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 Perfected updated Oct 1, 2022.  CLICK HERE for Master HOME PAGE.  

  We are worlds most wealthy patent holders of all technology to finally destroy all violators of OUR human rights. Never been done before by WILL of WE GODS people until NOW.  Always required that each of you turn over any violator of our rights who truly threaten our families and assets using OUR stolen resources and data information.  Worst criminals in world history all roam freely based on your public mass apathy ignorance of WHO commits crimes against our humanity.  Everyone must be ruthless in holding any criminal accountable by collectively showing WHO are all victims of organized criminals and terrorists that have always existed starting 5550 years ago Eyptian Dynasty empires built on fear, distrust, and false promises of JUST work harder and survive one more day.

    Same insane LUCIFER demonic system as exists today resulting in final self genocide of WW FIVE.

  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact us NOW as we all actively act with Fearless authority to decentralize all authority and ALL of GODs wealth back to greatest places of mortal needs we have clearly identified through GODs + Keiths prime as soon as WE personally procreated worlds most powerful self saving GODs technology data driven by EVOTE.ONE and FOIA.ONE. #1 top engineer scientist Frontliner Philanthropist Investors 

Intl Office +1 770-377-2106 USA. We alone control all worldly mega Billionaires use of members we have always recruited openly exposed at our procreated foundation of GivingPledge.SPACE

 Supersedes original Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at forever.

  Everyone Contact Asheville and PDK Airport Managers including Pat Epps Airservice, Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer, City Manager Debrah Campbell, Chamber of Commerce Directors, Police and Fire Chiefs as we have been doing full time starting 1976 with focus on years 2005 to Oct 5, 2011, then full time Jan 28, 2014 tied to $500 MILLION USD still unresolved at any level from police level to Commander in any CHIEFS.

Mrs. Campbell at 70 Court Plaza, Asheville, NC 28801. Phone(828) 259-5604

Everyone Contact BiltMore Estates Vanderbilt Family Board of Directors to co-locate on their 8,000 acre estate boarding our national Pisgah forrest now redeveloped as most powerful eastern seaboard  

Asheville is our new prime operating base to oversee all operations of OUR world peace making governments and ALL corporate enterprises now decentralized to individual privately held corporations worldwide.

Contact Inc, 2000 Airport Road Suite 227, Dekalb Peachtree Airport, Atlanta GA 30341  1-877-4An-Angel. +1 770-452-7958.

     Also, Contact all PILOTS and Pat Epps at Epps Air Service, PDK Airport,  Atlanta Georgia USA.


  Our CEO Angel Investor Philanthropists have published how GODs people now control all Corporate Executives use of and common sense no more stock options, Corporate Perks (aircraft), Insider trading, and Campaign Contributions that deny the investors and stock holders of always taking first growth dividend profits while protecting our original investments.  Evote.ONE is the only method of WE decide next best project and WE decide pick by proxy the best project manager to complete the next best infrastructure program on budget and on time.

  We have showcased these simple GODs methods to unify mankind one final time by destroying the ability of anyone to deceive and embezzle GOD and our resources by claiming only ‘THEY’ can decide how to manage our money, assets, and work level productivity.  GOD + KEITHS system achieves total world once everyone host mediate using and all other simplified methods published at and related clearinghouse.

  Contact Keiths dear old High School best friend pilot PERRY REED in Charlotte NC at 770-201-4759.

Everyone NOW contact + visit top world corporate Executives like Gary ROLLINS of CEO Richard A. Hubbell 404-321-2140 on how to fast path rebuild Gods world using ancient, current technology concentric focused on and that converts all war machines to and National Guard in all of GODs countries.

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