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Search destroys all Criminally incompetent terrorists

Oct 6, 2021 (c)(tm)(r)(patent) Duncan +1 770-377-2016. The crimes against humanity committed against myself are always committed against my 7.9 Billion GODs children at point of commission. Anyone who violates the rights of others must be brought to justice by showcasing their civil, felony crimes using singular new world crime free systems deployed by each of you as stipulate mandate order commanded by Gods left hand messianic messenger. Currently located at Broken Eggshell near Atlanta GA, we uncovered the very last criminal conspiracy evidence to murder Keith Duncan yesterday while filing the most powerful profitable Class Action Lawsuit Miscarriage of Justice ever filed in USA valued over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages caused by each named Defendant including most of Keiths very own Duncan clan members.

This is your reality of how anyone can destroy Gods world by mere incompenent criminally laden heresay. He said, She said. All false witness lies to divert attention from their crimes by placing blame on their victims that the most incompetent criminals have every Lucifer right to persecute their victims who are the original meek and mild children, absued women, elderly, and disabled.

Brief summary of these WMD crimes against humanity was the named +85 to 125 criminals who all testified I was emotionally impaired when I clearly showed I was most actively being stalked and robbed by Robert Dee Rose, Ms. Bashama based on the multiple Police robbery reports, then all the testimony I personally delivered to +12 law firms, then broadcast freely to National News Media, over intrinsic persistent Builtbykeith IseeStand, then personally delivered TO our top world corporate Executive decision makers, TO our top mayors, religious leaders, to literally all my 7.9 Billion Gods children.

End result is I remain being persecuted by USA GOV named prosecutors at Attorney General level in Washington D.C, Norfolk VA, Raleigh NC, Atlanta GA federal, state, and city magistrate levels everwhere I travel. Includes being persecuted by Police, FBI agents, and sometimes the common person on your streets.

Why is KEITH the only living moral Gods soul who has pro-created and published every single solution to remove the original sin of GREED and HATE known collectively as bigotry, racisim, hypocrites, cynics, even the ancient Lucifer agenda of Criminal Brood of serpent vipers seen as reported in Matthew Chapter 23. Must be the disease pandemic of hate and evil has infiltrated your DNA by all those witch spin doctors who truly mass indoctroniate each of you with repeated false promises of 'JUST WAIT, Just wait, help is on the way. THEY are too busy to deal with the real criminals as so many feasibility studies must be first done to justifying spending your taxdollars and labor assets to arrive at a solution that benefits only them..'

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