top of page achieves total world peace forever.

reality is FREE world education is the ONLY answer to rid our world of the worst criminals known as Criminal RULING ELITE. NWO, scammers and other TOP corporate Executives who secretly CYBER hack and STEAL OUR assets and profits. SURELY my world will WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION by CALLING DUNCAN directly and saving themselves from the LUCIFER GREED 3400 years old.

Recent post is: SK20201028-uniocracy-1148.pdf. is all new world crime free system engineered by most humble The procrastinators of Lucifer agenda scream bloody murder their days are always numbered by their own crime evidence... Denial of human rights is most deadly crime against humanity caused by heresay of terrorists who intimate anyone who showcases their sociopath criminal mindset actions.

Call to all action now with ngState one degree of separation, 0 secret crime free society, reverses the Lucifer 3400 year old criminal ruling elites. last database open public library of human AI knowledge required to share communally everything my FatherGod has gifted us all. Denial of human rights prevented by based in reality that terrorists of banksters and corporate stock market real estate criminal dynasties currently rule over my meek and silent people.

Learn First Names is original 2010 design for New World system. is one degree of world separation  12 long years of being FORSAKEN and literally TORTURED because I personally TURNED over ALL LUCIFERS at one time same period. keith is worlds last energy conservation system 30 to 80% reduction in all electricity. destroys the oil coal fossil fuel commodity FUEL energy wars with both use of to rid us all,of,the original Lucifer BANKsters and stock market insider trading commodity BROKERS such as the OPEC princes who are now impoverished because of their extreme greed. Who is people ask? Clearly #1 author of who has become #1 fore founding leaders of based on all evidence that 8 named USA persons attempted to murder him after defrauding him and robbing his hi,Ed. Then they paid off well,over 125 usa gov and corporate executives to destroy his IP valued over 10 trillion usd. Almost happened many times, since few if anyone protect the lives or rights of anyone.

... is the final solution of unification of 7.8 billion people once first person represents KEITHs rights to mediate with all world presidents nov 25, 2020 to resolve 9 simple steps of how to destroy the Lucifers agenda promoters of predatory evil greed. Call us after shows reality of whynGOD SENT KEITH 62 years ago to be #1 sage of all time who restores all pirated profits back to YOU we his most be-loved people at lowest level. teenMM all empower our young generation to throw out the old grey haired Lucifer politicians and corporate executives once and forever.. Keith at skype BuiltByKeith2, manila 63-9173354300 most formal requesting militsry protection and escort these past sept 25, 2011 years every day... #1145 BuiltByKeith reverses all Mass Poverty caused by LUCIFERs FOIA. reverses all mass poverty once everyone uses EVOTE.ONE to decide WHO migrates to 3rd world mountain retreats. #1145 SaintKeith legacy One Degree of Separation FOIA.ONE using EVOTE.ONE prevent reverses all LUCIFER agendas forever. Who do you know to protect keiths life while World Presidents we mediate solve all Political wars once and forever. No one protects victims of $$ wars since taking first profits is how they kill PROPHETs who are top scientist Sage Duncan. #1 Engineer Front Humanitarian Saviors. Protect Keiths life and IP gifted everything by contacting USA and everyone else.

We Keiths People FORM a new Crime Free Society by overthrowing all violators of our laws. Deadly serious Citizens Arrests are authorized by Duncan Fore-founder Angel Guardian Trust NGO Peace Making Foundation. SEND everyone to FB.ME/BuiltByKeith and COMMAND everyone TAKE ACTION to create final NEW world complete economic Judicial Cultural SHARED system Starts with world use of EVOTE.ONE #3 FOIA.ONE and Mass PUBLICITY as NOTHING left to DO but GATHER MILLIONS of MY FatherGODs people to ENACT each of our systems today. Oct 3, 2011 when ANTI CHRIST theFINALTerrorist ROSE succeeded in almost murdering Keith again those 5 times = 900 DAYS of kidnapping conspiracies. Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 worth excess record $500 Million USD real and punitive damages payable by seizure and open public trial OCTV of 125 named persons WHO all follow the NEW LUCIFER agenda to depopulate MY = YOUR WORLD owned by GOD.

Keith and peer follower wealthy leaders are Gods Guardian Angel Mediator World Affairs Overseer soon based in Lyons France Interpol, Milan Italy, Geneva/Zurich, Bejing, Moscow, Hong Kong, NYC and even N. Korea because of that prevents ALL wars forever. Watch Youtube playlist BuiltBykeith. Command all world Presidents and leaders use these methods and protect Keith and team lives and extreme intellectual property inventions and keynote broadcasts NOW!! End of the line for all criminals once becomes new reality for 7.8 Billion my people.


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