top of page is resurrected as the required ONLY solution answer methods to Unify all of mankind forever as one New World Society Free of all crimes.  Our world is now 100% free decision based society known as real Direct Democracy of Free Trade, Travel, and Trust commerce of ZERO secrets. Your new world is driven 100% by the Metaphysics of the Majority Rule of Large Numbers. UNIocracy defined as: "Ruled by a singularity of all human minds connected via direct communication(InterLink Internet) acting as a form of super computer to make decisions based on shared patterned experiences to deliver fair and accurate decisions to problems as they arrive."  EVote.ONE is the universal standard method. FOIA.ONE is the New Singular Database repository of Human knowledge and decisions linked to all other databases world wide.

     No more taxes, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Executives or false Religious leaders.
All political parties, mobsters, underground crime enterprises are eliminated By Will of Majority of Our People.
  All election voting and decision making is now blockchain locked with International ID, your photo/video linked to your action all DRIVEN by 100% direct eDemocracy by us VOTING and telling each leader the NEXT BEST PROJECT....

    Use eVote.ONE For + By the full authority of GOD + our Crusader Teams of Righteousness, Peace, and total Equality.  Everyone now FEARLESSLY PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF ALL OTHERS using open Public Integrity database  =

     These simple 4 By Pass Laws create your new history. No one can ever deny your rights again.

1. All leaders are  electronically voted IN by one general election. All votes are PUBLIC. Votes are marked private or PUBLIC. Tallies all shown to world with method of write once, then read-only public counts seen by all. This is block chain UN-hackable.
2. Any leader is voted OUT by majority who violates law, suspected of fraud or personal profiteering OUTSIDE their #4 pay or refusals to complete #3 below.  Each are replaced by succession runner-ups, NEVER by appointments or re-election process controlled by the Criminal Ruling Elite or same crime party control. This is retro active punishment for any previous violation or crime as ultimate deterrent. Our young people now become our new world leaders free of corruption + crime.

3. Post Election, All leaders electronically TOLD what to do by eVote. No more appointed officials who are criminally prostituted with others. explains how to eliminate all corrupt individuals including Liar-Lawyers + other terrorists.
4. All leaders consultant pay is electronically voted UP, same, or DOWN by the majority of will of our people. All leaders are now highly paid consultant Administrators ONLY with no direct access to any taxes or ability to profiteer by controlling any of our assets or laws. This includes all corporate executive manage below and below. All must show their income / expenses / ownership of all assets to FOIA.ONE. Each deserve to be rich + protected AFTER they fearlessly serve + protect my people by tracked performance of #3. Even the poor of highest IQ merit can run for any government or corporation leadership position worldwide.

 5. Anyone can run for any Corporate or Government position regardless of any birth right or previous affiliations.

    Your 100% Direct Democracy New World Society UNIocracy.Org is Free of All Crime with perfected self balancing checks + balances for all Humanity.  100% Decision Based FOIA.ONE system by all humanity decides your reality.  All citizens vote Direct Funding of all projects thereby eliminating ALL POLITICS and ALL crime Taxation.

  The original 'What's in this for me?' syndrome now empowers mankind to rebuild their own new Utopia.

 +7.6 Billion of our people live in new Open Public Society as you make 100% all decisions to control + manage your very own destiny with Yes, YOUR new world society is now free of all crime and vice sins.
    Key World Broadcasts are  Click: "BuiltByKeith #431"  +  "BuiltByKeith #1045"

     #1 Critical 4 By-Pass laws create your new human history.  No more taxes, campaign contributions, election criminal accusations, fraud, or any crime influence as my +7.6 billion collective followers + partners now 100% control all decisions to create your new world society! Elimination of ALL political party crime domination eliminates all underground crime entities who buy off these campaign pirates. voids 50 to 75% of all man made loophole laws as elections and decisions are based on will of majority of all my citizens affected. No more election fraud or crime ever. Unrepentant criminals are man-hunted with automatic face recognition with OCTV and original + SolutionRedDot = #1 Anyone can freely trade and travel worldwide and be an elected leader of any government, corporation, civic or religious order by Will of Majority of us.

   UNIFICATION by UNIocracy.ORG occurs when EVERYONE goes PUBLIC with the answers shown below. Protect Keith now !

Electronic Voting on all corporate and government leadership enables all citizens to control and manage all the prime decisions of their rights and taxpayer assets to forever change the course of human history by full EMPOWERMENT of all my +7.6 Billion fearless People.

All direct funded by, For, and OF crusader teams.  These self regulating checks and balances eliminate all crime dynasties thereby eradicating all poverty, homelessness, and genocide that are the criminal profile mindsets of lunatics and 'antiChrists' starting with #1 most man hunted Terrorist Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) at Use answers NOW !

  Command our World Leaders and Corporate Executives USE these simple integrity common sense answer methods to UNIFY our entire world as all small business owners who control and manage all infrastructure we collective and cooperatively own. Act today or face the wrath of our people who are daily threatened by the most unlawful government social justice systems run by the 'New World Order.'

  Our world collapses soon because of massive cyber crime infiltration into your government, corporations, and private data lives. Anyone demanding 'privacy' clearly has historical crimes to hide. Zero secrets = No crimes can ever be committed and go unpunished.

  The use of these divined ordained perfected technology common sense methods is the only true paths of righteousness for all. direct funds free world internet = Interlink as everyone now earns any education degree for free. is the worlds Last Constitution Commandments as the Only Way to achieve total world Reform Unification.

Composed of the original 10 commandments in today's language with ONE Human=GOD Bill of Rights for all mankind, this eliminates all crime networks (NEW WORLD ORDER) who want holocaust apocalypse to genocide destroy any integrity opposition. All to fulfill the prophecy fore-warnings of God's Messianic Messengers including GodSendKeith.ORG, my International ID 001-19580815-000001.

  The first world order business is command USA GOV, FBI, AG, Interpol to seize as all evidence for +20 years shows ROSE infiltrated USA GOV agencies and mega millionaire Corporate Executive enterprises. With $2 Million USD Bounty On his head, FBI AG Public Congress, Trump has no choice but to manhunt him and protect Keith's life.

  #1 CRITICAL:  Congressional Special Criminal Investigations would have occurred Sept 2011 when the Military escorted Keith to Washington D.C. to testify all aspects of ROSE's treason espionage sedition infiltration of our Government has been occurring for +15 years including Alexander Cyclone Covey. Implicated by their very own certified signatures are 85 criminals including fired DOJ AG Sally Q Yates since she was personally visited Sept 2011 by Keith, then she violated USA Laws signing Norfolk V 4:11cr112 on Dec 13, 2011 shown Clearly Robert Dee ROSE is the ONLY super criminal capable of these crimes against Humanity.

  I return to USA Oct 4, 2018 9am Atlanta Airport to complete the most powerful ministries in world history with full support of YOU, my people. Arrange for 1000's of persons to meet me in Atlanta to command USA GOV transition to the worlds last Law Enforcement and Judicial system that is manage controlled by eVOTE.ONE as you my people now pass judgment on anyone who violates their rights.  All World leaders will be outraged about the # of criminals and terrorists who hide inside our very own institutions of Government and Corporations since THEY control the secrecy flow of your data information for past +60 years since the dawn of Internet and computer technology is always prostituted by criminals for extreme cyber crime terrorism.

  Article I, section 9 of USA Constitution permits Martial Law in cases of rebellion or invasion. prevents this.

   CONTACT all International NEWS MEDIA groups and EDUCATE INVITE them to SHOW up to record the most Positive Reformation Unification in world history resulting from the worst crimes against humanity committed by the collective New World Order.

   Direct Contact all World Leaders, Congress, Senate, Law Enforcement, DOJ, DOE, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Supreme Courts, and all top religion leaders to CONVENE one master Educational FORUM using to create UNIocracy.ORG new soceity as the current United Nations has exercised NO authority to prevent ANY wars or terrorist attacks since 1947.

  Sept 29, 2018. Seven years ago, my life was in extreme danger 3.5 years by terrorist ROSE who was cyber tracking my every move so I would be murdered by USA GOV based on true facts ROSE was robbing my homes and intellectual property worth BILLIONS USD. This new world system perfects controlled FOR, BY, and OF all mankind. All evidence and solutions on how to prevent all crimes is showcased and other Super Google searched repositories with simple keywords of 'BuiltBykeith' 'IseeStand' and 'Robert Dee Rose'.  My people now protect the lives of myself and themselves.

  John 8:31 'The Truth shall set you free'.  John 10:30 and all others are the reality messages of your Forefounding

   UNIocracy.ORG is the ONLY answer of Free Trade, Travel, Education, ownership control BY, FOR, and OF our people. No other system has ever worked because of the criminal Family Dynasties that control our databases(cyber crime), banks, and infrastructure.

  Sept 19, 2018. Your new world society only exists when you my people RISE UP to overthrow all crime networks and establish the only simple common sense integrity system that fulfills the prophecies of God's Messianic Sovereign Messengers sent by our FatherGOD to teach our world how to be honest, ethical, virtuous, + righteous by first acting with fearless authority protecting the rights of all others.

   Each person has one International ID #, controls their own information in FOIA.ONE, owns and manages their own assets and data eVOTE.ONE, and fearlessly protects the rights of all others. The ultimate engineer, God's Rights Activist, master world class inventor, artist, Ordained Universal Deacon, keynote speaker World Leader Consultant Evangelist Crusader is most humble 'keith brent duncan' ready to travel to meet our world of 'unsaved' lost souls today with his teams of CEOSPACE.NET shown on   Everyone MUST contact all World Leaders, Press, Public TODAY to ensure you become rulers of your own domains and destiny.

   READ and ACT with FULL AUTHORITY of my FREE PEOPLE how UNIFIES our world in GOD's Most Holy Name. For the Anti Christs are quickly identified by their own 666 Mark of the Beast once the following becomes your new world single standards as world crime networks are destroyed by use of simple bible integrity standard  FIND keith duncan today and direct to come PROTECT and Shield him from all these criminals as FBI, AG, IRS are soon obsoleted. + = SolutionGOD.ORG to finally UNIFY all religions as cooperative evangelist Mission teams who teach our world HOW to conduct 100% honest relationship transactions free of corruption and all crime.

    FOIA.ONE is the Single Database Repository of Human Knowledge known as 'Library of World Congress'.  When all Acts of Wisdom and Plans of Self-salvation are open read block chain viewable by Public with eVOTE.ONE, we have one degree of separation between all +7.6 Billion of our people using Free High Speed Fiber Optic WiFi Internet that is owned and controlled by all humanity. Destruction of all crime networks occurs since no secrets are allowed. Our world is now 100% all decision based society using: and CEOSPACE.NET master technology teaching methodology to empower our world using to SOLVE all issues at all levels. Now all of Humanity uses Single Commandments of Bill of Human Rights and one standard unification set of Laws to enforce ethics and integrity at all levels. OCTV = Open Circuit TV with microphones and remote speakers becomes the standard bio-metrics recording method to ensure no crime goes unpunished. Simple use of common sense, enforced integrity, and use of existing technology that we OWN, Control, and Manage, becomes the root basis for how humanity prospers and thrives as Sovereign Ambassador Emissaries ready to traverse the rest of our FatherGOd's universe.  These are the true reality of 59 years of total dedication to the protection of all common human rights by most humble mastermind 'Renaissance Man' keith brent duncan. My Intl ID is 001-19580815-000001 as the fore founding father of your new world society UNIocracy.  The new final testament testimony of one New World Database of Artificial Intelligence is fully self regulated with automated checks and balances by our people using the basic laws of metaphysics and spirituality.  The simple is the perfected generation answer method solution engine that warrants new Solutions benefit all involved entities.

  Last update Sept 7, 2018. I return to USA #1 international HERO of true Democracy as forefounding most humble keynote speaker Evangelist Crusader Inventor Engineer mastermind teacher of all time when MY PEOPLE command our governments to protect all of YOUR rights.

  Most CRITICAL. Keith is CEO of the worlds most powerful conglomerate umbrella enterprises of ANTI All Crime technology. The USA GOV has NO OPTION for now 10 years to PROTECT KEITH's life and HOST Press Conferences to announce WHO is tied to ROSE, to SEIZE each person and their assets, and to USE these new simple answer solution methods to massively reduce all crime networks down to virtual ZERO.

   With eTraining + CEOSpace.NET master instructors of Integrity, everyone becomes all small business owners who possess, control, and mange all their own infrastructure. This reduce/replaces all governments and existing corporate structures with our New World Society.  Member Chambers of International eCommerce now conduct direct barter exchange stock market by elimination of all crime networks and corrupt price fixing brokers. All business transactions are legally binding contracts posted publicly on FOIA.ONE to prevent all fraud and cyber crime violations of integrity enforced laws using: + kBitCoins.Org single intl free trade market currency.  Our religious and civic civil groups now work directly with to create our own new world society modeled after replacement UNIocracy based on original Your New World Collective Decision based communities are now controlled and managed by all our people with eVOTE.ONE. No more super wealthy family dynasties, criminal cyber crime terrorist networks, or sociopath super crime lunatics like Robert Dee Rose can ever ABUSE and prostitute your rights to live in total Peace and harmony.

    Quote: "The Voice of the People is the Voice of GOD." Reference:,_Vox_Dei

    Our New World System is 100% decision based BY, FOR, and OF all my-our people using base

    Master Training Education Forum Foundations established worldwide are modeled after to teach our world how to conduct integrity driven and enforced business transactions when everyone benefits in Open Public No Secrets Reality.

   All crimes, vice, and sins are a violation of basic Human Rights.  These are the new World Society UNIocracy.ORG single standards of how humanity prevents crimes in first place. Anyone violating these base laws are quickly brought to justice with eVOTE.ONE with FOIA.ONE. Typical crime convictions now occur in 0 to 5 days as all victims get restitution immediately.

    VOX Populi defined as: “There being no natural or divine Law for any Form of Government, or that one Person rather than another should have the sovereign Administration of Affairs, or have Power over many thousand different Families, who are by Nature all equal, being of the same Rank, promiscuously born to the same Advantages of Nature, and to the Use of the same common Faculties; therefore Mankind is at Liberty to choose what Form of Government they like best.”  This is UNIocracy.ORG

  The older domains point here for reasons of MetaPhysics the study of all knowledge interaction interface inter-relations that is the basis for the original creation of Humanity and WHY WERE ARE ALL here to Protect the rights of all others.

 #1 Most powerful TAKE ACTION LIST here.  All other ordained World Saving Broadcast Acts of Wisdom are for benefit of you, my people


  #1 TOP WORLD PRIORITY is all WORLD LEADERS host World Press Conferences to disclose use of EVOTE.ONE with FOIA.ONE = to create all open free trade and travel new World Society of UNIOCRACY.OG  This is the final and most powerful complete self balancing check and balance system that ensures all Middle Class = All Small Business owners.  All Corruption and criminal networks are quickly identified and eliminated by ACTION of our people using automatic face recognition bio-metrics of the last Open Public Database of true 100% integrity based ethics of recorded human knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to enforce all transaction contract agreements.

  #2 TOP World Priority is free education to all levels for all humanity using and with the ultimate master ordained teaching methods gifted to humanity by Keith brent duncan ( Free Max-Wifi and high speed fiber optic internet backbone clustered network is now owned and operated by each community. All current data communication companies such as AT&T, PLDT, GLOBE, and other monopoly run dynasties are hereby ordered to turn over all internet and phone services to be owned and run by cooperative ministries at the local community level. showcases President as a key player or loser....

  #3 TOP World Priority is the immediate use of kBitCoins.ORG to replace all existing forms of stock market trading with a single barter exchange system using one International Currency that is valued by trade agreement pricing between the contracted parties. All buy-sell trades are now openly disclosed to the public to ensure no fraud or money laundering can ever occur unpunished.  No more day-traders, cyber crime terrorism, crime propaganda wars, speculation computer trading OR Stock Market Crases.

  #4 All Criminals are commanded to turn themselves in to the existing Law Enforcement Agencies and Military using and the original system as all victims quickly and collectively put bounties on the heads of all criminals based ONLY on the criminals own evidence submitted openly to the public. All wars are now prevented as the current answer of also unifies all mankind after ratification the of final Human Bill of Total Rights shown on completes the total social tort reform necessary to rid our world of all corrupt Officials of any court and corporations.

  #5 All Religious and Civic Groups now become the ultimate Citizen Watch organizations to ensure that total Social Peace and Justice Equality are maintained at local to International levels using = SolutionGOD.Org

  #6  Immediate Search and Seizure of each person tied to Robert Dee Rose as was commanded back in Sept 25, 2011 at Langley Air Force Base Virginia. This showcases the worst Class Action Lawsuits Miscarriage of Justice tied to massive Criminal conspiracy robberies of Marietta GA P.D. Report 1.11.2506.99 ->  Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 kidnapping based on Cobb County GA July 15, 2011 cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99, + criminal murder for hire TPO 11.1.7683.99 Mass Conspiracy to Assassinate the one True Son of Mankind, keith brent duncan, so that Robert Dee Rose and his wide area crime RICO network could steal all the intellectual property and assets of the one mastermind super anti-crime expert sage visionary keynote speaker in the world.

  Each CRIME committed against myself started with violation of the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment for violations OF the criminals. Never myself as I have always been PRIME key eyewitness Plaintiff this entire time. !!!

   With $2 Million USD bounty on ROSE's head for 6 years, our entire world will manhunt him since ROSE already committed acts of treason and espionage + murder + crimes against humanity by infiltrating our very own Law Enforcement groups IRS, FBI, AG, Military, + all others.  NOW, unless my USA GOV upholds Constitutional laws and commands seizure of these career criminals and terrorists, they + society of the criminal ruling elites will indeed collapse since the last top level authorities in our Government refuse to ACT since Nov 2010 to protect my life, to apologize on hosted International TV Press Conferences, and to seize each criminals assets shown by the same USA GOV documents used to order my murder kidnappings starting Feb 8, 2011.  Your New World Society is the ONLY answer to protect all rights and showcase justice.

  Our most powerful group has already commanded Congressional Investigations and Intl Press Coverage for +6 years to showcase each and every one of these world saving solution answers that would have been deployed as new world standards 7 years ago....

   #7  Host of Press Conferences continues until all the final World saving answer solutions are completed on NGO-INC

  ORIGINAL $500,000,000 = $500 Million USD of real and punitive damages is paid to Keith Brent Duncan (SS 243-86-0043, DOB Aug 15 1958) due for the extensive Real and Punitive damages caused by so many terrorists and criminals. Many of these are inside our very own Government agencies and corporation officials. All identified and seized using these copyrighted extensive Intellectual Property Rights.

The USA Gov has always been command required to protect the life and assets of Keith Duncan and all citizens. 100% most true fact.

    This new replacement world system eliminates Socialism, Communism, Democracy, Republic, Capitalism, Monocracy, even Federalism because each old form of government is easily and quickly corrupted by criminals, family dominated political corruption dynasties, and other factors who refuse to EMPOWER our people to actually OWN and CONTROL our own reality and destiny.  New UNIOcracy destroys all self-serving individuals by Will of Majority Act of our eVoters. Corporate Corrupt executives are systematically removed from all decision making power by kBitCoins.ORG, as method prevents all corrupt transactions from occurring in the first place.  NO SECRETS means total world Peace and Harmony of using

    We the People, now control and own all infrastructure of all free public schools, free trade and marketplaces, almost free travel, energy, water, and medical care. We now own all cooperative public banking and stock trading markets. Therefore, no corrupt government politicians or corporate executives can ever control our world by perversion prostituted manipulation of our electronic record keeping database of ownership and trade transactions. All transactions are now open public sourced so no crime will ever go unpunished immediately.

    TAKE ACTION by contacting all USA (everyone), all Gov agencies, Press, Public, and focus on all churches. This is all that has ever been required of my Billions of -> GodSendKeith.ORG People. is the clearinghouse Revelation.


### World Press Release Re-Broadcast to all World leaders, Press, Public, All. May 29, 2018 (part of 8 series fore-founding solution philosophies.  Contact and Contract Duncan today. Manila (63)x917-335-4300 office/home at 417 United Nations Av, Ermita Manila Philippines, 1/2 block north USA Embassy, as keith broadcasts to world to TAKE ACTION by protecting and debriefing his Crusader teams.  Enemies of the People and Gov State are the criminal network enterprises who REFUSE to surrender because they have already captured massive percentage of God + your wealth by the crime methods solved and prevented by most humble keith. Fly his teams to your places of greatest needs so we can collectively fill stadiums with World Leaders of UNIocracy.ORG New World Society.  

UNIocracy.ORG is the worlds last free trade travel trust society based on pure MERIT system of Will of Majority of our People.  We collectively decide our own community use of natural resources as we OWN the infrastructure. is the worlds last methodology of peacefully resolving all issues at local level, therefore literally NO taxation or central government or Corporate authority can exist as criminal enterprises.
 Private Banks, family run crime dynasties, political corruption, and sinister corporate executives will be destroyed by EVOTE.ONE peaceful replacement of existing self entitlement man-made ‘loop-hole’ laws as well as convert all corporations into OWNER based with and  states the following (Excerpt as of May 29, 2018).  Compiled by Keith Brent Duncan (fore founding of your new world society UNIOcracy.ORG.

"The earliest anarchist themes can be found in the 6th century BC among the works of Taoist philosopher LaoziModern anarchism emerged from the secular or religious thought of the Enlightenment, particularly Jean-Jacques Rousseau's arguments for the moral centrality of freedom...

William Godwin is generally regarded as the founder of the school of thought known as philosophical anarchism. He argued in Political Justice (1793)[that government has an inherently malevolent influence on society and that it perpetuates dependency and ignorance. He thought that the spread of the use of reason to the masses would eventually cause government to wither away as an unnecessary force. Although he did not accord the state with moral legitimacy, he was against the use of revolutionary tactics for removing the government from power. Rather, he advocated for its replacement through a process of peaceful evolution.

His aversion to the imposition of a rules-based society led him to denounce as a manifestation of the people's "mental enslavement" the foundations of law, property rights and even the institution of marriage. He considered the basic foundations of society as constraining the natural development of individuals to use their powers of reasoning to arrive at a mutually beneficial method of social organization. In each case, government and its institutions are shown to constrain the development of our capacity to live wholly in accordance with the full and free exercise of private judgement.

The French Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is regarded as the first self-proclaimed anarchist, a label he adopted in his groundbreaking work What is Property?, published in 1840. It is for this reason that some claim Proudhon as the founder of modern anarchist theory.He developed the theory of spontaneous order in society, where organization emerges without a central coordinator imposing its own idea of order against the wills of individuals acting in their own interests. His famous quote on the matter is "Liberty is the mother, not the daughter, of order". In What is Property?, Proudhon answers with the famous accusation "Property is theft". In this work, he opposed the institution of decreed "property" (propriété), where owners have complete rights to "use and abuse" their property as they wish.  He contrasted this with what he called "possession", or limited ownership of resources and goods only while in more or less continuous use. However, Proudhon later added that "Property is Liberty" and argued that it was a bulwark against state power.His opposition to the state, organized religion and certain capitalist practices inspired subsequent anarchists and made him one of the leading social thinkers of his time.
#####.  End of Excerpt and are the economic spiritual answer to UNIFY all mankind. All religions now become the education ecumenical centers with to resolve each and every local to Intl Problem with eVOTE.ONE using FOIA.ONE Acts of Wisdom central Open Public Database 'Tree of Life'.

    Who is the COVENANT Maker of ?  keith brent duncan is the messianic broadcast journalist keynote speaker who has recruited our world to overthrow all existing forms of corrupt governments and corporations to create a new world solidarity unified society when and where ALL my people benefit in GOD's Holy name. For GOD is who I work for full time this entire time of massive tribulation. is the ONLY FOIA.ONE World Saving Open Public Database
(Freedom Open Information Action) of all my +7.6 Billion People of driven by EVOTE.ONE

The TOP LIST of WorldSchoolFund.Com is:

1. Free world-wide high speed fiber-Optic Internet open access cluster network direct funded by NGOs.  My+our entire world people are now connected through smart devices with no secrets with 1 degree of separation of, by, for all my people.

   Over $500 Million USD has already been shown as funding source to seed fund billions $$$ USD of new contracts to technology vendors such as FaceBook, IBM, Microsoft and even direct consult with top Stock Market, Banks, World Trade brokers.

  The #1 crime issue is few ever do follow-up including all world leaders as gatekeepers are destroying all formal requests.

2.  Anyone now earns any degree of training and education for FREE as long as they pass the merit based tests controlled by eVote.ONE decision based society block chain store and forward auto system with FOIA.ONE single Intl open public access database. Our NGO's direct fund and provision all digital classrooms, homes, + businesses so everyone is connected with one degree of separation forever.  1% of all crime assets seized are pledged to building all digital creative cities starting with SolutionHousing.ORG.

3.   90% of first $1 Billion USD profits pledged to create UNIocracy.ORG with + others + CEOSpace.NET and/or other master education institutes under binding contracts. Private schools are now incorporated by default into the open FREE public system as the owners of these private institutes are mostly profiteering because of the total apathy of my people by refusing to educate our brightest masterminds who have no financial support. This new world system UNIocracy eliminates the inequality advantages of families with excess assets. With 100% free education, anyone now has all resources to be self-sufficient. No more inheritance of generations of dynasty wealth used to enrich the select few.  All youth become our new world leaders using the Merit System of total honesty, integrity, virtue, and ability to SERVE OTHERS fearlessly in order for humanity to benefit as a unified race. We no longer tolerate any bigots, cynics, racists, criminal ruling elite (brood of serpent vipers) who create dynasty kingdoms based on ego, fear, and intimation. Our new world society is now free of all crime networks using as worlds last 100% decision based society.


    These divined/ordained ministries ONLY occur once YOU my people remove ALL crime networks, dynasties, cyber crime terrorists, and all other satanic persons with EVOTE.ONE and New World Society system of UNIocracy using This unifies our entire world as GOD create intended as the ONLY series of answers to ensure total Peace and Harmony by teaching God/Keith's people how to fearlessly protect the rights of all others.

    This is of  UNIocracy.ORG

   This solves and prevents ALL corruption+crime, world conflicts, wars, issues, all problems forever.  FOIA.ONE is the ultimate prime only required Freedom Open Information Act when free open access to ALL information prevents almost all crimes, corruption, wars, holocaust, crimes against humanity. IID is the International ID that shows Who is WHO, Who owns What, What decisions are made by humanity to create their own new world society UNIocracy.ORG, and prevents all identity theft and corruption as everyone tag links their transactions in the final Database repository Tree of Wisdom + Knowledge (named Eden). The ONLY requirement is for all World Leaders to debrief each other with MASS Publicity and Press Conferences to demand all your rights be protected BY, FOR, and OF all my people. This is the final answers already delivered to my world for all to TAKE ACTION today. Only these methods gifted by keith/GOD/Evangelists can save mankind. Keith + teams are world famous as fore founders of New World.

  Now our entire world is 100% decision based society that UNIFIES all mankind by teaching world HOW TO SOLVE all ISSUES.

#1 most critical requirement is for USA GOV, Interpol, Military, and other governments CONTACT and protect Keith's IP while flying him and his recruited mastermind tech genius team to Lyons France to debrief Interpol and United Nations NOW!.

  This UNIocracy ONLY system replaces ALL known forms of government and corporations with New World Economy Owned FOR, BY, and OF all our people with as Creator Ordained mandate commandments. .  The most Powerful Revolution Reformation Unification is gift broadcast to entire world.  Only by Mass Publicity will all crime networks be quickly destroyed.  Then, no more Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, corrupt Judges, false religion leaders, corrupt Executives, terrorists, or underground crime family dynasties can survive. is Prime VIDEO Broadcast Plans of Total Reformation. is the seed of Life New World Library of Congress.

    No more Corruption, Passport, Visas, or Crime Investigations ever needed !

   With everyone using only their one International ID (Click HERE) linked to their automatic OCTV video/photo authentication, no more forged documents, Berlin Walls, military wars, or crimes against humanity can ever occur again. This last joint Military, Police, Interpol, Citizen 100% decision shared Database is perfected in Humanity + Gods name as ONE universal Open Public repository-digital library containing all persons, elections, taxes, budgets, laws, contracts, bids, agreements, corporate, medical, statistics, and government/corporate information as READ-ONLY to entire world. All Stock, Land, Building, and cash/gold/commodities are publicly listed on WHO owns each.  Anyone who can not prove legal source of income or inheritance, and that full taxes were paid, will be eVOTE.ONE into Hell Jail and their assets seized.  Anyone who is a member of UNIocracy receives % of the crime assets for being first person to auto-face Recognize OCTV the wanted criminal.  NO crimes can ever go undetectable and unpunished once our People Free themselves of vice sin Greed conducted by any crime networks. This fulfills prophecies to destroy all crime networks forever.

   When the final Terrorists and all criminals are isolated, shunned, and forced into the abandoned slums by FOIA.ONE =, then all of humanity prospers and thrives as the citizens control and manage all aspects of their own 'consultant leadership' with full visibility and transparency of all legal, judicial, business, and contract transactions.  Below are the top criminals to be brought to justice immediately. The other +85 to 100 are on bottom The original is backed up since these terrorist cells deny your ability to RISE up to destroy all crime networks all at one time. This is also WHY I went to Langley AFB Sept 25, 2011 ad WHY ROSE has already infiltrated almost all gov agencies and corporations to create last holocaust that were predicted and shown centuries ago.  Use today to unify all of mankind as the ONLY answer to prevent world self genocide.

     My remaining time on Earth is threatened by everyone tied to ROSE cabals and government agents actively preventing any investigations tied to why I was at Langley AFB Sept 25, 2011.  Almost all of Keith's attorneys, all Judges, Police-Criminal investigators, key IRS-FBI-AG-USMarshal criminal rogue agents, Duncan clan, + others are all guilty of kidnapping conspiracies with ROSE by their own false witness signed testimony that actively prevents all IRS, FBI, AG,  USA Military, public, PRESS, and all church investigations + convictions to intervene and protect Keith's Life and assets of world wide Intellectual Property value. Each person who refuses to TAKE ACTION are guilty of Click: Conspiracies to defraud the USA Gov 923. 18 U.S.C §371 + other crimes.  Everyone who reads these 100% true testimonies of Keith Duncan must call top level law enforcement FBI Comey + AG Lynch + Others as Keith has already done. The absolute last Testimony is as the son of all mankind in search for all other Messianic Messengers and persons of Integrity, Virtue, Intellectually focused, and champions of Justice and Equality for all of humanity.  Join and form your own community chapters today.


Monumental 10 Slide DECK to New World Society TRANSFORM-UNIFY our world is:   CLICK HERE.

  Basic PowerPoint Presentation deck on is CLICK HERE:

  Basic use of create ONE new World Society of UNIocracy in just a few months.


April 10, 2018.   ### World Press Conference Releases. April 10, 2018. New Age of UNIocracy is: isocracies  a government in which all individuals have equal political power.  MONocracy is government by only one person; autocracy that is New World Order.  Which one does my world PREFER. Black or WHITE. Binary choice of ONLY ONE..... SINCE so many of you object on rumors and false witness from the criminals who did this to me, what can you actually DO to create MASS PUBLICITY.. Anything at all. FOR not a SINGLE lie is from my side as I have done NOTHING wrong, no violation, no tech violation, nothing to NOT uphold all International and USA laws.  you have NOT contacted thousands, only a few, since not a SINGLE time has anyone called me back to say they had any conversation with you, including email replies.  COLD hard facts is Robert Dee ROSE (  is behind the worst true conspiracies of infiltrating his very own clients, and you already found ??  by WHAT means?  that ROSE has hired a team of hackers to do WHAT?  you have never revealed ANYTHING that stands for ANY evidence to PUT ROSE IN HELL JAIL where he truly belongs +15 years ago.    
      NOT A SINGLE TIME DID ROSE SIGN ANYTHING, OR show ANY EVIDENCE in COURT or dispositions I did ANYTHING but SHOW ROSE"s very own evidence along with his business files.   the COBB COUNTY TPO 11.1.1171.99 was CANCELLED by Berry Vic Reynolds July 15, 2011 .  SO DAMN EVERYONE who ASSUMED any law was violated by myself when ROSE was always behind this most horrific THREATS to MY LIFE for the EVIDENCE I had then, during this period and NOW, has always been REVEALED to Law Enforcement, then my lawyers, then PUBLIC, then PRESS, and then MILITARY.  Most people with just a few of these false accusations would have committed Mass GENOCIDE with SUICIDE, but NEVER myself. I have threatened and/or stalked absolutely NO ONE my entire life. I remain the ONLY person who has spent THOUSANDS of manhours (and yes 10 years of DEDICATED) work full time (no pay of course), to SHOWCASE to WORLD the ONLY new world society that forever removes ALL crime networks all at one time so that No SERPENT ( known as HYDRA) head can ever be allowed to criminally exist from now until the end of time..        EVOTE.ONE drives YOUR new world society by systematic extermination of all sin-crime-vice, and LIARS once and forever...   DEAL with it as I have ZERO time for anyone shielding these criminals from prosecution and convictions by the MASSES of people who are joining my teams.  WHO are my teams?  few know since most disappear once I move to the next of MY very own FatherGOD's places of greatest needs..   
  We just arrived back b666 with recycled 1993 HINO firetruck, pumper style. I even drive most trips of these government vehicles.
  Msg to Tom Haag in Lost Wages for everyone to ALSO directly contact on
  Perhaps you should bet YOUR LIFE than none of the lies you have stated will ever come back to 'haunt you' . ROSE can easily find out WHO YOU ARE and YOU can easily disappear forever since you have NO BACKUPS like I have done for now 41 years.  Since you CLAIM you have spoken with ROSE and voice recorded him as well as OTHERS< how come NOTHING has been delivered to ANYONE this entire time.  V remains a GHOST and from my side appears to be a figment of your imagination as NO one would ignore the $2 Million USD Bounty on ROSE, $10,000 on Ms Bashama and 10% bounty on EACH PERSON involved in Massive CONSPIRACY destruction of 10 years of extensive documents that ARE the convicting evidence needed COMPLETELY.   The  IRS WB Feb 2009, 658 and the Forsyth County GA USA Judgment 08SC-1345 that is worth excess of $8 Million USD and $300,000 plus all legal fees that are now in excess of $200,000 ( I finally lost count since ALL MY ASSETS and COMPUTERS were CRIMINALLY STOLEN by ROSE, then Ms. Bashama, then DUNCANs, then BRIAN walker, and now WHO NEXT? No one has EVER shown up in COURT to TESTIFY I did anything but SHOW CASE the ULTIMATE and FINAL TRUTHS......

Just sent this to Marites Duncan (soon very ex-wife) and asked her to FILE divorce papers on her Hong Kong side since I have no idea WHAT is any of her actual LIVING addresses. I will file lawsuits against her also, some day, as she literally STOLE some of my hard earned cash without permission to FLEE back to Hong KONG in May 2017. . Feb 15, 2015. I state key date of April 1, 2015 that is HISTORICAL visit direct to EmmaUS, JerUSAlem, then ROME and is key antichrist DOB.   notice you said NOTHING, still you are USELESS because you say NOTHING of value or merit to anyone..   Comments then are STILL VALID, they are:  #339 Press release and world re broadcast. Feb 14, 2016. uses to teach our world how to remove all crime. Meet Marites Friginal, Keiths soon new soul partner who travels our world teaching all how to build the strongest families and communities of faith. Call her immediately for Press Conferences and booking stadiums full of all people hungry for ultimate justice and equality with Support these world ministries with while USA Government either collapses from total corruption for NOT honoring and hosting all these press conferences already hosted by OTHERS. 1 cor 13:13 for those who actually care about the rights of all others...... We are at Hong Kong Unification monument for meet and greet rally at harbor front 5 pm Sunday's.  Greetings year of the monkey translate into all languages. Greetings to all from Duncan in Hong King Kong again. The year of the monkey and gorilla is the corrupt politicians eating bananas with the pristine prostate prostitute criminals like Please ask everyone to do following. 1. call press News Desks as I have already done. Ask everyone to send emails to newspapers and everyone they know. Easy for them to get national recognition for first exclusive coverage of and as well as That creates 1-3 million new small business owner jobs in Philippines and more in all other countries. Thank you. Use and to find and support keith until USA government collapses or actually takes out all these criminals with and

  After +10 biblical years of extreme persecution by Anti Christ ROSE and his dominion of identified demons, I have YET to find but just a very few who SEE any true reality. Most object for any single word reasons and prevent ANY justice from being served by listening to FALSE lies of others and assuming that few can actually tell the TRUTH.  Institutionalized?  SURE works for the CRIMINALS for almost all crimes have been legalized including MURDER, Treason, Espionage, infiltration of so many bank, government, corporate databases, and ability to blackmail so many with the criminal assets stolen from their very own victims. That alone is HOW the most massive transfer of GOD's original wealth ends up in total control of the Criminal Ruling Elite, and the rest of my-GOD's world is enslaved and bombed with terrorist attacks that are so easy to occur. Just a push of a nerve gas agent, dirty bomb, poisoned water/air, toxin plaque, cut off of phone/energy/travel/trade with martial law. SO SO many ways for WORLD to truly EXPLODE.  all these divined and ordained methods are HOW to peacefully REPLACE all known forms of governments and corporations with a single unified standard system that ensures ALL my 7.6 billion people are equal opportunity to be MIDDLE class all small business owners.  I publish THESE 100% true truths, just like everything else. SO DEAL with it.  NOW, not claiming you are a convicted felon and no one will listen to simple common sense reason.......

April 1, 2018. Most POWERFUL broadcast in world history remains All these certified TRUE answers to solve all of Mankinds prime basic world conflict issues. Tomorrow I debrief Headquarters Transnational Anti-Organized Crime Intelligence Group and then ALL other INTERPOL and law enforcement organizations as NOW all WORLD LEADERS rise up to demand HOW can any of these answers be destroyed and ignored by a few super criminals INSIDE our own corporations and Government enterprises that DENY my-our 7.6 billion of our people who DEMAND justice and social justice as ALL benefit. 

     A debrief Call and PRESS CONFERENCES to sweep our world of all crime networks is all that was ever required and even DEMAND-COMMANDED by that frees our world to be all small business owners and all middle class that obliterates all super rich crime family dynasties. This alone destroys all poverty, self-genocide wars, and other crimes against humanity once our entire world VOTES and mediates on WHAT is best for their own communities and how to UNIFY our world with gifted by GOD and Keith to all of humanity.

  Rose clearly was judged criminal by Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010, IRSWBFeb2009-658, Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 + 11.1.7683.99 and more than three separate robberies of Keith's extreme intellectual property from his own cyber protected homes documented to nth degree by Gwinnett and Cobb County Police Department reports that were forged by ROSE's cabal criminals to prevent the Military from protecting Keith's life and most extreme worldly worth from being gifted to all of humanity. +100 people go to prison and Death Row for their direct signature links to Robert Dee Rose. Rose is being manhunted by YOU, my +7.6 Billion people since USA government is on verge of total collapse since corruption has doomed our governments to be replaced by the ONE solution that ensures the survival and prosperity of all of mankind in God's Holy Trinty Name: UNIocracy.

Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) on left has $2 Million USD bounty from IRSWBFeb2009,658 implicating conspiracy coverups. Ms. Bashama has $10,000 USD bounty  from the $32,000 USD Keith's cash and assets she stole per Marietta GA. P.D. 11.1.2506.99 forged conspiracy tied to Cobb County TPO 11.1.1171.99 2nd kidnapping. Third is Kyle Duncan, Sherry Duncan, Matthew Duncan (guilty of massive larceny, bank fraud, wilful obstruction of Justice, interference with Military investigations, and slander/libel.  Fourth is Public Defender Phoenix Harris, Norfolk VA, guilty of attempted murder by withholding all evidence and actively preventing FBI-AG-IRS-USMarshal-Military involvement in criminal charges against 85 to 100 USA government officials all tied directly to All others are clearly listed on bottom of  Below are the public Locator files indicating known addresses, family, phones, emails, and other identifying data for Law Enforcement, Military, Press, and Public to complete the Manhunts for all persons tied to #1 Terrorist Supercriminal ROSE.   Who takes ACTION today?

1. ROSE.  2. Cyclone Covey 3. J Deal  4. V. Reynolds 5. SallyYates 6.MattDunc  7.Bashama  8.W.Carraway 9.Lt Jamie Gianfallo-criminal

James Bank Deal.

Norcross Georgia USA (770)  263-7200 Guilty of massive conspiracies to PREVENT Robert Dee Rose's arrest based on $100,000 USD of legal services paid by Keith for Jimmy Deal to go to FBI-AG and show the 3 banker boxes full of massive CyberCrime Evidence already submitted to IRS, FBI, USMarshals, AG, and even USA military.   Jimmy is a criminal, plain and simple for his willful obstruction of Justice and conspiracy slander and libel connections with Ex-Wife Sherry Duncan. He and all other lawyers are reported to GA State Bar who is also guilty of felony crimes of obstruction and collusion.

Cobb County DA Terrorist lawyers Berry Vic Reynolds and Pat Head along with USREP Buddy Darden.

Call FBI-AG and Berry and ask about Cancelled TPO 11.1.1171.99 July 15, 2011 as NO 922(g) violation could have occurred at Langley AirForceBase Sept 25, 2011 per and resulting implications of Norfolk VA Judges Miller and Thurman Jackson along with AUSG Dee Sterling and Public PUKE PRETENDERS Defenders office who all had all evidence showing ROSE was a Cybercriminal extorting and paying off each and every person involved. This exists through today.

Judge Raymond Jackson -Norfolk VA Federal.
Call him direct (757)222-7003.
Guilty of massive denial of all constitution rights of Speedy trial, free speech, right to face any and all accusers, and conspiracy to MURDER KEITH DUNCAN based on NO violation by Sally Yates (new Deputy Attorney General) who signed 4:11cr112 based on Canceled TPO on left based on larceny Marietta PD 1.11.2506.99 forged 4 times by Cobb County CID and clerks to show Ms. Bashama as the victim of ??. As Keith was assaulted and robbed Feb 4, 2011 per multiple visits to Marietta Police and their forced return of only $1,000 of the $32,000 cash and assets stolen by Wendel Carraway, Ms. Bashama and Robert Rose. Details are and as well as bottom of famous
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