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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


All of Agriculture systems are Prime Expertise of our world traveling evangelist angel teams.

Banking & Financial Services

We were instrumental in procreating the backbone of current Internet and all aspects of banking and finanical database communication systems worldwide. 


Keith Duncan has personally revolutionized the entire Education industry by hsi visual photographic memory abiity to fast path show how to solve and even memorize any solution methodology set. is the original generator of any replacement solution answer decision matrix tree and interlinked cluster network grid data driven grid system.   Everyone remembers their worst nightmares of most teachers on the Blackboard saying 'NOW PAY ATTENTION CLASS. THIS will be on the test next week. If you fail to get the corrent answers and sequence, you will be a looser the rest of your life and be regulated as dishwashers or food counters asking 'HOW can we serve you today' at minimum wage. or digging ditches, or living in ditches, list is non humorous endless.

Energy & Utilities

Keith Duncan has engineered perfected ECO mining, use of massive scalable hydro power turbines, massive energy saving with interlinked Smart Circuit Breakers and related on demand to match scalable up and down supply.  Utilities of object oriented class libraries from years 1976 forward are what KEITH personally designed and deployed, even today right here and now.


  All current and historical forms of government are hereby abolished once everyone on GODs planet uses tribal clan systems to decide everything about your own reality and near term destiny fate.  Since no other mortal man has ever solved all basic world problems, it is your integrity responsibility and accountability to provide a better best solution set known as collectively cooperative process improvement.

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