA GOV putting me into Federal Witness Protection while I DEBRIEF all of you on WHO casues mass poverty and the solution methods that GOD sent me to personally deliver.  Updated June 30, 2021.

This is GODs delivered PARADIGM SHIFT to identify all who VIOLATE GODs laws and exile imprison them all at one time.

  We have already been recruiting YOU (PUBLIC) and ALL Corporate Executives, ALL world law enforcement officials and lawmaker decision makers to JOIN and actually SUPPORT FUND these past 45 God focused ManYears.  The Lack of ANY Mass publicity is the REASON KEITH and YOU remain threaten impoverished. = TheFinalTerrorist = HostageForProfit is the most profitable Landmark Class Action Lawsuit Miscarriage of Justice Value over $500 Million USD, ever filed by any JUDGE, any officer of DOJ courts, Supreme Court, DOD, Congress in USA history based on 100% of irrefutable irrevocable evidence that Rose runs the most dangerous cyber terrorist group cell networks with and +25 shell shelf criminal enterprises originating in Georgia USA year 1995. +125 named criminals now go to DeathRow and Prison based only on each of their signed and forged documents that all show murder for hire conspiracies by diverting all investigators (you my GODs people) from dealing directly with enforcing Gods original Last Testament using of at all levels of society to ACT with Fearless Authority to destroy any Lucifer criminal by act of electronic voting to pass judgment on each other.

  WE have most formal requested both direct Funding Support and help by everyone Joining GODs and Duncan Angel Guardian trust foundation to achieve Peace Maker Crime free society everyone MUST use to be free Sovereign Citizens.

 Since everyone told me to GO direct to FBI AG Press Public + police each time these named criminals were stalking and stealing my assets and their evidence, WHY does the FBI AG Police and all others refuse to perform their sworn duties to investigate and convict each person based irrevocably and irrefutably based ONLY on the criminal evidence they each have signed and already testified starting back in 2005 when ROSE attempted to recruit blackmail his very own series of mega millionaire clients, his own employees, vendors, bankers, and literally everyone he sees as victims of his most extensive cyber crime terrorist networks who all have named faces and crime history?

  I went back to IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, and even USA Military so many times since this was always common sense of GOD to destroy each and every one of the LUCIFER criminal networks that are 100% focused on depopulating GODs world that is YOUR reality world.

  Keith is author of worlds last ANTI-ALL Crime systems that were targets of ONLY Robert DEE ROSE spring of 2008 Norcross GA.

  June 29, 2021 We return to Gwinnett County Clerk of Court + Magistrate to file first of series of historical reclaim by THEM contacting required PRESS + FBI AG and commanding simple debrief turnover of everything to PRESS and PUBLIC. Same as Sept 2011.

  The root crime issue is NO ONE ever does Followup or simply CALLS keith to see reality of HOW Criminals roam freely worldwide.

  Since everyone has DENIED any of the crimes occurred, Keith will now file most extensive civil and felony charges against the TOP named people seen below to command restore restitution of Keiths original $1.2 million USD estate and $3.2 Million Insurance that was paid up fully Oct 3, 2011. Includes filing 18U.S.C.1512 Conspiracies to Murder by interfering with turnover of criminal evidence TO POLICE, FBI, AG, DOD Military +  42U.S.C.1983 Civil action for deprivation of rights. Citizens ARREST validated for each of you.

   ROSE clearly paid off over 75% of these +125 named criminals to destroy ROSE crime history and to steal ALL of Keiths assets that were converted to more cyber crime terrorist attacks against you, GODs people. The Crimes Against Humanity are what cause 90% world mass poverty since our current Due Process of Law only protects the accused criminals and NEVER the VICTIMS who are murdered by ROSE and other terrorists to prevent full scale exposure of all world LUCIFER crime networks. WHY IS KEITH the ONLY mortal Soul who has showcased how to prevent all crimes at time of transaction occurrence with GODs methods of enforced integrity and legally binding contracts at all levels of society. Surely Keith is worlds first/last TRILLIONAIRE protected by GOD and each of your for rest of his life by TAKING ACTION and commanding all Law Enforcement agencies actually INVESTIGATE and CONVICT all who VIOLATE GODs laws and existing Constitutional Laws and local to federal and international human right laws.

   Call Keith right now and dispatch our Military, Police, FBI AG and Corporate Executives to protect Keith's testimony life and seize FULL value of excess $500 MILLION USD from each criminal seen below. is your true reality real time holocaust storyboard of how criminals at any level steal GODs and your assets and roam freely since same group controls the Corporate BY-Laws, buys off the GOV lawmaker decision makers, and claim they are the only Cult leaders who decide anything about our fate and destiny. 8000 years ago, Egyptian Parabola Pharaohs claimed they were GODs and engineered the ponzi pyramid schemes of Lucifer Deceptions of Chain of Command central Authority. ROSE is typical of ruthless ruthless criminal terrorists who prey on their victims with negative regard for anyones rights as they derive incredible thrills of joy of terrorizing their victims and everyone they meet who refuses to do as they con artist confidence command.

  Under Constitutional Law, anyone can citizens arrest anyone else by showing just cause and receiving the bounty on their head offered by collective victims and from our DOJ DOD criminal justice system. This one Criminally issued TPO puts Douglas Vernon Duncan, Cary NC and over 20 other names persons in prison for conspiracy to deny Keith his GOD gifted rights to showcase Updated June 10, 2021 as we recruit EVERYONE to join 

  Click DOUG_TPO-WakeCountyNC-Feb8-2012-Related Forged POA of Murdered Brian Walker Dec 7-2013.

Even today we asked Doug to surrender to Raleigh FBI AG and show all HIS evidence to convict himself.

 SEPT  2011. We called for Mass PROTEST Peace Rallies to command our very own FBI AG directors and PRESS actually protect Keiths Life as required by our own Constitutional laws and statues. Not only was it completely physically impossible for keith to violate Title 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(8) Possession of a firearm while under a DISMISSED TPO 11.1.1171 that stated 100% legal for keith to own, transport and possess any firearm ( this was a massive true reality most profitable conspiracy wheel of red-paper chase conspiracies to murder KEITH remotely using any ways and means of old manmade Lucifer precedent laws that have no bearing on WHAT KEITH has done for all humanity. WE are the #1 world leaders who showcase how to fastpath eliminated all criminals and terrorists at the very TOP of criminal society so mid and lowest levels criminals will be ordered to surrender themselves, confess their crime history of victims and pay back 10X restitution to their victims and commities through GOD delivered engineered technology solution methods.

  Almost ALL the criminals who did this crime sprees against Keith have been duly legally contacted and told to SHOW UP for court trial conducted BY our DOJ DOD judicial system.  Yet dead silence shows ROSE already criminally blocked keith and each of these same criminals by threatening their lives, their families, and their assets as THIS is what AntiChrist ROSE has done his entire life.


Most recent NEWLY discovered evidence is from Atl Fed Courthouse June 15, 2021 as KEITH's name is on 10 year old laminated guard list as NEVER permit Keith to testify anything about WHO are the worlds worst criminals at any level.

404-562-7842 N/A appears to NOT be Roemers direct number. WHY not? 

   Case 1:12-MJ 257  Judge Alan Baverman. criminally signed 2/22/2012 4:53pm. Clerk Traci C Campbell

Ties to Neil MacBride, US Attorney, signed by Assistant US Attorney Robert E Bradenham II.

18 U.S.C. 3142 (e)  Deny of BOND or release based on presumption of flight risk. Another crime.


President Amy Weil (404) 581-6077


Assistant Attorney General Mary C Roemer criminally signed Case 1:12-MJ 257 Feb 22, 2012 for Sally Quillian Yates who criminally signed Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Grand Jury Indictment Dec 13, 2011 based on NO VIOLATION could have occurred Sept 25, 2011. 

Exactly WHO will protect Keiths life and actually FORCE these named DOJ officers of KEITHS new COURT of JUSTICE into trial so that YOU GODS citizens will use eVOTE.ONE to decide who is guilty, who is innocent, and decide the restitution and fate of each person.  Will this be YOU, Gods people??  or WHO?? 

    Atty Tom Hawker $1,500 fee knew all about Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 dated July 15, 2011 showing ROSE has paid off each key person on false claims of what….   ROSE never signed anything other than the 3 original Promissory Notes due March 2008 of $109,800 plus Jimmy Deal attorney Fees of $60,000 Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 granted Oct 2010 2010 right when Ms Bashama stalked Keith at NorthPoint Community Christmas Dance.  Earlier, Keith demanded divorce from co-conspirator Sherry Mingle Duncan Oct 2009 based on her, Kyle Duncan forcing Keith into hell medical Charter Medical Hospital 7 days to be DRUGGED on forced medication to render me STUPID and incompetent to show WHO are the worlds worst criminals and terrorists.

   This is same week in Oct 2010  when Keith was signing non-commission contract with for and to be sold in all 2300 AT&T stores valued over $5 to $10 Million USD per month in profits. Keith had already established entire supply distribution chain form conception to end-user of all 7.2 billion of Gods People as the first to market inventor chief Executive of

 June 7, 2021 Protect Keiths life right now. Call headquarters +1 770.377.2106 

God asked me to tell all of you this. If I am murdered, imprisoned, or threatened a single time more by anyone, GODs wrate adn 7.9 billion people wrath will rain down on all of you. Everyone seized by Citizens arrest using GOD + Keiths methods, turned over to any DOJ law enforcement officials will be rewarded with the seized assets. 1st percentage goes to first respondant, then next payout goes to all confirmed victims. 1% goes to Balance goes to local community for

   I have no fear of anyone since GOD has been recalling back to heaven back in Oct 3, 2011 when an arrestee in Henderson County Las Vegas NV jail told me I was a sovereign citizen free to prosecute anyone based on only the criminals evidence so no Heresay could ever be used again to imprison, torture, murder, and rape/pillage/plunder any of my most beloved GODS people. The prime issue past +1000 years is Lucifers dominate with fear and intimidation using any means and ways to recruit other Lucifers.  Keiths deployed systems eliminates all crime networks once and forever using GODs technology of Evote.ONE that was always GODs commandments of The Last Testament

  June 3, 2021 Newly discovered final evidence I received while sitting in Court of the Brian Walker forged POA who also never went to TOP law enforcement anyone to command I be released same day.  EACH and EVERY DOCUMENT prooves I am serial victim of literally everyone who violates GODS laws. WHY am I only person enforcing all laws including Patriot Act.   Contact us now.

 The 12CV1656.pdf above is 100% slander libel false statements and serial viral attempts to have Keith murdered in HELL JAIL on basis that every single person had violated legally binding contracts, defrauded keith, robbed keith, and used total of 4 Historical TPOs to force him illegally detained that everyone knows is kidnapping Murder for Hire conspiracies at all levels known as Wheel of Conspiracies of Dead Silence = grim reaper.

    Each and every person who VIOLATES Keiths rights violates GOD and your rights since dawn of man,.

   I finally texted Doug Duncan at 919-2719050 commanding he turn himself in to FBI POLICE any Judge with his very own evidence. Same as rest of world who violate GODs laws and existing Constitutional laws, bill of rights, and even precedent laws. Doug filed criminally issued 12CVD1656 Feb 08 2012, subsequently dismissed by Judge March 28, 20912 as no grounds found for any violation or crime. I called Doug one time on or about Jan 2012 asking everyone to GO TO FBI PRESS, my very own Pastors and public to command I be released SAME day into Federal Protective Custody so my 45manyears of anti-all crime methods would now be your New World system delivered by GODs left hand man Keith.

   Same as Sherry Duncan TPO April 2009 when Doug, Paige, Kyle, Sherry claimed I had held them all accountable for stealing my $1.2 million USD net worth fortune. Same as ROSE, Ms Bashama, murdered Brian Walker, and everyone else who false testified since they all criminally profiteered claiming I had negative rights to show THEIR evidcne to put them in Prison and Death Row. Surely I am most humble sent by GOD.

  On June 2, 2021, Keith went back to Wake County Raleigh District Court at 9 am to testify witness without any legal required attorney counsel since 4 people, Mrs. Sherry Mingle Duncan, then ROSE, then Ms. Bashama, then DOUG DUNCAN filed criminally granted TPOs after mutually defrauding keith out of my GOD gifted assets, then physically robbing us, then claiming we violated their rights of privacy. 

   At 1pm, Dougs Attorney ?? Jackson  and other lady Atty all refused to mediate plea bargain out his terrorist Client, same as everyone else including the Lady Judge who claimed OUT OF TIME, must reschedule for July 3, 2021 so I clearly STATED:  " I go on transcript record as requesting DOUG and everyone else go direct to FBI agents to finally resolve the most massive conspiracy threats against both KEITH and all of humanity by hosting we perfected long long ago. Meeting ID # 1267600895 at 9 am Wed June 2, 2021 is Virtual Courtroom (yes, pioneered by KEITH DUNCAN 45 years ago). We ask JUDGE to put DOUG in JAIL on $10,000 BOND so keith has time to file the most profitable Civil and criminal charges against ALL 85 to 125 named criminals who false testified because THEY criminally profitted by denying KEITHS legal teams from showing ANY of the 250 documents that indict into PRISON and DEATH ROW only by THEIR evidence that was always irrefutable and irrevocable malfesance and violators of ALL GODs commandments, ALL constitutional Laws, and Almost all Man-made laws.


June 2 9 am: VIDEO #1168 I also left behind to protect MY rights and YOUR rights to eliminate all criminals at one time.

Most critical court tPo occurs right now real time. Doug is a terrorist responsible fully for my being illegally detained Two long years based on everything he and duncan clan* conspirator terrorist , ms Bashama , brian walker did to have keith remotely persecuted and threatened with assault and death by forced drug medication to render me competent to stand trial some future year for all the crimes committed against myself and you, Gods people at the ultimate sacrificial cost of WW5 that rages even today cyber scan hacks against Gods infrastructure. Surely judge will put me in front of federal judge and Fbi AG directors to talk directly with Biden and Press to mediate finally host to unify all mankind one final tine use of everything I was asked by God to deliver past 62.75 years. 7703772106 is state of freedom headquarters office so everyone now joins despite my impending poorest health death. I return to heaven soon. Since few if any honest persons have been found who actually enforce a gods commandments of any existing constitutional bill of rights of we Gods people. Kbd


   WHO DO YOU know to JOIN Angel Guardian Trust Foundation NGSystems and contribute the criminals assets to build the rest of UNIocracy since no one in world history has ever been SENT by GOD and lived to old age by commanding everyone use GODs 11 commandments of

 KEY issue has always been DUE PROCESS of LAW is violated by almost everyone once criminals attack their victims with heresay and OH, use precedent laws to deny all rights of others to command the true criminals be held 100% accountable without ability for them to con-artist plea bargain off of Death ROW and lifetime in prison. NO one ever commands criminals pay back 10 times restitution as GOD himself stated through his prophets, apostles, and disciples over the course of Human History first recorded by MOSES about how to fast path FREE GODS people. NOW Keiths systems exiles the criminals and uses old technology to 777 TRACK their every movement including OUR highly paid consultants formally known as GOV politician leaders and Corporate Executives whose only purpose in life is to LEAD, serve, and protect GODs people while taking last profits. NEVER again will ruthless C-Executives and Politicians make man-made laws that empower their own family dynasties of wealth and dominant power. Use of is GODs only solution method to reduce all crime to almost ZERO. ALways will a few people (mostly young to middle age men) pervert your rights to command justice and restitution, WebEx.exc  call to COURT is 

  The Criminal terrorist attack evidence Keith has personally investigated all levels was always turned over to each level of DOJ, his +10 lawyers, the PUBLIC, and delivered to our PRESS media including Keiths church leaders. ALL to command Keiths life be protectd wile rst of society uses WHAT GOD sent Duncan to deliver. This is how to identify the criminal networks that spread pandemic ally caused always by Predatory Greed, sin, vice, and crime cabels. 

RescueKeith was the 100% focus from summer 2012 forward when ONLY ROSE has full capacity to extort threaten murder any live key witness to prevent his own LIVE TV Public Execution that God + SaintKeith legally designed for him back in 2009 year.  

  WHY and HOW does FBI AG PRESS, literally EVERYONE adamantly deny these super Criminal Terrorists ROAM FREELY because our very own Financial Judicial Legal System only PROTECTS the rights of suspects=criminals and insiders, and NEVER EVER the rights of Keiths and +7.8 BILLION of GODs people who are slave traded, mass murdered, imprisoned, raped, and forced to be ant colonies.

  This we broadcast openly and updated May 21 2021 so will finally be YOUR new world Crime Free Society of One World Over and Under YOUR command and control at commUNITY level by use of all Keiths ordained engineered GODs systems. Even today, FBI call we made was more criminal BLOCK Hang-UP since ROSE alone infiltrated FBI DOJ CORP databases long long ago. ALL evidence shows ROSE is being criminally protected by top USA GOV officials who refuse to surrender any FOIA information to you.

On Aug 25, 2019, Transcript of May 2013 was uploaded on that shows criminal conspiracies of Judge R. Jackson, Dr. Jill Volin, and unlicensed Dr Sonal Patole, with AUSAG Dee Sterling and Puke Public Defender Phoenix Harris of Murder for Hire conspiracies financed ONLY by ROSE. They show in court of record transcript 146 pages long that KYLE and ex-wife Sherry Duncan conspired to claim Keith had no brain. Doug Duncan also never mentioned.  PAGE 9 I CLEARLY state TPO 11.1.1171 was cancelled July 15, 2011.  They did state Robert Dee ROSE owes Keith Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010. Keith even stated WHY AM I STILL HERE, Focus on ROSE and Ms Bashama and I walk free right now. We have repeatedly stated and showed Turn everything over to FBI PRESS and PUBLIC now. Same as today May 10, 2021 since no one has been found who actually enforces GOD or man laws. End final reformation system was always


DIRECT CALL and VISIT any and all FBI headquarters, AG offices, PRESS, literally EVERYONE to command TOP DOJ DOD PRESS, Procreate Corporate top Executives to personally contact #1 anti all crime expert in recent world legacy persistent history. Includes you, our most beloved GODs people to unify mankind once is your new world crime free society. Updated last May 1, 2021. Intl Headquarters 770-377-2106

   Call Kyle Duncan at 770-655-5546 ask him what DUNCAN clan and Murdered Brian Walker (Gwinnett County Dec 7, 2013) stole and their false testimony seen on multiple Court of Record transcripts we downloaded from Pacer.GOV and personally went back to scenes of crime to retrieve past 12 years. 

  Call criminal ex-wife Sherry Duncan at 678-431-4002 and everyone tied to ROSE and ask WHY they all refuse to go TO FBI AG PRESS, same as everyone else. Certainly they will claim NO KNOWLEDGE of anything and will go DEAD silent just like everyone else....

  Call Terrorist Alexander Cyclone Covey cell 678-596-6008 cyber criminal Attorney with ROSE cabal groups. 

  Call Terrorist Douglas Vernon Duncan, cell 919-271-9050, 919-460-0902 Cary NC and command he surrender to FBI.

  Call Terrorist Ms. Bashama (somewhere hiding in Michigan). Guilty of threats to murder Keith  Feb 23, 2011 by TPO 11.1.1171.99

  Call EVERYONE and command WHY FBI AG POLICE, JUDGEs, literally everyone  WHO is protecting these most ruthless criminals from standing trial for Massive interlinked conspiracies to MURDER Keith and steal 100% of all his lifetime assets.


  Call Melanie Covington, 706-202-2216 on Homeowners Policy 7771054305 value + $1.2 Million USD robberies.

  Call Keiths attorney Jimmy DEAL 770-263-7200 who is a cyber terrorist ROSE paid off year 2008.

  Call IRSWB Feb 2009, 658 Nora.Beardsley@IRS.GOV to command $8 MILLION USD payout of ROSE tax evasion conspiracies.

  Call Terrorist Attorney Clark Wilson(atlanta) who refused to contact Keith to complete $250 Million USD patents 2011-2014.

  Call Cyber Terrorist Atty Steve Dorvee 404.873.8680 Conspirator with ROSE.

+List is 85 to 125 criminals all tied to ROBERT DEE ROSE, a new Record based on Class Action Lawsuit Miscarriage of Justice valued over $500 MILLION USD real and punitive damages and PRESS Conferences. 

May 10, 2021, We just contacted Phoenix Harris Ayotte criminal Terrorist Office 571-527-5925 with: "Phoenix Harris is going to PRISON, even DEATH row for EV0-NorfolkVa4:11cr11.pdf  146 pages downloaded Pacer.GOV showing murder for hire conspiracies direct financed by from year 2007, even 1995 origination of Enemy against State WE GODS people of  Call us and pay back restitution for the billions of USD damages you personally did by REFUSING to show Exhibit 6 that WAS always Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 dismissed July 15, 2011. Surely 125 named persons go to PRISON on orders of and JAG tribunals. Many go Death ROW for destroying the worlds last technology solution methods to prevent almost all crimes at time of occurrence using EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE.  Sad reality you knew this all along." 


 WHY does FBI AG never investigate criminals who prey on their VICTIMS? Simple answer: They (FBI DOJ all others) are the root issue of NEVER contacting Victims to turnover all evidence so collective Victims are now fully protected by Keiths systems while USA GOV named Judges and related prosecutors actually CONVICT criminals in the first place.

  Anyone accusing another of a felony crime or violation is never required to submit proof or show up in COURT. Keiths new world system deals with all legal issues at the time of commission of any crime. FOIA.ONE now used to track all updated evidence as Write Once, Read Open Public database.  Contact #1 anti all crime expert researcher broadcaster Keith and PUT us on National TV today. Same as Sept 2011 when we hired TV production crews to film broadcast us to finally get top news Media to put us on Broadcast shows. is the most powerful solution prevention series of HOW humanity is 100% held accountable for removing any criminal at all levels starting with the TOP LUCIFERs known as BROKERS of the Stock Market, Banking, Real Estate, Gambling, Drugs, Human Trafficking, Counterfeiting, Sex Perverts, Lunatics, Shooters, and others who are truly the worst criminals of all time. 

  Everyone must CALL visit FBI offices and call FBI Press office (202)324-3691 and ask to direct contact FBI Director Chris Wray and all other PRESS and FBI directors to contact Keith as we have most formally requested AND DONE THIS past 10 years to force ROSE be seized.

  May 10, 2021. Douglas Vernon Duncan, Call him 919-271-9050 and order he surrender to local FBI. His address is 803 Greenwood Circle, Cary NC. Doug is also an international terrorist working with ROSE. He signed Wake Sheriff office TPO Temp Protective Order on or about Feb 15, 2012 while Keith was being criminally detained kidnapped on Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171 dated Feb 23, 2011 dismissed July 15, 2011. Dougs direct #s are 919-271-9050, 919-460-0902, wife Rhea 919-271-3289. Doug emailed he was sending his hunting club to kill Keith in Manila summer of 2016 after defrauding Keith of $25,000/annually of Duncan Tree Farm LLC year 2005 to 2011 when we forced Doug to buy back $110,000 stock that was exact amount Robert Dee Rose signed 3 promissory notes Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 granted Oct 2010 when Keith was cyber attacked by ROSE alone to deny Keith + $5million USD/monthly profits contract with AT&T President Rose robbed Keiths Norcross home Aug 4, 2010 Gwinnett County GA police report. Almost got Keiths most valuable computer systems containing and worlds last anti ALL CRIME gifted systems of and all keiths Patents, the list was perfected completed and sent out to humanity.

  Clearly ONLY ROSE had resources and motivation to HIRE DOUG and named others to MURDER Keith remotely. This is also WHY KEITH asked for DOJ USA protection while OUR DOD DOJ manhunted down these super lunatic criminal terrorists.

  As of May 10, 2021 not a SINGLE person has ever protected KEITH or YOUR rights to UNIFY mankind. Therefore Keith returns to heaven again since it is clear that humanity is bent on mass extinction caused by ROSE and other Criminal Ruling Elite.

  We have found NO ONE who ever enforces GODs or man-made laws. So easy for any criminal at any level to use their victim proceeds to extort, buy-off, threaten, or just bribe graft any DOD DOJ officer of the court to forge, seal, destroy any evidence.

  THEREFORE, is commanded to be LAST OPEN Public FORUM CONCLAVE to finally release all crime evidence to the public so victims can collectively identify any crime network and bring them to justice with Keiths perfected methods.

  Since it was impossible for Keith to do anything wrong based on ALL evidence points at super criminals hiding beind FBI AG, Police even Military databases and insider terrorists called Rogue agents, WE alone have investigated WHO commits intl and deomestic terrorism at all levels since that is WHY GOD procreated Keith Duncan to unify mankind at all levels starting with theFinalTerrorist as the ultimate deterrent to showcase WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, what is the full evidence of everyone dead or alive.

  Key is direct access by KEITH and his top executive scientist engineer experts TO all Corporate and Government databases world wide and was THE exact most formal request we made to Langley AFBase Sept 25, 2011 yet the hire a cop guards had no clue about anything we delivered to stop, prevent, and reverse any terrorist attacks against GODs people.

We asked direct face to face with FBI Charlotte Director Robert Wells on Thursday, April 29, 2021 and Hotline idiot hung up on us.

  WE GODs PEOPLE have always COMMANDED DOJ FBI AG protect Keith and our nations people from these most ruthless terrorists.

  Keith is clearly victimized and impoverished by SuperTerrorist ROSE and those ROSE threatened and paid off to murder him remotely.

 April 30, 2021 New evidence found today shows Duncan Clan is part of Murder for Hire Conspiracies based ONLY on the Nofolk VA 4:11cr112 Court Transcript of May 28, 2013 updated by criminal May 28, 2019. 146 pages of criminal testimony by everyone in the court room indicts them to PRISON for violation of every single RIGHT of Keith (and YOU) to turn over criminals to FBI and AG.

 This prime document is EV0-Conspiracy-NorfolkVA411cr112.pdf seen below. Puts Sherry and KYLE DUNCAN in prison as we contacted them again today, SAME as the thousands we have contacted each time a crime occurred. FBI AG agents MUST be INVESTIGATED by special Prosecutors and Congressional SPECIAL session while protecting KEITHS life as required by all existing Constitutional Laws.

 ROBERT DEE ROSE is 100% the most dangerous terrorist of all time since he personally ROBBED keith (and you), defrauded, and block all turnovers of everything to YOU, my most beloved 7.8 billion people.  ONLY by CONTACTING KEITH and escorting us to HOST press conference CONCLAVES of will humanity actually prevent and reverse the current world depopulation of WW5.

Condemning evidence each person tied to Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 was murder for hire conspiracies to PREVENT our FBI AG Congress from investigating, Court seizure arrests, + death row convictions of ALL evidence Keiths legal teams have turned over each time a crime was committed to STEAL destroy keiths free world GOD delivered Systems. Now resurrected for last time May 1, 2021. 
WHO was Keith Duncan was always the most critical question.   Here is the most powerful SUMMARY of all time: What happened to myself = KEITH is unforgivable. More of our rights have been violated that anyone else in recent history. NO one has ever protected our life, filed ANY documents, GONE to PRESS, FBI, public, anywhere to COMMAND Keith be put on National TV to testify exactly HOW so many criminal terrorists roam freely based on simply terrorist threats and payoffs to OUR Judicial authorities at any and all levels. These are the SECRET organizations called DOD DOJ, Gov Officials, Corporate Board Executives who criminally embezzle GODs assets on claims only THEY have decision making authority to decide who lives, who dies, who are slave traded against the will of GOD and our fellow community souls. WORST crimes were these lunatic incompetent Judges, Lawyers, Police, Duncan Clan, literally each person who claimed I had NO capacity to put each of THEM in PRISON and Death ROW based ONLY on THEIR false testimony used to PREVENT their crime sprees from being PUBLISHED to each of you.
  As of May 4, 2021, we are BEYOND outraged that humanity is bent on self-destructive cyber genocide based on reality of WHY GOD sent KEITH to unify reform our entire environmentally insane people to actually LOVE and CArE for each other.  I will indeed return to heaven soon since NO ONE has the courage to simply CALL Keith and ask anything.
Robert Dee ROSE (wife Amy) hiding now in Virgin Islands after abandoning their cyber terrorist center of is now #1 most man hunted terrorist criminal network of all time. Keith has been almost murdered many times by named USA GOV officials based only on THEIR signatures tied to Marietta PD 1.11.2506 Feb 4, 2011 reverse forged TPO 11.1.1171.99 Feb 23, 2011 cancelled July 15, 2011 by terrorist lawyer Berry Vic Reynolds.
  Key persons INSIDE FBI AG have been criminally blocking any and ALL turnovers of everything once ROSE and others infiltrated OUR law enforcement databases. Happened 50th time today when we CALLED Charlotte FBI Office direct at 704-672-6100, 2,1,1,9 and asked for Director Robert Wells to debrief us NOW. same as back in Nov 2010 Atlanta, same as Oct 5, 2018 FBI CID agent Lynn. All because ROSE + other lunatics roam freely as identified Intl Domestic terrorists who are focused ONLY on depopulating our people so they control their stolen pirated assets stolen directly from KEITH.
 BEST and only SOLUTION is mass calling PRESS, PUBLIC, DOJ, DOD command Keith be escorted to safe haven.
  JUDGE Raymond Jackson and everyone else used Supreme Court Ruling Charles SELL vs USA GOV as a criminal excuse precedent to murder KEITH DUNCAN by forced drug injections based on reality KEITH was ROBBED of everything.
  TPO 11.1.7683 Cobb County GA transcript shows ROSE confessed to being international terrorist stalking Keith starting back Jan 14, 2008 per IRSWBFeb2009,658 and Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 granted Oct 2010 worth excess of $500,000 USD and $500 Million USD Real and Punitive damages of GA Statue 43-1983.  Updated April 29, 2021 as Keith is in Charlotte NC filing everything and broadcasting how prevents ALL criminals from roaming freely once and forever. Never been done before since current crime systems only protect criminals, never victims. SolutionGunControl.US deals with basic fastpath convictions of all who violate basic human rights and common law of using once and forever = GODs end of eternity.
 ROSE is 100% Guilty of thousands of crimes and prevents all investigations by murdering key live eyewitnesses and threatening paying off our own DOJ city, state, federal judges, Police DAs, and anyone who sees WHO are his thousands of victims. Implicated are GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds, Alexander Cyclone Covey, Cobb County DA Patrick Head, Grady Moore, each state/federal Judge, over 125 persons tied to ROSE by only their own certified court submitted evidence including all research completed by Keith's anticrime teams.
  Keith most formally requested USA GOV protect at ALL levels before ROSE succeeded in ordering kidnappings of SaintKeith 5 times over 900 days of pure hell-jail based on ALL evidence and anti all crime systems always pointed at ROSE and all others who violate basic civil and criminal rights to protect our innocent victims of serial lunatics.
   Contact Keith Duncan and command our DOJ DOD Press, and Corporate Executives PROTECT our lives while hosting required Press Conferences to command be finally hosted by Keith as #1 mediator of all time. 
  Keith at 770-377-2106 in Asheville NC as of April 20, 2021.  Now in Charlotte NC April 21-24, 2021 heading to finally FILE all required turnover criminal terrorist evidence to COMMAND our very own DOD DOJ take over and seize all assets using Keiths new Dept of Social Justice simple systems. 
     Crowd Fund us today and CONTACT top PRESS, DOJ DOD, public, literally everyone.

We have NO fear of ANYONE. All DOJ DOD work for GODS people, not Gov officials or behind scenes Neo NWO Corp Executives. solved 

Read + believe how cyber embezzlement is the #1 world crimes past 120 years. to DOJ, DOD + World Presidents + YOU.

BBK20150702-Creator-Observer-BroadcastUNIocracyUSMIL-257HeadShot.JPG 2015-8-6-3:
BBK20150810-SolutionURL-UNITYurl-famousCard.JPG 2015-8-20-19:5:31
BBK20140428RestoreZION.jpg 2015-4-22-18:26:21

Keith Duncan has Diplomatic Sovereign Immunity from all Prosecution / Persecution. ROSE is #1 most manhunted terrorist in USA/World history for the extreme trillions of USD damage he caused by robbing/stalking Keith 2008 forward.

 Protect Keiths most valuable life and command recovery of his assets. Contact everyone + Keith at +1 725-200-7683 is the ONLY ordained divined education system to UNIFY our entire human race forever Orders of WE the People. 

 Last update April 9, 2021. We are crowdfunding to emergency return to Atlanta GA now. Requires only $200 USD now.

1. Testify Turnover everything on everyone TO/WITH FBI AG in Atlanta and simple TURNOVER over of everything regarding ROBERT DEE ROSE, clearly enemy of STATE for infiltrating well over 300 Mega Millionaire Corporate Executive homes starting with UPS executive Mike Briggs of Cumming GA and Atty ALexander Cyclone Covey of

2. Host Press CONFERENCES with WORLD presidents and World Corporate Executives fully focused on NEW WORLD REALITY of that replaces all known forms of GOVERNMENTS and MEGA CORPORATE BY-LAWs so WE GODS people now control and manage all aspects of OUR local communities while redistributing over $400 TRILLION USD of Criminal assets to third and fourth world nations who have been impoverished BECAUSE of the NWO criminal ruling elite the past 500 years starting back in Martin Luther era 1493 caused by violators of HUMAN RIGHTS in the Roman Catholic Church system. 


 Keiths DIRECT CELL is now +1 770-377-2506   +   725-200-7683. Conclave final May 1, 2021


Reality is KEITH has been most serverely PERSECUTED, ROBBED, Defrauded, and almost murdered over his own assets and being destroyed by criminals past 15 years. Not a SINGLE person has confessed to any crimes against humanity committed to force Keith away from Testify Witnesses why GOD pro-created all of us in the first place. The world saving broadcasts PUBLIC = GODs people can see are 100% how to UNIFY mankind by WE the PEOPLE destroying all crime enterprises at one time.

  As of April 20, 2021 we have directly CONTACTED absolutely ALL law enforcement, Presidents, Congress, PRESS thousands of times. Most often we get dead silence from everyone who claim JUST WAIT, someone else will finally see reality and file the required subpoenas, court orders, arrest warrants, search and seizure orders and actually 

ENFORCE existing laws at all levels.  Keith has single hand perfected and has commanded OUR DOD DOJ, Press, literally all humanity USE his ordained divined systems to transfer GODs pirated wealth back to the greatest places of all needs.  Surely MY People will respond and escort us to SAFE HAVEN to testify and TURNOVER over everything to EVERYONE at one time. 

  USA GOV at named levels owe keith PERSONAL apologies, Press Conferences and to confess their murder for hire conspiracies to force keith into HELL jail 900 days over 6 periods based on REALITY of who defrauded KEITH and robbed his homes, then filed criminally granted TPOs to convince these most stupid DOJ judges lawyers, and others that Keith must have done WHAT?   enforced all of GODs laws and ALL existing laws.

  CALL us today.  RIGHT now we are driving back to ASHEVILLE NC to establish International Headquarters of and fully expect EVERYONE to support and crowdfund us by CALLING us right now.

REALITY is Robert Dee ROSE ordered the illegal detainment (Kidnapping) of KEITH by Cobb County Police, then Cherokee County Police after Rose robbed my 2 homes of HIS evidence and over $400 Million USD valued Intellectual Property back in 2008 to Oct 3, 2011 then took everything through murdered Brian Walker from Jan 2012 until I was accidently released from HELL based on ALL evidence points at named persons below. Each person shown below are part of their own crime network conspiracies to prevent DOJ DOD Press and YOU my people from believing WHO Keith always was - True Man of GOD sent to redeem unify mankind through his simplified Common sense use of OLD technology and GODs original commandments seen at

 ALL to prevent and reverse all world mass poverty by use of EVOTE.ONE

We just called DA Gwinnett even today April 1, 2021. same as the 500 direct calls to Lawyers, DOJ, DOD, Press, Congressmen, WhiteHouse, literally every single day we ask for YOUR HELP to take down the worst criminals in world history using keiths ordained systems.

  KEITH's and YOUR Constitutional Rights of Due Process have been most cruelly denied and persecuted 13 years now to DENY ROSE exists or that KEITH is #1 Civil Rights Mediator procreator  of total Tort Economic Reform Author Activist Peace Maker system that eliminates all crime networks using old technology common sense 1976 forward. 

  We arrived USA LAX Jan 12, 2021, then Atl March 15 2021 to meet GODS people with community and world Rally PeaceMaking Conclaves with our Press and thousands of Protectors of our liberty Sovereign Ambassador freedom

    Keith Duncan was always your fore founding father author of PEACE-Maker Mediator is All Reality of CyberCrime Terrorist attacks.

$$ Everyone focus on the Criminals pirated assets and why Keith went direct to DOD Sept 2011 asking for safe haven protection and ONE investigator to hand over everything to OUR Law enforcement agencies and THEY host press conferences so I can fill stadiums full of people as #1 Civil Rights Forefounding Keynote Speaker of all time


    CLICK NOW: to see, believe, and ACT with authority.


$200 Million USD bounty on Robert Dee Rose (dead or alive) as he faces Death ROW Sept 25, 2011 forward.  Best sniper of all time is son Matthew Duncan +1 770-826-4632 Military Tribunals have always been best way to put terrorists to death.

 Keith was even stranded DisneyLand Anaheim for immediate anyone to escort to testify.

  We are empowered by GOD, You, and all laws to mediate TESTIFY with all world Presidents, PRESS, Public, and focus on meeting with all top Corporate Executives to finally identify WHO is WHO, Who owns what, and how to fast path transfer trillions of USD to places of greatest needs from our #1 expertise 44 years ago.
 Every single Corporate Executive, DOJ, Gov agent, Military DOD work for WE Gods people FIRST, and get paid for finding criminals using keiths simple systems show worldwide by Media press and YOU, my most beloved people using ONE International ID system of we pioneered year 1976 NCSU Raleigh NC USA.
   Feb 6, 2021. historical legacy day Just met Intl GOOGLE development manager white beard 64yold grad of Duke University NC in Anaheim Mex Restaurant who lives NEXT to Larry PAGE for FOIA.ONE to be GOOGLE world famous deployment of worlds last super do it all open public database. Surely USA GOV will rush to find me now at cell 725-200-7683 as THEY work for ALL OF US the voters, taxpayers, and SPENDENDER of all time members. On Target right now. Duncan. The most powerful self-evident Reform Unification Revolution DATABASE is here to Free our People of all crime networks.  Freedom Open Information Action = #1 World Database New Society all Driven by ACTION of you our most beloved peace keeping people. Our NEW society is driven by EVOTE.ONE
 This is reality of how easy any cyber criminal can infiltrate OUR=MY Government law enforcement databases and recruit a few rogue insiders to criminally BLOCK simple turnover of VICTIMS submitted certified documents. This happens to millions of our people monthly since FBI AG Police systems are set up as secret investigation agencies who never show who are the investigators, they never show Case #s, progress reports, or share any evidence with coordinating agencies starting with INTERPOL in Lyons France. Keith asked for direct safe haven protection Sept 2011, direct access to USA Gov and Corporation Databases fall of 2011 and has NEVER been represented by any PERSON or group. Name the GROUP or person who protects ANYONE. CALL them NOW and ask them to emergency CONTACT Duncan.
   Since no investigators have been found to complete seizures of +125 named persons tied to ROSE from 1995 forward, We recruit everyone to JOIN to procreate worlds last free world market system that is inherently CRIME free with NO secrets.  Click: Criminal Bounties 100% legally authorized
AG  Sally Q Yates at +1 (404) 572-2723  has been contacted Sept 2011 to present day to SEIZE ROSE since she accidently implicated herself by criminally signing Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Dec 13, 2011 based on Cancelled Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 date July 15, 2011. Call Trump/Biden DOJ-FBI DOD now and emergency command Keith be protected.  +12 of Keiths lawyers go to PRISON past 10 years for criminally blocking all turnovers.


Aiding and abetting any super criminal terrorist is legal grounds for SAME death row convictions.

EVB4-2014-FEB-21-EntrapmentTPO-11.9.2591 was 

   Updated Feb 15 2021.  MOST CRITICAL Formal Request: CALL Keith 725-200-7683 anyone who sees reality and provide ebook on emergency return to Atlanta to HOST multiple Federa Court Trials with our Key Class Action Plaintiff groups from 2008, then host most powerful Press Conferences to achieve one final time. Keith is #1 most powerful human rights anti all crime key note speaker activist of all time based on everything we have procreated to change course of OUR human history. We have spared no expense or risk to achieve legacy heritage using GODS methods of most historical new world covenant   Kbd

    I just called and spoke with Alexander Cyclone Covey first time. He is okay and NOT in criminal conspiracy with ROSE.  I asked him also VISIT Sally Q Yates and find me TOP LAWYERS to refine over 10 patents all valued over $4 billion usd conservative estimate.  

   ROSE owes Covey tens of thousands of USD from Dec 2007 when I first met Cyclone. ROSE is using his Duluth GA Sugarloaf Country Club home to CYBER attack all of client law firms. I saw this in person when I met him in his basement summer 2011.  Surely ROSE watched remotely over his CCTV system and was shocked I was always going BACK to his top victims to be Class action Lawsuit Plantiffs to put ROSE on Death Row by Military Tribunal.  WHO is protecting ROSE inside FBI AG and other agencies. That is the easiest answer of all. PUT keith on our databases and I will quickly show our data analysts how to cross reference connect ANY criminal network.

  THAT is why I went to Airforce Intelligence Sept 25, 2011 and have always shown WHY I am indeed #1 top anti all crime technologist of all time.   Call Keith NOW at 725-200-7683 and order LOCAL FBI top investigators at Lewis road cross over I-22 to find me RIGHT now.  Per Michael C lawyer I just met getting Homeless meals nearby.  No need to read all below. JUST CALL me and get us back to Atlanta jurisdiction by Amtrak, private chartered Jet, Corporate Jet Ride along as I showed on

  keith duncan.  

  ROBERT DEE ROSE, theFinalTerrrorist (.com) tried to assassinate keith brent Duncan many many times by robbing our Marietta GA HOME Feb 4, 2011, and Gwinnett R&D home ANTI-ALL CRIME system in Norcross GA Aug 4, 2010. All to PREVENT FOIA.ONE EVOTE.ONE from becoming YOUR new world Standard that is CRIME FREE. What will all the police and military do when NO JUDGES or Officers of OUR courts have NOTHING to do. They become ONE united world criminal investigative open source force under total control of the VICTIMS of organized crime using EVOTE.ONE NO ONE PROTECTS DUNCAN who is YOUR new world leader that deals with 100% of all GREED and crime issues world wide. WHO will call keith right now 63-917-355-4300 and VIDEO see YoutUbe.COM/uniocracy and get PAID $100 MILLION USD for finding and seizing ROBERT DEE ROSE at and be INTL hero for doing what NO ONE ELSE has done. SIMPLE CITIZENS ARREST that sends shock waves to all crime networks..

  Live KeyWitness Keith DUNCAN as most formally requested, even COMMAND DEMANDED USA GOV at any level protect keiths life for now 12 very long years of pure hell. ONE Investigator is the ONLY prime original pre requirement to enlist my 7.8 BILLION PEOPLE to use our GOD gifted solution methods.

  This updated Oct 25, 2020 at Dusit Thani Hotel Makati at EDSA at 4:00 pm

Our key sources show ROSE is being protected by criminal rogue USA gov agents. ROSE owes Keith over $450,000 USD Summary Judgment Forsyth County USA 08SC-1345. IRSWBfeb2009, 658 is worth over $8 Million USD in bounty rewards from IRS. USA GOV owes keith over $500 Million USD and rising + personal Press DOJ DOD conferences, debrief with Congress + TRUMP,  and Military protection this entire time since Nov 2010 when KEITH debriefed everyone in Atlanta IRS, FBI, AG, USmarshal and NEVER heard back from ANY Investigator even TODAY Sept 29, 2020. Crimes have been committed against Keith that are not even on the law books yet. Prevented and use of EVOTE.ONE stops all criminal networks with once and forever.

    Robert Dee ROSE is a serial murderer, super Cyber Criminal terrorist who infiltrated USA and Corporate Databases back in 1995 era. He prevents any investigations by murdering his victim clients since he has full scale access to Phone Companies, banks, Stock markets, and corporate databases as well as direct connections to his +500 Mega Millionaire client homes, law offices and corporate databases including UPS (united parcel service Executive Mike Briggs of Cumming GA 2005. He is clearly protected by GA GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds, Keiths own lawyer of Cobb COUNTY TPO 11.1.1171 11.1.7683 based on major multiple robberies of Keith homes and (true) billions of USD valued Intellectual Property Aug 4, 2010, then Feb 4, 2011 Marietta 4 time forged Police Report 1.11.2506 used criminally to stalk KEITH by hiring Police and others to rob my homes. Sally Q Yates (see email above) was also called + emailed TODAY Sept 28, 2020. I called FBI for 50th time, and went to USA Embassy today to command I be protected by investigators and a federal JUDGE. OR any of the as I most formally requested Sept 25, 2011 midnight Langley AirForce Base. I remain shocked I am still alive. My FatherGOD and a few protect my rights to witness testify mediate to All World Presidents and Corporate Executives + PRESS + Humanity to show exactly how to eliminate all Crime Pandemic networks and diseases one final time.

   WHO calls KEITH right now? Since I was sent by GOD, no one can ever deny YOUR rights to be free will crime free citizens who SHARE everything with use of EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE. Please do the URL links and watch

   THIS is the worlds First and Last most famous common sense solution known as a true method of citizen arrest of ANY person for ANY crime committed.  USA Gov owes Keith Press Conferences, over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages, and meetings with TRUMP, DOD, DOJ, since I alone have been sent by GOD and few others to unify mankind

  The USA GOV has always been commanded from summer of 2010 to contact Keith Duncan, provide armed protection, and take down all criminal networks using keith's simple Open Public exposure of all crime evidence. ROSE is clearly being protected by named and ?? USA GOV officials he has threatened and extorted since 1995. Rose is a serial Murderer guilty of Treason, Espionage, Sabotage, and infiltrating OUR Government and Mega Corporate Databases. Clearly he is a mega billionaire by now and prevents all investigations by anyone by threatening to kill anyone who shows him HIS 25 year old crime sprees.