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Direct funding of education prevents Political Crime of skimming for profiteering

Who contacts the USA Government, the Associated Press, Congress, our government leaders, and all churches as fast as possible. For this is exactly what Keith Duncan has been doing for now +7.777 years. This includes engaging the USA Military at the highest levels for them to investigate the worse case of cybercrime attacks against our own USA government by Robert Dee Rose ( and other super criminals who are embedded in almost all USA government agencies. Those who control your information control your lives and futures. For we live in a slave trading industry known as Jails-Prisons-Legal System as well as unabated blatent domestic worker and human trafficing by the Criminal Ruling Elite known as Politicians, Judges, Liar-Lawyers, Corporate Executives who are in direct league with underground criminal enterprise networks around the world. and already are in all major national foreign languages. These were gifted to Interpol, Associated Press, and the world on Jan 7, 2015 since not a 'blasted' soul has ever represented Keith Duncan or Billions of my collective people's rights.

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