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Mission and Values


We believe that the talents entrusted to us must be multiplied unceasingly and utilized conscientiously in order to realize their maximum potentials. It is this mission in mind that serves as a pivot to the Vgent Group to move ahead, from its humble beginning as a sole family enterprise until its emergence as a diversified group of companies. Now the Vgent Group[ is steadily growing in its business scope and continuously expanding its horizons, slowly but surely making a niche in the intricate annals of the business world.



To uphold the basic humanitarian approach by doing business with a conscience reaching the greatest heights in the business world that will bring maximum investment returns.


Doing Business with Honor

Our Mission and Values is providing the highest quality service and products to Philippine corporations, individuals, and business matching with foreign suppliers for product and services  export/import, travel service, and educational Inventor based systems to maximize your profitability and business connections.  Our business philosophy focus is on our client's concerns and needs with objective for you to be the most admired and respected company in the country.

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