BuiltByKeith.com is CreatorKeith.space worlds first Trillionaire NGO Trust Foundation of Intellectual Property.

   Our focus is 100% direct open eDemocracy to save humanity from the most ruthless pandemic Criminals who plague our world by taking OUR first Profits and murdering our top Prophets who are #1 scientist Humanitarian Angel Investor Philanthropists.  We are never hidden and always request Press Conferences with World Presidents and Leaders + PRESS to unleash the true reason Humanity exists.  Call us today, NOT tomorrow as we return to advise GOD on his level of wrath because of humanity GREED sin, vice crime.

Updated Last March 27, 2020 based on ALL evidence of WHO is WHO, and WHO I am.

Keiths #1 top World Leader destiny is always to lead humanity into UNIocracy.ORG to fill up Stadiums of our people for mass education based on THEIR needs, not ours. Keith is #1 world leader Mediator consultant Scientist true Man of GOD of all expertise who uses here + all ways +  CreatorKeith.space to deploy new world society system free of almost all crimes + vice. We are routinely murdered by named Criminals for our divined work is completed years ago for humanity to eliminate all crime networks as required by all laws.

No one has any Option but to contact us NOW as everyone must escort Keith + teams and JOIN us to eliminate all the worst crime networks all at one time using EVOTE.one + FOIA.ONE = solutionJudge.com with the other solution (c)(tm) Intellectual Property. I never expected to survive post Oct 3, 2011 kidnap murder for hire conspiracies that started back Jan 15, 2008 by ROSE alone.  We are always fully prepared to create New International Accords designed as all FREE WILL free citizens 100% direct free will Open eDemocracy of BuiltBykeith.com/Clearhouse. Escort us now before our lives are all terminated by terrorists and the Criminal Ruling Elite who have already taken control over our lives. We all now share everything as Communally shared Resources owned by all. Feb 3, 2020 b'cast.

Jan 27, 2020 compared to Sept 26, 2011 when I announced Anti Christ ROSE + others  were stalking me and wanted me dead seen in 2 prime broadcast videos below. Ended up being 100% true as shown by ALL evidence that has been sealed and destroyed by ROSE and named USA = other GOV + corporate named officials to prevent their prison at 1 time. SolutionJudge.com SolutionMilitary.com was destroyed by so many named criminals starting with ROSE. These simple replacement ratified laws now voids all  client-attorney secret privileges and puts ANYONE on trial by public interested in case using world famous Last eVote.one system that is 100% direct eDemocracy for all...   I have over $500 Million USD real and punitive damages easy to recover once you my people FIND a top Law Firm and even call Sally Q Yates Syates@kslaw.com NOW Atlanta GA for her to stand trial with Congressional and Military + Interpol Investigations on Murder for Hire tied to Illuminati Terrorists who pirate steal our Data, Intellectual Property, Profits, Bank Interest, Dividends, and assets. We prevented ALL cyber crime published era 1976 to now. The 100% evidence is here, gifted to all...
With our new world system, ANYONE who violates laws is eVOTE brought to total Justice in 3 - 10 days Speedy trial Total Tort Reform system SolutionJudge.com  SolutionManifesto.com that NULL and VOIDS almost all man made laws forever.

  Violations of basic human rights was legalized by wealthy criminals decade/centuries ago by named persons who pass laws and become law breakers known as 'deep dark web state' = New World Order...

Read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Covenant_on_Civil_and_Political_Rights#Constitutionality that was just sent directly to Sally Q. Yates and hereby world. Denial of rights to FACE false accusers and right to put anyone in prison is key to our new simple reformed system of total social justice seen below.  No one else in world except keith is using the proper words and actions to command our leaders face reality and empower us.   People disappear when they hear a single word they object to believe is their own true reality.

Our (c)(tm)(r)Patent unique gifted systems eliminate ability for anyone to violate YOUR rights to speak freely and obtain restitution and social peace equality in just a few hours, maximum of 10 days.  WHO DO YOU KNOW to contact our very top World Leaders to testify on WHO is KEITH and WHO is 'Robert Dee Rose'. Client3635.wix.com/ManHuntall

   Now our entire world uses just our cell phones to conduct all transactions as FREE will citizens who share all assets communally. No more crimes, government leaders, or mega corporate executives can violate basic human rights ever again. World now uses common sense, Technology, and enforced integrity legally binding covenant contracts to conduct all business and personal interactions. Everyone now 'fearlessly protects the rights of all others to ensure no one commit vice, sin, crimes and walks free. Wealthy criminals never are brought to justice because they use our profits and prophets to prostitute our laws and systems.

  Now Everyone runs their own reality and future destiny. Clearly Keith is worlds first Trillionaire yet impoverished because of all reasons stated and broadcast for now 61 years. Most humble walking alive saint

Keith Duncan is first entry into Database FOIA.one with  IID is 1-19580815-1 (integrity +101%)

SolutionPeace.com  =  Client3635.wix.com/SolutionPeace
is the only method set to empower humanity to control and own all assets worldwide. WE the PEOPLE work for everything, BUT (HUGE BUTT) a few thousand Billionaire Executives control all our ASSets (hear the word ASS SETS as we are Slave traded, all of us.) markets since early 1900's using basic (executive) Stock Options to control all the profits we earn and they take as first profits. These are Named Illuminati.
  ProfitShareHolders.SPACE is the ONLY legal method to ELIMINATE all Computer Insider Traders who speculate on OUR ASSETS and Bank Deposits by replacing existing By-Laws of all Corporations. Many Executives violate SEC laws as they use OUR  information to profit on Up/Downs of Markets. Everyone BENEFITS with our (c)(tm) Patent once the General Ledger and Business Deals are OPEN for accounting scrutiny by any shareholder or legal group.  Entire computer trading industry and fiat Currency Exchange Forex systems are bypassed and eventually eliminated. All based on pure data modeling observations on the true cause and effect of true poverty. Now passing judgment on all others is Constitutionally legal once everyone knows WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, Who trades What with WHO + (GPS when/where)
  Client3635.wix.com/WorldSF WorldSchoolFund.com provides all Free World Internet WIFI and all FREE education for all K to PHD levels at ANY public school. All Private schools will quickly convert over to all free schools as the teacher/Master/Professor salaries will be 3 to 5 times more than present levels.
We the People now own and mutually control all aspects of all Communications infrastructure including direct read only access to all military satellite and communications to PREVENT rough military command.
Only by the Will of Majority of Free Will Citizens eVOTE will humanity eliminate all crime networks at one time. This is the true basis of world reformation unification using FOIA.ONE single Open public database.
  Client3635.wix.com/SolutionHousing.ORG migrates millions, then BILLIONS of families to higher revelation Elevations taking trillions of real $$ assets with them to build new all digital electric homes
using SolutionSafeWater.org and TurnOffLights.Space worth true 500 Billion USD actually more in the worlds last system of free energy and Free water for all of humanity. Anyone can use our gifted methods.

Feb 12, 2020. 9pm. I, keith duncan, continue to legally testify from summer 2005 to present to entire world I have hereby gifted EVERYTHING back to humanity to ensure all these answers sent by GOD survive to the end of time. The #1 Prime requirement has always been for USA GOV or anyone to contact me and escort my Mediator Scientist experts to debrief everyone over Live TV using the same technology we pioneered 1976 forward that is the true singular technology common sense GOD delivered answer set for WHY I remain alive despite so many dire threats to my life by criminals in Atlanta, Raleigh NC, Norfolk VA, and even in Washington D.C.  They refuse to surrender because no one has CALLED them to command they give themselves up...  this is #1 most critical requirement as we have offered to transform all law enforcement groups + all military to SHARE all criminal information of WHO is WHO and to use internet with auto face recognition for public to prevent crimes from being transacted  in the first place.  No one has an option to NOT use our URL linked systems consolidated   BuiltByKeith.com/Clearhouse

Feb 11, 2020. 11:11am Legacy heritage: Today is son Kyle Duncans DOB 1-19910211-1 (integrity rating 05%) since he committed crimes against his very own father by covering up all the crimes of others that remain in the hands of my +8 lawyers and thousands of others client3635.wix.com/manHuntAll.  Call him in USA at (770)655-5546 and command he surrender to FBI AG Police for the crimes he committed long ago Nov 2011 when he testified his father was a DRUG ADDICT, an impossibility based on any witness evidence.

Todays Scipture is: "But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me."  2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV

My PERSONAL RIGHTS have been most cruelly DENIED and ABUSED based on even International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.


Part 1 (Article 1) recognizes the right of all peoples to self-determination, including the right to "freely determine their political status",[12] pursue their economic, social and cultural goals, and manage and dispose of their own resources. It recognises a negative right of a people not to be deprived of its means of subsistence,[13] and imposes an obligation on those parties still responsible for non-self governing and trust territories (colonies) to encourage and respect their self-determination.[14]

Part 2 (Articles 2 – 5) obliges parties to legislate where necessary to give effect to the rights recognised in the Covenant, and to provide an effective legal remedy for any violation of those rights.[15] It also requires the rights be recognised "without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status,"[16] and to ensure that they are enjoyed equally by women.[17] The rights can only be limited "in time of public emergency which threatens the life of the nation,"[18] and even then no derogation is permitted from the rights to life, freedom from torture and slavery, the freedom from retrospective law, the right to personhood, and freedom of thought, conscience and religion.[19]

Part 3 (Articles 6 – 27) lists the rights themselves. These include rights to:

  • physical integrity, in the form of the right to life and freedom from torture and slavery (Articles 6, 7, and 8);

  • liberty and security of the person, in the form of freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention and the right to habeas corpus (Articles 9 – 11);

  • procedural fairness in law, in the form of rights to due process, a fair and impartial trial, the presumption of innocence, and recognition as a person before the law (Articles 14, 15, and 16);

  • individual liberty, in the form of the freedoms of movement, thought, conscience and religion, speech, association and assembly, family rights, the right to a nationality, and the right to privacy (Articles 12, 13, 17 – 24);

  • prohibition of any propaganda for war as well as any advocacy of national or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence by law (Article 20);

  • political participation, including the right to the right to vote (Article 25);

  • Non-discrimination, minority rights and equality before the law (Articles 26 and 27).

Many of these rights include specific actions which must be undertaken to realise them.

   Today I have $1 USD left, 3 apple devices Macbook AIr, 5 year old iPhone 5S, and IpadPro left along with original IseeStand PhoneCradle 4th generation CreatorKeith.Space Universal Stabilizing system that would have generated over $500 Million USD in profits by year 2014.   No one in world has asked about WHO I AM or booked the required Press Conferences with World leaders and Presidents to obtain total world global peace. Reason...  Most of humanity is blinded by self entitlement greed and is run + controlled by about 5,000 millionaires and criminal enterprises who control all aspects of our economy.  Few see, fewer care that our top scientists are murdered to prevent technology and common sense from evolve revolutionizing how humanity communally share all resources and prevents crimes in the first place starring with CCWGuard at Client3635.wix.com/CCWGuard and COMPLETING with BuiltBykeith.com/Clearhouse

     The destiny of mankind is only two choices: 1. Either mankind rises up to overthrow all crime networks at one time or 2. Our Human race perishes based on any combination of Weapons of Mass Destruction that also includes a single signature or order by any wealthy terrorist or just a plain old stupid person who decides to attack a major population center when they are driven criminally insane because their rights have been denied once they have been persecuted and then prosecuted by named persons in our USA GOV and Corporate world. These named persons FOIA.ONE IID, always criminally profiteer on any event driven by news media sales revenue. 

    How ODD, that only a few news casts have covered WHO I AM and what I have done my entire life to fearlessly protect the rights of both humanity and GOD.  For reality is that few people protect the basic rights of GOD, therefore GOD has apparently forsaken and abandoned earth to be left to its own devices of self-destruction.   Our system totally reverses, replaces, and by-passes the current world human conditions of GREED, Arrogance, lying, heresay, and ability for individuals to commit crimes and walk free once their victims and eye witnesses are murdered and discredited using all those secret court documents that are sealed and destroyed from public sight.

  I write this to PROTECT YOUR rights as client3635.wix.com/SolutionManifesto is indeed the FINAL solution answer for all mankind.


Feb 1, 2020. Repost of the original crimes committed by ROSE and why Keith is the only person alive to TESTIFY to World Presidents and to our own law enforcement system officals on HOW to eliminate all crime networks with our (c)(tm) Patent new law enforcement communal shared system Database of new world FOIA.ONE that is Singular AI last world open public repository.

Only requirement is for 1 person to debrief keiths crusader teams and command ROSE be seized along with every single person who was criminally incompetent to engage with ROSE and other terrorists to prevent Keiths crusaders from debriefing all world leaders on their new (c)(tm) patent replacement justice law enforcement system that deals directly with all crime networks at all levels at one time. All with the direct commands of our World Presidents and top Executives at all Corporate and Government levels who actually have decision making authority to dispatch Military to escort keith to testify. USA GOV owes keith over $500 Million USD for real and punitive damages to be paid out from the seized assets of every single person tied to ROSE. This includes any law firm who have been hired and tied to ROSEs criminal organizations since back in 1995 era when ROSE started infiltrating corporations and then governments that finally converted over to AgileLaw.com and other terrorist crime cells run by ROSE and Atlanta GA attorney terrorist Alexander Cyclone Covey.

    Clearly I am the ONLY person with FULL CONFIDENCE that ALL of USA and other government officlals will be OVERJOYED to actually just have a debriefing session so our group can turnover ALL new world society solutions at one time so that our world will not collapse from the NEXT terrorist attack or disaster of any magnitude. It is happening RIGHT now with the China Novel CornoaVirus that is named the Snake FLU which ties to Chinese Year of the RAT=Rose.  With our system, NO plague can wipe us out once SolutionHousing migrates billions of people to higher elevations in the charted mountain and open plain areas of Earth.

    We can always explain to WORLD leaders the true cause of ALL mass poverty and $$$ warefare.

We have LEGALLY claimed 1% of all crime assets seized that makes our Crusader teams who own CreatorKeith.space stock all millionaires, and KEITH worlds first trillionaire. Just do the math of how many mega trillions of real USD $$ assets are controlled by named individuals who engage in criminal enterprises.

  Critical for everyone to know that most people are indeed honest. Only takes a few cabal elite to conduct billions of real $$$ crime enterprises like Berny Madoff + others.

Jan 29, 2020 broadcast.
    I have 120p left, no other $ in sight despite .... nothing left to broadcast. few if anyone cares about anyone... the intellectual property I personally engineered and spent well over $300,000 USD 2005 to 2011 is worth billions, actually mega trillions USD.... No one cares.... SO I gifted everything to humanity so I can die in peace and return to Heaven to take care of Gods business from above. tens of thousands of persons personally know what I have done. all but a few are dead silent only thinking about "What is in this for them....."
BuiltByKeith.com/ClearHouse shows world over 25 other perfected solutions to EMPOWER mankind to OWN and CONTROL everything. Most of these were gifted to Humanity Summer of 2010 forward.
  The seed Direct funding is from the most obvious direct sources..
1. CRIMINAL WEALTH seized using our unique (c)(tm)Patent methodology seen here and for past +11.11 years in the most extreme broadcast mass media campaign in world history.
  Data analysis of criminal wealth exceeds $50 Trillion USD, actually more held in Swiss bank accounts and invested in money laundering gambling human trafficking worldwide. This is returned BY to our PEOPLE by simple use of EVOTE decision direct democracy system we have personally gift broadcast.
2.  Migration of at least 10,000 Millionaire families to Asia and 3rd world nations as free will voting citizens who pledge 30% of any construction costs go directly to build required all free Medical, Schools, roads, energy, water, communications, parks, Eco green land jungles, factories, shopping markets all owned and built by the local impoverished citizens who are OUR PEOPLE.
3.  Return of the billions, even TRILLIONS USD of our assets held criminally by named billioaires who use OUR profits to reign over us. ProfitShareHolders.SPACE. is ONLY method by-laws to eliminate anyone who criminally profiteers on us since WE own the banks and stock markets, not the criminal ruling elite known as The New World Order = oligarchy dynasties.
4. Protect and Direct FUND Keith Brent duncan as I truly have no idea how many days I will remain on Earth for variety of reasons NO ONE has ever asked WHY I am HERE. so I explained it extreme detail my exact purpose sent by GOD to unify mankind with what you see HERE to motivate humanity to TAKE ACTION with REQUIRED FOLLOWUP to GO PUBLIC.
   Over 500 Trillion USD worth of GOD's assets are always at Stake to be pirated away by named individuals anyone can MANHUNT down using EVOTE by placing bounty rewards on their heads.
NO ONE an ESCAPE, NO ONE can HIDE using our auto face recognition FOIA.one SYSTEM.
My own fortune I hereby again PLEDGE to use 100% to fund each of these GOD ministries.
1. + $500 MILLION USD the USA Gov owes Keith Duncan for the 900 Days of HELL Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014, then Oct 5, 2018 to Nov 20, 2019 true Murder for Hire Conspiracies to prevent humanity and Governments to coordinate WITH Corporations to use our new social equality system.
Includes the Forsyth County GA 08SC-1345 Judgment Oct 2010 worth over $300,000 USD.
Includes the original $1.2 Million USD stolen/robbed by Ms. Bashama, Rose, Duncan Clan period Aug 4, 2010 to present.  Includes the IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009, 658 worth over $8 Million USD in reward on ROSE's head for massive money laundering tax evasion SEC violations.
Seizure of ALL of Roses assets worth over $1 BILLION USD goes direct to KEITH and payable out to ROSE's other mega millionaire victims once ROSE confesses WHO are his long list of victims.
Of course IRS will not tax us on Real and Punitive damages since THIS was our original Property and cash. We will be WORLD FAMOUS as first top world leader to actually SHOWCASE how to UNIFY.
  See TheFinalTerrorist.com Robert Dee Rose is being PAID by billionaires to infiltrate USA Gov and corporate databases worth TRILLIONS of real $$$ in data trades, stock market history, corporate IP secrets using AgileLaw.com from year 2010 forward.
2. 1% of all crime assets SEIZED using BuiltByKeith.com methodology shows we are TRILLIONAIRES from 10 years ago. This is also the reason we are the NEW world leaders who pledge to OWN NOTHING, since we turn over ALL our assets to direct fund UNiocracy.ORG and all new infrastructure.
3. All Consulting and Product Services profits go to CreatorKeith.SPACE along with all other income from above sources.  Our Stock is modeled after Warren Buffets stock, never to be split and dividends paid out by stockholders evote.one request for payouts using ProfitShareHolders.SPACE legally binding by-laws..
### 100% related of UNIocracy.org new world market system we gift engineered 44.4 years ago, actually 19580815 to present.

Jan 19, 2020 Required WORLD Rebroadcast. BuiltByKeith.com/clearhouse is total new world economic revolution is driven by ProfitShareHolders.SPACE that prevents ALL stock market crashes by stabilizing the price of any common stock to it's true INTRINSIC VALUE. This has never been done before by EMPOWERING all stock holders to vote on WHO are our corporate executives and HOW much pay benefits they receive for representing OUR best interests, not theirs first. The DELAY agreed upon by all stock holders prevents ALL computer trading and insider manipulation that are illegal by SEC laws when one has private information about the potential up and down price of any stock. NEVER BEFORE has our entire economy of over $500 TRILLION USD world value been changed by ONE man BuiltBykeith.com Duncan.

   Our world is legacy heritage that is the most powerful GOD driven ministries in world history because of our ability to UNITE as ONE=WE the PEOPLE of UNIocracy.ORG that provides 100% free education, free communications at all levels, and WE the PEOPLE own and control everything. NO LONGER can any banker or corporate executive become billionaires or millionaires using OUR hard work earned profits. Our lawyers and Judges now focus on legally binding contracts and immediate punishment of 3-10 day speedy trial universal law of SolutionJudge. Everyone MUST SEND to our World Presidents, PRESS, and literally world of foresaken people to PREVENT the final war world FOUR. As WW3 started back in 1957 era when stupid people started using technology to SPY on us by seizing our information of the internet and claiming they represented OUR best interests. Keith Duncan is owed well over $500 MILLION USD from USA GOV and criminals who attempted to MURDER him 2011 forward by robbing his homes and then claiming he was WORKING DIRECTLY with POLICE, Lawyers, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, and MILITARY to bring each criminal tied to ROSE to justice.

   THIS is 100% confirmed TRUE that Keith alone has created a new replacement law enforcement system FOIA .ONE that is worlds last OpenPublic kDatabase of WHO is WHO, WHO owns WHAT, WHO trades what with WHOM and GPS WHEN and WHERE. This is the worlds last free market barter trade system that eliminates all bitcoins and speculation price fixing that drains OUR profits into the accounts of true PIRATES who think they are the resurrected JESUS and / or Egyptian GOD deity. Everyone knows these class of ruthless people and falsely believe nothing can be done to CHANGE our markets. Keith at globe (63) 09173354300 in Manila. ready to testify TO and With all world presidents on jan 20, 2020 or as soon as YOU our people RISE UP to change your own world economy that you now OWN and CONTROL.  EVERYONE must call World leaders and escort Keith to TESTIFY known as SAFE Haven Refugee so Keith can turn over trillions of USD worth of intellectual property to our world to prevent holocaust
genocide that is occurring right now.

Most humble walking living saint Apostle apologist Keith Duncan Jan 19, 2019 ready for escort NOW, not later as required by all existing laws to lift the burden of all governments and corportions off the shoulders of the ONE man who has is forefounding father of our new world Society.


JAN 15, 2020. I remain shocked I am still alive. My worst fears are reality that ROSE is #1 super criminal I accidentally discovered. = the ANTI Christ New World Order who is ruling over all. Almost ALL my 200 websites GONE/DESTROYED that ARE the true GOD delivered solutions to UNIFY all mankind. The sites above have most expired. I have $10 USD left as we go on relief mission far south Manila soon. CERTAINLY MY PEOPLE will INTERVENE by now since my very own Father GOD has forsaken EVERYONE including myself long ago.  All because these stupid people in USA violate almost all laws and I am clearly the one sent by GOD 1-195808-01 (integrity +101%) to redeem reform teach all World Leaders + PRESS (conclusively) how to communally OWN and CONTROL everything. 
  I have ZERO assurance from ANYONE that ANYONE has ever investigated ANYONE for ANY crime....
   WHO DO YOU KNOW to dispatch MILITARY and TRUMP special force teams to COME FIND ME. as I have my cell phone on most of the time and carry the knowledge and wisdom of my people as the #1 most humble walking saint prophet Man of GOD this entire time. NO ONE else has shown full confident in our people to lead them away from the most satanic GODs of commerce enterprise who prey on our people as Slave Traded food supplies including eating flesh of our 'FARMED for FOOD" people once holocaust finally occurs.
The LOST FORTUNE (Think King Solomon's Gold) is real since everyone focuses on the stolen fortunes of others.  We have the only economic computer map system that shows humanity WHERE is the true CASH, GOLD, ASSETS, Water, Energy, Land resources that have been most brutally taken from us from 5000 years ago Egyptian Pharaohs to present. They have named faces of WHO is WHO on most famous  FOIA.ONE IID client3635.wix.com/URLident Database.  Those named persons who violate laws including SEC insider trading and tax evasion are money laundering by taking OUR vast profits in form of Stock Options and hiding all transactions like the Devils of ALIBABA,com den of thieves = Bankers, Corporate Executives, named terrorists. With our simple methods, Who are You and what do you own are instant answered by automatic back ground checks using our proprietary (c)(tm) Copyright system that also replaces FACEBOOK and GOOGLE as the database search engine used by all humanity.
The ONE person who has most of the crime details is Sally Q Yates KsLaw.com, GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds and Tom Hagg at 702-349-9337 Las Vegas. CALL Sally and Berry to surrender to FBI AG since no one else has EVERY Made ANY direct call or done ANY investigations of +125 persons tied to ROSE.
REPORT everyone on TheFinalTerrorist.com TO top FBI AG directors and PRESS NOW, never later. AG Atlanta GA Chris Carr at 404581-6000, 404-656-3300, Washington AG 202-727-3400, as we have DONE so many times we lost count after tens of thousands of contacts to ACCOMPLISH required Press Conferences with all TOP LEADERS. If we do not survive, ALL new world society plans are cross referenced in GOD's purpose here and all over GOD's domain of kInternet.
Most positive is that worlds GODs wealth is intrinsic. It does not change in value except vaporized by wars. Every single up/down rapid stock price change, a few computer/insider traders crime profiteer and dump the losers out of each market. Many go bankrupt for they buy stock on loan debits. With our world change ProfitShareHolders.SPACE each company value becomes the true INTRINSIC value as any speculation trading is prevented once the existing ShareHolders Majority vote anytime on the DELAY period between Buy/Sell GPS timestamp/WHO, wait the delay period, then committed to complete the trade. No more will insiders literally force Stock Market values to rise and crash for obvious reasons they control the flow of database information and WHO is in the market.  These are the terrorists now IIDed by our open trading platform (ad free) FOIA.ONE that creates ONE all free will barter exchange market of true intrinsic value   kStockMarket at Client3635.wix.com/SolutionPeace/stockMarket
  Even GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, Microsoft, Samsung, Alphabet, (ALL BITCOINS and FOREX) are speculation billionaires based on use of OUR data and greed of shopping. They take OUR business and skim off as much as possible, all while claiming YOU DESERVE to BE RICH, Borrow more of your own money, Pay insurance, taxes, and all those utilities including pay through the nose for any education and seduction forums to GET RICH QUICK. All at our expense of our workers. WARS are the most profiteering industry financed by OUR profits controlled by the named family dynasties. Use whatever label name you want. We call them terrorists at the highest level.
  The WMD = weapons of mass destruction are Signatures no one sees and Stock Option Futures.
EXECUTIVE STOCK OPTIONS are how ruthless people use OUR assets to be BILLIONAIRES.
  Keith is the author of all expertise who lives in abject poverty because of ROSE and above reality of YOUR WORLD. 85% world poverty is self-genocide holocaust to depopulate my EARTH. For I am the top world expert on PREVENTING all crimes in first place. CyberCrime terrorist is Weapons of Mass Destruction signatures by stupid coward Presidents and Congress + underground terrorists who always PROFIT by staging riots and attacking other cultural different tribes, all to pirate GODS assets any ways and means.  Updated Jan 7, 2020 on my way back to VISIT Senators this afternoon. All to talk DIRECTLY with World Presidents and CEOs as few have any confidence at all to BE WORLD LEADERS.
  They use our dividends and interest payouts to shield their crime enterprises with lawyers who attack our scientists, data statistic modelers, creators,  This is the root cause of wars and poverty including terrorist attacks, oil-OPEC energy wars, genocide, and crimes against humanity. All because a few named thousands of Elites hide the transactions since they have the total control access of our Data on each and every linked Database. With our EVOTE(tm)(C) universal simple single voting direct eDemocracy system, We the PEOPLE now tell corporate and government officials the NEXT best project that benefits our communities and world. We are empowered to majority vote anyone into Prison. We the PEOPLE now control and own all infrastructure and unite as one world UNIocracy.ORG
  We are the top World Leaders who are engineer drivers of 4d Virtual Super Education of CEOSpace.net.
We are the root scientists who invented all aspects of technology + psychology. Here we are, still alive.
FIRST REQUIREMENT is ProfitShareHolders.SPACE that peacefully empowers all bank depositors and stock Holders to decide WHO are their executives/pay and to delay/control all stock buy/sell orders.
We (lead by Keith himself) are the worlds top Economic Model consultant advisor creators of your new world system owned and controlled BY WE the PEOPLE. We created worlds last replacement law enforcement system of Who is Who, Who Owns What, Who trades What with WHO, so no scammer or cyber criminal can ever steal your assets and murder key live eyewitnesses of our SolutionPeace founders of free market trade, education, communications when WE eVOTE control everything. We are the first most humble trillionaires of Intellectual Property gifted BACK to all humanity. Only by protecting our lives and direct face to face hosted meetings with all WORLD Presidents and CEO leaders will our world actually UNIFY as 100% peace loving free will citizens who decide the NEXT best projects that benefit others as well as themselves. Keith is in Manila asking since Sept 25, 2011 for Military escort.
  Watch THIS video about Military WMD Cybercrime:   https://youtu.be/noHV-93YeH8

  Starts with WorldSchoolFund.com  SolutionMilitary.com  then rest of  ClearingHouse.
BuiltByKeith is the worlds last common sense methods to obtain Sustained Global World Peace.
Only by ACTION follow-up by all of humanity will the root evil of Corporate Executives who violate base human rights and commit crimes against humanity be eliminated with simple use of EVOTE.ONE
I, Keith Duncan are the LONE Designated Survivor threaten by so many because I started career of moving Mainframe OS theory to MicroElectronics all levels to Create Free World Society all electric digital sustainable ECO world. Crime Networks are easy to see with FOIA.ONE the new world AD-FREE database of human knowledge.  NO-ONE to date has asked WHY I am the walking most humble Saint sent by GOD to teach humanity how to eliminate the root evils of Corporate Executives who want us all DEAD. I truly MUST be ESCORTED to Testify with Safe haven protection so our techno cultural system will now be the worlds last Universal Stabilizing System.
Jan 7, 2020 recorded history real time as the covenants we have published are the REAL answer.
SolutionJudge.com client3635.wix.com/SolutionJudge is also total World Peace by remoing ability for ANYONE to tell a lie, defraud another, and commit perjury including any Judge or Lawyer.

Jan 11, 2020 11:11am Heritage Legacy Broadcast to world again:::: Keith Brent Duncan in Manila since Aug 6, 2015.

  USA GOV owes Keith 1. Personal Broadcast Apology. 2. Seizure of ROSE +125 other criminals tied to ROSE. 3. Escort Keith to safe haven to debrief Interpol, TRUMP/All World Presidents, DOD, DOJ, PUBLIC  3. Establish UNIocracy.oRG as the new world standard NON-GOVERNMENT NON-POLITICAL system to empower humanity to OWN and CONTROL everything. 

All details on cross Linked BuiltBykeith.com/ClearHouse.

  NOT A SINGLE PERSON since Jan 15, 2008 has ever REPRESENTED ANY of my rights to recover $1.2 Million USD of MY assets taken by force by ROSE, Ms. Bashama, murdered Brian Walker and DUNCAN CLAN, since ROSE already had infiltrated Police, IRS, FBI, AG< USMarshals, Military databases PRIOR to most famous debrief in world history, Sept 25, 2011 midnight at Gate of Langley AirForce Base VA. site of NSA, CIA who MUST contact KEITH then as now and escort to INTERPOL and safe haven.

We are the ONLY GROUP to legally claim 1% of all crime assets using our (c)(tm) Patent methods to provide trillions of real $$ to direct fund the replacement of all known government and corporate systems, bylaws, and eliminate well over 90% of all man made laws. Our new SolutionJudge.com based lawyers will be VERY busy working with accountants to find out WHO is controlling our assets and profits.

  #1 REQUIREMENT is to CALL KEITH and his teams and send us support survival funds so we can FINALLY host Press Conferences with MILITARY and World Presidents in attendance WITH our top world Executives.

  We remain in Manila as of historical Legacy day is TODAY also. 9 days away from Final Peace Summit required to STOP and PREVENT all wars from now until forever....  Call Keith. here I am, #1 walking R&D scientist saint.

  I have personally perfected this new world economic system. No one else has. If they HAD, our world would be 100% peace loving citizens who share everything. I do feel 100% like a time traveler, always moving forward in time. So Fast sometimes, I see the rest of humanity are the laggards who just want to...  I really do not know .... WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE WANT?  Usually self centered ego arrogance is the root problem most people experience and re-enforce. We are on verge AGAIN of changing the course of history by publishing HOW to unify mankind. We are unsure HOW long this will take since the course of humanity is so bizarre, few see the root cause of anything. Wrote history again real time with Client3635.wixsite.com/CCWguard and updated the last few broadcasts showing SHARED RESOURCES is  only way to achieve total world peace. ProfitShareHolders.SPACE prevents all POVERTY as Stock OPTIONS are the biggest pirate con-artist scams of all time. 

I=Keith is the worlds first trillionaire who has already gifted everything BACK to Humanity to direct fund the build out of all new free Wifi, Schools, Hospital/Med Clinics, water, Energy, land redistribution, elimination of all War Machines, identification by world of EVERYONE who violates basic and Constitutional Laws.

Read, see, believe, then pick up the phone and call keith.  ### start of new world UNIocracy.org

World Mission Statement: "Teach our world with Fearlessly Authority to Protect the Rights of All Others" by using these simple step by step ordained commandments.

Aug 15, 2019 In true reality, I, keith duncan, have never expected to survive this most bizarre persecution by so many identified criminals. If/When I die Natural or Martyred, my fellow Apostles, disciples, followers have been instructed to continue to complete each and every one of these world saving solutions found in the Cross Matrix below.

We are the TRILLIONAIRE fore founders of YOUR new world ECONOMY of KTrade.Space 

SolutionHousing.org   CreatorKeith.space TurnOffLights.space + others below.

Our world now joins by simple USE of the following and providing Protection to each other who are Universal members of Free Barter Market Exchange system of:

  ProfitShareHolders.Space  kbitCoins  FinalStockmarket.com + others below.

The only world solution is SolutionPeace.com = Client3635.wix.com/SolutionPeace

I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA), + my BuiltByKeith.com teams, have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  Each of you claim the same.

These new world only standards for total Reform at all levels of society are below for all to use to prevent self-genocide. These are over 100 world class answers to all issues, conflicts, wars + problems that are gifted to all of humanity by keith b duncan.


Book BidOnKeith.com to engage the #1 Author of Love and Caring for all Others with ChristDomain.com  and world changing UNIOCRACY

  This is the TOP list of solutions that each create Total World global Peace.
 +25 website broadcasts are shown below with over 800 videos showing The Human Condition.
  Click: Search Youtube.com 'builtBykeith' verus TheFinalterrorist.com ROSE

CORRUPTION, CRIME, Civil Right Violations have been Legalized at all levels. Watch the news. Join SolutionPeace.com today. Support us.

  We are the ONLY 'hidden billionaire' world leader scientists who proclaim to humanity HOW to achieve Total World Peace by the simple empowerment of +7.75 Billion our people to collectively decide the Next Best Projects that benefit your self-serving interests. Most people are only interested in themselves and refuse to protect the rights of all others. SolutionManifesto.com solves that one root primal issue with our worlds last single stabilizing Constitution consisting of Human Bill of Rights when our basic civil rights are violated.


   As of Dec 16, 2019, our small and most powerful group is only protected by a few close allies here in Philippines including the local police and some in AFP along with a few of the most powerful decision makers tied directly with President Duterte. Our key leaders in USA consisting of Trump, Congress, Senate, FBI, AG, DOD, NSA, CIA, DARPA, others have never been notified of our existence because of the most horrific series of crimes conducted initially by:
    Robert Dee Rose is TheFinalTerrorist.com DOB 1971-April-01 at OneOceanBahamas.com crime.
The threats to our lives are from named FBI and AG rogue criminals + our very own lawyers and family including at least 7 state and federal judges who actively prevent any investigations of Roses +85 person crime network. This includes fired Sally Q Yates of KSLaw.com and GBI Director Berry Vic Reynolds.
 From year 2011 forward, we require everyone seeing these true answers deliver them directly to our top Press and World leaders as our communication lines in Manila have been disabled and we have been warned that a few powerful people are destroying more USA based evidence against themselves.
   The #1 PRIORITY since summer of 2010 is Seizure arrest of ROSE and Open Public Press Conference testimonies by KEITH and all victims of ROSE and other cyber crime terrorists. This has yet to occur since ROSE and other very powerful USA gov officials continue to DESTROY evidence and block any investigation of their OTHER crimes against humanity starting with massive Obstruction of Justice.
  Includes famous ex-AG Sally Yates of SYates@kslaw.com who implicated herself Dec 13, 2011.
  These are the most peaceful replacement bypass solutions that identify who violates laws and who criminally profits because of their wealth and dominance arrogance. The cash flow goes to the elite that is our hard earned profits, taxes, investments, bank deposits, and our worker labor. These are the only sustainable methodologies to legally transfer mega trillions of $$$ wealth back to our people because absolutely everyone benefits in positive ways. Except those who refuse to surrender to authorities.
    We are the most persecuted R&D Eco-Human Rights activists billionaire Philanthropists in world history who invest their lives and assets as investors in PEOPLE by using all available ways and means to distribute knowledge and social peace justice to rest of humanity. We are the world Mediators teaching humanity how to UNIFY. Peace is achieved only by preventing the crimes against humanity and genocide by easy use of the following solutions created 1-1958081501 keith brent duncan. Who will call to escort our R&D teams to meet our world leaders as that is what was required Sept 25, 2011 to present time.
   Press Conferences and Peace Summits occur once mass publicity occurs here and abroad.
1. ProfitShareHolders.SPACE prevents all Stock Market Crashes by returning full control of all public corportions worldwide back to  'WE the PEOPLE' for most obvious reason we are the work owners.
2. SolutionMilitary.com prevents all $$$, oil and stock market civil wars, ensuring world peace..
3. WorldSchoolFund.com is free communications and education for our entire world.
4. EVOTE.ONE drives entire new world economic system at personal level that truly eliminates all ability for anyone to defraud each other and stabilizes all wealth returned back to our +7.7 billion people.
5. FOIA.ONE is mankind last required Open public Artificial Intelligence Singularity enforced referential integrity database that records and forwards all transactions. This URL linked to all other repositories of knowledge and wisdom. Of course it is ad-Free and open public source software driven.
6. SolutionHousing.org is billions of persons migrating to higher elevations self-funded by those we invite to share their wealth and assets to build all digital electric sustainable communities.
7. SolutionSafeWater.ORG TurnOffLights.Space provides full ownership and smart grid cluster network control over everything electric. OPEC Oil resources no longer are needed based on any analyst research. Humanity now proceeds to explore SPACE of our universe as GOD's Ambassadors.
8. SolutionJudge.com eliminates all judicial legislative social fraud by simple use of Open Circuit TV as concerted concerned free will citizens decide the fate of leaders and distribution of all assets.
9. SolutionManifesto.com is now the worlds last Single Mandate Constitution that enforces the 11 commandments and International Human Bill of Rights to ensure everyones rights are protected.
Any of these systems work comprehensively with the other methods to ensure everyone benefits while Military works with KEITH to resolve and prevent the basic issues of rogue agents declaring war.
  ALL to obtain UNIocracy.org that is the world system of unification reform always required by GOD.
Posted to prove to world exactly why GOD sent us to save our world from Anti Christs and those who prey on others by violating civil rights for us to redress grievances against anyone who has money.
KTrade.SPACE system achieves total Global Peace as soon as our world leaders and/or you contact our R&D Crusaders ASAP now.
Keith Duncan in Philippines (63)917-335-4300  (c) (tm) USPTO.gov. Only Commandment is 'LOVE and CARE for all Others.'
This is the Prime and Only Clearinghouse that truly teaches humanity how to solve each and all issues forever.
ONE single voting system for entire world in ONE open public database as WE control all market commerce as WE own everything. This is our most valuable commodity gift of Total world peace social Justice = GLOBAL UNITY.
Below URL links are the universal most powerful SolutionPeace.com solution set calling for ALL World Leaders to finally meet us with One Press Conference Live CONCLAVE to UNIFY REFORM all mankind.

FREEDOM of SPEECH is the most abused RIGHT by private pirate criminals who use our assets to buy liar -lawyers who file lawsuits against the true Whistle Blowers and Members of FREE PRESS. Solved FOREVER with  SolutionManifesto.com  Standard ONE Universal Human Bill of RIghts when anyone violates basic 11 commandments seen on any theology for past 5000 years.

     Worst ones like ROSE rob our homes of their evidence and YOUR trade secret Intellectual Property. Then they file restraining orders against us by bribing police/judges/district attorneys like Berry Vic Reynolds. Then claim VIOLATION when we go to POLICE, IRS, FBI, AG, USMarshals, PRESS, MILITARY (in any order).  Then kidnap us and force us into hell jail so we can most easily assassinated and NO one knows (another crime coverups we personally experienced first hand).  They blackmail top AGs like Sally Q Yates to sign more warrants when ALL evidence points at ROSE and all criminals who violate laws.  When any judge sees NO evidence of any violation, why would they liberate a super mastermind anti crime expert speaker.

   It would implicate them as criminally liable for Hostage for Profit and Aid/abetting other criminals. The illegal Judges(paid off) now court order FORCE DRUG us dead or inanimate vegetables claiming 1. We were criminally insane at time of NON-VIOLATION, and 2. because ?someone like our very own family Duncan clan? claim we are DRUG addicts and child abusers (False again by ROSE and my very own two criminal sons).

  Then the top AG Director and each lawyer/prosecutor/even wardens say we are INCOMPETENT and DO not even know our own name. HAPPENED TO KEITH so many times. ONLY PERSON capable of this is ROBERT DEE ROSE who IS theFinalTerrorist.com  THOSE USA named GOV officials tied to ROSE are easy to link to millions of executives and pirate criminals once ROSE confesses on National TV with KEITH asking him personal questions of "WHO did you sell keiths anti crime technology and TOP CEO corporate database to...  WHO are your victims and where are the dead bodies located? List goes on.

    FOR i have also offered to GO find ROSE with Military Sept 25, 2011 as Special Forces is only group who can travel outside USA with direction of CIA, NSA, and military commander orders. WHO are the military generals who violate laws? We prevented that one issue with SolutionMilitary.com + SolutionJudge.com

Dec 7, 2019 The days of Infamy are still here. Anniversary of Attack Pearl Harbor and when Brian Walker was murdered in Atlanta GA USA after he sold off well over $500 Million USD in intellectual property on orders of ROSE or even SALLY Q YATES. All tied with their very own signatures. The true value of the worlds last law enforcement, judicial, financial, and cultural neutrality system was on those computers sold off to other terrorists while ROSE and few destroyed all court documents and wiped their digital footprints off of all GOV and social media databases. Easy to do. Just pay off anyone with crime assets.
     All to threaten the lives of my people and families so the most critical Day in WORLD HISTORY Jan 20, 2020 would never occur.  Self-Genocide is the Crimes against humanity planned by the super wealthy criminal elite. They think they are the Pharaohs of Egypt who are gods of the banks, real estate, stock market, energy, water, land, and other of GOD's loaned assets by slave trading our people. Even Keith was slave traded Oct 3, 2011 -Jan 28, 2014, to present. These are theFinalTerrorist.com cabal groups
    These are the Crimes against humanity that extend all the way to the Advertising Revenue of "WORK Harder, Pay More taxes, Buy more goods, DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, or you will be fired and homeless. Make sure you buy INSURANCE so your family can bury you without going into MORE debt"  Loans and Insurance are scams of fear since we have no Medical or safety net care. We DO NOT NEED insurance once crimes are prevented and everyone in world has POSITIVE NET WORTH by sharing all available +Quad Trillions of valued natural resources using keith's divined ordained solution methods.
  FOIA.ONE is the worlds last Open public domain database that is AD-FREE and truly links to all other databases worldwide as information sharing prevents crimes at all levels. INTERPOL must be visited.
    NO JUSTICE will ever be served until WE THE PEOPLE identify all persons who VIOLATE base civil rights and prostitute themselves by greed of the almighty DOLLAR and GOLD. The prime universal new world standards are here for WORLD to use as we are the hidden billionaires who rise up to COMMAND our people TAKE over all aspects of all economies. Nothing left to do but wait for Military to come escort us.
    If we COULD call them, we HAVE. Called out and visited well over 1,000 groups and tens of thousands in our daily prime pilgrimage to obtain total social justified peace with SolutionManifesto.com and all other BuiltBykeith.Com/clearhouse solution that is the required broad spectrum total world global peace.   WHO will call us and escort us as we DID ask for political asylum safe haven protection way back in Sept 2011 with Sally Q Yates and then USA Military OSI officer Captain Chris Weber Sept 25, 2011.
  The dates and day intervals are critical to humans restore competency and intrinsic value to all of our world systems that have been manipulated to extreme measures by those who cyber attack and control OUR private information. PRIVACY is no longer any concern as those who scream PRIVACY are clearly hiding something of crime history and will be isolated by world using FOIA.ONE.  If we did violate any laws, then WHO are the key witnesses and why does USA GOV refuse to prosecute as we have commanded as soon as any crime occurred and WE reported it to everyone.
   SolutionJudge.com and EVOTE.ONE is 100% direct democracy JURY system as anyone with interest can vote 1. Innocent. 2. Delay for more evidence 3. Guilty.  For passing laws: 1. Pass. 2. More Discussion including ability to ask questions remotely. 3. Reject.  For next projects: same simple 3 level answers.
  This was SolutionRedDot.com SolutionGovernment.com delivered TO USA Military Sept 25, 2011 that would have resulted in all these answer solutions becoming YOUR new world UNIocracy.ORG free of almost all crimes.   I remain in Manila 100% isolated from my 7.77 billion people minus about 1,000.
      SolutionMilitary.com WorldSchoolFUND.com PREVENT all $$$ OPEC oil wars forever. TurnOffLights.SPACE SolutionSafeWater.ORG eliminate the need for FOSSIL FUELS as COAL, oil, freaking FRACKING extractions are solve prevented by new world economy prime buiness model of ProfitShareHolders.SPACE.  ONLY by eliminating the criminal ruling elite worldwide at ONE TIME with evote.one FOIA.ONE will humanity actually CONTROL and OWN all infrastructure and OUR LAND and resources.
     SolutionHousing.org is why ALL Presidents meet with BuiltbyKeith.com DUNCAN R&D economic experts on Jan 20, 2020 to achieve total world peace. Our People are WE THE PEOPLE who now travel freely and trade with NO restrictions using FOIA.ONE as the standard universal database of open record public domain. Keith Duncan in Manila, the worlds first trillionaire in Intellectual Property who is victim of ONE super criminal TheFinalTerrorist.com.  The rest are just criminally incompetent and even STUPID for thinking their certified court document signatures will NEVER put them in PRISON. Keith still waiting since Sept 25, 2011 for Military escort to INTERPOL on NEXT stop of going to your greatest places of needs. We publish this as quick as feasible for that is WHY we are here as World observer broadcasters under protection of FREE press seen on one world constitution of SolutionManifesto.com = UNIocracy.ORG
#1 Revolution caused by EVOTE.ONE #3 as we eVOTE teach leaders the NEXT best Project benefits you.
Click: Buy in $100 USD for 1 share CreatorKeith INC to Join Mass Conclave with all World Leaders today
Would have occurred Sept 26, 2011 if single person had upheld ANY law at all. Contact our teams now.
The intrinsic Art of Peace. No one can ever DENY ANY of your SolutionManifesto.com 100% self enforced rights again. We offer since 2005 to sell our real trillions of $$$ Intellectual Property to highest bidders by simple call us. Our company profit profiles:  BidOnKeith  CEOSPACE.net  UNIocracy.org

 Join us Jan 20, 2020 as all world leaders at all levels achieve total global world Peace. Details are here and obtained from keith.

  Since all these events I have personally experienced are Bible revelation full filled exact dates, Sept 11, 2011 to Dec 11, 2019 is exactly 6666 days = Mark of the Beast now prevented by FOIA.ONE and justified ChristDomain.com we hereby set a prime deadline of Dec 11, 2019 for key top DOJ DOD officials from any nation to escort us to safe haven. If we do not report back to world with postings and new videos, consider us DEAD forever.  This is to complete delivery Sept 25, 2011SolutionMilitary.com CIA NSA and Obama. Never had that prime interview of another debrief as of today Nov 11, 2019 as we have timelined to world exactly how corrupt persons have destroyed any hope of your future. Oct 3, 2011 - Jan 28, 2014 illegally detained. April 3, 2015 3.5 years later I stood at Emmaus Israel professing why GOD sent me. Oct 4, 2018 = 7 years to the day, I flew back to testify to FBI-ATL and was forced into HELL-Jail 5th time after FBI Agent Lynn voiceRecorded said 'ROSE is under investigation, and you keith were indeed illegally detained."  Jan 12, 2019 after being drugged by USA GOV for 5.5 weeks, I flew back to Manila always knowing ROSE and very powerful named USA gov officials want me DEAD for they have implicated themselves with AG Sally Yates now of KSLaw.com.

    There are so many reasons why all our base civil and constitutional rights at all levels have been denied since Jan 2008 and yours violated since end of World War 2. WW3 is the cyber crime terrorist attacks of technology that transfer your=GODs wealth to the criminal ruling elite. Most are hidden billionaires including focus on financial Terrorists  AgileLaw.com Atl Atty Alexander Cyclone Covey in criminal cell network directly with  theFinalTerrorist.com Robert Dee Rose. Sally Q Yates and hundreds of others are in mortal danger by ROSE and other very powerful terrorists and are ignorant and arrogant that they will escape DOJ DOD justice.

  These are the most POSITIVE real time reporting for now keith and his R&D teams have perfected how to show WHO is WHO, Who Owns What, and Who Trades What with WHO.  The complexity of our world has been reduced to simple language of all people.

   Other civil rights are violated by those who have no clue about much of anything except capitalism. They focus ONLY on the bottom line profit with complete disregard to the rights of anyone. It is SO easy to violate a law. So easy to pay off just one or many to murder another key eyewitness who has architect engineered a free world citizen society at all levels. Who decides who controls our economy. Obviously WE do, yet few have any voice of decision. This is 100% true for all my people.  The words of Communism, Socialism, Democracy, Monarchy, and other forms of government enterprises are just words.

    The people who are elected to run the administrative affairs are those who get paychecks and benefits for serving and protecting. Nothing else is required. The same applies to all corporate officials from manager to CEO levels. The new world model creates entire all small middle class business owners who free trade and travel starting with Free world Wifi and Free Education K to any PHD degree. No more will profit be obtained by charging for any education. All initial funding will be provided by keith with CreatorKeith.SPACE ProfitShareHolders.space common stock we hereby increase from 75,000 to one million shares as soon as we receive word from USA GOV that ROSE is in custody or you call us to explain who we are. Rose has always been the first person who used our $109,800 3 Promissory notes and billions of real $$ intellectual property to cyber crime terrorize, murder, and threaten blackmail, extort USA gov and corporate executives many of them his very own original HomeWAVES.com people and OceanPlaceBahamas.com crime center luxury condo visitors.

   We hereby always legally claim ALL of ROSES assets as well as 1% of all crime assets using our (c)(tm) methods to directly fund SolutionSafeWater.org and offer membership into UNIocacy of all world leaders.  We have offered to pay World Presidents from this most unique Trust NGO fund so that no one can use Campaign Contributions or other forms of corrupt money to buy off our most fearless consultant leaders. All who join soon also receive common stock.  Just ask us how.

   This is also why have formally offered Sally Yates SYates@kslaw.com common stock, to join our Legal Justice Teams, and to fly us to Atlanta or Washington and back to FBI to testify, and prepare for the greatest press conference series so we jointly roll out deploy each of these almost perfected systems.

   UNIocracy.org is the worlds last fully functional self correcting checks and balances system to ensure collective sharing of all resources occurs. Poverty is prevented and reversed, our world goes to all digital electric society, everyone is protected by the focus on EVOTE.ONE using FOIA.one as the prime store and forward open domain referential integrity database system. FOIA is freedom of Information ACTION that stands for righteousness, social justice and peace.  Because all transaction records are open for anyone to scrutinize, any violation of SolutionManifesto.com Constitutional base laws of 11 commandments, then Human Bill of Rights are immediately used to put any individual on trial. Speedy Trial law is now 10 days. Other benefits we learned from everyone we know like berny dohrmann at CEOSPACE.net are no more appointed officials at any level. The only exception is the original nomination of replacement persons for temporary assignment. Everyone in world has right to public vote on petitioning for a single next project, the right to elect best person for any government or corporate position, the right to decide the innocence or guilt of any person who is accused of violating anyones rights. 

    This we post here and on SolutionPeace.com and UNIOcracy so our world leaders will now meet as ONE world summit Peace Summit on Jan 20, 2020 to be hosted by Trump + Sally Yates + Keith + World Presidents and live streamed to world over our own news media channels all owned and controlled now by the PEOPLE.  Never again will any individual or crime network control any aspect of our economy since Prevention is now the focus of everyone to conduct outreach ministries to all they meet and know. This includes the terrorists, criminals, alcoholics, drug addicts, homeless street children and families, and even extends to our existing world leaders.  This is most obvious by the commands of 'LOVE your Enemies',  'Act with authority of fearless people to protect the rights of all others' that is summarized by justice of 'LOVE OTHERS'   Who do each of you contact next to dispatch Keith and yourself to the next greatest places of needs.  We have been open for booking flights to meet Presidents and even return to  fourth world areas (known as Prisons client3635.wix.com/helpInmates) since Feb 22, 2011 when the real crime sequences were started by ROSE and Ms Bashama since not a single person has upheld laws to sign the arrest warrants and seize my own assets.

    To complete our original 100% technical missions of R&D science to UNIFY mankind, we ask everyone you know to CONTACT the absolute highest persons in authority so we can be flown to INTERPOL, DOD in Europe, then debrief Trump and Joint Chiefs of Staff, then prepare for the greatest moment in time. Unification of our people known to all as 'FREE CITIZENS'   Prophet Keith

Nov 11, 2019 As we remain alive broadcasting ONLY by the grace of GOD himself and a few protectors. We can always tell you who these are on SolutionHousing.ORG Endorsements Page and all the open public broadcasts. NONE of these are in USA.

EVERY YEAR, the World Justice Project releases a Rule of Law Index. They interview around a thousand people in 126 countries and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of their respective justice systems. In their latest report, Singapore is ranked 13th; Malaysia is 51st; and Indonesia is 62nd.  The Philippines is 90th.

Notoriously, we sit at 115th for Order and Security, 99th for Civil Justice, and 113th for Criminal Justice. We are at 105th for fundamental rights, while our highest rating is 51st for Open Government, possibly because we are—at least—transparent about our disregard for human rights.

Reference: TuffoBrothers-ABSCBN.com today. https://news.abs-cbn.com/ancx/culture/spotlight/11/10/19/the-tulfos-are-the-face-of-philippine-justice-and-that-should-bother-us

  The Real Profitable news continues here as we continue to consolidate all aspects of UNIocracy. We require the bet analysts in all disciples to contact us in Manila and help continue Mass publicity. We can provide remote counseling, consulting, and even keynote speeches for your Corporations and Government Groups at any time. Same as summer of 2010.

We have offered to sell off real billions of USD $$ valued Intellectual Property from summer 2011 forward. 1st is EVOTE.ONE system, TurnOffLights.SPACE, the universal stabilizer system WorldSchoolFund.com and other unification answer solutions we pioneered 43 years ago to present.  No one can ever DENY your rights again to own and control all infrastructure and corporations ever again once 1st WORLD leader announces to world 'THEY have the worlds last ANTI-Corruption System ready to deploy with our mentor ship mediation help.  No one will ever go through the horrors of 'Murder for Hire' conspiracies we have survived.

For Humanity with Integrity, the ONLY pathways to UNIFY mankind, Click here for the Fast Path to contact our Crusaders.

We now educate our young people free Internet + Free Education of WorldSchoolFund.com since EVOTE.ONE commands all decision leaders to Protect and Serve our people without any Political Corruption prevented by FOIA.ONE database and the enforced covenants of one new world Constitution of SolutionManifesto.com. Immediate use of SolutionMilitary.com prevents all wars and truly prevents all Poverty with SolutionHousing.org,  Free world water and energy SolutionSafeWater.org and TurnOffLights.SPACE and all other singular linked URL answers truly disrupt the status quo of Cyber crime terrorists and corrupt Politicians + Corp Executives who prey on the weak, naive, and uneducated masses. We are being slaved traded and murdered because of the abject ignorance of the most massive transfer of GOD's assets to the Criminal Ruling Elite. Nothing can stop this true divined and ordained ministries from our Mutual Creator since our world self destroys itself from predatory greed, ego, and the pursuit of 'What is in this for me mentality' 

        We are the most powerful R&D Sovereign Prophets sent by GOD and knowledge of our fore founders from past centuries. We are the most wealthiest Angel Philanthropists in world history who have been denied all our rights to debrief and teach our World Presidents and Corporate Executives how technology and common sense combined with enforced integrity and wisdom is the ONLY way to create sustainable Global World Peace.  We are here, who contacts us now.

   Keith Duncan in Philippines (63)917-335-4300  (c) (tm) IntlPTO.gov is #1 top Tech Visionary Sage World Key Note Speaker God's Rights Activists + World traveling Consult Teams for you. Everyone: Multiple Call visits Forward, one Call Back = 1 Prime Meeting turnover with USA Embassy Ambassador Sung Kim + Duterte, Trump, DOJ, DOD Military official, Press, or others, and +125 USA criminals all go to Prison and Death Row as enemies of the state. Then we debrief Duterte, Trump, Putin, all World Leaders on how to eliminate crime with series of Peace Conferences with our most powerful R&D Scientists, economic modelers, Humanitarians. WHO will be the first group to make International history for taking down the worst terrorist network in USA-World history. Then we rest as all Sovereign Citizens of Free world SolutionPeace.com already numerically perfected methods using technology + common sense. #1 issue is FEW ever do FOLLOW-UP and destroy crime evidence since most simple do NOT CARE about others.

   Our Ambassadors have clearly been asking for Safe Haven Protection with and by orders of our Presidents, Military (all nations + CIA + Interpol) Mega Corporations, Churches, and everywhere we travel.  All the Crimes + Prevention methodology always broadcast to DOJ, Military, world leaders by our Crusader teams. This is the true purpose of FOIA.ONE.  Anyone who objects to World Global Peace and our integrity based enforced ethic methods are clearly hiding from the justice they deserve. Anyone who cries PRIVACY is clearing violating our rights to Public domain exposure of WHO owns What. Never our fault, always theirs..

  Oct 2, 2019 11:11pm.  Oct 3 2011 at 10am kidnapping ordered by ROSE was just one example of cyber crime terrorism.

   NO MORE Crime = Dynasties, underground networks, Military wars, poverty, civil right violators, or any crimes against humanity. Capture/seizure/death of TheFinalTerrorist.com Lucifer Anti Christ ROSE network has always been easy #1 world priority.  All other criminals scream in horror their days are numbered by their own evidence. All Positive replacement of all world systems = our Creators purpose.


Use BidOnkeith.com to recreate required free trade barter exchange market system free of all taxes and crime. This is the only solution set to eliminate/replace all banks, stock brokers, and other no more needed financial trading platforms. Everyone benefits in our Creators original purpose.  Only persons of Integrity will prosper. All others will perish by GOD's wrath and your teams.  These solutions are the most peaceful transition back to E.D.E.N. Utopia using existing technology and derived system that return all intrinsic value benefits back to our +7.729 billion People as of Sept 10, 2019. The only requirement since fateful Jan 15, 2008 has been for USA GOV or any other nation to SEIZE theFinalTerrorist.com and use each of these ordained divined technology common sense answers compiled by our top world scientists...

Yes, then we all finally get paid for providing the new replacement bypass system + methodology that truly creates sustainable Global Peace..

Click: https://youtu.be/ivEW0dgjLms Sept 20, 2019

The most POSITIVE reform Unification Movement in World history is 100% Direct Voter Democracy of EVOTE.ONE #3 that would have been world reality +40 years ago for variety of criminal terrorist reasons.

  Since we have been calling for emergency meetings with DOJ, Presidents, DOD, all others since summer of 2011, just how can all these crimes against humanity continue unabated??  We know. Ask us.

NO ONE can DENY any of our rights again once World Leaders are Required = Commanded to follow our EVOTE  directives to Serve and Protect as now we collectively DESTROY the politics and crime forever.

The top priority is mass publicity on HOW so easy to teach world how to set up ONE world voting  system shared by all of EVOTE engineered by our Crusaders and GOD himself. NO secrets, NO Crimes  the absolute BOTTOM line to LEGALIZE and have total World Peace...  Who will contact us now...

   We have also offered to sell off (c)(tm) book, movie rights, our true billions (trillions) of USD IP products and services and use World level speaking engagements to fund ourselves this entire time.

   Who will book us now to fly our crusaders to your greatest places of needs. Just one call away.

  If anyone complains, ask them to use SolutionPeace.com/5steps to provide us a better=best answer. We collectively shake our heads in disbelief so many hypocrites, cynics, racists, bigots, and criminal brood of vipers think they can be profitable citizens when everyone simply lowers their integrity ratings.

   This autoface recognition using IID includes any criminal we might meet on any public area using client3635.wix.com/CCWguard that notifies neighborhood of their presence and direct calls the Police and even SolutionMilitary.com if they have a required bounty on their heads. Our young adults now are the 'Search and Destroy' instead of wasting billions man hours online gambling sexVideo addictions. Simple use of WorldSchoolFund.com replaces all corrupt executives and government officials in just a few years. TeenMoneyMachine.com is also the key. This is so simple we sometimes laugh out loud. 

    Clearly we have already established the worlds last kPeace Keeping Foundation, Law enforcement investigation Judicial agency and Free Barter Market Exchange needed by world based on all evidence we are the only R&D experts who have simplified finding criminals in record time. We have also shown world how to convert to all electric Water Turbine society with worlds last Patented P.L.C. universal smart grid cluster network TurnOffLights and SolutionSafeWater.org and REALLY need Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and all other angel philanthropists to dispatch their jets and Tech market experts to come pick us up as we most humbly requested summer of 2011.  

     For we alone have established worlds most profitable Free World Market exchange system of Cooperative Capitalism of CEOSpace.net and been selling off our trillions of $$$ IP and rights (BuiltByKeith.com CreatorKeith.com INC) , while inviting world to BUY-IN common stock so we have ONE central stock with ONE kbitcoin kTrade barter exchange system that also creates our new world Unified system. So YES, we WILL and MUST debrief world leaders. WHO WILL be the first leader of UNIocracy.org to call us back, protect our safety and IP rights, and then we all tune in to hear the greatest stories of GOD's reality world to be peace loving new world citizens free of all crime...

   CORRUPTION, CRIME, Civil Right Violations have been Legalized at all levels. Just watch the news. Join SolutionPeace.com today.

  The FASTPATH of justified evote .ONE #3 UNIFIES all Humanity. RePost now!  Since our world is only driven about basic issues of NO MONEY and can NOT see WHO is WHO, WHO owns What, and WHO trades WHAT with WHO,  we in GODs purpose have already been doing this for decades.

    The prime legally authorized bounty rewards by our citizens are the modeled systems of eVOTE.one #2 as best most profitable incentives for our Police, DOJ, DOD, even World Leaders, and common citizens to use our methods and pay our R&D Scientists for our granted technology (tm) (C) Patented products and services that truly benefit all nations using the original now perfected Cooperative Capitalism system of CEOSPACE.net Berny Dohrmann that benefits humanity to save all nations with worlds last self sustainable Global peace.


    We have called Senate and Congress in many nations asking for Congressional Investigations for years. Only the ruling Party members of any Government and/or Mega public Corporation ever decide our fate. These are the Criminal Ruling Elite that everyone despises (more words you can use). Truly CRIMINALLY Insane and Incompetent as they pocket all assets since no one complains. Most of our Politicians and most of our Law enforcement remain dead silent also. Too much money in the market for them to pay attention to earning millions of $$$ bounties by just using our FOIA.ONE IID method.

    A few identified people emailed back saying they never engage in LEGAL matters (Sen Dave Purdue, John Lewis, Police, FBI, IRS, AG, DAs, Berry Vic Reynolds, ..., such stupid criminal persons). We remain beyond SHOCKED that Corruption has now been Legalized just like every other vice -> sin -> crime !!!!

    All our world leaders are in Political Warfare and seldom if ever deal with ANY root issue of our people.  PAY ATTENTION and continue onward until Justice is served by hiring our crusaders.

     With our new system, NO MORE POLITICS or ANY Political Parties will exist as WE the PEOPLE now eVOTE decide Next Best Project and WE decide the compensation for each leader. Clearly we were dispatched by our Mutual Creator to complete the Final Mission of wiping out all Corruption at ONE time since EVERY single one of our=Your Rights are being denied and abused by leaders we are paying to SERVE and PROTECT. These are the Family Dynasties = Criminal Ruling Elite who want us ALL DEAD. SEND this out to everyone you know and complete the most powerful Viral Social Media Campaign in world history focusing our entire world on SolutionPeace .COM. All builtBykeith and his crusader warriors as SOMEONE has to address crime, then SEIZE crime assets to rebuild OUR communities we own and control...

  For now +11.11 years, we SHOULD and MUST have correct callback from our World leaders so we can TURN over the most comprehensive crime interview investigations in world history. For the IP value of the worlds last simple crime detection prevention methods (c)(TM) Patent is beyond staggering in its simplicity for use by all our citizens. Since we have always most formal requested safe haven from all top DOJ DOD Military +President leaders, why has no one just called us to turnover the SAME refined IP technology anyone can see here, below, and embedded on 43 years of total plans of reform action unification salvation. As everyone needs to save themselves into safe haven, then lend a hand to help others do the same. Many already revealed to the world including ALL other Angel Philanthropists listed to DO the same. This is what we have done and lost our lives because ONE person decided he wanted to stay out of the same HELL-JAIL they sent us to, as the most profitable Prisoner of Cyber crime warfare is clearly KEITH protected by GOD and just a few that now will be 7.7 billion once MY world sees who I most humble AM John 10:30.  Simple and direct action.  No need to continue world broadcasting as that was truly the only reason we have honest leaders and PRESS (a whole another greatest stories every told self limiting dilemma ).  All our leaders at all levels are PAID highly to Serve and Protect including our Corp executives who commit SO many cyber crimes (concealment of crimes) they to will stagger into Prison once they also too see their days are numbered by their very own records and evidence. Never our FAULT, always those of them who violate ANY of our existing standing rules of enforced laws.


   Our world class R&D Scientist Keynote Speaker inventor engineer lawyer CEO crusaders now return to TRUMP and all world leaders at the expense of all criminals or simple Military or CIA escort to testify to Congress Landmark Class Action Miscarriage of Justice already targeting +100, even thousands of persons tied to ROSE and other terrorists.  First 100 persons get free BUY-IN stock certificates and free admission to any of our CEOSpace.net NSASpeakers.org  HighTechMinistries.org as Payback for services and products rendered to truly unify and create our own new world GlobalPeace.org   All these existing tech based methods prevents all Political Corruption + Crime networks that would have occurred post WW2 if the Criminal network had not taken over our own communications network and databases with insider criminal rogue agents. When will we get TRUMP, Putin, Duterte or other world leader callbacks as our crusaders have clearly been asking for World Reform for decades. We are clearly the WHITE Hats who showcase all criminals and use technology to prevent all future crimes against humanity.  WHO do YOU KNOW is the most powerful Q to ask. Who DOES NOT want Global World Peace must be identified now with simple use of FOIA.ONE IID as integrity rating of -50. That alone will achieve as we must AVOID mass protest rallies for obvious terrorist attacks against our people.

     Once we migrate the wealthy to 3rd nations that are safely secured with just client3635.wix.com/CCWguard as this was SolutionRedDot how to identify WHO is trusted and who is a crook. Delivered for 4 hours Langley AirForce base Sept 25, 2011 to OSI Capt Chris Weber, as NSA CIA Air force Intelligence debrief were the directions by GA retired Rep Buddy Darden who is now senile, and all eyewitnesses including DUNCAN clan are threaten by murderous ROSE,  We clearly asked for safe haven and asked to escort Military CID and antiTerrorist squads to seize ROSE and protect us while we testify before Congressional Investigations while all PRESIDENTS accepted our offers to teach them how to prevent all financial economic wars.   WHO will return any of our thousands of calls, visits, faxes, emails, facebook, all other methods of showing exactly that WE ARE THE WORLD LEADERS who now OWN all infrastructure, land, natural resources. This was the original created design of mankind. TO be Crusader Warriors who protected each other as Integrity driven safe communities who offered helping hand to the criminals, drug abusers, human trafficers, scammers, terrorist to surrender or be manhunted down by anyone with autoface recognition eDevices on Open Public TV InterLink Free high speed fiber optic network cluster controled and owned by Interpol and monitored openly by public.

   Post most historical Oct 3, 2011 kidnappings, we have yet to have ANY call back or booking of our completed solutions worth Trillions of $$ we have already gifted back to pay one way for hospitals, schools, roads, community halls, water, energy, resorts in concurrent order. As the most prolific authors of our own new world economy we WILL BE PAID for our Intellectual Property since ROSE clearly has been using our most extensive anti crime software and databases to infiltrate almost all Databases worldwide. No one excepted.

Give us Keiths re-emerging Crusasers a call to assist you and World Leaders. As we have completed also, with Lino Dimante and SO SO many others's help of course, how to transfer the TRUE wealth of our world back to ASIA with evote .one, SolutionSafeWater .org SolutionHousing .org by training our emerging world leaders on how to fast path best business practices and THEN millions of dual citizen expats will soon move here with their families as FOREIGN SPENDERS who want best hospitals, schools, roads, markets, food, water, energy, recreation in Mixed Use communities as NO ONE IN WORLD with any money at all, wants to live in mega slums or Condos is such polluted cities as everyone knows only a few profit from our toils and labor.... Already solved by use of knowledge and wisdom of our R&D Scientists, Keynote Speakers, train the trainer programs and cooperative Capitalism taught by the most wealthy Entrepreneurs in world history CEOSPace.net NSASpeakers.ORG HighTechMinistries.org numbering well over 50,000 as the top leaders all know Keith personally. JUST so hard to contact anyone with such limited cell/long distance coverage. Free once WorldSchoolFund .com because our new world reality... keith Just ONE call away. Who DO you know who can use our most extensive reasonably priced services...

   TRULY we state to everyone, GLOBAL peace is just ONE call away from top leaders ( Duterte, TRUMP, Putin, PCOO, DOST, a few senators/congressmen, TRUMP, Military, PNP leaders, the list is endless) contact us for the NEXT greatest places of needs as we were world traveler Sovereign Peace Ambassadors 8 years ago and were KIDNAPPED by the most ruthless antichrist Oct 3, 2011. ALL details on these broadcast sites as indeed once we have ONE eVOTE system with ONE FOIA database, all have total world peace..

   ALL POSITIVE final solutions are BECAUSE our one mutual creator benefactor requested we complete his son's missions many times through out history. For GOD is living among us. Not necessary to argue now.  JUST call our teams back.

  All Solved with SolutionManifesto.com   EVOTE.ONE + FOIA.ONE SolutionMilitary.com SolutionPeace.com UNIocracy.ORG  Anyone who objects without providing Best=Better solution is isolated/shunned by society by IID including the wealthy. The most deadly WW3 cyber crime terrorist attacks against all governments, banks, mega corporations started 1957 Sputnik, is about to depopulate our world with WW4 as indicated by overview summary of all top economic market indicators. Solved by SolutionBankFraud = and the use of ONE unique FOIA.ONE international ID unhackable system using public listing of Integrity Ranking +100(perfect) - 0 (ghost) -> --99 (Death Row) ratings. ONLY TRUE requirement for +11 years, actually WW2 1945, is to COMMAND our world Leaders Ratify and Host Press Conferences THEY found these answers to finally bring sustainable world peace forever to our PEOPLE as I was finished summer 2011.

GOD will never intervene directly since humanity is bent on self destruction greed-vice-sin. Prevented by each of these divined solutions.

HE sent OUR crusader Emissary teams to teach our world HOW to prosper and grow as Peace Loving citizens of E.D.E.N. Only requirement this entire time is to "Fearlessly Protect the rights of all others', and support ourselves by Sending Keith and Teams to NEXT greatest places of needs using client3635.wix.com/BidOnkeith and contacting the OTHER Angel Philanthropists who anyone can find, simple phone call..

We have already contacted poverty(street missions) to top World Leaders using these Simple 5Steps. Now YOUR turn to complete as we have been canvassing GOD to return us to Heaven since so few integrity laden persons can be found to finish our Creator's purpose...

Sidebar legal note: Because our lives are threatened by SO many identified criminals, we always request SAFE HAVEN since Sept 25, 2011 until ROSE and other linked criminals are brought to justice = their own final resting place (DEATH ROW) by Military, Intl Judicial Courts, or by you, our people.

We have always identified each linked crime network and to date (Sept 4, 2019) have NEVER had any authority represent 1st of any of our rights to recover our very own stolen fortune (includes billions of real $$ intellectual Property of Antic rime technology), to expose each criminal, host press conferences, and bring to prime national news media light the solutions we have authored under international Manifesto Maritime law rights to be the #1 world leader consultant, advisors, and spiritual leaders for all our collective nations. We already gifted ALL our IP and assets to you our people. Our GOD centered teams have already claimed just 1% of all crime assets seized using our (tm)(c) simple divined methods worth trillions of real $$$ Intellectual Property we were the pioneers of technology, common sense, and bible focused solution sets from our birth onward to heaven.

We have offered 75,000 Shares of Common Stock CreatorKeith.com INC Reno Nevada as buy in to your new society. Simple to contact us to see how.

https://youtu.be/ydPqKhgh9Mg?t=275 This one VIDEO is CHINA monitoring it's citizens by Integrity ratings. total REVERSE is our new trillion $$ valued solutions that return ALL ownership of EVERYTHING back to 7.7Billion collective communicate of NO CRIME can ever go unpunished again. 


NOT to scare world, but top IQ persons should really look at https://www.exopaedia.org/Verdants 'The Contact has Begun', + 'The Challenge of Contact' Author Philip Krafp. As GOD can be qualified as an E.T. Alien who is SO FED UP with ROSE and the Criminal Ruling Elite HE sent Apostles from Heaven to Be Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Princes of PEACE (for I am one of these).  Also see: George LoBuono, author of Alien Mind

Another very interesting ET read...  https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/verdants04.htm Many believe a ET War is the cause of all.

or just GOOGLE BuiltbyKeith as world is doing right now... to see the beginning of YOUR new world free of all crime = IID 1-19580815-1 +101 who is indeed Better than the Best as almost entire world DOES pass judgment, so now we have legalized this with just EVOTE.ONE.

 Many refer to 'THE POWERS that BE'. These are the Criminal Ruling Elite we have exposed by their own EVIDENCE of HATE CRIMES this entire time..

Updated  Historical  Oct 1, 2019

Today we go by Palace first, give them most formal request letter they have ever received, then Pres Action Center, Then Womans Rights center (all at Gate 2 area), then ?? ENZO. Full day again. All to serve all humanity as we truly do work for GOD himself. Anyone can call us on our travels to the NEXT greatest places of need that has ALWAYS been PRESIDENTS, Corp Executives and CONGRESS and GOV officials... In that exact humanitarian order. Meanwhile we continue the ultimate Street ministry of all teaching all people how to be honest, serve and protect their communities with Client3635.wixsite.com/CCWguard while World leaders FINALLY just CALL US BACK. If anyone objects, simply ask them WHY.

  Anyone who objects without providing Best=Better solution is isolated/shunned by society including the wealthy.

    These Solutions replace all known forms of governments and corporations with simple to use UNIocracy.ORG These single world saving solutions rid our world of all criminals.  An Act of Congress or GOD is not even required once eVOTE.ONE drives new world direct eDemocracy UNIocracy.ORG using FOIA.ONE single Open Public owned database.


When will the first world leader, any Judge, Investigator, Military, Journalist, church, or citizen groups contact Keith Duncan NEXT?  Manila Philippines cell (63) 917-335-4300 as I have requested USA Military FBI, AG + world law enforcement intervention and protection starting Sunday Sept 25, 2011 to present. We stand for 100% total Social Justice Reform !

   Contact everyone you know to hear the TRUTHs about all the capital crimes being actively committed and the Solutions to prevent world self-genocide. See the last photo at bottom showing why governments are collapsing from the greed of 'The Criminal Elite' +Criminals. Keith Duncan has created and published our own New World Utopia Order of Justice, full scale Equality, Emancipation, and Visibility on dropbox:

Click: IseeIunderStand.com

BBK20181005-FBI-InterviewLynnConspiracyRobertDeeRo.mp3 - FBI-KeithDuncan
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UNIFY Man ChristDomain.com - SaviorKeith.com
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FBI Call Terrorist ROSE - WhereisRobertRose.com
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Click: https://youtu.be/MgRqf0dV2ao Keith Duncan #1 World Crusader.  World last Broadcast UNIocracy.ORG  Our protected Teams (by GOD and you are People) all require direct Funding to complete BuiltByKeith NGO World Ministries. SolutionPeace.com restores mankind with EVOTE.ONE as FatherKeith is fore founding father World Leader of your new free society. We are all new free world citizens who prevent all crimes in first place. Therefore no other form of governments, mega corporations, broker/traders, MLM, NLM, are every needed. For anyone an see the more layers of technology and brokers involved, the losses of our wealth go one way to criminals. With the following, we legally transfer quad Trillions of crime acquired wealth back to our collective 7.7Billion People.

NOW I can truly return to HEAVEN at command of my Father GOD who has sent me. Click: KeyWitness that is original GodSendKeith and the other opened 8 seals of Revelation 22. Time is GOD's most precious assets as our world NOW transitions to this divined ordained solution set. The world then uses 5Steps to fine tune to actual AI perfection. The most profitable expensive items of GOD are always at eye level and higher.

  IF/When I do disappear, die, or martyred for any cause or reason, you are at the mercy of the most powerful crime network in world history lead by Robert Dee ROSE, DOB (1971-April-01) the true AntiChrist TheFinalTerrorist.com

View the PDF file upper left corner to see reality of trillions of real $$$ assets transferred legally back to our people.

100% Direct eDemocracy of UNIocracy.org creates your new world society FREE of all Crime Networks and Self Genocide.

President Gloria Reyes +(63) 917-173-4755 Globe, 0929-172-3744 Smart  Pare17Mare@yahoo.com

Key spokespersons just like everyone else who are fully educated to lead this most powerful Unification Reform movement in history.

Executive Marketing Marisa Cordero 0916-502-9395  MgcDesignShop@gMail.com

12 principles a Boy Scout lives by is the Scout Law. "A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent." Still 100% relevant as am I.

Aug 25, 2019 In true reality, I, keith duncan, have never expected to survive this most bizarre persecution by so many all identified criminals BECAUSE I was already established as #1 top Keynote Speaker/author Anti Crime free Technology and HOW to stabilize our universe, starting with Earth.

  If/When I die Natural or Martyred, my fellow Apostles, disciples, followers have been instructed to continue to complete each and every one of these world saving solutions found in the Cross Matrix below. SINCE GOD has been my part time beneficiary entire time, WHO JOINS our Revelation Crusaders now.. Simple, GO TO OUR WORLD leaders and Decision maker Influences as WE have done past +20, 43, even 61 years....  Focus on our other Angel Philanthropists  of Bill Gates, Jeff Belzos, Larry Page, Larry Ellison, Elton Musk, Bernard Arnald, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg (super facebook is FOIA ONE), Henry Sy family, Villar family, Steve Ballmer, Apple, TOP BANKERS, literally ANYONE WHO HAS RESOURCES to FIND US and PROTECT US this entire time....

   ANYONE in world can FIND us and BOOK us to FLY to their greatest place of NEEDS. Should have occurred summer of 2011 before the ANTI CRHIST ROSE ordered our multiple murders...   We request they find us for we have provided THEM the new market system so NO one can ever complain we are trying to hurt any mega corporation by these most profound and simple solutions. PLEASE ask them to FIND keith to escort our emerging technology evangelists back to USA and abroad to the Greatest Places of NEEDS = Our Congress, Military, Presidents, top world leaders as they have the Best Networked connections of all our world leaders.  We are already 20 years ahead of rest of society.  Exactly WHAT or WHO will trigger this one World REFORM as ODD no gun was EVER involved Sept 25 2011 key evidence ON ROSE's #1 most wanted manhunt in history...

We have always removed all WHITE SPACE on these simple step by step Broadcast to humanity sites to reduce red tape printing costs for world disruptive re distribution to you entire world. Our original University studies was to create paperless IOT society free of crime and wars.

   SEE how SolutionMilitary.com is the PRIME world answer to PREVENT all WARS forever by PEACE KEEPING WARRIORS = all our young adults. We remain collectively shocked no honest persons have yet been found to carry the greatest News Stories of true reality to our People. SO WE DID already..

FEW Know who are Who and WHO are our teams who tranverse the world as Apostles of PEACE. New greeting will be C signal with right hand = PEACE, or X signal with both hands to indicate a criminal is present. All legally endorsed and ratified BY our people = original SolutionRedDot gifted to Langley AFBase. as we started to use the DOMAIN of GODs created internet to broadcast these truths way back in 1976 W4ATC Amateur Radio Station. I was member of year as my top studies where combining technology + human psychology to obtain IOT all digital PEACE = FOIA.ONE Now famous Client3635.wix.com/CCWGuard Train the Trainer using existing Technology to deny entry of any crook to any property or community.....  AUg 26, 2019 as I timestamp date all new world history.

ALL these are the true reasons WHY I asked for SAFE HAVEN Sept 25, 2019 and WHY I asked to be escorted BY TOP Military Officials to Washington to HOST PRESS Conferences and expose EACH criminal Inside and Outside our very own world governments.

   ### World Broadcast Press Release. BuiltBYKeith.COM NGO-INC the  KeyWitness.live.


    UNIocracy.org is Your New World Society replaces all forms of known government and corporate structures with these standard universe revolutionary solutions. Basis: 'NO ONE can deny any of your rights without due process of law' with eVOTE.ONE

The #1 most formal request for debriefing all world leaders is the PDF file above upper left. Command they all respond now.

    SolutionPeace.com contains the basic New World Society simple solution answers to ratify unify reform entire humanity.  WE OUR PEOPLE now own and control all assets and aspects of our GOD gifted resources with free travel, trade, education, press,  communications, and management ownership of all infrastructure, land, buildings, schools, hospitals, roads, energy, water, banks, marketplaces, transportation, agriculture, stock markets, and development of new all digital green communities.

    CLICK: Cross Matrix of ALL world Saving Solution broadcasts (below).

  JOIN UNIOCRACY.org #1 Reform Unification Society today.  Command our leaders and Press to contact and protect our crusaders. Be the first entries in the worlds first=last universal open public database FOIA.ONE.

    HOW to JOIN us.  The Benefits are endless Paradise of GOD's E.D.E.N. of our new crime free society.

Anyone can send us contributions and contact our other Angel Philanthropists as everyone knows WHO is WHO..  We will list them below with their $$ and time + contributions so everyone can see these are legitimate supporters. 

     Our BPI bank account is 4537 5677 2024 5291 in Philippines. 

Click: https://secure1.bpiexpressonline.com/prepaid_inquiry.aspx to see tracked deposit transfer occurs. Then CALL us.

Or Simple WesternUnion.com  to Keith Duncan, Manila cell 09173354300. We will list you below as world peace founder and will list exactly our expenses so world can see we are 100% righteous and serving all of humanity.

Fund us with $$ or BOOK our teams to travel to your greatest places of needs, the original client3635.wix.com/bidOnkeith

   Keith was mega Millionaire 2000-2011 valued at over $400 Million by year 2015 based only on his extensive inventions of IseeStand, PhoneCradle. TeenMM, TurnOffLights and as #1 consultant advisor to world leaders, corporations, and religious NGOs. Keith has over $500 Million USD recovered assets to pledge gift humanity PREVENTING all crime networks and direct seed fund new all digital communities in third world nations. based ONLY on evidence of TheFinalTerrorist.com

   CLICK:  List of Contributors.  Click: Cross Reference Matrix of World Solutions.

   "God blesses all who fearlessly protect the rights of all others..." SolutionManifesto.COM

Google: 'name keith', then 'name Brent', then 'name Duncan. My name is 'Holy One, high Place', Dark Warrior -Head Chieftain (evangelist crusader of all time), + Forest wood.  I teach also how to re-jungle all world forests.

   One single Constitutional Mandate SolutionManifesto.com Commandments unify all mankind by one set of laws for everyone. 90% of first $1 Billion USD goes to CEOSPACE.NET to bring master world keynote speaker experts to Asia.   These systems eliminates all corruption and crime at one time. Your New World Society  UNIocracy.ORG prevents all political prostitution by identifying all crime networks BY, FOR, and OF our people with one single open public un-hackable database FOIA.ONE.   eVOTE.ONE is the 5 By-Pass Constitutional Laws that unify mankind by returning full control, ownership, and communication of all assets and knowledge bases back to +7.7 Billion our people.

   Most Critical since Sept 25, 2019 Langley AF Base debrief is for USA SolutionMilitary.com to contact find Keith NOW!

Since USA GOV is actively protecting terrorist ROSE, we call on world leaders, INTERPOL, PRESS to host Press Conferences and THEY can host Mass Protest Rallies against these Criminals Inside and Outside our own governments

    The worlds most wanted person Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-April-01) will be quickly FOUND with auto face Recognition bio-metrics driven by FOIA.ONE and condemned to Death Row by SolutionJudge.com and majority evote rule of our people.

     All divined in our Creators Holy Name to PURGE our world of unrepentant criminals who refuse to surrender.

Refer: https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten  The FBI, Interpol, and world is 100% incompetent to find ANY terrorist as our public has NO access to WHO is honest versus Wanted by the victims who now collectively place legal bounties on the heads of these hardened criminals starting with terrorist cells run by super crime family of TheFinalTerrorist.com.  Specific very high ranking USA GOV officials go to Prison and even DEATH ROW for their active crime sprees against you and I, my most beloved people.

Definition: Manifest injustice = something 'obviously unfair' or 'shocking to the conscience.' It refers to an unfairness that is direct and observable.

#5 Anyone can run for any government or corporate office position anywhere in world for best merit person matching to position. All part of World saving ministries BuiltByKeith.com easy to JOIN and support our young WorldSchoolFund.com adults who become our new un-corrupted leaders of highest merit and education. .

http://chng.it/VQq2JcVpyv  Sign Petition to eliminate Voting Commission System.

   Most Critical is to CALL and Protect Keith Duncan in Manila (63)917-335-4300 and COMMAND USA GOV protect Keith's life while seize arresting Robert Dee Rose terrorist organization by FBI and Military. Gloria Reyes +(63)917-173-3744 Executive CFO.

Call Roberto De Lara. (63)926-747-0975 RobertoDelara27@gmail.com to Sponsor Fund our teams with the most revolutionary new world system that unify reforms all mankind by peaceful replacement of all known forms of governments and corporations.

   https://youtu.be/7szHcldS77g #1079 Broadcast Command all World Leaders  use EVOTE.ONE  FOIA.ONE = SolutionPeace.com today.  0 Excuses, 0 Delays as entire world benefits 100% when we control all assets and leaders shown below. Help Mass publicity through your networks.  #1 Most Powerful World REFORM is 100% direct eDemocracy as THE ONLY way to eliminate all crime networks at ONE time.  ABOLISH ALL election systems with EVOTE.one 5 bypass Constitutional Laws with FOIA.ONE #1 world open public database of NO secrets = NO Political crimes.  DEAD SILENCE and excuse blames have been the results so far.  Empowerment of humanity occurs as WE now own all land, homes, small businesses, and absolutely ALL infrastructure !!
NO ONE can EVER DENY ANY of your RIGHTS again!


   Immediately personally deliver this new world system to TOP WORLD leaders and News Media NOW !

   eDemocracy is EVOTE.one and FOIA.ONE ordained designed solutions to Free our people of all repression and crime networks.

  I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA), + my BuiltByKeith.com teams, have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  You claim the same.

    EVOTE.ONE is 5 universal SolutionManifesto.com Constitutional By-Pass Laws that change all world history.

We use single Open Public Database FOIA.ONE to store, forward, archive all information to ensure NO Secrets.

1. Electronically vote for each leader with photo/video store and retrieval. No more Election fraud, political party control, run-offs, bought off by crime networks,  campaign contributions, or any corruption at any level ever again.

2. By Will of Majority, we vote ANY leader OUT of office including corporate officials including optionally eVoteing them straight in to jail-Prison if few testify they are innocent. Each are replaced by runner ups, never by appointment

3. We direct eDemocracy vote on the NEXT project by majority so our assets are used to direct build and benefit our own community and just causes.  No leader has any control of over taxes, contracts, or self entitlement laws. 

4. We the people eVOTE control the level of pay + benefits for each leader after they have performed #3.

5. Anyone can run for any office in any nation if they are top integrity ranked on FOIA.ONE world database.

  Elimination of ALL appointed officials and destruction of campaign contribution paybacks are automatic results.

  NO current voting system is track-able to match the REAL person with their vote decision. NONE of them. because each system demands PRIVATE voting, therefore NO tractability or accountability. At ANY stage of ballot counting and reporting, cyber crime alters the counts. Worse is the political campaign contributions to outspend anyone. works every time with smear campaigns that everyone PUKES when they are forced to endure for 3 to 12 months. Profits are the Media moguls who love these rooster COCK-FIGHTS on who has the biggest head.... evote.ONE eliminates all ELECTION laws and other loop-hole fraud and follow-on crime situations. Politicians go in wealthy, and come out filthy rich, never on the meager salary they get.  Solved forever with EVOTE.ONE

  June 18, 2019. On Eve of revisiting DOAgri debriefing on World Saving SolutionSafeWater.ORG client3635.wix.com/TurnOffLights and revist to President Dutertes Communications Office Martin Andanar.  See and deliver the PDF files upper left and right header section.

  May 29, 2019. We visited Agrarian Reform DAR Sec Castriciones (632)453-4434 Osec.Seretariat@dar.gov.ph that shows how millions of new Expats get Dual Citizenship and anyone can GPS view any land building title history. No more secret assets at any levels is how to prevent crime networks from stealing our assets and wealth.

  May 23, 2019  Today we again re-visited President Duterte's Communication Operations Office Martin Andanar, contact PCOOglobalMedia@pcoo.gov.ph  JV.arcena@pcoo.gov.ph Grace Romero to Host Press Conferences with World Leaders. Just like we have most formally requested since summer of year 2011. We visited DOA Sec Manny Pinol, USEC Ariel Cayanan, BWaterSoilManagement on SolutionSafeWater.org and TurnOffLights.com new almost free energy and Water shed harness harvest of typhoon rain massive energy now used for 100,000 of micro-mid water turbine energy local generation.

   Congressional Special Criminal Investigations would have occurred Sept 2011 if-when the Military escorted Keith to D.C. to testify all aspects of ROSE's treason espionage sedition infiltration of our Government has been occurring. Implicated by their very own certified signatures are 85 criminals including fired DOJ AG Sally Q Yates since she was personally visited Sept 2011 by Keith. Then she violated USA Laws by signing Norfolk V 4:11cr112 Dec 13, 2011 shown WhereIsRobertRose.com

   Face to Face hosted Press Conferences with BidOnKeith.com evolution teams now command replacement of all known forms of GOV + Corporation systems as totally obsolete and decadent with UNIocracy.ORG that unifies all mankind forever.

#1 Priority for world is SEIZURE ManHunt of Robert Dee Rose (DOB 1971-Apr-01) as ROSE is theFinalTerrorist.com who infiltrated each Government agency and corporations with R.A.Trojan technology linked to AgileLaw.com Cyclone Covey.

   Keith: "ANYONE NOT part of the SOLUTIONS listed below, are the CAUSE of the sin vice PROBLEMS of humanity."

   Anyone refusing to use eVote.ONE retro-actively enables public to pass judgment on them based on their crime evidence.

Peaceful Replacement of ALL Government and Corporate Corrupt System is easy with SolutionManifesto.com + all other SolutionMilitary.com separation ID of all Crime networks as individuals COMMIT crimes, not agency enterprises.

   These are the #1 only world class saving answer ministries gifted to humanity to ensure Peace and total harmony.

SolutionMilitary.com creates UNIocracy.ORG separation of Church, State, and Military as the new TRIAD of unity methods to prevent all wars and all Political crimes by direct bypass replacement of all known forms of government.

  Quote of #1 most humble Prime Key Note Speaker Evangelist Crusader Anti-Crime Film Broadcaster sage GodSendKeith.ORG Duncan "Everything is now under your control".  Book our World Teams with BidOnKeith.com

     No more poverty, war, genocide, hunger, and crimes against humanity.

     I have been severely persecuted by assailants who hide behind the most corrupt judicial-police-legal system in world history. Therefore, all corrupt individuals are now convicted by these 100% public legal copyrighted methods to ensure full restitution is made to all victims including required INTL Press Coverage.

   keith brent duncan (SS 243-86-0043 DOB 1958-Aug-15) is denied ALL his rights since spring 2008 re Terrorist ROSE and denied ROI profits of $5 to $20 Million USD per month in revenue after expenses based on the most prolific inventions, copyright intellectual property, keynote speaking engagements, consulting with world leaders, and leading mankind into the only new world society system to ensure total Prosperity, Peace, and Harmony from then... to the end of eternity. USA GOV owes > $500 Million USD real damages + Hosted Press Conferences, and the required manhunts of search and seizure of each criminal who threatens Keith + rest of his follower partners.

   Jan 12, 2019 was my historical hero return to Manila.

USA Gov will collapse because of cyber crime terrorists and the Criminal Ruling Elite. USA Gov owes keith Press Conferences and public apology exoneration for 900 days of pure hell jail based on TheFinalTerrorist.com Robert Dee Rose. USA GOV owes me over $500  Million USD in real and punitive damages for attempted murder based on all facts as I consult with world military and leaders.

    Feb 17-26, 2019 Last Broadcast. Senator David Perdue (GA-USA) personally contacted to command FBI AG protect Keith's life + host press conferences to showcase WHO  are criminals inside our very own Governments and corporations. Days later, Senator Perdue's office REFUSES to contact TRUMP, FBI, AG, Press claiming they have no authorization to deal with any legal issue. This is WHY our politicians MUST be commanded to use eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE SolutionMilitary.com to eliminate need for almost ALL government systems to be replaced with UNIocracy.ORG new world system society OWNED and collectively cooperatively managed BY, FOR, and OF our people.


  Last update: March 28, 2019.  With +$2 Million USD bounty on his head for +8 years, Robert Dee Rose is the most dangerous cyber crime terrorist who is being actively protected by rouge criminal agents who work inside the IRS, FBI, AG, US Marshals as these persons have been identified by name and crime occurrence starting back in summer 2008. Over $500 Million USD is due keith's companies for real and punitive damages by preventing YOU my people from RISING up to eliminate all crime networks with eVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE and SolutionMilitary.com new role of all military and law enforcement agencies. This was personally delivered to Langley AF Base Sept 25, 2011 as that historical event scared ROSE so bad he ordered my 3rd and 4th kidnappings that now numbers 900 Days of full scale illegal detainment BY your own USA GOV. See SolutionDrugs.com. for how YOUR government drugs top whistle blower key eyewitnesses to prevent self FBI incrimination. PROTECT Keith and his team life today as all criminals are identified and punished at one time with these only world saving methods.

   Each criminal who testified or signed ANY document against Keith and reaped crime profits has bounty reward on their heads including Police, CID, Judges, Lawyers, District Attorneys, ADA, and even fired AG Sally Q. Yates who has a $50,000 bounty on her head to turn her OVER to FBI and AG right now. Individual FBI, IRS, USMarshals, AG officials tied to ROSE and Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 all face prison and seizure of all their assets by order of Evote.ONE.

Feb 14, 2019 #1 MOST CRITICAL since Fall 2008: All 100% positive REASONs to GO PUBLIC with the most powerful mass marketing STRATEGY by asking EVERYONE to DIRECTLY CONTACT Public, PRESS, Military, Interpol, FBI AG CIA HLS NSA IRS + all WORLD leaders this entire time. This has ALWAYS been THEIR constitutional LAW responsibility and NEVER mine.  A government is NEVER guilty of CRIMES. It is ALWAYS individuals who COMMIT CRIMES. Protect Keith's life and assets TODAY !

  My teams have already called for Presidential, Military Intervention, Press, and Congressional Investigations for years. The FBI and AG are on verge of collapse for their direct criminal destruction roles of ROSE's crime spree evidence and direct intimidation of Keith by ordering him illegally detained Oct 3, 2011 to Jan 28, 2014, then Oct 5, 2018 to Nov 15, 2018 = 900 days of pure hell. The last kidnapping was ordered by Atlanta FBI CID Lynn (voice-recorded) committing  crimes against Keith at FBI Atl Headquarters.


The only world solution is SolutionPeace.com = Client3635.wix.com/SolutionPeace

   I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA),  + my BuiltByKeith.com teams, have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  You claim the same.


    Your 100% Direct Democracy New World Society of  UNIocracy.Org is Free of All Crime with perfected self balancing checks + balances for all Humanity as your God is here. 100% Decision Based by all humanity decides your reality.  All citizens vote to Direct Fund all projects = no Taxes. This eliminates all Politics and almost all Government agencies worldwide. Protect and serve our crusader teams  BidOnKeith.com with UNITYurl.com + SolutionMilitary.com now.

   Dec 21, 2018. I return the #1 Intl Hero to Manila Jan 12, 2018.  Prepare my way by contacting all top World leaders and News Media today. Command they use eVOTE.ONE FOIA.one SolutionManifesto.com

  Dec 14, 2018 (Again),  Call for Congressional Investigations NOW. Senator David Perdue at (202) 224-3521 and Senator Johnny Isakson at (202) 224-3643. From David Perdue Facebook. Thank you for contact. Your message is being reviewed by my team. If you have issues with a federal agency, contact Atlanta office 404-865-0087.

   We just re-called famous Rep John Lewis (US Congressman from Atlanta GA, office 202 225-3801) Andrew J. Young Foundation , WSB TV(404)897-7500, Georgia Tech, Center for Civil and Human Rights, CNN, Senators/Congress, Trump, Duterte, literally the WORLD leaders and decision makers for now +10 years. Few respond because too busy..., or their own predatory greed, or they are hiding secrets they do NOT want public to know and hold them accountable.

     THE ONLY ANSWER is always to RISE UP with UNIocacy.ORGCriminals do NOT pay taxes. Most Corrupt Politicians and Executives do NOT pay taxes. Your JOB as our new 'UnionISTs' is to directly contact top world leaders and media + leaders TODAY and command they use these ordained divined only answer solutions driven by SoutionPeace.com/5steps.

    Dec 12, 2018  Watch: https://youtu.be/Qd7yQXzghKw  on mega millions of $$$ crimes committed against Keith and YOU, my people. ### World Press Release Revolution is eVote.one driven FOIA.one = UNIocracy.org with SolutionManifesto.com In God’s holy purpose. Only by Mass publicity will our entire world be standardized with one set of universal laws, one constitution, and a single Human bill of rights

     Nov 20 - Oct 5, 2018   From Oct 5, 2005 FBI-Atl headquarters debrief, FBI crime Investigator LYNN ?who? at 3-5 pm refuses to protect Keith after 2 hour interview and forced Keith into GA Region Hospital Atl on false charge for +5 weeks. Each of those involved are protecting WhereisRobertRose.com by deleting all crime investigations.  I went to CNN-ATL, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal offices and sat in brief GA Legislative session Nov 14, all about 100% Direct democracy UNIOCRACY.ORG just updated. Nov 16, 2018 I regifted Package to AJC.COM


       Contact Keith + his 28 Year old  son Kyle Duncan +1 (770) 655-5546 for him to explain all.

   Contact FBI Washington and Congressional Investigations to finally identify WHO works for ROSE using FOIA.ONE and EVOTE.ONE.

  Oct 4-5, 2018 #1 Historical Legendary day. I arrive back in Atlanta to GO Direct TO FBI + AG + PRESS + all churches to proclaim all crime networks are eliminated with   ChristDomain.com + SolutionIslam.com = SolutionGOD.ORG teach our world how to live in perfect social peace and total harmony.  This is the #1 UNIFICATION REFORM SolutionPeace.com result in World History.  Your New Society is free of all crime with One Intl ID Open Public Database FOIA.ONE  100% Your Decision Based Society Repository to benefit all my people.

eVOTE.ONE 4 Simple By-Pass Laws create new total 100% Social Peace and Justice.

  FOIA.ONE means No more secrets, tax crimes, crime, Criminal Investigations, appointed officials, Judges or corrupt Executives, false cult leaders, crime sects, terrorists, wars, crime family dynasties, cyber terror, drugs, banksters.

   All political parties, mobsters, underground crime enterprises are eliminated By Will of Majority of Our People. 

No more Passport-Visas-restrictions or Slave Trading with FOIA.ONE URLiDent.com single open public database owned by +7.7 Billion of our UNIONIST people who live in new Open Public Society.  We become 100% decision based eVOTE.ONE driven society based on Will of Majority of all our people. No person, Government, Religious,  or Corporate leader can ever commit crimes and go unpunished by command EVOTE.ONE. All Wars prevented SolutionMilitary.com   Elimination of all Political Corruption + Majority rule of any Party control is the only answer to transform all society. Our one standard world universal SolutionManifesto.com Constitution Charter now unifies + EMPOWERS all mankind forever. UNITYurl.com is the new world standard of every community solving all issue levels enforcing ALL Civil Rights of Freedom. The worst plague crimes against humanity are political cyber crime as only criminals demand privacy and immunity from world view of new live OpenCTV with FOIA.ONE  Command our USA GOV to seize all criminals and protect Keith now.

  I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA),  + my BuiltByKeith.com teams, have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  Each of   You legally claim % of all crime assets as you face recognize criminals w/ free WiFi URLiDent.com as these 4 bypass laws change all world history !
With UNIocracy.ORG New World Society, all my people can freely travel, trade, trust each other based on FOIA.ONE world database.
  OCT 5, 2018. FBI today is Commanded to investigate and SEIZE each person tied to TheFinalTerrorist.com Robert Dee Rose. They and everyone SHOULD have done this legal action 7 very long years ago based on WHY I went to Langley AF Base Virginia Sept 25, 2011. CRIMES were committed again by FBI CID Lynn ? as she forced me into Mental Hospital for 5.5 weeks because NOT a SINGLE soul showed up to go with me. I spent 2 hours showing her all key Court Documents I was kidnapped, robbed, and threatened by over 85 persons tied to ROSE..

  The entire outcome is UNIocracy.ORG unification of our world in GOD's holy name with each sustainability solution cross referenced publish keynote spoken to world broadcast here iseeJustice.com + +40 other divined answer websites.

  Oct 4, 2018 is the most critical day in Atlanta + World to Stage Mass Protest Rallies to command USA GOV host  PRESS CONFERENCES as required +7 years ago on WhereIsRobertRose.com and the true transfer of all government and corporate power BACK to our unified world population. All World Leaders must DEBRIEF each other on the ONLY answer solution methods that resolve to prevent all of mankind's most horrific holocaust crimes against humanity as cyber crime theFinalTerrorist.com Robert Dee Rose is #1 plague of all time that self-genocides humanity caused by greed-sin-vice. 


  I returned to USA Oct 4, 2018  to complete the most powerful ministries in world history with full support of YOU, my people. Arrange for 1000's of persons to meet me in Atlanta to command USA GOV transition to the worlds last Law Enforcement and Judicial system that is manage controlled by eVOTE.ONE.  All World leaders will be outraged about the # of criminals and terrorists who hide inside our very own institutions of Government and Corporations since THEY control the secrecy flow of your data information for past +60 years since the dawn of Internet and computer technology is always prostituted by criminals for extreme cyber crime terrorism.

   Direct Contact all World Leaders, Congress, Senate, Law Enforcement, DOJ, DOE, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Supreme Courts, and all top religion leaders to CONVENE one master Educational FORUM using SolutionManifesto.com to create UNIocracy.ORG new soceity as the current SolutionUNI.com United Nations has exercised NO authority to prevent ANY wars or terrorist attacks since 1947.

Sept 28, 2018 Just contacted President Duterte's Top Political Advisor Francis Tolentino by phone and Email and post the most critical direct formal request for them to HOST Press Conferences between all world leaders NOW.

Sept 14, 2018 Spent all day contacting Ambassadors of many nations to debrief their World Leaders on all aspects of how to UNIFY world in GOD"s most holy name. Others must do the same by contacting TOP leaders who work together.

 July 20, 2018 Trillions of $$$ of real crime assets are now transferred BACK to the testifying VICTIMS and to FUND all rebuild new WorldSchoolFund.com SolutionSafeWater.ORG turnOffLights.com SolutionHousing.ORG and other humanitarian REBUILD of all world economies. ProfitShareHolders.com FinalStockMarket.com kBitCoins.ORG eliminates need for ALL private banks and ALL stock market brokers who are part of The BROKE WORLD holocaust. DEAL with it. As our world DIES a quick death once the NEXT terrorist attack triggers nuclear total wipe-out. One of the original songs I knew age 13....

   Hosted Press Conferences by all World Leaders must debrief each other to finally UNIFY our world with these new simple unification standards. These most competent world changing methods are distributed how to unify mankind. My fast growing teams of world class advisor master teacher consultants actively recruit (m)billions of you to dynamically transform our existing horrific government and corporate systems into true honest cooperative mutual ministries of enforced ethics and integrity.  Now no crime networks can exist because our reformed people all fearlessly love and care for each other unconditionally.  Politics + crime(cyber) + terrorism + corruption are eliminated by eVOTE will of majority of our integrity based people.

   FOIA.ONE + SolutionUNI.com is the standard Only World Court of Public Law controlled BY, FOR, OF our people as Total World Tort legal reform is completed with SolutionJudge.com  SolutionManifesto.com to protect all rights of all my +7.6 Billion people as the ultimate re-investment of GOD's wealth assets returned to all by UNITYurl.com

   Major Press Coverage started 10 Years ago. Prime Requirement is Mass Publicity this entire time. Click: NEWS:

    SolutionMilitary.com establishes one new world military of Peace Keeper 100% criminal investigators as no person, President, Congress, or lunatic terrorist can ever declare war since they no longer control any military force.

All Military war machines and assets are converted to Peace Keeping Natural Disaster Response air/sea/land fleets.

All Nuclear assets of all nations are converted to almost free Nuclear Power Plants owned/managed by our scientists.

   TurnOffLights.com SolutionSafeWater.ORG provides free Hydro Power and Irrigation water to world.

   WorldSchoolFund.com provides free all digital classrooms and free education for world to any PHD level.

   SolutionHousing.ORG provides almost free homes to all 7.6 billion people to end all poverty forever.

   ProfitShareHolders.com FinalStockMarket.com eliminates need for stock markets replaced by Barter Exchange.

   kBitCoins.ORG creates one single world currency based on self regulated supply and demand economics enforced by direct publication of ownership of all assets and legal listing of all trade contracts and agreements.

     All other WORLD saving Acts of Wisdom = Plans of world Salvation are shown in the Matrix Lookup below.

  Top LEFT PDF is the most powerful Unification Press Conference Release in all history for each World Leader to debrief each other to UNIFY mankind under one New World Society owned and run by you, my collective people.

    NO ONE can EVER DENY ANY of your RIGHTS again!

kBitCoins  eVote.ONE  creates  Utopia free of crime.

    'ACT with Authority to Fearlessly Protect the Rights Of All Others.'   This concludes WHY I am Here, and WHO I AM. kbd.

   1% of all crime assets seized goes to MasterMind Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Crusader Evangelist keith brent duncan NGOs, and balance used to pay for construction of thousands of new all digital creative green communities worldwide with WorldSchoolFund.com ChristDomain.com SolutionMilitary.com and SolutionHousing.ORG owned and controlled by all our unified crusaders of pure righteousness and social justice.  No one is IMMUNE from the will of the majority of their very own people.


     Press Conferences by World Leaders + Media are ONLY fast path Solution5sTeps to UNIFY mankind to deploy each answer method.


     April 28, 2018. Everyone, call Direct Media +1(703) 697-5131 for DOD defense.gov for Joint Chiefs of Staff to Protect keith's life and extreme intellectual property so I can FINALLY debrief all world leaders + Military.  Give them SolutionMilitary.com as I have gifted ALL reform unification to world. Ask them to actually CALL ME BACK and dispatch Military from USA Embassy to COME FIND ME.  THAT is truly ALL that is required after 11 years of fighting Anti-Christ ROSE and the most horrific legal economic cultural racist system that actively protects terrorists and super criminals. Many of them ARE the most corrupt Politicians and Corporate Executives whose only focus is PURE demonic profits. This will finish the #1 mass Anti-Crime Reform Unification UNITYurl.com campaign that is self-financed by the ONLY mastermind CEO + Evangelist + top Author + Keynote Speaker + World Reform Broadcaster + GODs Rights Activist for now +41 years.

  SolutionManifesto.com is our Single New World Constitution Charter Laws.

    EVOTE.ONE drives the worlds most powerful Unification Reformation Peace Revelation 4:8 Revolution += smart remote OCTV drones.

  We now own everything (land, homes, infrastructure, roads, markets, energy, free internet + telecom, water, crops, transportation, and 100% free public education WorldSchoolFund.com ).  NO ONE can EVER DENY ANY of your RIGHTS again!  We now make all recorded decisions to control and manage our very own destiny in GOD's Holy Name = UTOPIA. This ends new Testament Revelation and starts The Final Testament ERA3 times of BidOnKeith.com.  We have now 'legalized' passing judgment on all others, for almost everyone DOES this already to cover up their own sins, vice, crimes.  The Criminal Ruling Elite = terrorists have already legalized massive corruption, WW3-4, genocide, crimes against humanity, sex, gambling, drug and slave trades, cyber crime terrorism ( solutionBankFraud.COM = ClearCollarCrime.com ) and all other forms of sin, vice, fear + intimation to destroy our world for their benefit.

      TOP PRIORITIES for all of Mankind focused on Unification by all World leaders + churches are here:

   Now 45 years of full time ministries for GOD + Humanity, our crusaders recruit millions, then billions of integrity driven partners to be our new self regulated small business owner cooperative enterprises to rid our word of all 'unsaved' criminals and terrorists. As top GOD's rights activist broadcast creator of your new world society, nothing can stop the following from occurring as of March 1, 2018 UNIocracy Charter.

  1. Mass publicity commands each of these BuiltBykeith.com methods be universal standards of loving and caring for each other.

  2. Robert Dee Rose is put on Death Row and each of his terrorist conspirators are executed, life  sentences, and/or put on work slave details while all their assets are seized through URLiDent.com and designated by our people to rebuild your new world Open free COM communities.  The USA GOV, Interpol, Military has NEVER had any option but to SEIZE this super criminal and execute him !! This would have occurred Oct 2011 if ROSE had not extorted each and every person tied to Norfolk 4:11cr112 Murder Conspiracies.

  3. USA Gov + Trump host required Press Conferences to showcase each and every criminal while deploying these answer methods.

  4. USA Gov deposits minimum $500 Million USD into protected tax free NGO CreatorKeith.com INC while fearlessly protecting the life and assets of Keith and his recruited teams of Master Business leaders/Educations, Law Enforcement, Military, Judicial, Bankers, Religious top leaders, other Philanthropists, and all those who pledge to honor the SolutionManifesto.com New World Commandments.

  5. All governments then transition all their databases + crime investigations FOIA.ONE to prevent all cyber crime plague terrorism.

  6. All corporations worldwide use ProfitShareHolders.com and FinalStockMarket.com new bypass laws to turn over all asset and control of all public traded enterprises back to our people.

  7. Other required actions for total checks and balances occur with simple use of eVote.one to massively reduce the size of all government.

  8. All nations use SolutionMilitary.com to turn all war machines into Peace Keeping enterprises to create New World free trade, travel and communication between all +7.6 billion of my-our people to eliminate all wars and political crime profiteering at all levels.

   The PRIME answer is always to PROTECT Keith's Life as your most humble servant PRIME World Ambassador Emissary. SolutionManifesto.com is the new 10 commandments = Universal Mandate for all mankind. These answer solutions destroy all the lunatics, bigots, racists, cynics, and those who think they are immortal deities who only worship crime assets, cyber crime extreme wealth, power, and ego greed to dominate over all others! Refusals by anyone to use these ordained-divined methods show the rest of our world you are self-entitlement blinded fools who shall be banished and judged by all others by your own sin crimes, transgressions, + hypocrisy.  Everyone who JOINS this #1 ONLY REFORM movement BENEFITS.

   Anyone who objects to these ordained mandates automatically identifies themselves as self-serving crooks.

  April 15, 2018 TAX days are ended forever as demonic crime manipulation of all stock markets is ended with ProfitShareHolders.com FinalStockMarket.com using kBitCoins.ORG unification answer as one International standard supply and demand exchange barter currency.  Every day I recruit teams, contact top officials +church leaders, even call and email USA GOV specific people.
   April 2-12, 2018 My team debriefed Philippine International Anti Crime Commission today, then Phil Human Rights Commission, then DOA, then Nuclear Regulatory group, then Phil Social Sciences commission. Still, asking WORLD to GO Public as required to UNIFY all mankind forever as ALL criminals Shriek in Terror their days are numbered by their very own evidence + confessions.
   March 14, 2018 on eve of having my very last 1930 Model A Ford sold off to=by my deviant sister Paige Collins, I went back to Peoples TV, to PCOO Sec Martin Andandar, to PBS radio Ed Verzola, and asked everyone I meet and visit to CONTACT all top level officials, law enforcement, Presidents, Congress, churches, world. All to teach our world HOW to create their very own new world society destiny.
   Most have heard the phrase. 'Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here.". These are the words written on the doorway to Hell. This is also what EVOTE.com accomplishes. When victims collectively VOTE and show evidence, each of the criminals has 3 end results. 1. Death row. 2. Prison 3. Banishment to slums and OCTV/mic protected areas where they are required to auto face recognition check in on set time table. If they go OUTside established perimeter, the entire world manhunts them down with OCTV and eDEVICES as I have stipulated years ago...
   All these answer solutions are legal and 1. Bible based integrity. 2. Common Sense. 3. use of off shelf technology created 4 decades ago.
    Feb 11-17, 2018  Today, I went BACK to PIA and personally gave their news director EVOTE.ONE to give to Secretary Martin Andanar who does all of President Duterte News releases. Harry Roque is also Key person to be Internationally FAMOUS for going LIVE with PRESS Conferences and FINDING me to be on INTL broadcasts. Same has also applied to ALL WORLD LEADERS as I have already been in direct contact with tens of thousands for now +10 years of PURE HELL because of ROSE and because I am indeed, God's Son of Humanity.    I directly broadcast to AtlanticPhilanthropies.org Charles Feeny as well as Bill Gates / Warren Buffet + world at the GivingPledge.ORG.  Even Richard Branson and all other prime world entrepreneur Philanthropists will form our new The Elders group with Jimmy Carter and Andrew J Young + other integrity driven world leaders to create Final ERA3 New World Society that is our last paperless Open Digital Public Database forum. 
    I have the USPTO.GOV published patent seen as IcStand.com PhoneCradle.com  CreatorKeith.com on the original Selfy Stick as worlds Last All Digital Classroom and Educational world communication system. I was perfectly positioned supply and demand completed system to own all world wide Patent and intellectual property distribution rights worth in excess of $500 Million in just 3-4 years. WHERE are ANY of my Intellectual NONE SECRET PATENT RIGHTS?  Most are in hands of Terrorist ROSE and all others who robbed my homes so so many times.  More billions of $$$ actual real IP rights to OTHER world saving solutions were lost to ROSE and now subsequently recreated and gifted to MANKIND to SAVE our world from all Greed and terrorist attacks prevented by simple solution answers of SolutionBankFraud.com and all others BuiltByKeith.com shown below.

   Oct 4, 2018  Last #1 Most CRITICAL Action:  Everyone MUST prepare (and fund) my Holy Grail emergency return to USA to DEMAND the USA GOV reveal who and WHY their own criminal rogue agents actively destroy all crime evidence submitted by you (and Keith) prior to Nov 2010 visits I made to IRS, FBI, AG, US Marshals on the same day and WHY Presidents Trump, Duterte, Putin  + all others have NOT used the prime economic, anti crime, even spiritual consulting services of  BidOKeith.com  and his growing teams of UNIONISTs who unify all mankind.  Indeed all unsaved souls will roll off the chopping blocks of inequality inequity once these final world answers are USED by all my people.  SolutionMilitary.com creates new 4th arm of ONE world Military = No civil wars again.

   Everyone MUST meet keith and his growing Evangelist Teams as I will post WHEN I arrive so News Press, top USA GOV officials, top PASTORS, and even thousands of my PEOPLE will greet me to GO DIRECT to FBI Headquarters.  The FBI AG Military has been COMMANDED to contact the #1 top anti crime tech expert in world since Nov 2010.  Dead Silence from all shows ROSE infiltrated each Gov and prime Corporate databases back in 2005 timeframe. This ALONE will SHOCK our world to actually UPHOLD all Constitutional Laws as I have already shown world exactly EACH CRIME by signed evidence implicates the worst cabal crime networks in USA + world history..... I will recover over $500 Million USD in real and punitive damages from EACH criminal + GOV agency who refuses to SURRENDER their very own crime evidence shown to world on WhereisRobertRose.com and on the prime backup systems of URLiDent.com CD-ROMs FaceBook/keith.duncan.9231 and world changing saving IseeJustice.com

Read and Use EVOTE.ONE to see how your world is reform united forever by destruction of ALL CRIME networks at one time. These are the ONLY common sense logic Integrity Ideology to unify all of humanity forever ! !   Rose remains #1 Anti Christ Terrorist at OneOceanBahamas.com with $2 Million USD bounty on his head for any crime cabal, gov, church, or public to SEIZE and turn over his assets to keith's Crusader teams.  For +10 years, Keith + his growing recruited teams simply need you, our people, to contact BidOnKeith  directly. There is NO more powerful KeyNote Speaker Tech Evangelist Crusader (teams) than one who has been held Political prisoner of Cyber crime WW3 warfare, criminally BLOCKED from testifying to ALL, and robbed by terrorists who were identified each time they appeared. The Prime ONLY objective is Intl Press Conferences to teach our world HOW to UNIFY and FREE my people from the slave bondage of these career criminals. These are all the heritage legacy I + my Forefounders have gift left behind for all of humanity to use DESPITE all the massive crime sprees of so many....


     I am the most humble REAL TIME journalist EVANGELIST mastermind keynote speaker/historian Crusader in all recent world history. Plain and humbly simple. Clearly I speak and show the TRUTH and ONLY the truth as that has always been my divined/ordained pure nature.... All current indicators show demise of Earth by self genocide for my people's refusals to GO PUBLIC with Press Conferences and new community problem solving forums to UNIFY our world in record time. For to 'MESS with the BEST, is to DIE like the REST' as shown by my current host famous Captain Felix Macapagal ( client3635.wix.com/b666 ).

  I just called famous Rep John Lewis (USCongressman from Atlanta GA) office at 202 225-3801. He marched with Andrew Young Civil RIGHTS unification 1964 era. I asked for CALL BACK on EVOTE.ONE and URLiDent.com that unifies all mankind. EVERYONE else MUST DO THE SAME... 0 excuses, 0 delays as I have stirred the criminal HORNET NEST and MUST have protection FROM the exact same gov who is 100% held accountable for FOCUSING on ROSE and all criminals. and STOP all this blacklisting of #1 anti crime experts, starting with myself... VIOLATION of every single man made law..

     SolutionHousing.org and WorldSchoolFund.com then UNIFY our world with free Education and homes as ProfitShareHolders.com stabilizes and unifies all world stock markets as 100% BARTER Based economies. I, keith, prime divined destiny is to lead our world into full scale unification with each ordained method.

  IseeJustice.com  IseeUnderStand.com are the NEW Library Tree of Life Constitution Manifesto Commandment Directives.

    All that is ever required is to contact, protect Keith, and host Press Conferences to reform unite all my 7.5 Billion PEOPLE.  This purges all crime networks worldwide.

As a key world mastermind, this requires face to face meetings (or video conference call)

     EVOTE.ONE  4 ByPass Laws Change World History!  No one can ever deny your rights again.

   TurnOffLights.com and SolutionSafeWater.com provide almost free energy worldwide owned For, Of, and By all our people. = Zero Poverty.

  I, keith brent duncan, proclaim, as #1 Intellectual Mastermind Fore Founding father of your new world society,

   NO ONE can ever deny any of your God Granted Rights ever again !  Directly deliver these to our entire world NOW :

1.  EVOTE.one   UNITYURL to all world leaders as I did for now +7 years.

   Demand all criminals SURRENDER today or they face the wrath of my 7.5B people who are empowered to unify all GOD's kingdom resources ! 

2. SolutionHousing.ORG  provides almost free housing and land ownership to ALL. Total Land Reform is completed in record time as all titles clear + verified..

3. WorldSchoolFund.com  Provides free education, free world Internet, and connections to all my people forever. No more private schools anywhere.

4. SolutionSafeWater.com TurnOffLights.com solves all the energy wars and crime control of GOD's resources. Mankind shares all reserves equally.

5. TeenMM.com and CEOSPACE.NET to forever rid our world of all capitalistic crime dynasties by obtaining one degree of separation through free Internet and free phone service since we now OWN all infrastructures.  This also kills all dynasties with Profit Share Holders.com

  Quote by Keith Duncan(c): 'Hell has no fury like a fundamentalist scorned and persecuted for being 100% righteous." 

      This is the only divined GOD gifted system to forever eradicate all crime, Poverty and Hunger worldwide. It is the ONLY method answer required for my people. When my freed citizens use these answers, our world unites forever since no crime can be committed and go unpunished once joint task forces and citizens collect bounty rewards offered by victims who collectively become whistle blowers showcasing to world who are the criminals who refuse to surrender to make full restitution back to all their victims.  This is HOW we UNIFY all mankind with simultaneous commands of our humanity to SOLVE the other most dramatic changes by everyone using perfected SolutionPeace.com

    All MUST PREPARE FOR MY Emergency RETURN to USA since I remain the only mastermind who has showcased this prime knowledge gifted to all.  Provide myself and growing team protected housing at any Military or USA Embassy, Church, NGO, Corporate Exec home, AFP Camp Aguinaldo or Camp Crame PNP. The PHILIPPINES + world must protect and will benefit from the #1 anti crime expert in world using common sense, biblical integrity, and off self technology. All key Philippine officials MUST be notified and INFORMED as USA Gov is 100% held accountable for each crime committed by ROSE and his cabal groups. No one can ever deny my rights OR YOURS to DEMAND Justice be served in your name to protect all rights of all others.

    I, keith brent duncan (DOB 1958-Aug-15 High Point NC USA),  have legally CLAIMED 1% of all crime assets seized using these most prolific copyright Intellectual Property answers to SOLVE all CRIMES and PREVENT all future occurrences in record time.  All members of UNITYURL.com now legally claim % of all crime assets as you face recognize criminals w/ free WiFi URLiDent.com as these 4 EVOTE.ONE bypass laws change your world history ! 

   Watch World Leader Conclave Press Conference formal requests:  https://youtu.be/-0BOgxtr8dk

  MOST CRITICAL:  As the #1 top anti-crime technologist fore founding father of your new world society, no one can ever deny you your God granted rights to face any accuser, protect the rights of all others, and to overthrow all criminals. The criminals are so many specific politicians, corp executives and underground terrorists starting with #1 protected fugitive Robert Dee Rose, fired AG Sally Yates, and over 100 USAGov officials shown on WhereIsRobertRose.com for the irrefutable reasons of their very own criminal incompetent signed attempts to assassinate Keith Duncan while stealing all his lifetime assets and anti-crime technology to commit their own extensive million $ crime sprees.

   Dec 8, 2017 Keiths NGO teams have been strategically positioned for years to direct fund hundreds, then thousands of new All Digital Creative communities consisting of new free medical centers, free public education, clean water, almost free energy, creating of millions of new Small Business owners, and total stabilization of our entire world.  My problem solving expertise is legendary shown by the multitude of creative solutions, products, and processes that redefine how humanity functions as a comprehensive self reliant community of those who actually LOVE and CARE for each other under the grace and faith of our one mutual Creator.  Who actually does the most obvious:  Contact Keith directly and support him.


Astraval Pumentel-Naik in President Duterte Liason office (63)9498889216 has the best details as well as Philippines Military, NBI, Interpol, Dante Jimenaz and Gina Lopez (famous ABS-CBN office). Her personal cell is 917-540-1476 as she too has a EGO-Vanity issue since I invited her to meet me face to face and even over dinner 3 months ago. I revisited her Foundation Nov 3, 2017.  Absolutely ENTIRE WORLD has been fully debriefed this entire time.  WHO DO YOU KNOW.....

Dec 7, 2017  USA Embassy just contacted again requesting DIRECT PROTECTION and DEBRIEFING with hosted Press Conferences to FINALLY showcase all aspects on why these are the only answers to ratify unify all mankind.  Massive call and visit campaign continues for now +7 years. All can and MUST do the same.

Dec 1, 2017 USA Embassy Public Relations office called to notify-Demand USA GOV take action!  Anyone can contact any top gov Official, Press, Corporation, Public, Church and do the EXACT same CALL to ACTION.


List of Contributors to UNIOcracy.ORG and first entry into FOIA.ONE universal Open Public Database.

Each of these persons receive Common Stock in the most expensive Warren Buffet modeled Public Offering in world history. Do the math. Once crime assets are seized, first goes to the victims of record, 1% to CreatorKeith.com or builtBykeith (we decide), rest goes to build new all digital electric self direct funded safe communities in third world nations and islands around GOD's world. These could be used as safe haven in event some stupid terrorist decides to use a weapon of mass destruction that anyone can manufacture anywhere with existing resources....  scary we all agree.

  1. Lino Diamente  just 2500P paid for 16,000 Visa extension March 2019. UTPC.com.pm and client3635.wix.com/sweeppp  a few more 10,000 P for services rendered worth millions of real USD.

  2. Pedro (silent Partner) 16,00P for Philippine Merchant NGO INC new world crusaders.  May 2019 to present see Cross Matrix of the singular solutions that prevent all wars at all levels.

  3. Felicisimo Gorospe 20,000P for creation of VGents.ORG VGents.com and ROTA Micronesia island Marketing Campaign. Aprill 2019. tied to Filippino Innovations Inventors Society FIIS with President Ronald Talion.

  4. Keith Duncan (Self Funded) my very last $140,000 USD left over after $1.2 Million USD was stolen by ROSE, Bashama, USA GOV, and other career criminals. these assets are now SPENT GONE for past Jan 28, 2014 to present.

  5. Eduardo Javier CEO Tektwin.comPhilGreenFirst.com - 2000P +20,000P plus a little more. Uses our extreme advertise marketing services and cross reference marketed on SolutionHousing.ORG/Endorsements

  6. Capt Felix Macapagal (Barangay 666 Luneta Park near USA Embassy) 5000P. He is dear close cousin of exPres GMArroyo. He provided free room for me Nov 4 2017 to Oct 5, 2018 as I fully support his humanitarian efforts. Call him as he holds 750 shares of Common Stock CreatorKeith.com worth BILLIONS of real $$$ once our leaders take action with Press Conferences as required by existing laws and Constitution to actually INVESTIGATE corruption and arrest/seize criminals that was ALWAYS their role, never ourselves.  Have we missed any crime yet. obviously NO. Includes Nini Valeria and Susan Alpacia easy to find near Paco Market. Sandy Campo can find them quickly.

  7. Private Silent Partner Beneficiary. +20,000 Pesos for creating websites and brokering huge real estate deals and construction projects since Jan 2019. He is son of billionaire Stanley Ho living in Asia. He just bought an Island.

  8. So many churches and barangays who gave us food and safe sleep place on my many travels over past 4 years.

  9. Alona Diaza with Riway.com about 1000p over time. Marissa Cordeva 5000P as we went broke again because of all these crime syndicates in USA.  RC Vernes, Joel Solente, Ronnie Pineda, Pastor Eric Negapatan, and all others who have served our missions by announcing to world WE HAVE ELIMINATED all crime networks and the DEVILS all at one time. So many others as we recorded their services and gifts from GOD in the most famous repository of all iseeIunderstand. 

  10. So many others will finally lost some of the master records designed to be seed records in FOIA.ONE for such obvious reaons we do not even need to say why..  Who is next?

Direct fund contributions can be sent by Western Union, Cebuana, Palawan, others.

   Our Philippines BPI account is 4537 5677 2024 5291.  Account name: Keith Duncan.

Send us email solutionManifesto@gmail.com and will list you in above open public list.

LinkedIN.com/in/keithduncan  Endorsement from David Storrs -Chief Executive Officer at Hearthstone Restaurant Group Inc. Aug 14, 2011. SouthPort Conn. USA
   “I cannot say enough about Keith Duncan! This is an extraordinary talent and inventor with a driven attitude and well-developed business acumen. I have watched Keith come up with extraordinary ideas right before my very eyes. He is truly one of the brightest minds in his industry. Keith is inspiring to network with and to work with … This is a one of a kind asset for hyper growth ideas! I recommend everyone work with Keith Duncan!”

Note: I have ZERO insurance since Sept 2011 because criminals forced me into USA GOV hell jail for 858 days, then more days because THEY paid off key USA GOV officials to falsely accuse and HOLD Me violating so so many constitutional laws. therefore EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE revolutionary replace all forms of corrupt governments and corporations.  Call me with SKYPE: BuiltBykeith2, email Kduncan2005@gmail.com in Manila.

 I am an unknown angel investor Philanthropist worth mega millions. including worse crime case of TheFinalTerrorist.com so we broadcast published EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE = UNIocracy.org

ElectronicNapkin.com Click: https://youtu.be/07xfz6_AiME. Early 2009 example of genius Visionary.

Click: client3635.wix.com/CreatorKeith - Original Patent Design Selfy-Stick worth + $500 Million USd.


We have MORE completed solutions to gift humanity. Only requirement entire time has been to FOLLOW-UP and ask HOW can you HELP us, then we help you by PAYING for your mastermind products and services.  For all our IP is up for bid sales. Was back in Summer of 2010, even earlier.

Since GOD is one of our few protectors, here is what we just sent Lino Diamentant. All our world travels and solutions have already been backed up on internet, hard disks, CD-ROMS, delivered to Lawyers, emails, faxes, pesonal visits as not EVERYONE is corrupt, only the criminals who we also visit to ask them to surrender. What can they SAY we will offer then how to save themselves from prison. They confess their crimes, identify their victims, show who are their crime partners, and ALL benefit.  All benefit in GOD's holy name.

Lino, Pls call or text 09173354300 or call GLO 09171734755 . send me address and landmark of where I can sleep in Cavate tonight so I can be early 8am to work the booth and event. I already have cross referenced you and our efforts and will gift you registered CreatorKeith.com Common stock for your support as the advocacies ARE indeed how to quickly eliminate all crime networks BY our government law enforcement DOJ, DOD, AFP PNP INTERPOL, as THEY are the prime groups I have gone to directly, including so many Congressman and Senate Offices and Press Conferences to hand them diagrams, business cards, talk briefly and ask them to FOLLOW UP. FEW have, for they are too busy fighting political wars and most, be truthful, SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. See you soon as we are always ONE best call away from mediating our world leaders as we offered well over 8 years ago...

Since only persons of Integrity and wisdom will reach these words of GOD's wisdom sent by our messengers from Him to you.

This is the Sept 27, 2019 reality of our world also.

Macau, a special administrative region like Hong Kong, is the only place in China where casinos are legal, and the business has grown at an astounding pace since the government ended the four-decade gambling monopoly of the Hong Kong billionaire Stanley Ho in 2001.  Thousands of young Chinese are here in Manila area as online bankers for the gambling and video game crime industry. Another reasons so many of our young people are gambling addicts and commit crimes to support their addiction.  Solved forever with WorldSchoolFund.com.. and original TeenMoneyMachine.

Our teams will always travel anywhere, including into the Dens of the DEVILS for we are protected by GOD and the sword of righteousness simply bay asking HOW can we help you get out of vice-crime-sin…. Using the NEXT biblical method. Continue sharing that SolutionPeace.com is the ONLY way to achieve GlobalPeace.org we are BEYOND SHOCKED and ELECTRICITY STUNNED that this SHOULD have occurred post WW2. Truly the Satanic groups are in control. Even FollowKeith.com and many of our other WORLD saving broadcast sites are NOW pirated by Chinese Gambling Syndicates.. All to make a PROFIT on the NAME of CHRIST. That alone is the MARK of the BEAST 666 revealed that WE alone have KILLED all demonic persons by Auto Face Recognizing them with IID of FOIA.ONE...

Pastor Eric Nagaptan ALSO will be VERY wealthy with our group as we have already planned for years how to legally destroy ROSE and his dominion of human devils. All legal once our world ratifies the NEW one single Constitution of SolutionManifesto .com

All well as we are always protected by GOD himself and our growing group of Crusader Warriors who are the top world R&D scientists, Ministers of true faith, Keynote speakers, angel Philantrophists, and so many others who MUST band together to host simple press conferences to command all criminals surrender or be manhunted down like the stupid Jackals, Rats, and Hyenas they have become.
   We Just discovered that Chinese Gambling syndicates including ONE owned by Stanley Ho have taken over at least FollowKeith .com website to CAPITALIZE on our GOD sent reputation. We personally know and sometimes get paid by his son here in Manila who hates gambling sin also. THERE is the proof we have destroyed the Mark of the Beast 666 with Intel International single ID of FOIA.ONE that returns one Integrity rating as Ranked by all who know each person. All to obtain one degree of separation between mankind means GOD now resides full time among us. NEVER Myself as I have NEVER stated I was CHRIST resurrected or a GOD deity of any nature. We go back to Meico today at 1pm with RC Viernes and Pastor Eric who are also so wealthy soon with the CreatorKeith.com stock (at Least THAT one original Universal Stabilizer (so true) site is still up for renewal.

    Easy to reclaim our stolen assets as our world NOW reclaims GODS world by using the simple phrase 'SolutionPeace.com is perfected federalism GlobalPeace.org.

  GO directly to our top leaders, pastors, Congress, Senators and ask them to simply CALL US BACK' CAN NEVER be this hard to notify law enforcement and Presidents that crime networks are indeed controlling all aspects of our economy. ONE is the hated GAMBLING industry that also brain washes causes addictions of 'OH, Only if I play, can I be a MILLIONAIRE'. that is why they are indeed zombies, no humor ever intended... keith


Here are the #1 Famous Indexed World Changing Solutions that are unbreakable and irrefutable to UNIFY all mankind.

  Continuation from above. History of your reality timeline.

Nov 26, 2017. Re call + visit FBI (800)225-5324, AG, Military, Interpol, Press, + top world leaders as I have done and personally DEMAND they complete +100 crime investigations that show terrorist cell crime connections with top USGov Officials. Denial of authority or jurisdiction implicates anyone who refuses to order surrender of all criminals through these divined, ordained, and only logical answers that forever change your history destinations. Demand all criminals SURRENDER or face the wrath of my 7.5B people who are empowered to unify all GOD's kingdom !  This includes/concludes each person tied to ROSE + Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 Murder for Hire terrorist conspiracies and massive cover ups by rogue GOV officials who face Prison and even DEATH ROW.

   Nov 21, 2017 All middle class with zero crime ruling elite means zero Poverty / homeless / genocide / orphans / civil wars, or other crimes against humanity that finally ends the current WW3 cyber crime terrorism destroying GODs world. Failure to deploy these answers results in WW4 Holocaust.  This system is the final UTOPIA that my GodFather promised all along. It only occurs when all 7.5 billion of my people (followers, disciples, partners, world leaders) unite together with the only answers to save our humanity !  No one can ever again DENY YOUR RIGHTS to use God's resources by fearlessly protecting the Rights of All Others. No one can object these are the only solutions to UNIFY mankind by cross foreign exchange of all cultures, therefore no nationality cults can ever create oligarchy crime dynasties again. Since GOD himself commissioned myself + a few select other Messianic Messengers, all humanity faces Judgment Day as these answers go ONLINE.  Contact CEOSPACE.NET Berny Dohrmann as they were pledged 1st 90% of $1 B-Billion USD over 6 years ago.  We met Dec 11 2017 Florida where anyone can come to hear KEITH + USA GOV conduct press conferences to liberate our world from terrorists. Only requirement is a plane ticket back to Atlanta from MNL as even USA Embassy is guilty of massive obstruction of justice just like everyone else who denies your rights to face your false accusers in Public Forum Court of Law.

   Surely I have taught our entire world exactly WHO I AM and WHO YOU ARE destined to be as Loving and Caring for all each other.  Years ago, I discovered GOD called me to be one of his prime messianic messengers. I answered HIS call and have been severely persecuted by Satan and unbelievers this entire time. Therefore, I finally surrender everything I have gifted humanity to YOU, my people, in the format of the New Tree of LIFE called URLiDent.com using EVOTE.ONE to teach our collective world how to enforce ethics and bring criminals to Justice with these truly fundamental BY-PASS laws and New World commandments which ensures our humanity prospers, thrives, and expands as Children of our one mutual Creator.   Immediate PROTECTION by any/all Gov/Churches people is required now ! 

    Nov 20, 2017 I visit Immigration Commissioner, send multiple direct emails and calls to Philippines Military and so many others to Teach World exactly how this will unfold in GOD's name to resurrect myself as Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Consultant to all world leaders as all will protect my rights (and yours), demand search and seizure of all criminals worldwide, and ensure total tranquility forever.

  I was professionally evaluated and valued as a new Billionaire in summer of 2011 by CEOSPACE.NET pro business instructors Ed Bogle and Hugh Ballou. ROSE knew this and continued to bug my homes, locations, phone calls, business contacts, and even cleared my own security alarm state of the art system. All part of Billionaire ROSE extreme efforts to avoid DEATH ROW. Last report is he owns OneOceanBahamas.com Terrorist Crime center resort on Paradise Island a few kmiles from Lost Atlantis in criminally wired one system cyber crime control oasis.

   I remain a 100% eligible bachelor in search of my new wife partner who sees the light and wants to share my extreme wealth and prestige as a Billy Graham style world evangelist. Anyone can call me this entire time.  Who DO you know to be world reknown as celebrity Evangelists?

​       PRESS CONFERENCES are the TRUE ANSWER to GO GLOBAL by acting NOW ! ! ! !

  EVERYONE CALL TRUMP, FBI, AG, PRESS, Military. all others and demand I be protected to host required press conferences. That alone will finally SHOCK our world into action to use UNITYurl.com to Love and Care for each other... I am stranded in Manila with $8 USD left after billions of $$$ intellectual property viciously stolen..  USA Embassy refuses for years along with everyone else to SEE just 4 key Court Documents showing ROSE terrorist.

   Most CRITICAL is always to CROWD FUND our Unification World Evangelist Teams TODAY.

Support for the VACCPH.org  is also critical. (63)02-3520174 Dante Jimenez Volunteers Anti Corruption Crime.

PhilippineJury.com (63)02-294-9994  Daisy Brett-Holt (President) Quezon City.

1. Crowd Fund WesternUnion.com Name: Keith Duncan, city: Manila Philippines, DOB 1958-Aug-15.  Send Transfer # to GodSendKeith@gmail.com

2. Send direct funds to BPI.com.ph Account 4537 5677 2024 5291  (updated June 10, 2019)

     If in Philippines, use BPI express ATM, Bill pay, Other Merchant.. enter acct. above.

CLICK HERE to go STRAIGHT to the Master World clearinghouse of ONLY answer solutions to all major world conflicts, wars, issues at GOD's eye macro level down to micro family relationship DNA issues. I  was born to be your new world leader messianic Messenger consultant to fill stadiums like Billy Graham and John the Baptist as the prime master educator of all time.  Anyone denying my Sovereign rights will be punished by my 7.5 billion people with the following 3 world change-saving answers:

ProfitShareHolders.com  EVOTE.ONE  URLident.com to UNIFY mankind in GODs holy name.  HE is who I work for full-time for +10 years, DOB 1958-Aug-15, now to showcase all world saving answer solutions seen below.  USA Embassy and USA top officials continue to commit felony capital crimes of endangering my life and wilful obstruction of JUSTICE by protecting ROSE from death row that would have occurred if ANYONE had actually DONE what I showed and did Sept 25, 2011.  Mass RIOTS and Mayhem will occur for REFUSALS of my people to prevent their own self genocide.   READ BELOW and RISE UP MY PEOPLE to finally UNIFY our world starting with UNITYurl.com  Focus on all the WHITE SECTIONS. Command Military and world leaders to actually COME FIND myself as they have resources for anyone to JUST CALL my cell.

    Your new world society is shown divined and ordained by the ONE true #1 anti crime expert in world working for GOD and humanity his entire life.  PROTECTION of his life and intellectual property is the ONLY way for mankind to survive, then prosper and thrive as all middle class with no crime, no super rich, no poverty again.

 CLICK. https://youtu.be/DQ7oozHnW0w ABS-CBN Press Conferences and WORLD famous EVANGELIST now finally emerges to teach our entire world HOW to prevent almost all crimes in the first place.

  Send immediate survival funds totally $400 USD described below and I show up in ATLANTA or Washington or YOUR places of greatest needs to teach the rest of our world how to create your very own new safe world society that forever rids our entire world of all crime networks, all dynasties, all cybercrime terrorists and forever ends the current WW3 terror attacks by underground criminals that are EASY to see with URLiDent.com one open public universal SUPER FACEBOOK SuperGoogle unified database so NO one can ever escape justice by the WILL of the MAJORITY of our people.  

Oct 27, 2017. Contact WORLD, top Leaders, PRESS, MILITARY, FBI, AG, literally everyone NOW to free my people from the dynasty cybercrime criminal ruling elite. Click #777 IseeJustice.com https://youtu.be/rLf2c9EfNLw to see the absolute FINAL definitive answers that our world MUST use to finally destroy all crime networks. URLiDent.com contains all 7.5 billion people, all budgets, laws, criminal investigations, bounty rewards, bids, contracts (public + private) so that NO crime can be destroyed by ROSE + New World Order terrorists. Many are YOUR very own top leaders at all levels of corporations and governments. ProfitShareHolders.com destroys all false currencies, insider trading, and cyber crime attacks.  Use BIdOnKeith.com to FUND your own reformation unification UPRISINGS so that mass destruction will not occur from martial law and Holocaust of satanic origins.

Trillions of USD / Peso/ Euros transferred BACK to you my people as soon as everyone FUNDS keith brent duncan evangelist teams as seen below.  I remain waiting for USA Military, Churches, Trump, Duterte, or anyone to simple use BidOnKeith.com to come find me and BOOK me to travel to your greatest places of needs.

 OCT 29, 2017 LAST TESTIMONY world broadcast.  I Just sent most critical of all email to TOP Philippines and USA officials to TAKE ACTION with PRESS CONFERENCES to BLOW the TOP off all criminal networks once and for all.

#1 most CRITICAL DEBRIEF forum is the Philippines MILITARY, then the USA EMBASSY  MILITARY who WILL FLY ME BACK to USA with ESCORT to testify against the worst cybercrime terrorist cabal network in USA//World history. 

   THE USA GOV has NEVER any an OPTION but to PROTECT the LIFE of #1 eyewitness ANTI CRIME EXPERT of all. 

All these solid answers are BILLIONS of $$$$ saved from  criminal investigations that are DESTROYED by CYBERCRIME terrorists starting with theFINALTerrorist.com Robert Dee Rose DOB 1971-April 01.

The answers are simple. EVOTE.ONE kills all political criminals. Simple off shelf eDevices and OCTV now recorded   by Military, Police, and citizens identify WHO are the criminals who have been VOTED by common victims as crooks. They can NOT ESCAPE when everyone uses small drones with infrared cameras, microphone and small speakers to patrol trouble spots and even DURING national disasters and riots.  I arrive USA Embassy MONDAY MORNING with just 200 pesos to my name to GET my replaced STOLEN passport, then DEBRIEF USA EMBASSY once and FOR ALL.  If I DO NOT show up at MILITARY BASE soon,  DISPATCH your MILITARY FORCES to COME FIND me.

     PREPARE FOR MY RETURN  and HOUSE me at Camp Aganoldo or at Camp Crame so the PHILIPPINES will protect and benefit from the #1 anti crime expert in world using common sense, biblical integrity, and off self technology.  THERE are well over 50 key Philippine officials who MUST be notified and INFORMED. 

   INCLUDING PRESIDENT DUTERTE  + TRUMP as this is MUCH BIGGER than any ASEAN conference that shuts down entire Philippines.  This STOPS the CIVIL WARS cold, and restores ALL MIDDLE CLASS to our entire world.

DUTERTE will be #1 international HERO once he sees WHAT I DID for him personally on the many visits to his palace Appointment office.     RE1713215  from

March 24, 2017 delivered direct to DUTERTE. It is world famous 14 pages showing HOW to rid our world of all crime networks !  Nothing else has ever worked.....


Oct 4, 2017 $2 Million USD to Talavera Science Tech College per https://youtu.be/rbUPgmI5Acc part of the $500 Million USD USA gov personally owes keith duncan for real and punitive damages plus mass apologies + press conferences + protection + recovery of $1.2 Million USD fortune viciously stolen by ROSE + others.

   The Last testimony Last Supper is #1003 and #1004 seen here:  https://youtu.be/e2csS8RS_Us  Contact MILITARY, TOP OFFICIALS, All Top Churches, Public and DEMAND keith brent duncan be personally escorted BACK to USA to testify against worst cyber crime terrorist cabal network in world history lead by TheFinalTerrorist.com !  These biblical KILL all crime networks forever and restore GOD's paradise back to YOU, my 7.5 Billion PEOPLE. Nothing else has ever worked... All criminals have been ordered to SURRENDER or face the wrath of being manhunted by skynet Drones and your OCTV eDevices as all victims unite by placing rewards on heads and coordinating WHO are unsaved criminals with URLiDent.com open database.

  This is WHY Military was always directly engaged starting back on Sept 25, 2011 after ROSE infiltrated all other agencies with AgileLaw.com HomeWaves.com and other underground Criminal RICO enterprises now worth BILLIONS of your assets. Fund Keith Duncan today and actually MAKE the direct calls to book him to show up at YOUR places of greatest needs today. BidOnKeith.com #1 world saving Evangelist crusader broadcast teams. !

   Return keith to USA with military/FBI escort. DOJ Lamont Siler (63)9175615319 will pay my way without need for my replacement passport as HE contacts State Dept + Trump to announce my return with the 'HOLY GRAIL'. clearly only I remain the #1 top anticrime evangelist crusader recruiting YOU, my 7.5 billion people to UNIFY all humanity once and forever.  Any objections without solving your issues results in you being forced into bondage.

Sept 26, 2017.  $50 Million USD pledged to Philippine Regions for simple act of using BidOnKeith.com on HOW billions of $$$ + USD flow back one way direct funding to Philippines BECAUSE of the most massive corrupt conspiracies of rogue USA gov officials + corp crime networks in world history. Millions of Expats are invited to abandon their crime ridden cities and come as permanent-part time residents where DUTERTE Trump Putin + all world leaders are intl famous for using EVOTE.ONE first.  Simply find Keith and escort him to your greatest places of needs.  Click watch #667 last testament world broadcast:  https://youtu.be/NqUjv0zweYA

   In Gods name, these are all the completed street/poverty ministries of #1 top antiCrime -antiPolitics -antiTerrorist world expert Keith Duncan.  You are impoverished and enslaved because most are self entitled by their brain washed cult greed and inability to fearlessly protect the rights of all others.  Read below and GO PUBLIC  to unify humanity with UNITYurl.com simple community problem solving methods with all churches in cooperative ministries I have shown our entire world. NO minor funding by you means your world will self destruct for refusals to use these ordained and divined answers of ProfitShareHolders.com and SolutionHousing.com with rest below in Matrix.

  Sept 21, 2017.  Historical call backs from Philippine Military and Duterte offices for debrief interviews to GO PUBLIC to world on HOW to destroy corruption, crime, drugs, and stop all civil wars.  Minor funding and simple CALL to BidOnKeith.com will return TRILLIONS of your God's assets to our world of deprived and even depraved lost souls. s I am also the ultimate soul winner for GOD, Jesus, Buddha, Islam, and all other denominations.  Anti-Christs want our world DEAD as skyNet slaves. Read Rev 4:8 and see how citizen controlled drones fulfill the new Testament and WHY no one has ever lifted a finger to defend your rights or mine.  Who actually TAKES action and contacts EVERYONE you know as these are the completed last testament testimonies of the #1 anti Crime expert in world with his team.  Just got return direct invitation to FINALLY debrief Philippine Military and Duterte offices that will debrief USA Military and INTERPOL to actually COME GET me and escort me BACK to USA to testify against Terrorist Robert Dee Rose and whereIsRobertRose.com massive network of conspirators to put them on Death Row Hell.

     My stolen Macbook and Ipad + passport located Sept 6 at specific corner house Kalinga St + Bontoc St @ San Jose Del Monte Philippines 1 block south of Skyline Hospital. He has a $10,000 USD reward shown on IseeJustice.com.  Just like all other criminals will be man-hunted down by all citizens once YOU take action by contacting everyone. Call Gen Labrador at Manila Airport Police and ask WHY this crime goes unsolved. 

  CLICK https://youtu.be/JzIjn173CY8  to identify-manhunt him. Black-White stripe shirt, Red baseball hat, White socks /sandals, 3 slit knee jeans. Easy for you to find and TURN him over to PNP or Military to get cash. Track down my passport, Ipad, Macbook that are password protected and useless to anyone but myself.

Sept 9, 2017  Your New World Society is showcased HERE to destroy all crime networks forever. The most massive transfer of criminal wealth goes back to YOU, my people.  UNITYurl.com VIDEO is: https://youtu.be/AEkL-xZ7sVI 

  Doomsday occurs for refusals of world to USE Evote.one URLiDent.com to prevent all crimes in first place. No more criminal investigations, no appointed officials, no corrupt corporate executives, no cyber crime terrorists. No one can escape the face recognition bio-metrics used by all eDevices world wide tied to Open Circuit TV.  Super rich criminals are seized with all assets turned over to their victims with 1% sent to BidOnKeith.com Evangelist Crusader missions to build new world society communities free of all crime.

     The PRIME answer has always been to CONTACT Keith Duncan, Protect his life, restore his stolen Intellectual Property worth TRILLIONS $$$ in economic ONLY governance at all community levels.  HOST PRESS CONFERENCES in every village NOW.  No Excuses + NO Delays as billions of $$$ are criminal transferred every single day.

   ProfitShareHolders.com stabilize all stock markets and prevent all speculation, crimes, and market crashes.  

     These are  the TRUE reality of MANKIND's self devastation holocaust that are 100%  positive PREVENTED by these  only world saving solution answers. These are all both Divined and Ordained from Acts of Wisdom humbly accumulated from all world Fore-founders and copyright gifted to our entire world. Contact  + FUND Keith today.

  I have turned OVER all these new world society solutions to YOU, my 7.5 billion people to prevent ROSE and all other criminals from surviving the WRATH and potential lethal civil wars, martial law, and mayhem that occurs when anyone can clearly see I was kidnapped by orders of ROSE, denied all my rights, and almost murdered to PREVENT you from creating this 100% most positive new world society that crushes all crime forever. This has always been my purpose as these Acts of Wisdom Plans of total salvation will survive as legacy gifts to all humanity.  I lead you all into a new unified world where everyone protects each other and comes into one degree of separation that has never been achieved in world history. I MUST have immediate funding and protection from you my people, as the USA GOV will indeed collapse for the massive crime sprees conducted by individuals targeted by original SolutionRedDot.com delivered to USA AirForce Langley on Sept 25, 2011.

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   KEITH has already legally claimed 1% of all world crime assets seized by use of Interpol URLiDent.com eVote.ONE with my #1 anti-crime methodsEach of you will claim 10% of crime assets you find.  

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   FOCUS our world on  EVOTE.ONE  to destroy all corruption forever.  Nothing else matters as our world soon collapses into Martial Law chaos run by Criminal Ruling Elite of their New World Order Illuminati because of the abject failures and refusals to USE these world changing answer-solutions.  I have shown the true Pathways to full scale Righteousness and Justice.     Do NOT be swayed   by the complexity of these divined/ordained websites. These unravel the criminal mysteries so we now have 1st and last open public society where NO SECRETS = No Criminals go undetected with URLiDent.com.  No one else has ever accepted this GODly designated Sovereign Ambassador Position in recent times.  Taking ACTION by recontacting the most powerful Gov, Press, Churches, Corporations is the only way to Empower all Keith's people to destroy all crime networks as this is what all great fore-founders have done since the dawn of man. 

  Aug 7 visit to Special Agent Wilson at USA Embassy was more crimes of Obstruction of Justice for their refusals to PROTECT Keith's life and fly him BACK to USA to testify against ROSE, fired AG Sally Yates, each Judge - Police officer -persecutors, his own lawyers, each criminal tied to ROSE by their very own signatures and signed evidence that is relentless evidence of End of World crime networks. (Think SkyNet). Solved with each of these answers.


     The following steps are the ONLY way to prevent humanity from self-genocide by hands of Satanic forces like ROSE = theFinalTerrorist.com ManHuntRose.com WhereIsRobertRose.com. Last referred CIA reports that ROSE is working under USA GOV in Atlanta since he BOUGHT them +10 years ago as #1 cyber criminal terrorist. Reports say Alberto Rosi is tied to Roses International cyber crime terrorist groups for +15 years.  Everyone WILL find ROSE and put him on DEATH ROW since USA GOV is 100% held accountable for destroying these crime networks regardless of WHO in USA Gov are the cabal rogue criminals. FBI AG USMarshals IRS Military HLS, CIA, NSA, + all other officials will be PUT in PRISON for their connections to ROSE so our honest USA GOV employees can USE URLiDent.com to destroy all crime networks forever. 

      WHO supports and funds Keiths massive historical heroic return to USA + your nations of greatest needs with Press Conferences for public to FACE all his criminal accusers on PUBLIC TV broadcast to entire world.  I have about $20 USD left to my direct access since +$1.2 million USD was stolen by criminals, other $140,000 USD spent since Jan 28, 2014 on full scale campaign marketing assault to teach all my 7.5 billion people to do the same. Churches, Governments, Corporations will 'FLOCK' to join Keiths world reformation movement as the ONLY solution set to unite all humanity. I hold the original Published Patent on the famous SelfyProStick.com worth $500 Million in stolen profits as $250,000 USD of intl market products where destroyed summer of 2012 with all evidence. BILLIONS of $$$ in Intellectual Property was on the computers stolen by super criminal ROSE.

    Refusals to use these absolute IseeJustice.com is a crime, plain and simple. UNIFICATION of ALL MANKIND occurs when EVERYONE goes PUBLIC with the answers shown below.  FACE RECOGNITION through Microsoft, Cisco, Interpol, and all law enforcement using #1 anti crime methods of BidOnKeith.com, prevents all criminals from travel and networking with other terrorists/criminals. Thousands of civil engineers, architects, and millions of small biz owners are now needed to build new Philippine Green Digital Creative Cities that are self-regulated and off the monopoly power grid. Kicking out foreign investors who do not profit the people results in all nations by inviting expats to come as permanent residents who want low taxes and almost zero corruption of UNIocracy.com. PEZA is a key contact.

     July 8, 2017. FBI-Atl +1(404)679-9000x1 was just contacted demanding FBI find ROSE for $2 Million USD bounty ManHuntRose.com and fly Keith back to USA to testify + Press Conferences on all anti-crime solutions published that rid our world of crime networks and restore free trade travel to all mankind who have referential integrity.

         BOOK-HIRE BidOnKeith.com to go to your greatest Places of NEEDS. This is new 7th seal bible revelation of GodSendMe = GodSendKeith facebook.com/GodSendKeith world broadcast.  All 7.5 billion of my people can visit and use fb.me/GodSendKeith  Send messages to: m.me/GodSendKeith  Email:  GodSendKeith@Gmail.com

 IseeIunderStand.com now points to Client35635.wix.com/godsendkeith that shows original DropBox.com

For GOD sent keith brent duncan to teach the pathways of righteousness to UNIFY all of mankind.

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  Wed May 31, 2017 Key ComLecs and Duterte top officials were directly contacted and visited as they become national heroes for simple interviews and Press Conferences to educate our world on these ONLY solution answer cascading methods that free our world of all corruption and black market crime enterprises.

USA Embassy finally replied for everyone to call (63) (02) 301-2000 ext 2224, email MPHInquiry.CIS@dhs.gov as Dept of Homelands Security will be Intl Heros for interviewing FatherKeith and hosting Press Conferences to RID our entire world of all criminals. NBI Dep Director Ferdie Lavin (63)-920-901-0964 MUST attend also along with IM Jamie, Congress, DOJ Vit Aquirre, and others who shall UNIFY all nations with URLiDENT.com

Contact BidOnKeith.com Duncan, Press, Public, churches today!!  These are the most profound and powerful solutions to UNIFY all mankind. No one will EVER deny any of your rights again. GO PUBLIC now!  EVOTE.ONE below teaches all how to forever remove all criminal profiteering starting with treating all leaders as Highly Paid Consultants who are eVote told our top priorities with 100% visibility of all taxes, bids, contracts, funding, infrastructure plans, money transfers, and who profits at all levels by SERVING and PROTECTING all my 7.5 billion people.  All Corrupt individuals will cringe in absolute horror that Keiths world of people SEE their crimes and SEIZE their assets to be used to build new green digital based creative cities worldwide to destroy all slums. This is WHY my people MUST GO PUBLIC to unify and transform our world back to GOD's paradise of Heaven on Earth.


       KEITH has already legally claimed 1% of all world crime assets seized by use of Interpol URLiDent.com eVote.ONE with my #1 anti-crime methodsEach of you will claim ? % of crime assets you find.

   Quote: 'Hell has no fury like a fundamentalist scorned and persecuted for being 100% righteous." 

    When my people 'RISE UP', trillions of $$$ will be legally seized from criminals by military, you as whistle blowers, by the victims, and used to finance building new self reliant communities using SolutionHousing.com and WorldSchoolFund.com    Contact Keith + Noel Nobel for National TV Press Conferences, interviews, and resulting world wide summit/ Press Conferences / conclaves / meetings with top world leaders at gov, corporations, law enforcement, Military,  churches, and community levels to UNIFY mankind using the prime and only arbitration solution of UnityURL.com in every village worldwide.  This restores GOD's paradise of Heaven back here on Earth once all mankind fearlessly protects the rights of all others by banishing crime networks. This is with use of ChristDomain.com SolutionIslam.com = SolutionGod.com to the Glory of GOD and all Humanity.

(63)917-335-4300 FatherKeith Duncan  solutionManifesto@Gmail.com CEO

Contact Pastor Rodel Layugan, Bayombong, (63)915-394-5368 RodelClaro@yahoo.com  Client3635.wix.com/akract

VACCPH.org (63)02-3520174 Dante Jimenez Volunteers Anti Corruption Crime.

PhilippineJury.com (63)02-294-9994  Daisy Brett-Holt (President) Quezon City.

NBI Deputy Director Ferdie Lavin -(0920)901-0964 Must be engaged as Keith has done for years.  Who joins NEXT to UNIFY our entire world. Crowd-fund is easy below.

Juan Rana -Special assistant to President Duterte Peace Process. direct contact.

Microsoft -Contact top Bill Gates Executives.

USA GOV -Contact Congress, FBI, AG, IRS, HLS, CIA, NSA, Military immediately !!.

Henry Estipona Event Booking General Manager WallStreetBullRunner@gmail.com

Thousands of others have been directly contacted and visited. Almost all never follow-up.

Focus everyone on mega churches and top level Gov Officials and corporations. BidOnKeith

NAMB.net Atlanta GA 770-410-6000,   INFO@NAMB.net  North American Mission Board prime resources.

Charlie Paparelli of HighTechMinistries.org and all who JOIN UNITYurl.com

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     All these criminals will be seized by FBI-AG-Military-My people, and my very own assets returned to Keith including well over $500 Million USD for real and punitive damages based on professional evaluations done in June 2011. A great video of WHO are the richest families in world is:  youtube.com/watch?v=RO0S6j2Zsqo   WhereIsRose?

    EVOTE.ONE international translations are at this CLICK link of 100% safe PDF files:


   All supporters, donors, new partners of UNITYURL.com will be immediately recognized as new world society members of UNIOCRACY.  The Majority of Will of our PEOPLE will rule our world from now until end of eternity.

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Those who join UNITYURL.com and go PUBLIC are automatic members of UNIocracy.com and shareholders of the most incredible positive re-transfer of quadTrillion $$ transfer of wealth back to my 7.5 billion people. All objectins have been addressed.   SolutionHousing.com NewZion2 WorldSchoolFund.com show how quad trillions are now used to build new self reliant safe communities. Crime networks are eliminated as no Secrets = no unpunished criminals. 

This  VIDEO https://youtu.be/iqYsrgOHctA  changes all world history showing how SolutionGovernment kills all politics and crime forever when PUBLIC goes 'viral' to empower all people.  Crowdfund with BidOnKeith.com as I am down to last $? USD of $1.2 Million stolen by USA based terrorists and criminals  like AG Sally Yates by her very own signature on Norfolk VA 4:11cr112 kidnappings.

Click: https://youtu.be/lhczRWqevbc  Jan 17, 2017 Philippine President TV Broadcast guest hosted by FatherKeith showing how to unify all mankind with the common sense logic methods demonstrated by the 66 divined websites cross link referenced in the spreadsheet matrix below.  No one will ever deny your rights again once all criminal terrorists are banished from their thrones of ultimate power, greed, lust, murder, and slavery.

       The first PDF at very top is Citizen State. The second is The President Broadcast prime revelations speech points. The third is the exact Interpol URLiDent.com transmission summary  to free our world of all crime. No one will ever be able to commit crimes and escape the immediate justice of eVote.ONE and OCTV -Open Circuit TV live streaming.


Contact FatherKeith today.  Crowd Fund and support the #1 anti-crime expert Evangelist Crusader as his funds are now zero because of each reason stated below and on each world broadcast to GO PUBLIC ! !

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The ONLY persons who have contributed any funds in last 5 biblical years is : sister Paige Collins $1000. Chris Morris CMAWizards.com $200 (770)493-7578, Luis Morales(Manila) $40, Jennette (Artist) $10, Ralph S ($5) and Tom (USA). FatherKeith.com adds your NAME HERE to show the world WHO are RIGHTEOUS and MEMBERS of GodSend ministries.


     TRILLIONS of $$$ will be transferred to my people when my PUBLIC RISES UP.  These 1% of all seized crime assets have been pledged to build your new communities SolutionHousing.com  WorldSchoolFund.com by purchase of raw building material and labor costs that create +100 million new small TeamMoneyMachine.com CEOSPACE.NET new business owners in next few months. They receive 90% of first 1 Billion USD profits once they respond through Berny Dohrmann. He was also a top political prisoner of cyber crime warfare + victim of USA GOV rogue criminal agents for nothing he did wrong...   JOIN UNITYurl.com and attend these #1 top world forums I will also host once PUBLIC goes wrathful over WHY and HOW the criminal ruling elite have already enslaved my people by control and perversion of your information that has never been private. RE: AgileLaw.com terrorists.


March 17, 2017 FBI contacted again with top cyber crime terrorist attack details. PIA, top news groups, journalists, and key leaders contacted again to show SolutionGovernment.com as the ONLY method to rid our world of all crime networks.  USMarine son Matthew Vernon Duncan called from Japan for 1st time in over 2 years. He hung when asked the names of my two grandchildren.  Anyone can verify these crimes are their reality.


    Re-Broadcast all that is published below as the ONLY solutions to solve all of humanity basic world issues.  GO PUBLIC is the battle cry of UNIocracy.com by my +7.48 Billion People to overthrow all crime enterprises NOW. All the named criminal terrorists tied to ROSE and any black market RICO enterprise will be destroyed by simple URLiDent.com and  eVote.ONE  as everyone passes judgment on all others to eliminate all crime hidden secrets. This results in one degree of separation creating the paradise of ZERO crime and no corrupt leaders at any level of society.  SolutionMilitary.com + SolutionUNI.com seize all criminal wealth to build your new communities.

         Publicity is the #1 key to Overthrow all criminals to restore total Peace and Justice to all of Humanity. 

   Governments and corporations collapse to be replaced by your New World Society of UNIocracy.com that forever kills the New World Order of The Criminal Ruling Elite.

  #1 Command: ManHuntRose.com, Seize his mega-Milion=Billions of criminal assets, turn him over to FBI-AG-Military or feed him to the other criminals who will LOVE to take him out for dinner. ROSE owes Keith +$350,000 USD per Forsyth County GA Judgment 08SC-1345 Oct 2010, IRSWBFeb2009,658 +$8 Million USD bounty, +$500 Million USD from USA GOV criminals shown on Kshama.me and turned over to INTERPOL + World.

   Take Action worldwide by contacting all Press, Churches, Public, and Government officials today ! !. The Criminal Ruling Elite are close to shutting down all your freedoms of liberty by enslaving subservient people and nations by controlling the Government puppets and Corporate monopoly executives who are prostituted criminally with black market cabal RICO enterprises starting with Robert Dee Rose AntiChrist theFinalTerrorist with $2 Million USD Reward Bounty payable from IRS WhistleBlower Feb 2009,658 Nora.Beardsley@irs.gov 

   All who oppose eVote.ONE are the criminal profiteers identified by their very own signatures  on contracts, fixed bids, laws, court documents AgileLaw.com(terrorist), and video recordings of the new Society using wearable and OCTV (Open Circuit-Court TeleVision) live stream eVoting passing judgment on all others.  Destroying all criminal enterprises is the ONLY answer-solution to restoring total world peace forever.


    CLICK  Radio World PODCast1   PODCast2  that changes your world history.  Oct 17, 2016 broadcasts by #1 most powerful Sovereign Ambassador Emissary Broadcaster of all time, Keith B. Duncan.

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  GO PUBLIC with SolutionGovernment.com  URLiDent.com to Overthrow all criminals forever by their evidence to seize their crime assets and removing all their political allies.

1.  Call the Public + Press Conference line daily at 10 am EST(USA)  DIAL +1(712) 775-7031, Code: 166 841 408.  The first person on Group Call is the host with code *1134#.   Contact ALL National News Broadcasters today and GO PUBLIC to our entire world. Overthrow ALL Criminals with SolutionGovernment.com

This is 11 pm Hong Kong time = 9 am CST, 8 am MST, 7 am PST in USA. Use this bridge line ANYTIME to contact thousands of others. USE the 8,000 Journalist emails, and direct calls/visits on TWO excel Green files above.

    If PC, CLICK:  https://www.freeconferencecall.com/wall/166-841-408#/   Invite all top level Press Journalists, high level Government officials, Church Leaders, and of course, Police, Federal Judges and Criminal Investigators to join our New World Society of UNIocracy.com for each reason stated on