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  Oct 8, 2022. Last update, maybe forever. I am keith duncan, walking living most humble saint sent by GOD to reform unify all mankind, just like many of our other fore founders Enoch, Abraham,  Moses, Christ, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Billy Graham, so many others.  All denied their GOD gifted rights to reform and teach humanity how to actually life in global total world peace.  Robert dee Rose is a living terrorist called who is the most ruthless antiChrist group of all known as the Illuminati. He is protected by very powerful false Gods like Sally Q Yates and Berry Vic Reynolds of Atlanta GA whose prime motive is overthrow of our people.  ROSE only signed the 3 original promissory notes fall of 2007 No other signature has been found on anything except his false testimony to hire so many Murder for Hire Conspiracies.  Nothing really left to do as everything I have gifted left behind is truly the reason and purpose for my life FOIA.ONE IID 1-19580815-1 returns Integrity rating of +101%) as I am clearly a  most unique traveler of time space continuum..  Feb 3, 2020 last updated. ###  Most people afraid of criminals and terrorists which is a true reality of WHY I AM NOT.

I leave behind

since most of my 200 websites have died a non-renewal death. same as my 7.777 billion people will die by any ways and means because few if anyone cares about anything but themselves.

   The UNIFICATION of our entire world occurs when you, my +7 Billion people RISE UP in angry wrath to remove all corruption and underground criminal networks using eVOTE.ONE and  There is no one more qualified in all recent history to LEAD all governments, corporations, churches, communities, and public into the ONE New World Society of =  The last of 8 chronicled dual trilogies is GodSendKeith.ORG 

      After expending +40,000 manhours with ZERO income/compensation for past +11 years, being robbed multiple times, forced into HELL-JAIL for 848 days based on a DISMISSED Cobb County GA TPO 11.1.1171.99 resulting from Ms. Bashama and Robert Dee Rose multiple robberies of over $1 Million USD in cash, bank accounts, homes, intellectual property, and the most comprehensive ANTI-CRIME methodology in world history, WHY has USA Gov continued to reactively prevent the arrests of +100 USA Gov officials tied to this #1 Most Wanted terrorist in Atlanta, GA, USA -world history? Why everyone must cry in utter dismay and anger about the total collapse of governments and corporations controlled by criminals that are shown to our entire world on eVOTE.ONE + FOIA.ONE to find/seize and ?  Why? because most of mankind is blinded by greed and lack of wisdom knowledge.  Use and crowdfund Duncan as his lifetime assets are now depleted after spending the last $140,000 USD in last 4 years CRUSADING for all of mankind to prevent world self genocide.  Endorsement from David Storrs -Chief Executive Officer at Hearthstone Restaurant Group Inc. Aug 14, 2011. SouthPort Conn. USA
“I cannot say enough about Keith Duncan! This is an extraordinary talent and inventor with a driven attitude and well-developed business acumen. I have watched Keith come up with extraordinary ideas right before my very eyes. He is truly one of the brightest minds in his industry. Keith is inspiring to network with and to work with … This is a one of a kind asset for hypergrowth ideas! I recommend everyone work with Keith Duncan!”

Have ZERO insurance since Sept 2011 because criminals forced me into USA GOV hell jail for 858 days, then more days because THEY paid off key USA GOV officials to falsely accuse and HOLD Me violating so so many constitutional laws. therefore EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE revolutionary replace all forms of corrupt govenrments and corporations.  Call me with SKYPE: BuiltBykeith2, email in Manila.

Email to your deck. I am an unknown angel investor Philandrophist worth mega millions. including worse crime case of so we broadcast published EVOTE.ONE FOIA.ONE =


     With impeccable credentials, Keith Duncan's service to humanity's history has always been of total dedication to all of mankind using legendary Integrity principals found in all religious and successful government institutes. Everyone stated on Keith's URL (You Are Loved) websites are easy to confirm.  Indeed, he was kidnapped Oct 3, 2011 on orders of the worst cybercrime terrorist Robert Dee Rose who will be manhunted by USA government, Public, churches, and Press as soon as the first honest person is found to represent any of Keith Duncan's Constitutional, legal, and financial rights to recover his stolen $1.4 Million USD assets resulting from Keith's safe-haven debriefing of USA Air Force Intelligence Division on Sunday Sept 25, 2011.  All other court documents and false testimony are financied by ROSE using Keith's $250,000 USD Forsyth County Judgment 08SC-1345 held by Federal Judge Raymond Jackson in Norfolk Virginia. AUSAG Dee Sterling and every other lawyer, BOP official, and the entire world can see that any single certified document points at ROSE.

   Since Keith is the #1 Anti-Terrorist, Anti-Political Corruption, Anti-Crime prime consultant, the end results are the most valididated and authenticated standards for all citizens to use to PREVENT crimes in the first place.  Then we all live in the true Utopia where everyone takes care of their own self-regulated communities and very little government is needed at all.

   Clearly, this is the biggest one way reversal of the transfer of wealth back to to all classes of my 7.6 Billion people.

   Simple Contact Keith through any ways or means and engage the #1 person who has solved most of the worlds problems by the use of the broadcast media of our one Creator's domain and dominion of the Internet.  For IP stands for Internet Protocol as well as Intellectual Property. The inventions that have been ready for world wide market for +6 years are all of these solutions gifted to all of mankind.


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Keith Duncan -
World Missionary Journalist of all time

One of many headshots of Keith Duncan.  Everything else is database recorded on folders for the world to see, believe, and Act with Authority for the benefits of all others. The final websites are +

Your Name goes here as you are the Actors of Life to preserve humanity's existance.

These were 4 lovely young ladies in Rome Italy who immediately saw the world value and benefits I shared in just a few minutes. I stated this one picture would one day make them famous. For this all about my people who unify with under

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