top of page also revolutionizes unifies +8 Billion WE GODS people forever.
  Our current Warlord Energy Brokers, mostly located on our WALL STREET, others are current deep state Military Industrial Complex, have all caused massive destruction to our Mother Earth at all levels with focus emphasis polluting our the most powerful elementary fundamental source of all life of H20 fresh (above and below ground) and all seawater. Our planet is 90% covered in sea water to max depth of 36,000 feet and mean depth of Pacific ocean 14,000 feet seen at

  Keiths #1 most favorite exploring solutions are bicycling and explorer yachts like Bering of Turkey. Our GOD sent solutions include arrest seizure of all megaYachts worldwide seen in last 2 years of Russian megaBillionaires who think they can escape GODs wrath and the power of Keiths evote.ONE.

  Once all megaBilkanaires and MegaMilkanaires are held fully accountable for any major violation of GOD and OUR civil rights of, then all their corporate paid aircraft, mansions, yachts will be on the fire sale auction block by orders of WE the original Investor 
  Keiths NGOs shall then purchase these seized and unused assets with open bidding.
  Then our front liner humanitarian ecological teams convert each vessel, ship, boat, even surplus military craft to be research explorer vessels like Jacques Coustou.

  Now our peer members, our recruited and invited students, researchers, scientists, and integrity focused WE THE PEOPLE explore the depths of GODs world to reverse the damage caused by mass deforestation erosion, from pesticide pollution runoff, from 'acid rain' and all other damage to OUR life source of binary Hydrogen and Oxygen.

  We have been recruiting +8 billion WE THE PEOPLE now full time from year 2010 forward (started 1-19580815-1 IID with emphasis on 1976Aug15 at  We have yet to find a single honest integrity GOD focused person despite the few who claim they work full time for GOD and all humanity like we have our entire life as branded master sage visionary expert of all expertise sent by GOD.

JOIN US today as we have no other solutions from GOD to perfect.
We have always required Press Conferences and demand return of our original most valuable assets anyone can see and act with full authority at

keith brent Duncan. Update procreated in 10 minutes 2023Feb12 during Superbowl game sitting in back of Trinity House Bethel Downtown homeless rehab detox center of run by each you to help love protect and change the lives of all others.  Nothing else has ever succeeded in unifying +8 billion WE GODS people except the phrase 'LOVE ALL OTHERS'.
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